Saturday, August 15, 2009

I had to try it. I hesitated for a sec...hovered at the shelf while I get the Monthly Stack for the Coffeetable. I said I wouldn't "fall for it" but I picked it up.
Thank God I did...from the opening pages, I was back in the fold. Perhaps still my only monthly MARVEL mag.

crea shaakti*,

* this is a sutra that invokes spontaneous Right Action, it's a daily "prayer" to tell an orthodox mind.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Smoking PUCK Mid-August Report

I see tumbleweeds...

crea shaakti,
College hockey at Fenway?

Could there be a college hockey doubleheader this winter at Fenway Park?

Reading between the lines of a press release distributed by the Red Sox this afternoon, it certainly seems to be a possibility.

The Red Sox, Fenway Sports Group, and the Hockey East Association will hold a joint press conference at the ballpark on Thursday, August 20, at 11 a.m.

According to the release, "school administrators, head coaches and select student-athletes from Boston College, Boston University, the University of New Hampshire and Northeastern University will also be participating in the press conference."

There has been much speculation that Boston College and Boston University would play a game at Fenway this season, though nothing has been formally announced.

With the inclusion of UNH and Northeastern in next week's press conference, it's possible that the event will feature a pair of games.


Pretty cool! Looks like it will be a good time at the old ball park this winter!
Pollo...Oh Boy-Oh!!!

I love chicken. I mean I don't care which came first; the Chicken or the Egg...they're both delicious! I also love the ability to butcher a chicken efficiently, after you do a few hundred, you kinda get a knack for speed & yield.

If you've never butchered a chicken before, listen here to me. I'm a Broke Joke, s'true. Nonetheless, I eat like a King...I'm into the whole irony thing, ask anyone I know. So this Saturday I'm armed with my last $31 in cash...and I'm at the Johnny Foodmaster in Somerville. Wherein I hit the jackpot. Chix today at $.99 per pound. I got two whole birds, one below and one above 4lbs. For about $8. Some Mirepoix $6...throw in the Old OCHO Motta of "A Dozen Eggs, a loaf 'a bread & a (lb) o'Buttah" and also the must-have corn torillas...and I spent $26 and have eaten royally for the past five days. But wait, it gets better...

Interlude: I'm also a spendthrift eijit...I had the craving for KFC Fried Chicken. My Mission: to buy a bucket of chicken. Cost? $26.00 (inc. tax), 16 pieces or 20 pieces, I got the Cadilliac, the biggest one they had. I ate it over three days. With lots of Millah Lite, wearing a black wife-beater tee shirt..I am also a White Trash Achilles...but iDigress...
As we're fond of saying here at OCHO, "Do The Math, Mouthbreather".

So. If I was making fried chicken, I could yield 8-10 pieces per bird, 12 if I want Maximum Yield. On Saturday, I butchered one chicken and got a yield of 6 pieces...what I do is to keep slice the whole breast off the rib cage, carefully then seperate at the shoulder joint...in return, a very impressive entree-sized portion including the wing section. And immediately "did the Right Thing"...I made Chicken Stock. With the full carcass and innards, with the few bones I trim off (never fat or unnecessary skin!)...just throw it in the pot. I prepped a stock pot with Mirepox, the 2:1:1 Culinary Trinity, the Holy Ratio of Onion, Carrot & Celery, respectively. NO SALT!!! A few whole black peppercorn. A few whole fresh skinned garlic clove smashed with the palm of your hand. A few Bay Leafs. And Water. Add Heat. Bring to Boil then let simmer for three hours. By repeating on Sunday butchering the chicken then immediately making Chix Stock, and by yielding approx 2 quarts each...I'm sitting on about a gallon of chicken stock. Once you start replacing water with your fresh, homemade chix stock in cooking rice & soups, then you'll really start understanding why the chix stock doesn't last very long! Freeze it in 1 quart portions. Ziplock bags work best when frozen in bowls or baking dishes keeps its form & modularity in freezer...is this Too Much Info?

With the glorious, huge breast sections, I made one of my favorite comfort foods, "Chix Catchatore de Sully"...it's simply great penne pasta in my weekly ragu with lightly dredged pan-fried chicken on top. The Al Dente pasta gets brought to tenderness & hotness reheated in chix stock, it doesn't hurt the ragu either! ^_~ Simply Delicious. With the thigh & drumstick pieces remaining, I poached in Sazon Sazon "broth" and made cold chicken salad sammiches with blanched asparagus and fresh cilantro.

Sazon Goya with cilantro & anetto, a staple in my pantry.

By Tuesday though...it was it for the chicken. I had one serving of Penne Pasta & Ragu left so I saved that for Wednesday. So I poached remaining pieces in Goya Sazon, chix stock with cilantro stems, bay leaf, garlic, onion, fresh thyme sprigs.
While this was poaching, I took the last of my spanish onion into thin long slices and softened them on the riddle with a little oil & salt. I heated the last 2.5 corn (NOT Flour!!! Never Again!!! Mi Ojos Estas Abbrir!!) tortillas with the oil on the griddle till the raw flavor is cooked off but they don turn into crisp chips either, a minute on each side. Some fresh minced cilantro and I then shredded the chicken and boiled the poaching liquid to a thick sauce.
The only thing missing was the fresh lime to squeeze on top of my little, homemade poverty taquitos. Oye!!! Well...it was an imperfect delicious...

A little know-how. A very little cash and a very long way. Way To Go! I'm kinda proud of that. I made it another week! HUZZAH! heh!

crea shaakti,