Friday, February 27, 2009



We're from Bosco...And No One Could Be Prouder!
And if you cannot hear us...we'll shout a little louder!!!"
Rinse, Wash & Repeat.

We also had another little funny about the Boston College High School...
"B.C. High...B.C. Low...That's Where all the faggots go!"


Here's to All Boys Catholic High Schools! Or have they mixed it yet?
My nephew Cameron Bellando recently sat, passed the entrance exam, and was accepted into the prestigious Boston Catholic High School! Damn that's smarts... Huzzah!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hi OCHOites...

I stumbled across Mr Deity today. Interesting watch. Enjoy...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Comics Gnome POOTS...In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

The Comics Gnome told me the other day, "my left heel hurts". He's been walking all his life. Up and down, back and forth, to and fro with a satchel of funnybooks slung over his shoulder. Bringing Entertainment to Many and Enlightenment to Some. But I had a "moment of clarity"...such as Frodo did at the end of the Lord of the Rings, looking at how old his uncle Bilbo Baggins got. Sure, Bilbo was the same Bilbo...but after all his adventures and stories, time caught up with him.
Bilbo was surely not a hero such as Superman. Superman is Forever Thirty-Something.
The Comics Gnome is surely not a hero such as Superman either. The Gnome's a bit more like Bilbo Baggins.
So my friend's left heel hurt. I stole him my grandfather's Irish Walking Stick...the Sheleighleh. It's also a self-defense system...
So...I'm sending the Gnome on a well-deserved vacation. He's worked real hard over the years...he needs a break. Or maybe he needs a Power Ring so he doesn't have to walk everywhere anymore. Either way, my Comics Gnome is talking a break. A good one. He'll be back someday. Sure.
But before he head's out...he's going to get fitted for a Power Ring. But Which Color do you think will choose him? Blue for Hope? Green for Willpower? Indigo for Compassion? I don't think he'll be getting Red for Rage, Yellow for Fear or Orange for Avarice. Well...The Gnome is getting up there but I don't think a Black Ring will be fitted for him. But the Black Lanterns are Coming after the War of Light Between the Different Corps...and it won't be pretty to see who returns wearing a Black Ring. I already know two. As the Bealtes said, "I don't want to spoil the party so I'll go..."...I can't wait to see the return of ____________ and _____________ but now as Zombies!!! Evil Zombies!!! Once were Heroes!!! MUHAHAHAHA!!!
So for Free Comic Book Day, DC Comics teases us to spend our money with an Event Steeped in the Green Lantern Stories. The Prophesy in the Book of Oa comes to Pass. The Blackest Night that follows the Brightest Day. Here is comes...from Geoff Johns (GREEN LANTERN, JSA, INFINITE CRISIS) and Ivan Reis (GREEN LANTERN)...the Next Big DCU Event.


and See You Space Cowboy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

RIP Nan ~ I love you. Say Hi to Pop from me...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Says Kiwi: Otherwise I feel uninspired. Though I am thoroughly enjoying my gardening my tomatoes are ripening as I write this ~ but, alas, I need a new hobby. Perhaps embark on a new challenge. See and share in some new sights & sounds. I need something that is going to get my temporal lobe zinging again...

It sounds like someone needs to start learning to play an instrument. It'll definately zing the ol' temporal lobe, and it'll give your parietal lobe a good kick in the tuchus as well. As an added benefit, there's nothing like the sweet taste of music ripened tomatoes.

Inspiration? check.
New hobby? check.
New challenge? check.
New sights? check.
New sounds? BIG check.

The only question left is what to play. Guitar is the obvious go-to choice for the modern mobile musician, but it's a big world out there... and it's a big world full of people with guitars. Maybe something versatile like the violin/fiddle, or it's more baritone cousin the viola? Perhaps something exotic, like a bouzouki or dulcimer? Then again, there's the bass, and what's cooler than a chick who can lay down rhythm?

I seem to be string-focused though. Harmonica, bagpipes, theremin, kettle drums, pan flute, sax-o-ma-phone... the world is your musical oyster. I say grab hold of that sucker, shuck it, splash it with tabasco, and slurp it down your hitherto-inspired cake hole!

Monday, February 16, 2009


February 16, 2009
By Rev. Sully

Still on Top...So Why No Bon Mots?
aka: Silence is Black & Golden...

What is a "bon mot" anyway? Is it a measure of distance away from Hoi Polloi?
Hey Douchbag!...isn't a "bon mot" neither but I tend to use it a lot at other Gallery Gawds. In the Never-Ending Battle Between Good & Evil there must be Good gawds and Bad gawds but iDigress...
A bon mot is a well-chosen word or a clever witted applause of a matter. I got plenty of 'em for the Black & Gold, the Boston Bruins. A First-Rate, First-Place Hockey Team!
...Nonetheless, I'm at a loss for words. I've been tuned in but in a manner I've also dropped out. I lost the wind in my sails. I'm pooped! I feel like the Half-Empty Glass instead of the Half-Full Glass...either way the Vessel must be drank completely and refilled! Huzzah!

What's Wrong With The Bruins???
I mean we've lost 4-in-a-row! All the media can do since they remembered there was a Hockey team in Beantowne Faire is muse about a Big Trade to plug some mystical hole somewhere in the Rink. With their 4th in a row LOSS...including a lsat-minute,3rd period, pull-the-goalie, Whack-A-Mole Goal by Captain Zdeno Chara to lose in the Shootout...the Bruins finally got into the Double-Digits in the Loss column. Can you Frakkin' believe it? 10 losses??? in 57 games??? Actually it was the 1-0 regulation loss the game before in New Jersey that doubled up the loss column. As of this writing, the Bruins are 20 (twenty) standings points ahead of the 2nd place Northeast team, les Habiants de Montreal.
So...what's wrong with the Bruins, indeed? Lately, being a Boston Sports fan is like growing up a Von Trapp child...we desperately need Confidence! Or a hot, singing ex-nun to take care of us and show us right from wrong.

25 Games to Go until the 2nd Season. Just because a streak doesn't go our way doesn't mean we have to get alarmed. And if the Gahh-dan keeps selling out Bruins games then I think the only alarm we need to heed should be the Red Siren Light behind the opposing goaltender.

'Nuff Said!


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

iRawk...Therefore iPod!!!
Namaste Edition!
by Rev. Sully
February 15, 2009

It is Sunday Morning. There is a Monster on my rug, snoring away his first morning nap...until his Master walks by. I love having a Dog. But not having a Dog because it is actually my roommate's dog. I can care for the dog or not. I choose to care for the dog; let him out, give him water. It's a Living Breathing Creature. And he's a good dog. But would I be more judgmental if the owner was mean? Or neglectful? I have been before. The First Thing I Learned from Deepak Chopra was Judgmental Behavior is Negative for the Soul. There is a Monster on my Rug...is it me? heh! No...that was the dog. The Monster in Me is learning to Like itself...then it wouldn't react so meanly to adverse situations.

It was in a stressful situation at work...but to better frame the scene, know that before the New Gods smithed my Motherboxxx I would listen to my FM Radio all day long...NPR, National Public Radio. One of my favorite shows is the 1PM airing of Philadelphia's WHYY's Fresh Air with Terry Gross. And sometimes at my day job, I come across different personalities with different motivations...what can be judged as selfish behavior. "Should other people's inherent selfishness & obtuseness contribute to your daily Suffering?"...this is a theme/theory & emotional calculus I ponder on my mind's chalkboard...but iDigress...

One workday afternoon of my usual toiling, I come across a miracle. Something plucked literally from the air...sage, unintentional wisdom. I've hustled down the link to the Podcast if you wanna listen to it:
Terry Gross Interviews Mike Myers for "The Love Guru".
If you don't know who Terry Gross is...then know this: I will know that I've "Made It" when I get interviewed by Terry Gross for whatever It Is I Make It On. Now...if you're tuned into Pop Culture, you'll know that Mike Myers' Love Guru movie was a critical and commercial flop.

I had absolutely no interest in watching this movie...at all. I was being judgmental...pre-judgmental to boot! I was a fan of his work as well; Wayne's World, So I Married..., Austin Powers...but the buzz on this was bad. Then I heard the Terry Gross interview. And I was struck at Myers' complete earnestness on the subject of having a spiritual mentor. That Myers sense of humor & lampooning was only the refracting prism for these high-minded, healing ideals that came from Deepak Chopra. Being an Amateur Theologian and Independent Minister, I was intrigued with Mike Myers keen sense of spirituality...I was picking up what he was putting down. So I NetFlixed it...The Love Guru. And I make OCHO's very own El Post watch it with me.
Guess What? I loved it! I was delighted by it! it was an old-fashioned farce! it was a vessel for wisdom! It was a hockey movie! I was caught off guard!

So...after Motherboxxx, now I got not only a personal radio station, a videogame arcade to slam stolen mom's quarters into, a mobile movie theater...
I have a unique opportunity to better my life by learning. I use my iPod to learn to speak Spanish...it's something I do regularly between 12:30PM and 2PM while I'm cleaning up after Lunch, putting the "office" to bed and getting ready to go to my Night Job. I use Pilmslers Simon & Schuster's Spanish 1 still. Same lessons I've always had but I've internalized 11 of 16 lessons. After this...I need to get more. I'm going to really learn to speak Spanish...this is a growing opportunity. I work with lots of Spanish people and they like helping me speak better.

Also I now have purchased 5 different Deepak Chopra audiobooks from the iTunes Store in the past 3 months. He's got a very soothing voice and he's speaking to me in a wonderful conversation about the true nature of Reality. It's nothing but regurgitation of Vedic and Buddhist/Eastern Thought but how this story is told...it invigorates the Spirit and renews Purpose of Service to Others & All. I listen to Dr. Chopra at work and I use it a bridge of communication & understanding between cultures & sometimes their differences & attitudes. I am asked, "who is this"? "What are you listening to?" As much as I'm learning, I'm using it as a Prop. I also LOVE the sound of his cadence. This lilting, ambient, confidant voice that soothes my savage beast of my personal Dwayne Hoover 12 Moons or other such self-referencing, esoteric literary nonsenses. Dr. Chopra also has the good sense to say "I Don't Know" or "That is an Unanswerable Question". Or maybe I could just use a Magic 8 Ball.

Fortune-Telling Yoda with Magic 8-Ball Base.

So in respecting the spirit of the Divine within you all, I say to Thee 'namaste.... I got this from a Rodney Yee Yoga video I got a while back. As with most martial arts, I value the thought over the practice. But there is a finky-ness associated with a White Guy bowing & saying "Namaste"...

But as King Mob said in Grant Morrison's DC/VERTIGO "THE INVISIBLES" "I'm not a Whiteguy...I'm a Scorpion Dreaming".

As Kurt Vonnegut, as Grant Morrison and now as Deepak Chopra...writers taking high-minded concepts and playing mama bird by bringing nourishment back to this nest.
Grant Morrison and Kurt Vonnegut both as Sci-Fi writers have prepared me for Dr. Chopra by priming my mind to accept great, pliable ideas of how things are and how things could work. And using the iPod as a delivery system for education is just a natural good idea...as Morrison ended his Invisibles story with true Literary Irony I'll simply paraphrase his theory on Judgment. When we evolved and came down from the trees...the first thing we did as humans was create Judges and Gods...we've out grown those ideas. See! Now! Our Sentence is Up! Well...Dr. Chopra charges good money to say the same thing a Sci-Fi Funnybook taught me.

The Count:
on the road with "motherboxxx", my 120GB iPod Classic
10,119 songs
35 videos
136 pictures
8 games
56.1 GB Free

Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Did not get Angry at the MBTA's Red Line last 20 minute mid-tunnel delay due to having a Car Racing Game with Getaway Music...Welcome to the Matrix.

*motherboxxx art proudly pirated off the IntrePoop but purchased in Final Crisis #5, DC Comics, Jan '09, Morrison, Jones, et al.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Really? Geez that must mean you are participating in some form of exercise... good for you!

I was thinking about 3 paragraphs of material but life currently is boring, consisting of the same repetitive rigmarole that defines our existence. In other words... too much work, not enough play.

Meanwhile my boredom is consumed by hours of typing random words into youtube and seeing what comes up... haven't seen anything good lately. Other than a little flick called "sex drive"... Although otherwise recommended in the film's lead up I was informed I should watch the theatrical version first I did not. My version instead consisted of a significant amount of, well, naked people. It was humorous enough ~ Seth Green had yet another stellar performance I have to say. I wonder if the beard was real?!?

Otherwise I feel uninspired. Though I am thoroughly enjoying my gardening my tomatoes are ripening as I write this ~ but, alas, I need a new hobby. Perhaps embark on a new challenge. See and share in some new sights & sounds. I need something that is going to get my temporal lobe zinging again...

OK I made my three paragraphs. Thoughts? Comments??

Monday, February 09, 2009


Hey there!


OK...I'm going back to sleep now! I'll be out there soon 'nuff...'til then tell me something stoopid in 3 paragraphs or more. If you got the jarbles...


PS...I can touch the floor with the palms of my hands now. 'namaste...