Wednesday, February 28, 2007

NYC Bans Use of N-Word!!!

New York City bans racial slur
By Daniel Trotta 57 minutes ago
NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York City symbolically banned use of the word nigger on Wednesday, the latest step in a campaign that hopes to expunge the most vile of racial slurs from hip hop music and television."...
Use of the word by blacks exploded with the rise of rap music in recent years, and some black comedians like Chris Rock continue to use it in their routines.

"What, is there a fine? Am I going to get a ticket?" Rock mocked in a Reuters interview when asked about the City Council move. "Do judges say, '10 years, nigger!"'

Rock said politicians were trying to divert attention from real problems: "Enough real bad things happen in this city to worry about how I am going to use the word."

February 28, 2007
By Rev. Sully

The Trade Deadline was actually scheduled for the 29th but then someone in New York City made a tragic discovery when the Proofs Came back from the Printer...

And on the day after the Great Trade Deadline...the dust was settling. Brad Boyes and Paul Mara both find themselves on other teams today. Early this Mourning I voted once again for the Bruins NESN 7th Player award this time for rookie Phil Kessel.
Brad Boyes exiled to St. Louis. The Smoking PUCK's former 7th Player pick Paul Mara sent to the (thoooie!...splat!) New York City Rangers. The Bruins in return I heard got a really decent defenseman with 2 Cups rings in Aaron Ward. From the Arches I believe t'was an Irish player goin' buy the name of O'Pucks...Bagg O'Pucks if I can recall Rightly.

All around the League there are old friends with new sweaters. Pro Shops everywhere are warming up the silkscreen machines and waiting for word from Above about which number to put on the tee-shirts. It looks like St. Louis gave up the Ship this year a bit by ejecting their marquee value but I can tell you their team just got a little better by getting Brad Boyes. He's a good player and a developing playmaker. I'll miss ya...sigh. Paul Mara was just plain Bruins Tough and now he's in a Blueshirt...please think of how I have to deal & personally struggle with that for a few minutes, whydon'tcha...a little empathy, please.

I look forward to seeing how Aaron Ward pans out. He's a good solid defenseman. This Bruins trade with NYR was the sweet deal of the Class of '07...not the other "BIG" deals in the Western Conference, which looks like a game of musical chairs. The only winners out West will be the tee-shirt peddlers but iDigress... The Hum on the Rails sez that NYC Blueskirt captain Jaromir Jagr had a falling out with Ward. Ward just signed a two-year free agent deal after winning the Cup in Carolina last season. It must be an insult to be traded to Boston by NYC for Wal-Mart prices...both teams are dogfighting for those last playoff spots in the Eastern Conference. Ask yourself, bunkies...Cui Bono?. This works in the Black & Gold's favor because our defense line just got that much deeper. In someways, it's a lot like Landfill's twin brother shows up and saves the team because he can drink a lot more...that's an insanely esoteric movie reference.

But back to the Rink and out of the DVD Player is the Official Smoking PUCK's list of...
Teams that Just Got a Lot Better (on Print or Pixel) for the upcoming Second Season:
Boston...it's gotta be said the Thin Blue Line is what is in front of the goalie. Workhorse goaltender Tim Thomas is very grateful for any help.
New Jersey. The Atlantic Division leaders didn't do a damn thing. Marty Brodeur is at the peak of his Powers earning his league-leading 12th shutout last night. Who's gonna be surprised if he wins Cup #4.
Atlanta. Made BIG deals. They're duking it out with Tampa Bay for their division and the Playoff's Three-Spot.
Buffalo. A juggernaut already this season made the few key tweakings...perhaps a Buffalo/New Jersey duel for the East will decide the Cup's victor.

San Jose. All they need is Pat Burns! ^_~
Detroit. They look a lot like a Roman legion right now with shields stacked and pikes forward...
Nashville. Who'da thunk it but they figured out early they need to play it to the Bone versus Detroit for their division...Detroit can and has faltered in the Playoffs past and these Cats need to mark their own spots.
St. Louis...as the Bruins in the East the Blues are in their own chase for the last playoff spots, within 10 points.

Here...check it out yourself. The NHL's Big Trade Board. See if you see someone you know on a new team.
Six teams are within 9 points of that 8th Playoff Spot in the Eastern Conference...the Bruins are one of those teams. The Race to the Playoffs start now!!! The Beantown Bee's are in no mood to give up and in a sense...start their playoffs now against those five other teams.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
"It's that time of year again for Bruins fans when we choose the NESN 7th Player Award...to the player that exceeded expectation this year and my vote is going to Paul Mara. Mara happens to be the Bruin who steps up on the ice and brings justice. He's got an NHL career high of 90+ & Climbing minutes in penalties and has been the one dropping gloves & throwing hands for the cause. Mara won't win any beauty pagents or scoring races but to me he's defining what a 7th Player really is."

Well, so much for that vote Sully.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


February 21, 2007
By Rev. Sully

The Road Warriors Come Out & Play!
aka: Vote for the Bruins Seventh Player Here via OCHO!

A Day Off...whew! I feel it as well, kicking my heels up on my very own day oaf as well. The chapter of Local Black & Gold 2007 have a three-game win streak brewing on the road with two more to go until they return to the "Gahhden". The Beantowne Bees are 7-3-0 in the past 10 games, three games over .500 and 4 points out of last place in the Northeast Division with the Playoff Eight within striking distance. Things are looking up for the Bruins with 23 games remaining in the season. But today, they can take the day off, kick up their skates and drive the Zamboni...heck maybe they can stop off in Boston for a day to get some clean laundry on this 5-game 1 1/2 long road trip.

Tim Thomas earned his 3rd shutout of the season, 4th of his career last night against a tough Maple Leafs team played on Bay Street's ice. All three stars of the game were Bruins with "Tank" Thomas as the #1. Tim turned away 44 shots-on-goal while the Bruins themselves capitalized on their 21 shots three times while missing both assistant captains Patrice Bergeron and Glen Murray to short-term injuries. Marc Savard and P.J. Axelsson wore the "A" on their sweaters while "Bergie" & "Muzz" heal up. For the Record, Martin Brodeur is #1 in league Shutouts with 11 and the New Jersey Devils will continue to be a Stanley Cup threat until the day he retires.

Speaking of goalies, former 7th Player Bruin & 2004 Rookie of the Year Andrew Raycroft was chased from the net after the second period in last night's Boston/Toronto match-up, giving up all three Boston goals in 40 minutes of work. Last night's game wrapped up the eight games the Bruins have to play against their division rivals the Toronto Maple Leafs. Their series stands in favor of the Bruins with 5 wins and 3 losses to the Maple Leafs in the 2006-07 season. The Bruins can look forward to seeing olde school rivals, the Montreal Canadians four more times this season, three in March. The season versus "Les Habs" is currently even at two games a piece. Only one more game against fellow rival Ottawa and a win can break that series even for the year. Same "breaking even" potential goes to two wins in the Buffalo Sabres' remaining matches. The Bruins have not lost any of the Divisional series yet this year...still being in last place indeed stinks.

It's that time of year again for Bruins fans when we choose the NESN 7th Player Award...to the player that exceeded expectation this year and my vote is going to Paul Mara. Mara happens to be the Bruin who steps up on the ice and brings justice. He's got an NHL career high of 90+ & Climbing minutes in penalties and has been the one dropping gloves & throwing hands for the cause. Mara won't win any beauty pagents or scoring races but to me he's defining what a 7th Player really is. Come and vote for who you think should be the 2007 NESN Bruins 7th Player. Should it be Bruins Tough rookie Phil Kessel? Hasn't Marc Savard lived up to free-agent expectations...should it go to someone worthier? I'm voting right now...hopefully I can be worthy enough to win the car along with the Bruin who wins the award. Cross yer fingers or go vote yourself.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
Food For Thought...or A Reason to Stay in Iraq??? ^_~

Think about it...wait for it.

Compliments of Warren Ellis Dot Com
The Comics Gnome POOTS Nervous Magazine Lists and Hops in the Way-Back Machine for the Giggles...

So the Editors at the hipster e-zine NERVE DOT COM have given us a stack of FunnyBooks to read...or maybe we should trust what the Comics Gnome suggests. It all depends on what strikes your fancy. In the spirit of Rolling Stone's definitive list of 100 Best Albums of All-Time the Mythic Comics Gnome brings you Nerve Dot Com's...and see if there's anything great here.

"20 Comics That Can Change Your Life by the Nerve staff".

Nerve Dot Com's list includes LOVE AND ROCKETS but not JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC so I wouldn't give Nerve the proper "street cred" of a real hipster magazine such as Boston's free THE WEEKLY DIG yet but iDigress...

The Comics Gnome once again POOTS forth illuminated entertainment to others and mostly to those coming back to FunnyBooks after a long break. Two dudes I work with found their coffee tables & manpurses filled with Funnies compliments of my short friend here. To Luke and Jason has gone OCHO's very own "El Post"s collection of POWERS. POWERS is written by Brian Michael Bendis who also pens MARVEL books such as ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and NEW AVENGERS to name two current titles. If you'll notice the first title mentioned in the Nerve Dot Com Top 20 is ALIAS reviewed here in OCHO back in July 2004. Pardon the broken "hotlinked" images...I am a pirate of the IntrePoop so sez the Jolly Roger sticker on my PowerBook.

The Gnome concurs with Nerve Dot Com's Top 20 in a few ways. Bendis' ALIAS was part of the Nerve list but not the Bendis/Oeming indie Powerhaus POWERS OCHO noted August 2006 when Newsarama Dot Com started Free Daily POWERS via that website. The entire Vol. 1 "Who Killed Retro Girl" is archived to view.
Although Warren Ellis gets two Nerve nods with TRANSMETROPOLITAN and PLANETARY. Warren Ellis is also in league with the House of Ideas MARVEL Comics but here are two works outside of the world of Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four.
The Comics Gnome POOTED a lot of "Cawmics Tawk" about TRANSMETROPOLITAN in November 2003 with Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 5. Spider Jerusalem is a great & rich modern literary character nevertheless I still see less of the popular notion of inspiration in Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and more in fellow fictional rabble-rouser Dr. Jubal Harshaw
The Comics Gnome has also mentioned PLANETARY recently as well...

Garth Ennis' PREACHER reviewed by the Comics Gnome, April 2004 makes the Nerve cut as well.

So thanks to Jason Levy & Luke O'Neil for getting back in the game...it's great to talk FunnyBooks with kids my own age. The Comics Gnome once again doing his job in his appointed rounds. You just can't trust message boreds or fly by night website lists. But you can trust Boston's WEEKLY DIG! ^_~ And another great thing about the "Dig"...

The Thinking Ape Blues by Mark Poutenis. One of the reasons the Dig has the best indie funnypage in free Boston weeklies. Also in the Weekly Dig is Dan Savage's "Better Than Carrie Bradshaw" Sex Advice column SAVAGE LOVE...IN PRINT!!! I read it on the T!!! And this OCHO mentioned Luke O'Neil can also be read in that same Weekly Dig if you're looking. ^_~ Here's to writing clever! HUZZAH! I'm all for it.


Eric from the Kitchen

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm with you Matt. Politicians and their constant maneuvering tend to make politics and the role they play in our government too cumbersome for the ordinary citizen who doesn't have the time or desire to sit down and sort it all out. For those of us who do have time, it can still be quite frustrating. My personal choice, were the presidential elections held today, would be Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico. His resume alone sits very well with me, especially considering the issues that face our nation today (See his Wiki, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Richardson). While I think he has very little chance of gaining traction while going up against the likes of big names like Clinton or Edwards, I believe he and Obama are the best choices for Democratic nominees. As for the republicans, I really couldn't say who I'd like their nominee to be. McCain is utterly frustrating in his, ehem, flip flops if you will (http://therealmccain.com/), I've put up with more than enough of Romney these last few years, Giuliani is another like Bush who only appoints those who agree with him, and removes those who don't. Personally, I think the Republican party, in order for it to survive, needs to nearly die so that it will lose all of its power, and rebuild their party. Too much unchecked power has corrupted such a large swath of them, that it was no longer about their ideals as a party, but only about maintaining their power, and at times expanding it. Personally, I've always described myself as a liberal republican. I did so because I do stand for many of the ideals that the party was based on, but because of the direction the party seems to have taken, I can no longer relate to almost anything that the party is motivated by anymore. Who knows, that may just mean I was very naive when I was younger, but I'd like to think that at one point in time they had the right idea.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Not a bad train of thought at all El Post. Personally, I'm hoping the coming presidential race will see the country choosing between the better of two candidates, rather than the lesser of two evils. For reasons like those you posted, niether Clinton nor Romney will be seeing any support from me. I'm done with politicians and their maneuverings.

My opinion is certainly subject to change as the campaigns progress, but right now I'm hoping for McCain vs. Obama on the final tickets. It would be refreshing to have to decide which candidate would be better suited to lead the country, as opposed to choosing the candidate I believe would be the least damaging.
It is with great regret that I subject you to the wanderings of my mind. Today's wandering is brought on by my frustration over the Iran rhetoric (that is, "intelligence") that seems to be flowing from the current administration.

By now, everyone in this country is very familiar with the Iraq war and the questionable intelligence that led us into that war. In the lead up to the war with Iraq, millions of Americans opposed that war, and also critically questioned the veracity of the intelligence that was being used to promote that war. Before Congress passed the authorization to confront Iraq, a great deal of information was available that shed doubt on whether the intelligence being promoted held any water. But instead of acting prudently, many in Congress voted to give the President the authority to use the United States Military in confronting Iraq.

Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton was starting up her presidential tour. At the event an audience member asked her whether or not she would admit her vote on the authorization had been a mistake. She refused to admit it had been a mistake, and instead blamed the President for the mistakes made. This, to me, is the most frustrating thing to hear. Here I am, a 26 year old, who has only been involved in politics for the last 6 or 7 years really, who had less information available (only the declassified and leaked materials, much of which was questionable, at least by those who saw the Iraq war vote as more than a political decision), and when I hear something like this, I have to question the truthfulness of her position. While I am glad she can recognize that the President did make mistakes, her refusal to admit she made a mistake desperately frightens me.

Now that we are hearing the Administration trying to push Iran into the fray, I would like to put forward a question to you. If it weren't for the colossal failure that is the Iraq war, would our congressional representatives act as prudently as they are now when it comes to the Iranian intelligence that is being collected? (This is somewhat of an assumption at the moment, considering that the intelligence has only recently been "pushed" into a more public and regular light.) Essentially my point is that, considering her current position on her Iraq war vote, if the President were to ask for authorization to use our military to engage Iran, how would this vote differ at all from the Iraq vote. The intelligence currently being used in regards to Iran is not really bulletproof right now, and I highly doubt that Congress would authorize action again Iran, but the question remains, would Clinton vote for an authorization just as she did on the Iraq war? Her continued statements that generally go "knowing what I know now, I would not have voted for ...", should this not give us pause? Now, in my opinion, she's essentially saying that until the President was proven to be a liar, she voted just right. Her failure to question the shoddy intelligence before her was apparently not a mistake. And that's what worries me. As they say, hindsight is always 20/20, but as our representatives, shouldn't we be concerned that they try to make better decisions while looking forward, rather than looking back to find where they can place the blame?

The first step in learning from your mistakes is admitting you made them. Refusal to admit them only gives others the same opportunity to hide and gain cover from the mistakes that they, too, made. As we head into the presidential campaigns, we should all ask ourselves what candidate is actually a leader. When I think about the office of the President, I'm always worried that those running for the office are doing so because they've always dreamed of becoming president. But the office of the President is not about fulfilling your dreams, or to up your social status, it is about service to this nation and its people. As the President, you are a figure that every man, woman and child should be able to look up to, and as such, you must hold yourself to a higher standard. The reason you must hold yourself to a higher standard is that everyone else will already be holding you to a higher standard. So when the time comes, and you are asked to vote for a presidential candidate, think very carefully about who you would survive were they held to a higher standard, and there you may perhaps find the president our country needs.

And thus ends my thought, I hope it wasn't too dreadful.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Comics Gnome Still POOTS a Daily Dose of Panels to See Life Through...

Non Sequitur, February 12, 2007.

I hope this pirated, hotlinked picture stays long enough for you to see. If you see a Red X then maybe you're watching the "Teen Titans"...

This is one of three daily comic strips fed into my Homepage. This one's always been a bit irreverent.

Maybe it's all time we looked up Superhero on the IntrePoop. I love Wikipedia.

A short stack from the Comics Gnome this week...remember to still read your daily newspaper and check out the funnies each day. ^_~

The ice diving class went off without a hitch. Perfect weather, ideal conditions, fun people, and almost no equipment issues. We did our checkout dives on saturday, and followed up on sunday with a second set of rescue simulation dives that culminated with me shouting "Don't worry kid, I'll save your dumb ass!" and cannonballing into a hole in the ice to drag out another diver who was playing the part of the stupid kid who fell through. Needless to say, the cannonball is not a part of the "by the book" rescue technique, but it's wicked fun.

The water was crystal clear, and at almost 40 degrees it was easily 10 degrees warmer than the air and nicely out of the wind. We had perfect conditions for ice formation during the previous week, so we had about 8 inches of thickness, and it was clear enough in spots to see straight to the bottom of the 40 foot deep pond.

More pictures are available in my slideshow at http://www.flickr.com/photos/msilvia/sets/72157594531882701/show/.
I hope to have the editing of the video done soon.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


February 8, 2007
By Rev. Sully

Breakin' Even in the Standings Ain't All That Bad
aka: Working Overtime!

The Hometown Bruins have managed to win a few games breaking a very bad losing streak. The thick of the Schedule is upon the Causeway St. Black & Gold and just in time to turn things around for the second half of the season. Still a lot of hockey to be played and the Bruins have 4 games on most of the rest of the League...meaning the Bruins have played 4 games less than other teams this year but have the same points as the rest of the pack. That's just a Patented Smoking PUCK observation. Usually looking at numbers gives me headaches.

Show up to work and get the job done. Sometimes you have to stay late in order to produce what needs to be produced...to succeed. The Beantown Bees have found staying late does get the job done. The past two games both in the variety of Overtime victories, halting a nasty 5-game losing skid including overall 3-10 in the month of January. Winning the past two broke the Bruins even in the Northeast Division standings and are still in the hunt for those last Playoff Berths, only 9-10 points away. I've always thought the idea that all 5 Northeast Division teams making the Eastern Conf. Playoff Eight is attainable and even possible.

Things could be worse. The Central Division in the Western Conference sums up "worse". After 9 seasons in the NHL, the Nashville Predators figured out how to play with their penpals. They've decided to play the Detroit Red Wings and the two are in a dogfight for 1st & 2nd places...while the rest of the division drops 25 standings points for 3rd place. Chicago, St. Louis and Columbus are all under .500. Twenty-Five points separate 3rd place from 2nd. See..."worse".

Tonight we play the Stanley Cup defending Champion Carolina Hurricanes at home in the Gahhden. You'll be sure some twisted screwheads show up wearing Whaler Blue. Though as a fan of the Sport & History, I've always wanted a WHA New England Whalers jersey with "MARLEY #81" on the back & sleeves.

New England Whalers 1972-73 inaugural season played in Boston.

By the way...did you know...have you heard that Glen Wesley is STILL a Hurricane. He is the Last Whaler; the only player leftover from their daze in Hartford. Bruins fans will do well by remembering that Glen and his wife, the always-different hat wearing Barb were the ones who began the Bruins Wives Carnivals. Wesley was Papa Bear Ray Bourque's linemate before being dished for draft picks. Good thing the Whalers were "Forever .500" because the Bruins got old friends Kyle McLaren and Sergei Samsonov out of the draft for Wesley. A little "Way-Back" Machine action courtesy of OCHO.

A Smoking PUCK welcome goes out to new Bruin Brandon Bochenski, who did the right thing his first game in Black & Gold...he scored a goal. Seeing #10 back out "On Gahhden Pond" still gives me flashes of Dmitri Kvarltolnov and Ken Hodge, the younger...that's my own cross to bear for years of patronage.

All tied-up or so it seems...being at .500 in the Divisional Standings is a lot worse than it looks in Last Place. It's not time to start counting out anything at this point...but it is time to roll up your sleeves, don your Lee "Press-On" Smile and get to work. And be ready to stay late.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
What EPA test? Are you joining the EPA?
Happy Nirvana Day!!!

I started off Nirvana Day...Praisin' Jah and singing along very loudly to Nirvana's "Dive" and "Breed" (Live "From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah"). What can I say...I had the house all to myself.

Today is a Buddhist holiday. Paranirvana Day. My BirthdayAlarm Dot Com email reminder...reminded me it was Nirvava Day; something I "radio-buttoned" in the past 11 months seeing this is my first celebration. Little did I know I'd have the day off. It's not as though I prepared for this holiday. Everything just fell into place at the last minute...as it should and does if Karma calls for it but iDirgress...

So to enjoy Nirvana Day...which falls on my Personal Sunday I am making Brunch for MySelf. Yes. I used CamelCase there. And iMeant it. ^_~ And I am making Brunch. And I'm listening to Nirvana all bloddy day long...until the iPod is pooped. Random shuffle. I won't know until it plays when I'll be called up to perform and sing along.

Crazy talk...I verily love Brunch so I'm making a version of the Monte Cristo Sammich!. With sides of real Maple Syrup and a sweet mustard. I don't have Swiss but I do have Ham & White American fresh from the Deli...I'd be a fool not to ride this strange idea out to its conclusion! The Bastard Meat version of this can be found at the Arches under the name "McRiddle?". All I'm missing is a Bloddy Mary...

I remembered the Buddha's Final Advice in my daily life and today's holiday is cause to repeat them. I've heard other similar translations but this one fit me the best like a stylish coat.
"Subject to decay are all component things...struggle earnestly for your own salvation".
This should be carved into the side of a great mountain in huge, flaming letters.

Here's a Nirvana Day Thought for us from Nirvana...
All in All is All We Are.


Hi Everyone, I passed my EPA test last week! w000t! I have a feeling I have just been added to someones watch list....lol.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

iRawk...therefore iPod!
iMix Edition!!!

Using iTunes, we have the ability to share a Playlist with the Public. All you do is hit the little "arrow" icon next to the Playlist's name and it converts the list into an iTunes iMix. Once you make a title for the iMix and a brief description, you can publish it to iTunes and then to the IntrePoop! It will only publish what is available at the iTunes Music Store for purchase so AC/DC Fans are still "S.O.L."

Here are my two iMixes available at the iTunes Music Store. Check 'em out! iMixes are available for One Year after publishing.

Super Hero RAWK!

MARVEL Ultimate Alliance Mix

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Comics Gnome POOTS...the third act of the DC Crisis

If you thought INFINITE CRISIS was "The End"...then get ready for this teaser...

It's chock full of meaning...look to the skies. DC's EIC Dan DiDio on the teaser Here.

Oh...and check out the teaser page for this YEAR's worth of Geoff Johns' "Justice Society of America"...

from the last page of Justce Society of America #1. Geoff Johns says they're actual panels from JSofA #s 5, 7, and 10. Read more about that and pack your own lunch about the differences between the "Earth-Two" and the "Kingdom Come" Superman. My inner fanboy knows the Kingdom Come Superman is from "Earth-96". ^_~

And Kiwi...I picked up "Absolute Power", the Jeph Loeb super-story. Hey...he's exclusive to MARVEL now so keep an eye out!
The Elder Superman in this tale is not the "Kingdom Come" Superman. He's the "Silver Age" Superman.

C'mon kids...$12.99...

Nope, no three finger gloves for me. I go with Si Tech's ring sealed dry glove system. It makes me look like I have smurf hands, but they keep me much warmer than the Vulcan nerve pinch jobbies. According to Wikipedia, ring seals are only used by professional commercial divers, but then again, they say the same thing about p-valves, and those are pretty common for serious recreational divers too... at least, they're pretty common for serious males. As a friend of mine once said, "You know you're pretty hardcore when you think wearing an adhesive condom is going to make your day more enjoyable."
The Countdown...Began a While Ago!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Good thing I'm allergic to flowers...

"Pink Orchid Urinal - 18" tall
Sculpted by Clark Sorensen
completed in 2005
High fire porcelain
Fully functional fixture
This piece was SOLD
A similar piece could be created for

Clark Sorensen's Urinal Scultpures

Come check them all out!

So do you work with a Vulcan Death Grip while under in a Dry Suit, Matt?



Thursday, February 01, 2007

It looks like the checkout dives for my Ice Diver class are going to be covered in the Living & Arts section of the Boston Globe. I'll keep you posted.