Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Moment of Complete Lunacy...

This has to be the G.I. Joe action figure I most identify with. I got stink-eye from one of the ladies for referring to chicks as "chicks".

He totally came with the Jeep. That was cool.

'Nuff said.

Monday, May 26, 2008

the comics gnome POOTS!...nuthin' but blue skies


Today is a day of blue skies. The Gnome chuckles at me with cleverness...he knows I'll know no blue skies today. I will be in the dungeon at work...in the basement literally far from sunlight. Sigh. Nonetheless I know I'll see the Spring's Sun Rays strike the side of my cascading pint of Guinness but iDigress...

But what about RED SKIES?

Red Skies means there's a CRISIS going on.

Simple explaination...from the recent DC UNIVERSE #0

The Weather Report for this coming Wednesday at a Bodega near you?

Coming Out this Wednesday, May 28th...


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I saw Iron Man at the Randolph cinema the other night. It was a really well done movie, and I highly recommend it, although it was a bit odd seeing Jeff Bridges play the bad guy. I just couldn't stop seeing him as "the Dude" from The Big Lebowski.

There's a cool new feature at the theater... "Luxe" seating, with more comfortable chairs, waitstaff, and adult beverage service.

Friday, May 16, 2008

100 tracks to go, and these are the tricky ones. Stuff I deliberately skipped before because I had no idea how to rate them. Minute long Beethoven variations for piano, 15 minute long Miles Davis improvisations, and the worst of them all: stuff my wife might really like.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hey Ochinators!

I figured you'd be receptive to me pimping my latest band project - the Acme Band. We've got live music online and a blog that the band writes every day that's heavily edited *cough* *ahem* by me. Check it out sometime -


Hope you all are well!!

Dr. H

May 14, 2008
By Rev. Sully

Rev Sully's Day Off...
aka: Love's Gonna Getcha in the Conference Finals!

Magnetic. Kinetic. Electric. Explosive. The Conference Finals are in-progress.
Pennsylvania once again hosts a round of intra-state playoff action this time at the Eastern Finals level. Once again, the Pittsburgh Penguins face rivals the Philladelphia Flyers in a postseason and possess the advantage. The Detroit Red Wings are currently showing the Dallas Stars who's the better team in the Western Conference. Both Conference Finals are at 3 games to 1 in a seven-game series.

Lots of hockey news...but it's Spring. I could be boring you with lauding the Bruins season or examining the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships...that's where all the NHL'ers who didn't make the playoffs went instead of golfing. Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas not only started for Team USA but was injured...we'll see how that plays 'tween the Pipes in the future.

Instead I'll take you on the road with me for a second. I walk everywhere...I don't drive. And this time of year is literally splendid. I walk across the hill this time of year and get caught up in the flowers and especially the Cherry Blossoms. I'm so wickid allergic to pollen I can't begin to tell you. Spring is a yearly battle...therefore I feel proud to wear a Red Wings jersey. As I fight pollen...the Detroit Red Wings are usually fighting an opponent late in playoffs.

AND It's Just A Bloody hockey jersey, the coolest Sports uniform ever. Well, there is a world full of futbol fans but iDigress...a chick on the Harvard bridge said to me with a smile, "GO WINGS!" the other day...maybe I should try for a high-five next time.

I think of pop culture a lot and was thinking of the Red Wings jersey & the appropriateness of a Bruins fan wearing it. My buddy "Uncle Mike" objects to its existence as part of my wardrobe. A old acquaintance from Chicago took complete umbrage when I sported the old Red & White standby, comparing it to wearing pinstripes in the sight of a Red Sox fan.
I think of the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Recall Cameron Frye:

Wearing his Detroit Red Wings jersey to a Chicago Cubs game???
My suspension of disbelief has been crushed. I never saw that before...I wonder if this irony has been explored...

It's looking more and more like a Red Wings/Penguins Stanley Cup Final this year. More later, kids.



Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

For those of you who like album art, you will love this:
Sleeveface Dot Com

On August 15, 2008
A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

New Star Wars Stories from Executive Producer George Lucas!

Let George Himself explain this in a Q&A much better than I can...

The Force is Strong in this one.
I've been tweaking my list through a sometimes interesting, sometimes painfull process I've dubbed the "unrated tracks list". In a nutshell, it's a dynamic playlist composed of all the songs in my 80GB iPod that I haven't yet given any "stars" to.

I have a simple system, as follows:
***** = This is a great song... truely excellent. I could listen to it over and over. It may have personal significance, be influential, a classic, or whatever. It doesn't matter why, but I dig it like there's a prize at the bottom.
**** = This is a good song. Not quite a favorite, but one I'd be more than happy to hear from time to time.
*** = This song is fine. Nothing wrong with it, but I wouldn't want to hear it twice in the same week.
** = This song is worth keeping, but perhaps only as an archival curiosity. Spoken interludes, brief crappy intros, and noise rock I'm just not into all go here.
* = This serves to tell me that I have not yet deleted this track, but should do so next time I synch. Broken tracks that skip or end prematurely, and any worthless cacophanous dross for which I have no patience goes in this category.

I'm making good headway, and have a mere 700 tracks or so left to sort through. I look forward to the day I've finished the project and can enjoy listening to the flip-side of this playlist... the "Top Rated Tracks" mix.

I do find an occasional gem among the things I don't listen to much and didn't know I had. Recent favorite of this sort include Muddy Waters' "Sail On", and Bob Dylan's "Jim Jones".

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

iRawk...Therefore iPod!
Tweezing Edition


The Art & Act of Having a Day Oaf (sic) and Doing Nothing but Proofing One's iTunes.

Compulsive. Anal Retentive. Scary...

Going through new tracks and checking them for album art and genre tagging.

When I dial into my iPod by genre "Jazz", I want all my jazz and not get jipped. I doublecheck "buggy" things I've heard on the road...such as the New Wave/1980s Playlist for the odd single that really doesn't belong there. Like Steve Martin's "Comedy Is Not Pretty!" from 1979?

I hustle down album art through Wikipedia and also Amazon Dot Com. If I have a song without the rest of the album, I'll try to get the art from the single; Wikipedia has great photos of old 45RPM singles from the 80s which makes this really fun for me. I was one of the last generation to enjoy the 45RPM.

Why not? I love album covers
Album cover art. I'd thumb through my father's collection with awe & respect. I used to duct-tape my old LPs up on my bedroom wall. U2 Live at Red Rocks. ChangesOneBowie. Led Zeppelin's Physical Grafitti. Pink Floyd's The Wall.

Remember...Record Albums?
Handle With Care? Edges only. The sound the needle made upon contact.

Like this 33RPM...the Voyager Golden Record
Would you think today NASA would just offer an alien a spare Nano? One Cosmic Ray barrage or stray EMP and the Nano is just another paperweight, right?

As indie rock producer Steve Albini wrote, "the future belongs to the analog loyalists, f*ck digital".
I read this inside on of my greatest curiosity purchases of music. A leap of faith.
I was lassoed by an album cover.

I was in the Downtown Crossing music store Strawberries at the pubecent age of wonder. I saw this 12 inch 33RPM cover from across the store...
The cover was fetching...and it was hard to avoid being bright green with huge red letters including an obscene title in plain sight. What got my developing imagination was not only it's title...it had to be the girl.

I was already a budding japanese animation fan through things such as ROBOTECH, STAR BLAZERS, SPEED RACER & the usual sort before anime got hot in the age of home video. I didn't know things like this existed. So I bought it. I could be no younger than 13 years old in 1987 upon its release. For the first time, I was listening to indie noise rock. I was also finding out what a Columbian Necktie was as well. Wow...sheeesh. I made a vow then never to go to South America but iDigress...

New Portishead Finally Released!...Will Be Ambient Music at Trendy Bars SOON!

Portishead's new release "Third" came out a few Tuesdays ago...their first album in 11 years. I listened to this 4 times just yesterday. I had to wait for its release in order to get the cover art and the track listing lest I be rolling with "Track 01" on Unnamed Portishead Album. The first cut on the album, track #1 "Silence" already has 10 plays. You could say, "I'm hooked". I listen to this like I'm sipping a complex wine...I taste hints of NIN and early Pink Floyd all over this. I caught onto Portshead fairly recently...listening to the first two albums and Live At Roseland NYC as a muggle would cram in Harry Potter books.
Nonetheless...OCHO's very own El Post gave me a pirate copy of this album over 6 weeks ago. This one's been out there floating in the Ether of the IntrePoop, leaked months ago.

Tweezing! It works for me!
I'm continuially retagging information all over the place in my music collection.
Feature This:
I have a mix I've been tinkering around with for over two years now. Before iTunes when I loved making mixed tapes and mix CD, I had a series called Sully Tunes. Vols. 1-5 started over a decade ago and ran until about 2003. Vol. 6 was a collection of scraps that were homeless. They've been gifted along with my other Sully Theme, the Baker's Dozen -13 songs from an artist, a personal greatest hits. In addition I then came up with an idea to really celebrate my taste in music...Sully Tunes No. 0. It's an open entity. Meaning unlike the Catholic Bible and Sully Tunes No. 1 which are closed entities and not subject to revision...No. 0 is still a work in progress. Also my greatest personal challenge is that I'm recreating a mixed tape from when I was a kid.
When I was a kid, I'd have my Ghetto Blaster in my lap with a blank tape loaded...the red record button down along with Pause just waiting. Waiting as Hobbes does for Calvin coming home from school...

Waiting for a song I wanted to hear came on. And I'd tape it.
I remember this one tape fondly enough that when I hear "Stand or Fall" by The Fixx, I immediately think of "Run, Run Away" by the Slade since it was the next song in progression on that mix. So...I'm geeking out by trying to recreate that mixtape as part of the No. 0 Volume. Next stop is arranging after accumulating...like aural bonsai. Tweezing & Pruning. As I'm tagging a single as No. 0, I check the year & genre...when tagged correctly the song will appear in other places & playlists. It's how my DJ knows what to play in a way

The Count:
9,667 on iTunes
5,873 on the 5th Gen iPod Video with 346MB remaining
7 hours of Battery Life (+/- 1 hr depending on Solaris' mood)
That wacky degradation on the display grew & now includes reddish pixels...sigh but not enough to merit replacing the unit

2+ Years of Constant Use
Before Karen Mae gives me any crap about swearing...I'll say this much. I'm not swearing. ^_~
But here's something I read in last week's Boston Weekly Dig from Mark Poutenis' "Thinking Ape Blues". I'm a White Strips fan...what can I do?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I've been pondering for several days just how I'd like to pop my Ocho Contributor cherry (that's right Sully, you asked me not to swear, so I'm going to be dirty on a regular basis instead.) I've finally landed on a suitably benign yet "universal" topic.

Don't Be a Trader, Joe

As I sit here enjoying my rosemary chicken, wild rice, and baby brussel sprouts--trimmed, power washed, and zappable in a handy microwave bag--I can't help but feel a certain fear. It is a creeping fear of loss.

I've had a thing for Trader Joe for years, it's true. Joe and his Fearless Flyer have helped me through dinner parties and "why don't we stay in and cook" dates. When it's an hour 'til pot luck and my oven breaks or I haven't even left work, where do I turn? To Joe. Every time. But my relationship with the bona fide stud of convenient, unique, and fairly priced foodstuffs has advanced to new heights since I've adopted healthier eating habits. What once was a simple, unconditional (albeit unrequited) love has turned into an obsession. And with obsession comes paranoia...

Does anyone besides me wonder how Joe does it? How are organic foods sold so cheap? Why do I walk into Whole Foods and find comparable items for twice as much? Who is doing all this research into the EXACT kind of gourmet soup, exotic trail mix, or Panko encrusted product my heart desires? My liberal urbanite spidey sense screams "red alert!"

A former friend and Joe's employee (oh, how I love their joie de vivre!) informed me a few years back that his employer is actually owned by discount supermarket giant Aldi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aldi). I stuck my fingers in my ears and did the "la, la, la, la!" song and dance, begging him not to say one bad word about TJ (we were already intimate then) or his potentially evil corporate daddy, lest I be forced to face any cold, hard truths.

That happened back at the beginning of our relationship. Now I would ABSOLUTELY DIE if any news of questionable business practices hit my radar. I would certainly suffer at least a debilitating stroke if their marketing was busted as hype. And yet, when that packaging tells me just what I want to hear (reasonable calories, good nutrients, organic ingredients, all for just $3.49), I have the same fear resonating in the back of my brain as if Joe were a real boyfriend. He doesn't really love me, he's not good for me, and it cannot be this easy.

Perhaps lessons learned in therapy could help me. I suppose learning to love myself IS the greatest love of all. Until then, I will keep one hand on my heart and one eye open as I savor my grilled tilapia with poblano cilantro salsa, and I'll hope for the best.

Monday, May 05, 2008

I hadn't really had any adventure in a while, what with working on the house and all, so I signed up for a diving charter on saturday and went out for a two tank trip to the City of Salisbury, a 415 foot cargo ship that wrecked in Boston's outer harbor in the 1930s with a load of zoo animals.

It was a little snotty out there on saturday, and the wind was blowing up some 3-5' seas. No one barfed, as far as I know, but we were all getting tossed around a bit and getting geared up was a bit more of an acrobatic exercise than any of us would have liked. Nevertheless, the conditions were pretty nice 90' below the waves and, although the overcast skies and deep water didn't provide much but a faint greenish ambient light, my home-brewed high intenisty video light system decided to co-operate, and I was able to get it to actually light up after only 10 unsuccessful attempts.

As a result, I got some interesting video footage of the remains of the bow section of the wreck, which broke free of the rest and slid into deeper water. As far as I know, my buddy Cristopher and I were the first divers on it in many years when we dove it last may, so it was nice to get some evidence of the condition of the wreckage.

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...An IMAGE of THE Original FunnyBook!!!

The Comics Gnome came in all dusty and tired...again. He sat on the couch with a sigh & a thump. He sipped a cup of hot tea I immediately fecthed for him.

I could tell he had come a long distance.

We were reuinited. As Han & Luke after the First Death Star! As Ricky Bobby & Cal Naughton, Jr. after Talladega! As Penelope & Ulysses??? Ewww...NO we weren't. Sure, it was very Bro-Mantic but let's not go Greek, okay? Sheeet...I try to run a PG-14 Place here but iDigress...

So it was a bad analogy. Although a colorful segue.

I love mythology. It's probably why I'm into Powers Comics. The Pantheon evokes the primal & Something Lost. All cultures worldwide share laughter, crying, fart laughs and a splendid mythology of heroic & fantastic deeds. Look closely at your own and deny it...go ahead, I'm waiting.

Odysseus is one of the most recurring character in Western Fiction. I wish I penned that but the thought came from Wikipedia.

The Gnome noticed this particular title on the Bodega's shelf one Wednesday Afternoon. He had heard about it. But this week we had a few bucks to flex. Straight from the Heart...gimme it. Cue The Muse.

To Calliope We Speak:
"Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns
driven time and again off course, once he had plundered
the hallowed heights of Troy."
(Robert Fagles translation, 1996)

Homer's The Odyssey...now in 21st Century FunnyBook. Anachronistic, perhaps? Timeless? Oh yeah...

Welcome to the Comics Gnome POOTS! And this past week the Gnome POOTed on me...


Issue #3...The Cyclops.
from IMAGE Comics by Gerry Dugan & Phil Noto. Limited Series 6 issues.

Set in an almost-possible 21st Century American Army away on mission in the Middle East...our hero takes a familar but very long road home. All the while his wife waited for him...assuring a faith in him to come home.

I look forward to this and how it ends. I can only wait for issue Number Six and how the bow is strung.

THE INFINITE HORIZON ends in Six Issues..I have only to wait for Gnome to POOT. But I need a break from all the capes & cowls! And this was the perfect thing for it. IMAGE has been on fire lately. Real Street Cred. For heroes they got INVINCIBLE

Probably the BEST Superhero Book We're Not Reading. I read Issue #0 courtesy of a Free Comicbook Day and my FunnyBook Bodega. There is no Free Comics Day really...the Bodega pays 12-50 cents/magazine to give them away. What a rip off...but I'm interested.

AND They got this insanely good zombie magazine the Comics Gnome has yet to tell you about:


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hey all-

To set the record straight on our 48 hour film winning best of Boston - well, not so much. We won the audience award for our night of showings, meaning that more audience members voted our movie the best than the others. We got INTO the Best of Boston round, meaning we'll be included in the Best of Boston 2008 DVD and were eligible for more awards. The Best of Boston screening was tuesday, and we won Best Titles and Best Special Effects. So yay for us. It was an awesome time. I could do that every weekend. Well, every other weekend...