Tuesday, December 29, 2009

iRawk…Therefore iPod
Year’s End Brewing Edition

Last Call for 2009! As the bartender will say, “Finish ‘em up! You Don’t Hafta Go Home…But You Can’t Stay Here!”.

Well…to celebrate a Regular Saturday, OCHO’s very own “El Post” & I went to the Homebrew Store and proceeded to brew yet another fabulous beer. He’s the Braumeister; I’m the Idea Man and Assistant. We like porters & stouts…so we notice a pouch of aromatic Bitter Orange (basically dried peel) and I thought of those chocolate oranges, the candy you smack on the table?

Posty really dug on that idea...so we went with Organic Cocoa Beans as well to boot with rich, dark grains for the color. We toasted the Cocoa beans and I swear it smelled like Willy Wonka’s in Posty’s kitchen.
I then took a dry skillet and slightly roasted the bitter orange peel, drop into a hot, dry pan, and high heat for less than a minute. Keep rolling the contents so all the sides get heat…this is to activate the precious oils that reside within the rind. Out of the Pouch, these oils are quite inert. I pull the skillet off the fire, rolling the pan, wafting the aroma to Posty, and myself “Smell that?” I inquire and he got that big, dopey grin we’re all used to seeing. I think we yielded less than 5 gallons of fresh, delicious, unique, original stout.

The entire time…we’re listening to “Motherboxxx”, my synchronous source of sounds. And all the new music I bought in 2009. I started with Sir Paul McCartney’s the Fireman, asking him; “do you know who this is”? The thrill of informing a friend, yes this is new rock & roll music by a Beatle. I then asked him if he’s spun the new Flaming Lips Double LP Embryonic. I got the Deluxe Version including singles & bonus tracks. The driving electronica in places was a good Viking Drum to our endeavor. I think Posty was pleased with his initial listening of a band he helped (with Dr. Hooey) get me into.
We then finished with the actor/comedian/musician Steve Martin and his earnest album of music for the Five-String Banjo. We didn’t finish that album, in favor of Julia Child’s “The French Chef” and how to truss a chicken…but the beer is fermenting. And in a few weeks we bottle. Add more patience and the Bitter Orange Chocolate Stout will be ready to enjoy. Sharing with a buddy like that makes me think of sounding off the Old Year with New Music & iTunes Purchases.

5. Deepak Chopra, The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore

Don’t let the title scare you off. I was talking to my Auntie Debby, my godmother on X-Mas. I asked her if she had an iPod, which she does and uses but only for Tony Robbins’ audiobooks and I responded, “me too! Only with Deepak Chopra!” And I mentioned this audiobook in particular because Chopra really engaged good Christian Thought and may I add “Right Christian Action”. Even when I was a Catholic, I never felt Christian…but after listening to The Third Jesus a few times I guess being Christ-like transcends Christianity.

4. The Flaming Lips, Embryonic (Deluxe Edition)

This almost didn’t make the cut because I felt I hadn’t really dug it enough with subsequent listenings but Beer Brewing with Posty changed my heart on this matter. I loved getting into with Aaron, mid-craft, the soundtrack to a great day of making “yumminess”. In what I’ve termed “the Cosmic Sound” that Embryonic shares with other Rock & Roll greats such as Pink Floyd in the Syd Barrett Daze (and shortly thereafter) and the Rolling Stones in their Satanic Majesty’s Request Phase.

3. Steve Martin, The Crow: New Music for the Five-String Banjo.

I like charming. This album, flaws & all, most is charming. The Crow strikes a balance between Easy going and Sometimes “getaway music” frantic. Martin is one of my favorite performers and his stand-up was a backdrop to Sunday Dinners at Nana’s…I’d read Uncle Eddie’s WW2 comics and listen to Steve Martin & AC/DC cassettes. I bought this because I peruse the iTunes Store frequently (new free stuff all the time!) and of course a new album by one of my all-time faves caught my eye.

2. The Fireman, Electric Arguments

This album just seriously rawks. That’s all there is to it. There are ballads and driving music. And cooking music as well. It slips into the background very well. I feel so rewarded for listening to not only Sir Paul all my life but my friends as well whose music taste illuminate my life.

1. Mos Def, The Ecstatic.

I bumbled upon after its release a few weeks into June and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. The Hip Hop album you’ll tend to see in most Best of 2009 will probably be Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3. For me, it comes to the taste that defines Star Wars from Lord of the Rings…and my favorite Hip Hop of the year and the Best Album of the Year goes to Mos Def’s The Ecstatic. Mos Def was born into a Muslim home in the projects of Brooklyn, NYC…he’s a year younger than me. His stories resonate with me in a way that’s almost tactile. He talks of the Projects, pre-Crack Era and I lived that about 300 miles north. When I hear the tracks of this album play…my hands move, my eyes close, my hips sway, my shoulders roll.

I really like the risk involved with new music. It’s like the risk involved in brewing your own beer. Sometimes you spend this money, make this effort and it blows up…literally such as our first beer of the year that made a mess when in exploded in the basement but iDigress…
But when the stars are aligned just right…that risk contains a memorable reward.

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully
120GB iPod Classic, 1+ year old.

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA...wired in.

Click it!!!

*motherboxxx art proudly pirated off the IntrePoop but purchased in Final Crisis #5, DC Comics, Jan '09, Morrison, Jones, et al.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the Tao of Sully

On Pipe Dreams

pipe dreams...I hope you have billions of them as well. They reek of hope.

So to commemorate the Decade Anniversary of this Idea...here it is again. I posted this a few years ago and I thought it fit in well here.

December 22, 1999 I came up with a silly idea...a World Religion. A United Faith. Being freshly ordained the year before and a head full of turgid ideas about spirituality, I thought I'd make my own "faith" as the ULC empowers me to do with the ordination. What all things need for attention? A slick ad campaign and a logo...it's true. ^_~ I came across the word Syzygy, in the definition of a planetary allignment in conjunction with the Sun.

So...yeah...it's unfinished and embarrassing but why not. From a Decade Ago and I Still Believe iCould...

Syzygia (lat. From the Greek Suzugia, union, coupling, a yoke)

Follow me to true faith. Or at least learn how to read the map to get there yourself.
The Bible, Torah, Koran, and the Vedas are only one part if you choose them to be. Using those as a crutch will only make your soul myopic.
The spirit is only one part of the body. As much as a healthy body will improve your quality of life, a healthy spirit will augment your entire being. Any approach is fine. Christ, Mohammed, Vishnu, Buddha, Zoraster, any of these are tools to reach the Divine. Call it Astarte, Yahweh, the Big Bang Theory, Zeus, Allah, En-Sof, Abba, Mother Goddess, God; you can’t be wrong. They are all the same. All have different values and aspects. Like the people of the world made in the image of the Creator, the avatars, icons, and ideas all hold cultural similarities and differences.
All faiths have common bonds. Stories of creation, stories of a flood, stories of angelic (or conversely, demonic) hosts, ritual sacrifice, pomp and circumstance.
Only a paradigm of intolerance will hold you from understanding that there is a higher faith. It has nothing to do with religious allegiance. Every perspective is correct. There are no lies when it comes to the connection to the Divine. Every religion has its downside but the universal upside is the fact that they all get people to recognize their Maker.
The Syzygia recognizes all faiths, religions, and creeds. There is no wrong way to pray.
The only sin is the absence of sin. Never stop recognizing what is evil but remember: morality is needed to separate the humans from the animals. When people are ‘immoral’, are not they acting more animal-like. Each religion has a moral code.
The only code is the absence of code.
The only holy writings are any you deem holy; who is to tell you, an independent individual, what texts are holy or not. You have a mind of your own. The accepted holy writings have limitations and flaws only because humans put down the words. Holy writings can be troublesome because of the conceptual and literal interpretations. Holy writings can be dangerous because once left in the hands of Man, God’s Words took a different direction. But holy writings are necessary because they are a looking glass into our pasts. They…


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sorry I didn't see the post about iPod disaster sooner Sully, but you are doing it the wicked hard way. If you want to easily import everything in your iPod to a new computer, all you have to do is set your iPod to let you access the directories on it as if it were any other hard drive, and then synch the new iTunes to the directory on the iPod that has all your music. Then you just drink a beer and play some Dragonball Z while stuff gets copied automagically for a few hours.

As an aside, Jill and I are having some folks over on the first for the winter classic, and weather permitting an outdoor fire and some pond hockey. Let me know if you're interested. I was sadly unable to copy you on the facebook invite... ya stubborn bastid. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oooops...so out there on the IntrePoop...I tend to muse about funnybooks with other geeks. On of my favorite reviewers got a thread on his site and I contribute there. Little do these MenChildrens know that I cut my teeth on NPR...the 10AM On Point show used to be The Connection and I used to contribute there. That's the passing lane for the mouthbreathers.

So I cut & pasted my Best of '00s here to our OCHO. He was asking for Best of PREVIOUS Decades; 90s, 80, 70s and so forth.

So The Comics Gnome POOTS forth another Decade-Ending Top 10 List for you to say, "Shoulda had this!!!" to WAH! ^_~

I'll just keep posting as I think about them. Let's start this party off with a bang...lawrence!
the Dubble-Aughts...the '00s.
Caveat: I am a Superhero funnybook fan...that's my apparent bias. It is my list...^_~

[*]New X-Men by Grant Morrison
[*]Green Lantern (have not missed a month since Kyle & The JLA took on Nero) both of these titles in 2001 got me back on the Horse. They are Honor Guards. 'Nuff said.
[*]The Authority, Vol. 1. What else do I have to say about Warren Ellis to Mark Millar. I never read anything else before like it. I am such a sucker for a good superhero story. I know it started in May 1999...I'm asking for a smidge of lattitude. I will include StormWatch by Ellis on my Best of the 90's (and hopefully Michael Ian Black will say something snarky between segues as on VH1Classic...bit iDigress...)
[*]Planetary. There's mot much to say about this besides, "Read it!".
[*]Ultimate Spider-Man. I buy it every month. The proof of the pudding's in the taste! Huzzah!
[*]Powers. I'm so happy I took the chance on reading this. I've stopped waiting for new TPS about Vol. 2, #1. It's some of the best renderings of inside-out, drippy people I've ever seen. Wow. What good stuff. Happy Vol. 3 is now in play.
[*]DC Event Comics. I have to cluster the '00s as so. I was on the hook from Identity Crisis #1 in 2004 by Brad Meltzer to the Countdown... & Infinite Crisis by Geoff Johns to Fifty-Two to Countdown... & Final Crisis by Grant Morrison until the current Blackest Night. I've spent a lot of money on the Uber-Story of the DCMultiverse. I love it.
[*]The Flash. Actually this one's gonna be the Speed Force connecting my 80s, 90's and 00's lists. I've read the Wally West volume twice. Every issue. And every issue of IMPULSE to boot. This is my list though. And thing I buy and enjoy. Really...I'm current Wally #1 until Rebirth #5. Since '87, it's found it's legs. But in '00??? That's when it started getting ridiculously good to the fever pitch we're enjoying today. Opening up the 21st century was Mark Waid's run...but in September 2000 at #164, Geoff Johns started this road. By March 2001 at #170, Johns was paired with Scott Kolins for 30 issues. All those Brian Bolland covers! Sigh!!! Since Nov '05, the baton has been handed off a few times but looks at the race now. Great funnybook...more please.
[*]We3. I'm going to choose this over All-Star Superman. I just think it's more succinct and can reach a broader audience. Same battery (baseball usage), different story.
[*]Y The Last Man...what a great ride, eh! Slainte!!!
I've only read although neither own nor purchased any THE WALKING DEAD. may I use this for a Zombie 11?

crea shaakti,

Monday, December 07, 2009

Dr. Hooey's 10 Best Films of the aught's

Sully challenged me to throw my own list up when he posted. Besides, everybody and their blogging grandma is producing decade review lists, so here's mine. The best films of the uh-oh decade, in my moderately humble opinion. I'm going to try and refrain from too much pseudo-critical blather, but there will be times when I can't avoid it. Making a list like this is really utterly impossible, because I'm going to be reminded of a million other movies after I'm done, but it's too fun not to try. Looking back on it, I'm as surprised at the stuff I've left off as those that made it, and though it's been a great decade for the movies, these are the ones that have really stuck with me, that showed me something new, that demanded they be watched again, and those that will stick with me forever. I tried not to do any symbolic inclusions, or those that should just be there because they're by people I like - note no Coens, even though they put out multiple movies this decade I friggin' LOVED. Ok, I've officially over-thought this...

10. Lord of the Rings trilogy
It's only fair to count this once, but it deserves to be here for the monumental achievement that it is, artistically and technologically. It's not higher because there's a ton of camp and flaccid characters in it and some bad writing - "there it is, the one place we don't want to go, and the one place we have to go to". Plus Samwise Gamgee becomes so damn easy to make fun of by the third film that there's no way the series can be considered perfect. But there's too much good about these films, and it was clear they were labors of love, which is all I could ask for - Peter Jackson bled it all out onto the screen and it worked.

9. Closer
You're going to see a pattern emerging of me having a massive man-crush on Clive Owen, but he deserves it. Yes, this is a film about four despicable people, but it's so well written, plotted and performed that it was a thrill to see from end to end. It even wrenched good performances out of the otherwise-wretched Natalie Portman AND Julia Roberts, a feat I heretofore considered impossible - and in the same film no less.

8. A Mighty Wind
Yeah, I cannot resist this one, and though Best in Show could be here too, this one is just too good, as all the songs were written and completely performed by the cast, so it wins in terms of the mlutitude of talents on display. Plus as someone who participates and loves both music and improv comedy, A Mighty Wind really sits as a high mark for achievement in those combined forms. Plus the characters are both familiar and original. It's not perfect at all - there is definitely missed potential for humorous conflict, and there's the one incredibly forced note hit by Harry Shearer's character at the end, but there's too much to love that it's still among my favorites of the decade.

7. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
We continue the musical portion of this program with this beautiful character study of an interestingly flawed human being and her damaged relationship with a more successful singer. Full of humor and sadness, and fantastically glam rock songs, this movie pretty much singlehandedly compelled me to write a musical, which I eventually did.

6. Almost Famous
And we conclude the musical portion of our program with this film, which is maybe not the best film ever but hits me where I live by depicting the rock and roll lifestyle in all its romantic and complicated glory. Of course it also depicts the hangover that comes in the wake of the beautiful buzz, but its filled with so much love and sentimentality for that time in the 70's that will never come again that I crave multiple watchings in the same way I stare at old photographs of memorable moments in my life to bring them again fresh to mind.

5. Lost in Translation
This one was the hardest to decide, and was the most tempting slot to insert a symbolic choice, but I had to go with my gut on this one. This movie is oddly controversial, inspiring a love it / hate it attitude, and that's one of the reasons I like it. A lot of people complain that nothing happens, but I think this film allows its characters to speak volumes through subtlety and quirky actorly choices. No they're not perfect people, and no they don't go the predictable path, but that's why it works so well. Apart from being an excellent character study, it's an impeccable study of mood and ambience, depicting an exciting, vibrant city that makes me want to go there even more than I did before, plus illustrates the loneliness of being foreign in a foreign land better than any other film I've seen. It's another film that demands to be seen again not for the thrills, but just to live in it for a while, see what the characters see and feel how they feel. It's an odd vacation of a film that makes you glad you went but also just as glad to come home.

4. City of God
Good lord this movie wrings you out. It leaves you empty. This is a true experience. It's astonishing. Just see this movie. It's not my favorite of the decade, but is absolutely worth your time for its content, scope, artistry and harrowing story. The depiction of the goings-on of a Rio de Janeiro slum will leave you sober and thankful for the comfortable life you lead in the good ol' US of A in a way that will stick with you for a long long time.

3. The Incredibles
I decided to include this one and NOT Ratatouille (which definitely gets a huge honorable mention and could have been put in its place) OR Finding Nemo (which probably wins for sheer gorgeousness) because of how perfect I think this screenplay is. Brad Bird is a god among men and really deserves props for Iron Giant as well, but this movie is in so many ways just flippin' perfect - it's a great adventure film AND a great family comedy - each of the main characters has a distinct personality and they all come together to combine their strengths to defeat the villain. Plus they are all given a way to grow. Not only that but the animation is gorgeous and still maintains a cartoony quality even though it's richly realistic in so many ways. To me Pixar can do no wrong (except for Cars, boo) but this one I really think is their crowning achievement. Plus additional props to Brad Bird for refusing to pursue the knock-off sequel route when this story is very much complete on its own.

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
This one is a real close contender with number 1, but since I forced myself into this ordinal ranking thing I had to put it here, only because number 1 rocked my socks that much harder as a viewing experience. However, this one may very well win for the incredible writing, visuals and performances.

1. Children of Men
Maybe a strange, bleak one to put at the top of the list, but GOOD LORD this movie. This movie is a friggin' EXPERIENCE, and this is AFTER putting City of God on this list. This movie astonished and unsettled me like no other, and Clive Owen's performance is perfect in every scene. Its achievements in both artistry and craft are top of the heap, and the story is both unpredictable and inevitable in its constantly-ratcheting tension. This is the one I'd force you to see at all costs, grab you by the shoulders and shove you into a chair to watch. While yes it is harrowing and depressing, it also speaks to the inner strength of humanity when a glimmer of hope for survivial emerges from the darkness. I have grown to expect that I wouldn't see anything truly new at the movies anymore, and this one shot all those expectations down and made me have a favorite director again. This is a movie for our times and will be one that should be remembered as an essential part of film history forever. It is philosophical, political and cerebral, has characters you care about, and it just kicks major ass in a visceral, immediate way. I can't say enough good things about it.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Rev Sully’s Top 10 Movies of the ‘00s

There are probably LOTS of movies I have not seen that were filmed & released in the First Decade of the Twenty-First Century. Probably lots of actors I’m forgetting, directors I’m neglecting, Oscars I’m avoiding…sad but true I’ve yet to see “Slumdog Millionaire”. Or PIXAR’s “Up!” or “Wall-E”. or “Once”, the little movie that could! Just a few releases from this past decade for example. And that fabulous Oscar speech when the girl from “Once” gets to come back out? Would “Once” be on this list if I saw it? Well I still got a few weeks left to watch it, huh?
Your list can & will be different. As I’m now fond of saying, “we’ve walked different roads, prayed at different altars & wept at different graves”…but I mostly say that to the jerks of the IntrePoop not youze guys!

Be Kind Rewind, 2008.
I just saw this on cable the other night. I cried. I cried, brothers & sisters and lemme tell ya. I love crying at movies. I like my emotions and I like what movies do to me. I cry at samurai movies mostly…but watching Jack Black, Mos Def, Danny Glover and crew bumble through this delightful patch of movie light. Hot, round, glorious drops of tears of joy fell with a ripe gravity to my cheeks. It was when we see the audiences’ faces in the flicker of the projector…the eyes, the sharing of energy. It was blissful. I recommend it. It is a foolish movie as my mother would say. Contextually in a Movie Geek Sense it is another quality movie about the mishaps of two friends running a video store in New jersey…wait for it. But have you ever heard of a Sweded Movie??? Listen: this was written & directed by Michael Gondry who did “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, 2004, which could be here now if I didn’t see Be Kind Rewind!

Solaris, 2002. I didn’t cry at Solaris. I don’t think I did, at least. Maybe at the end if anywhere but it wasn’t that kinda movie. It was very, ridiculously haunting. I’ve been thinking about it since I saw it. The lighting, the mood, the music. It was like a stage play…all about the characters. Shooting photographs of these outstanding actors playing these rich characters…simple. It worked, for me. The sci-fi backdrop is a bit hard to enjoy at first. It’s like a peaty scotch or a farmland cheese. The enjoyment is not only in the quality texture but that funky flavor that spins new dimensions to old sensations. I then ventured into the 1972 Russian original. I love sci-fi and the same story told with a different cast & lens. Nonetheless in the end it was a Love Story. And lots of movies we tend to like are love stories.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, 2004. A lot of this came down to which Wes Anderson movie. Such as the cream rises to the top, it’s only natural. This pick is also represents 2001’s Zoolander which allowed me to actually like Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller which led to 2001’s The Royal Tenenbaums but in this metaphor makes great Yogurt! Team Zissou hopes to be my next Hallowe’en costume…me & my mates all go to the Pub wearing sky-blue polos and red caps! Visually, sense of humor, all the Bowie music & pot smoking…it has everything for me in this. And again, a great love story. Angellica Huston is marvelous. Willem Dafoe, Owen Wilson, Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum…there’s a succinct word for this: Splendid!

Children of Men, 2006 In the November 2008 Presidential Election, Dr. Hooey & I found ourselves at the Pub on the night of the Republican national Convention. Pounding the bar with our fists, we argued politics. I came away with my developing “different roads, altars, graves” theory…and a trade-off to make peace. If Dr. Hooey were to read a certain funnybook, I had to watch a certain movie. The movie was Children Of Men. Once again, I was confronted with a haunting movie. I still think about every photon absorbed my irises, my cones & retina…every wavelength of sound perceived by my ever-fading aural command (iRawk therefore iPod you know). The sweeping one-take shots. The reverence for life in the face of mayhem. The complete understanding that what you just saw scared the frak out of you. This is science fiction.

The Dark Knight, 2008. Seriously, the Dougle-Aughts, the ‘00s were the Decade for FunnyBook Movies. 2009’s Watchmen or PIXAR’s jaw-dropping 2004 The Incredibles could be here but I chose this because I read funnybooks…it’s a natural quelle source for archetypes and story boards. Properties are one thing…but then it comes to delivery. I can overlook Christian Bale’s earnest vocal differential between Bruce Wayne & the Batman…I will, I forgive you Christian Bale. There have been probably a dozen portrayals of the dual Wayne/Batman. This one worked the best. And then is the Oscar-winning, the late Heath ledge as Joker, Aaron Eckheart as Harvey Dent, Gary Oldman as Commish. Gordon and a brilliant Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes, a movie-only character made just for this Bale Batman. Ledger’s Joker is better than Nicholson, Hamill and Romero. Morgan Freeman…’Nuff Said.

Primer, 2004. I’m going on my Sixth viewing. Once again I want to point out the Movie Geek Gnosis it takes to truly appreciate a movie about two buddies and their mishaps filmed for $7,000. Dialog-driven Science Fiction. Again, simple, stark, could have been a stage piece. But the trip is in the mind…Your own mind. Once you grok what they’ve done. It is stunningly smart. It could be boring if you don’t like theater or Mamet Plays. Primer is so good it gets on this list. It could have been something else but I chose this because of its significance.

The Final Four…I watched these all “at the Show” as my old High School friend Ooompie would say. AKA: at the Movies, more than likely the Cathedral at Boston Commons. “Ooompie” was of Wolverine’s comicbook height and stockiness and we called him an ooompahloomp ‘cuz of his ruddy cheeks. He loves movies too and we gave him crap for his SAG card and getting into that horrible Jane Curtain CBS Movie of the Week about that terrible Southie of the 70s with bussing
But Ooompie was in 2003’s Mystic River and shared screentime with Sean Penn who won the Oscar for that role, in the same room & directed by Clint Eastwood…that’s movies. Wow. Huh? Sweet Baby Jeebus…Ooompie’s on the iMDB!

No Country For Old Men, 2007. I caught this on cable recently, the last 20 or so minutes when Llewellyn is coming back across the Border in an Hospital johhnie. To see my beloved actor Steven Root get perforated by a shotgun. The end with the wife & the coin-flip? “They always say that”…that is the epitome of creepy. Some of this came from which Coen bros. Movie to put on the list. It could have easily been one of my favorites, the 2004 remake The Ladykillers with its brilliant ensemble cast & its Black Humor alongside of 2000’s Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou? Beyond the accolades, No Country is a pretty as the Coen’s previous 1996 Fargo, a movie I saw in alone “at the Show” on its release. The Cinematographer for Ladykillers, Fargo and No Country is Roger Deakins…all pretty as a picture.

There Will Be Blood, 2007. Such is another beautiful movie. But such violence & rage. I firmly believe this movie to be Paul Anderson’s ersatz remake of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. For real. Such starkness and beauty. And a sociopath for a protagonist. If a man is judged by relationships, his truest mirror, then behold Plainview revving up to the end of this piece. “I’m Finished!!!”…no other ending of a movie has been so ironic.

The Departed, 2006 Every boy from Southie should own a copy of this. I grew up on O’Callahan Way, down the street from the fictitious Miles Kennefork, the murdered rube for the microchips. With the glut of Southie Movies since Afleck & Damon, a Southie movie shouldn’t be on my list…it could be gratuitous! But talk about tension…I was not expecting that when the doors opened…that was an experience in tension. Great movie. I love Scorsese’s movies anyway such as Casino, GoodFellas and Raging Bull. This was just well-cast, well-written, well-acted, well-directed, well-shot…with that up-tempo rock soundtrack. Sweet. And come on…that last shot before the credits? Does humor belong in serious movies??

Star Wars: Episodes II & III, 2002 & 2005. Listen: Lord of the Rings was fabulous and should be in this spot but c’mon…This is the Star Wars. I put a lot of this on the movie-going experience of Episode II, Attack of the Clones with Dr. Hooey & Dringo coupled with my complete awe of Sound Designer Ben Burtt. Meathead, Mario & I saw Episode III together and we were silent all the way back to the car…Anakin Skywalker was nothing more than an entitled jock who abused & killed his wife…Intergalactic Redneck. I loved lots of things of Episode III such as the music, colors, sets, vistas and the completion of the Good Story. Order 66 sounds like an Iron Maiden song…but that duel on the Lava Planet? Lots of people hated the acting. The lightness of Episode I but in context, Episode I was supposed to be light. I feel rewarded as a Star Wars fan.

The Honorable Mention?
I will give Honorable Mention though to:
Kill Bill, Vol. 2 and Spider-Man 3. I fully recommend squeegeeing ones Third Eye with some magic mushrooms and going to a movie…if you can handle it. I love cinema, I love going to the movies and these two were a great movie experience.

Crea shaakti,