Sunday, January 31, 2010

iRawk…Therefore iPod
Brewin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo Edition

Ahhh…good beer. Or as Homer Simpson deftly spoke, “To Alcohol…the cause of...and the solution to all life’s problems!”

We need tunes. Posty & I are in the kitchen. Bottling the Dark Orange Chocolate Stout mentioned in a previous “iRawk”…also moving the precious cargo of the Big Beer into the secondary fermentation bottle. The Big Beer we brewed two weeks after the Dark Orange Chocolate Stout…I might need my own beer brewing article before I know it.

Our Big Beer will be of legend…an Imperial Stout.
This Imperial Stout is referred to as “Big” because it was quite literally twice the amount of sugar (literally malt extract) than we usually use. More sugar means more for the yeast to eat & crap alcohol. It’s much not unlike the Babel Fish of the Hitchhiker’s Trilogy but iDigress…

Our flavor profile of the Imperial Stout is layered with rich cocoas, dark molasses-ey sweetness, the fire of smoked wood; white ash chips soaked in bourbon and my personal contribution, toasted cardamom seed for fragrance. Too bad it’ll be pert-near a year until we can drink it…not bad, just patience. It needs time to mature. In addition, it’ll be one of the best & highest alcohol beers known to brewing in the 9.5%-12% range.

My choice of tunes though....a Playlist. A default but nobody’s fault but mine I must admit. I made Posty listen to my iPod…again. As if I got the best taste in music.
Nonetheless, while making stouts we heard from “motherboxxx” a pot o’ gold of Irish music. Which I usually sing along to and dance to…by placing my arms akimbo & kicking my feet to the rhythm, with a Big Irish Grin bigger than my Big Irish Ears. I think about 3 Irish tunes came up. So to OCHO’s very own “El Post” and his dog, Moses I danced like an Irish Eijit thricetimes.

Also which has populated my iPod like prairie rabbits is the Carter Family. Know This: from Posty’s Missus I poached her Carter family boxed set and it changed my life.

And this earliest stuff of A.P., Sara & Maybelle. It’s down-right hokey! But gosh-dern, I love it! I hear & feel the roots of all modern American & Popularmusic. Honest, simple storytelling. Gospel songs, heartbreak songs (which Willie Nelson said “keep the jukeboxes spinning” or something like that…).

To boot, they’ve also had a Carter Family framed print in their kitchen since they’ve joined lives and moved in together. And I’m singing along to it ‘cuz I kinda just learned all the words. I think the print was in Mrs. Posty’s previous kitchen too where we made a few other moving spirits (and we learned the hard way never brew in bare feet…)

Also another band that Posty Himself turned me onto played a few times…as if once again “motherboxxx” knew where she was, playing to an audience…

Blackalicious, Blazing Arrow One of the Best Bands You’ve Never Heard of. Searing Hip-Hop, must have for a party mix.

Brewing beer again. Such as all good things that come to an end like parties…they have their beginnings in breweries & distilleries. The bottled spirits we imbibe at such festivities. I raised a cheer to the god Bacchus, saying I didn’t even believe in Bacchus but thought it appropriate…I totally played the 24 hour party Mix. Hopefully the same song played on that beer’s bottling he’ll hear when he’s drunk. Huzzah!

The Count:
# on the road "motherboxxx", my 120GB iPod Classic
10899 songs
83 videos
146 pictures
8 games (and holding...)
36.6 GB Free Memory Remaining...

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully
120GB iPod Classic, 1+ year old.

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA...wired in.

Click it!!!

*motherboxxx art proudly pirated off the IntrePoop but purchased in Final Crisis #5, DC Comics, Jan '09, Morrison, Jones, et al.
The Smoking PUCK!
January 31, 2010

Local Let-Down…Break It Down!
aka: Dropping like a Stone in a Frozen Pond

Hey…I’ll ask you instead of going too far with it.
What do you think is wrong with the Bruins?

It is the End of January. At the Beginning of this Month, Year and Decade, the Bruins started off right in the Win Column. But in between…yikes.

What is the Bruins Problem? Local Black & Gold 09/10 average 30.3 shots on goal per game this season…referred to here by this goalie-troubador-blogger as the Soggy Numbers for SOG, “shots on goal” but iDigress... Nonetheless in the month of January 2010, only three wins in 14 games. Shootout losses, one-goal losses and averaged 1.64 Goals per game all month long, including this terrible seven-game losing streak. In a word, “yuk”.

After February 13 we won’t see the Beantown Bees again until March 2 when the Olympic Break ends and the PUCK once again drops in the NHL. Perhaps it would be a great time for the “Lesser-Lights”, the other players on the bench who are not Superstars to tune up their game. Who would be your pick for the Seventh Player, the bench player who defied expectation? Right now, I’d pick the entire 4th Line because they flat out just defy the opposition every night, win or lose. Who’s the Bruins’ 4th Line?.

Because what is the Bruins’ Problem? My own suggestion of “Doing the Math, Mouthbreather” has led me to this conclusion: “Score More Goals”. Or “Shoot, Skate, Hit ‘Em” as are The Eternal Orders of the Gallery Gawds Above on Causeway Street. Just keep playing the Bruins Big Bad Game and “Bad” will turn heel in definition, going from Ironic to Meteoric. It’s not as we’re not entertained this year…just disappointment. I mean tied for wither 9th or 12th place out of 15 in the Eastern Conference is no place for one of the best teams in NHL Hockey. Although being the best means earning it…and getting the puck behind the goalie a few more times a game is the Utmost Priority. Injuries, AHL call-ups, no excuses. It is what it is. The Bruins are still in the Thick of Things. This is a Call for Bears to Arm! Huzzah!

The Smoking PUCK’s Other Solution was a big shake-up trade; a goalie swap with the 15th place Carolina Hurricanes. Hey, it worked for the 2004 Red Sox by trading a face of the franchise. I am talking Tim Thomas for Cam Ward just so you’re not confused by this thought…I’m frakkin’ serious. And I LOVE Timmy the Tank! Don’t get me wrong…like Mace Windu I can see shatterpoints! Speaking of Seeing with the Force, The Toronto Maple Leafs have been wheelin’ & dealin’ and about to give their division rival Boston Bruins a run for their Playoff Lives!!! For real, I mean Dion Frakkin’ Phaneuf??? Phaneuf couldn’t have been traded to Boston for whom??? Man…talk about letting in garbage goals. The Make-Believes share 15th place in the Eastern Conference with the Hurricanes & with these moves just announced to Maple Leaf Nation that they will not go quietly into the night.

For Pete’s Sake!
I never finished explaining minor stuff in hockey to Doctor Hooey. Ever feel your own Tooth Growing Longer? So I stepped away from it…but feeling as I left off somewhere mid-sentence…
Shootouts. For Pete’s Sake I’ll talk about shootouts just quickly. Know This: They Are Fun. Shootouts are thrilling. For years, fans bemoaned the advent of the Shootout but lemme tell you from lots of experience…you do pay for the whole seat in the ticket price but no one is using them very much in the tie-breaking shootout.
No more ties…after the Five-Minute, 4-on-4 Overtime period comes to a tied conclusion, the rest is settled in the Shootout. Penalty Shot-Style from Centre Ice…Shooter versus Goalie in the Breakaway. Best of three attempts and if still tied, goes into and ever-building thrill of single rounds going down the bench. A player can’t take a second shot until the 19th round…the record is 13. Here’re some quirky quizzes & caveats: goals scored in the Shootout are NOT included in the overall season stats. Also, there are no shootouts in the Playoffs…part of the reason we call the Playoffs the “Second Season” is that Overtime is a full 20-Minute period, still in the Sudden Death (next goal wins) fashion. The longest is 5 overtimes in the Modern Era.

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

PS. All Math performed in today’s edition came from my battered skull, Boston.Com’s wonderful timeline page and the NHL Dot Com’s Stats page. Please excuse any glaring errors, copy or counting. ^_~
Also this article was aided & abetted by a 23-minute long “Whipping Post” by the Allman Brothers, live at the Filmore.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Dog Walking Edition

Things I like to do. Walk the dog with “motherboxxx”, usually on shuffle but the three of us from Alewife to Davis Square and back again on the Bike path, twice a week. To see us it’s a real life Shaggy & Scooby if I ever seen it. I sing to the poor dog as well. He just wags his tail.
It’s nice though. Weather permitting especially in New England this time of year. Sometimes a quick 30 minutes. Sometime over an hour if I get to read the paper on a park bench in the afternoon sun for a few ticks of the Chronometer of Life.**

Sometimes I listen to whole jazz albums. Being an apparent grown-up, I like diverse tastes. In food, movies, culture & music. My Jazz collection is great. Mingus. Monk. ‘Trane & Miles. Dizzy, Duke. The dog’s a chocolate Labrador. The hip-hop master KRS-One taught me there are no such thing as “Black People”, only Brown. KRS-One used education as his “gat”. Word is Bond. So I tell the Chocolate Labrador this. He’s mos def’ntly Brown. Moses, that’s the dog, doesn’t get any of my jokes no matter how hard I try.

Randomness in the Shuffle working in favor of Synchronicity: Three times.
Three. Coming back from the Long Walk, dropping off the dog and walking to the “T” Station, the current song playing is the 17 minute long Pink Floyd song ”Dogs”.

Three dog walking days in a row. I only notice it when I’m nearing the subway, when I have the time to give the iPod attention and not the energy of an 8-month old Choc Lab…which is very much not unlike waterskiing as a physical experience. The Dog’s not yet fully-grown!

And I must admit that walking a puppy has got me no-where with the ladies. Uh-huh. Maybe they’re not out that time of day. Oh well. Or as Kurt said, ”alackaday, and f*ck my luck” in the Children’s Crusade.

I’m still over a full day of music playing on a full charge. I still anally retentively power down my battery with random videos and charge to the peak. “motherboxxx” is over 1 Year Old. Later this week comes new Apples Fallen from the Tree. I await the 10th Anniversary iPod and what could await there. I love the Click Wheel. My constituents prefer the iPod Touch/iPhone (or DO you?…what iPod do YOU carry OCHO? Sound Off!)

Let’s see if the iPod plays “Dogs” tomorrow as I’m walking the dog for a 4th time. Spooky music or more reason to listen….

**The Chronometer of Life is my secret shame…an inner fanfict where I can save the Hitchhiker’s Trilogy. I can pull it off too…someday get it out of me with a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster but iDigress…

The Count:
# on the road "motherboxxx", my 120GB iPod Classic
10899 songs
83 videos
146 pictures
8 games (and holding...)
36.6 GB Free Memory Remaining...

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA...wired in.

Click it!!!

*motherboxxx art proudly pirated off the IntrePoop but purchased in Final Crisis #5, DC Comics, Jan '09, Morrison, Jones, et al.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
January 18, 2010

National Let-Down?
aka: Afternoon Delight

Sunday Afternoons in January now boast more Sports on NBC. With the Football Playoffs coming to their terminal date, more opportunity for advertisements must be placed in the schedule. So, the NHL on NBC for me comes off as a device for product placements. Such as the case in missing faceoffs for that one more advert…
I was watching Sunday Afternoon’s 12:30PM Original Six tilt between the Chicago Blackhawks visiting rivals the Detroit Red Wings, flipping between the Cowboys/Vikings Football game. I’m wearing my Nigh-Infamous Red Wings jersey…so we see where my alliance & attention lies. Really good game with the exception of this one glaring directorial error: Patrick Eaves, Red Wing and product of the Boston College Eagles tied the game at 10:10 of the 3rd period. I would have leap & roared because the goal was scored off the faceoff. In less than two seconds, the crucial faceoff in the offensive zone goes from pass to Goal! It’s one of the most thrilling esoteric things in Ice Hockey, directly compared to the throw-out attempt at Home Plate in Baseball or the Blocked Field Goal/PAT in Football. Imagine if we cut to commercial instead of these, eh?
We return from our TV Timeout to the sound of the House Sirens & Horns, applause and thunderous arena rock. We have just come back to Patrick Eaves skating back to the bench, getting high-fives for tying the game. Someone in the Booth chose to show just one more commercial, you know. It’s not hard to figure out. People who don’t understand the Sport are in charge of broadcasting their teleplay.
Does this ever happen on Hockey Night in Canada? How often do you see missed faceoffs on televised NHL Hockey? But when the faceoff in the offensive zone “pays off”? It’s worthy of ridiculing NBC’s Hockey standards…again.
Taking the good with the bad, the 3-3 tie was decided in the Shootout. I was witness to using the National TV Game of the Week to its potential wherein two Red Wings in the First round opted to go with trick shots that were exhilarating and pocketed goals as well.

This Fact is the player’s fault…not the Director in the Booth.
What’s even more sobering is that NBC is the purveyor of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics…including International Men’s Ice Hockey, the most watched Winter Olympic event outside of my personal faves Biathlon, Luge, Curling and Speed Skating.

I Have A Dream…I Have A Holiday Off…I Have Another Afternoon Hockey Game!
This Afternoon on my Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday I get treated to the Ottawa Senators visit my hometown Boston Bruins at 1PM. Division Rivals. 2nd place in the NorthEast Division means 5th place in the Eastern Conference. Ottawa is in 3rd place, 2 points behind us for 2nd place therefore making today’s match a “Four Point Game”. The 2 standings points literally can mean up to 4 points in the Standings. Losing 2 standings points to a gaining 2 points Ottawa ties us for 2nd place and that 5th playoff spot. Owch. Numbers still give me headaches…it’s Bistromath once again.
What I want is a total dominating game without overtime from the Bruins. With the Olympic break coming up in just a few weeks, points are precious to accumulate…who knows what a three-week break will do to the momentum of any team or (heaven forbid) injuries from the Olympics.
Barring a total prolapse, the Bruins are a Playoff team where the Second Season does take on a life of its own like numbers on a waiter’s order check.
What’s Brewin’?…the Bruins are doing alright. Injuries continue to hold back what could be a more cohesive unit but the flipside shows us the depth on the bench & the depth of youth in the bruins system. A lot of “Pret-a-jouer”, a ready to play mentality from any call up from the Baby Bruins of Providence, R.I. It’s one thing to get called up, but with Coach Claude Julien’s system, young players tend to stick with the big team under this microscope.

The Bruins and Celtics both play Home Games this MLK Holiday Monday. One of my favorite things is the covering of the ice with the famous Parquet floor in this time-dilated vid.

On a personal note, MarCap, aka Mario who chimes into This Smoking PUCK when the moment rises…
He’s a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy and has been called to active duty…and as of this AM is on his way to his 15-month tour in Iraq. There is no Ice Hockey where he’s going so let’s thank this shared IntrePoop culture and keep him brimming with All Things American from OCHO while he’s stuck in a foreign land, away from his family & friends.

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

PS. I look forward to posting Winter Classic photos, what few we have when Meathead sends them my way. You’ll have ‘em when I do then I can tell you all about how the Real Hanson Bros were fake and how I found out but iDigress…

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Tao of Sully

On Unity (aka Beyond Duality is...)

Know This:
I am a Good Person.
But What is Equal to the Goodness in the Light?

It's Shadow.

I am an Evil Person. Rotten, selfish. It is as great as goodness because it can only be that great.

But I am boundlessly selfless.

It's weird...but I'm getting used to it. being comfortable with being both. And being comforted by seeing balance in the Ying & Yang and knowing they're just the Training Wheels.

Training Wheels for the Soul.

"Out beyond the ideas of right-doing or wrong-doing there is a field - I'll meet you there." --Jelaluddin Rumi

Love & Hate are basically the same emotion, just the lens of motivation differs.

Or "It is what it is", a phrase I've come to accept as Dharma.

The mantra phrase I've come to learn and mutter on the out-breath in my beginner's attempts at meditation, Tat Tvam Asi. Another theory of this so-called Unity, if that is what it is. I am That. You are That. All This is That. And That's All There Is.
In everyday life, my agitated mind still bucks against the stream where I look for a Samadhi moment and just "Let The Moment Pass"...It Helps With The Douchebags of the World.

Things tend to no longer possess much "Right & Wrong"...but more of "Suchness". Just So. That person is that person and that's pretty much all there is. Yes...Right Action includes avoiding anger, harm, vitriol, spitting at people, violence as dispute resolution. Right Action matters. It matters choosing between being Mean and The Golden Mean.

Nonetheless, I still get frustrated. And little by little, it gets better although somedays it does seem like a bunch of hot air. Beyond even this simple duality of Good Days & Bad Days is a deeper Dharma...that it is just a Day. And Every Day is Only an Experience. And how we react to the stimuli of the Day is beyond the Aggregate (aka the meatsuit and its natural span).
I understand...I hear it in my blood rush & heart thud in my veins: the meatsuit wants to live. The Meatsuit is my Shadow's rude term for the Aggregate of Mind-Body-Spirit. Spirit, our soul is Eternal, right. We'd like to believe that. I do. But the Mind/Body Aggregate is Temporary. Temporal. In this Space/Time for this Experience. This meatsuit. This Eric or this Sully. Whoever I tend to be and whomever I'm reflected back to me in the mirror of relationships.

It's not a grand Excuse. Just another lens. I can be the biggest jerk in the world. I can be the nicest guy in the world. I am both. I am beyond both. Being Good doesn't Excuse Being Bad...Beyond Both is Unity. It's not about being bad and getting away with it but it's also about being good and not getting attention for it as well. Same diff!

The Crux of the Choice when Based in Ahimsa Benefits All.
In the End, "Cui Bono"?

Crea Shaakti,
Rev Sully

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Comics Gnome Wants to SPOIL YOU ROTTEN!!!

Being Tuned Into ComixCulture comes sometimes at a price.
A price in dollars & cents but also in surprise.

Such as, In Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #31

Season Eight, #31 (no that's not Xander kissing Dawnie! Look away from that window! ^_~)
...in which I found out one week before the release of this upcoming issue, one of the Comics Gnome's portals of Information & Images revealed the Identity of this Season's Big Bad. Who shockingly is *************!!! (PS Geeks, do not count the number of stars for a reveal, not here). I say Big Boo!!! I spend $2.99 roughly every month. math For Mouthbreathers Sez: 30 times $2.99 is $89.70 plus the $3.50 Willow S8 One-Shot I got for half-price at the Funnybook Bodega but iDigress...
Actually Twilight's mask comes off in April's issue #33!!! Savage Umbrage!!! What if this happened if it was Live-Action still??? Riots in the streets is what I say.

But then comes reveals following the Surprise. Such as with the last page of DC's event BLACKEST NIGHT #6. The Comics Gnome POOT'd this weekend on my coffeetable. In which the Lantern Corps rings can deputize one person in Emergency for a 24-Hour period.

How about a 24-Hour Lantern Corps made of DC Heroes & Villains.
This cover is already is my New Desktop.

On the Coffeetable as well, I was surprised to see some MARVEL funnybooks! Boy it's been awhile.
In The MARVEL Marketshare, we are offered the Last Event for Awhile, promised from the House of Ideas Editor-In-Chief, after pert-near 6 years of Yearly Events from SECRET WAR to HOUSE OF M to CIVIL WAR to SECRET INVASION to DARK REIGN spinning into warring against the Asgardian Gods, 2010's SIEGE which is slated to bring the Darkness Cycle to it's Conclusion and Bring the Original Three Avengers back into Prominence after differing Falls from Grace or Comic Book Death.

DARK AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachelo.
As a Warm-Up to SIEGE, the Comics Gnome knew I'd LOVE this Corporate Product. That's being mean! Sorry Bendis.
The Gnome knows that from childhood...I love Annuals. The Superhero Annual of Either Big-Two House were always the best. Self-Contained. Expository language to clue you in quick. Thicker & a little more expensive but usually you could find a few stories that were complete opposed from the Eternal Cliffhanger of the Monthly Serial. Those were the ones I'd spend what little money I had when I was a kid with pocket scratch. I'd read them over and over again.
It's a conclusion to DARK REIGN but not under it's Event Banner.

SIEGE #1 (of 4) by Brian Michael Bendis and Oliver Copiel.
And the kickoff to a 4-part $3.99 funnybook that is tight & accurate. Generous amount of primer knowledge is offered as is customary in mostly every MARVEL monthly magazine. The art is beautiful. Not a wasted scene. I got a misprint, I might bring it into the Funnybook Bodega to trade it in next week when the reprint comes Wednesday...a dossier page which contains important information to the story was doubled printed over two pages. So nothing in the art department. I kinda skimmed over the misprint dossier in the back and didn't catch it at first until Bendis Himself confessed in a SIEGE #1 post-game. Go Figure...me missing things on the Initial Read. I will get the rest. All I needed to know was in Issue #1...a great place to start.

These two titles were so good they went immediately to Posty's coffeetable.

So once every month, the Comics Gnome POOTS a stack but it's usually just the usual. he still wants to spoil you rotten, with weekly stacks with images & opinions but I can tell you to go read one yourself.
Try a webcomic. I know Comix Live! When I see my Roommate in the kitchen, chances are she's got another different webcomic up I've never heard of. And they look just like Sunday Funnies style. Not Motion Comix but just plain old sequential panel art including cartoons with stories to tell. I have yet to really embrace a webcomics daily. As I'm fond of saying, "It's All a new Release if You Haven't yet Read It".

Still Loving Being a Sucker for is Serials,
Rev Sully

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Happy 2010 OCHO!

I've missed you... I got a nudge from the gnome the other day reminding my it had been a while since I've posted. He's apparently still on hiatus. You'd be amazed at where he gets to though.

Rev - you freakin' went to the Winter Classic! You need a cellphone with at least a 1.3 megapixel camera, seriously... You flesh out all your stories with links and interpoop content galore, but when it comes to a truly legendary event such as this, you leave all us OCHOITES hangin' out here with nothing but Google images to search. Where's the candid shot of you and Meathead in smiling like teenage boys? I ask ya...

As for the rest - Karma is right... Oy vay!

Bless and love to you all. Kiwi. XO

Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
January 3, 2010

Fear & Loathing at the Winter Classic
aka: Brewin’ Up a Storm!

How did that Johnny cash song go again, “Well I woke up Sunday Morning with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt”…well that was Saturday Morning and on Sunday Morning, my frontal lobe still twinged with a resonance & a pitter-patter of sharp & dull pains. Until I drowned those jackhammers in Alka-Selter.

What a Winter Day. I got some shoveling to do. I feel pretty “socked in” right now so I got just a little “shoveling” to do inside as well. As far as I think I’ve come as a person, sometimes we remind ourselves how far we have to go and perhaps think that in fact…the Puck just dropped and the Game got a lot of clock left. Sometimes we make bad choices such as passing the puck across the Slot, the Twelve O’Clock to the Goalie for 20 feet.

Disclaimer: The Events of Friday were shocking and pretty fun…I guess it’s referred to as “misbehavin’”. I will now attempt to recollect the night and all our revels. I…I’m a little spotty on some of the details after I got home. Apparently I drunk-dialed pretty much half of OCHO. To the others, feel not left out. The Day Began so bright but after the Sun Fell…well.

Chapter Zero
As the Bard’s chorus so oft asks we-the-reader, first we must be carried onto a different time. Let us be spirited away turning back the Clock to a Simple Hour: 2009. It was New Year’s Eve and I was home with the roommates, watching Star Trek movies. There are Three Nights I Stay In: NYE, St. Patty’s and 4th of July. All Amateur Nights. That’s why the other 362 nights of the year I can be found pretty much anywhere doing anything. Nonetheless, my phone rings during the first movie. Meathead. On NYE. No. That couldn’t mean…so I promise myself to call him back between Spock-Prime & the Wrath of Khan. Naturally, I forget. So when the phone rang again about time of the big space battle Meathead, again, I knew I had to heed this call.
“Hey”, I speak the usual greeting
“Hey…uh. Whatcha doing tomorrow about One O’Clock”, asks Meathead.
“No frakkin’ way…” I then shout WOOO-HOOOO!!!

Interlude: One of the greatest secrets of the Smoking PUCK is this:
Denise W., aka “Ma” by all her boys not just her 2 biological sons & 1 daughter. Meathead’s Mother. She’s been feeding me since High School. She was cool enough to allow my friends to use her pool on a rare occasion. I already knew Larry & Denise were two of the best people on the planet and they went ahead to make three wicked awesome people. So the secret is that Denise…sorry Ma gives us tickets. It’s true. She gives us castoffs from High Executives. Such as Red Sox, Patriot and lots & lots of Bruins tickets, and usually in the finer, executive suites. And usually at the last minute. Meathead balked at me referring to ourselves as “Gallery Gawds”, he’s says “we got our own fridge & bathroom now”. So also to Misters Epstein & O’Connell who declined the law firms generous gift of a pair of 2010 Winter Classic tickets with parking pass. They returned them. At the last minute.

So this is how at 10:45PM, New Year’s Eve, approx 14 hours before faceoff at Fenway Park, I found out I was going.

Fear & Loathing at the Winter Classic
I awoke as a child on Christmas Morn. With Hope & Butterflies. It had nothing to do with the New Year being a time of change…it had everything to do with getting to Kenmore in good time. I checked the Weather Channel Dot Com…in fact it’s my Home Page so “checking” opposed to “living by”…cloudy. No sun. We’ll feel the cold all right. It’s a lot different than being in Fenway on an April Evening, more like last week when Mario & I were in the 300 Section of Gillette…quite possibly an open air skyscraper but that story is for another day (and we were well-behaved to boot so ‘nuff said). My Ultimate Underlayer sponsored by the Esteemed Doctor Hooey…one of those fine mesh wicking shirts for runners, black. One thermal long-sleeved under shirt, black. My 2008 Playoffs Tee Shirt, the only thing I ever snagged out of the air during the ‘08 Montreal series. My long-sleeve current Spoke’d “B” thermal from JRBarnes. My Bruins grey zipper hoodie, compliments of Meathead gift a few years back. And the Original Six sweater jersey I got at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, ONT. My ancient Hard Rock Café San Francisco padded flight jacket and I officially had more layers than an onion.

On the Bus, a gaggle of Black & Gold clad young women board…I was listening to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, the manliest musical ever. Bless yer beautiful hides!
Meathead picks me up at the T. I brought Road Sodas for the Parking Lot. At this Point, the Old Game Begins. Batman & Robin…more like Captain America & The Falcon. Starsky & Hutch. Redman & Method Man. Bret & Jemaine. Hawkeye & Trapper. Meathead & Sully.
After parking, Meathead’s suggestion of the least packed bar around was right, Cambridge No. 1 had ample seats & quick service seeing we were one of three tables in the joint. The Beer Count must be at 5 before we enter Fenway park. By this time I’ve only had to eat a sausage w/ peppers & onions and 1/2 of a Half-Pizza.
That’s me…walking down Landsdowne Street with awe & perma-grin. Homerun Alley looked like Hockey Mardi Gras. We saw the Real Hanson Brothers. Meathead backpeddled for verification. We chose not to say hi…it would have ruined the moment.

Upon finding our (wicked killer) seats, I then get situated with the first 2 Miller Lites of 5 I’ll have in the next 3 hours. I’ll only eat seven French fries in the third period.
The Stealth Bomber silently comes in through the clouds. We never hear it until it’s almost on top of us and then fireworks from the rooftops punctuate the flyby! We presumed wrong that James Taylor’s Star Spangled Banner was going to be drawn out & long…he did a normal paced version that I was most happy to sing over, full pitch. Meathead eventually joined in. Right before the anthems, as I always cry out being a bald man, “Hey, take yer hats off…what’s yer head cold???” The mom & son sitting next to me, she took off his hat. Nice. I’m bald, I kept my hat off.

The Game Itself was a Marvel to behold. I was only kinda-right about sheer spectacle over hockey game because the players proved me wrong on that too. Actual fisticuffs on ice at a Winter Classic. A 1-0 Flyers lead all game long into the last minute of play where the Bruins tie the game to go on to win in Overtime. A defensive battle…not as sharp as the game, the Spectacular 4-0 @$$-whoopin’ of the Atlanta Thrashers but all in all. It was a real hockey game.
that’s me…at my seat on another TV timeout, keeping warm. Thank gawd I wore all these bloody layers. Too many TV timeouts I this opinion. Meathead was in the bathroom for the singing of Sweet Caroline. I’m that guy belting it out, getting you to sing along. That’s me.

Fear & Loathing
I enjoyed the day completely. The weather held out and it was nice…cold but a nice day. Winter Classic, indeed. Seeing the Commonwealth Ave Mall, real gaslights snowed over with the CITGO sign in the background, coming off of Storrow Drive.
Did you know that there will be no All-Star Game this season due to the Olympic break so players like Bruins goalie Tim Thomas representing their National Teams in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics? So this Winter Classic really was a centerpiece for the NHL to show off on National Television. No scheduling conflicts with any horse races today.
The groans of the Philly Phaithful when the equipment ad featuring Pittsburg Penguins Mega-Star Sidney Crosby. I laughed in delight! They hate Crosby in Philly, being cross-state & division rivals. All Things to Everyone as The Slade sung…so I got the attention of every Philly Phan I could with my brand-new hockey joke:
“Hey…what’s Eighty-Eightminus One?”…wait for the pause…but don’t let ‘em answer…
“Sidney Crosby!!!”
And they were all like, “Ahh getoutta heah!” with big, knowing grins. Speaking of, I only saw one “Big Dummeh” jersey all day long. I really wanted to bute the nose off the Philly Phan who quasi-cut me in line for the bathroom…he came in through the Out Door. I do the same thing. Let Ye Without Sin Cast the First Stone, -some fella in the Bible. My favorite of Meathead’s was his ability to identify & razz anyone who left the tags on their brand-new hats. It’s like a Superpower of his. One again, the kid next to us…had the tag on his hat (which was removed for the US Nat’l Anthem by Cool Mom). He was Victim #2 of Minnie Pearl Heat-Vision

Interlude: That’s me as well. The guy drinking the can of Miller Lite in the Parking Lot after the game. My Count is now up to 7 Miller Lites & 3 harpoon UFOs as of this. Meathead passes time launching snowballs at the picture windows of the loft studios about 3-for-3 and a young lady comes to the window; we hide like kids! That’s me too, hopping the fence to use the port-a-potty in the closed –down Festival area, when we came in it was in full-swing and Meadhead’s question is, “Who’s Ga-Ga???”

We returned to Cambridge No. 1 and it was actually full. Not packed, but busy & full. At the bar, splitting a plate of chicken wings and another 2 Harpoon UFOs. We then mosey onto another place ****** **** *****, a place we used to love to go. Out of respect for the establishment, we can keep it on the DL. This is a True Story, dammit.
This is where I get ugly. Where I felt I crossed my own line.
Where we take our shadow-nature, summon it with alcohol and we’re surprised when we wince at memories and sore body parts.
I had the Porter, a well-bodied black beer. I only had one. I was having a great time, chatting it up with Philly fans, busting balls, telling my joke. They were having a great time in my city. One of the running lines of the day was that Thank God it wasn’t the (Patooooie!*) NYC Rangers or there would be more mayhem than harmony with the fans. I go to the bar, order another one and the pretty, little blonde bartender regrets to inform me we’ve been shut off. Why? What did I do??? I was PO’ed and perplexed. A Classic “Flip of the Switch”. Well, Meathead did something when my back was turned…she said it was the manager’s call. Sorry. Did Meathead do anything? “What did he do”? I kept asking her “What happened”? I’m a frakkin’ amateur journalist and you can’t answer “why”? Ok, that last past I just made up but it’s how I felt. Why? And an apologetic “Sorry” again and I was furious.
So what did I do? The Prince of Dirty Looks. I gave her my most furious face, my most furrowed brow, my most flaring nostrils and probably a vein or two on my forehead…
And I literally spit on the bar. Twice.
I know this face…it’s my Father’s Face and I get this face too. Then again, I spit on the doorstep. And again on the window after I punched it…it didn’t shatter thank gawd. Nevertheless I went from 0-to-RAGE in three heartbeats. My hand is killing me today and I guess I didn’t learn a bloody thing by breaking the same hand last year thing doing about the exact same foolishness. I didn’t break anything besides the bank on Rent Week. Thankfully, no one got into any scraps with bouncers…just me being consistently foolish and wrathful.

My great day went into seeing red. I chose to react like that…and that’s inappropriate. All this spiritual stuff and meditation. It’s not all B.S. Compassion enables us to see everyone we meet equally…it is a real gift. And all it took was an over-abundance of beer for me to make bad choices, especially regarding behavior. People react badly when their needs aren’t being met. All that self-development stuff defines “stress” as when our needs aren’t being met. So it goes…

Meathead was nice enough to give me a ride home. Although I snagged the 3 remaining road sodas…and that’s where I needed to read my outgoing call list to piece together a few things. Because I don’t remember calling Dr. Hooey at 10:30PM and leaving a minute-long mumble.
I do remember calling Meathead and left a message thanking him.
And Posty.
Oh And JRBarnes as well (he texted me while I was at the game but didn’t know I was there…I don’t text anymore so I decided to reach out and touch him later on…apparently I wasn’t “in-trouble” so that’s good ^_~).
And I also called the bar to tell the bartender I felt bad for spitting on her bar…I got the manager so he’ll hafta do, eh? That I do feel bad about. I mean who does that…well apparently I do. I must horrified that poor person. I felt like Sinestro for a moment. I think I scared the shit out of that girl. Meathead thought it was just another part of the evening’s festivities. He wears the Red-Suit on my Left Shoulder, holding that pitchfork with horns on his head. Heh! In my internal monologe, WWMD? What Would Meathead Do? I’d broach it’s the advanced delivery system of my Prankster God Archetype but iDigress…still. I don’t react this way with and for anybody else. It’s how we roll. Years Ago I shattered my Parish Café beer mug on their doorstop because they shut Meathead off. Ask Hooey! But I feel terrible. Butterflies again but this time their wings are red out of embarrassment.

I promise I will not spit on any bars when I’m dining with you if my needs aren’t being met. I do. I embarrassed myself a bit and find myself wincing still at the thought. I hope the poor girl hits big on a scratch ticket or gets a 4.0 MRS in college. I’m sorry. We’re lucky the bouncers didn’t follow us to the parking lot and beat us half to death with Maglites & Dr. Martens. Meathead did ask me before he left if he should wear the steel-toes…I said no, not that kinda crowd. I guess I’m that kinda crowd then. Boo. Bad Gallery Gawd. And I say all the time how bad Boston Sports fans are…I’m just another provincial masshole then. Frodo definitely had “too much ring”.
Sheesh. Lemme tell you man, I was Wasted. Barry Badrinath-Level Wasted. It’s never a good excuse for Other Bad Things Either.

It Happens. I’m just thankful I didn’t get hurt or I didn’t get Meathead hurt (again).
It must have been a good time…I awoke broke, in pain and with little recollection of when I fell asleep…I called Pete? Dr. Hooey does wear the White Suit on my Right Shoulder, in the inner monologue. He’s says, “I’m glad you feel bad about it now go make up that Karma somehow”. WWDHD?

Well…denying the Irish their Libations. My Irish Gaelic family motto is “Lahm Foistanch Abu” , it means the Open Hand Defying. Well, my closed hand feels fine The Day After After, thanks. My Doctor was worried. I could only classify my actions as defiance…I awoke this Sunday AM to Gus Vant Zandt’s “To Die For” and the Black Humor in the final shot with Illenea Douglas figure-skating over the frozen-over corpse of Nicole Kidman? Defiance. Still my Right Shoulder Angel says that ain’t no excuse. I think quoting movies is more relevant to us than the Bible. Hopefully I’ve conveyed my regret, self-awareness and feelings over this matter.
Chalk it up to another experience & getting my Irish up over my Best Friend. It wasn’t the First Time and it won’t be the Last.
I felt our “shi--” was being “ucked wit” by some “mutha uckers”. Sure I got angry but I am flawed human…and a man after all and that’s all I can ever be, is just me…shi—
My friends from New Zealand can express it better than I can…fellas?

At 8:18PM, Saturday, January 2, 2010 my headache finally ceased.

On Sunday Morning, I got the Sopranos on A&E, a pot of strong black Spanish coffee and in a few minutes I’ll have some sausage & a stack of chocolate chip pancakes on the griddle. And such a beautiful Winter day. The downstairs neighbor made a dent shoveling the snow although I’ll make glacier cliffs when the accumulation ceases. As much as getting “spittin’ angry” makes great drama, I really think it’s time for these feelings to find someone else to fester in. In the Future, some drunk @$$hole will probably spit at me for Karma’s Sake and I’ll have to not react like this…dig? It’s the closest I’ve ever come to Road Rage, I don’t own a car/drive much. Maybe I need to get the skates back on and work this aggression out on the ice?

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

*I always make the spitting sound mentioning the Blueshirts but here it’s a little too close to home