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The Tao of Sully

Part 4: On Use of Metaphor...

Once again, I find myself using Metaphor for description. In everyday spiritual things...
I find for every Holy book I read from any culture or part of the World, I find more & more usage of metaphor. It's Universal...or maybe more narrow! It's all too Human...

So in the Spirit of the New Year, Respecting Change, Recognizing Suffering, Slaking Desire (this one I dunno...I see it as Dharma nonetheless)...

I ended up reusing this phrase twice to friends with kids in this year's holiday email.

I hope the kids are behaving and you're cranking out base hits on life's curveballs.


Saturday, December 20, 2008


December 20, 2008
By Rev. Sully

'Twas the PUCK Before Christmas And All On The Ice...
aka: Hope Eternal for Spring!

I've hung my Christmas stocking over the mantle. Well seriously I don't have a mantle but there is my closet door with a thumbtack. I should get a camera so I can photo-document. Because my stocking is Black & Gold and sez "BRUINS" on it. And all I want for X-Mas is Consistency. Because if the Bruins can be a consistent team, we could fulfill the Boston Dominance of Championships. Seriously, the Bruins are Very Good this season. I only want more of the same. I'm entertained to my toes.

Also it's time for the bench to become heavy with injuries. Good thing this year has a lot to do with the Coach. The goalies are doing their piece as well. Nonetheless hope burns bright here at the Smoking PUCK! Hope for Boston hockey well into Spring...the Second Season. Presently, the subject of a post-season can be a realistic topic. With a little consistency, the Bruins could even have Home Ice Advantages. 32 games into the year and the Bruins number in the Loss Column is still in the single digits. There are 52 games remaining in the season, lots of hockey still to be played. All we can do is keep going to games and watching hockey. And keep hope burning eternally for Spring Hockey, especially on such a snowy Beantown day. It's a real hockey kinda day. Cold, snowy, icy? Think these conditions frighten a hockey fan. We Say to Thee, "nay".

On a snowy Saturday afternoon, the Bruins accumulate a 13 home win streak with a win over the Carolina Hurricanes...in front of the Magic Number: 17,565. A Full House in the TD Banknorth Gahhden. A little snow doesn't get the "real" fans down. But really, nothing fills this house as a winning team does and that's evident on a snowy Saturday Matinee. I've seen this house deader than Caesar for Snowy Day Games...it's good to see the people come out. Such as Santa Claus, the Bruins need to make a big trip, delivering PUCKS into nets on the road like presents into chimneys.

Another great game! The Bruins go on a five game road trip and won't be on Home Ice until next year. But with a great playoff in April to end last season and the tremendous start to this season, 2008 has been a great year for Bruins Hockey. I'll get to watch a little more hockey the next few weeks but only on the teevee for the rest of the year, eh? Happy Holidays! And See You Next Year from the PUCK!


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
iRawk...Therefore iPod!

Snowed-In X-Mas Variety Show Edition!!!

The wait for my Chinese food was unbearable! I was getting steamed! Couldn't they see I was STAHHVIN'??? The Snow was coming down in sheets from the Sky! I was entering Minute Twenty-Two of my wait...I'd also called ahead. I'm a regular to boot. I love Chinese Food and this place is around the cornah. As Charlie Brown would say, "Arrrrrrghhh!!!". So instead of reacting badly, I got myself into their line of sight...and I started a Tetris game. I almost got to Level 3 when my big, brown bag arrived at the counter. My attention was occupied. "motherboxxx" was once again earning her spot on my Futility Belt...

I've been rawkin' Playlists like a FuddahMuckah lately...I've been using the Click Wheel menus to tweak my 24 Hour Party Playlist. It's a killer mix, I don't mind spinning it. But when I hear something I want to take off, I add it to a "On-The-Go" Playlist with the Center Button. I'll also do this for songs I wish to add while listening to a straight shuffle. The Art of Tweezing. The 24 Hour Party Mix though...listening to it right now and I'm dancing around my kitchen in my socks to Harry Belafonte.

Another Playlist I love to play aloud this time of year is my Holiday Music list. I've found one thing in life is my apparent superpower to smuggle my music into whatever action I'm doing...such as work. I'm a cook in two very solitary jobs so I'm allowed a small radio. Old fashioned radios too with cassette fronts. I got the little old style cassette-with-a-headphone-jack and that's my iPod Dock. Nonetheless I have a really rockin' Holiday Mix. I have a few Spanish tunes such as "Burrito de Belen", a very Latin American cultural X-Mas song. I work with a lot of Spanish people and we all grove to it and sing along. Gringos just don't get the "tukki-tukki-tukki-tukki!"...but iDigress...

The iTunes Store is the North Pole of the IntrePoop. Once every few days I check in to see which nearly awful free Holiday tune is available. So far I got Sarah Maclachlan singing Silent Night and Faith Hill singing Oh Holy Night. ...I didn't think I liked this music much but I bought it three days ago, cheap. And iTunes tells me I've listened to it 6 times.

A Charlie Brown Christmas by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. 16 tracks of complete nostalgia for $4.99. I have a few friends that love Charlie Brown. I do have a big place in my heart for Charles Schultz' "Peanuts" as Sequential Art. It's still published in the newspapers and online. It was the longest story ever told by one human being. And it helped coin "the funnies".
But I never got into the animated Charlie Brown.
At all.
It bored me.
It sounds like secular profanity. Like spitting on Ground Zero. Like saying McVeigh was Right. Ewwww. That Grosses me out just typing it. I'm a Patriotic kinda guy. Like Saying Steroids in Baseball is Good for The Sport. Like Being Anti-Union on a Union Job. A Secular Profanity. Something profane is outside the sacred. But something Profane and taking quasi-religious umbrage? Scary. Like Not Liking Charlie Brown. That was me...a Most Profane Child. Other people would be like, "you don't like Charlie Brown???" and look at me quizzically.
Today...this album "A Charlie Brown Christmas" takes me away and back Somewhere. It's gentle, soothing and seasonal. Jazzy freedom with literally majestic evocative feelings & themes. It makes me happy and dance in my kitchens, co-workers just look at me funny. As the Spanish say, "Yo Soy Quien Soy". I also have the 12 Days of Christmas in a Spanish version I bought off the iTunes Store last X-Mas. This year, I animate my Mix with a little Charlie Brown. I still wouldn't watch it but I can dig it while I'm doing dishes. Too bad I only got 5 more days to enjoy. December 26th...the Holiday Music comes off. Activated Black Friday! The Real Holiday Season...now if someone would tell that to the FM Radio stations playing X-Mas Music since Hallowe'en... I'm talking to you, Paul Perry!!! Loren & Wally!!!

I haven't got a hardcase for my iPod yet but I know which one I'm getting. More on that after I get it. Please No Suggestions. I think you'll be quite pleased with the result. I've resisted impulse buying the wrong one 'cuz it's scary to go around without a case. Dropping, scratching the display. My previous iPod, Solaris the Tyrant Sun had a rubber case by Speck. I swore buy that Product although I'm trying something new this time.

I'm digging getting video games for the iPod Classic from the iTunes Store. It's a little different than the Apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. A different interface. But my iPod has the apparent power & memory-saving of my old Sega Genesis. I bought a replacement copy of Tetris. Also an iPod version of one of my favorite all-time games, "EA Tiger Woods Golf". I'm convinced the iPod Classic could play and enjoy something like "Super Mario 3", the legendary NES game. Or any of the DragonBall Z games I enjoy on my old GameBoy Advance! I'm thrilled with the possibilities. Maybe they'll take suggestions.

I'm also taking advantage of watching videos. Dr. Horrible? Yes! Now it's time to learn to quote it!
For $3.99...the price of a funnybook I got a Season Pass of a TV show. the MTV animated adaptation of IMAGE's "INVINCIBLE" by Robert Kirkman. 5 episodes, all about 15 minutes each. As Billy was fond of saying in situations such as these, "bonus!"

Wish me Good Luck and Genki...I seem to be fighting a weeks' long battle with a Wet Cough. I'm fighting it with anti-biotic this weekend since developing a bad cough since a debilitating head/chest cold Thanksgiving Weekend. My Holiday Season doesn't sound "ho ho ho!"...it's "hack-hack-hack"!!! But there's a lot of Holiday Music I enjoy and get to play for others. It's really helping with my holiday spirit...I could so easily be a Grinch and Bah Humbug! Especially with a healing broken hand, a revolving cold and no time to rest. Instead...iRawk Therefore iGo.

From iRawk to You All...Feliz Navidad!


The Count:
9,119 to-go with motherboxxx in my pocket
21 Videos
7 Games
124 Photos

Bettie Page dead.

Deep Throat dead.

The Future of the Auto industry as of today...dead.

All Things That were important to America but ran their natural courses...


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Smoking PUCK Haiku Moment...

For Victory!
by Eric O'Sullivan
December 15, 2008

he shoots...he scores, Phil!!!
Esposito or Kessel?
Doesn't Matter Now...

I've started having thoughts about sports poetry, which I believe is a strongly influential force in Boston sports team victories. Specificly, I've been thinking about how much fun it would be to see Thornton and the Sharks skate against the Bruins for the cup. It's still wishful thinking, but...

Saturday, December 13, 2008


December 13, 2008
By Rev. Sully

Still Smoking After All These Years!
aka: Top of the World, Watch Your Balance...

Last night was a great night for the Smoking PUCK...I watched the 3rd period of the Bruins 7-3 victory over the Atlanta Thrashers at the bar. I was planning on watching "Bruins in 2" at Midnight when I got home and wanted to be oblivious to the score. Impossible in a crowded Friday Night bar. I had another pint of Guinness...I was stewed! Polluted! Snookered! A Little Wasted! I had to walk it off at the end of the night with a 30 minutes stroll home in the crisp December air with my iPod, motherboxxx. Earlier in the evening, I got to get Bruins Loud!!! Bruins Loud is a volume of my voice...I can project my Irish Whisper from Years of games in the Gallery. In addition to a huge win, the Bruins also got into 4 fights. One by sophomore sensation Milan Lucic who also had a goal and an assist. In the World of Hockey, this feat is defined as the Gordie Howe Hat Trick.

I'm lucky I didn't get into any scraps myself. When I get drunk, I can get a little annoying. I did get Bruins Loud. But it wasn't at the Bruins game. I was at a concert. Cheech & Chong at the Orpheum. Their first tour in 27 years. It was fun. It was like going to a rock & roll show...and I treated it as such! I had a six pack of Brain Grenades before we left. I paid $26 for 2 pretzels & two beer. I also had a joke mantra of buying a $50 tee shirt. Well, the tee shirt I wanted was $40. There was a really nice tie-dye tours shirt for $50...I was right. But I kicked in $10 more for the embroidered hoodie zip sweatshirt for $60. I refer it as my new "Smoking Jacket". Perfect for writing the PUCK! Huzzah! I was convinced Cheech & Chong could hear me if I was loud enough. Our seats were pretty good...not close but center & low. I so thought they could hear me...I was as raucous as the kids on the Red Line in the AM going to school.

12 Players with 10+ points...spreading the action all over the ice. Balance in all four departments; forward playing "High-Lo", defensive-minded shot blocking, great goaltending tandem and solid coaching. First in Goals. First in Goals Against Average. First in the Eastern Conference. Every year could be "The Year"...especially when you play like this. The Bruins will earn themselves the Playoffs if they remain consistent...that's where numbers get wonky and take on a life of their own when infused with luck & playoff beards. Anything can happen in the Playoffs...I keep this in mind when I hear the glad-handing in the light of a good season. The Bruins will go as far as they can...and we're all thinking they will get pretty are this season.

I'm finishing up my Chinese delivery, cracking open another Miller Lite and getting ready for face-off for game 2 of the home-and-home against the Atlanta Thrashers. Bruins are looking for their 11th straight home win. Wish I was there with Meathead & His Missus. But I needed a little R&R after suffering a whole week of a wet cough & the burden of a broken hand. My plaster splint came off yesterday to boot so it was a good day to celebrate. 4 weeks in plaster & Ace Bandages...Tool has a song called "Stinkfist"...I think I just lived it. Ewwww. The first thing I did was wash, scrub and trim my nails. I have to keep the ring & pinky fingers taped together below the knuckle...but man, it's good to hand both hands back. No more punching walls while wasted. I'm a jerk sometimes when drunk, I had it coming. Ask the Cheech & Chong crowd around me. I was Bruins Loud! There was a sing-along to "Up In Smoke"...hey they had the lyrics on the screen. I was getting dirty looks from the ladies to the left of us. Hey...I was showing my appreciation. That's what we do in Beantown, eh? People to the Right of me tried to stare me down as I was quoting along at the top of my lungs. I wasn't having it. I wasn't trying to annoy them, get their attention or sully their experience. I was having a wickid pissah time. Oh well.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...FINALly gettin' on with it...

FINAL CRISIS #5 (of 7) finally is released upon the world.

Recap: Evil Won.
Now the cavalry is coming to Earth.

I'm gonna love this issue. I am a huge Grant Morrison fan...and a Green Lantern fan.

I've been arguing "funnybook plot devices as metaphor" with another fan on the IntrePoop. A la Grant Morrison (and incidentally Warren Ellis).

I even told Warren Ellis about because I was having a bad day until I read the first six pages of Final Crisis #5. The funnybook filled me with Taoist Calm...willpower only works when you can think. Willpower will get you out of any bad day.

So I chimed in on Warren Ellis about the discovery of supermassive black hole at the Milky Way galactic center...after reading the next 7 pages. Sheeeesh...
rev sully- Your comment is awaiting moderation. December 10th, 2008 at 3:19 am

Wow…just imagine how space/time is being crushed & crumpled at the Event Horizon as well as matter & light!!! I wonder if the accretion disc that jets matter…if there is an equal force churning out new seconds! And

Sorry…I’ve been in the suds & buds reading Grant Morrison. I’ve been arguing with another fan on IntrePoop if the Bleed is a metaphor. Shit…

This post was not accepted. Mr. Ellis is a Big Mean Jerk. But I'll still buy his funnybooks. Maybe because I made no sense...maybe it's because he hates talking DC.

Please return to your seats...the Final Act Begins...exunt: