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The Tao of Sully

Part 4: On Use of Metaphor...

Once again, I find myself using Metaphor for description. In everyday spiritual things...
I find for every Holy book I read from any culture or part of the World, I find more & more usage of metaphor. It's Universal...or maybe more narrow! It's all too Human...

So in the Spirit of the New Year, Respecting Change, Recognizing Suffering, Slaking Desire (this one I dunno...I see it as Dharma nonetheless)...

I ended up reusing this phrase twice to friends with kids in this year's holiday email.

I hope the kids are behaving and you're cranking out base hits on life's curveballs.


Saturday, December 20, 2008


December 20, 2008
By Rev. Sully

'Twas the PUCK Before Christmas And All On The Ice...
aka: Hope Eternal for Spring!

I've hung my Christmas stocking over the mantle. Well seriously I don't have a mantle but there is my closet door with a thumbtack. I should get a camera so I can photo-document. Because my stocking is Black & Gold and sez "BRUINS" on it. And all I want for X-Mas is Consistency. Because if the Bruins can be a consistent team, we could fulfill the Boston Dominance of Championships. Seriously, the Bruins are Very Good this season. I only want more of the same. I'm entertained to my toes.

Also it's time for the bench to become heavy with injuries. Good thing this year has a lot to do with the Coach. The goalies are doing their piece as well. Nonetheless hope burns bright here at the Smoking PUCK! Hope for Boston hockey well into Spring...the Second Season. Presently, the subject of a post-season can be a realistic topic. With a little consistency, the Bruins could even have Home Ice Advantages. 32 games into the year and the Bruins number in the Loss Column is still in the single digits. There are 52 games remaining in the season, lots of hockey still to be played. All we can do is keep going to games and watching hockey. And keep hope burning eternally for Spring Hockey, especially on such a snowy Beantown day. It's a real hockey kinda day. Cold, snowy, icy? Think these conditions frighten a hockey fan. We Say to Thee, "nay".

On a snowy Saturday afternoon, the Bruins accumulate a 13 home win streak with a win over the Carolina Hurricanes...in front of the Magic Number: 17,565. A Full House in the TD Banknorth Gahhden. A little snow doesn't get the "real" fans down. But really, nothing fills this house as a winning team does and that's evident on a snowy Saturday Matinee. I've seen this house deader than Caesar for Snowy Day Games...it's good to see the people come out. Such as Santa Claus, the Bruins need to make a big trip, delivering PUCKS into nets on the road like presents into chimneys.

Another great game! The Bruins go on a five game road trip and won't be on Home Ice until next year. But with a great playoff in April to end last season and the tremendous start to this season, 2008 has been a great year for Bruins Hockey. I'll get to watch a little more hockey the next few weeks but only on the teevee for the rest of the year, eh? Happy Holidays! And See You Next Year from the PUCK!


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
iRawk...Therefore iPod!

Snowed-In X-Mas Variety Show Edition!!!

The wait for my Chinese food was unbearable! I was getting steamed! Couldn't they see I was STAHHVIN'??? The Snow was coming down in sheets from the Sky! I was entering Minute Twenty-Two of my wait...I'd also called ahead. I'm a regular to boot. I love Chinese Food and this place is around the cornah. As Charlie Brown would say, "Arrrrrrghhh!!!". So instead of reacting badly, I got myself into their line of sight...and I started a Tetris game. I almost got to Level 3 when my big, brown bag arrived at the counter. My attention was occupied. "motherboxxx" was once again earning her spot on my Futility Belt...

I've been rawkin' Playlists like a FuddahMuckah lately...I've been using the Click Wheel menus to tweak my 24 Hour Party Playlist. It's a killer mix, I don't mind spinning it. But when I hear something I want to take off, I add it to a "On-The-Go" Playlist with the Center Button. I'll also do this for songs I wish to add while listening to a straight shuffle. The Art of Tweezing. The 24 Hour Party Mix though...listening to it right now and I'm dancing around my kitchen in my socks to Harry Belafonte.

Another Playlist I love to play aloud this time of year is my Holiday Music list. I've found one thing in life is my apparent superpower to smuggle my music into whatever action I'm doing...such as work. I'm a cook in two very solitary jobs so I'm allowed a small radio. Old fashioned radios too with cassette fronts. I got the little old style cassette-with-a-headphone-jack and that's my iPod Dock. Nonetheless I have a really rockin' Holiday Mix. I have a few Spanish tunes such as "Burrito de Belen", a very Latin American cultural X-Mas song. I work with a lot of Spanish people and we all grove to it and sing along. Gringos just don't get the "tukki-tukki-tukki-tukki!"...but iDigress...

The iTunes Store is the North Pole of the IntrePoop. Once every few days I check in to see which nearly awful free Holiday tune is available. So far I got Sarah Maclachlan singing Silent Night and Faith Hill singing Oh Holy Night. ...I didn't think I liked this music much but I bought it three days ago, cheap. And iTunes tells me I've listened to it 6 times.

A Charlie Brown Christmas by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. 16 tracks of complete nostalgia for $4.99. I have a few friends that love Charlie Brown. I do have a big place in my heart for Charles Schultz' "Peanuts" as Sequential Art. It's still published in the newspapers and online. It was the longest story ever told by one human being. And it helped coin "the funnies".
But I never got into the animated Charlie Brown.
At all.
It bored me.
It sounds like secular profanity. Like spitting on Ground Zero. Like saying McVeigh was Right. Ewwww. That Grosses me out just typing it. I'm a Patriotic kinda guy. Like Saying Steroids in Baseball is Good for The Sport. Like Being Anti-Union on a Union Job. A Secular Profanity. Something profane is outside the sacred. But something Profane and taking quasi-religious umbrage? Scary. Like Not Liking Charlie Brown. That was me...a Most Profane Child. Other people would be like, "you don't like Charlie Brown???" and look at me quizzically.
Today...this album "A Charlie Brown Christmas" takes me away and back Somewhere. It's gentle, soothing and seasonal. Jazzy freedom with literally majestic evocative feelings & themes. It makes me happy and dance in my kitchens, co-workers just look at me funny. As the Spanish say, "Yo Soy Quien Soy". I also have the 12 Days of Christmas in a Spanish version I bought off the iTunes Store last X-Mas. This year, I animate my Mix with a little Charlie Brown. I still wouldn't watch it but I can dig it while I'm doing dishes. Too bad I only got 5 more days to enjoy. December 26th...the Holiday Music comes off. Activated Black Friday! The Real Holiday Season...now if someone would tell that to the FM Radio stations playing X-Mas Music since Hallowe'en... I'm talking to you, Paul Perry!!! Loren & Wally!!!

I haven't got a hardcase for my iPod yet but I know which one I'm getting. More on that after I get it. Please No Suggestions. I think you'll be quite pleased with the result. I've resisted impulse buying the wrong one 'cuz it's scary to go around without a case. Dropping, scratching the display. My previous iPod, Solaris the Tyrant Sun had a rubber case by Speck. I swore buy that Product although I'm trying something new this time.

I'm digging getting video games for the iPod Classic from the iTunes Store. It's a little different than the Apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. A different interface. But my iPod has the apparent power & memory-saving of my old Sega Genesis. I bought a replacement copy of Tetris. Also an iPod version of one of my favorite all-time games, "EA Tiger Woods Golf". I'm convinced the iPod Classic could play and enjoy something like "Super Mario 3", the legendary NES game. Or any of the DragonBall Z games I enjoy on my old GameBoy Advance! I'm thrilled with the possibilities. Maybe they'll take suggestions.

I'm also taking advantage of watching videos. Dr. Horrible? Yes! Now it's time to learn to quote it!
For $3.99...the price of a funnybook I got a Season Pass of a TV show. the MTV animated adaptation of IMAGE's "INVINCIBLE" by Robert Kirkman. 5 episodes, all about 15 minutes each. As Billy was fond of saying in situations such as these, "bonus!"

Wish me Good Luck and Genki...I seem to be fighting a weeks' long battle with a Wet Cough. I'm fighting it with anti-biotic this weekend since developing a bad cough since a debilitating head/chest cold Thanksgiving Weekend. My Holiday Season doesn't sound "ho ho ho!"...it's "hack-hack-hack"!!! But there's a lot of Holiday Music I enjoy and get to play for others. It's really helping with my holiday spirit...I could so easily be a Grinch and Bah Humbug! Especially with a healing broken hand, a revolving cold and no time to rest. Instead...iRawk Therefore iGo.

From iRawk to You All...Feliz Navidad!


The Count:
9,119 to-go with motherboxxx in my pocket
21 Videos
7 Games
124 Photos

Bettie Page dead.

Deep Throat dead.

The Future of the Auto industry as of today...dead.

All Things That were important to America but ran their natural courses...


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Smoking PUCK Haiku Moment...

For Victory!
by Eric O'Sullivan
December 15, 2008

he shoots...he scores, Phil!!!
Esposito or Kessel?
Doesn't Matter Now...

I've started having thoughts about sports poetry, which I believe is a strongly influential force in Boston sports team victories. Specificly, I've been thinking about how much fun it would be to see Thornton and the Sharks skate against the Bruins for the cup. It's still wishful thinking, but...

Saturday, December 13, 2008


December 13, 2008
By Rev. Sully

Still Smoking After All These Years!
aka: Top of the World, Watch Your Balance...

Last night was a great night for the Smoking PUCK...I watched the 3rd period of the Bruins 7-3 victory over the Atlanta Thrashers at the bar. I was planning on watching "Bruins in 2" at Midnight when I got home and wanted to be oblivious to the score. Impossible in a crowded Friday Night bar. I had another pint of Guinness...I was stewed! Polluted! Snookered! A Little Wasted! I had to walk it off at the end of the night with a 30 minutes stroll home in the crisp December air with my iPod, motherboxxx. Earlier in the evening, I got to get Bruins Loud!!! Bruins Loud is a volume of my voice...I can project my Irish Whisper from Years of games in the Gallery. In addition to a huge win, the Bruins also got into 4 fights. One by sophomore sensation Milan Lucic who also had a goal and an assist. In the World of Hockey, this feat is defined as the Gordie Howe Hat Trick.

I'm lucky I didn't get into any scraps myself. When I get drunk, I can get a little annoying. I did get Bruins Loud. But it wasn't at the Bruins game. I was at a concert. Cheech & Chong at the Orpheum. Their first tour in 27 years. It was fun. It was like going to a rock & roll show...and I treated it as such! I had a six pack of Brain Grenades before we left. I paid $26 for 2 pretzels & two beer. I also had a joke mantra of buying a $50 tee shirt. Well, the tee shirt I wanted was $40. There was a really nice tie-dye tours shirt for $50...I was right. But I kicked in $10 more for the embroidered hoodie zip sweatshirt for $60. I refer it as my new "Smoking Jacket". Perfect for writing the PUCK! Huzzah! I was convinced Cheech & Chong could hear me if I was loud enough. Our seats were pretty good...not close but center & low. I so thought they could hear me...I was as raucous as the kids on the Red Line in the AM going to school.

12 Players with 10+ points...spreading the action all over the ice. Balance in all four departments; forward playing "High-Lo", defensive-minded shot blocking, great goaltending tandem and solid coaching. First in Goals. First in Goals Against Average. First in the Eastern Conference. Every year could be "The Year"...especially when you play like this. The Bruins will earn themselves the Playoffs if they remain consistent...that's where numbers get wonky and take on a life of their own when infused with luck & playoff beards. Anything can happen in the Playoffs...I keep this in mind when I hear the glad-handing in the light of a good season. The Bruins will go as far as they can...and we're all thinking they will get pretty are this season.

I'm finishing up my Chinese delivery, cracking open another Miller Lite and getting ready for face-off for game 2 of the home-and-home against the Atlanta Thrashers. Bruins are looking for their 11th straight home win. Wish I was there with Meathead & His Missus. But I needed a little R&R after suffering a whole week of a wet cough & the burden of a broken hand. My plaster splint came off yesterday to boot so it was a good day to celebrate. 4 weeks in plaster & Ace Bandages...Tool has a song called "Stinkfist"...I think I just lived it. Ewwww. The first thing I did was wash, scrub and trim my nails. I have to keep the ring & pinky fingers taped together below the knuckle...but man, it's good to hand both hands back. No more punching walls while wasted. I'm a jerk sometimes when drunk, I had it coming. Ask the Cheech & Chong crowd around me. I was Bruins Loud! There was a sing-along to "Up In Smoke"...hey they had the lyrics on the screen. I was getting dirty looks from the ladies to the left of us. Hey...I was showing my appreciation. That's what we do in Beantown, eh? People to the Right of me tried to stare me down as I was quoting along at the top of my lungs. I wasn't having it. I wasn't trying to annoy them, get their attention or sully their experience. I was having a wickid pissah time. Oh well.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...FINALly gettin' on with it...

FINAL CRISIS #5 (of 7) finally is released upon the world.

Recap: Evil Won.
Now the cavalry is coming to Earth.

I'm gonna love this issue. I am a huge Grant Morrison fan...and a Green Lantern fan.

I've been arguing "funnybook plot devices as metaphor" with another fan on the IntrePoop. A la Grant Morrison (and incidentally Warren Ellis).

I even told Warren Ellis about because I was having a bad day until I read the first six pages of Final Crisis #5. The funnybook filled me with Taoist Calm...willpower only works when you can think. Willpower will get you out of any bad day.

So I chimed in on Warren Ellis about the discovery of supermassive black hole at the Milky Way galactic center...after reading the next 7 pages. Sheeeesh...
rev sully- Your comment is awaiting moderation. December 10th, 2008 at 3:19 am

Wow…just imagine how space/time is being crushed & crumpled at the Event Horizon as well as matter & light!!! I wonder if the accretion disc that jets matter…if there is an equal force churning out new seconds! And

Sorry…I’ve been in the suds & buds reading Grant Morrison. I’ve been arguing with another fan on IntrePoop if the Bleed is a metaphor. Shit…

This post was not accepted. Mr. Ellis is a Big Mean Jerk. But I'll still buy his funnybooks. Maybe because I made no sense...maybe it's because he hates talking DC.

Please return to your seats...the Final Act Begins...exunt:

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...Finally a Superhero a Kid Can Watch!

I've been turned onto two newer animated shows...I blame TiVO.
Now, I geek out over Saturday Morning Cartoons. That was a sacred place in Space/Time for me...the rug with an old-fashioned lie-down TV set within the span of a decade. Over those years were several renditions of the major superhero properties. Live-Action and animated versions of Batman, Superman and Spider-Man were the staples of Saturdays & Syndication. Even the comicbooks the heroes came from were more kid-friendly than your average monthly title these days.

What happened to kids reading comics? The focus isn't on the checkout counter...it's on the fanboy. It takes itself too seriously. And barely possesses a joie-de-vive as it used to in the naive Silver Age.

Nonetheless...the formula still works although the medium shifts.
Since TiVO, aka the DVR in your cablebox...watching your shows at a whim is just a few keystrokes away. I've been watching on the CW Network...
The Spectacular Spider-Man

Swing into it!
What a great show!!!
A PG version of Brian Michael Bendis' ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, a 15-year old Peter Parker, high school sophomore with a 10PM curfew. It's modern, hip and really kinetic. Great eyes on the Spider mask...it's what cartoons the emotive effect. Snappy dialog & mid-fight quips.

Spidey & JJJ get something straight...Every character is at their iconic best. Robbie, Betty & Ned, Flash, Kong & Liz, Harry, Norman & Gwen. MJ & May.
Especially the Spidey's rogue gallery of villains.

The Black Costume...explained better than the recent movie "Spider-Man 3". It favors the Bendis Ultimate Eddie Brock version over the movie or comics origin & relationship. Spidey spent a good 3-4 episodes in Black...slowly building towards Venom. Good stuff here.
Saturday mornings, the CW Network, 9AM-10AM EST...or TiVO it!

On the other side of the dial, we have over at the Cartoon Network...
Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Imagine if you can...Batman just being Batman. Sigh of relief! The Brave & The Bold is a team-up concept that paired Batman with anybody from the DC roll of heroes. Every episode Batman will have a different team up.

By the way, Batman is voiced by comedic actor Dietrich Bader. It's what got me to tune in...what got me hooked were these great, universal, fun stories. Once again, super kid friendly...it is a Friday primetime show.

Did you wonder where the kids stuff was in comics? It's definitely not out there in print every Wednesday for an average $2.99/issue...but it is out there. Feel joy once again as the superheroes right wrongs without the burden of a soap opera.

Both properties benefit from motion picture releases and a magnitude of children's wears. Boys tend to like Spider-Man...I see it all the time in the preschool I cook in. Spidey is huge...red, blue with webbing. I try to identify artist such as Mark Bagley whose Ultimate Spider-Man graces years worth of property products; paper plates, birthday cards, band-aids, et al. I ask them if they know how to say Spider-Man in Spanish. Then I tell 'em. Hombre Arana.
Batman is a close second. Usually the Dark Knight movie look/bat-symbol.

I like good stuff! I like entertainment! I still like cartoons! Whatever! It's good to know someone still cares enough about simple storytelling that includes a wide age range for these classic characters. I got hooked as a kid...there's hope for this generation with shows like these.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


November 27, 2008
By Rev. Sully

Torque-Qi...I'm All Wound Up!
aka: Lettuce Give Thanks....

Clever! I love Clever. It only goes so far though. Clever happens to be my primary superpower...such as the power of flight! What happens if you're fighting in a building though...

I love food. I totally dew. By the way, Mountain Dew is the official soft drink of South Boston, MA 02127...but iDigress...

If you're fighting in a building, you'd better be Milan Lucic. He impresses me more & more every game. He totally gets the drumstick today if he wants it. The other drumstick...we're all hockey animals...let's dump it in the corner & fight for it along the boards, eh?

I'm not eating today...until dinner. I'm looking forward to the Puck dropping on Thanksgiving Dinner. Last time I ate was a huge plate of General Xao's over white rice...I watched the Bruins last night in an excellent division tilt in Buffalo, NY. We lost a 3-2 game nonetheless there was a superb display of stellar, hustling, tough hockey...I believe it could have been a 6-2 loss if were not for the Soup-er goaltending of Tim Thomas. His partner Manny Fernandez is important in this first place dinner table. Two mistakes on the Bruins part could have made the a 2-1 win...it was a complete mouthful, lemme tell you.

Cheez...I'm Cracker-ing up again. I'm falling into old patterns of bad reactions to other people. But I'm Trying to Learn from Life and Learn from Hockey. I look at a player like #91 Marc Savard...before he came to the Bruins he was always missing something...it's referred to as "one-dimensional play". Now in his 3rd year in Black & Gold, he's seasoned, tougher and more complete. I look at myself and see "one-dimensional play" in my own professional life. I wince a little...then realize I too can develop into an All-Star.

By the Numbers...
In Boston Hockey, dispute resolution comes in the form of Shawn Thornton. Such as Milan Lucic needs to be playing on the ice with the rest of First Line...but Loooch needs to play like Loooch. That involves the opponents taking umbrage to being clobbered over & over again by young #17. Loooch is quite able to carve his own turkey...but being off the ice for 5 minutes when yer down 2 goals? Do the Math, Mouthbreather. If Down 3-1, #22 takes the 5. Thornton was a wise addition for the Bruins in this New Ice Order...post-lockout, post-Sinden. This Thornton really does eat his Spinach...and eats up the competition.

Happy Thanksgiving, OCHO!!! This is a great day for fun, family, friends and food. I look forward to a weekend of Turkey Sammiches and lots of hockey...I'm going to tomorrow's Black Friday Noon matinee versus the NY Islanduhs and Saturday Night, the defending Stanley Cup Champions & perennial first place Detroit Red Wings come to town. Hey...I'm a Ham! I ended upon the Gahhden Jumbotron again last week at the Florida Panthers game...who knows. Maybe this bald egghead will get on it again.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

iRawk...Therefore iPod


the iPod Classic 120GB in black...

motherboxxx lives.

you will now approach Escape Velocity With Me....

iFeel something. my over-sized head phones...I'm using the desk speakers as a pre-amp.
Jay-Z asks me if I'm Having Girl-Problems I feel bad, my son...I got 99 Problems but a _____ ain' one. Hit me. Thanks...

The Perfect Pop Song. And perhaps some very misunderstood lyrics. Otters & Seals. I Turn It Up wickid loud. Reminder not to sing in front of the dog anymore...

What the heck is a Mother Box anyhoo?

A Mother Box is a funnybook gadget. My inner mind is trying to giggleproof the name...

ahhh...it's good to have a gadget. I played a few rounds of beginners Chess on it during an In-Between Moment on an inbetween day. That noun is the only good contribution by the Cure. Just don't dig 'em. They'll always be Rush to me. I have neither. Mocking Is Far From Hate...

Johhny Cash advises against shooting old friends. I Agree...Although I Reserve The Right To Hate REM and Modest Mouse. Dammit.

Then perhaps my favorite KISS song. I Believe in Me. This Was Their Swan Song. but iDigress...

Which I do quite often. After my friends gave me an iPod for my grump's birthday I got a little emotional. I hate only a certain kind of birthday party...my own. They also threw me a heck of a party. Especially during the afternoon, cooking & preparing we played "YouTube Deejay". Little Julian made me cupcakes with candles to blow out. Dude...he's three years old! Julian's musical band was called "Rock On Rock"...and we sang Beatles songs together in the living room.

With the headphones on the floor, TOOL sounds like Space Invaders from the bed. "So good to see you...Prying open my 3rd Eye".

Clerks movie clip promotes expanding my horizons While Bill Hicks Suggests Burning Albums.

And to top it all off...I'm listening to my old Spanish lessons. I'm learning to speak Spanish. I listened to two today.

OK...it's time to put motherboxx down for the night. I hav...aw jeez. Tammy Wynette. Lady Stardust. Nina Simone...won't these women let a hard workin' man sleep.

The Count:
8,183 Songs
66.6 GB Free...I'm not making that up either so Throw The Goat

Monday, November 24, 2008

When do we get some pics of the broken hand... they should be posted for posterity you know. After all it should be well decorated with left-handed scribble by now.

PS. Happy Birthday, though it's belated.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

BATMAN R.I.P...Almost Finished!!!


Batman #113, 1958


go read now!
Batman #679, 2008

that's all...cryptic as all heck but if it infects your subconscious then I've done my job...
but remember...

from BATMAN #676...Red Skies of the Final Crisis...a preview of the next Batman & Robin team?
Wow... the Bruins had a spectacular comeback last night. Early scoring by the Sabres led them to a 3-1 lead at the end of the 1st, but the Bs came back and finished the game up 7-4 and leading the division by 6 points! Yowza. 7 wins in the last 8 games... could this be the year?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Didn't break the wall, huh? That sucks... all the frustration, pain, and dare I say regret without any of the visceral satisfaction of actually smashing something (metacarpals not withstanding).

Did you hit a stud, or just throw a punch like Brad Norton?

Sorry... couldn't resist. Take care of that paw.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Tao of Sully

Part 3:

On Kamma (Karma):

I Believe.

I Believe in Karma. I Have Proof! See?
No...Look Harder, Deeper. No...still don't believe me...look. It's in my hand...

Karma might be easier to define as what it isn't.
It's not what you might think it is. It's not what I think it is. Karma Just Is. And it's for us to accept it...not for us to mislabel for TrendySpeak. Karma is neither good nor bad...Karma is just Karma.

Saving "good" Karma...if the intention is selfish to make yourself appear better to others or even the HereAfter also the Here & Now to the Creator...then yes...that truly is Karma. Something to bind you to a cycle of rebirth to learn lessons...to purify one's soul I'd guess...

I'm looking at a literal Karma in my hand right now...it's swaddled in plaster & Ace bandage for the next 4-6 weeks. Such as kicking a dog and it biting you. Yes, very much Karma. Does the immediate reaction negate the volition of the initial action? So then the pond deepens...and we might need a raft.

When "bad" things happen...do we deserve them? Is Karma the Great Cosmic Excuse? Well...if we overthink it...of course it'll fall apart.
Subject to Decay are all Component Things. Karma is a "supramundane" thing...much like the cell walls of a tree leaf. It Just Is. It Works A Certain Way. A Cell Wall can be semi-permiable...it just lets in some liquids and lets some out. But a Cell Wall isn't to blame when the wind blows the leaf off the tree. Karma is like a nose; sometimes they run, sometimes they bleed, sometimes they're stuffy and most of the time it tells you something delicious is around. But is lack of the nose's sense to blame when we're punched in the face or fall flat on our faces?

Instead...I accept instinct when it informs me of karmic conditions. As the Dog Biting Man, breaking hearts/hearts broken, debt in this life/averice in a past...causes and effects. It's All the Same To Me.


November 16, 2008
By Rev. Sully

Put 'Em Up!!!
aka: I Got the Birthday Brews...

HUZZAH!!! I bring you the Dharma! The Overman! A Message From The Mountain!!! Well...the Truth is This. Hockey is the best thing you're not watching. Me neither! I had tix to Thursday's Bruins spanking of Les Habitants de Montreal...but my company needed the out. I'm praying for Rod to get better and live well. We got a few more of these Bruins games to go to. If the Congregation would be so kind to remember my mom's friend for Genki! That's Japanese for Good Health! SLAINTE!!! That's Gaelic for the same thing. I myself was faced with a choice of going to the game alone. I declined, bashfully. I'm kind of on the Injured List and wouldn't have been able to drink...quite sedated in a pharmacological sense. It's not as beer and Vicodin don't mix (ask Brett Favre then Heath Ledger...yikes!)...it's Sedate and Bruins don't jive...

Besides what life throws at me, I feel such potential...as if a chakra is on the verge of blossoming somewhere along my body's spiritual median. Although I'm quite literally off-balance right now though. I broke my Right Hand. True. I'm a boob. Boob is one of my favorite palindromes but iDigress...
The ER Triage nurse asked me, "what did I punch?"...not whom. It's called the Boxer's Fracture...the 5th metacarpal of my right hand. Wow...such cliches fill my 3rd Eye...such as "Always Lead With Your Left". Yes...I punched a wall. Yes...I had it coming. If you've seen me at Bruins games then you know I've probably earned this...oh well.

The Bruins have a little X-Factor in hand this November...earning First place in the NorthEast Division, deserving these roaring fans. This X-Factor is a syzygy of hard work, team trust & a brand of toughness befitting the Black & Gold. Let's also recognize the mix of good goaltending, the patience to capitalize on the opposition's errors and a pride that comes with standing up to anything...or anyone...

This week I earn my Scorpion's stinger and look at life...as Gurney Halleck sung, "review, review, review...". Don't dwell...I realized the error of my way as soon as my fist recoiled..at least I didn't put my hand through my bedroom door. Nonetheless, I must be Bruins Tough as well. I must adapt & adjust. Take everything I've learned and apply it in a smarter fashion...I'm a Cook with a broken writing/chopping hand. Was the frustration worth this? No. But must I go on? Oh yeah. What would you do if the score was 4-0 and you were losing with 15 minutes left to play? Huh? Hockey is Life...there are life lessons to be learned that apply off-ice. That there is definitely a time to "put 'em up"...just lead with your left!


Rev. Sully

PS This was typed one-handed...sheeeesh.

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

As I understand it Sully, Karma is more about this life than other lives, although that interpretation certainly varies with different religious traditions.

It's very much the result of your actions... not in an abstract spiritual hoodoo way, but in a very real and concrete sense. Karma is what you bring upon yourself as a result of your actions. It's not about divine blessings or punishment, but consequences and causal relationships. Karma means action, in the sense that what happens to you is your own doing.

If you kick a dog, and he bites you, that's your karma. Your action. You made that happen.

Likewise, if you give up your seat to an old lady and a cute girl is so impressed she asks for your number, that's not luck... it's the consequence of how you behaved. That's your karma.



HUZZAH... and yes Sully the playlist (or at least a large proportion of it was played! - the Monkey song was my favorite!).


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

iRawk...Therefore iPod!

Matrimony Edition!

I once told an old friend of mine...I don't think I'm getting married this lifetime. It's OK...it's my Karma. For all my sins against womanhood. Wait a sec...karma has more to do with a past life than this life. So I'll suffer my sins against womanhood in the next life not this one if the Subcontinent really did invent Dharma...but iDigress...
Really...at this point in the game, my relationship karma is a frakkin' minefield.

Nonetheless...I take great joy in weddings and seeing my friends get hitched.

Meathead got married last year. He deserves it. Melissa's awesome!
Matt got hitched back in 2005. He deserves it. Jill's awesome!
And Leah got married this past Sunday. She deserves it. Chris is awesome!

Sometime it works. Sometimes it doesn't. I'd share more but that would be talking out of school. Sometimes it doesn't work but then God looks at your pathetic @$$ and takes mercy on you. Sometimes you outright deserve happiness and find it...Dr. Hooey did. He's on his second wife. So is my friend Keith. They're the happiest with themselves and with their spouses they've been in their lives. I only wish I can see Keith with his Missus more. It's good to reconnect with old friends...

Leah got married where she lives. New Zealand. It's where Chris is from. It's where she put down roots. I felt terrible I couldn't fly 1/2 way around the to attend her wedding. But I did get to send her an MP3 DVD full of music I hope she got to play at her reception...perhaps I could be honorary DeeJay in lieu of being there in body if not soul. She needed Wedding Music. We talked about it via email. I suggested I raid my Mighty iTunes and make the Perfect Wedding Mix...which I did. 132 songs long. Almost 8 hours. They'd only need a few hours but hey...sometimes these parties go all night long. I personally roll with the "24 Hour Party Mix" playlist just in case. Have you ever partied for a day straight? Meathead, Mario...I'm talking to you. We have...we know it's possible.

So I sat and stewed for days. Pondering...the Ultimate Party. More than a scant 24 hours of music...a wedding! What would you choose? Well...something to dance to! I filled it with the best dance musics possible courtesy of Dr. Hooey, CUBAN MUSIC! Buena Vista Social Club type!

Also plenty of Frank Sinatra. The Way You Look Tonight...a very fitting tune seeing how beautiful she looked on her wedding day. I've Got You Under My Skin. The Best is Yet To Come. Love & Marriage...also the theme to the Bundy's, FOX's "Married...With Children" sitcom. FRANK! C'mon...her maiden name was "Bellando"...Eye-talian...

Madonna...I love Madonna. One of my first real record albums was "Like A Virgin". She's as Metrosexual as I get nowadays besides the Aveeno scrub I use on my shaved head. Justify My Love, Deeper & Deeper.

Blondie...I don't know why but I piled up Debbie Harry & Co. on this disc. One Way or The Other. Tide is High. Dreaming. Atomic. It's just good party music.

A little bit of Astrud Gilberto...the Brazilian/German jazz singer of the 1960s. You'll know her when you hear her and already love her...famous for her version of "The Girl From Impanema".

So...I keep thinking about marriage. Maybe it's really good I'm not married. Or probably never will be. Listen, honestly I got really crazy behavior on my dad's side of the family. I mean...crazy. Maybe it's good that it stops with me. Maybe that's God's Plan. If that is...then I have to be alright with it or lest I end up a German existentialist. Heh!

But I am grateful for my wealth of friends. And that they are getting hitched...and reproducing because the world needs more good people in it.
Just like you.


The Count:
Still iPod-less...
Looking forward to a 120GB Classic for XMas

Monday, November 10, 2008

What's even cooler though? Leah got married! Woo hoo! Congratulations to the happy couple!

I got to go to Saturday night's game against the Sabres as a guest of the Bruins, thanks to my cousin who works for the Bruins' Charitable Foundation. We didn't have seats, but we had plenty of access, so we all ended up on the 9th floor, watching the game with the press. It was great! Not only did they have an announcer making sure you caught all the important details, but they had stat chicks come around after each period with the official NHL numbers for each player. It was sweet, and the view from directly above the ice is incredible!

Saturday, November 08, 2008


November 8, 2008
By Rev. Sully

What's Brewin'?...Not Bear, Beer!!!
aka: Original Six Month???

Can you dig it? The Boston Bruins get to play All Other Five Teams of the Original Six in the Month of November...what a Birthday present! Yours Truly is a Scorpio with a mid-month B-Day. This coming Wednesday, the Beantown Bees play the Blackhawks in Chicago...then play the Montreal Canadiens the next night on home ice. The following game is against the NYC (Patoooie!) Rangers that Saturday night also to end the month of November on the 29th, the defending Stanley Cup Champions Detroit Red Wings. From 1941 until 1967, these were the only six teams in the NHL. The season ranged between 40-50 games then...no wonder why there were so many fights. Does not the old cliche say, "familiarity breeds contempt". These days the league is 30 teams large and 82 games deep...the fisticuffs have pretty much stayed regardless of how many trees are hugged by non-fan JAFOs.

I've taken to every time sophomore sensation Milan Lucic touches the PUCK...I bellow at the top of my Asthmatic lungs..."LOOOCH!!!" This young man embodies Boston Bruins Hockey. Tough, smart, big & bad. He's complete. He's also a staple on the First Line. It's also an esoteric Hockey thing...such as the Montreal Canadien fans. They're savvy and follow the gameplay closely. I noticed this last year...it was the 2007/08 NHL season and the American Dollar was as weak as a newborn baby. I was attending two games last season versus Les Habitants de Montreal and I noticed when captain Zdeno Chara touched the Puck...every Canadiens fan in My House would "boooooo!!!". I think it had something to do when he was an Ottawa Senator to boot. I simply have to do my part...especially seeing my next game is next Thursday against Les Habs...and those Habs fans ALWAYS show up. Hey...I don't mind 'em as the other Gallery Gawds do. I actually like them a bit. Sometimes I really think Boston fans love to hate the opposition more than they like watching the game...but iDigress...
But lemme tell you something about "LOOOCH!"...as of 8:30PM tonight he leads the teams with 51 hits. He really finishes "checks"...and Swedes and Yanks and Canucks and Finns and Russkies...he an Equal Opportunity Hitter. Hey...he scored his first hat trick this year. And he's Bruins Tough. I'm sure that LOOOOCH will be my next jersey...should I wait for the Big Contract? NAH!

Well...what's the Buzz. I'm brewin' beer with Posty tomorrow. Actually it's already brewed, now we have to bottle it. It's a Black Licorice stout...my attempt at a dessert beer. Last beer we brewed together was a Vanilla/Smoked Bourbon stout which will be ready to drink on Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Friday though I'll be at the Garden for the NYI Noon matinee. I better watch my buzz at the game...lots of kids at Matinees. There's an odd equal of the amount of beer I drink against the amount of vulgarity that come from this Loud Mouth.

Speaking of having a mouth...what am I doing talking to you??? I should be paying attention to the Bruins game! Playing against division rival Buffalo Sabres and vying for FIRST PLACE??? The Boston Bruins? The Whipping Boys of Boston Sports Culture? You betcha! I'm gonna go watch the rest of my game...drink the rest of my beer and eat the rest of my pizza. And sleep the rest of the night so I can enjoy bottling home"bru" Sunday.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
101 Things That Should Not Exist:

46. Catholic School Closings in Boston:
How can a neighborhood such as South Boston consider itself to be proud Irish-Catholic when its Parochial Schools has been widdled down to One. Gate of Heaven is closing it's well...Gates. It will be merged with St. Brigid's. I went to Catholic schools as a kid. There's a lot to it so I'm taking this one personally. On the other hand, Change is the Essence of the Cosmos so what am I bitchin' 'bout...

47. Electoral College Even after Obama:
Look...landslides are great but the Electoral College was established when America was about 1/8th its current geographical size and WAY before the Civil War when the US was a Union of States & Commonwealths with a weak Federal Government versus a Nation with a Huge, Intrusive Federal Government. Not to mention the Information/IntrePoop Age has done much to wipe clean the lines of congressional districts into socio/political cliques of Ideals. Isn't it time to try Presidential Politics with a Popular Vote? Hasn't the Age of the Electoral College passed? Popular Vote in 2008 was Obama 65,340,608, McCain 57,358,053 opposed to Electoral Votes Obama 365 (projected), McCain 162 (projected). Obama still would have won, you know.

48. Christmas Music in the First Week of November???:
Uh-uh. X-Mas comes after Thanksgiving, Recession or Not. Sheeesh. Don't you see you're being had...people want you to start thinking not about X-Mas but X-Mas Presents? Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

49. Republicans Acting Like Republicans...aka Poor Sarah Palin:
I never thought I'd be thinking that but "poor Sarah Palin". Losing the 2008 Election was not her fault...it was the Bush Years' Fault. Not Mavericks Being Mavericky. Republicans have more to answer for than foisting the wrong VEEP on McCain...there's Hurricane Katrina, Iraq/Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, economic policies leading to the Crisis/Recession, and a little something called 9/11 (and my favorite forgotten moment in the Great American Attention Span was George W. Bush referring to Americans as "consumers" in his post-attack press conferences, advising us to get out there and spend to be "normal"...file this "consumer" thought under X-Mas Music in Early November as well, mouthbreathers). Palin wasn't the Problem...although as an ex-Republican Myself, I thought McCain would have been better served by another woman...Italics Courtesy of my usual ironic, clever twist. After First Lady-Elect Michelle Obama's "All-American Girl" Speech at the Democratic National Convention, I knew McCain needed a woman for electability...so I casted Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's opposite number across the Aisle; I thought first of Maine's very own Rep. Senator Olympia Snowe...but could Snowe pander to the Religious Right being pro-Choice and Equal Rights? No Way, Jose.
Looking back, was that the constituency needed to make America Great? America Spoke but iDigress...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sunday, November 02, 2008


November 2, 2008
By Rev. Sully

It's All Gone to Pot...Roast That Is!
aka: I Have No Clue How I Got Home After The Game last Night...

I woke up with the sunlight bright through my bedroom window. The extra hour of sleep with the return of Standard Time was cashed in with plenty of water and Tylenol...I woke up with very little wear from the Night Before. The iTunes was playing Antioch 1710 and was playing radio dramas from this date in history...it was clocking in at 10 hours playing. Wait a sec...how did I get home. The last thing I remember sitting in the corner booth at Porters with Meathead & His Missus. I called him and asked him if they drove me home...he laughed very loudly & from the Heart. I must have gone to the Green Line and either rode the bus or walked all the way home. Wow...I can't remember. But I made it home...I remember getting up for water & Tylenol in the night...but how did I get here? Wow.

Sunday afternoon watching the "Bruins In 2", the New England Sports Network's rebroadcast in 2 hours. Watching everything I forgot about what I witnessed in the Bruins 5-1 win over the Dallas Stars. Especially the fight-filled, 3 goal 3rd period. I'm hoping this jogs my memory somehow. It's not. I remember almost getting into a beef with the douchebags behind us...I remember drinking a boatload of beer and probably spending way too much in these days of Financial Crisis. This 3rd period is really exciting...where was I??? Was I in the beer line, bathroom, paying more attention to douchebaggery, or getting another chili cheese dog? I got mustard all over my blue jeans again. Nonetheless, the path home is still unclear.

We were in the Gallery...up in the Balcony where the thin air makes the beer work quicker. Talk about "up"...the Beer prices are now up to $8.00. Again...wow. And I made a point to drink as much as I could before the game. But at the game...sheesh. We never want do be drinking 4-5 beer at the game but it happens. You look down to see three more waiting in addition to the one in your hand...whew.

I didn't wake up with a mouthful of blood & pelt, naked next to a gazelle with its throat chewed out, in the zoo again...so that's a good sign. Did I wait for a bus...did I take the first bus and walk part the way or did I wait for my bus, the one that drops me off at my street. I'm recovering by feeding my soul...and any roommates that are home. Willie Nelson told me once a man who can make a good pot roast will never dine alone. So the house is filled with the smell of slow-cooking beef, carrots and potatoes. Real Sunday Dinner for the 8PM Patriots Game. I'm lucky I have all my teeth to chew my dinner...I came very close to emulating the on-ice antics with the fellows behind me. I ain't a tough guy and I haven't scraped my knuckles on another man in years...but still. That's the Balcony for you...that's how the Gawds behave.

Well...the pot roast is done & delicious. Let's see if Willie's Wisdom comes to a boil. Gravy, carrots, potatoes...the only thing I'm missing is a big old apple pie for dessert. I'll say a little Sunday Dinner grace as my late Grandma Anne would appoint me in charge of...having someone force you to do something really creates a distain in independent people. I really hated saying grace...still do but I guess now that Grandma's gone...like it or not...the Puck has been passed to me. I'm not about to genuflect, cross myself or appeal to the Trinity even still I'll say a few kind words to God and give thanks on a Sunday Dinner and say grace. My favorite grace I said at Meathead & His Missus' Wedding. I had something all written up...overmeaningful...windy. And when it came time...I was simply grateful and gave thanks. I said, "Rub-A-Dub-Dub...thanks for the Grub, Yay God!" My favorite prayer to top it off. At least since it was so close to Meathead's birthday, I came close to getting him hit in the head, again. Thanks for the Game, Meathead & The Missus! Yeah...I need a black & gold tee-shirt that says "Instant @$$Hole...Just Add Beer". They're great to put up with me. Gawd Love Em! Let's Give Thanks! For Good Food, Good Friends, Good Beer and Good Times! HUZZAH!!!

Just Another Night at the Game with Meathead. And I still can't remember how I got home.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Go Vote!!!
November 4.

The Future Depends on it.

I think I might have just got anti-McCain...I heard him in Pennsylvania today on the campaign trail promising more coal digging for local economy. Coal digging? Who is he kidding? Clean Coal. That is a True Oxymoron.

Who would Superman vote for? I know...for whom...sigh.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...the One, True Way to Defeat Evil...Major Event/Minor Crossover!!!

aka: iRawk...Therefore iPod!
Comics Gnome Edition!!!

We Need To Team Up.

Happy Life.
That is the Comic Gnome's personal solution to The Anti-Life Equation

With the coloring in the cover here...we can't tell which Dead Flash is this: Barry or Bart Allen. The Gold or Blue Pupil.

What did the dissemination of the Anti-Life Equation do to the World? First...it was a mass email...then...

Exclusive DC Preview - 'Final Crisis #4' (22 October 2008 12:00 am ET)

Written by Grant Morrison; Art by J.G. Jones and Carlos Pacheco; Covers by J.G. Jones It's one month after the Anti-Life Equation was released worldwide. Millions now toil as slaves of Darkseid, while the Justifier shock troops of Apokolips lay waste to the planet Earth and hunt down its protectors. The remaining free humans and superheroes are stationed around the world, besieged within the walls of ten very familiar 'Watchtowers', as they fight a desperate, losing battle against the triumphant forces of evil. While Green Arrow and Black Canary attempt to deliver the secret of humanity's last hope across America's blasted wastelands, the Outsiders brave the horrors of the Bludhaven bunker in search of Batman. The ultimate battle is coming…but which heroes will become villain – and vice versa? And what part do the Secret Society have to play in the dawning of this new Age of Evil? Darkness is falling and death rules the day. Is this truly the end of the Age of Super Heroes? Don't miss FINAL CRISIS #4: "How to Murder the Earth!" DC Universe | 40pg. | Color | $3.99 US On Sale October 22, 2008

Check the Narraative Voice...the Obvious Box in the Panel Corner with the Icon and the Words...its part of the story.

The Anti-LifeEquation as Written by Grant Himself (Seven Soldiers, 2006)
loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷
condemnation ÷ misunderstanding x guilt x shame x failure x judgment
n=y where y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, self=dark side

I wrote this to Kiwi who was sick in bed but advising a Dr. Horrible viewing:
So I'm waiting patiently for "motherboxxx" to Boom Tube me
away to the Laundromat again. The iPod is the preferred medium for Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible. My iTunes & 6 year old (but LOVED!) Apple PowerBook can't stand the KB/sec rate from the external harddrive named "Murphy" but iDigress...
...my iTunes plays Dr. Horrible, visually staggering as the audio is going fine. I bought it as motivation to smith me a "motherboxxx". I think at the end of this week...no. I'm poorer than a Monk. At least I'm good at that! And Happy with it...

So after listening to the Gnome, I personally defeated Anti-Life by solving the Anti-File Equation with My Personal HappyLife Sum:
Work + Love + Effort x transcending the Pain Barrier is greater > than Ego (when suffering=dharma=if/then statement) + good choices + good friends + good times + iRawk music +
god's gifts of green = Me Happy


So I'm happy. I'm Anti-Life Immune. Awesome. HappyLife is a Meme
"I personally think that Grant Morrison would be better"
-The Comics Gnome

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...a New Ring, a New Color, a New Motivation...

I'm really liking Geoff Johns direction with GREEN LANTERN. So far, he's brought Silver Age Hal Jordan back to life & back to story focus...and he's telling the type of tales to which we task. GREEN LANTERN is good stuff. I have every issue. It's a reason why I go to the FunnyBook Bodega once a month, at least. In my case, it's usally once-a-week.
I loved the Sinestro Corps War. It got buzz & I was already plugged in...such as Neo Battlestar Galactica but iDigress...

Nonetheless I celebrate the DC Multiverse Crises as the Bobs of Office Space Celebate the Michael Bolton Catalog.

I can't wait for the tee-shirt.

Exclusive Preview: Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns (19 October 2008 12:00 am ET)
Courtesy of Newsarma

Written by Geoff Johns; Art and covers by Shane Davis and Sandra Hope The prelude to "The Blackest Night" begins here! They come from a place of great anger and hatred. They are the Red Lanterns and they will have their revenge against the greatest Green Lantern - Sinestro. That is, unless the Guardians have theirs first. DC Universe | 40pg. | Color | $3.99 US On Sale October 29, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

101 Things That Should Not Exist!

51. Single ply Kleenex tissues. It's like using cardboard to blow your nose.

50. OK...call me a bad sport...but The Tampa Bay Devil Rays. If a team can't generate interest in Game 7 of the ALCS, they (the town) don't deserve a team!

Not the only ticket in town
By Jim McCabe, Globe Staff October 20, 2008
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Inside Tropicana Field, game time was three hours away. Outside, that meant it was time to get to work.
"It could be a slow night," said a man named Darren. "I was here [Saturday] night at this time and it was a lot busier than this."
In possession of four tickets to last night's Game 7 of the American League Championship Series between Boston and Tampa Bay, Darren was measuring the interest levels of ticket seekers. He had secured $85 for each of his $37 tickets the night before, but wasn't holding out hope that he'd match that last night.
Even though it was Game 7?
Darren shook his head. He said the Rays' collapse in Game 5 and inability to clinch in Game 6 had sucked a lot of life out of the party, "and besides, the Bucs are playing and that'll cut into business."
Indeed, on the other side of the Bay, over in Tampa, the Buccaneers were hosting the Seattle Seahawks and Darren offered a reminder that, no disrespect to the Rays and Red Sox, "this is still football country."
With that, Darren pushed on with his business along 16th Avenue, doing his very best to get the utmost value for his tickets. The fact that uniformed police officers looked on didn't bother him, either. After all, two years ago, Florida fell in line with dozens of other states that legalized scalping, though team officials have the right to govern just how the business will be carried out.
Tampa Bay management, for instance, has a designated area between Gates 5 and 6 that is marked by white lines and ticket scalpers must keep within the confines of that box. If you are caught selling your tickets anywhere but in that box, you are subject to arrest and as police monitored the action under a cloudless sky in 85-degree weather, they conceded the controlled environment seems to work well.
"I just don't know how big the demand is," said an officer.
Darren's sentiments were supported by a number of scalpers who confirmed that it was a buyer's market. While the ticket website StubHub was reporting that tickets were going for between $39 and $2,500, scalpers along 16th Avenue weren't coming close to those prices. Scalpers seemed to be asking for anywhere from face value to $50-$100 over, depending on how good the seats were.
But either way, there seemed to be plenty of them as at least three dozen scalpers were hanging out inside the box.
That is why diehard Red Sox fan and Fenway season ticket-holder Alan Gerofsky of Sharon was able to do some bargain shopping. He and his cousin, Ron Stering of Lexington, were all set with their tickets, but they were hoping to secure three more for Gerofsky's cousin and children. He confirmed with the police that this was all legal, and the officers gave him advice on what to look for.
Some 20 minutes later, Gerofsky returned to where Stering was talking to the officers and reported that he had hit the jackpot - three $20 tickets that he could buy for a total of $110. "Sounds great," said Stering, who lives some of the year at his home in Orlando, Fla., but Gerofsky told him it got even better.
"The seats are in Section 301 [the upper deck], a row behind us," said Gerofsky. "What are the chances?"
To make sure the tickets were legitimate, Gerofsky followed the officer's advice and held out payment until Stering used one to get through the gates. When Stering was admitted, Gerofsky completed a transaction that left both parties happy. Gerofsky, who has had season tickets in Section 17 at Fenway Park for 35 years, was prepared to attend his 89th Red Sox game of the year, accompanied by his cousin's son, who'd be seeing his first, and the scalper made a legal profit.
OK, so the profit wasn't what it might have been at a hotbed such as Boston, but Darren and some of his colleagues along 16th Avenue begged for perspective. "We've lost for so many years," he said. "This is new to us."


Sunday, October 19, 2008


October 19, 2008
By Rev. Sully

Four Fingers and a Thumb...
aka: You Don't Know Jack!

Four Fingers & a Thumb Extended in Peace are Stronger than 10,000 Hands Raised with Arms...I read this on a fortune cookie. Actually on a 1937 radio drama called the "Witch's Tale", an old crone cackles and tells a story of the macabre. An Early 20th Century Radio Drama I listen to via iTunes Radio. It's called Antioch 1710 or something. I listen to old radio dramas, storytelling of a bygone era. Although what struck me were racial stereotypes in monaural stories...a tale of Wild West gambling gone wrong. With a Chinese Myth of Magic to boot. Hence the the Fortune Cookie Pith of "Four Fingers & a Thumb...add pithy cliche here" and crack it open. I got my hands full of hockey but for some reason the bars only show Red Sox baseball...I wonder why? I wet my finger to feel which way the wind's blowing.

Can you handle this? One of the most underrated "players" on the Bruins team these past few years has to be...Jack Edwards...play-by-play announcer for all Bruins Home & Away NESN games.

Before Ye Gallery Gawds start throwing crap at me from Upon Yonder Above, Hear Mine Words...
One Finger Pointing can get you into a scrap but Four Fingers & A Thumb can get you out of one...Original Rev. Sully Fortune Cookie.
It's a tough gig. Being the voice of Bruins televised local coverage. The legacy of Fred Cusick from WSBK TV38 when Bruins hockey, every game was on Channel 38...for free.

From 1971 to 1997...45 years overall in broadcasting. He'd yell "SCORE!!!" in a way that taught Myself how to properly project my own voice in similar fashion for likewise situations...at games.
It is hard to embrace change for most people. I think all people in fact. Change is one thing that is a constant in our Cosmos...such as the Bruins team, their TV announcers had a revolving door of good talent that just didn't quite fit the billet. Only recently have the Beantown Bees seem to have been playing "Bruins Hockey", a brand of toughness and of wisdom. Well, after a few seasons warming up I'm glad to inform you that NESN, the sole local provider of Bruins hockey...but NESN's very own Jack Edwards himself is Bruins Tough and a good addition to this team. Edwards brings a joie-de-vive...a true love of the sport of hockey that rivals & surpasses my own. It comes through in his execution of describing the gameplay. He is clever. Jack is witty. He plays very well with linemate, the color commentator ex-Bruin Andy Brickley. I enjoy the Bruins TV Team...nonetheless PUCK readers will recall my cyber-staling of NESN desk ingenue Kathryn Tappen last year. I'm still noticing the same thing but ...iDigress...

Another Cookie-ism from the Historical Radio drama from 1937, It Is Written, Four Fingers & A Thumb are Servants to the Soul...as you would Grasp the smooth aluminum shaft...or wood if you're an olden goldie. I'm used to the over-sized paddle of the goalie's stick, which were the last of the sticks to go composite. Wood is the feel of the earth...the crack of the baseball bat. The shock that translates up the stick when a Smoking PUCK rebounds furiously from the paddle...only baseball has the emotional tactility that resonates with ice hockey. Of the sense, of sight, of sound, of touch. Feel it. Again I wonder why the Red Sox get the attention? As we say in Southie, "der".

Go Sox Go! So the Bruins will get their due...as soon as they earn it, eh? If the Ancient Chinese masters are Right, then we can only truly control what is within our own grasp...such as the Bruins hopes of another Playoff season.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...Another Oriental Rug to Lounge on in Times of Relaxation!

OK...lemme take you on a journey. To the Edges of Entertainment and Beyond!!! Maybe even under the rug as well since we're at the Edge. Under the Rug...it is a place that exists. I think of funnybooks and the stories they create as a simple rug...such as the oriental rug. So...in our imagination we have successfully imagined our imaginary topography as a metaphor...whoa, slow down. Take the DC books the Comics Gnome POOTS on my coffeetable. They accumulate. So do their stories...especially when myriad tales interconnect into a Contintuity. And all that Contintuity is...is only a Rug. Pick the rug up...bring it to the porch or stoop. Shake it out. That's Right...shake it, baby, shake it. After that...shampoo it? Deep clean. Do anything you want...you still need to vacuum the Rug. To Shake it out occasionally. Sometimes we drop cigarettes! Or a glass or wine. Somethings leave marks on rugs. Nonetheless...if the rug is durable enough, it will endure..albeit with a few "dings", huh? The Comics Gnome wants You! to keep this thought in mind when reading "Stories IN CONTINUITY". Stories with a shared overstory...especially properties. It's like watching a soap opera. Each episode...but What If... each Network's shows took place in a shared "universe". If Adam was using predatory lending in "All My Children", Then Blaire's condo goes into foreclosure on "One Life To Live" because both serials are presented on the ABC Network. Hey...that's the mentality. And the accrued OverStory To Boot...sigh...

First Things First...what the FRAK is Continuity?. Then...what the Frak is frak!??? I personally enjoy the Geek's Sense of Glee when Continuity matriculates into Pop Culture. I'm still waiting on "Feltercarb", Myself but iDigress...

My Continuity has Good Friends & a Coffeetable:
I fondly remember one of my favorite people to have at my coffeetable and his love of movies & televised fiction/drama. JRBarnes of this very own Channel OCHO. He said something about the outdatedness of print fiction...but I countered with "all televised fiction starts in the storyboards and a script". Or something like that...although I never won in Chess but iDigress...we had a great pad and that where he said it...in our living room. A Flat. An apartment. The Odd Couple Incarnate. Neat freak and the slob. We were chain-smoking mutha!*^@#$!!! Him Camel Lights, me Marlboro Lights then Parliment. Ashtray Check! He was a neak freak and I hope he still is! He rubbed off on me lemme tell you...I became a better person to live with. What does it take to be a neat freak?..

OBSERVE!!! Attend to This! Now!!! we will metaphorically be the Neat Freak. We shake the rug of the story and take a vacuum cleaner to it!! The Story is a Rug and here comes the FINAL CRISIS.
This Metaphoric Rug is the shape of DC Space/Time. Crap accumulates. Points bunch in & touch in places. Threads from other materials end get entangled with the fibres...will it survive a Hoover? Sometimes things get tracked in on a rug. ewwww...
think of this DC Mutiverse as a rug...
Therefore we have need of a Housecleaning...a DC Multiverse Crisis. Although the Final in Final Crisis will be evident by the End. A house-cleaning...DC has invited the world to see this so it better be clean & good. Know what I mean? What Happened the Last Time the Rug Got Cleaned?...gawd bless wiki... What would you do if you invited the World into your House? Eh? Would you clean your bloody rug before you entertained company?

So for further Geek Points, I gotta mention that willpower is an ally when found in one's self when being a neat freak. I found out tonight that Marlboro Lights per pack in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts cost $7.00. Holy $h!t!
Willpower is an ally when found on one's shelf as well...you shoudl see my GREEN LANTERN accumultion. Lately, I've needed a totem, a fetish in the literal sense. So what I have is a Green Lantern belt buckle.

It's right over my frakkin' Chi Center. For real...you RTFM it this time. You're learnin'! (Sorry...obscure Pixies paraphrase from "Tony's Theme"...but iDigress...).

Really. I swear. Honest to goodness. It's my belt buckle. Well...I do still have the one it came with but it's not the scorpion in amber I bought it for...catch my drift? Nonetheless...I lost a lot of weight. You'd be suprised how useless an unfitting belt can be. It keeps my pants up. For real. But secondary "geek points"...I'm charged up. On willpower. It's just silly...or funny. Or whatever. I get a kick out of it. And it literally does it job. It keeps my pants up Mon-Fri 8AM-2PM. I could get another belt buckle sure but I'm not wearing it to the club, jackhole...

Belt buckle? How about a ring as the story goes..? Well...

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2 (of 5) by Geoff (GREEN LANTERN, ACTION COMICS, JSA) Johns and George (CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, JLA/AVENGERS, NEW TEEN TITANS) Perez.

Finally...the Green Lantern of the 31st Century and of course he was LEGION. Awesome.
Out this week. Wow.

Speaking of GREEN LANTERN...

Blood...Rage...the Red in the Emotional Spectrum that fuels power wielding fetishes such as a Power Ring.

I'm trying to convey the true definition of what this is. The Green Lantern Ring, et al. It's a Fetish. Only the word got "dirty" in the past 60 years. When the vernacular isn't satisfied with it's own lot, it occasionally knocks up "big" words. Fetish. At one time no one knew what one was. Then the lines got crosses with "objectification" in the mind of the Popular Zeitgeist. Or maybe it didn't. Because it is about an object...classically.

For the people in the Cheap Seats we have:
Willpower/Green...Fear/Yellow...Rage/Red...Avarice/Orange...Hope/Blue...and the rest...nonetheless Black has to do with something most very Wickid Bad...just when you thought all the Light was going out of the Universe; comes something Black!!! Owch...I'm tuned in.
Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns (one shot) by Geoff (INFINITE CRISIS, ACTION COMICS, FINAL CRISIS: LEGION OF 3 WORLDS) Johns and Shane Davis.

Did you also see the sequential third panel above?
Final Crisis: Rogue's Revenge #3 (of 3) by Geoff (ACTION COMICS, GREEN LANTERN, FINAL CRISIS: RAGE OF THE RED LANTERNS) Johns and Scott (THE FLASH) Kollins.
it's a FLASH funnybook. It's special for very "geek" reasons. These two were a battery on the FLASH years ago for some awesome stuff.

This is the Geoff Johns Final Crisis trilogy. While mastermind Grant Morrison is up front on this FINAL CRISIS, there still is an eyefull in the so-called "ancilarry stuff".

OK...I'm overloaded this week.

Unless. I. Remember. This.
$49/week on Cigarettes.
>$20/usual week on new funnybooks

It's looking better everyday. No More Burns on the Rug. So all I have to worry about is the wine, right?

All things...I like my belt buckle. It reminds me about my willpower. A great thing when the daily grind gets you down. And I'm looking forward to that stack of funnybooks from the Gnome this week to make my rug something to strech out on and fall asleep reading...


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, OCHO!!!

Hey there!

On October 4, 2002...a Revolution was Televised!!
The Day Some Infinitely Numbered Monkey plugged a Typewriter into a Television. And pooted out...Channel OCHO.


The Infinte Monkey on the Typewriter should be my next tattoo but I have to now illustrate this idea...

So this Year in OCHO I ask the Infinte Monkey for Poo to Throw.

The Infinite Monkey Theorem

I've always mushed my spoken words in a fashion. Such as my aunt Kathy I pronounced "Kaffy". The "Th" would be ennunciated "Eff". So in a way I say "happy birfday". I also like to type "tee hee". "tee hee" is a very fitting manner of letters, arranged by an Infinite Monkey to convey a universally accepted feeling of entertainment.

I will tell you the secret of Channel OCHO...it is our joie de vive for All Things Entertaining.

Give a Monkey a Typewriter and See What Happens. Go ahead.

More OCHO this Year and Next! Coming Soon!
The Adventures of a Man and his Motherboxxx...the Continuing Ballad of "iRawk...Therefore iPod!"
The Smoking PUCK! The new Bruins season is underway...tune in for my home-brewed, grass-roots, TCB/DIY, Boston-based Hockey Column! All Season Long...From the Cheap Seats to Your Browser's Screen. It's my Goal to Get You to a Hockey Game...iPromise. ^_~
The Comics Gnome Returns To POOT Suggestions for your In-Between Moments...from being in a fair share of Emergency Rooms for Asthma treatments to delays on my city's Public Transportation System, I'll State as Dharma, as Tao...as Truth. Always Bring Something to Read. Mario will tell you the Fourth Rule of Tankers: You are At All Times Responsible For Your Own Entertainment. It's an unintentional Buddisht Koan.

I look forward to "el post" and his tales in home-breweing of delicious beer. He's got the method and consistentcy. I helped him brew a stout of my design yesterday. Vanilla, sweetness...working on a Dessert Stout. We'll find out in 4 weeks...we bottle in 2. We get plum snookered on his home hootch on a regular basis. We need to hear what's brewing from Posty Himself...he's usually got two working at one time, one to bottle and one fermenting.

I look forward to KarenMae's musings on All Things Movies. I am a child of cinema. Of the medium of moving pictures. Karen makes movies. Karen's got a Keen Eye. Karen's got a truckdriver's mouth to go with all that Gnosis. We try to one-up the other with the "Gerund/Proper Noun Movie Title Game"...this is serious. People like Us need Encouragement! ^_~

I look forward to my on-line coffeetable being littered with Matt & Kiwi being at either end as usual. I had a flashback waking up in the sunlight of the new day, lighting a smoke and seeing Matt's smiling face at the other end of the coffeetable. Sure...he was wearing only boxer shorts but hey. Kiwi & I walking to & fro as Piglet & Pooh or Rosencrantz & Guildenstern...you be the judge but odds are I'd see her at the other end of the coffeetable on a somewhat daily basis as well. We were quite a pair. ^_~ It was a place in Space/Time Beyond the Ken of Most People. Geography changes but the IntrePoop unites. I look forward to new stories of new adventures. I love storytelling and my guiltiest pleasure is still hearing all your stories.

Six Years. YEAH!!! I love it. And you. Thanks.
More please...the Infinte Monkey Needs to Type.

Rev. Sully

Eric Thomas Matthew O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
October 12, 2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...Some of the Same Old $h!t...

Being what I refer to as a proudly "PG-13" kinda Blog, I proudly disseminate the reading of this next panel. I read this in the pages of Boston's Weekly Dig, the best free weekly publication of bars, movies, sounds, et al. It's the aging hipster's bible...when I have nothing to report or when the Gnome has nothing to POOT, there is little to chime in about. Until you're sitting at the bar with a pint o'Guinness in one hand and the Dig in the other and almost shoot stout from their snout...

This is the Thinking Ape Blues from Mark Poutenis. And it really sums up my own personal feelings about my own culpability in this past Wall Street Collapse. The Comics Gnome advises me as my de jure attorney that I shouldn't mention anything else without Wrath of Sam. I am frightened by my own government for very personal reasons but iDigress...


October 5, 2008
By Rev. Sully

Close the Fridge Door! The Ice is Forming!!!
aka: Refrigerator Behavior in Other People as Personal Spiritual Learning Tool...Emotional Theory Building

We find the strangest things when we stare into the Icebox. Old leftovers, last week's curry take away. A roommate's condiment collection. How about the Fridge where you work? I actually work in a kitchen because I'm a Cook...and it's an experience in people watching as well. Behavior, tendency, consistency. It's true...I'm a Cook. It's what I do just like it's Zdeno Chara's job to clear the goalmouth or the big shot from the Point...
Other people entering my kitchen on an hourly basis are the house staff. They need the kitchen several times a day. I try not to grouse about it. It's part of my soul growing up a bit that requires a Splinter of God's Infinite Patience...just a Splinter. I recall a George Carlin rant about being "the Icebox Man". And then I think I musta been his kid sidekick...Cooler Boy or somesuch nonsense, who inherited the mantle of the Man upon the demise of the Master but iDigress...

Sigh!...when it comes to the House Fridge, nonetheless I see people leaving the fridge door open all the time. I'm guilty of doing it as well but I'm supposed to be in the fridge such as the big guy should be on the Crease in a Shooting Sitch. It irks me...it bothers me like the wrong guy being on the Power Play Line. Coffee is for Closers...oh man, coffee. If another person opens a new bottle of milk for their coffee when the three open bottles on the shelf marked "Staff" in Sharpie by myself...from three different people who did the same thing; opened a new bottle of milk. Heavy Sigh. I'm trying to delete the "Sigh" out of my life. I exhibit a heavy sigh in a very expressive manner when things aren't going my way. Sigh. See...there I go again. Arrrggh!!! Who am I, Charlie Brown? Sigh...as we say to the kids in the house, "use your words".

What's the Point? Of it all...well, it's a new season. With new people and new things. New challenges. Overcome yourself and the Universe comes with you...
I just deal with the fridge door being open. I can't stand ice cubes on the floor or water spills that they leave behind for me to clean. But maybe that's a life of a Goalie, eh? Is that the lesson to learn?
Is that service?

I spent Saturday in Hockey SportsGasm Mode as OCHO's very own "jrbarnes" identified the term. The NHL Network had the season opener in Stockholm, Sweden the Pittsburgh Penguins versus the Ottawa Senators. Then an hour later the penultimate Bruins Pre-Season Game on NESN at home versus the Islanders. A 30-Pack of Brain Grenades & yesterday's Chinese delivery leftovers warmed in the toaster oven (much better than microwave). Liberal 2nd period napping but I didn't miss Chara's 2nd period goal...it was the B's only of the 3-1 loss. Today's Sunday Sports Action only involves a 2PM tee time of EA Tiger Woods golf on PS2, a 4:15PM Patriots game, a 6PM Redbones dinner, a 7PM Red Sox playoff game and somewhere before all that watch the Mike Myers' movie "The Love Guru" which is a bit of a hockey movie as well. Long Live the Hud...once more drink for Paul Newman! Slainte!!!

I got revved up with real NHL action watching the Senators/Penguins tilt...lemme tell you; those kids can play. It's obvious to me...this Dharma, this Truth, this Tao...the Senators are the team to beat in our NorthEast Division. The Bruins play Ottawa 6 times this upcoming season and the Sens are a different caliber. They're simply the Best...I saw the future of the season in their line combinations. "Sigh"...oh jeez, not again.

Well...talking about hockey seems to me more beneficial than watching MEET THE PRESS this fine Sunday morn. Egg Sammiches, hot black coffee and enjoying a great break'est of talking hockey with friends. I just wished the coffeetable would clean itself...Sigh. Well, here's to changing habits. One thing I don't have to clean on my coffeetable anymore is an ashtray. The Muslim month of Ramadan has just ended and for Islam it was a time of sacrifice & fasting. Much like my childhood's Catholic Lent. Three years ago, for Ramadan & personal spiritual reasons I gave up smoking cigarettes. I was a pack a day smoker for 12 or more years. Cold turkey. I figgered the First 40 Days were between me and God...anything after that was between me & me. Three years, not a one, not a drag. Tempted, sure. Dreams...I'd wake up feeling guilty convinced I could smell them on my fingertips. But spiritual change is a great thing. I can tell you from being in the Gallery for last years playoffs. The spirit has returned to the Gahh-den. Hallelujah!


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
From the Mind of Warren Ellis

RE: The Palin/Biden VEEP Debate...for the record, he's British.
Legend: the Pound # Symbol denotes "End of Line". Period.

Palin team learned from Obama, Biden didn’t: she’s talking to the camera, he’s talking to the room. Also, Biden may have been sedated. #
Why does Biden keep flashing her that smile? Does he think he’s got a chance with her or something? He looks fucking smitten. #
Palin invokes fear of “the Feds.” Next up: Barack Obama has black helicopters. #
I can actually hear parts of America passing out as Biden talks. #

@CatJones there should be a decent transcript up at the NYT in the morning, I’d expect. #

Palin: global warming is caused by Satan draping his big gay testicles over the planet #
I think she just called him “Senator Obiden.” #

@josienutter has given me an idea. For a fee, persons may marry me in order to enter the UK. I would like many wives, for nursing purposes. #

@AdamTracey my bit on RESOLUTE has been all done for many months, I’m out of the loop now. Sorry, can’t update you. #

Good morning doomed Americans! Another day on the road to PRESIDENT PALIN for you! Helloooo! #
An obituary: http://www.freakangels.com/?p=59 #
I wonder if the THAT’S MY BUSH crew are geared up for THAT DOGGONE PRESIDENT PALIN? #

Me personally...I'm just revving up my $h!t machine with a pot o' coffee and MEET THE PRESS in an hour. Posty's gonna do likewise and we'll MEET in THE MIDDLE for 36 holes and some freah Smallville Season 8 that I TiVO'd earlier this week. We'll be talking this VEEP debate for another 22 minutes until the Next Politically Shiny Thing distracts us...for example: "Congressional Bailout is to Resuce" as "Mick is to Irish".


Friday, October 03, 2008

"unmanned firehose" by Kelly Henderson from her blog Bemused in the Bluegrass

I'm watching MSNBC and I thought that I'd like to do that "live blogging" thing I've so enjoyed reading from other bloggers during and after other debates and major political events.

But I can't think about anything pundit-ty because it's the Keith Olbermann show. And there are two things I know in this world.

1. The number of women currently getting tubal ligation surgery should be quadrupled for the good of the world and the women themselves.

2. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are totally fucking.

It's HILARIOUS!! They are dropping little innuendos. Rachel Maddow actually just engaged in a conversation about manned and unmanned firehoses. And she's blushing. Giggling.

This is too much for me.

Okay. Now on to super serious live blogging. Full disclosure: I have company; we're drinking wine and playing PalinBingo. Feta cheese is involved. This will be wildly unintellectual.

8:44 pm
Sarah Palin has arrived at Wash. U. Per Olbermann "none were injured."

8:45 pm
The merlot is really nice. It's from Chile.

Every week thousands of Americans file for bankruptcy because of medical bills. Thanks AARP commercial. In related news, Sarah Palin can't read.

It's still 8:56.

Sarah Palin asks, "Can I call you Joe?" She seems real nice.

Bailout bill...was this the worst or best?

Biden: Bam. One against Bush. One point Biden. Points out fundamental disagreement between Obama and McCain, he and Palin.

Palin: Soccer mom. First "Betchya." I'm winning bingo. She's come up with an example of McCain's record!

Biden brings up Violence against Women Act. Ding. Paints himself as able to reach across the aisle. "Fundamentals of the economy are strong" line. "Out of touch." Attacking McCain.

Palin: "McCain was talking about the American workforce." Ummmm...they don't have jobs.

Gwen points out that neither of them answered the question...

Who was at fault for the sub-prime mortgage crisis?

Palin: "Darn right it was the predator lenders."

I'm just going to go ahead right now and say [sic] and apply it to all her quotes...

Republicans love strict oversight...new from Sarah Palin.

Biden attacks deregulation and accuses McCain of voting for it more than 20 times. And then connects it to McCain's plan to 'deregulate' health care. The middle class needs relief. Ding. Two points.

Palin: "Darn right we need tax relief." Darn right number two. Cuteness points: two.

Biden: "That is absolutely not true. John McCain voted the same way." "John has voted 477 times to raise taxes."

Palin's sparkly pin is distracting me.

Palin: Talks about all the taxes she cut in Alaska. Biden smiles widely.

Biden: "Where I come from it's called fairness. The middle class is struggling...they got not a single tax break [from McCain.] He brings up the old 95% people under Obama's plan will have lower or same taxes. "We have a different value set."

I agree. We have them. They don't. Values, I mean.

Palin: Appeals to small business who fit into the 250,000+ range...will cost jobs...says government is the problem, not the solution.

To her, the definition of patriotism is the near absence of government. Hmm.

5,000 tax credit...health care plan...it's shitty.

"With one hand you give it, with another you take it."
-Biden on McCain plan. I love it.

Bridge to nowhere joke! Zing!

100 Billion dollar tax dodge is unpatriotic! Ha!

Palin: Calls Biden/Obama two-faced. She says that Obama voted for the tax cuts for the oil companies. She says "the oil companies, bless their hearts, don't like me too much..." She took on the big guys. One point Palin.

Sarah's dumbness gets into the airspace...

Small government = "MASSIVE OVERSIGHT"
Palin. Maker of sense.

"There has been so much revelation made aware to Americans these past weeks...rear the head of abuse...it's a toxic mess on Main St. that's affecting Wall Street."
And. I. Quote.

Biden says homeowners should be able to adjust mortgage principles when they are near bankruptcy.

Palin doesn't engage it. She goes back to energy. She says we have energy all over the U.S. but East Coast politicians won't let us have it!

The climate change question. What is true Palin...?

"Alaska feels and sees climate change more so than other states...I'm not one to attribute it all to man...there are cyclical changes in the climate...I don't want to argue about the causes...we gotta reduce emissions[even though that's not what's causing it according to her]....we're allowing other countries to pollute more than America would ever stand for [WHAT?!!]"

From Biden:
"I think it is man made. I think it's clearly man made...if you don't know the cause you can't solve the problem...John voted 20 times against...clean energy sources...we can create jobs in wind and solar...John thinks the answer is drill drill drill."

"The chant is drill baby drill"

Way to correct him, Sarah Barracuda. Brilliant.

Biden 10 points.

They both support carbon emission caps.

Ooooh same sex question.

"In our administration there will be no distinction between same sex and opposite sex couples in the constitution or anywhere else" (slightly paraphrased because I got excited.)

"Not if it goes to redefining marriage as anything other than between a man and a woman...I am tolerant...we won't prohibit visitation rights in hospital...my non-support for anything other than traditional marriage.

Biden, do you support gay marriage?

Biden: "No."

Okay he's an asshole. Ten points for me for being a better citizen than both these people.

Did he really say that?! What an ass hole.

On to Iraq...

Palin: "It would be a travesty if we quit now in Iraq...etc etc" No mention of a clear plan. She did mention "grow our military." So I guess that's the plan.

Biden: Lays out a clear plan. Mentions the 10 billion dollar per month bill for Iraq. Ding.

"We will end this war."

"Your plan is a white flag of surrender. That is sure not what our troops need to hear right now....The surge worked..." Blames Obama for cutting off money for the troops.

John McCain voted to cut off money for the troops...because the bill had a provision in it to end the war and he didn't like that.


John McCain has been dead wrong. Obama has been right.


Tough question about Pakistan vs. Iran in terms of dangerousness...

Biden: Says a lot of smart stuff. Believes Al Qaeda attack will come from Pak. or Afg. not Iran and they are more of a worry, which contrasts with McCain's view that, in terms of an attack on us, central war on terror is in Iraq.

Palin: More worried about Iran because they are a threat to Israel...brings up Obama's willingness to meet with world leaders without pre-conditions.

"Those who try to destroy what we stand for should not be met with." -Palin

Basically she hates diplomacy.

Biden: "I'm surprised John doesn't realize that Ahmadinejad doesn't control the nuclear capabilities in that country."


"John McCain said he wouldn't sit down with the government of SPAIN. Our NATO ally...I find that incredible."

Double ding!

Reasserts that she and McCain are friends of Israel. Claims she's preventing another Holocaust. Because that's what Iran is threatening...a Holocaust.

Minus 10 points.

"No one has been a better friend to Israel in the Senate than Joe Biden."

Talking about yourself in the third person? Kelly hates it. Minus 1 point.

"These last 8 years have been an abject failure."

Accuses the dems of being incapable of making change when all they do is talk about how bad the past is.

I guess one point.

The past is a prologue! I still haven't heard how your ticket will be different from bush's! But how are you going to be different from george bush??? The same policies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Iran...it will lead down the same road we're on now!


127 points Biden.

I got up to get more wine. They were talking about Afghanistan. No points awarded in the interest of fairness.


Biden lets out a heavy sigh.

Darfur? Do we have the stomach for it?

We have the stomach for success. Look at Bosnia. We took Serbs, Croats, and Bosnians and we have a relatively stable government there now. McCain disagreed at first, and then he agreed. "I don't have the stomach for genocide." Ding. Several million points. "We should rally the world..."

"You voted for the war and now you're against it...Americans are craving that straight talk...you supported McCain's war strategies adamantly...as for Darfur we can agree on that making sure all the options are on the table there also...as governor of a resource rich state...[they had business with Sudan] we called for divestment to make sure we weren't seen as doing anything in support...that legislation hasn't passed yet but it needs to."

3 points.

"I never supported John McCain's strategy on the war."

John McCain knows what Evil is....he knows how to win a war.

10 points.

What would you do if you became president?

I would carry out Obama's policies...all stuff taking care of middle class. Awesome. "I agree with everything Barack Obama says." 37 points.

Ha ha. He mentions Bush Doctrine!!


I don't agree with McCain on everything. I would push him on the ANWAR thing. I will put government back on the side of the people. I will put Wasilla in the white house and show Washington how we feel about all this bureaucracy.

10 points, people will like this one.

Ask any regular American whether or not the last 8 years has been kind to them. They'll say no.

15 points.

We're not the bush administration.

3 points.

Palin came from a house full of school teachers. How is that possible.

"we need flexibility in NCLB..."

We need to get RID OF IT!!! Minus 9 zillion points. (Oh and FUND whatever goes in its place!)

We need to get back to education.

I can't blog this part because I'm having an orgasm. Go Joe GO!

Funding for ECE...Funding for NCLB...etc etc all awesome. Plus 900 points.

Am I watching Fargo?

Palin wants all the powers (in two branches of government...) that cheney seems to think the VP gets. Biden thinks cheney is dangerous and has read the constitution recently. 10 points Biden.

On experience...

She resents the experience accusation. As an executive in my big state, being a mom, my connection to heartland in America, going through no health insurance periods in life, sending kids to college...etc I understand what it's like to be an average American.

Oh here she goes about the exceptionalism as Americans. Fuck that. We don't want to be exceptionally good or exceptionally kind or exceptionally fair. We just want to be exceptionally hypocritical. We can point fingers at other nations for extremism, but be incredibly extremist in our policies at home. We can say global warming is a problem, but we won't change any of our own behaviors at the risk of offending a few fat wallets. We say other nations are dangerous, but we invade countries that didn't do a damn thing to provoke us. We say democracy means peace, but we are in the middle of two wars. She means exceptional in that we don't give a shit about anyone other than Americans, and even IN America we don't treat the majority of our citizens with respect.

Biden proves the Maverick title is bullshit. 700 billion points!

"So, Maverick he is not." Bam.

Oh man that was awesome.

10:30 pm

Well, she didn't totally fuck up. I'm slightly disappointed. BUT, she did go totally off topic a lot, doesn't know what the Holocaust was about, can't reconcile McCain's love for deregulation with his "reform of wall street" crap of late, wants to be even more powerful than cheney, and she did a heck of a lot of winking.

Biden was awesome. Except for the gay marriage thing. What a dick.

In other news McCain has pulled his people out of Michigan. Ha! We're gonna win. Ohhh please let us win.

Rachel Maddow has sex hair. High five Keith. I'm going to bed.
Posted by Kelly H at 5:39 PM


BT said...

They're not fu@%ing! Rachel Maddow in large part owes her career to Keith because she filled in for him one time, and Keith came back and praised her and made sure that she got more work, and eventually her own show (as of a month and a half ago)
Also of note: Rachel was the first openly gay American Rhodes Scholar.
8:11 AM

Rev Sully said...
If Kelly Sez So, Then...
I love "if/then" statements.

But I am hijacking Kelly's post and disseminating it on my own Blog. With full links, et al. I do this once a year on my own hockey column, the Smoking PUCK! I watch a game and drink beer. I type all game long...talk about the play. The amount of beer. Editing the next day is wistful pruning. ^_~

I watched the entire debate on PBS with 5 friends. And I applaud Palin more because I just like hearing what she's saying. She does it well...as Carly spake, "nobody does it better". I kept comparing her to the Ed McMahon show "Star Search" and the model contest. I caught Biden's cadednce thricetimes slipping into "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin so hard that I busted out sing it a few time pretending to play "Rock Band". And I mocked Palin and said "maverick" right along with her. I'm good at watching.

For the record. I am voting for Bob Barr. I believe that a two-party system is only one party away from being a one-party system...but iDigress...

1:09 PM
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