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The Comics Gnome POOTS a Hit from the Archive!!!

Way Back in the Summer of "Aught-Four"...the Comics Gnome Pooted Forth a Nugget of Goodness for you to enjoy.

A new reprinting got me in the mood to republish this column about the subject...

DC COMICS HITMAN by Garth Ennis and John McCrea


Written by Garth Ennis; Art by John McCrea
The cult hit from writer Garth Ennis (PREACHER) returns! Rediscover the story of Tommy Monaghan, an ex-military operative who has set himself up as a hired gun on the back streets of Gotham City. Collects THE DEMON ANNUAL #2, THE BATMAN CHRONICLES #4 and HITMAN #1-3!

* DC Universe
* 142pg.
* Color
* Softcover
* $14.99 US
* ISBN 9781563893148

On Sale June 17, 2009

So with this month's re-release of HITMAN, I thought it would be a good time to hear from the Comics Gnome...sometimes I miss his gruff but kind voice...his corncob pipe, his Bag O'Funnies fresh from Canada every Wednesday for the Coffeetable.
So from 8/8/2004...The Comics Gnome Pooted!

Hitman by Garth Ennis and John McCrea
DC Comics/DCU
A Complete Series in Sixty Issues

Hitman TBP Vol. 1

Since I was incessantly jabbering on about Alan Moore’s brilliant and much ballyhooed “Saga of the Swamp Thing” run, I thought I’d lend the Mind’s Eye another gander at what happens when a character is placed into the hands of a seemingly evil and mad, mad person. Allow me to introduce to you Tommy Monnahan. The Hitman. “Hero” for Hire. Has X-Ray vision and telepathy from an incident with an Alien. The “Bloodlines” cross-over event. Oh and he kills superpeople. For money. Only “bad guys” though. Ennis & McCrea have done their worst to us as readers here and its only warning is lack of the Comics Code. These partners in crime are responsible for this mess. Perhaps it is the water supply across the Pond. Not enough citrus conceivably. Just in case I’m going back and re-reading the Marvel Knights and MAX Punisher by Ennis. McCrea does have a spot here and there. Garth’s paired with Steve Dillon, his erstwhile partner on PREACHER and John Constantine: Hellblazer, on most of the MK Punisher. John McCrea has a similar bond in being the best person to convey this Ennis scripted cacophony of bones, bullets and Capes.

Hitman is convention breaking. Taking a seeming “regular” story and then making into a distortion of what is expected…besides the “good” guys walking away from impossible situations. A snide-talking, tough guy who hangs out in an Irish bar. It’s rock solid adventure and a wild shoot-em-up. Grievous head wounds. First appearance in the Demon as Jason Blood welches on Monnahan’s 2 million dollar bounty & payday. Something that’ll come back to haunt Blood later on.

100,00 Bullets

Tommy received an interview for JLA membership in one drive for warm bodies to protect the Earth (JLA #5, 1997 also in TPB #2 “American Dreams” by Grant Morrison). He was dismissed but stated that he can die happy because he only came up to check out Wonder Woman with his x-ray vision (he also “warned” Aztek on the way out of the open JLA audition “don’t mention money…that don’t like that”). Tommy had previously had a special “team-ups” with our GL and Batman...

Batman team up

...making him suited for the League. The kind of team-ups that reminded me of Daredevil and the Punisher. Also a late night rooftop conversation with Superman was a treat musing on power, responsibility and general themes found in the JLA run “Pain of the Gods” wherein the personal lives of each leaguer is examined when it comes to on-the-job causalities, an unfortunate commonality in their line of peace-keeping. The Superman issue ends in the classic Hitman fashion after Superman signs a magazine for Tommy. A thanks for listening. It’s in the background, framed in the bar.

Local Heroes, teaming up with Green Lantern.

His girlfriend? The almost obligatory love/hate with the police detective out to get him. Deborah Tiegal serves as “reality relief” seeing the whole thing is pretty much comic relief. His sidekick. Call him that and he’ll pass you your spleen. Tommy’s best friend makes his reluctant “sidekick” for lack of better taxonomy, Natt the Hat. An over-weight African-American, ex-Marine friend of Monaghan’s who’s got the Hitman’s back and who on his mother’s death bed promised never to use cuss words again. Natt’s mouth is fitting to this title. Baytor. I can’t say enough about him except…Baytor. Ringo, friend and competitor hitman. Sixpack, a failed superhero or delusional drunk in pajamas? Tommy is thrown in with Catwoman and Etrigan. He is in based in Gotham City. He’s perhaps a madcap DCU interpretation of the Punisher. Batman has equal difficulty with him as Daredevil does with the Punisher in the House of Ideas. Reading as much Ennis as I have I feel he’s truly at “home” penning the Demon Etrigan.

The comparison with Moore’s Swamp Thing is only skin deep but the interaction with DCU Superheroes and UberVolk is hilarious and good-natured…ahh heck with it, Tommy is a mean sumbitch and it can be mean-spirited in places but really fun. Ennis is almost pathological creating vile and deranged villains to throw at his “heroes” from Ma Gnucci in the Punisher to Herr Starr in PREACHER. The Siamese Twins well, consistent Ellis. Five trade paperbacks collection up to issue #28. The Comics Gnome mercilessly hustled down the rest. The Annuals. The Specials. The One Million. As the result of DC’s “Bloodlines” crossover event making new heroes and villains and seeing what is left, it’s no wonder why the Hitman was left standing. With a smoking gun in his hand. Starting in the Demon Annual #2 (introduction) and Batman Chronicles #4, the Bloodlines and Contagion even crossovers respectively, TPB #1 collects these two issues and the first three of the Hitman funnybook. Well Tommy Monaghan and Swampy do have another thing in common; they both get one over on the Batman just doing their thing. It also is Garth Ennis’ America. One part he had was PREACHER but Hitman really seems to have hit a nerve when it comes to my “Ugly American”-O-Meter. The burger joint itself screams out to me. I haven’t seen great and honest send up of Americans by a funnybook writer & artist since Akira Toriyama’s “Mitsua Sataan” from his Dragonball manga. And per the course is Garth’s usual distain for the French.

Hitman’s snide sense of humor and bold illustration remind me of the late 1980’s DC Mature “The Shadow” scribed by Andy Hefler and illustrated first by legend Bill Sienkeiwisz and later by the brilliant Kyle Baker. Hitman, as that Shadow run, seems a bit over looked. The Comics Gnome gave it brand recognition with the Ennis Trademarked Evil and dubbed it a Fun Lunatic Ride. Akin to an old movie, Ennis has to watch his tongue playing so deep in Disney Land here. The Patented grievous head wounds do seem to smuggle their way in here as much as possible. At least 5 in the Demon Annual #2. Phrases like “I think I’ve prolapsed”, “chainsaw suppository” or “Satan’s Ringpiece” colorfully and without blatant offensive vulgarity make the reader grin with delight now armed with idioms to repeat in public without much ado. I’ve always been a big fan of creative use of vulgarity and to slip it superfluously too. Nothing more base than the mouth of a common miscreant. Ennis has the mouth of an extraordinary vulgarian.

Six-Pack, the super-hero patron saint of the pieces of toilet paper that get caught to one’s heel, actually has his own team, Section Eight. This in itself needed its own title as a bizarre counter to the JLA. A team of losers, never-coulds and rejects. Not to mention Bueno Excellente and how he vanquishes evil with his powers of perversion. Bueno. Friendly Fire, Dog Welder, Jean de Baton-Baton (the fore mentioned French frying). Ringo, his non-meta counterpoint in profession and their deep respect bordering on the Bushido. Horrific themes repeat in the Ennis Body; loss of eyes, savage torture and butchery with precision, castration, two in the head.

Over in sixty issues. Reminiscent of “PREACHER” and the Punisher in many ways. Same Garth Ennis and his very imaginative uses of the DCU. The Marvel Knights Punisher was Marvel Universe Terra Firma as well bringing in fair usage of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Daredevil the Hulk. Here, Ennis has the same free range with the Green Lantern, Batman, Catwoman and Superman. Silly, bloody but well-told stories. Ennis puts the “fun” back in “funnies” with pulpy and graphic tales of violence for the sake of entertainment. Friendship, respect, sticking by your friends through thick & thin. And kicking as much ass and not taking any shit along the way. It’s like a Western in the Big City. Tommy Monnahan is about an Urban Cowboy as one can get. Outlaw, rogue, knavish. And it is sad story to boot. Is it Butch & Sundance or riding off into the sunset, it is an Urban Western still.

Something to read on your way to where you’re going. And make sure no elderly ladies can read over your shoulder. Just a shame that no further TPBs were made chronicling the 60 issues to under its halfway point.


June 27, 2009
By Rev. Sully

Three Cheers for the Hometeam!!! HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!!!
aka: What is the Shape of Your Space/Time, huh?

In a season of Pure Potentiality, fewer things are better than proving the Nay-Sayers wrong. Two Years Before, the Bruins Rebuilding began. One Year Ago, a battle to gain the Playoff's 8-Spot and a thrilling pushing to the brink of 7 Games against 1st place Montreal (they played against each other 15 times!, DO THE MATH, MOUTHBREATHERS! In a word that series was...intense but iDigress...). This past Season: A first place year one point shy of the Presdient's Cup (most overall points) and a Game 7 OT thriller against the Hurricanes in the 2nd Round. next Season: The Bruins can fully aspire to the Conference Finals and maybe Beyond. True Progress is a Process. Potential is the opposite of a Closed Heart...with closed hearts, the walls rarely fall down but they melt overtime...with potentiality, potential can only be mined such as diamond, petrol or gold. Once Again, Hockey has Allowed me Third-Eye Sight.

What is the Shape of Space/Time? According to modern NHL coaches, it's 200' X 85' with curved corners in the arc of a circle with a radius of 28'...Space/Time has Curvature. Youth is a big part of the Bruins current success. Balanced with veteran leadership in the right places. I'm amazed at modern coaching and their leading of men on the Ice. Currently, a common 21st Century coaching phrase is making players aware of the importance of using "space/time". Space/Time used here by coaches is the same as the idea used by the white coats in Physics...if your PUCK is the Center of the Universe, the Cosmos will be Drawn to it. And to use space/time wisely. To use your personal space/time with wisdom...when you have possession of the PUCK, the Center of the Universe, what do you do with this potentiality? Huh? To use space/time wisely is to find the Patterns...on the Ice. To see passing lanes, to pass to another teammate's potential space/time...to shoot with confidence. Wayne Gretzky had the best idea about goalscoring and this is a paraphrase at best but, "most players can tell you the equipment brands of all the goalies in the NHL, I can't...I'm not looking at their pads, I'm looking at the net behind them". That's good use of space/time.

Since the Bruins used their Space/Time & Potentiality so well in the Regular 08-09 Season, they were recognized for their on-ice success:
Earlier this month at the Post-Season Awards Show in Las Vegas, NV...a land without ice or professional ice hockey so Irony Engines to Full Atomic Power!
But the Big Winners in this Year's Post-Season Awards are the Boston Bruins getting Three of the Biggest Trophies!!!
To Coach Claude Julien: The Jack Adams Award for Coach of the Year! AWESOME!!!
Second...to the big free agent signing of a few years back of the tallest hockey player ever to lace 'em up, former first round draft pick and Captain of Boston's Black & Gold, number Thirty-Three...
Zdeno Chara For winning his first Norris Trophy as the League's best Defenseman. Bobby Orr won it 8 times, 8 years in a row. "Papa Bear" Ray Bourque earned this honor 5 times in Beantowne Faire.
Thirdly in no order of importance is...
Tim Thomas received the Vezina Trophy for Best Goalie of 2008-09. With goalies, it's all about numbers and numbers give me headaches...
Tim Thomas was in the Top 8 of goalies all season long and was a workhorse, staying injury-free. The Tank is also a Yoga Addict...then best thing for a Thirty-Something Goalie. His Numbers are the taste of the pudding: 54 Games Played, 36 Wins-11 Losses-7 Overtime Losses, .933 Saves Percentage (2nd in NHL), 2.10 Goals Against Average (1st in NHL) and 5 shutouts (5th in NHL). Thomas also shared the Jennings with backup Manny Fernandez for Best Goalie tandem.
Let's also not forget sophomore sensation David Krajci who bagged the Plus/Minus Award with a league best of +37.

In Addition, the NHL Draft is ongoing and the Bruins yesterday selected 25th overall in the First Round Jordan Caron, a French-Canadien kid from Quebec Province. Good thing Coach Claude himself is French-Canadien and very good at getting young players to develop and reach their potentiality. Coach Claude has a Championship in the Canadian Major Junior Hockey League and major playoff runs with the American Hockey League Hamilton Bulldogs from '00-03...with the recent history of draft picks panning out and the Bruins system working so well...I'm looking forward to seeing young Caron in Black & Gold on any level.

Only 4 months to go! Well, hockey season just ended. What's there to whine about? All I can do is mind my own Space/Time and Potentiality and I should be able to keep the backs of the opposing forwards hockeypants out of my cage and keep pucks out of my net. Getting the PUCK as much as I do, moving bodies tend to orbit my gravity well earnestly, eh? Here's to getting into some street hockey sometime this year. And congrats to the all the hardware...thanks guys! Keep it coming!

Crea shaakti,

Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Monday, June 15, 2009

iRawk...Therefore iPod!!!
Other Side of the Coin Edition

OK...let's be fair & balanced. I know I've gone "Ga-Ga" over a peacenik like Deepak Chopra. So Let Me Introduce you to the More Dangerous Concept. The Converse. Chopra Himself refers to it as "one's own Shadow Self:...to identify the voice in my head through my iPod "motherboxxx"...this Shadow's Voice is of
Bill Hicks

Tonight...I did not purchase ANY new Deepak Chopra with a $50 iTunes Card.
I bought Bill Hicks instead.
Let's Try a Little Juxtaposition to the Chopra video Below...

when he coughs in this video...he's really dying of cancer, for real. Bill Passed On. Bill Died in the early 1990s. Funny...when he speaks of then current events, it sounds as though he could be speaking today.

Nonetheless, Bill's Message Lives On...
Such as in the pages of the great funnybook PREACHER, in issue #31...

PREACHER original story Garth Ennis, Art Steve Dillon, original dialog Bill Hicks.

And more recently in 2006, archived material was released so I bought some Bill Hicks I didn't already own...and this time the money goes partly to Bill Hicks' mother, Mary Hicks.
I swear...most people never heard of Bill Hicks. He died too soon and he was too controversial at a time when controversial comedians were HAWT!
His Swan Song performance on Dave Letterman was never aired...until 15 Years Later and under Pressure...David Finally Did the Right Thing...
Letterman, Jan 2009...part 2 of 3

part 3 of 3

Sometimes Hicks' bits are so ironic...this Letterman video is a personal cleaned up for-TeeVee "Greatest Hits Mix", recorded 5 months before Bill finally lost his fight with pancreatic cancer.

From the Great Music Store of the IntrePoop!!!

Flying Saucer Tour, Vol 1...$9.99 on the iTunes Store for 31 tracks of blistering satire. From June 20, 1991 in Pittsburgh, PA.

and from his famous Oxford Playhouse UK performance from November 12, 1992...
Salvation (listed about $17 at Amazon & Target Dot Coms...$9.99 at the iTunes Store).

So...the Opposite Can Hold True...I like my Spirituality...but I also like my Wiseacre. They are one in the same...they are different aspects of the same wisdom. You'd be amazed how similar Chopra & Hicks really are...

PS...I bought the new Mos Def album...The Ecstatic

I bought the iTunes Card for the sole purpose of picking this album up...but how way leads to way...

See You, Space Cowboy...

The Count:
on the road "motherboxxx", my 120GB iPod Classic
10693 songs
84 videos
131 pictures
8 games

Crea Shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA...wired in.

*motherboxxx art proudly pirated off the IntrePoop but purchased in Final Crisis #5, DC Comics, Jan '09, Morrison, Jones, et al.
The Tao of Sully

...On Fighting...

Last time I really got into a fight.
(Besides that one really dumb time at the Gahh-den for Scotty's Birthday and I got him punched in the head. It was one-on-one...then the guy's friend rushed in then I did and I actually was mindful. I lived a principle at a time of martial conflict. I am proud of that. Consciously, I came behind my opponent, the 3rd man in Scotty's legit one-on-one beef and I wrapped my arms around his knees...lifted his up and I blodyslammed uponto the floor wherein I crawled upon up and deflected his blows until security rushed...Scotty was on his own. This guy was my choice to fight. Scotty got licks in...I didn't even try. My intent was to interdict. I stopped the 3rd man from progressing. That's all...then submitted to security. But that's a story for a PUCK later on or well behind us...but iDigress...)

I was 21 or 22...I walked Tricia home to M Street after a night of brews at a local Southie watering hole. We were boon pals, she was into Scotty then if I recall correctly. heh. So I decide to walk the L Street Beach to Carson home to O'Callaghan Way in the Old Hahh-bah Projects across the Pahhk...on the way the Worst Thing Ever Happened. I almost got jumped by 4 bored, drunk late-night Southie kids. I saw them coming from afar...immediately my Flight/Fight Reflex arose. I knew in My Water Something Bad Was About To Happen. I meet the group where the L Street bathhouses run out and as I anticipated...the kids on the inside CUFFED ME ON THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!!!
I keep walking. I keep my cool. Suddenly, I'm being followed, taunted by the kids and finally asked the Seminal Southie Question, "Who Ya Know?". I lok up at the Old Folks Home from Carson Beach, 'tween the old Ocean Kai chinese and Kelly's Soft Serve where Mario lived when not at MMA...I say, "Joe Nee...his brother John too...went to high school with them"...pointed to where they grew up near the old folks home. I mean...everybody knew a Neezo...
My assailant then apologized to me after I gave my "passport". He and his mates went off into the beach's surf, waving...they were looking for trouble, but not with one their own. Some Weird Tribal Respect. Wow, huh? I almost got stomped. How did I get out of that. I chose a different path that Fight or Flight. I can't define it now but it was more Surrender than Either...there was something shameless about it as well. And by shameless I mean an absolute absence of the emotion "shame". I'm still not embarrassed by that...would you rather I got my ass kicked, a ruptured spleen and a lost testicle?

So I've been thinking...
And come to the conclusion of this: "what legal consequence happens upon you if you get your ass kicked? None."
But if you Frak someone up in a Fight...you could pay dearly. Hmmmm...

Nonetheless I still want to split faces open with my clentched fists!!! What happened last time I punched something? I broke my hand when I punched a wall...huh? So...I hope I continue to shamelessly Choose Rightly in Martial Situations...

Crea Shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Wanna Introduce Y'all to a New Friend of Mine...

So...this is Deepak Chopra. He's a real hoot!
I love the sound of his voice and his way about these values he espouses. So...maybe you'll take a spin. Maybe you'll disagree with him too! But hopefully you'll watch and perhaps see why I like his so much. Common Sense. Right Action. And maybe...just maybe a little glimpse of the God or Goddess that Live in Embryo Within Us All.

Deepak Chopra on Ellen DeGeneres 01/06/09

Deepak Chopra & Gotham Chopra on The O'Reilly Factor
talk about opposing viewpoints!!!

Poverty, Wealth and the Law of Attraction

June 14, 2009
By Rev. Sully

That's All Folks!
aka: The Champs are the Pitts!!!

It's over! The Pittsburgh Penguins are the 2008-09 NHL Stanley Cup Champions!!! Defeating the Detroit Red Wings in Motor City in 7 games by the score of 2-1. Wow...in the last seconds of the 3rd period the Wings got the last shot on net but an amazing save by Marc-Andre Fleury made this a year for the Steel City of Pennsylvania...the Football Steelers won the Super Bowl back in February. Now the onus is on the MLB Pirates to respect their Black & Yellow...yeah right.

All you need is the first few seconds but Red Wings captain Nicklas Lidstrom came close to tying Game 7 on the last play but Fleury shut the door...talk about paying for the whole seat but only needing the edge.
I was on the edge of my couch on Friday Night, wearing my Red Wings jersey, sweating the 2-0 Pens lead into the 3rd period...talk about an exhilarating game, series and Playoffs.

So the PUCK officially respects the end of hockey season, 9 days before the first day of Summer. Wow. The Second Season took all Spring and went the maximum allowed calendar. A fabulous year, awesome teams, inspired play. The game of NHL Hockey is once again one of the best games on the planet. Gone are the games of clutch & grab...of boring hockey. Now...bone-crushing hits, dropping gloves, shootouts and great players are now the norm...and I'm the Luckiest Guy on Earth because I'm a Hockey Fan. I've seen the game go from Glory to Ghastly and back to Great! I've seen my hometeam go from First to Worst and Back Again....I've seen Balance and Unbalance. It's once again showing me the Way of the World from the Game on the Ice.

Well...now it's time to take my Bruins sweaters off the walls (they hang there on hangers). It's time to fold up the Red Wings jersey until next May & June...because I usually wear that one a lot this time of year. I've already been to 3 Red Sox games and it's time to go to more....'cuz Hockey Season is over. October is only a Summer away.

So, the PUCK has a few words left but let's call it a year! We'll have a Summer Wrap Up then...the only ice I wanna see are the ones floating in my Southie Highball. ^_^ Cheers!
PS...thanks to the Boston Bruins for a great season and I can only wait until next year!

Crea shaakti,

Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Smoking PUCK! Moment of Pause

To Pause. I used to say stuff back "in the Daze" such as, "what does the cat use to hold his fork?"..."PAWS". Then I'd get off the couch to go to the bathroom.

Well...I take pause. I wear a Red Wings jersey. I remember this time last year musing about this shirt in PUCKs past but iDigress...

Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, Friday Night on NBC @ 8PM! Bring a date! Bring some beer! Hey...bring dessert, it's gonna be a late night so we'll need the sugar rush. Pittsburgh Penguins versus the Red Wings on home ice in Detroit Rawk City. My money's on the Wings but if this goes to O.T...well, we Bruins Fans know better, don't we! ^_~ heh!

crea shaakti,

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

In case you can't find the buttermilk: if you get heavy cream and beat it (using an electric mixer with chilled beaters and a chilled metal bowl) the liquid you pour off after it turns to butter is genuine 100% buttermilk. You also get some really tasty fresh butter.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

38. High School Musical 3: Senior Year! This one's for Kiwi...unless you really liked THAT one...I know because I only like the 2nd MATRIX movie...and that too was terrible.

Hee hee - thanks Sul... that one actually slipped by me!

Now I'm on a mission to find some Buttermilk, either that or I'll be calling in for a 'care package' very soon. We still don't have Graham Crackers here either...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I get hungry...

Aunt Jemima's Buttermilk Complete (Just Add Water). For one person: 3/4 cup water (use the clear measuring cup with the mug handle...this is for liquid measurements), 1 cup Pancake Mix (use one of your spoon-like 1 cup or 1/2 cup measuring spoons from the drawer...this is for dry ingredients and also should never be packed tight --unless specified such as brown sugar-- and level the top with a butterknife)...Dry and Wet measurements are different!

Banana Nut Crunch cereal...I crunch it up small but "eyeball" to what seems looks right and whisk into batter. Add a shotglass of water if too thick.

Wait a few minutes...this is important. The cereal's now getting soft...and it's got granola clusters & nuts.

Add: One quick pour of good real honey into the liquid pancake batter then whisk again for a good 12 count. Now proceed to cook. I used a non-stick electric griddle...great gadget. I use unsalted butter and I portion using the 1/2 cup scoop I used for the pancake mix.

I make this all the time. This gets in my belly quite frequently.

The honey slightly caramelizes any nuts that are lying on the griddle surface to that "al dente" nigh-perfection of candying...sigh...

I made fried chicken.

Now! If you watch these episodes in sequence, then you'll hopefully be hungry...and want some fried chicken. I made this the other day over at Peter's...I hear it was Eliza's favorite which makes me overjoyed! I butchered 3 whole 4lb chix (all under $4/each!!) into 34 mostly-boneless piece and let rest in a buttermilk bath portioned in a one- gallon Ziplok bag...with a healthy swig of Louisiana Hot Sauce and a few jigs of Tabasco. NOTE: Follow Alton's keys to Seasoning, Flouring and cooking in cast iron and you'll be met with nothing but success. I had cooked a Mess of Fried Chicken...piled high gloriously on a plate. 7 people and 4 hours later, there were 3 pieces left. Huzzah!!! I used Tony Chachere's to season the chix with...LIBERALLY!!!

but only before you flour...no more seasoning even after!!! Trust the Force!!!
wow!!! Han Solo, P.I. This season on CBS... Just Kidding!