Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Tao of Sully

on Soul(s)...

Hello? Anybody in there?
Well...I have a soul. And you have soul. But then...
what is it?

Souls. I think of it now more than most, more than the next guy.

Dr. Hooey's wife just had their first child. So I asked him three questions that never came to me before. They just "came to me". Regarding the Soul.

1. Do you share your soul with your daughter?
2. Is she her own person?
3. or is she an amalgam of your & your wife's souls, do you think?

Dr. Hooey most assuredly resounded with #2.

I had a great opportunity to cook for Dr. Hooey & Action Grrrl (his Missus) last Friday. So the baby is 3 months old and she's literally in her own world. The baby will earn her own screenname. So I'm holding Court then mid-sentence, I'd notice I'd held the baby's attention. So I then looked the kid in the eye and continued my tale but now to entertain the young princess.
And I know how to talk to babies. It's easy. Give up. Look them in the eye. Drop all pretense & defenses and just talk. Talk. Look the baby in the eye and talk.

I too had already chose #2...but I've never had kids so what do I know?
So I asked an expert.

So we have our own souls. I thought so.

I wax & wane between one soul...an individual soul..."my soul". Put against "The God's Soul". Our Soul. I Always Knew This... I now believe it's both. it is. Both. I could be wrong. But I believe. So the struggle is beyond useless, it is over. believe. tat tvam asi...

If I believe in "Tat Tvam Asi..."
I Am That.
You Are That.
All This (look around you and point!)
All This is That;
That Is All There is!

This mean's One Soul. Although I kinda know better from babies...and my own experience.

crea shaakti,

ps...on Angels
for real...angels.

What do I think about Angels, for real?

It is this...
when I grow up, I want to be an Angel.

crea shaakti,

Sunday, September 27, 2009


September 27, 2009
By Rev. Sully

Up, Up and Away!!!
aka: Singin' Soprano after the Game...

So What was the Bruins Pre-Season record? So what?
It's preseason. I would have gone to last night's preseason finale at the Boston Gahh-den...instead I dined with El Post and watched the Season premiere of "Smallville". Talk about the Play of Opposites, eh? Is it good versus evil? Columbus, OH versus Boston, MA...or just felt more like hanging in, watching superheroes against roaming the Gallery Among the Gawds. Behold: One set of warriors have a "B" on their Chests, the other now has his "S"...but iDigress...

On a Sunday Morning, Coming Down...

I traditionally have unwound with NBC's "Meet The Press" with break'est & coffee. I'll read the Sunday Boston Globe's weekly hockey notes and bemoan the prose of my unintentional mentor...I'll catch up to speed with the League using the 20th Century news delivery system: a newspaper. Lately though, while reading Globe and smoking PUCK, I'll have some TV playing in the background. So while "Meet The Press" has waned in my attention, in that 10AM timeframe I'm now watching A&E's edited version of HBO's "The Sopranos".
This will be my healing energy...a soft spot in the day to nestle & recoup after a Saturday Night of Bruins Hockey. The Season starts Next Week...I gotta prepare.

For Pete's Sake!
Talk about the Play of Opposites literally, for Pete's Sake this week, I want to talk about the Face-Off.
Dr, Hooey & I are movie buffs so I'm not talking about any Nic Cage/John Travolta movie...
The Face-Off is a battle at a certain & important spots on the ice...it's a fight for possession of the puck. Once possession of the puck is gained, the Charge to Score Begins. Face-Off's are of sublime importance. The only thing close to it is the Rugby scrum although a Puck is no Golden Snitch. The Doctor should know that Each Hockey Team is split into three regiments such as a NFL Football team; Offense (Forwards), Defense (defensemen) and Special Teams (goaltending). In Hockey, to resume gameplay, an official drops the puck between two contending forwards, who then jostle for possession by controlling the puck & passing it to an open teammate. The Quidditch reference might not be all that misleading then for the Muggles...
It so happens at thrilling moments when a face-off, expertly timed and passed can result in a goal within 2 seconds!
Now I won't bore the Good Doctor with the Details, such as, "why is the Big Circle at center Ice not used for Face-Offs all the time?"
Well, know this that Center Ice Face-Offs come at the Beginning of the Game...and after a Goal is scored. Between that the puck is dropped at several spots on the ice, regarding the stoppage of play and which team's at fault for the stoppage.

Hey next week, actual Hockey Talk! I promise!

Crea shaakti,

Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

iRawk...Therefore iPod
Happy Autumn Edition

it happened. Fall. Harvest? The time of year when it starts getting cold.
I sweat a frakkin' lot. Really. My upper body, I don't stink! No way...but I wear cotton as as Dr. Hooey sez, "Cotton Kills". I have to ask him about what kind of runners' undershirts to purchase so I don't cough myself to death this winter but iDigress...

Summer won't be here until next. Year. The cold weather sports are upon us in sequence; American Football, Ice Hockey and Basketball.

Let;s talk about the weather. I just bought an album "sight unseen", in the parlance. What could the audiophile version of this cliche be?

Horehound by the Dead Weather
Because "Jay-Z" told me to.

METRO: What do you listen to nowadays?

JAY-Z: Just different things. The Drake mixtape is phenomenal — I think he did a great job with that. Kings of Leon, MGMT, stuff like that. It’s just all over the place. Jack White has a band — the Dead Weather. I saw them play. I think he’s brilliant.

I'm so cheesy! I love buying singles.
Today I got
Bell Bottom Blues by Derek the Dominoes

I dig a good Rock 'n'n Roll song. This is one...and one I did not own. Notice I did not downloadit from the IntrePoop without purchasing power & the interface of the iTunes Store. Buy Your Music From the IntrePoop!!!

Ride Like The Wind by Christopher Cross (with Michael McDonald of the Doobie Bros on background in the chorus)

This song really anchors me to my Space/Time at Nine Years Old. I hear this song and I think of movies like "Superman" with Christopher Reeves by Richard Donner and Empire Strikes Back in the Star Wars movies.
of course I bought more Chopra. This one's about meditating...and concentrating on sore/problem parts. We regenerate a new stomach every 6 weeks...hello!!! Acid??? The rest of our body follows suit, Mouthbreather! ^_~ Now, Apply that Intention to Specific Parts...

To New Roommates & Beyond!

For Kevin Donovan. HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!!!

Sometimes I'll fall asleep listening to my Chopra audiobooks. I'm convinced I can hear it in my sleep and occasionally I'm dreaming the stuff a bit. But Twice, Kevin who lives across the hall from me has woken me from my slumber by banging on my bedroom door and demanding I turn it down. Damn. We chuckle the next day.
He's leaving this month. I'll miss him. Only because he's got great snacks in the cupboard!!! heh! I didn't say that!!

Crea shaakti,
101 Things That Should Not Exist!:

35. The One Who Doesn't Put a New Roll of Toilet Paper Up and Leaves you stranded
Who are you? When I find you I'm gonna smack you in the face with this $#!t-smeared hand, you douche!!! ^_~ heh!

36. The National Health Care Debate.
My next tattoo will tell you one of the cruxes of my personal POV...
"Cui Bono?" Not me or you, as my inner John Lennon says to me. 'Nuff Said...

37. The Personal Letter Coming a Thing of the Past?
I for one love to email. I love the art of correspondence. Any of my closest friends will attest that I can be very wordy & emotive on an email. But Writing a letter and mailing? I'd rather type it and hit CTRL+P. I have the worst penmanship. I think I was supposed to be a leftie but was corrected in my formative years. But I scribble as I mumble...it is a window to my mind as well, the expression of thought in print & word. Letter writing exists and correspondence flourishes off the paper but the page exists still!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


September 20, 2009
By Rev. Sully

Ahhh, For Pete's Sake!
aka: Why I Didn't Go To The Game...

Why Didn't I Go to the Game Yesterday Afternoon???
I was waiting for a buddy! It just didn't happen. I had something to do.

dig the Pop-up ad to purchase the song through iTunes or other outlets.
I got caught up on the Couch...he's never early, he's always late. You always gotta wait...so it was after 3PM when waiting was filled. So going to the game was a moot point at that point. Well...I coulda been late. Although the Bruins lost to the NYC (PATOOIE!) Rangers, no big loss though a few fights but alarmingly some sinister stickwork by Milan Lucic. Ahhh, Cheech, I'm saying you have to look out for the safety of the other players regardless if they're sporting Douchebag Blue or Habitant Rouge. Some of the best parts of pre-season is the scrappiness.
The Lesser Lights, those who are the opposites of SuperStars, get to shine in these moments. Hard workers earn the deepness of the bench this time of year. Is a Pre-Season tilt a Meaningless Game? I disagree with that judgement. They're just as fun if you're in the mood for early NHL action. One time at a Pre-Season game, Meathead & I heard the organist play "Bad Boys 4 Life" by P. Diddy...we had a 10-Game Pack that season yet never heard that familiar riff again but iDigress...

Phil Kessel is now a Toronto Maple Leaf.
The Gallery Gawds now have my permission to refer to this now "Make Beleaf" as One-Nut...I can still be a cruel jerk when motivated, see? The restricted free agent goes to Toronto for 3 draft picks, 2 which are 1st rounders. This might actually be a good deal. In the Parlance of the People, The Leafs kinda stunk last year & appeared a bit rudderless. Toronto is in a rebuilding phase nonetheless the Beantowne Bees have to put up with Kessel's Run 6 times a year. He will burn us a few times, especially in the shootout. Count on it. Wisdom in trading to a division rival??? Hmmmm...hope it pays off for all involved. Especially me! By giving me good hockey to watch.

Some sad news. Fred Cusick, longtime voice of the Boston Bruins has passed on at the age of 90. news Link. The Boston Globe said it with more eloquence than I could; a great article that I can only refer you to for more information on Mr. Cusick. Fred Cusick was the voice of my childhood winters. WSBK TV38 on the UHF dial. God Bless You and Keep You Well, Fred. Thank you for giving me my Bruins Loud Voice for the Game...Sully's Roar was inherited from Cusick's "SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!"

The Winter Classic shirts are here!

On New Years Day, at Fenway Park the Bruins host the Philadelphia Flyers in the annual outdoor Winter Classic. Throwback jerseys are the norm to commemorate the occasion and these look great. I gotta get one but which player; the Eternal Question! Meathead can get a blank one if he wants...his jersey choices usually end up playing on other teams shortly after he buys them.

New Weekly! For Pete's Sake!
I'm on a Mission!!! I need to get OCHO's very own Dr. Hooey up to speed quick on NHL Hockey. He'll never be Dr. Hook (a Hockey movie reference) and never be Dr. Hockey...nonetheless my dear Dr. Hooey must be frequently going to Canada for business. He's already feeling the need to grok the Great White Sport (TM)*. Hooey's Gregarious...he's easily made friends with 2 Canadiens fans and 1 Senators fan. I said, "Great!...They're both Division Rivals". I keep telling him, "dude, you'll be going to a hockey game in Canada eventually. It's what they do on a Tuesday Night in Winter". Seeing a Hockey game in Canada is a different experience. It's akin to eating fine dining against a decent restaurant. Expectations are keener, palates are refined. I went to a Panthers/Canadiens match one night in Montreal with JRBarnes a decade ago...it's where I got over my Fear & Loathing of Habs Fans. "Habs" are the nickname of the Montreal Canadiens...a French term "Les Habitants" or roughly the Home Team. I'm wickid jealous. Dr. Hooey just came back from Vancouver and will be walking down Rue de Ste. Catherine shortly.
Find "For Pete's Sake" here every week in the Smoking PUCK explaining other esoteric ideas of ice interest such as offsides, icing, and 2 For Slewfooting. Stay Tuned! ^_~

Crea shaakti,

Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
*Great White Sport (TM) paraphrased from Dr. Hooey's IM from Vancouver when asked his geographical location.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


September 13, 2009
By Rev. Sully

Back to Business!
aka: Will Kessel Run

As I'm oft to say on this Blog, I'm a huge David Bowie fan and one of my favorite albums is called Hunky Dory.

The track starts this classic album off is also the song that starts off the John Hughes movie classic...in words, The Breakfast Club.

The song, "Changes".

So my John Hughes Memorial Bowie quote to start off this Year of NHL Action...
Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes!, oh watch out you rock 'n' rollers!
So take heed of my iPod's advice and prepare for the upcoming season of Bruins Hockey. Now on FM Radio!

So changes in the new year...first and foremost.
Phil Kessel.
The Great Unknown. 36 goals last season, king of Shootouts is a Free Agent and still unsigned. Here comes the "Anti-Om"...the Big Sigh! SIGH!!! It's all about Money, kids. It's about Salary Caps and wiggle room, commitment & other things. If Kessel ends up in San Jose though who just traded for All-Star Ottawa Senator Dany Heatly, with former Bruins captain Trooper Joe Thornton, the NHL assist leader since 05-06??? Whew...lots to ponder. We might lose Phil. Will Kessel Run?

Ladies & Gentlemen, Gallery Gawds of all Shapes & sizes...career Bruin P.J. Axelsson has left the building. From 1997 to 2009, Per Jon Axelsson was the longest-tenured Bruin and one of my personal favorites. Classy player and a huge part of Sweden's 2006 Olympic Gold Medal victory. P.J. goes home to Frolunda HC in the Swedish Elite league where he played his first four pro seasons before coming to Boston. HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!!! Three Cheers for P.J. Axelsson!!!

Stephane Yelle? Were you here long enough to matter? I think of other great names in Temporary Black & Gold...Rick Tocchet (my personal fave, got to see him in a scrap vs. Eddie "JovoCop" Jovanoski in a 1995 Playoff Game but iDigress...), Michael Nylander, Sergei Gonchar

A Voice from the Rafters Bellows...
Andy Moog!!! Andy Gawddamn MOOOG!!!!
Once years ago watching a nigh-famous pre-season game at the Tampa Bay Lightning with the first female goaltender Manon Rheaume...and the familiar voice comes through the TV speaker. ANDY MOOOG! ANDY GAWDDAMN MOOOG!!! We had heard this voice many, many times in the Balcony of the old Boston Gahhden. Andy Moog, congrats! New Assisant Coach of the Dallas Stars. Slainte from Beantown, Andy!

Hey! The Pre-Season starts Tuesday against the NYC (Patoooie!) Rangers who the Black & Gold play at 4PM on Saturday at the Gahhden. I'm going to that one...just 'cuz it's fun. Tix are cheap and it's a great way to spend about 3 hours. And the Rangers fans don't care about coming either...it won't be a Sunday Matinee NBC game where they show up in Blueshirts & Yankees Hats. One Pre-Season game a few years back with Meathead in the SkyBox...we were SO LOUD, that opposing goaltender Trevor Kidd actually LOOKED at us a few times. My goal is to piss off Sean Avery, Mr. Massengill, himself.
Here's his team photo for this year:

An NYR Blueshirt...and since it's Avery's 2nd time with the (Patooie!) Ranger doesn't this make Sean Avery the "sloppy seconds"? Girls of the World should know better now to be sticking this anywhere, huh? heh!

The PUCK drops in October and the preseason starts this week! It's time to "Smell The Ice", campers. Hope to see you at the Rink this year.

Crea shaakti,

Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Comics Gnome Presents...IN BLACKEST NIGHT
Part 1

Ed. Note: I bumped this up for a second look...BLACKEST NIGHT #3 will be out next week and this is one great event comic so far.

Originally several weeks ago...I got myself a Black Lantern ring. I got it last Wednesday when BLACKEST NIGHT #1 came out...of course I was wearing the Black Lantern tee-shirt, c'mon I'm a geek.

Issue #1 variant cover

The ring came free with the purchase of the issue. But welcome to what will be MY LAST EVENT COMIC and will close out my DCU CRISIS Longbox.
No more tie ins, no more >$200 to follow 8 months of serials, no more Red Skies...only Blue Skies from now on after this Blackest Night.
Blackest Night #1 was a great place to start and exceeded my un-expectations. I phrase it like so because your disappointment is usually the converse of the expectation, right?

Let's start where it's obvious...Page 1!

First I'll start with the opening page of BLACKEST NIGHT #0, the 2009 DC offering for June's annual Free Comic Book Day.

A Cosmology Lesson, Green Lantern Style...notice the shadow of the unmarked grave? Huh? ^_~

The Opening Page of BLACKEST NIGHT #1...the villain BLACK HAND, the 1st Black Lantern violates the unmarked grave of BRUCE WAYNE, aka the first BATMAN (who "died" in FINAL CRISIS #6). Is it really Bruce Wayne's skull though...all will be revealed. Do you think the the last panel of this page breaks our "Fourth Wall"?

Here's the Page #1 again, pencils only. I love using the metaphor of a Good Rock & Roll Band. A script written by Geoff Johns was given to penciller Ivan Reis. Ivan then hands it over to Oclair Albert who inks this page, giving definition, shadow and depth to the pencils. Once again, the inked art is given to another person, the colorist Alex Sinclair, who uses millions of digital colors to make the Lanterns Glow, whatever their color. Finally the pages are then sent to the letterer, Nick Napolitano, who adds narrative caption, voice & though bubbles and my favorite comix word "onomatopoeia" , noun, the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named (e.g., cuckoo, sizzle). Now the page is complete and heads in every step to the Editor, Eddie Berganza, his ass't Adam Schlagman and their boss E-I-C Dan Didio. So we got 5 band members, a road manager and a couple of roadies. Sounds like sweet music to these ears...but iDigress...

All the DCU characters murdered...

To Hal Jordan's ring construct of the Fallen.

The Silver Age (and recently returned from the dead) FLASH Barry Allen asks his best friend Green Lantern Hal Jordan (who also came back from the dead recently) to tell him who's died while he's been Trapped in the Speed Force since 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Splash Page (2 pages big) before this shows Green Lantern making a light show of the deceased DCU Heroes. It's a task in IDing, as you can see.

Only later on to be greeted by their old friend, J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter from Mars, killed by Libra in FINAL CRISIS #1.

BLACKEST NIGHT #2, coming soon!!

Looking forward to the next issue featuring...MORE DEAD DCU HEROES, come back as Evil Zombies!!!

crea shaakti,
iRawk...Therefore iPod!!!
Breathe Easy & Meditate edition...
Breathe in!!!...hold...hold...hold...
September 12, 2009

once again...home with my thoughts & my iPod. Ahhhh...so far it's a time to be quiet & meditate then I realize I'm actually singing out loud to my Great Gadget...and the Dog. Sometimes when I meditate, I snooze...it's s'why the Monks of Tibet drink Green Tea, or some other Blarney...

So I have flights of fancy such as learning piano just to play a beloved Album.
David Bowie's album Hunky Dory complete.
I want to learn a new language, the vibration of the universe. I did just restring my guitar and have been hacking away Beatles tunes again. F&ck Rock Band. DIY. When your fingers hurt, play another hour. It still works. I haven't played my guitar since I chopped off my fingertip back in the Winter of 'Aught-Five!

This is the back cover to the album with the song list, et al. Cool, huh?

Always quoted as a Go-To album...so it was Went-To.

I'd totally listen to something on my iPod during my lunchbreak but I meditate...and I usually end up snoozing. I achieve a change of Consciousness, although not the desired State. I snooze. Furthermore, it makes me capable for the second half of the day. A light lunch and 20 minutes of meditation. I do really stay awake 65% of the time...then I Catch a Dream by it's Comet Tail and forget that I'm Meditating...now I'm dozing. I've fallen asleep at the Wheel Once. It's a lot like that but not with the whole "Driving for 25 Hours Fatigue-Thing", but iDigress...
I learned breathing methods from the myriad Deepak Chopra audiobooks so once again I'm telling you...take time to breathe. it took a little Indian guy living in my iPod to teach the Asthmatic how to breathe peacefully.

So I found a Quiet Spot at the workplace, as Winnie-The-Pooh was oft to define. At work, in the hallway there exists a derelict chair in a much-used busy, underground tunnel...where I sit...and breathe like the title of the Post, after a scarf a calzone on LunchBreak. Under a 15-Minute cellphone alarm, I manage a snooze. I breathe rhythmically as prescribed above on the Title...and end up achieving a quick glance at a dream. A literal change of consciousness. From Waking to Dreaming and Back Again...it's as if I'm hitting the reset button on the PlayStation of my Mind. I need to start using my iPod as an alarm to rouse me from my doze. For real, a true change of consciousness. And a refresher for the mind and finish the day strong. In Cooking, it is important for your last plate of service to be better than your first plate. That's my Maxim and if you don't like it then find another pipe to light, pal. But I could be listening to 10 minutes of "Om Mani Padme Hum" while I "meditate" at work.

New Releases, New Times...
I think I might get a 2nd iPod.
motherboxxx is still the best but the new iPod release came from Apple this month. And the new Nano has everything I want: a camera for still/motion and an FM receiver.
and I'll get him in Bruins Gold to listen to the games on 98.5 FM this season. I'll have 'nuff room for a season or two of anything I want to watch...

this may be the iPod Known as "Bumblebee".

One thing I'm disappointed in is the lack of new games for the Click Wheel version. The Nano is literally a smaller Classic....why promote & produce without accouterments??? Games produced for the Nano are for the Classic as well...and where is my Classic with camera & FM tuner, eh??? How's about the 64GB iPod Touch? Still no camera or FM receiver! This is Planned Obsoleteness...I find that in Apple to be wrong & cheap after pert-mear 15 years of fealty.

The Count:
on the road "motherboxxx", my 120GB iPod Classic
10,817 songs
92 videos
133 pictures
8 games
33.2 GB Free Memory Remaining...

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA...wired in.

*motherboxxx art proudly pirated off the IntrePoop but purchased in Final Crisis #5, DC Comics, Jan '09, Morrison, Jones, et al.
9/11...8 years gone...

I've been reading my past posts from every 9/11. Wow. One of my Samsara IS rage! heh! "Don't Forget, Don't Forgive" has been the title of this annual memorial.
One of the things I've learned since last 9/11 is to see beyond the "Play of Opposites". That terms such as good & evil don't apply. Do I think Evil exists? Yes. Sure. I believe in Evil more than I believe in Aliens. Evil is a funny subject when inspected. I guess something Evil does exist as an opposite to Good but we as humans...we're different. We're Both. Another thing I've learned that cherishing being good is as "bad" as reveling in Evil. It's the same Sin for any Catholic minds.

Nonetheless, my friend Keane is one of those 9/11 Inside Job theorists. I'd link something but OCHO is popping up on some Homeland Security Blue Page right now but iDigress...although I remember the event and it was kinda made-for-TV. Does this make me crazy? I gave him Grant Morrison's the INVISIBLES for his penance.

So it's 8 years gone now since 9/11. Bin Laden is still out there, not paying for that crime. Afghanistan is the Quiet War...Iraq through better Brinksmanship should pan out to be the Muslin Germany. Next...Africa then we can start building Spaceships and mine asteroids for gold, diamond, platinum, lithium and all we can get.

From: "Eric O'Sullivan"
To: Joe...
Subject: Hi!
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 09:37:04 -0400

Hey Joey!

I was worried about you and I hear you're OK. Except for the conditions of the City et al.
I just wanted to drop you a line and see if you need anything. Hey, if you feel like getting out of the city and coming to Boston, I'll pick you up. Your mom said that you wanted to stay in NYC (they call it Gotham for a reason, buddy) but if you change your mind or if things there get hairy, give a call or email. OK?
Well I hope to hear from you soon. My home phone number is...

Take care,


Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 18:32:58 -0400
Subject: Sep 14, 2001
MIME-Version: 1.0


How are you?

Thanks for the concern. I am living on 14th St, the point from which the city was closed until last night at midnight. The local multiplex has been showing movies for free, but that stopped yesterday. However, I did take advantage of it and saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which I liked.

If you haven't already heard of the smell, let me tell you about it. The only other place that I've smelled it is in Lima (Peru) and there you attribute it to the diesel gasoline the cars use and the burning trash and tires. Just to give you an idea of what exactly it smells like, however it's a lot more sinister than that because you know that the stench of charred and rotting flesh is mixed in with the smell. For the past few days, buses and trucks covered in black plastic have been going up and down the avenues, carrying bodies. People were walking in the middle of streets and the sound of their shoes on the concrete was the only thing that you could hear when you were out. There were no cars allowed and nobody was talking. The sound of their shoes on the concrete was particularly unnerving because the echo carried up and down the alleys and streets.

There's plenty of food and most stores are now open, however my school did have 5 dorms right around the WTC and 1800 students have been displaced. I work at the housing office so I learned that the school is going to be putting them up at hotels on Central Park and the surrounding area, giving them free meal plans, 200$ stipends for clothes, free phone cards, free books. When they evacuated, a lot of the kids didn't get to take anything and they won't be allowed back to get their stuff for another 2 weeks.

I've been fine, though. I saw it all happen while I was walking to class and while I was in class. From a distance seeing the silhouette of the plane crash into the South Tower made it seem very unreal and it was only a few days later when I saw a picture that clearly showed an unsilhouetted plane about to go into the building, a picture which was so stunningly frightening and detached precisely because you could make out the plane, the colors of the logo on its side, and see the sun shining off it. I say detached, also, because the picture captured the plane before impact so everything else in the picture looks very normal, the only incongruent element being the plane, which, if placed in an ordinary picture of the sky, would fit in quite nicely.

I had a friend who worked at Doloitte & Touche at the WTC and she got out fine, however when she got home she was covered in soot, dust, and blood. Apparently, upon exiting her building, fire, debris, and body parts rained down from above. Torsos, heads, feet with shoes still on, and other limbs already littered the plaza. Up until she told me that, the aspect of death and pain there was fairly removed for me. All you hear in the news is the body count. It's very rare to actually hear someone recounting something as specific as that on the news. The channels are wise to avoid it, I think. After she told me that, though, the realness of it all struck me so quickly and strongly.

I know this is a spectacularly grim email and I am sorry for it, but it's very difficult to not let, at least, some of it weigh you down just a little. For the past few days, my head's been swimming with images like the ones I've just described, among others.

Thank you for the offer of coming to pick me up. I do appreciate it, however classes have already resumed and, even though very few kids are actually going, I think it would be best for me to stay here.

My number is ..., if you want to call.


God Bless New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC and you. Please feel free to post what you were doing that day.
It's almost time to re-watch Battlestar Galactica. the "New" one.

I described it to OCHO's very own Mario with Meathead in the room as "the Sopranos...IN SPACE!!!"

I now hear a Bryan Singer movie in the works in the mold of the "Old" Galactica.

This was one of my favorite toys as a child 'tween 7-11 years old.

It slowly broke. Or as I'm fond of saying, "I'm hell on stuff!". As Buddha's Final Words Spake, "Subject to decay are all component things..." This toy broke quicker than a gambler's wallet in Vegas on a drunken night.

Well...when it was new it worked fine but gave it a few months with this kid and heh...
but what I loved were the foam Vipers. I was so bummed when I lost one of them. Although, I kept one of the foam Vipers for many years and it was an active part of my imagination as as boy. Ahhhhh...

So I look forward to a re-watching with the upcoming November BSG movie called "The Plan". Directed by Edward James Olmos, starring EVERY Cylon except Lucy Lawless (D'Anna #3)....why??? It's as stoopid as not havoing Qui-Gon Jinn as a blue floating ghost in Episode III talking to Yoda on the asteroid at the the end of the movie (where Luke & Leia are born, mouthbreather!!! ^_~...it was in the novelization based on ther earlier script! Liam Neeson was shooting Batman Begins and couldn't make it but why not Special Edition!!! iDigress...)