Sunday, November 29, 2009

iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Disaster Edition

Oh my goodness…

Always backup your files. I did that. Just not recently enough…
But there’s more to the story than just following the instructions.

A few weeks back, my old computer died. So I got another. Nonetheless, I am going through my external harddrive, opening every folder, opening every song, recovering my iTunes.

What a process. Arduous. Lots of key-strokes better spent on the Dragonball Z fighting game I’m playing in the Living Room, downstairs from the “new” old iMac known as Bubble

Now I notice…all the retagging of data I’ve performed were associated with the harddrive of the former computer’s iTunes Library Folder…not changed on the “iTunes library Folder” on the external brain holding every single one of my singles. And albums. And Videos. I failed to backup with what was on my laptop’s harddrive to the one on the External. Although with My Purchased items from the iTunes Store, once I plug the iPod into the new iTunes for that First Sync I get the option to Transfer Purchases to the computer from my iPod.

When I next plug my iPod into “Bubble!”, the “new” old iMac where the iTunes is now located…the iPod will “Restore”. I stand to lose all my Playlists and Playcounts. All my Stars and Cover Art. (I used the iTunes Cover Art finder once…never again let a droid do a Man’s Job but iDigress…). I look at a ever-growing iTunes Music folder of doubles, triples and even quadruples to tweeze out so I don’t have multiples of the same track synced to the 120GB iPod Classic, robbing space. I grok my own sense of OCD and it comes out in how I organize my tunes. Now I have to retag all the Genres. Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Country, Classical…I like simplicity when I dial in genre jukebox. DYK: I file Tom Waits under “Jazz” for genre because it just sounds like it belongs there…well most of Wait’s material. I know he’s not Jazz! At least it’ll give me something to do on cold, Winter nights.

I could proactively create new playlists to make the transition easier. I think that’s what I’ll do when I get closer to being complete in unpacking the External Harddrive. Of course I “CTRL+A” then “CTRL+O”…but that only unpacked all the loose singles. Everything else are in folders of album or artists which have further folders of albums as well! Like Russian Egg Dolls. I have to go into every folder, select all, open all and backtrack to the next folder…manually. Dr. Hooey swears there’s a better way. I believe him. But I know this time-consuming way will work. Eventually.

I wasn’t current on backing up my photos though. Damn. Sigh; the Anti-Om. All the baby photos of friends. All the foolish comics art. I’ve saved my recipes, yes…because that was ancient enough to be Grandfathered in the last Backup…which wasn’t lately enough for this guy. Contacts, calendars. The old computer’s dead…maybe it’s been long enough I can get some power, lights and a FireWire to Bubble for an extraction. Pray from me, children that this might work!

I haven’t sync’d my iPod to a computer in weeks…turning into months. Thank Posty for his external charger! Huzzah!! At this point, I can’t sync up my 11+ hours of Holiday Music…I was gonna bring lil speakers to work in a brash defiance of the “No Radio Rule”. I’d use the Holiday Music as a service prop. Guests like cheery service with added, appropriate distraction, I swear. I’m bummed about that. I’ll just have o share by making a few music Cds of my Spanish X-Mas tunes “para todos mi queridos amigos de trabajo”…all my dear work friends from South of the Border & the Caribbean. At least I know I can flex my superpower of smuggling in my music just a little. But a Holiday without my Holiday Tunes…bah humbug!!!

So I’m not going to let that ruin anything. It’s a problem to solve. And within every failure is the seed of progress. This is life with a Digital Music Collection…c’est la vie, n’est pas?

The Count:
# on the road "motherboxxx", my 120GB iPod Classic
10899 songs
83 videos
146 pictures
8 games (and holding...)
36.6 GB Free Memory Remaining...

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA...wired in.

Click it!!!

*motherboxxx art proudly pirated off the IntrePoop but purchased in Final Crisis #5, DC Comics, Jan '09, Morrison, Jones, et al.
A Smoking PUCK Moment of Musing

November for me is one of my favorite times of the year. Lots of dog-walking in the foliage, my birthday, getting chubbier for a winter layer as a squirrel does. So for any fans of the Smoking PUCK, my apologies for recent lack of dropping into the face-off circle of life. Lots of hockey watched in November. Switched computers which is the hardest hurdle to pass. My templates are gone...my pre-fab PUCK with tags in all the right place (like an old pair of blue jeans), my Cheat Sheet of this year's schedule, salaries and links to player page profiles all in HTML: gone. The interface is desk keyboard with optical mouse...I'm tethered! I'm used to a laptop but Bubble is just as good as a SurfBored* but iDigress...

December is a time of year to be snowed in as Winter makes its approach. The Olympics are weeks away including a large calendar break for NHL Hockey as we go into International Ice Hockey mode...with its larger ice surface and insta-Icing but I'll break it down "For Pete's Sake" after that torch is lit. Winter is Hockey's Time of Year. It's how to have fun on ice that's natural with the weather. Open an hydrant in a baseball diamond, wait until the Pond freezes over ENOUGH to skate on, check the listings at the local rink for a non-contact league...all you need are skates, a helmet, gloves, pads, a couple of sticks & your own bloody tape...hockey is an expensive sport. Ask Santa, kids! I need goalie equipment...how do you think I feel!

The Bruins as of last night are in First Place of the Northeast Division. Believe it or not, I've yet to lace 'em up and go to a game this season. I get to bed early on weeknights and it's hard to stay awake too late on the weekends. I meant to take a pre-game nap last night...and awoke to the Shootout victory over rival Ottawa! BAD FAN!!! As Meathead is oft to say, "you'll get enough sleep when you're dead". I got to see a few Bruins goals on the replay this AM over Omelet & Coffee...and cheered for the tying goal in the 2nd period. What a doofus, huh? Nonetheless, the year is winding down and so far, a great time to be a hockey fan with a great sport to behold. Put on some gloves and come skating with us, won't you?

crea shaakti,
Rev Sully

*all props to Dr. Hooey for this nickname.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Comics Gnome Poots…
The Warren Ellis Superhuman Trilogy Ends Starting Today…


Ah Jeez…

The Comics Gnome POOTS quality over quantity these lean days but still he seems to get through. I’m dying to hear what the Young Kiwis bought at their day at the FunnyBook Bodega. Was it “Gotham”…the nigh-infamous place where Kiwis get fitted for Capes & Cowls?

I still wince that Kiwi didn’t like FELL by Warren Ellis & Ben Templesmith. Friends have different tastes. I suggested Fell…I threw it on her stack last time when she was here in the States. Damn…as if I was an MLB pitcher yearning to have that one pitch back…but iDigress.

Nonetheless, here I am again to pitch to you more Warren Ellis. If you dare…read the Supergod #1 preview here.

This is seriously frakked-up stuff. And it’s great. One of the best Sci-Fi minds, who happens to write great superhero stories. Ellis is at his best when he’s unattached to the properties of MARVEL…where he flexes his wicked buff imagination.

Supergod is the third in what’s known as the Avatar Superhuman Trilogy by Ellis. The first was the politically-edged…

trade collection, issues #0-7
This story is about a failed superteam, forced to reunite when it all goes to hell…after their former leader (Sgt. Pepper in blood-spattered White) murders the White House for war crimes.

Then came the San Francisco piece NO HERO which was more about sick & twisted visuals, a gonzo nightmare. I might want to read the script someday. The Superhuman team as a brand in modern culture and the costs of admission…quite literally a world without heroes, just a superteam with an agenda a bit too clever for the world to let continue. But the new guy is a lot more than he seems or what the team is prepared to ultimately face in this sick-thriller.

NO HERO hardcover trade collection, issues #0-7

Next comes Supergod. A usual Ellis conceit; grab onto a slice of history and anchor your story there. 1947, 1999, 2001, 2004, et al. Ellis makes certain anachronistic events in history and uses a backstory as the foundation to his vision of “parallel nows”. “kinda-yesterdays” or “almost-tomorrows”.
This time…the “what if” was a Superhuman Arms race during the Cold War years. And its tragic result…

SUPERGOD #1 wraparound cover

The Comics Gnome has never stopped POOT’n fresh Warren Ellis on my coffeetable. Another AVATAR press mini just finished is the pseudo-steampunk/post-spaceflight IGNITION CITY. It has the trappings of a Sci-Fi period piece…but it really is an old-style Western. Stunning art with retro-tech in a Buster Crabbe “Flash Gordon” meets Iron Oxide Look to the Background…an Artificial Island on the equator with the last Launch catapult on Earth. And intrigue, murder & revenge. Foul language, heavy drinking. It’s Classic Warren Ellis doing “His Thang”.

Ignition City #5 wraparound

For the next time you get to Gotham, Young Kiwis…
crea shaakti,
I hit the bodega for the first time in ages the other day... (an anniversary gift Chris and I gave each other!); it felt like going home. The gnome was kind to me too, presented me with an assortment of shiny covers and full color wonderment. I'm off to bed early to curl up in the funny pages. Gnight :)

Monday, November 09, 2009

It was "Star Wars in Concert" night at the Bruins-Sabres game saturday night. Chewbacca got to ride the Zamboni. 'nuff said.

Saturday, November 07, 2009



My old computer died. he was 8 years old. An Apple Powerbook G4. but thanks to Doctor Hooey who reached into his stooponifying Re-Tardis...got me back online with the computer I've named "Bubble".

Hello Bubble.

He's an old iMac Hooey found for free on the intrepoop. Pretty sweet.

Thank you Pete! Whew. The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree...heh!

crea shaakti,