Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's called COULROPHOBIA...Fear of Clowns.

Now I won't be able to sleep tonight or this clown will eat me.

Heath Ledger as The Joker in the upcoming Batman Begins sequel "The Dark Knight".

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Comics Gnome POOTS! another DC Hint!

All you have to do is look at the cover. Not that hard...it's not giving the farm away...

But it gets filed after FIFTY-TWO because...look at the font of the number! So far it's really confusing...in moderation is great in serialized stories.


The Smoking PUCK! finds Hockey in the Strangest of Places...


Hockey Season opens in New Zealand!.

Only six rinks in EnZed, a league of 4 teams, a seven week-long season and the IIHF Div. III National team called the "Ice Blacks" (who went undefeated in their last int'l tourney).


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yeah, I'm down for Superbad, and any of the other movies I mentioned... even if the Deceptacons look weird.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And just because I don't believe you'll listen to Matt on faith...


I think I'm gonna go see this with the Boys...Matt? ^_~
Regarding the Upcoming TRANSFORMERS movie, Matt...

I gotta say I LOVE Michael Bay movies but...

this looks like Megatron:

Not this:

Yeah, yeah, yeah...adaptation, et al. I get it. I know. Optimus' voice will be the same but this??? I dunno...it might be a DVD'er...
The Comics Gnome POOTS!...about the baddest badguy in the DCU and what's to come...

WAY BACK in Geoff Johns' GREEN LANTERN #13, we were teased with this...

It was one of the first times "52" was mentioned in the mainstream DCU books after the INFINITE CRISIS and it was during the run of the fantastic DC UNIVERSE FIFTY-TWO.

If you don't know the "secret" of FIFTY-TWO then you're gonna be really delighted...Kiwi & Posty I'm talking to you...^_~

I'm Interested...

Green Lantern #21, July 11, 2007

full cover boosted from Wikipedia...

Because Geoff Johns is starting another war in the DCU and it's Yellow Versus Green with the upcoming
"Sinestro Corps War"

GREEN LANTERN: SINESTRO CORPS SPECIAL available June 27, 2007. 64 pages $4.99

Very obviously an homage to the GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH cover by Johns and Ethan Van Sciver

The Comics Gnome told me to buy some war bonds and said, "loose lips sink ships". Cryptic?


May 23, 2007
By Rev. Sully

The North East Storms Into the Stanley Cup Finals!
aka: Don't "Quack" Up Over SEEING Who Wins This Year...

All I can do these “daze” is read about Hockey. Because I never get to see it on TV anymore!!! But that’s what you get when there are less than seven games left this Season to watch. The Northeast Division's Ottawa Senators will contend for Lord Stanley’s Tupperware against the Anaheim Ducks, which could go seven games so as we’re fond of saying here at The Smoking PUCK...do the math, mouthbreather. Catching a game on the Television just got as rare as a good steak. Actually at this point, it’s my preferred temperature... medium rare. Soon there will be no Hockey until the next season comes making that meat bloody rare but iDigress...

Speaking of seeing a hockey game on Television, did you catch the Overtime winner of Ottawa/Buffalo Game 6 on NBC last Saturday? Of course you didn't...NBC declined to show the overtime in favor of horseracing's "The Preakness"'s pre-race show. Wow! Hold on, I'll say it again...WOW!!! Ever hear of the famous Pro Football "Heidi Game" also on NBC? The overtime of the Eastern Conference Finals Game 6 was televised on the cable station Versus, the usual TV source for NHL Hockey. Some cable providers regrettably don't carry Versus. Some viewers were unable to see the overtime goal which resulted in an Ottawa victory and the (modern) Senators' first ever trip to the Cup finals. The winning goal of the Ottawa/Buffalo game was netted an hour before the Preakness race was run...go figure.
I'm a little steamed over this and have emailed NBC. I'm trying Seth Winter, S. Vice President of Sports & Olympics Sales. Of course it won't help but it is fittingly Quixotic! Join in with me...HARUMPH!!!:

Here's what I wrote him:
re: The NHL on NBC is SNAFU

May 23, 2007

Dear Mr. Winter,

Hello and hello to your assistant who's reading this as well. ^_~ I worked in an office for many years so I know the Gauntlet. So I'll throw down my Gauntlet...sure you're all insulated by contracts, legalites and excuses of switching to another station like VERSUS but I wanted to chime in. You seem to be on top of the Totem Pole being the S.V.P. so I'm writing to the top.
Not showing the overtime period of Saturday's NHL Eastern conf. Game 6 in favor of the Preakness pre-race was just lousy. Shame on NBC. I wish I could say I could boycott "My Name is Earl", "Scrubs" or the such but it's meaningless to a big corporate engine such as General Electric or NBC. I'm just really disappointed in that judgement call in not showing the overtime of that great game.

This really belies the spirit of enjoying televised sports. All I can say that I guess it's a trust issue and I think NHL fans cannot trust NBC as a good provider of our sport.

Best regards,

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Monday starts the Stanley Cup Finals! The Anaheim Ducks possess Home Ice Advantage and will be the second time this Millennium that the So. Californian Mallards will contend for the Championship. The Team Formerly Known As "The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim" lost to the New Jersey Devils in the 2002-03 Windmill Tilt. This will be the first time the modern-day Ottawa Senators will play in the Finals...the original Ottawa Senators last held the Cup aloft in 1927 before finally folding in 1934 as the St. Louis Eagles. Both of these teams were part of the Great NHL Expansion of the 1990's; Ottawa in 1992 and Anaheim in 1993. This will be the third time in as many Stanley Cup Finals that a Canadian team will showdown versus an American team...in both previous Finals the American teams won the Cup. 6 out of the 30 NHL teams are Canadian. The last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup was the 1992-93 Montreal Canadians.

Games 3 through 7 televised on NBC, BTW! Caveat Emptor!!!

Game 7* would be played on June 11 (*if necessary). June 11...whew. The Playoffs began April 11. And people wonder why We the Gallery Gawds & Other Fans call the Playoffs "the Second Season". Hey, here's to consistency seeing the four of the last five Cup Finals have gone 7 games each. Ice Hockey in June...what a wonderful world!!!

What's Brewin' in Beantowne Faire...:
The Hometown Black & Gold sing the Blues as the Providence "Baby" Bruins were ousted from the AHL Calder Cup Playoffs in the Second Round. The last time the Boston Bruins were in the Stanley Cup Finals in 1990, neither of the 2007 Finalists existed! Well...October & the next Bruins game is now a Baseball season away, eh?

Next time the PUCK checks in...we'll throw a Tupperware Party, OK?


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
It looks like a good summer for movies. Personally, I'm most looking forward to the following three. Click for trailers, and note that the Superbad link is for the Red band (R-rated) trailer:

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Also, an an almost entirely unrelated note, check out this gem of a short film on fair use and copyright law, composed entirely of short clips from Disney movies.

(I did this after watching it Matt...sorry for the edit, EO'S)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Comics Gnome POOTS! A fresh Stack!


Part 3 of the LIGHTNING SAGA!

Too bad...the copy I bought at the Bodega had the Legion of Superheroes Dawnstar on the cover with Red Arrow & Hawkman. Michael Turner's cover pencils of the LSH tracker is ALMOST as good as Ed Benes pencils inside of Dawnstar...and Power Girl. Am I a geek? It's a crossover with the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA but well could be a crossover with the LEGION OF SUPERHEROES if I thought if was from this Earth...too cryptic? Star Boy's African-American in the latest LEGION reboot...not the Thom Kallor we grew up with so what is he and the "Old" LEGION doing in the 21st Century??? Well...I'll tell you when I know....

ULTIMATES VOL.2 #13 (part 7 of 6)

It is here...

it is that good. WAY TOO BIG for one double-issue...

This is the mega fold out so you don't get your grubby fingerprints all over my funnybook...
See the 7-page centerfold battle HERE

After reading the final issue (only to be handed over to Jeph Loeb) of the Origin...I "get" it. It is awesome.
Kneel before Zod.
'Nuff said.


It is GOOD!!!


This is the beginning of The End.
The Foldout cover...there is a death in this 1st issue and it deals with the current state of the DCU and its repercussions. This is the follow-up to DC UNIVERSE's FIFTY-TWO...a new weekly!!! I'm tuned in and looking forward. Heck, JLofA #9 alluded to this being the "Middle Crisis" by the LEGION members...think about it. The writers only reveal as they come up with it...or do they.
Actually, COUNTDOWN #50 came out this week but I thought #51 was the place to start. The EIC Dan Didio says COUNTDOWN will be the "spine" of the DCU for the next year so have a backbone and pay attention!!!

Wanna be creeped out?
Hauzabout CAPTAIN AMERICA #26?


I love you , Grant Morrison...


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

iRawk...therefore iPod!
Somewhat Anniversary Edition


That's the amount of American dollars I've spent in new music via the iTunes Music Store in a little over One Year. I hate spending money...it's true. Oh it may seem that I enjoy being an irresponsible spendthrift in reality the opposite is what hogs my harddrive but iDigress...

I've purchased 238 items not counting the copy of Tetris that got "misplaced" after Solaris' skirmish in the Water, the two episodes of Battlestar Galactica I actually deleted in favor of harddrive space or the 2 replacement songs of "Bowie at the Beeb" when I migrated computers & operating systems. It is still possible to lose tapes. I should backed-up Tetris to a CD or DVD. POOP!!! I still have resisted the urge to buy another copy. I wasn't playing it much but I still do like the option of having Tetris, handheld & right there. And it sucks up a LOT of battery. TV Shows do drain the battery the quickest and I have not been tempted to pick up on NBC's HEROES, which OCHO's Kiwi & Dr. Hooey both extol. I still haven't bought any television shows since the Buffy Season 2 finale although I still use that episode to power-down my battery...I still get 10+ hours from a full-night's charging. I'm still pretty militant about proper charging...a habit I picked up fron OCHO's very own "J.R. Barnes". He might not have even touched an iPod but he definitely respects his gadgets. A sense of "husbandry"...a level of care reserved for horses & comicbook collections.

The first things I bought from the iTunes Music Store was Boundin' by PIXAR and "Long-Legged Guitar Pickin' Man" by Johnny Cash & June Carter on April 10, 2006. Since then I made a pretend budget and allotted myself $25 per month in new music in the form of the iTunes Gift Card available at many locations. So far I should have been able to spend up to $350 on new music if I really kept to the fake budget. Great...I would have had the White Stripes new single from their upcoming album "Icky Thump" already. I get my iTunes Gift Cards at RadioShack...actually RadioShack is a much better consumer point-of-sales origin for your iPod & it's many support products than its very own Apple Store.

The Apple Store, 5th Ave., NYC...the Apple Store is what it looks like inside of Solaris' mind. Last time I was in the Apple Store I spyed the 1TB external harddrive.

Speaking of OCHO-ites, our very own OCHO Emeritus the Esteemed Doctor Hooey has lost one of our own...his trusty 4thGen iPod photo under 3 years has passed on. Dr. Hooey thinks that pet store puppies die quickly as well. Actually I think that and Dr. Hooey thinks maybe even an iPod has a short natural lifespan...

The Reverend's New Earbuds...

I got the Black ones. I like the skull logo. I've kept count for this somewhat anniversary edition and the skullcandy earbuds are my Umphteeth set in a little over a year.

I've also turned myself on to the Beatles-A-Rama "Radio" Station on iTunes. It has commercials but it's also a Beatles Only station with old interview clips, studio outtakes, et al. Lots of different genres to explore here...God Can't Save IntrePoop Radio. Only We Can.

I am so tempted to once again Zero Out the Play Count but I just have to be patient and resist the voices in my head telling me to do just THAT!!!

But my personal favorite of the past month had to have been:

Recreating my favorite & hard-to-find Metallica album.

By purchasing 5 singles from the "Garage, Inc" collection of B-Sides, et al. I was able to spend less than the 1987 "suggested" retail price of $5.98.
I spent $4.95 on Metallica's "$5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited".
I had to change the album art and name but it's better than the dubbed cassette Brian Nason made for me sophomore year in High School along with Master of Puppets...my first Metallica albums. In My Mind's Ear "Helpless" always follows "Damage, Inc." for some esoteric, personal reason.

So...Happy Kinda Birthday, Solaris the Tyrant Sun! HUZZAH!!!

Rev. Sully

The Count:
5,522 songs, videos, soundclips, podcasts, Steve Martin, Bill Hicks & Brak. Brak speaks, I listen.
5,914 files on "Murphy", my external hardrive where the KLF's "The White Room" remains like Han in carbonite.

Rev. Sully throws the Goat at You and is getting White Stripes tickets with OCHO's El Post. Rawk.
Come see OCHO's very own "El Post" Aaron DeGraff in this year's Boston 48-Hour Film Project!

2007 Boston 48 Hour Film Project
Category: Drama
Character: Tom or Thea Quimby, Gossip
Prop: A Shoelace
Line of Dialog: "When you come up with something good, let me know."

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"I really believe that the pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and the gays and the lesbians ... all of them who have tried to secularize America, I point the finger in their face and say: you helped this happen"
-American Evangelist Jerry Falwell on the cause of the 9/11/2001 attack.

Rev. Falwell died today. Rest In Peace...Jesus will forgive you for using his Name to hate. That's His job. He Forgives. Humans hate...

That's the Zen Koan for today. Think About It.

And read a Funny Book. This is your Prescription from the Comics Gnome:
The Uncanny X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills

Original 1982 Cover

Now can be found collected with the sequel "God Loves, Man Kills 2" in the 2003 X-Treme X-Men Vol. 5 God Loves, Man Kills.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Comics Gnome POOTS! a Countdown...52 Reasons to Love FIFTY-TWO!

It is OVER! The DC Universe weekly title FIFTY-TWO is now complete! There really were fifty-two issues of a weekly FunnyBook POOTed forth by one Comics Gnome. There really is a body count. And there really are twists and turns over the year-long stories of six sets of character groups; the Forgotten Heroes Lost in Space, the Steel Family, the second-best detective in the DCU, the Black Marvel Family, the Time Hunters and "What Is The Question?". It is now One Year Later. Spiraling out of this publishing success is the new weekly DC Universe's COUNTDOWN.

One of my favorite superheroes has always been DC's "very own" CAPTAIN MARVEL. From his competition as Fawcett Comics Golden Age and then purchased by DC Comics and folded into the fabric of the DC Universe...funnybook alchemy, a chemical wedding ensued. The World of Fawcett Comics became "Earth-S" in the DCU Multiverse as fellow-unrelated Charlton Comics characters would also be purchased by DC and became "Earth-4" but iDigress...
I've had a Big Soft Spot for the Big Red Cheese since I was a kid. With Rug-Burned knees and a shredded palate from Cap'n Crunch I watched the live-action Captain Marvel/Isis show on CBS. DC's FIFTY-TWO though was not a story of Captain Marvel instead it was the tragedy of his "reformed" opposite, BLACK ADAM...a rich and complex, tortured character who shares very different morals than the rest of the UberVolk. DC's COUNTDOWN will share one of its foci on MARY MARVEL. The Black Adam arc of FIFTY-TWO had to have been my favorite. Black Adam is a powerful character with analogs in other fictions such as MARVEL's Namor the Submariner and DRAGONBALL Z's Prince Vegeta. All three characters I'd guess would be all Scorpios as well...If I HAD to guess, that is. The Comics Gnome shook his head at that one, kids.

WWMMD? What Would Mary Marvel Do?

So in no particular order, the Comics Gnome Presents a COUNTDOWN!
52 Reasons to Love DCU's FIFTY-TWO:

52. Two-page Secret Origins
51. Black Adam
50. Picking out which parts Grant Morrison writes (Prof. Scott Tipton I.D'ed Geoff Johns as the writer of the Black Adam arc)
49. Supernova
48. The final issue
47. when Nightwing Meets Batwoman...
46. Never missed a week...was on the FunnyBook Bodega's shelf fresh every week for a year
45. Isis
44. The Religion of Crime
43. The Question
42. The Answer to The Ultimate Question Of Life, the Universe and Everything...^_~
41. The 11-part History of the DCU (52 #'s 2-12)
40. The Cult of Conner
39. World War III
38. Adam Strange
37. Animal Man
36. The Question waking up Detective Montoya & guest...
35. Reminding We The Reader why Lex Luthor is so despised.
34. Booster Gold
33. Ten-Eyed Optometry
32. Rip Hunter
31. Dr. T.O. Morrow, bad guy
30. Dr. Sivanna, another bad guy
29. Dr. Will Magnus, potential bad guy
28. Dysfunctional Teen Titans
27. Should Have Brought your Ring, Hal...
26. Ralph Dibny
25. J.G. Jones' 52 covers
24. introducing me to Joe Bennett's artwork
23. Osiris' alligator friend.
22. uhhh...
21. yeah
20. ::looks at clock::
Talk about a Countdown...I gotta get to work & I think you do too so cue the music!
1. In a World Without Batman, Wonder Woman & Superman...the Justice Society will Always Step Up.


So don't go looking Black Adam up on Wikipedia and Spoiling it ALL...go read FIFTY-TWO. It'll be out shortly collection the first 12 issues in a Vol. 1 trade paperback for $19.99 later this month on May 30, 2007.

until you do go out and read FIFTY-TWO...The Origin of Black Adam

Rev. Sully

Monday, May 07, 2007

In the same spirit, I was up in Montreal this past weekend for a friend's bachelor party, and now that the value of the American dollar has tanked (You get $256 for every $240 you exchange) a case of Molson from the local store costs $50. That ain't right.

A funny thing happened while we were there though, and totally by accident. Several of the guys there were from New Jersey, and their accent combined with a near-total lack of French speaking skills caused a common phrase to be misinterpreted. Apparently, they way they mispronounced "Merci beaucoups." (Thank you very much.) came out sounding like "Merci. Beau cul." (Thank you. Nice arse.)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

77. Break'est at the International House of Pancakes* for one person cost $12.00. Yes, it's true. The Bill came to $10.00 and mid-change and I hadda leave some kind of tip... All I got were Pigs in a Blanket (wickid mediocre), a side of hashbrown potatoes and the endless cup of coffee and that all added up to Ten Dollars Plus. Bloody I.H.O.P.???

*The location of said I.H.O.P. being Harvard Square. 'Nuff Said.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Smoking Puck Moment of Reflection...

Hey kids! It's Playoffs! The Second Round of the Second Season... the Games Four; 2-2 is a lot better than 3-1 but iDigress.... If the Sox weren't playing I'd be all over the Devils/Senators tilt followed by the sunning San Jose/Detroit series. Anaheim's got the edge over Vancouver 3-1 and Buffalo and the NYR (patoooie) are "fit to-be" at 2-2.

I got nothing to say about Hannu Toivonen getting inked an extension for one more year. But I will reflect over it all summer long...

Rev. Sully