Monday, January 28, 2008

From Sully's email..."Matt's chimed in...so OCHO, what is your favorite tee-shirt. All-Time, Of Now, Then? I'd love to know...should I admit to loving the Vuarnet/Body Glove tees in High School before Mario let's the cat out? ^_~ Bwah-ha-ha!"

I don't think that I can razz you too much about the Vaurnet & Body Glove tees...I had my share of Body Glove tees. I even had the rubber Body Glove sunglasses...in multiple bright neon colors I might add!

I guess that I would have to say that my favorite Tee shirt of all time was one that I got my sophomore year in college. It was the 2004 Sea Term T-Shirt. It was really cool, it had a cartoonish depiction of the training ship being held aloft by a figure wearing a kilt (Edinburg) to look like the Guinness For Strength ads (Dublin), and instead of the smoke stack it had a windmill (Amsterdam). It was really well done and had a lot of other cool little hidden things in the design that were symbolic of the cruise and the school.

I had it for years and even though the pitts were yellow, it had holes all over the place, and could probably walk on it's own accord. I refused to throw it away for years, but it finally had to go.

Could be my next favorite tee-shirt...


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Favorite T-shirt? Wow.

How do I pick a favroite T-shirt? Not only is my memory for such things all to shit, but we've become a culture awash in T-shirts, between shillmeisters like snorg and the one-step purveours of landfill-fodder like Cafe Press, the novelty of the awesome T-shirt is all but gone, at least for me. When inocuous quotes from Anchorman and Napoleon Dynamite are mixed with the ability to get any conceivable image or phrase emblazoned on cotton, how can you possibly get excited about a T-shirt? The shirt I see today can be mine tomorrow, in a variety of colors and even fabrics.

But Sully blasted out the Ocho APB, and when he sends up the virtual bat signal I naturally come running. Actually, that's a damn lie, sometimes I blatantly lame out, but this seemed like a real challenge, to cut through the mass-produced crud to remember a T-shirt that gets me excited again. And yes, I do love the bizarro Flash t-shirt that Sully got me, and I did wear it to both the Boston and New York runners expos (though I did not wear them during the race, as from what I've come to understand, when sweat and inclement weather are involved, COTTON KILLS).

So, in order to find a t-shirt that gave me a thrill, I had to go way back, slicing through the cobwebs of long-distant memory, all the way back to the first T-shirt I ever asked for and got. This shirt made me feel like a part of a group, a movement, an army. It set me apart and made me a part of something at the same time. You see, I was swept up in a mania. Like so many other younguns were during the crazy technicolor bender of the 70's, fueled with cocksure androgyny, Vietnam angst-fueled escapism and a shitload of coke. Well, in my case, it would have been milk, because hey, I was only 7. But I was on a lactic trip that still lingers in my synapses, and when I think about that simple logo, emblazoned in a flame-bright gradient on a field of black, I think about what it meant to believe in magic, in real things that were way beyond the normal, and to think that superheroes really did walk on Earth.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My favorite T these days is from a limited edition run done as a fund raiser for the DecoStop web site. Since I'm a co-founder, and the site is well known among divers, so I get some satisfaction from the conversation it generates.

I recently had a "great T shirt purge" though, and brought a box of about 40 threadbare classics to the Goodwill. There were some great ones in there... I'd rather not talk about it.

I think I'll go back to daydreaming about my plans to build a hovercraft go-cart, and content myself with knowing that I'll be replenishing my wardrobe with replacements for all the clothes I destroyed while house-fixing.

Seriously though... I'm pretty confidant about the hovercraft thing. I just need 3 gas powered leaf blowers to get the project off the ground. I know how to lift it, but haven't decided on stabilizers or propulsion yet. Possibly a big fan and some cool fins, but I'm also open to other options, like solid-fuel rockets with a gyrostabilizer. Then again, maybe it'll just be a gas-powered, all-season, saucer sled. Man, if I ever get around to this one, it's going to be one hell of a cool go-cart.

If anyone is interested in a race, let me know... I'll make T-shirts.
The Comics Gnome POOTS!...A Shirt Fit for a Geek

The New Sinestro Corps Tee-Shirt.

I got mine on sale at the FunnyBook Bodega for 30% off...

I am not a "fan boy"...I Am Fan Man! Duh-du-du-DUH!!! ::insert trumpet flourish here::

The Comics Gnome snores gently on the Other Side of the Couch. Being Thursday Morn on the Late Side, sleeping it off with a bead of drool forming on his corn cob pipe. But since the shirt didn't weigh much, the Gnome threw it in his mighty Sack O' New Funnies on Bodega Day. I even went out and got the Brazilian Break'est: The Ground Beef Giant Wonton (aka Homer's Dream Donut) and the Strongest Coffee on Infinite Earths. A little thank you to the Comics Gnome although he stirs not. The Weekly stack, a power pack, a bowl of serials if you're able to follow but iDigress...

I call these tee-shirts "Saturday Morning Cartoon Watching PJs". Experts call them "Adult Syndrome Tee-Shirt style DEPENDS"...aka UNDER ROOS. Hey...Under-Roo's are fun to wear. And I get the added "Geek" points that my SINESTRO CORPS tee sport the Boston Bruins team colors as well. I can wear this to the Game. Does this mean I'm turning into a Bad Guy? Did a Sinestro Corps ring choose me as able "to instill great fear"...did it smash through my window and whisk me away to Qward to incude me into a sinsiter fraternity of villians??? Muhahahahahahahaha!!! Bad guys are the best parts of these Superhero FunnyBooks. The better the bad guy the better the story. Superman-Prime has got to be my current favorite "bad guy" in the Whole She-bang Universe...John Horus of BLACK SUMMER to boot. DR. DOOM isn't on the radar, sorry. THE JOKER is so 1989...unless the late Heath Ledger can trump Jack Nicholson's iconic performance.

I wear my love of FunnyBooks on my chest. Tee-Shirts are the 20th Century's contribution to World Fashion norms as the pill was the 20th Century's contribution to Health. You know you have a favorite tee-shirt.

I've gone through two of these Bad Larrys. I swear both shirts got pinched doing Drop-Off at the Laundro-Mat. I got my picture with the Stanley Cup in Toronto's Hockey Hall of Fame wearing one of these.

I got two Captain America tees. One is Blue and has a disctreet but same center white star on the chest and this version I refer to as "The Target". One of the guys at work has this...I forbade him from wearing it on Tuesdays, seriously.

Mom actually gave me this one for my birthday. I cried out, "How did you know???" It's trendy but super-soft.

Tee Shirts Do RAWK!!!...HUZZAH!!!

I've even gifted them.

I can only wish to find the real picture. Imagine this as a white baby-doll women's shirt with red silkscreen (not pink that God) and then this would look like the one I got for my girlfriend, Deedee.

To commemorate Doctor Hooey's first running of the Boston Marathon, the Comics Gnome got him something to run in. Sure it's a bad guy's shirt as well but again...ZOOM The Reverse FLASH looks cool.

And the Gmome got "El Post" his very own TOM STRONG tee by accident. Tee Shirts were "2 for $20"...I saw this shirt and said it had a home. Ironically, red & white are the colors of Nebraska, from where Posty hails. It was disconintued and I cannot quick find an image to pirate...

It's my fate for my favorite tee shirts to be pepetually ruins by my lack of hand-to-mouth coordination...always small grease stains on the fronts, near the chest logo from eating like a slob.

So dear OCHO...what is your favorite tee shirt? Go find the image...share with the class.

I'm dressed for the occasion thanks to the Comics Gnome.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Comics Gnome Asks...Why, Why, Why...
aka: Alas, Poor Yorick...I knew him Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy

All Good Things Come To An End...it's how the Cliche goes, eh?

Y THE LAST MAN, #60. Final Issue. January 30, 2008.

And the DC/VERTIGO title by Brian K. Vaughan has come to its end. 5 1/2 years ans 60 issues later with a probable movie deal. This title is an all-star.

When Issue #1 came out in September 2002, The Gnome was not POOTing what would become an absolute smash. My erstwhile enabler of entertainment was still giving me baby-steps to the long boxes. Back then I had two great titles, one from the two major houses: MARVEL's "NEW X-MEN" by Grant Morrison and DC's "GREEN LANTERN" by Ron Marz and then Judd Winick. Did I know who Grant Morrison was then, no. Was I trying to wrap my head around what he was putting down, yes. But iDigress...

Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except for Y and His Monkey...

Something...SOMETHING in July 2002 killed every mammal on the Globe containing a Y Chromosome...except for young escape artist Yorick Brown & his pet monkey Ampersand. And that is all you need to know. See civilization after the fall of Man. Conspiracies, secret agents, chases across the country and the ocean, one-liners...monkey feces??? Poor Yorick, all he wanted to do was to propose to his girlfriend, Beth who was in Australia at the time of the "Plauge". So it's the story of Yorick's odyssey to find his love...and the trouble of having a poo-throwing monkey as your best friend (and maybe the secret of the story after all).

The Comics Gnome POOTed this a year into the run with its first two trade paperbacks.

TPB #1

TPB #2

And then it appeared in its serial monthly format on the coffee table every month for about 2 years. Over time, I lost my way on Yorick's road while I was travelling on my own but I always tried to keep my finger on this title's pulse. I have to admit though, I don't know much after a certain point but the beauty of the story is that it's all "new" if you haven't read it yet. I got a lot of making up to do with this great title.

Here...the Comics Gnome suggests to you to read Y THE LAST MAN #1 online.

In the funnybook world where time is measured in trapped amber while presenting a never-ending battle between good & evil, it's refreshing to see a finite story once in a while chock full of moral ambiguity. Yorick Brown's story is downright Campbellian on his Hero's Journey but even Gilgamesh's story came to an end, while Superman's body is more an uroboros.

All Good Things come to an End January 30, 2008. What fate befalls Poor Yorick? Is the cover a hint? Was it all in his mind? Will this be a tragedy? Well...we'll find out in the extra-thick series finale at the End of the Month. Good Bye & Good Night, Poor Yorick..."he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! my gorge rises at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now"...


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


January 16, 2008
By Rev. Sully

The Gallery Gawds Need Satisfaction!
aka: I Got No Cracks to Make About Willie O'Ree in Black & Gold

It was 50 years ago this Friday that the color line was broken in the NHL. Willie O'Ree became the first black player in Professional Hockey. Now before racial sensitivities become too airtight, remember he cannot be "African-American" because he really is Canadian.

Willie played two games that year after being called up to fill in for an injury but played 48 games three years later in 1961. No black players would be seen again until 1974 though. Currently, the NHL has 17 black and African-American players in 2008. Here's a cool fact though, O'Ree was 95% blind in his right eye from a 1956 puck injury. He managed to keep it secret and played 13 years in the Western Hockey League and ultimately played until he was 43 years old. Willie's still alive & kicking being an ambassador for the game and lives in Southern California, where ironically he played the most of his Minor Pro career.

Video: Willie O'Ree Interview after 1st NHL Game

Video: Willie O'Ree in action

Tomorrow Night! The Toronto Maple Leafs are in Beantowne Faire...and I'll be there. In the Gallery...in my natural habitat...ascending to be a Gallery Gawd.

The Old Barn...the original Boston Garden

The Balcony of the Old Boston Gah-den was once referred to as "The Gallery". And the denizens of the Gallery were known as the "Gallery Gods" who would sit in judgement of the play below. For my purposes, there is no God but God so I am a Gallery "Gawd". As in "oh gawd..."
This will be the fourth game out of eight against the division rival Maple Leafs and the Bruins have the advantage 3-0. The Leafs are in last place in our Northeast Division to the chagrin of the "Leafs Nation", the most psychotic fans outside of pre-Championship Red Sox Nation. Sure, the good seats are nice. The chances of getting into a scrap in the Skybox are nil to none. The Loge is mostly full of corporate tix holders but the Stadium Seats. For me...$10 tickets are still my style. With my people closer to God several stories in the air. And it takes God's Infinite Patience to sometimes deal with the Gallery Gawds...especially when they throw crap on the Ice.

Not only does Zdeno Chara get one of these fine jerseys but Marc Savard will be traveling to Atlanta along with Milan Lucic suiting up for the Young Stars rookie game. Lucic does not get a pretty shirt such as this...he'll be in his Black & Gold. Hey, last year Phil Kessel scored a hat trick at the Young Stars exhibition. Captain Zee will be in the Skills Competition as well for hardest shot. Maybe Savard can get in on some of the action as well.

My first game of the season. An Original Six clash of Rivals...one of my favorite things to do in this lifetime. Oh yeah...Thank Gawd. See ya in the Balcony.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
iRawk...therefore iPod!
New-To-Me Edition

Like old books, even music is "new" if you haven't heard it yet. Coming across more music in a 4GB clump made for a whole lotta "new" music for me. I love my current device although I'd love a bigger brain in order to have a better "radio" station. I had to exapnd the parameters of my "Recently Added" Playlist just to manage the influx. Most have not yet made the "airwaves" of WSUL, my favorite radio station. But here's just a few of the things that did make the DeeJay's booth...

Gang Starr, The Owners
Here's a humbling moment. With my trusty iPod usually playing aloud in shuffle mode, a track from this album came on when someone asked if this was "Guru"? I said, "no, it's Gang Starr". He then said, "Guru is one half of Gang Starr". So I replied, "then yes, it is Guru". I have a volume of "Hip Hop" now 752 tracks long. I had a hip-hip ephiphany in 2003 with Method Man & Redman's "Blackout"...and I haven't looked back.

Nina Simone, High Priestess of the Soul

Nina Simone, Wild is the Wind
Some of the Jewels of my growing collection are my Nina Simone albums. I simply love them.

Amy Winehouse, Back To Black
So far my favorite "new" album. So what with her personal problems...I actually think it's very "rock & roll" if you ask me but iDigress...
This album blew my socks off! I listened to it like a teenage...7 times in one week. It was infectious...groovy. Like Dionne Warwick-ish, Burt Bacharach-y...a splash of Etta James' shameless storytelling-in-song. And a 1950's Retro Sound. Image is everything in Pop Music...but it's the music that fuels Winehouse's act. I think I might be in for her 2003 initial release "Frank". This is hawt music, children. You'd do well to listen to this beehive haired, drama queen. That voice coming from a little British gal...wow.

Miller's Crossing Soundtrack
Carter Burwell's ambient music to my favorite gangster movie. I can quote along to it....what's the rumpus? I love it when this movie comes on cable...along with other Coen Bros movies like "Fargo" and "Raising Arizona" I can only do what a mere mortal enchanted by the flickering images: stay tuned and watch the rest trying not to piss off any company with my quoting.

And with all the iTunes loot I got over the holidays I also picked up a new game from the iTunes Store. The original Sonic The Hedgehog.

The actual first Sonic the Hedgehog video game. All 6 levels. The Real Deal...now on the iPod. I played the heck out of this game on the Sega Genesis gaming platform. It was the game that came with the system. I had a cat who was hypnotized my the action on the television. I spent hours of enjoyment beating this game...now I got it in the palm of my hand. I think this'll play better on the next iPod, when the current one eventually fails. Seeing the game sucks the life out of the battery with alarming quickness & the missing pixels of resolution hamper the pleasure of gameplay...at least I can see myself playing the whole thing on trips & commutes in the future.

Still my best friend & sidekick. I am perpetually plugged into my Great Gadget. Doctor Hooey recently just got turned onto the iPhone. This Great Gadget got Greater. He's let me play with it for a little bit...but he always seems to be drawn into in those in-between moments. Checking his GMail account, reading webpages...on his bloody iPod. Album Flow is actually pretty pissah. I'd still be against the iPod Touch...

...but Dr. Hooey & I saw someone on the Subway watching a video on the Gadget and it was an iconic device. From afar, I first mistook it for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) but when I saw the One Button...well. It was as if the Angels were preaching to the Choir. Maybe when its brain gets bigger...or when we can play games on it.


The Count:
6,092 tracks on my 5th Gen 30GB iPod Video
8,855 tracks on the iTunes
1 huge chunk of resolution missing from the equator of the backlit display
8 hours of battery life

Monday, January 14, 2008


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens gets emotional during a postgame news conference after losing to the New York Giants 21-17 in an NFC divisional playoff football game, Sunday, Jan. 13, 2008, in Irving, Texas.
(AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

I feel bad for the Cowboys...especially at the end of the game where Tony Romo's front line totally fell apart and left him for carrion & kites but for T.O.???

It couldn't have happened to a nicer douchebag.
Remember this?


Wednesday, January 09, 2008


January 9, 2008
By Rev. Sully

Warp Speed...Set Course for HAWT Wings!
aka: Spacing Out for the Gallery.

Power up the Warp Drive! Raise Shields! Set Lasers for Fun! It is Time to put on the Steel Tip Shoes. As the Dropkick Murphys sang in their ode to hockey "Time To Go", "time to tie down the jersey 'cuz it could get ugly tonight". To ascend to my rightful place with the Gallery Gawds. On January 17th, I will finally get to the Gahh-den for a an Original Six tilt versus the Toronto Maple Leafs. More importantly I an thrilled to be wingman to a True Bruins fan and HIS triumphant return to the Causeway Street Confines. Mike V., who I've mentioned in past PUCKs has finally come to terms with the Bruins and his Righteous Anger with them. And Mike V. is taking me to one of his games. Who am I to judge Mike's distain with our Beantown Bees...I hold onto a grudge tighter than pint of Guinness or a extra-crispy, extra-spicy Buffalo wing. Between the local ire for Harry Sinden, Jeremy Jacobs, a decade of intermittent lack-luster play, 18 years since a Stanley Cup Final, and the apparent mismanagement, misdirection & mis-coaching...those of us who stayed aboard can attest for the weightlessness of Zero-G. It's been a rocky ride on the Starship Black & Gold. In Zero-G, there is no "up", no "down" and no weight...akin to the feeling of being a Bruins fan. But a Game with two rowdy hockey hooligans? Your damn right I'm wearing the steel tip shoes and raising my shields.

The Stars Burn Bright!
HUZZAH! HUZZAH! Attend to this and Take Note: Bruins Captain Zdeno Chara has been elected to start in the 2008 All-Star Game. This will be the Big Zee's first time as a First Team Starter and his fourth ASG. Last year in the Skills Competition, Zee won the Hardest Shot Contest at 100.4 MPH. No word on if Bruins forward Marc Savard, who has slipped to 8th on the overall Points list, has made the ASG roster. Does Savard deserve to be in the Constellation? This PUCK believes so...but iDigress. Proof of that Pudding will be in the Telescope, eh?

Burnin' Up on Re-Entry!!!
I was watching the highlights on NHL Network's "NHL On The Fly: Final", the daily recap show this AM over coffee. I shied away from reading the Bruins/Hurricanes score in order to see the game crammed into a 2-minute segment. In the End, the Hurricanes won a hard-nosed match 1-0 but what I noticed was the newest edition to the Carolina roster: ex-Bruin 1st round draft pick & 1997-98 Rookie of the Year Sergei Samsonov. Samsonov signed with the Chicago Blackhawks after a stint with the Montreal Canadiens. This season, the former Russian Rocket's production has cooled off to the point that he was demoted, sent down to the Minors. So to the AHL Rockford (IL) IceHogs. He cleared waivers and had to report but was called back to the Blackhawks a few days later , probably due to the numerous names filling up Chicago's Injured list. On the way back up to the NHL, Sergei was exposed in the Re-Entry Waiver Wire therefore the Hurricanes were able to pluck this orange off the tree on its way to market. I noticed on the recap show hearing the play-by-play announced say "Samsonov" then noticing the hunched-over skating style and wheelin' & dealin' puck handling. Samsonov was once forecasted to be one of the game's Elite. Let's hope for him he can recapture some of his former glory and catch fire...not burn up on re-entry, eh?

Well...my Countdown has begun. It's time to get back to the old barn and sit upon high to watch the Greatest Game on Planet Earth. Last time the Stanley Cup came to Boston was the same year a man last walked on the Moon...let's hope the Bruins' Cup chances fare better than the Space Program.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
Hey Boys! Happy New Year and all the rest!

I've recently returned from a week relaxing on the beach.
(one of 3 beaches within 30 sec-5 mins walk from my tent)

Having recently had knee reconstruction I was a little concerned as to how I would cope, but it was a breeze and the knee is feeling good! My Physio has requested that I back off a bit. I'm making the rest of his patients look bad.

While away I devoured a couple of books originally intended for Chris. I think you boys might like them too. Completely interlaced with mythology and supersition surrounding well-known ancient artifacts and sites, and loaded to the gills with action and really creative ways of, well, killing people. It's basically like reading a really good action film.

Anyway have a look next time your passing by the book store:


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...One More Brand New Day to Get Used to the "new" Spider-Man Story

"Wait...what just happened?", I asked the Comics Gnome.

"Read the page", he sez.

"I did...I'm still confused. I feel as Billy did in high school when we went to see "Total Recall". He kept asking us if they were on Earth or on Mars and we said "Pluto". Is Spidey on Pluto now?", I scratch my freshly shaven head in wonder.

"Yes, kid. Spidey's on Pluto with Pluto from Disney...don't be obtuse! Read it again...I gotta go get the new funnybooks to POOT tomorrow. Get some of that coffee if you can.", and exunt as the Bard Spake...

I personally own about 510 issues out of the 546 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN magazines published. So I left the new, earth-shattering "One More Day" storyline cold. I wasn't feeling it, neither was teh Gnome since he decided not to POOT the rest after Part 1.

It's my feelings that continuity is a double-edged sword. Sure the accumulation of stories are great but it becomes cumbersome when it's necessary to understand what's going on. Examples: DC Comics and all their CRISES...also the wonderfully accessible ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN by Brian Michael Bendis. DC every 20 or so years reshapes it's status-quo. ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN has a primer page full of copy to catch the reader up to what's going on in the story arc but all you really have to know is that 15 year-old high school student Peter Parker got bit by a radioactive bug...and with Great Power comes Great Responsibility. Actually, late, great DC editor Julius Schwartz said it's good to clean out all the old stories every 20 years or so to make room for new stories. What happened 20 years ago in Spidey? He got married to that nice gal Mary-Jane Watson. What happened last year in the MARVEL Superhero CIVIL WAR? Spidey made his identity public. And because of that, Aunt May was almost killed. What happened?

The short version is this: MJ & Peter made a deal with the Devil. Mephisto, the MARVEL version of the Devil with astounding powers exchanged the Parker's marriage in return to save Aunt May from certain death from a gunshot wound (meant for Spidey).

The Comics Gnome is kinda alright with it. I'm a little leary but accept it as par of the creative process. J. Michael Straczynski is leaving AMAZING SPIDER-MAN after almost 8 years of writing the magazine. And in a way...it's cleaned out everything he wrote in order for the next writers to make new Spidey stories. So that's a double-edged sword as well, I guess. JMS' AMAZING SPIDER-MAN got me back reading the magazine...his work along with John Romita, Jr.'s pencils I thought was the bee's knees. JR Jr. grew up in NYC and really made the City the Second Biggest Character in the book. Opening a JMS/JR Jr. Spidey is like stepping off the $15 Fung Wah Bus...Chinatown to Chinatown (Boston-NYC).

What did the Deal with the Devil do to the Big Spider-Man over-story?

I'll tell you what the Comics Gnome told me. Don't be obtuse...read the page. Actually it's a good primer on this reset button hitting event. Who knows...maybe I'll start buying it again. It is after all a Brand New Day, eh?

Link to a larger, more readable version...art by John Romita, Jr. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #546


Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Best 25 Sci-Fi Movies & TV from the Past 25 Years!

Hey! Check it out...this King Geek actually agreed with 22 out of 25 in this list...

Can you guess the three I didn't like?

And then the update of Reader's Picks of Glaring Omissions!

Enjoy...and chime in, fellow geeks!


Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Comics Gnome POOTS what's at Stake...

The continuations of the Buffy-verse are in Print! Bring your garlic, crosses and wooden 2X4s, there's bound to be a bunch of dusting. I gotta worry about my asthma so the Gnome packed a puffer & and dust mask but iDIgress...

Joss Whedon returns for a stand-alone in this great direction for the future of the franchise. Looking forward to this one every month. Wouldn't you if you were a Buffy-fan? Brian K. Vaughan did an excellent job in "No Future For You" and I look forward to his and Joss' new stories.

ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL #2 (aka Angel Season 6)
Joss Whedon heled to plot and Brian Lynch writes the official continuation of the BUFFY spin-off ANGEL. This one is so new...I have to hold off on judgement. So far...not overwhelmed. Not underwhelmed. Can a person be...you know...just "whelmed"? Will there be any cross-overs to a Buffy: Season 9? Do the Math, Mouthbreathers...TV's ANGEL Season 5 crossed over with BUFFY SEASON 8 in a way.


January 3, 2008
By Rev. Sully

Happy New Year!!!
aka: "Hnidy-night" to 2007

Baby New Year is sitting on the sofa...staring at me. Does it want another bottle? Does he need a diaper changing? Is he fussy? Does he need a nap? I dunno. I'm sitting just here with Baby New Year. I think I'll make him watch the Greatest Game Ever Played. Maybe we'll watch the replay of the 2008 Winter Classic.

In their throwback jerseys, the game even went to the Shootout.

73,000 people came out in the snow to Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the NFL Football Buffalo Bills to experience outdoor hockey. The football arena was converted into an ice hockey rink. The Sabres played host to the Pittsburgh Penguins on New Year's Day. NBC showed the game in its entirety...thank the Gallery Gawds that there was no horse racing that day but iDigress...

Fans in the Stands in Buffalo, Jan. 1, 2008.

And I thought the Boston Gallery Gawds were hardcore...this takes the cake, eh?

It was a time trip indeed to see the NHL Pros playing in the snow. Huge flakes fell to the ice across my color HDTV Screen. The ice needed care and attention such as I'm giving to this burping, pooping, cooing Baby New Year. Periods were cut in half as to attend to patching pot holes as big as ones found on Storrow Drive...and to switch ends as to give no advantage to the wind. I recalled two distinct memories of nature-made hockey. When we were kids in South Boston, in Columbia Park we'd open a fireplug and flood a field. For days afterward, if it was as cold as it is today in Beantowne Faire at a whopping 10 degrees Fahrenheit...for days afterward we'd play shinny. Years later I was working at the bar "where everybody knows your name"...the Bull & Finch/Cheers Bar. The little bar that was the inspiration for the NBC sitcom "Cheers" and the actual location for location shots. No interiors were used save the "feel" of the pub itself. Nonetheless the bar was across the street from the Public Garden, where the Duck Pond is contained. Before the city started draining the pond in the Winter, it was a great place to play a little shinny. I'd have to work a swing shift on Sundays, meaning 12Noon to whenever the volume died out enough to be dismissed for the evening. But on winter Sundays I'd show up at 9AM and skate on the frozen Duck Pond...and I'd so happen to bring my stick and a few pucks. And I'd so happen to run into a few people. Usually two kids and one or two guys. We'd use our shoes as goal markers. Have you ever known the feeling of going to retrieve a loose puck and have your skate plunge through the thin ice and be saturated up to your calf? Then play the rest with a saturated skate. My knees would be killing me by the mid-afternoon but God...was it worth it.

One of my newer addictions is a little thing on my Cable TV service. A Station called the "NHL Network". "All Hockey, All the Time". You got that right...now over morning coffee, I get "NHL on the Fly: Final", the recap show instead of ESPN's "SportsCenter". As of writing this Smoking PUCK, I'm treated to an afternoon International tilt: Russia vs. Czech Republic in the 2008 IIHF World Junior Championship. Even the referees have product placements on their zebra shirts. It's the huge Olympic-sized ice surface and I'm probably looking at some of the NHL's future talent when I look up from my word processor. One thing I take with a grain of salt is that everytime I turn this station on, they show on their commercials for a history lesson Darryl Sittler's 10 point game from 2/7/1976. It was 6G-4A-10 points for the Maple Leaf...but it was against the Bruins so I still wince when I see it. That individual record for most points by one player in a game still stands today in this New Ice Order. Albeit, I still watch this station with rapt attention and look away when it sickens me...especially the ads for the DVDs of the 1994 New York City (PATOOOOIE!!!) Rangers hoisting Lord Stanley's Tupperware.

The Thin Blue Line Gets Thicker!
Bruins management shipped underused forward Brandon Bochenski
to the Anaheim Ducks for the rugged and one-time "wickid" scary defenseman Shane Hnidy. Hnidy, pronounced "nighty" started this season in Orange County and previously played 3 seasons in Ottawa with current Bruins captain Zdeno Chara. Hnidy used to be a holy terror when starting his career in Ottawa...during 02-03 season, this "Hnid-mare" racked up 130 Penalties-In-Minutes in 67 games played, and in 03-04 amassed 82 PIM in 46GP. The cement in his head must have cooled off a bit journeying from Ottata a season in Nashville, a duo in Atlanta and starting this year in Anaheim, Shane's "offensive" numbers have dropped like gloves coming in at 126 PIM in the past 2 1/2 seasons. But let us Gallery Gawds welcome Hnidy to the Black & Gold...this PUCK thinks he'll fit in quite well with Coach Claude Julien's hard-nosed style. I'd like to see a return to Shane's playing that made me notice him when he was a Senator.

East versus West in Terms of Style!
The New All-Star Jerseys have been released. The 56th All-Star Game will be held in Atlanta, home of the Thrashers. Originally slated for the 2005 location, “the Long Offseason” took care of that thought. I have yet to vote for my favorite players but I'm hoping Milan Lucic rips up the rookie game. Maybe even Marc Savard will assume his rightful place in the Constellation. For the Record, Marc Savard is 4th overall in NHL assists with 34 helpers. Wouldn't #91 look stunning in this new RBK EDGE jersey, eh?

Eastern Conference

Western Conference

Uh oh, I think Baby New Year needs a feeding, changing and a nap. He's getting grumpy. I told him not to worry...we put a car seat on the Gahh-den Zamboni. That cheered him up. Maybe I'll get him a Teddy Bear from the Pro Shop when I finally get to a game later this month.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year everyone!!

Matt...Congrats!!! Get ready for one helluva ride!