Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Comics Gnome POOTS only Two Funnybooks This Week...

Why would you want to have a huge bag to tote on the hottest & humid days of the new Summer? The Comics Gnome didn't either. He was compelled to stay at the Pub all day in the air conditioning with a Pint in one hand and a sammich in the other. The Sox were on but iDigress...

In a Small Stack though included two of the Union-guaranteed minimum of new funnybooks on a Day of Interest! I was interested and they were both DC UNIVERSE stories. I walked past STRANGERS IN PARADISE #90 (Final Issue) and was tempted 'cuz I'm savvy on that a smidge. I still keep my eye out for THE AUTHORITY #3 on "New" WildStorm...I know for a fact that PLANETARY #27 has been written & delivered courtesy of Warren Ellis' own bag of hammers (see featured links to the right).
I guess it's time to start branching out as well on lite daze...something "new" like RISING STARS or the INVISIBLES TPB #3 which I hadda put down, opting instead to join the Gnome at the Pub for a Burger & beer. I'm collecting Grant Morrison's ab-fabulous, BritPop 90's VERTIGO story of a secret super squad or could it be about the power of language. I'm rediscovering King Mob, Jack Frost & the Archons...


Still not completely thrilled but this but it's not as bad as recent NIGHTWING or the first 6 issues of THE FLASH: THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE. COUNTDOWN is a big story though filled with hundreds of DCU characters. Good thing I've already been cross-referenced on both THE FLASH: THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE #13 and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #10 to grok the nooks & crannies of this crumpet.

By Geoff Johns, pencils by Ethan Van Sciver...extra thick at $4.99 but worth it

All I want to do is spoil this for you but I can't...
WAR! It looms as a few dirty tricks are pulled by the first rogue Green Lantern, Sinestro. The war starts with a BANG! [blank]...And I just deleted my clever reference because it gave too much away. I'm thrilled with this magazine. Geoff Johns all at once makes this a very personal title for Hal Jordan but also a very cosmic in scope piece. We get to see for the first time the hordes of the Sinestro Corps. Nervous Guardians refer to a prophesy set to ink by the hand of Alan Moore Himself! The roll call of the Sinestro Corps at the end of this SPECIAL #1 leaves you as to wonder how the GREEN LANTERN CORPS can ever win...I'll be on the hook for at least two issues of Dave Gibbon's GREEN LANTERN CORPS during the Sinestro Corps War.


The Onion

Asthmatic Child Tired Of Hearing List Of Famous Asthmatics

LEXINGTON, PA—Thirteen-year-old asthmatic Nate Bothman told reporters Monday that his mother's penchant for telling him about famous...

Monday, June 25, 2007

I like it! I like it a lot. As soon as there's a team worthy of the name, I'll be proud to wear the new vintage logo. I like it a hell of a lot better than that misshapen elephant pig thing they were trying to pass off as a bear before it.

Friday, June 22, 2007

OK - note to management...stop spending so much time scrutinizing the team sweaters and how much revenue they can gain on sales of the new sweaters every year and spend more time on figuring out how to put together a coaching staff and team that can win a few games, get to the playoffs, and not shit the bed in the first round.

Is that too much to ask?

Thursday, June 21, 2007


June 21, 2007
By Rev. Sully

Welcoming The Dawg Daze of Summer...
aka: Worrying About Sweaters in this Weather

Screw the news that the Bruins fired first-year coach Dave Lewis and hired ex-Canadians & Devils head coach Claude Julien all in what felt like one week...but did you see this picture at Julien's announcement???

Say it to the shepherd boy, do you see what I see?

Well...do you?

This apparently will be the new Ultra-light RBK Edge sweater for the Beantowne Bee's. A new shoulder/alt. logo and a revised Hub.
Wikipedia supports the logo changes but Cavaet Emptor with that site, ya know.

The New 2007 Boston Bruins logos...

I'm just guessing! Sam, I am. I could be wrong. I have been before, I will be again. But am I here? The new uniforms will be showcased very soon...

Stay tuned for more.

Bruins Logo History


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
Hey everyone. Been a long time since I have had a chance to drop in to say hello.

So, here's what's up...

We're finally at long last in the new diggs in da Ville. Moved in this past Monday after months of renovations on the house. Just in time...Jai's due date is right around the corner (another boy, we're going to name him Dante).

Work has had me on almost nonstop travel...9 straight weeks in Baltimore, followed by a quick trip to Honolulu (for the 17th time in my life I have made that long suck ass flight), then one more week in Baltimore before departing for my my Navy Reserve duty for a few weeks. (At least on one of those weeks in Baltimore I did get to see a Sox game. Camden's a great park to see a game. It's also very Sox friendly...we out numbered the home team fans easily.) But now, I am back in the office for a two weeks before I go out on Family Leave.

Dominic is doing great. He turned two on Tuesday and is very good at running me ragged and driving me nuts. But I try my best to keep my cool and not let the lil monkey make too much of a monkey out of me.

Aside from that - things are more or less the same as always...drop a line one of these days...



Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Big Three was also how the major recording labels in Jamaica were referred to back when reggae was just emerging into the global music market. Given that in Jamaican patois, "three" sounds a lot like "tree", Bob Marley's song Small Axe (recorded on a then independant label) takes on an interesting double meaning.

Why boasteth thyself
Oh, evil men
Playing smart
And not being clever?
I said, you're working iniquity
To achieve vanity
But the goodness of Jah, Jah
Endureth forever

So if you are the "big tree"
We are the small axe
Ready to cut you down
To cut you down

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Comics Gnome POOTS a little Something From the Big Three

So...a very light stack this week POOTed by the Comics Gnome, who strides across the land with a bag of funnybooks grasped in his hand. Looking to Illuminate your Life by leaving new comics on your coffee table...
Ever hear of the Big Three? General Motors, Ford and Chrysler Auto maker were referred to in the White Stripes song "The Big Three Killed My Baby" as the Big Three. With Colas there's Coca-Cola, Pepsi and RC Cola (which is still pretty big overseas). With cigarettes there is Marlboro, Camel and Newport. In religion, Christianity, Islam and Judiasm. Netork television before cable and FOX was a three-way race between ABC, NBC & CBS (sorry PBS...you do count but not here). See a pattern?
In the world of modern FunnyBooks, there has always been a Big Three. MARVEL, DC and Dark Horse. Dark Horse has been around since 1986 and quickly became a great alternative to the Continuities of DC & MARVEL. Dark Horse gave the world staggering originals with SIN CITY, the 300, GRENDEL & HELLBOY and got hold of great licensed titles that the Big Two were shying away from like James Cameron's ALIENS, STAR WARS, and recently BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.
So this week was the perfect time to flex the might of the Big Three of Funnybooks...


The Gnome knows that this COUNTDOWN is the prelude to the next CRISIS. This is complete speculation but I secretly think the week after COUNTDOWN #0 is released there might be INFINITE CRISIS #8. A seven-issue "CRISIS" seemed a little light but as I said...I'm just forecasting.


Part 4 of 4 of "The Long Way Home" wraps up the first arc of Buffy Season 8...I've read it four times to grok in fullness. It is great. Joss Whedon having a blast but I hear Brian K. Vaughan will be taking the reins. I was thinking about it that a Season usually is about 23 episodes so are we gonna have to wait 2 years for this season to end? What is this...the Sopranos? ^_~ Buffy is a great tale overall about friendships and that's at the heart of issue #4...a rescue mission! And great cinematic fight scenes.


Brian Michael Bendis writes the MARVEL the Gnome POOTs. Even POWERS is produced by MARVEL's Creator/Owner imprint ICON (but we don't lump that in when counting the number of titles the Gnome POOTs from the "House of Ideas"...but iDigress...). There's a traitor on the team...we know who's under RONIN's mask...and Spidey cracks with the wise. So far my only choice for a MARVEL Universe magazine.

A little from the Big Three of Funnybooks...

And just to finish the stack off with something from last week, on the Creator/Owner Indie AVATAR Press, the Jesus of the IntrePoop Himself Warren Ellis has released a new angle on the Superhero Story in the upcoming BLACK SUMMER. Issue #0 was only 99 Cents. I picked it up....I read it five times before I kicked it over to OCHO's very own "El Post". I told him that this could very well be your next favorite funnybook. It's hardcore and went for the throat...I was sucked in immediately.



Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh, after that video I'd definitely put the water buffalo in the top five. I mean, the little guy who was the center of attention was attacked and taken down by several lions, then had a gator try to lay claim to him, then have the lions pull him out of the water and start working him over, only to be finally saved by his herd. After all that he got up and trotted back over to the herd. That qualifies in my book as totally badass.
Cool videos... I had wondered while on safari why water buffalo were one of the "big five", along with lions, black rhino, hippos, and elephants. Now that I've seen a buffalo toss a lion like a flapjack, it's much more clear why they've long been regarded as one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

No top ten for me yet, as I've been struggling along with a malfunctioning iPod shuffle v. 1.0. I'm positioned to make a few hundred bucks on my 10% share of the sale of a website though, so I hope/plan to be picking up a nice 80 gig video iPod with a waterproof case next week. I've been getting iTunes ready, and have loaded all of my CDs through the letter "V" into it so far, in addition to my substantial collection of downloaded music from the heyday of Napster. I think, all told, I'll have somewhere in the neighborhood of 19 days worth of music when I'm done... somewhere in the 30 gig neighborhood.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Smoking PUCK! Reports...

The Stanley Cup Winners Are...

The Anaheim Ducks.
4 games to 1. Game 5 won on home ice by the Ducks over the "favored" Ottawa Senators.

The Playoff MVP...the Conn Smythe trophy is Duck's defenseman & captain Scott Neidermayer.

He deserves it. He won the Cup with the New Jersey Devils in 2003. Look here. He rented a helicopter for this picture.

The first person he passed the Cup to was his teammate, alternate captain and brother, Rob Neidermayer.

Perrenial All-Star Teemu Selanne was in tears after his first and propbably only Cup after a 16 year career. He was destined for greatness scoring 76 goals his rookie season in 1992-93 with the Winnepeg Jets.

iRawk...therefore iPod!

Top 10 Edition!

I got nuthin' doin' but sitting on the couch...I got nuthin' but watchin' "Top Chef" reruns. So I was going through some email and Kiwi asks about how I could share a Top 10 List. I tried...

I really did. I tried publishing a Top 10 list as an iTunes Store Mix. Well, only 7 of the 10 songs were recognized as being available to purchase...and one of those three I bought from the iTunes Store! I've heard of this...sometimes the iTunes Store must lose the right to sell certain catalogs & artists. If a song from an old Mix shows up and if it's under the mix's name and not a real album name, it won't be published either. Bummer...you'd think it would be smarter than that.

But for the shitz & giggles I will release my nigh-neverchanging Top 10 List. I swear...this really makes me want to Zero Out the Play Counts when I see the numbers. I've has the same #1 favorite song for MONTHS!!! And you know what...I listened to it again today by choice, not shuffle. And I listened to it really f*in' loud...but iDigress...

So here it is! A Top 10 List from my iPod to your IntrePoop. Just for the viewing...to bad I don't know how to upload and share them in some shared thingy yet...

10. Big Egos by Dr. Dre from 2001 (guest starring Hittman)

Is it Dre? Is it Dre? Made in 1999, the sequel to Dr. Dre's "The Chronic" seems to be very listened to on my iPod. It's the only Eminem I'll listen to.

9. Head On by Pixies from Trompe Le Monde

A cover of a then-contemporary Jesus & Mary Chain song...it's on a few Playlists so it gets lots of airtime. I was a fan of the original...I didn't even know the Pixies did a version until I got a copy of "Trompe De Monde". I didn't listen to the Pixes in High School besides "Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)" from the Pump Up The Volume soundtrack. I'm making up for that in spades now...

8. Duel of The Fates by John Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra from the Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace soundtrack

This is the song I bought off the iTunes Store that's no longer there to be posted as a Published Playlist...I bought it there!!! This song from 1999 will indeliably be etched onto my psyche. The Star Wars pinball machine I arranged to get at the Hard Rock Cafe because I worked in the office at the time so I was the one calling Melo-Tone, the coin-op arcade games proivider to get...and we did. This beautiful composite video game-pinball machine with ambient movie sound FX, dialog and original music. The other was a PlayStation game I was into called "Episode I: Jedi Power Battles" which I played for months which had the "Duel of the Fates" as one of its core musics. On top of it all, it was the theme for the lightsabre fight between Obi-Wan Kenobi & Qui-Gonn Jinn vs. Darth Maul. It is moving music.

7. Life on Mars? by David Bowie from Hunky Dory

It rings true today..."It's on America's tortured brow, Mickey Mouse has grown up a Cow". Hunky Dory is my favorite Bowie album from Changes to the Beltway Brothers. I listen to it without shhuffle, in original album progression in order.

6. The Mercy Seat by Johnny Cash from American III: Solitary Man

Wow...when I first heard this, I was unaware it was a cover song. Famous rock producer Rick Rubin told Cash in a paraphrase 'come to my American studios and just play whatever you want'. This was a cover of the most famous of Nick Cave & The Bad Seed's songs...a tune about a man on his way to be electrocuted for his crime of murder. Who could blame me that I initially assumed it was a Cash original. In a way, it's a little better than the original because it's less complicated of a production & stripped down to its basics. A powerful story told by a master storyteller...

5. Shut Down by the Beach Boys from the Greatest Hits Vol. 1

It's a song about drag racing cars. It's my favortite Beach Boys tune...give it a spin and find out why.

4. Tales of Brave Ulysses by the Cream from Cream: The BBC Sessions

How many times has this made the Top 10? I went and bought the rest of this album from the iTunes Store with one of its newest features "Complete My Album". $9 for 25 more live Cream tracks??? Hell yeah!!!

3. Hash Pipe by Weezer from Weezer (Green Album)

I said it once before when this iTunes Store purchased song made the Top 10...Pretentious Over-Rawk. Yes. I love it. It's an elemental rock song. Who needs to reinvent the wheel...the Model T led to the Ferrari, Mustang and Porsche. All applied from the same source.

2. Stella Was A Diver and She Was Always Down by Interpol from Turn On The Bright Lights

The first time I heard this song...I asked the person playing it if it was Joy Division. He said, "you're learning".
Another elemental rock song. From their 2002 release, I love this song...I really do. I'd hate to blank this Play Count because this song's gonna be in the Top 10 for a long time because it's ahead by 10 plays or more.

and ahead of #2 by 10 plays and will dominate the Top 10 for a long time to come is...
1. Dive by Nirvana from Incesticide

Kurt's like a fevered U-Boat captain under depth charges in this song. This is perhaps overplayed on my iTunes and the main reason I want to blank the playlist...because this song is the reason I don't want to pull another Top 10 until I blank the Play Counts again. Because this will be Number One until then...


Current Counts:
5,660 on the iPod
6,089 on the iTunes
The Comics Gnome POOTS Another "MARVEL-less" Stack

Marvelous! Excelsior! Just Plain Ole' Wow! I just can't muster any love for the MARVEL house of Ideas...such as last week's 4-issue thick stack. No MARVEL. The Comics Gnome Himself stays far away from the Terra Infirma of Earth-616, better known as the playground of the "real" Marvel Universe. I hear great things about Mike Carey's X-MEN (vol. 2) coming up on issue #200 but I'm not into getting pansted again. This would be my definition of "pantsed". The Gnome got me tuned in on only three MARVEL titles following the CIVIL WAR...only one being set in Earth-616 with the renegade team of the NEW AVENGERS, written by Brian Michael Bendis who writes POWERS. Another Bendis title makes the POOT in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN...the final MARVEL mag is the (limited) run of NEWUNIVERSAL by Warren Ellis. I do keep a steady finger on the pulse of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and some of his "family" books especially with BIG things looming for Peter Parker following his unmasking in CIVIL WAR and his outlaw status as being part of the hunted New Avengers team. But iDigress...let's see what the Gnome actually POOTed last week insteas of all this heresay.

Only 4 from DC...Buffy Season 8 #4 comes out today along with again, nothing from MARVEL. I sense a theme, mates...


This was awesome. This was spectacular. This is a Fanboy's Dream. The Milestone 850th issue of the magazine & hero that started it all (although DETECTIVE COMICS existed first, BATMAN didn't make his 1st appearance until issue #27). Co-written by Geoff Johns and Kurt Busiek. Following the INFINITE CRISIS, SUPERMAN's cousin Kara Zor-El, SUPERGIRL was blasted through the Time Barrier and found herself in the 31st Century & was entered in the most recent LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. Extra-thick 48 pages for $3.99. What a treat...what a delight!


Geoff Johns probably has the best job in the world next to the Boston Globe's hockey writers. Daniel Acuna's art is beautiful showcasing the scantily garbed love interests of our emerald knight, Hal Jordan. Acuna's art is only surpassed by the story itself. The Conclusion of this Star Sapphire arc is only the prelude to the SINESTRO CORP and the upcoming war...and whatever the Guardians have to do with the Secret of FIFTY-TWO. Includes Dave Gibbons (WATCHMEN) art in the supplemental "Tales of the Sinestro Corps".


I'm a little confused but I don't mind. All will be revealed eventually. This might not be as good as FIFTY-TWO. Paul Dini (who was half of the braintrust with Bruce Timm who gave us 16 years of DC Animated stories from BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES to JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED) is the cheif scribe of this magazine. FIFTY-TWO had the Four Horsemen (Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Mark Waid and Greg Rucka)...there should be lattiude given for comparrison, eh?


Geoff Johns name was printed on a roll of toilet paper...I bought it. Johns is sharing writing responsibilities with Brad Meltzer in the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA/JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA cross-over "The Lightning Saga". Part 4 of 5...starring the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES...but wait. This LEGION is the old "Silver Age" Legion...NOT the "current" Legion (who Supergirl is currently part of). What's going on here??? I guess all will be revealed in the conclusion in JLofA #10. Guess what? Superman now remembers his LEGION and these Legionniares. This is the Legion that included Superboy...the original Superboy & The Legion of Superheroes. Clark remembers seeing them for the last time after the First Crisis and the Legion disappeared...
This is one great story with great characters & rich dialog. I love Dale Eaglesham's art from GREEN LANTERN to VILLIANS UNITED...this is good stuff. I bet the five-part "Lightning Saga" will be its own trade paperback in the coming months. It would do well to be POOTed on your bookshelf along the other "Bests". Don't miss out on this but you'll need to have finished FIFTY-TWO in order to grok in fullness...

'namaste...and Happy Wednesday!
Because this is just funny as all hell.

And this is truly one of the coolest videos I've seen of animals. Its fight night, and the title of King of the Jungle is up for grabs, but just who will win?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The future of Boston... very enlightening.

Friday, June 01, 2007

A Smoking PUCK Moment of Retransmitting!!!

June 1st is here and Game 3 of the Stanley Cup will be played tomorrow night. The rest of the series from now on gets televised on NBC. I should tune in to the pre-game just to see if they mention anything about the Horsefeathers that occured the day of the Eastern Final Game 6 & the Preakness.

I came across this article and was just pleased with every letter & word. So please...allow the Smoking PUCK to illuminate the hockey world with somebody else words.

Rev. Sully

Don't Overreact
By Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports
May 22, 2007

The bright side to NBC thinking so little of the NHL Eastern Conference finals between Ottawa and Buffalo – the network chose to show the Preakness pre-race show over a thrilling overtime – is that the move brought hockey some serious publicity.

It stands to reason more people know today that:

A) The NHL playoffs are going on;

B) NBC is carrying some of the games, and;

C) Ottawa has a team.

All publicity is good publicity, right? At this point, for the lowly NHL, probably. Who knows, the "Preakness Game" might actually help the league.

Unless, of course, it is used as the impetus to change the NHL's rules, once again.

As Larry Brooks of the New York Post wrote last month, there is a movement afoot on the competition committee to change the overtime rules for the playoffs. Nothing is certain, but the ideas include going to four-on-four play after the first overtime, or shootouts at some point, or some other format.

There are some excellent hockey minds behind it, former players and coaches who think the grind of long overtime games is boring and physically grueling for the athletes. You can't write off their opinion. The proposal is expected to be discussed this offseason.

But are fans complaining? Are the league's paying customers (remember them?) demanding this? If so, I haven't heard much about it. Every hockey fan I know loves the nerve-racking, back-and-forth action of overtime even if it means they are bleary eyed for work or school the next morning.

Every single game ends in true, ultimate sudden death (or victory if you're an optimist). At any moment, a bounce of the puck, a quick break, a slap shot with eyes, a turnover, or anything at all can win or lose the game. Nothing is safe, nothing is routine, nothing can let you breath easy.

There is never a quarterback taking a knee to set up a field goal. There is never the relief of knowing when your team is at bat, it can't be scored upon.

In hockey, teams are almost always on both offense and defense at the exact same time. Momentum means nothing. You can have five minutes of sustained pressure on offense and lose in the blink of an eye at the other end of the ice.

Fans literally scream in horror, like they are watching a car wreck, when play gets too close to the net of their team.

It's unique and special and spectacular.

And yet, the NHL might want to tinker with it, gimmick it up and get it over with sooner?

And that's where I fear the "Preakness Game" might go from humorous debacle to a tool to make another change to the sport's long-standing tradition.

That the league officials will cite NBC’s skittishness concerning open-ended overtime games and the humiliation of Saturday to claim, once again, that the sport needs to find a way to appeal to American television.

That we need to rework the game current fans love in an effort to possibly, maybe get non-fans to even notice.

But that's been the ongoing mistake of the Gary Bettman regime, forever changing the sport to fit his marketing plans rather than change his marketing plans to fit the game.

Isn't this why Ottawa-Buffalo was played in the afternoon, rather than the traditional Saturday night spot? And then NBC bumps the end anyway?

Why screw with this? It's not like there is some plague of long overtimes – only nine of 78 playoff games this year have gone past the first overtime and only one has gone past two.

Look, NBC just doesn't value the NHL. Since it doesn't pay a rights fee to broadcast the games – it shares advertising revenue with the league – why would it value the NHL? How much do you value something you got for free? It sees hockey as filler program, an infomercial of sorts.

NBC knew the audience for the Preakness would be at least three times greater. And it had far more valuable commercials sold for the pre-race show than whatever it would get out of overtime hockey.

So it cut the game. Which doesn't mean we need to cut up the game.

Maybe I'm just skittish to change because much of it hasn't worked (can we bring back the old names, Adams Division, Campbell Conference, et al?). The "Preakness Game" proves that most of the tinkering has failed. But mostly I'd hate to see the NHL again react out of a defensive position, the embarrassment of this, and make another permanent, major change to the sport.

Just because NBC thinks women in silly hats and Black-Eyed Susans are better television than overtime hockey doesn't mean it's true.

Dan Wetzel is Yahoo! Sports' national columnist. Send Dan a question or comment for potential use in a future column or webcast.

Updated on Tuesday, May 22, 2007 2:37 pm EDT

Source: Yahoo! Sports