Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Channel OCHO Memorial to Kurt Vonnegut
aka: To Set The Record Strait in other people's words...

To anyone who's ever read in Pixel or Print the following Letter Closing,
Still Thinking Impure Thoughts of Rolling Donuts,

I bring you compliments of Ocho Emeritus Doctor Hooey & The Onion:

15 Things Kurt Vonnegut Said Better Than Anyone Else Ever Has Or Will

12. "Why don't you take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut? Why don't you take a flying fuck at the mooooooooooooon?"

Even when Vonnegut dared to propose a utopian scheme, it was a happily dysfunctional one. In Slapstick, Wilbur Swain wins the presidency with a scheme to eliminate loneliness by issuing people complicated middle names (he becomes Wilbur Daffodil-11 Swain) which make them part of new extended families. He advises people to tell new relatives they hate, or members of other families asking for help: "Why don't you take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut? Why don't you take a flying fuck at the mooooooooooooon?" Of course, this fails to prevent plagues, the breakdown of his government, and civil wars later in the story.

Come check out the Onion's entire list.
I personally have been having impure thoughts of rolling donuts when I read the same sentance in "Slaughterhouse-Five" where Dresden survivor and murderer of the protagonist Paul Lazaro says the same line to Poor Old Edgar Derby on Page 139 of my copy.

Local journalist Luke O'Neil stated on his Blog which was printed in the Boston Weekly Dig about Vonnegut, alongside other notables such as "Fight Club"s Chuck Palahniuk.

"The Weekly Dig asked some of its writers to reflect on the passing of Kurt Vonnegut. This is what I had to say.

Kurt Vonnegut's work, like his life, seemed to have it both ways. He was an outspoken humanist and a professional empath who wore the suffering of the world -- and our silly wars in particular -- on his deeply-lined and curiously whiskered face. But his work always returned to his familiar tropes of humanity's bungling; our over-reaching, self-delusion and self-destruction. It's this type of lived-in contradiction that can only make a life-long love affair with unfiltered Pall Malls seem charming. Political. Defiant.

Vonnegut was certainly all of those and more. He was also something of a radical, both in his early experimentation with the novelistic form, and in his vehement inability to bullshit us to the very end. A rare thing indeed. Many of his readers probably remember the feeling of wild-epiphany upon discovering his work at a young age. It seems odd now at the shit-heel end of post-history, when we've seen nationalistic hubris and bureaucratic doublespeak and things even Vonnegut couldn't have dreamed up in his wildest science-fiction (and many things he did) become the norm, but there was a time when his sarcastic petulance and world-weary frustration, not to mention his stylistic innovations, were the avant garde. Albeit a highly palatable, and highly readable version of it. In his own way Vonnegut begot Barthelme and Pynchon who begot Foster Wallace who begot Mcsweeney's who begot Saunders and the essential mind-set of the entire generation of literate wise-ass media of which the Dig is a part. In a way, Vonnegut built this website.

Paging through some of my old copies of Vonnegut's novels, some great, some merely genuinely amusing, I'm reminded of one of the rules he laid out for writing fiction:

"Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted."

Would he were here now, at the top of his game, to continue giving us such diversions.

What would you have to say beyond what the Onion said previous to their list?

The Onion

Kurt Vonnegut Dead

Kurt Vonnegut, author of The Sirens of Titan and Slaughterhouse-Five, died late Wednesday evening of head injuries sustained in a fall...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

For the Comics Gnome, I offer the dose of reality that has crossed over from the world of fiction:

Kryptonite Discovered!

Beware Supermen of the world, your poison has just been found!
101 Things That Should NOT Exist!

78. Gratuitously overpriced ballpark, rink or arena beer. Shouldn't that BIG NEON in Fenway's Right Field make beer Cheaper or is this thought outta Left Field...

Monday, April 23, 2007

You know Matt, I would agree with you on the $7 beers, but I'd have to qualify it I'm afraid. $7 beers should not exist when they are run-of-the-mill beers. A few of my favorite beers are listed below, and as you can see, a 12 oz. bottle of beer can be quite expensive when you value quality and exceptional yet unbelievably complex flavors:

Samichlaus - Costs roughly 6 bucks for a single 12 oz. bottle at the liquor store, a four pack costs a little over $22. This beer boasts about their reputation as one of the world's most extraordinary beers, which I would not hesitate to agree with, and used to be heralded as the worlds strongest beer, until the likes of Dogfish Head entered onto the scene with some of their obscene beers (see below).

Dogfish Head World Wide Stout or 120 Minute IPA - These both run nearly ten dollars a piece, and good luck finding anyone selling them as more than singles, but you won't find any beer on earth that compares. The World Wide Stout is what I refer to as beer flavored liquor, as it is one of the most flavorful, while not being overwhelmingly bitter, beers I've ever had, while clocking in at around 20% alcohol. That's a potent mistress there. The 120 Minute IPA is for the few though, as something with that much hops in it requires a certain familiarity with and desire for that potent of flavors. This one too clocks in just under 20%.

Mephistopheles - This one generally runs around $8-10, and deserves every penny of it. This particular beer is more complex than I can even begin to describe. And since my words cannot begin to describe, I'm going to steal the words from someone else:

Into a chalice, pours a devilishly dark black, a full finger of dark tan head settles to a thin film, lacing in tan sheets. The aroma is already evident when opened. Upon further inspection, its even more potent than expected. Lots of alcohol, lots of molasses, lots of espresso, dark fruits, craziness, and mean spirited angry hookers. No joke.

The taste is dark, roasted, mean and potent, burnt caramels, lots of dark fruits, raisins, molasses, a coffee hangover, I mean alcohol hangover, all kinds of dark nastiness... that is sooo good. The mouth isn't simply warm... its burning hot, and I like it. Its also thick, full bodied, almost no carbonation, syrupy, reeeedonculous. This one is still pretty raw, at a year and a half old, and I can imagine it being one wack brew in a few years. As it is, its still damn good, quite untamed, but its a cure for headaches, so definitely good.

Oh Lordy, doesn't that just make you want to go find one and drink it .... maybe not, but it did for me!

There are many other beers that also cost more than 7 bucks, but I thought I'd just highlight the fact that some beer does in fact deserve to be held in high enough regard that you'd pay 7 bucks for it. However, by no stretch of the imagination is Budweiser one of them, or any of their ilk. In fact, I was at a concert last night, and I was totally displeased by the fact that I was paying 6 bucks (after tip) for a Samuel Adams (which I forgot how much I disliked), while I could have spent that 6 bucks on a Samichlaus and closed my eyes and let the sweet and creamy taste wash over my tongue, warming my very spirit as it trickles down my throat, leaving your mouth salivating for that next moment of malty bliss. Mmmm, beer.
It was a big night at Fenway last night, and my first time attending a Sox v. Yankees home game. We certainly got our $12 worth in the bleacher seats after it started raining consecutive home runs in the 3rd, but I'm seriously considering adding "$7 beer" to the list of things that should not exist. We stopped on Lansdowne for a few margarita pictures, a plate of guacamole and chips, and 4 miniature soft tacos before the game. Grand total for that pit stop? $123 plus tip. WTF?

Oh well... it was fun to be there for the sweep.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...an old Beatles rumor

Paul is Dead.

Batman #222, June 1970 cover by Neal Adams.

Look closely for the clue. ^_~ Then listen to Sgt. Peppers after eating some pickled jalapeno peppers at 11PM. It'll all make sense.

With Batman #666 by Grant Morrison looming on the Gnome's POOTING horizon, I came across the cover for Batman #222 while reading about rock & roll myths at Wikipedia.

Batman #666, June 2007 cover by Andy Kubert. The Batman of 15 Years into the Future...right before Armageddon.
It ties directly into Morrison's recent Batman arc "Batman & Son"

Batman & Son hardcover edition collecting BATMAN #655-658 and 663-666. available August 8, 2007.

Need any more clues, Bat-fans?

101 Things That Should Not Exist:

79. The way TV News Reporters speak the English Language...sure it's distinct but...

80. Happy Columbine Day Greeting Cards

81. About $6 Billion* per month spent on the Iraq War & Afghanistan but New Orleans still being a bloody mess after Hurricane Katrina.

*Source: Wall Street Journal

April 19, 2007
By Rev. Sully

The Second Season Rolls On!
aka: Where Have All The Good Times Gone?

"Yesterday was such an easy game for you to play...", the Brothers Davies revealed to me this line of Wisdom in a song they wrote back in 1965. I think of that song as I remember wistfully the Bruins 06-07 campaign...I remember the Big Bad Bruins making the Playoffs what seemed like every year as a kid. From 1968 to 1997, the Bruins did not miss the post-season. I guess we take for granted having a decent squad seeing the Bruins have not made the Playoffs since “the Long Offseason”, have missed the Playoffs 5 out of the past 10 seasons and only advancing to the Second Round once in the past 12 seasons (I have to rely on the word "season" versus "year" because of the 04-05 Lockout). Only one team can win the Championship each year, that's a fact. The Bruins now have had a 35-year long drought without sipping from Lord Stanley's Cup and have not been to the Finals in 16 years as well. I'm here to testify to that fact that this is officially a very long time, especially when teams like Tampa & Carolina win and when Boston considers itself a "real" hockey town. At least the Chicago Blackhawks share our woe...our Original Six brothers have only been in the post-season twice in the past decade, haven't been in the Finals since 1992 and have not won a Stanley Cup since 1961. Won't you tell me...where have all the good times gone?

The Second Season aka the Playoffs are in full swing. The NYR (patooie!) have swept the Atlanta Thrashers being the first team to matriculate into the Second Round. Last Night, I watched the West Coast game intermittently against new South Park...Game 4: Nashville fell in San Jose and the Sharks take the lead 3-1. Talk about Real Hockey action...Playoff hockey is a wonderful thing to behold. Real hitting, no wussy whistles. The cable television network VERSUS promises a game every night for as long as there are enough teams to provide coverage. Tonight has 4 games on tap: Anaheim/Minnesota, Detroit/Calgary, Dallas/Vancouver and Ottawa/Pittsburgh. 3 of the 4 matches will be aired on VERSUS. If you love Hockey, you'll love the Playoffs. All arguments of a neutered league gets swept under the Zamboni. This is real, thundering hockey played at the Next Level. Buffalo's about to beat the NYI...this might finally be the year. New Jersey, who the PUCK picked as the favorite to win the Cup this year have their hands full of a surging Tampa Bay Lightning, tied 2-2. The Senators are close to knocking off Pittsburgh's Young Guns. The Second Round is around the Bend...and you might be missing some really good Hockey.

"Well, once we had an easy ride and always felt the same, Time was on our side and I had everything to gain, Let it be like yesterday, Please let me have happy days"... the Rock n' Roll Wisdom from the Kinks comes back to me about where the good times went as a Pro Hockey Fan in Beantowne Faire. The AHL "Farm" team Providence Bruins are in their Playoffs against the NYR's (patoooie!) Hartford Wolfpack...which is absolutely no consolation. To boot, Hannu Toivonen allowed 5 goals on 22 shots before being pulled mid-3rd period in the 5-1 Game 1 loss. At least he's being consistent, huh? But Old Time Hockey fans will enjoy the fact there were 8 Fighting majors whistled. For Bruins fans though, having the baby B's in the Calder Cup Playoffs is a step in the right direction but for the Big Team...there needs to be more than a revolving door at the locker room and Front Office hot air promises. Don'tcha know hot air melts the Ice? Things to ponder for six months until the next Opening Night.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
BTW... I got a new job!!! Well, let me rephrase... I've gotten a locum senior position, contracted for 1 year at the Auckland Spinal Unit. Finally soem stability in my job.
Irony is, I didn't think I'd get the job so I started looking elsewhere for work, and without much luck. I had figured it was time to move on from hopital work anyway if I couldn't stay on permanently there or back in my last position in outpatient care. Somehow I did get the job, thanks to the miracle work of my section head. Since then I've been offered two other jobs, including one at my old post. But I'm sticking with the spinal unit, great supportive team and my section head seems to have taken on my development as his own personal project which I'm fine with.
When it rains it pours! Yay me!
97. The Deaf Gay Mens Chorus
Labels: 101 Things That Should Not Exist

... I'm sorry does that actually exist??? I want proof!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I wonder what God would think of all this...^_~

Christians are just as bad and splintered. Jews as well (but they're not currently killing eachother over their internal strife).

I sometimes think what our United States would be like without the umbrella of protection such as the non-Establishment clause...who would be "in charge". Who would be singled out...who would be killed.

Islam purports being a Peaceful religion but then there is the obvious. Christians can't really complain about that...ever read about the Crusades? Didn't Moses and the Levites slaughter all those who made the Golden Calf in Exodus?

But it would be as if the British actually siding with & supporting the Confederacy in the American Civil War? It is an Iraqi Civil War and there is no exit strategy...without the US Armed Forces there it would be wholesale bloody chaos only found in Africa.

The article accuses Americans of not being very smart when it comes to knowing Islamic differnces...heck, I think Americans don't know much about Christian differnces either.
In the never ending debate about the Iraq war, and what should be done, I am always reminded of a phrase that George W. Bush has used repeatedly to justify his positions, "we are in a post-9-11 world". Fine, the events of 9-11 changed our perceptions and understanding of the threat of terrorism. I'm conceding a point to Mr. Bush, which I will admit, is rarely done ... if ever. History does indeed shape, and should shape, our perceptions, and in turn should shape our actions in the future.

A friend of mine sent me an article today by Scott Ritter. Its a long read, but a very worthwhile read for those interested in understanding the relationship, and differentiating between the Sunni and Shite populace. Calling Out Idiot America

Actually, to be a bit more precise, after the first few paragraphs, he writes, "So here is the quiz: Explain the relationship between the Iraqi cities of Karbala and Baghdad as they impact the coexistence of Iraq’s Shiite and Sunni populations." It is a question that takes a lot more understanding of their history than most of our elected representatives could fake knowing. To be honest, I didn't quite understand the entirety of the relationship, though I knew basic reasons for their unfriendly relationship. But the reason I post this article is for the simple fact that every American ought to know just why it is impossible for the American "mission" (I put that in quotes, because I doubt Americans could agree, let alone articulate, at this point what the mission there is right now) to be successful in Iraq. You are talking about a very religious country, and when the bad blood runs deep between two religions, it is hard to quell that anger when you appear to be siding with one group over the other.

Just read the article, and understand why we have little right to include ourselves in their fight. To stop fighting is one thing, but to have instigated it, that is a whole other bag of monkeys.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...An Olde Fashioned Stack O' Funnies

Miss a few weeks of New Releases and one's coffee table gets a giant POOTING! The Comics Gnome dropped his mighty sack from his shoulder with a THUD!...and POOTED forth a deep stack of funnybooks just waiting to be read. And they have been waiting.
Remember: only three more weeks until Spider-Man 3: The Movie is released...I plan on taking "fun guys" to the Aquarium IMAX. Wink, wink.

Without further pause, the Comics Gnome Proudly Presents his POOTED Forth MEGA-STACK!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, #2
The second episode of the new season of Buffy. I actually used this to impress a fellow Scooby..."I'm on Season 8" I said. It worked. My Geek Chops are impressive...great story written by Joss Whedon.

Ultimate Spider-Man #'s 106 & 107 (cover to 106) "Ultimate Knights" Parts 1 & 2.
This will be Mark Bagley's final arc on USM with Bendis. I've been reading "El Post"'s hardcover collected USM #s 1-39 and the Wizzard 1/2 issue. It's cumbersome on the train but it happens to be one of the best Spidey stories from the beginning with Green Goblin to Doc Ock, to Kraven and the "Secret War"-less Venom origin. The newest Ultimate Knights arc has the old MARVEL Knights idea going head-to-head with Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime.

Justice League of America #7
The Epilogue to the Tornado's Path storyline. A little extra thick at $3.50 but worth it. This is simply one of my favorites. The new Headquarters might be a little "Jump The Shark"-ish but it does possess nostaligic charm. Everything about this magazine gets it "right". The next storyline is a crossover with the Justice Society of America.

Justice Society of America #4
Geoff Johns keeps 'em coming. "The Next Age" was a great treat for someone who didn't pick up on the previous "JSA" title at all. And I heard that was a stellar series to boot...the Comics Gnome now considers it POOT worthy.

Green Lantern #18
Again Geoff Johns knocks this Green Lantern out of the park. This time his battery partner is Daniel Acuna who does his own inking and coloring. This art is amazing...and also the backup feature "Tales of the Sinestro Corps" drawn by Dave Gibbons. This is one awesome funnybook.

Batman #664
Grant Morrison has been one of my favorite writers since my Second Time Around with FunnyBooks began. Now he's scribing the Dark Knight Detective and he is the right person for the job. Andy Kubert's pencils are astounding. My favorite part is Morrison putting the spotlight on billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and the double life. "The Three Ghosts of the Batman" should not be missed by any Bat-fan.

And for the DC Fan in us all...compliments of DC Fifty-Two: Week Forty-Seven is the definitive origin of the TEEN TITANS!

i am sad...

Kurt Vonnegut has passed on.

So it goes...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


April 11, 2007
By Rev. Sully

Bad Bear...No Campers
aka: Good Beer...No Hangover!

I'm sitting here feeling as tortured as a Bruins fan should. Check the Sitch. Read My Mind. Dig This: I have AC/DC's "Bad Boy Boogie" & "Whole Lotta Rosie" from If You Want Blood We Got It (Live) on the stereo and the greatest & Wussiest Rock song & video playing on VH1's We Are The Eighties. "Forever Young" by Alphaville. Talk about dichotomy of my media.

You hear this Talk about Bruins Tough and Hub of Hockey but what you see is lipstick, smoke machines, lasers and bouffant hairdos. I see parallels!!!

Today...I'm gonna get it off my chest and tell you everything. No one will be safe. I'll be as undiscerning as a Bear, hungry & coming out of hibernation running amok through a campsite.

The Campers:

P.J. Axelsson: broke his wrist in early March. Next year will be his 10th in Black & Gold. Still one of my favorite reasons to go to the Rink is to see Axelsson play, a Gold-Medal Olympian and underrated Swede.

Patrice Bergeron: The Future and the Face of the Franchise. 77GP, 22-48-70. Not bad...wish I had more to say about Baby Bergie than it's time for him to get Fearless and crash the net & corners even harder. That's the reality of wearing the "A"...

Brandon Bochenski: Came over from Chicago February 3, 2007. Instantly set his own tone by scoring in his first Bruins game and in a few others as well going 11-11-22 in 31 GP in Black & Gold.

Marco Sturm: Germany's very own Marco Sturm posted 27 goals this year in 76 windmill tilts.

Glen Murray: missed the last month of play on the Injured List. "Muzz" led the team with 28 goals.

Phil Kessel: rookie forward looked like a rookie out there but he looked like a good rookie. 70GP, 11-18-29.

Marc Savard: 2007 Free Agent wowed with Super Star effort on a team of "Lesser Lights". Ranked overall in the NHL 3rd in assists with 74, played all 82 games netting 22 goals as well to post 96 points.

Mark Mowers: 2007 free agent ended his underwhelming season injured.

Shean Donovan: a Plugger with 76 games. He's a 4th Liner...he could check me into Next Week. I better be nice.

Petr Tenkrat: journeyman Czech player would love to stay in the States wearing any sweater. Meathead sez, "Trade 'Em!"...he might improve. ^_~

Chuck Kobasew: former Boston College Eagle 2001 NCAA Champion comes back to Boston via Calgary and the Brad Stuart trade. One of those players you'd need a program to follow but spent most of The End fighting concussion & post-concussion maladies. Wish him good luck with that, OK?

Zdeno Chara: the Captain. But not the Saviour. OK? Only missed 2 games this year and earned 100 Penalties in Minutes (PIM). He was a great choice for the Captain's "C". He has that big shot from the "Point" on the Power Play...now all they need are the Worthy to stuff in the rebounds.

Andrew Alberts: led the team with 124 penalty minutes, 76 games played.

Aaron Ward: Won 2 Stanley Cup rings (Detroit '97, Carolina '06) and signed with NYR but locker room drama led to his exile to Beantowne Faire in 2007. Took a few dumb penalties in the waning daze of a bad year. Hope he sticks around for a few good because we really need defensemen like Ward.

Mark Stuart: rookie Blueliner played in 15 games.

Jason York: Stood out as being a solid defenseman who did his job about 14 minutes a night.

Tim Thomas: The Starting Goalie. The Rock. The Tank. Thomas is not a bad goalie but he's also not the future...although look at a player such as Domink Hasek then talk about age on a goaltender but iDigress...
66GP 30W-29L-4OTL. 3.13GAA. .905SV% This is the part when the PUCK sez...Do The Math, Mouthbreathers.

Hannu Toivonen: hey...at least he'll start the Providence Bruins AHL Playoffs. Sigh. 18GP 3-9-1, 4.23 GAA, .875SV%.

Joey MacDonald: Who? If you blinked, you'd have missed out on MacDonald being castoff by Detroit and washing up on Cahhson Beach in Southie as late season motivation for Toivonen to play better. 7GP 2-2-1.

Recently Departed:
Sergei Samsonov: traded to Edmonton last season, signed with Montreal this season where he played 63 games and only netted 9-17-26. Wow!

Milan Jurcina: discarded to the Washington Capitals where they doubled his ice time and he tripled his numbers.

Paul Mara: The Smoking PUCK's 1st choice for 2007 7th Player was traded away to the Blueshirts. Sigh.

Brad Boyes: exiled to St. Louis for Bagg O'Pucks in a blockbuster deal.

Hal Gill: Who? Gallery Gawds? Anyone?

Joe Thornton: Trooper Thorn finished 1st in the NHL for Assists with 92 and 2nd in scoring with 114 points.

Andrew Raycroft: former 7th Player & Rookie of the Year would have made the same impact here in Boston that he actually made on Bay Street in Toronto.

Brad Stuart: traded to Calgary and going to the Second Season as a Flame.

Yan Stastny: traded once again this time to St. Louis along with Brad Boyes.

Alexei Zhamnov: I thought he wasn't on the team anymore but he was on the Injured List all season long.

at least the current video is "Maniac" by Michael Sambello and the song is "Dub Side of the Moon" by the Easy Star All-Stars. At least there's nothing Wussy about watching scene's from "Flashdance". More dissecting of the Bruins season later of the autopsy of this Mighty 2007 Bruins bear has begun...it's time for Meathead & I to go to Fenway Park and see Dice-K's home debut. In the Bleachers of Course.

Oh, by the Way. The NHL Playoffs start tonight. ^_~


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

101 Things That Should NOT Exist!

82. Schadenfruede (this one's for the kids in the cheap seats)

83. To whomever is not Rinsing Out the Juice Pourers (bartenders...this one's for you)

84. the 'Tween as a Target of material & Expensive Things (parents...this one's for you ^_~)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...the Smartest Kid on Earth all over my Coffee Table

As the Comics Gnome was making his appointed rounds, illuminating peoples lives with enlightenment through the panels, he was given in return an amazing piece of fiction in sequential art. The Gnome said that our buddy, local journalist Luke O'Neil was turned onto an award-winning book brimming with the expectation of a good read. Luke kicked over his find to the Gnome who in turn POOTED it on my Coffee Table. The Gnome said, "just try not to get any tear stains on the pages, ya sap" and return it in due time.

It's been in turn kicked over to "el post" himself. Luke's still waiting for his book to come back.

Welcome to Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth by Chris Ware.

Hardcover Edition Cover. List price: $35.00

This is a wonderful story of anxiety and melancholy. This is a deftly illustrated story of being uncomfortable with one's self and everybody else...especially your own family. The art is so clean & detailed and every panel speaks its proverbial 1,000 words.

At first, I admit I was a little bored with it. Slow moving story...where is this going. I'm used to the Capes & Cowls crowd...this is slice of life comics. Independent and real...it even lampoons the Super-Man Hero in repeating references and motifs.

But 1/4 way through the book, I was captivated by the story. I completely empathised with the character Jimmy. Single mother, only child growing up without Dad around. Ending up in his mid-30s still a bit clueless and totally unsure about himself.

And then his estranged father makes an attempt to meet Jimmy for the 1st time. And they do. Occasionally the story gets unstuck in time and shows Jimmy as a boy.

The art was the biggest hook...sorry if you have to squint but hopefully you'll thumb through it on a bookshelf at a bookstore.

Chris Ware perfectly and almost spookily manages to capture that feeling of an only child with nothing to do but be alone in his room with nothing to do but imagine.

Jimmy 's story occasionally switches places with that of his paternal grandfather at the same childhood age in 1893 around the Chicago World's Fair and about American life in the "Turn-of-the-Centuty" Age of the Industrial boom. It's almost as if they are the same character in similar circumstances (only child, single parent). Themes of isolation, awkwardness, over-imagination, social retardation...I felt very close to this story.

Luke will get his book back...I'm sure as soon as Posty's done with it. But I might have to get my own copy. The Comics Gnome was pretty impressed...being POOTED instead of the POOTEE. He can't take any credit for this one. Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth is worth your time & attention. It's a little heavy for a thick hardcover but you can be impressed that it's a real grown-up's funnybook devoid of bravado, fight scenes and expository language. It's a book that makes you think long after its finished and if it's done its job correctly...you too might feel a little awkward in your own skin as our "super-hero" Jimmy here. ^_~


April 5, 2007
By Rev. Sully

The End is Getting NIGH!!!
aka: Should We Be Embarrassed To Bleed Black & Gold?

Only Two games to go...and then the Bruins can skate off into the sunset on the horses they rode in on. What a mixed metaphor but suits a mixed-up season. Did that sound negative? Nah...but I did see teevee commercial hawking a Golf open with the Bruins and I jokingly said they could have it April 11; the day after the regular season closes shop. Hey, I still haven't switched sweatshirts yet. I'll be wearing the Bruins hoodie until Monday...then it's time for the Red Sox pullover. The End is Nigh...the Second Season will march on for another 6 weeks without Boston, again.

The Smoking PUCK's official opinion is...the New Jersey Devils should be hoisting Lord Stanley's tupperware high. I've been wrong before...I'll be wrong again. But the Exit 16W Devils got "IT" this year...they've had "IT" for over a decade and it's got everything to do with their goalie Martin Brodeur. Who will be their dance partners in the Final? Detroit and Nashville are the likely frontrunners this moment.

Should we be embarrassed to bleed Black & Gold after...sigh...yet another disappointing season? Well...a lifetime of being a Red Sox fan gives Bostonians that calloused soul it takes to truly love a sub-standard team. The culture change over at Causeway Street did little to improve what was already plaguing the team; giving up the lead late in games. Uninspired play. Lackluster performances. Same expensive night at the Gahhden. 1-9 in the past 10 games being shutout 4 times. I'm not embarrassed to be a Bruins fan...just P.O'ed at another bad year. This is the kind of thing that happens to expansion teams and Sun Belt squads where people really don't love the Ice the way we New Englandah's do. Where Tampa Bay & North Carolina win Stanley Cups...and the Beantowne Bee's can't make .500 in the Standings. It's like life in a Bizzaro League. "Real" hockey teams such as New Jersey, Detroit and now Ottawa & Buffalo have the recipe for success in the New Ice Order. Detroit & Jersey have been elite teams for the past 15 or so years...it is possible to build & sustain greatness.

The Post-Season Report card will be coming soon where I'll get drunk and scribble nasty things about a bunch of guys who are probably pretty nice...but burned the fans hard. It wasn't the upper management, the owners or the coaches. The Players are at fault...they're the guys that shoot the puck at the opposing goalie and can't get it past him. They're the ones who give up the game mid-way, squandering leads and momentum. 2 games remain and then mercifully enough hockey season in Boston will be over. I'll still watch tonight because it is a long way until October. Maybe this is what it feels like to have battered wife syndrome...I still love them so much even after all they've done to me...WAH WAH WAH!!! That's too much even for me...but I will stick by my team and I won't give up the ship. The past few years as a Bruins fan has really given me cause to think and examine why I really like them...and still go to the game. Why? Simple...because on the 8th Day God was bored so God make the Ice and then Canadians in which to give the world ice hockey. I miss the Greatness in having a quality hockey club...I miss the Pride that comes with donning my Black & Gold jersey and being a Gallery Gawd.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

101 Things That Should Not Exist:

85. The "Clean" Version of Eazy-E's "Eazy-Duz-It" on the iTunes Music Store

86. The month of August on the Red Sox Schedule

87. Western culture's hypocritical Cannabis Prohibition

88. Bipartisanship
iRawk...therefore iPod!

A Day Oaf! Yes...I switched the word "off" with "oaf".
I've nearly completed my mindless, day-off task of finding album art for all my music. I'm a GEEK!!! I love this stuff. Of course I want all 4 covers to Beck's "Sea Change". All those Impulse and Blue Note jazz original covers for all that fine jazz music I got...I even thanked El Post's brother-in-law for all that jazz music but iDigress...

Refining the library as I go along as well. Get rid of those extra tracks of the same songs on different albums...why keep 'em? As long as the integrity of the original album is kept, who really cares about the Compilation versions. Especially if they're the same version of the same song.
Really...wanna know how many Jimi Hendrix tunes I've gathered? 178 tunes. And no repeats. Sure I got six different versions of "hey Joe" and "Foxey Lady". Five "Spanish Castle Magic" & four different "Issabella". Only one of each is a studio/album cut...the others were recorded live in concert. Fillmore East. BBC. Winterland. Atlanta 1970. Woodstock. Yes, it is very "wickid pissah"...thanks for noticing. I'm still missing "Band of Gypsies". I still got more Hendrix to pick up! Still...my favorite version of "Spanish Castle Magic" has to be from the BBC Sessions Disc 2.

My eyes are bugging out!!! I've been hunting for album art all day! OWWW!!! Good thing for Red Sox baseball & Miller Lite. ^_~

I got a different type of Sully Top 10 list for y'all today. Yes...thanks to the magic of iTunes I am now about to share with the General Pubic...
my Top 10 SKIPPED Songs!
yes...songs I perhaps like (or maybe even hate...I'll letcha know) but skip over before it finished. iTunes will only mark a song as "played" if it completes and goes into the next song. If you skip over the last 4 seconds to get to the next song...tough. It won't get recorded in the Play Count. But it will in the Skip Count, conversely.

So here they come...

10. Bennie & The Jets by the Beastie Boys from The Sounds of Science. This song is live and sung by rapper Biz Markie. It's a little terrible and sometimes I'm in the mood to listen to it...but not today

9. Happy Jack by the Who. It's gotta be because of that HUMMER teevee commercial. I agree with Matt about the nature of what the HUMMER actually is and it being good, tax-deductable or not.

8. Ghost Rider by the Rollins Band. It's a cover of the band Suicide's song about the MARVEL comicbook character. It's actually really good but clocks in over 10 minutes. So I get impatient...

7. Dog-Faced Boy by Phish from Hoist. It comes following my most-played and perhaps favorite Phish tune "Scent of a Mule". After the insane harmonies & banjo-pickin' of "Mule"...I guess I gotta move onto more rockin'.

6. Pinion by Nine Inch Nails from Broken. Why? It's the minute-plus instrumental that comes before "Happiness in Slavery". That's why.

5. Odyssey by KISS from Music From The EIder. It has equal plays to skips but I do love this song so much. I just can't listen to it in Public, apparently. it's in my beloved "SuperHero RAWK!" iMix so it's not a hated song. It's actually part of the story...it's misunderstood. I'd tell you to listen to it yerself but you'd hate me afterward.

4. Pygmy Twylyte by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention from Zappa/Mother Roxy & Elsewhere. I put "stars" on this song after OCHO's very own Esteemed Emeritus Doctor Hooey & I went to the "Zappa Plays Zappa" concert in 2006 because they played it...and it blew my socks off. It's still good...I just heard it as I was typing.

3. Take My Breath Away by Berlin from the Top Gun Soundtrack. This song plays way too much at work. One of my workmates loves the Top Gun soundtrack and it gets listened to...often. I try to hasten its ending as much as I can. This is the song that broke the band up...I saw that on VH1 recently.

2. Intergallactic by the Beastie Boys from Hello Nasty. This song is just a bad anchor to a monent in Space/Time. That's all. I bet you got several as well. It gets skipped everytime but I won't remove it because I don't want to compromise the album integrity.

and the most Skipped Song on my iPod is!!!

1. Holiday by Madonna from her self-titled first album Madonna. I only want to listen to this twice a week. When I'm whisking vigorously a batch of hollandaise sauce on Saturday & Sunday mornings between 10 and 10:20AM. I sing "Hollandaise" over Madonna's "Holiday". I'm convinced sauces akin to plants, pets & children respond better when sung to. I don't listnen to it other than those two times a week. I've already deleted the Play Count once this year and I fear it will break the normal Top-10 in a few months the rate it gets played.

I've abandoned my $25 per month budget of new music because of poverty. Hey...aren't holy men s'posed to take this vow anyway, huh??? ^_~ Hopefully, that will return as soon as I can find a better paying job...
No new music...no new videos...no Shakira & Beyonce video that I'd be (not) telling you about. I do keep a list of music I will pick up from the iTunes Music Store...as soon as I can afford it. Until then...it's playing about with what I got. Sitting for hours on my day oaf "right-clicking" images and being King Geek...I love this gadget.


The Current Count:
5,697 on the iPod
5,884 on the iTunes at home
89. Soccer Moms
90. Philly cheese steak maki
91. Planned obsolescence
92. Teletubbies
93. Tax breaks for Hummers (the vehicles... I'll revisit this if someone proposes tax breaks for blow jobs)
94. Corporations invoking the Bill of Rights as if they were persons.
95. Income tax
96. Dads who "breastfeed" with weird nursing apparatus
Things That Should Not Exist, but when they appear you cannot help but appreciate that they do.

Republican Representative from Minnesota compares President Bush's popularity (along with his favorite war), to that of Gonorrhea.

HAHAHAHA. I was never so happy the clap existed.

97. The Deaf Gay Mens Chorus
101 Things That Should NOT Exist

98. NY Rangers fans wearing not only wearing their "Blueshirts" but their NY Yankees hats on gameday in Beantowne

99. High School Reunion Fight Club

100. Baby's First Jalapeno

101. a Sober James Hetfield