Saturday, May 30, 2009

101 Things That Should Not Exist:

38. High School Musical 3: Senior Year! This one's for Kiwi...unless you really liked THAT one...I know because I only like the 2nd MATRIX movie...and that too was terrible.

39. Meanness to MBTA Drivers & Car Men. I'm Wrong. I'm Sorry. I Take It Back. I Was Wrong To Have Spit on Your Cage. I was mean to called called you a dumb #$%@. There are things out of your control such as traffic, exact change and outdated infrastructure. Please Note: There is not a trace of irony or sarcasm here. Now, I make eye contact with my Red Line Carman and wink & smile. At Kendall, there was one carman at 8:25PM that always would. I have the same bus driver at AM, and the same different at PM. The last mean thing I think I said to a bus driver was, "what do you care...you're already at work!". There's no use in explaining running for the bus in foam clogs but iDigress....

40. The ticket price for last night's Dave Matthews Band show at Fenway Park last night & tonight. "Look...I just wanna be in the 1/8th of the ballpark there to see Willie Nelson at 6:30PM...and leave! How about I give ya $25, chief...huh???" ^_~

41. "Feeling Cloudy". Quite literally, the Mother of All Metaphors for Me. When I was a child, I had rather harsh asthma...to boot I had a poor young, single mom. Ahhh...Cab Rides to the Boston City Hospital Emergency Rooms. But when using your words, how can a child express an on-coming attack or state of asthmatic inflammation. "Feeling Cloudy". It's what I used as an expression, a code word on my lung health at this moment and if I was "feeling cloudy" an attack was coming on. As an adult, you'd have heard the laboured breathing or wheezing besides other manifestations. I'm not feeling cloudy today but I heard it in a baby the other day...so for her, Feeling Cloudy should be stricken from the Record.

Monday, May 25, 2009


May 25, 2009
By Rev. Sully

In Memorial...
aka: Could a Rematch Be Waiting in the Wings?

In hindsight, yes...it was a Very Good Year. To be a Bruins fan is to have hope. The Beantowne Bees fared more successful than last year's campaign, next year should be better than this! That can only mean if things are consistent then we're only two real seasons away from hoisting Lord Stanley's Tupperware. As we're fond of saying here at the PUCK & Channel OCHO, "Do the math, Mouthbreather!". I am not fond of hearing this season called a failure. One the Playoffs begin, there is a 1-in-16 chance of winning the Cup. Being Best in the regular season only got you this far. I call this Bruins season a resounding success. Thank you all! There is not much this team needs. A backup goaltender. Perhaps the usual losing people/signing people but the nucleus of this team remains the same...and should. We were a great team. They listen to their coach. Some nights, the Puck doesn't bounce the way you need it to...but this incarnation of the Black & Gold is a success. Keep it intact for a few more years yet.

Who could it be now? In the Stanley Cup Finals...the PUCK's prediction is a rematch of last year's Stanley Cup Final: Pittsburgh Penguins versus Detroit Red Wings. And the same result...Red Wings in 6 games. Both Wings and Pens have 3 game advantage in their Conference Finals...meaning they're one game away from a rematch. Wow. When was the last time this happened? 1976-77 & 1977-78...Montreal Canadiens & the Boston Bruins...league size 18 teams. Current League Size: 30 teams. Good thing I still got this sill Red Wings jersey I bought many moons ago...

Hockey season still got about two weeks of life left until it's totally baseball season. Sorry...the PUCK would like to apologize for presuming at the beginning of the year that the Ottawa Senators were going to be great and that Toronto would sell as well. I was selfishly looking to see that the Northeast should dominate the playoffs...someday. On paper, the Sens were sensational but goalie problems for them cost them a season. The Leafs need to figure out that one cannot eat Prestige...once they get hungry 'nuff these Make-Beleafs will seek their glory & hegemony then BEWARE! The Causeway Lunchbox crew understands this hunger. Don't sweat it, guys. You're alright. Only one team can win the Cup...One team in Sixteen that is.

Crea shaakti,

Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
iRawk...Therefore iPod!!!
Henry O. Hansen Memorial Edition!

A Day Oaf! To Sleep In! To Nap Profusely! To Be Peckish & Fulfilled! To Survive a Wet Sunday with a Federal Holiday Monday!!! Huzzah!!! And Hip-Hip-Hoorah to all the boy & girls in O.D. Green..or is it Digital Sand now? iDigress...

In 2003, I had a Musical Epiphany in the genre of Hip Hop music. I was struck by the thunderbolt on my initial listening to 1999's Blackout! by Method Man & Redman. I didn't know Method Man from Any Man and Redman from No Man...but as tape rolled, I knew that I made a new friend...
Fast Forward "Six Years Later"...and the other night checking out the iTunes Store's New Release "racks", walking up and down the aisles oh the market.
Released May 19, 2009...

Blackout! 2 by Method Man & Redman
A pellet review...in a word: meh!
The Hip Hop sound trend of using digital voice manipulation is a sound for me that percolates my Flight/Fight Reflex...either I want to run screaming from it or smash the source of Bad Sound. Uggh! SMASH!!! ^_~ But really...the sound of Fresh Hip Hop makes me squirm...so when it appears in the 2009 sequel to the CD that was my Initiation into world of Hip Hop? Sigh...it took away from my ability to enjoy the album completely. It's as if someone took great effort to make dinner...and served me salmon. I just don't like salmon but I'd eat the dinner for the sake of It All...know what I mean?

What's New? No New Games at All...are the Click Wheel Games a moot point to produce? Why stop offering new games on the iTunes Store? Just the other day, the Subway stalled and I'm stuck mid-tube for ten minutes. Sometimes I know I have an agitated mind and I get cagey...now I turn inward and play the Driving Game with Getaway Music...I'd rather be the douchbag with the tinny sounds leaking out of the headphones a few seats down than the douchbag kicking the doors out of frustration. I am a huge fan of the iPod Classic and I'm all for keeping the click wheel and iPod Classic as an option in this Apple line. Or is an eventual iPod Touch/iPhone interface the Interstate being paved...only Tomorrow Knows. As Carrie Bradshaw would ask, "Are iPhone Apps Making Click-Wheel Games Irrelevant?" Perhaps a greater RTFM is in order...perhaps Yoda was right "there is an Other".
Speaking of Carrie Bradshaw...also New On The Go?
Season One of the awesome HBO series "Sex & The City"!

OCHO's very own El Post has figured out how to squash our DVDs into Quicktime to watch on our iPods/iPhones. I needed to fill my cup and find inspiration for writing, for real. What did Ford Prefect say about the Glass of water being drunk? Sometimes all people need to recharge their Love...Love in all things too. So, I turned to what got me Blogging in the First place. HBO's Sex & The City. The protagonist, Carrie writes a newspaper column, every episode revolves around the theme of her thesis statement. Carrie's narrative voice-over is chock full of the Journalistic "Who-What-Where-When-Why-How"...and it got me inspired! I started Channel OCHO in October 2003 shortly after catching up on S&TC via NetFlix! It's true...Posty's already squashed Seasons Two, Four and Six. I just hope there's no one looking over my shoulder on some of the more saucy parts while I'm on the Subway!!! I could get arrested! And I so pride myself on being the first male on my dad's side of the family not to go to jail ever! Ahhh!!! ^_~

Explaining "Crea Shaakti"...
So anyone with two eyes on OCHO can cypher out that I'm in the thrall of New Agey Packaged Psuedo-Spirituality, Right? Aka Deepak Chopra. It's not all that hokey...anyone not ready to listen to good thoughts. One could poke fun and holes in it. But for me, it's helped me reach a new level of maturity and Better Reaction. Part of my Grand Problem in This World is How Badly I React to Bad Situations. Relationships have suffered. Workplaces compromised. Years of self-loathing over bad choices, dwelling in suffering. Well...then change happens. Realization of Positive Engergy. And growing up kicks in after kicks in the pants become tiresome. It's good to hear words of encouragement from a sagelike person. So this month I've bought three Chopra Audiobooks. Two to get me back in the mold of thinking Theology as well. All relate to eachother and all previous. I see a lattice work of continuity now with ideas, concepts and mantras...just the other day, instead of reacting badly to others, I took a few grains of sand from the hourglass, sat in seiza and chanted 6 times, "Aum Mani Padme Hum", a Classic Buddhist mantra...and my intention is personal peace and it is what I receive back from the Cosmos at that moment. It's great...I never expected this much!!!

Nonetheless...I value Chopra's Qui-Gon Jinn to my Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The Path to Love: Renewing the Power of Spirit in Your Life
This is basically about relationships & marriage too. But at the heart of any relationship is the self we share...any relationship is a relationship. Treat them as such. Value people. Respect interactions...especially with those who we do not get along with. Maybe someday I'll get back out there into the Sea to catch or be caught but not this year. I have a Me I'm still learning to love and get better to share.

How To Know God
Part One of my "getting back to godwalking". Chopra defines and correlates all the aspects of God and a breaks down the Inner World, the Universe, the Mind of God...gossamer ideas. Light. Photons. Reasoning. Lower Brain/Reptilian Brain/Anger. Higher Brain/Cortex/Humanity. It might be New Agey but it's slick & smart. There was basically a different God for every epoch of humanity...but the archetype of a creator remains a constant although the packaging changes quite frequently.

The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore
I grew up Irish-Catholic...although I don't accept Christ for Salvation, I do think he's a righteous dude. But Chopra identifies the Three Christs that stand before modern Christianity: the historical Jesus, the Christ of the New Testament & Church and then a third Christ, the Cosmic Christ of the ideals of forgiveness & tolerance that gets lost in history & cult dogma. I've found myself acting more Christ-like, although I didn't know it. It wasn't my intention but now I can see how the Kingdom of God does lie within and to be godlike is to defy human nature...aka resist reacting badly to other people. And a postscript to those who hijacked Christ to hate...Deepak gets critical on you. WWJD, indeed!

I'm still buying plenty of music from the iTunes Store! Perhaps I could talk about that next time instead of my bromance with Deepak. But Chopra has taught me a few mantras and one of them is "Crea Shaakti"...I ask "God" for spontaneous Right Action. For when action needs choice, may I choose the Right Choice that benefits all. I wish this for me, and I wish this for you. I wish this for the world and I intend healing energy to the world when I say it aloud...crea shaakti. If we all choose Rightly, won't we all meet in the Middle? Or end up in Times Square if you're in NYC...

BTW:...Henry O. Hansen lived on my street, in my neighborhood of Somerville, Massachusetts. He died a young man on Iwo Jima in WWII and there is a nice Memorial at my street's corner at Partridge & Medford. A flag pole, a handsome stone memorial and a photo display (that needs a little love) but I walk past it on a near daily basis. Sometimes I stop for a Dozen Tics and give thought on sacrifice at his memorial. So on Memorial Day (observed) Thank You, Henry O. Hansen for such things as turning down my iPod for a sliver of a minute to think of being an American and feeling good about it.

The Count:
On the road with "motherboxxx", my 120GB iPod Classic!
10,636 songs
86 videos
130 pictures
8 games
35.4 GB Remaining

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA...wired in.

*motherboxxx art proudly pirated off the IntrePoop but purchased in Final Crisis #5, DC Comics, Jan '09, Morrison, Jones, et al.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Tao of Sully

The Road...

Cooking with a Difference

When Eric O'Sullivan walks in with lunch, a roomful of children beam and shout with delight. Eric's job--preparing meals for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers--is fundamental, and it has changed his life.

Before starting at Associated's Central School seven months ago, Eric had spent about 12 years in the restaurant industry. He loves working at Associated because he knows that his skill as a cook has a real impact on the lives of children in need.

"I grew up in the projects in South Boston, and my mom was a single parent. Because I qualified for Head Start, she was able to go to work knowing that I was in a safe and caring place. Seeing the kids at Central School, I am reminded every day of the benefits I received. I look at them, and I see myself."

My road now diverges from this path, this tao. It afforded me the opportunity for great personal growth from practical experience with difficult personalities, to being around small children, to physical stamina & resolve and an awesome place to listen to my iPod liberally...when in late December 2008 I started earnestly listening to Deepak Chopra audiobooks, outloud and in my headphones.
I'll miss the kids the most...the infant/toddler room in the early morning when we open up. How the toddlers...almost pre-language greet & welcome eachother. It makes me see the child in everyone. I can't help but see you as a child in my mind's eye when I look at the volume of You when I look at you.

Also I never "tried". I did. Yoda was correct. You can quote me on that one...oh, I just did. Shake & bake.

My mission statement is to observe my chef. as Always. I learn a lot from other chefs.

Crea shaakti...

Monday, May 18, 2009

I hope the Comics Gnome & I can get your attention here below. What I have here is the cover to a one-shot called "Blackest Night Superman" starring...SUPERMAN!
Sigh...wait a sec though. This Superman's dead!

A little light-shedding...I'll raise my Lantern high...the Gnome will light up to hip-level and you can figure out yer pocket change. You see...WAY back in INFINITE CRISIS #7, the deranged Superboy-Prime beat to death with his bare hands the original, the one and only...Earth-Two Superman. Our "regular" Superman needed a year off after this melee but iDigress...

Wow. Black Lantern Superman! He used to be the hero known as Earth-Two Superman until he ended up on the wrong end of a CRISIS. Now...he's an Evil Zombie!!!

I'm so glad I already got my Black Lantern tee-shirt!

and my Blue Lantern Tee...

and my Orange Lantern tee...

and my Indigo Tribe tee...

Still can find Red. Damn. Mebbe it's a Sign. Hey, the whole Crayola Box is going at it! Who will win? Raw Umbra? Burnt Sierra? Opal? Do these colors still exist???

Crea Shaakti...

"This is Playoff Hockey. The best get beat any given night, every time you tune in or show up. It's why hockey thrills..."

Exactly. San Jose who had the best record in the NHL this year got beat earlier than expected too. It was a great run for the B's. They went from last...to squeaking into the playoffs as the 8th seed, to winning the division. Not too shabby.

Now the Red Sox need to start firing on all cylinders.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Smoking PUCK!
EXTRA Edition! Finally Got A Few Words for the Bruins Elimination...

I'm still a little shocked but I'll have something to say next weekend after I dwell on it a bit...mull it over more.
What's there left to ponder though? Game 7...Sudden Death Overtime...s'why they call it Sudden Death. I was in a kitchen once standing next to a temp who was wearing the wrong shoes. She slipped on a puddle and fell to the floor...she was right next to me just a second ago!...I felt like a WWII flashback and a buddy just took some Kraut lead...bam!!! I was talking to her and then she was on the floor. Yup. That's pretty much the feeling of an Overtime goal in a Game 7 playoff match...

Some Gallery Gawds are angry over "the why" the Bruins got to a Game 7...perhaps due to lacklustre play but these Hurricanes did win the Cup a few years back and kept that team pretty much intact. These 'Canes are no Left Cheek Sneaks. They don't stink and they didn't slip. This is Playoff Hockey. The best get beat any given night, every time you tune in or show up. It's why hockey thrills...

crea shaakti,
Rev Sully

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Namaste', for what it's worth Sully, is in frequent use by the Dharma Initiative in the geek pop-culture phenomenon LOST. Not that you watch it, but just so you know it isn't as passe' as you might think.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


MAY 3, 2009
By Rev. Sully

aka: Preaching to the Choir Once Again

I got two fingers of Whisky, a plate full of Thai delivery and a face full of PUCK! Game 2 of Round Two...the Boston Bruins host the Carolina Hurricanes. This is what is defined as "finer things". Beheld to such opulence, in one's ilk. Luxury is a state of mind as much as it is furnishings but iDigress...

The Bruins look as good as my dinner. This is very fun. I'd advise it to anyone. Learn to eat with chopsticks. This is true, the noodles taste better with wood chopsticks. I reached into the non-local field and summoned up the mimetic karmic memory of knowing how to use the Eastern eating implements...and just did it. So now I eat my Pad Kee Mow noodles with chopsticks. Yum! Hockey sticks were once wood. Apparently with all the advances in fibres and technology that these 21st Century sticks are all feather-light, bend as a longbow and break like the wind on Pork & Beans Night.

The Beantowne Faithful, by the way...are now starting to really yell, "LOOOOOCH" when Milan Lucic touches the Puck. It's really nice.

I feel terrible! I dropped a rice noodle onto the rug...and the dog scarfed it up in a picosecond...that's quick!!! Little did the dog know that Pad Kee Mow is "wickid" spicy. The dog is under the coffeetable right now making the newest & oddest noises.

Well...dinner is done and it's time to enjoy the rest of the hockey game. Hopefully there will be no 2nd period food coma nap! It's too late and I still need to finish a few things before bed. It's great to look away from the adverts for the duration and talk to you nonetheless I feel the time has come. I advise...you watch the next Bruins hockey game.

PS...I'm thinking of changing the "namaste" the PUCK's Sign-Off. I got a solid contender but let's hear it from you first. Different lines on the ice get different results...different mantras ask for different things. And it's Post-Finky for a whiteguy to be saying "namaste"...the cheesy whiteguy from the Chopra Center podcasts doesn't even say "namaste" anymore and he really sounded like a Finky White Guy Saying It.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.