Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Comics Gnome POOTS! Forth...a Case of Gamer's Thumb

The Comics Gnome spends a lot of time in front of panels of some sort. Either with one foot in the gutters of the FunnyBooks or being beheld to the 1080i letterboxed Oracle in most homes. The Windows through our Transport, the Cinema of our Teashades, the shapes of the traffic signs, the 4 edges of the Canvas, the book or the Photograph. Framing the moment freezes it...defining the image from mere sight. but iDigress...

The Comics Gnome found real FunnyBook action outside of the the magazine medium. Recently the Gnome POOTED forth on OCHO's very own "El Post" and myself two games available on all major gaming platforms MARVEL: Ultimate Alliance and Justice League: Heroes. It is Winter and a usual Wednesday Night hangin' in.

JLH Cover Art

"El Post" and I just started this one but so far, so good. I like being able to slowly unlock team members. The first two teammembers added were Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Green Arrow Ollie Queen. I like the gradual improvement of the characters and their superpowers. El Post thinks that Green Lantern is the $#!*...I've been telling him that for years. We've just scratched the surface on the story so there is a lot to go...GREAT! The animations are a little sluggish. The overall visual template might have been served better if rendered in the Animated DC "look". But also having a more New Earth artistic feel pulls off having the inclusions of the Superman alternate costumes of Earth-Two Superman and "Godfall"s Kandor outfit. Flash's alternate Jay Garrick "skin" is nice as well. But I wanted more...I think I'd be looking forward to a more advanced game based on this. A "Justice League Heroes: CRISIS" game making every DCU Character playable. I wanted to fly as Capt. Marvel (SHAZAM!)...Black Adam could have been an alternate costume along with other Marvel Family members. Supernova and his alternate costumes as well would have been a nice add-on. The gameplay is nice and spot-on for the PS2 Dual Shock...very similar to the button rig on MARVEL Ultimate Alliance.

Justice League: Heroes. The Cover Team.

The Three Green Lanterns of Justice League: Heroes

On the other side of the Universe...

MARVEL Ultimate Alliance cover art.

El Post & I finished MARVEL Ultimate Alliance last week. My default guy was Spider-Man in his black outfit. This was one of four outfits but only three were unlocked. The original Red & Blue, the Symbiote, the Scarlet-Spider and the last locked outfit remains a mystery, currently. We think it might be the "Iron Spidey" suit from CIVIL WAR. El Post's default character was Wolverine in his Ultimate costume. Wolvie's four outfits were the new Astonishing costume, his tee-shirt & jeans look, Ultimate and Classic. Each outfit can be modified. Each superpower can be customized and improved (to a MAX out level). This was a fun game and perhaps we'll play this again on "Hard" level. The fun parts were the rounds of "Trivia" contests for XP (experience points) in all five levels. And the selectable team we dubbed..."Truthiness". In a team of four, our favorite back-up team members were Thor, Black Panther, Johnny "Human Torch" Storm and Sue "Invisible Woman" Richards". Ben "the Thing" Grimm was great and could pick up Wolverine to throw him, executing the "Fastball Special". Spider-Man had a great "gold" Special move called the Bungee Bash. What a great two-player game!!! For MARVEL fans such a treat...

Thumbnail of Spidey, Wolvie, Ghost Rider and the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing whacking a few Ultrons around: Full Size Here.

The Comics Gnome is getting lost in the Grand Panel of the Living Room with FunnyBook Goodness! Both great ways of spending a night indoors and not as selfish as getting lost in a serialized story. Both are great videogames to enjoy the universes of both major playgrounds of imagination. Be one of the UberVolk. Frame the Moment and bring a Friend. The Comics Gnome will. ^_~

Happy FunnyBook Bodega Day. I'm currently reading the INFINITE CRISIS 1.2 hardcover and Bendis' POWERS Vols. 1 & 2. I'm about to lend the IDENTITY CRISIS out to a work buddy who owns PREACHER and now likes a certain Spider Jerusalem based upon this suggestion...or was it the Comics Gnome all along. Hmmm...

January 31, 2007
By Rev. Sully

Close The Barn Door!!! Yer lettin' in the Goals!
aka: The Temperature is Now Below Five-Hundred...

It had to happen. The other Skate had to drop...the other shoe fell. THUMP! All season long it could have felt this bad. Now it is. We used to make fun of the Whalers because of this statistic. Is this Karma? Hmmmm...

The Bruins as of yesterday's 7-1 loss in Buffalo places the Local Black & Gold 2007 chapter under the Five-Hundred mark late in the season.

Sigh. You heard it here first, dear Gallery Gawds...and I'll throw in a Charlie Brown "ARRGH!!!" as well.

Between Statistics and Myself, I know that in the wake of such bad events there is no Aftermath...only bistromath. Numbers take on a life of their own and mock me when they gang up whether in Print or Pixel. Numbers are as cruel as children. So I won't be defensively cruel and say something like, "thank God for the Flyers" because that ain't right but iDgiress...

But Did You Know...rising-star rookie Phil Kessel netted the Hat Trick during the YoungStars Game in Dallas over All-Star "Weekend"? I'm holding off on saying much about the new hockey jerseys previewed as the All-Star "sweaters". Calling them "sweaters" just became a bit more ironic. The Hub won't be changed...the Spoke'd Bee remains the center-mass target nonetheless I hear the rest of the shirt will be different. I didn't really like the black stripe down the sleeve on the Bruins uniforms since its introduction over a decade ago. I've heard all about the new shirts...have you? Is this a Buddhist Koan? Is Less...More? Ponder on this, my children...

Are the Bad Bruins in fact Sad Sacks??? Ask yourself but also think of Andrew Alberts who proved himself Bruins Tough after a puck opened up his cheek as a gentleman would a lady's door in the 1st period...Alberts returned for the 2nd period looking like Frankenstein's Grandson. Hat's off to you, Andy. Alberts, for the record has worn a face shield all season so put that in your pipe & smoke it...more to ponder.

Few things in Beantowne Faire are as unpleasant as the weather when you're not wearing enough layers. The Bruins are finding that it's time to close the Barn door to keep the draft out lest any heat in the room gets out. The Bruins have been outscored 19-3 in the past 4 games. It's time to seal the windows with plastic, eh? It's just more of the unpleasant Boston winter Blues. Well, again there is the subway fare increase and figuring out you just spent close to $70 this month on T Fare...again, more to ponder?


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My friend Aaron “Soggy” Brown and I went up to Rockport for a dive off Old Garden Beach sunday. The water was unbelievably clear… you could clearly see details on the bottom from the surface 25’ above. Of course, the water was only 37 degrees, but it seems that so long as I’m in my dry suit, I’m pretty toasty at any temperature that will allow water to remain liquid. Since one of my objectives was to make sure all my gear was squared away for an upcoming ice diving class, I was pretty happy about that.

The fish and lobsters were all smart enough to move to deeper water that isn’t as affected by the cold air and snow, but I got a great picture of a northern cerianthid. They’re related to anemonae, but instead of anchoring to something, they bury themselves up to the mouth in sand. I've never seen as many of them as I did this weekend... they must really like the cold.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I ran into my old friend/ex-roommate Gonzalo Silva in the Park Street Red Line platform last week. We talked for a few minutes and we caught up. I had seen a flyer in Cambridge Nov. '05 and went to his show at Club Passim. Gonzalo told me about these pics from that night.

Check out Gonzalo here at his Website. He's on MySpace and his music is available to purchase at the iTunes Music Store. I think I'll pick his albums up...remember local artists need you to buy their music and not just rip off the IntrePoop! Doctor Hooey taught me that one. ^_~

Come to Gonzalo Silva Dot Dom and check him out!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Comics Gnome POOTS! Avenging Mad Fan Boy Speculation about MARVEL Reconstruction...

Reconstruction. A term in your school history books regarding the aftermath of the American Civil War.

New Avengers #28

FunnyBook Reconstruction. What will happen after the MARVEL Civil War ends? There will be a major hero's death and two Avengers teams: the New Avengers and the Mighty Avengers. Overworked MARVEL Uber-Scribe Brian Michael Bendis will be penning both.

New Avengers #29

The New Avengers team has:
Spidey (in his Black costume which is going hand-in-hand with the Spidey Franchise and the upcoming Spider-Man 3 movie). Totally unrelated but I've been using Spidey as my go-to character while playing MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE on the PS2 with OCHO's very own Comics Gnome victim "El Post". I've also been using the Black Costume all this time...coincidence??? ::insert spooky music here::
Spider-Woman: who was playing more angles than a mechanical engineer. SHIELD agent, HYDRA mole, Nick Fury's personal spook...now out of the Cold and into the Spotlight.
Power Man & Iron Fist: YES! The Original "Heroes For Hire" back together.
Echo: A Bendis character from his run on DAREDEVIL. A deaf girl with a latent ability to mimic anything she see...including fighting styles. She snuck her way onto the NEW AVENGERS team as "Ronin", disguising herself as a man.
Ronin: this is the "guy" in black & gold you probably don't recognize. Who is Ronin now that it isn't Echo??? The Bendis quote on the link makes you think and look forward with anticipation...
Doctor Strange: Hands down one of the most powerful MARVEL characters in its Universe and also a very underused player. This bodes...strangely by the Hoary Hosts of Haggoth!!!
and finally...
Wolverine: snikt! 'Nuff said.

Who else dies in the Civil War? Should we assume the worst for who we do not see here? Is it why Spidey's wearing Black? Who is Ronin really? All questions will be answerd in good time, serialized fiction fans.

New Avengers #27...Spidey's Back in Black, Spider-Woman "throws the Goat" and Wolvie's definitely got a lot of Metal in him. This might be fun and the Comics Gnome might just be RAWKIN' these New Avengers again in the near Future.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Smoking PUCK EXTRA!!!

I'm Enjoying Myself
aka: But I'll Feel It Tomorrow...

By Rev Sully
January 20, 2007

I'm reporting from the SkyBox...

The Ottawa/Bruins tilt with the Senators up 1-0 in the First Intermission.
There is a fridge full of beer. A bathroom close by. There is a bounty of food.
I'm as close to Heaven as I'm gonna get. This is all Meathead's fault of course...he's got the Hook.
A free phone (I called the Missus ^_^). And a bathroom...I already said that. I didn't say it loud enuff. THERE's A BATHROOM UP HERE!!! In Suite #5XX...the number will be hidden to protect the innocent and honestly if I get into any trouble while I'm here. But there are no Gallery Gawds here to beef with....none yelling "shoot, skate, hit 'em" everytime the Bruins touch the Puck.

It's a pretty packed house for a Saturday Night. No one has starteed throwing stuff yet...there was some SWAG Giveaway we missed by being 15 minutes late...we don't know what the free item was but if the Bruins lose in the last minute I guarantee you I'll I.D. it from it being thrown onto the Ice from the Gallery...but iDigress....

Hey...first PUCK Published FROM THE FREAKIN' GAHHDEN!!! How about that!!! Thanks Meathead. ^_^ Havin' fun and lookin' forward to a long day at work tomorrow...

Rev. Sully

No silly Hypertext PostScript tonight, kids. Au Natcherel...^_^

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Comics Gnome POOTS an Imaginary Stack

Inspecting the trail of lint from the Comics Gnome pockets as one would breadcrumbs on the forest floor...the Tao of Poverty lead to the couch. I found in sad condition with a fresh delivery pizza on his lap, the remote controls in his old Chewbacca bandolier action figure holder and the recliner "up". I ask him, "hey Strech...where's my stack o' new FunnyBooks? Remember the Mantra? Happy Bodega Day???"
He didn't look away from the TV, opened another can of Mountain Dew and settled into the On Demand Eijit Box menus and simply said, "I toldja...the puppy went to a nice farm with kids and BIG open spaces".

Time to raid the longboxes. Next week then. It would have been a very lite week anyway...garbage day is put back a day from MLK Day but were the funnies? The Gnome was too broke and too into his day off to care. I did look to the IntrePoop to see what of my serials and what stories I'll get back to after this WalletQuake subsides.

So I'll look forward to next week...two issues of "DC Universe Fifty-Two". And I can reread the thirty-four other issues in the meantime while I patiently wait for the next installments.

COVER ART LEFT OUT!!! TO MUCH SPOILIN'...and I thought I figured out who Supernova was last week...
Fifty Two: Week Thirty-Seven

Geoff Johns is the Charles Bulfinch of the New Earth DCU. Just enjoy the ride here on GL and on other Johns titles such as TEEN TITANS and JUSTICE SOCIETY of AMERICA. "Wanted: Hal Jordan" part 4 of 5 sheds more light on the overstory and sets up the arc's conclusion next issue. There's a Bounty on Hal's head...who's gonna collect? Who put it there and why?

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #104 The Clone Saga Part 8 (of 8)
You know...I gotta go to the Bodega and get part 1 out of the back issue racks. I tuned back into this title on Clone Saga: Part 2. This Extra Sized $3.99 issue wraps up a wild ride for Ultimate Spider-Man, aka 15-year old Peter Parker, High School student. It's a great version of a character we sometimes miss sorely...the younger Spider-Man. In the MARVEL-616 world of the "real" continuity, Spider-Man is a grown-up. Part of the fun of Spider-Man was that a generation knew him as a kid as well. By the time I got to Spider-Man, he was a college student so he was a little older than me but if I were to have such a well-developed character to identify with at that age...then I would have made a friend. I really enjoy the treatment of Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis in the pages of USM. As Francis Ford Coppola hopes for the little girl with a movie camera just to keep shooting moving pictures, I hope for the young fan to read this and bring Spidey with them on their commutes...to read & enjoy. ^_~

Ding-dong! The Front Door bell again...the Gnome hands me this week's new FunnyBook money so I can pay & tip the Chinese Delivery. I'd cry but I save that for mistful comics panels. ^_~

And to wind down the Weekly Gnome:
Finally...the definitive origin of Power Girl. Elegence in Two Pages.


January 18, 2007
By Rev. Sully

Losing Doesn't Help When You're In Last Place
aka: At least the Season can only get Better from Now on...

Still only 10 points out of 2nd Place in the NorthEast Division. Still only 2 points out of 4th Place. Still giving up games late in the 3rd Period as seen last night in Buffalo. Although Bruins rookie Phil Kessel scored his first two goals since coming back from cancer surgery; a take-away and a wickid one-timer fed from Marc Savard.

Still losing doesn't help when you're already in last place. 5 out of the last 6 games in the "L Column" but still 2 games over .500. They would miss the Playoffs by 5 standings points if the season ended today...but the fact is the Season is only "half-empty". Ask a Glass of Water about that cliche then get back to me but iDigress....

Tonight the Beantown Bees host that other team in Black & Yellow...the Penguins of Pittsburgh. The current Penguins are like an old Bon Jovi song...young and full of energy. Sidney Crosby (23-45-68) and Evgeni Malkin (22-23-45, 9 PPG) both making waves on the Frozen Pond in the NHL...both will be in the Gahhden this PM. The Penguins are one standings point ahead of the Bruins for the "Playoff Eight". Tonight could start the rest of the season. It's really not too late. It doesn't have to go all pear-shaped. It does take a little bit of luck but that comes with Right Action and Good Effort. Hey...they are hockey players so I'm only talking about their Ice Time and not their Days Off.

Penguin Sidney Crosby leads the NHL right now in points and is second in helpers (assists), one dish behind good ole' "Jumbo" Joe Thornton. Crosby wears #87 and he's first line All-Star for the Eastern Conference. Trooper "Thorn" by the way is also a first line All for but for his Western Conference.

The Emperor's New Clothes...Sweaters Fit for an All-Star!
The All-Star Game is January 24, 2007...a Wednesday. And most of the players mentioned in today's article will be wearing these soon 'nuff...

The 2007 All-Star Jersey...in home Dark.

The 2007 All-Star Jersey...in road White.

Only new "Papa Bear" Zdeno Chara will represent the Bruins in Dallas, TX in the Mid-Season Classic. I for one get a kick out of the Skill Competition the Day Before. Former "Papa Bear" Hall of Famer Ray Bourque used to win the Accuracy Competition all the time in his many ASG appearances. It is the Smoking PUCK!'s opinion that the All-Star Game needs better jerseys but more Bruins. Marc Savard comes to mind although I wouldn't give him my vote for 7th Player. That would go to either Paul Mara or Phil Kessel, who just showed the world just how Bruins Tough he really is.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
Happy Feet DVD Release date 3/27/2007

As Doctor Hooey would tell me...RTFM. Tee hee ^_~
Damn you Sully - I read about the new Buffy series just after I Blogged yesterday. Came back today to make an addition and you beat me to it....

Matt ~ damn that's cool! Better upgrade the underwater camera while your out buying supplies to cover those moments after the 'dust settles'. AWESOME!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'll spare you all the details, but I think my buddy Steve and I might have a good chance of locating the wreckage of the 74 gun French ship-of-the-line Magnifique that wrecked in Boston Harbor in 1782. We've been checking out old charts, Corps of Engineering surveys, and should soon have access to sub-bottom profiler, side-scan sonar, and magnetometer data for the area we've narrowed it down to, thanks to some assistance from the Massachusetts Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources. Of course, she's probably buried in sand, so we're going to have to do our investigations with Steve's metal detector and an underwater vaccum I'm building.

If all goes well, we're hoping to have some solid evidence to hand over to the state's marine archaeologist by the end of the summer.
To POOT, to POOT! A Jeph Loeb POOT!
the Comics Gnome Musta Had his coffee this morning...

I missed Jeph Loeb & Carlos Pacheco's "Absolute Power". I tried on part 1 but didn't follow up in by buying the other issues when it was coming out. One SUPERMAN/BATMAN arc I really loved was the last Loeb story before he went onto his exclusive deal over at the House of Ideas was "With a Vengence!"

Vengence Hardcover $19.99

This was a celebration of the characters Superman & Batman and a salute to their stories. Bizzaro...BATZARRO??? Me am World's Worst Detective! The Red Son Superman, Batman Beyond? BAT-MITE???
in that vein, I also picked up the SUPERMAN/BATMAN Annual #1. Really fun story of their first team-ups.

And if you thought the Older Superman in "Absolute Power" was from KINGDOM COME...come again. He's from the last Imaginary Story Ever Told in the DCU Silver Age...
"Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" by Alan Moore.

Jeph Loeb knows how to write a good story...Look for him doing MARVEL's ULTIMATES (Ultimate Avengers) shortly.

Well, Hello everyone. Thanks you all.

"Happy Windsday, Pigglet", said Pooh.
"Happy Windsday, Pooh", said Piglet.
The POWER of the IntrePoop!
aka: things that live on my HomePage

I got this feed into my homepage called the daily "Wiki HowTo". Yeah, daily "How To"s on stuff I never thought of and actually searching for a few homemade solutions once or twice. Ideas such as "How To Scruntch Hair" and "How To Treat Frostbite" are featured today as well althogh this one stands out the most:

How To Make a Starship Enterprise Out of a Floppy Disc.

I would have done this as a kid. Totally. Upside down spoons were Starfleet ships to me growing up...ever see Zoolander but iDigress...

Behold from Utopia Planetia:

Cue music...Da, dee da Da, dee da DA...do do do do Doo Doo Doo Do du DOOOOO....
Heya Kiwi...it's good to hear that's back on the burner but let's have the Comics Gnome "One-Up" ya, there!

The Comics Gnome POOTS...the real continuining story of Buffy Anne Summers!!!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1
Written by Joss Whedon
March 7, 2007

This is Buffy Season 8.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1

Since the destruction of the Hellmouth, the Slayers--newly legion--have gotten organized and are kicking some serious undead butt. But not everything's fun and firearms, as an old enemy reappears and Dawn experiences some serious growing pains . . .

Buffy creator Joss Whedon brings Buffy back to Dark Horse in this direct follow-up to season seven of the smash-hit TV series.

• Joss Whedon writes Season 8! Only available at Dark Horse!


Another reason to go to the FunnyBook Bodega on any Given Wednesday.

Buffy: The Animated Series

Hey Sully have you seen this?!?!
The Comics Gnome POOTS!...to Bravely & Boldly Go Where No FunnyBook Has Gone Before!!!

OK...that's a lie. This has been done before...actually I remember this magazine fondly from those Bygone Daze of the FunnyBook spindle in the "Cornah Stoah".
The Brave & The Bold was DC's signature Team-Up magazine. It originally ran from 1955 to 1983. It introduced the world to the Justice League of America and the Teen Titans. As in the MARVEL counterpart "Marvel Team-Up" where Spider-Man was the usual person to be partnered, Batman was the go-to hero in B&B most of the time.

So in the New Earth age of the DC Universe, an oldie but goodie comes back to be POOTED forth on your coffee table compliments of the Comics Gnome...

Brave & The Bold #1...February 2007. Team Up: The Batman & Green Lantern!

Two of the Gnome's favorites & DC's Finest produce this monthly mag...writer Mark Waid and Penciller (and cover artist) George Perez.

Issue #2 teams up Green Lantern & Supergirl. March 2007.

This one's a keeper and Mark Waid's stories are usually, in the vernacular of my people "wickid pissah"...George Perez' art speaks for itself.

See you next new FunnyBook Day!


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

El post is now here. Soon enough, you shall all be subjected to wandering political thought! BUHAHAHAHA! I can smell the fear.

-El Post
Hey everyone, just saying hello on the 'new' Blogger.

Good Morning everyone! Anyone know when "Happy Feet" is coming out on DVD? Katia loves penguins and i'll be needing a copy! : )
WOW... all the activity on OCHO... it's like a little party is going on ~ fun!

OK Sul... the comics gnome hit my house hard on the weekend and he pounding my wallet to a smouldering bloody mess. But I have to say it was worth it. I picked up some issues of the 52 series (I'm up to week 14... the rest are still being saved for me.) as well as the latest Y:The Last Man TPB which continues to get better (though I hear a rumour it may be a movie this year???). Chris has updated himself on some Hunter/Killer issues and I got the latest in the Superman/Batman TPB issues in softcover.

Well, if you liked Star Wars: Infinities your going to love this. I was enthralled from page one, and it held me right through to the end, at one point near tears, another amazed at what was unfolding before my eyes. While it's nice to experience the continuity of the DC Universe this series can stand alone and while it acknowledges and refers to recent events it does not lose the reader with no background into the universe. Anyway, Check it out!

Now, speaking of Jeph Loeb... I finally saw the first episodes of a little show you lot are 12 episodes deep into called Heroes.

I hadn't really heard anything about this show, but I have to say... "I liked it!"

Here's what I'm worried about though (and Sul/Matt - not sure if you ever did get around to having a look at this series,it seems like an awfully close representation of Rising Stars a Joe's Comics/Top Cow Publication.

Don't get me wrong I love Loeb and respect him as an amazing writer who has brought me many hours of entertainment (especially through his interpretations of Batman, in all essence bringing Bats and Supes into the 21st century and giving their characters a lot more panache and dimension). But really, is no one else concerned that this is a fairly blatant rip off???

Just a thought.

OH and PS. Bergie... good to see you. Ocho has spell check so feel free to stop in anytime.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Only in Texas...lol

The image came up all "hotlinked red X" but I RightClicked the broken image and it gave me option to open the image...I love the IntrePoop.

There's a minor league hockey team called the Jackalopes. I'd love to find that jersey...that would be kewl.

Dig the faux beltbuckle...the 'Lopes are from Odessa, Texas in the Central Hockey League.
Hey hotshots-

PHEW! I made it! I crossed the boiling river of internet forms and login screens and I HAVE PREVAILED!

Hey! Give Lance a break, a true champion and inspiration! To put him in a class with Palmero and Bonds is just not right! Well now that the Cowboys are out on the NFL playoffs Katia and I are going for The Pats, Laura just doesn't care.
Courtesy of The Onion...America's Finest News Source

Cheat to Win awareness bracelet.

I saw this and my first thought was "OMG!!!"...this one's for Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds and Tyler Hamilton, right? Hamilton's story In This Humble Opinion was the funniest.

All for the low price of $2.99 from the Onion Online Store


Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Smoking PUCK! Confessional Moment

So I grew up Catholic...I think that I'm a bit built on guilt. And I feel a little guilty defending the Bruins. Last place, losing 5 games in row and looking at the first place Buffalo Sabres tomorrow afternoon. They're too good.

I think that there still is a lot of hockey to be played this year. Breathe. As will I...


PS Thank you, New England Patriots.
Wow! Awesome...I'm alive with IntrePoop Giddyness.
Wow... nothing like a Blogger makeover to screw up a blog. Way to survive the upheaval Ocho!

Hello....:::taps the mic:::...This thing on?
Okay, Rev. I have resisted for years. Being on a stage makes me blush FAR less than being on a blog. You don't need spellcheck on stage, now do you? But I'm in. Damnit, I'm in. And that's about all I'm emotionally prepared to say, for now.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Phew... I didn't go into the archives, but after a solid hour (I still have to go back and finish off the Justice League link) I have been updated on OCHO! (sorry to hear about the Bruin's - but hey it could be worse, they could be throwing good money after bad like the LA Galaxy did yesterday).

Regrettably for my bank balance the musings triggered a visit to my own local comic book bodega. Unfortunately, my comic box was full. Not truly surprising since I have negleted a visit for more than 3 months.

As a result more blogging later. I have lots to catch up on in the DC and Dark Horse Universe.

PS. It's nice to be back...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...of Infinitely Looped Crises!

CRISIS!!! A World Shaping buzzword in the Speak of the UberVolk on Olympus Mount...or rather in the DC Universe it means that Event Stunt title is afoot and it'll suck your money as a sponge will to wetness. Sometimes you just gotta let it take over and you gotta use your sense of judgment on selection. Who wants to be left out?

Even MARVEL caught me with me breathing through my mouth on CIVIL WAR...only one more issue of that and I can put it behind me and let the healing begin. I've already spent $48.85 on an Event Title I didn't mean to even purchase and another $2.99 to go. Wanna really enjoy the MARVEL CIVIL WAR? Here's the "Sully Edit", the Comics Gnome Approved POOTED stack to get the most from the Event Stunt...16 issues of FunnyBooks to keep your love for the House of Ideas up and running...especially if you're not playing MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE on whatever gaming platform you own...but iDigress....

In order of reading please allow the Comics Gnome to Suggest to you the MARVEL CIVIL WAR:

New Avengers Annual #1 (pre-CIVIL WAR, not an official tie-in but it's the last time we'll see these Avengers together, happy & as a team).
Civil War #1
Civil War #2
Amazing Spider-Man #533
Civil War #3
Daily Bugle: Civil War (this was a give-away from the FunnyBook Bodega and is a prized addition to the over-story...it's a newsprint copy of a Daily Bugle!)
Black Panther #18: Civil War: Cease Fire. The Wedding of T'Challa of Wakanda, the Black Panther and Ororo Munroe, Storm of the X-Men. Guess who's invited?
Civil War #4
Fantastic Four #540
Wolverine #47
Civil War #5
Iron Man/Captain America Civil War: Casualties of War One-Shot
Amazing Spider-Man #536
NEXTWAVE: Agents of H.A.T.E....not part of the Civil War but the cover screams to be filed right here!!!
Civil War #6...the penultimate issue to be concluded in
Civil War #7

'Nuff Said, True Believer...I almost got hooked in on a few more tie-ins but I think this tells the story "just right".

Over on the other side of the Event Stunts...we have the DC Universe and its "New Earth".

Remember "Crisis To Crisis".. This was an OCHO Comics Gnome POOTING from January 2005, a dissertation on the DC Event reffered to now as "The Crisis Era". The Crisis Era fits between the Silver Age and this current Modern Age. This was written at the close of the IDENTITY CRISIS and before I even knew what lay around the bend in this road...the INFINITE CRISIS: Sequel to CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. With "DC Universe 52" over the half way mark and with another Event on the Horizon, this modern Crisis and end of the "Crisis Era" built up under two years with the DC New Earth

Today I'm all about the CRISIS...awaiting the UPS Man in Brown to drop off some late Holiday Cheer. Using $70 worth of Barnes & Noble Gift Cards received as presents, the Comics Gnome decided to shanghai the cards and gift me instead. Using this pre-paid power...today the Gnome POOTS forth the




To add to my still-growing CRISIS collection...I figured I would never have bought the hardcover Infinite Crisis on my own but the Gnome knew I really wanted it. To read as a collected 7-issue story, to have all the additional features and because I want to get ready for what the fan community has referred to as "New Earth-Two" with alternate dialog from the Multiverse Survivors for the new compilation. Plus, I haven't read the I.D. Crisis in entirety since its release. I found a banged up copy of I.D. Crisis #7 in the $.25 bin for the Longbox but this is better...

'Namaste and see you next new FunnyBook Day!

PS with the rest of the Gift Cardy Goodness, the Comics Gnome POOTED forth a Dubble Trubble Feature of Warren Ellis...

Planetary: Crossing Worlds.
The Archeologists of the Unknown, Planetary was one of the best Original WildStorm Universe titles, Warren Ellis' love letter to the superhero genre. This collection of one-shots features three tales of FunnyBook Greatness!: The Authority, an alternate universe flavored Justice League of America and "Night on Earth"...Planetary's excursion into the Batman. Virtually every major incarnation of the Batman shows a quantum shadow in this chapter.


TRANSMETROPOLITAN #1: Back on the Streets. The only Spider I got in the Longbox is the Spider-Man...this is the first Jerusalem, believe it or not.

January 11, 2007
By Rev. Sully

Happy Brew Year! What Color Would Your Verb Be???
aka: What a Way to Start Two-Thousand and Seven...

This is the part of the Show when I get all fussy. Fussy. Does that describe me? We were playing a game the other day, trying to describe a good friend in one word. And that word has to be a verb. If I could choose the Bruins' verb...my verb would be "brewing". Fussy could describe me...especially when watching the Black & Gold in this Black n' Blue New Year.

iWill now digress..."brewing".

It's time to get judgmental. I'm listening to a Bill Hicks rant in the background. It's Mean and True. And it inspired. "Backed-Up Willie" talkin'...

The Bruins are still in Last Place. Every team in the NorthEast Division is over the "Five-Hundred" mark, having more wins than losses. It's a TOUGH division. We lost two in a row against rivals the Toronto Maple Leafs including the 10-2 pitbull-like mauling. In addition, an old fashioned 3rd period collapse against rival Ottawa allowing five unanswered final period Senators goals, blowing a 2-0 Bruins early-game lead. Those are six lost division standings points that will haunt us at the end of the season...or not.

It's not time to worry yet, oh Gallery Gawds. The Bruins stand 3 points away from that "8-Spot", the final playoff berth and there is a lot of hockey remaining in the '06-'07 Season...'07 just started. Tonight's joust against the NY Islanders will be the 41st game of the season and officially the half-way point of the Bruins season. There will be 41 games remaining after tonight. Do you think it's time to worry, bunnkie?

New "Papa Bear" Zdeno Chara has been out for three games with an injury and the B's have one win the past five games. Hmmmm...he'll be back shortly. Right in time to break the slump. As Crash Davis said, "respect the streak...".

Marc Savard is paying off. He is currently 4th in Assists with 38. He lead all Bruins with 52 points.

Tim Thomas is seeing more ice than a polar bear. 34 games, 18-11-3 with 3.27 GAA and a .901 Saves Percentage. Not bad for the NHL equivalent of a pack-mule. Soft-goals happen all the time to all goalies but good goalies make spectacular saves and that's why "Tank" Thomas is still 'tween the Pipes.

"Muzz" is the Word. Glen Murray is a 20-goal scorer as of today and could come close to a 50-goal season if he remains not just consistent but better! That ring is his to grab if he steps up his game a level.

Rookie Phil Kessel successfully beat cancer in December and is back with the team. Already. If anyone on the other team dare to call him "One-Nut", the entire Bruins bench IMHO have my permission to bench-clear. Screw the New Ice Order.

"Brewing". For me it defines the experience of being a Bruins fan and observer of what's going on over at Causeway Street. What will the result be? We don't know yet although our ingredients are all doing their jobs...the proof of the pudding is in the taste so at the Half-Way mark of the Season, I say we got a lotta Hockey until the 2nd Season starts. Fussy is just I how react over the brewing... Keep the Faith and Happy New Year.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

iRawk...therefore iPhone?

Is it time to get a phone again? Has the Great Gadget Gone Greater?

Come to iPhone...
The Comics Gnome ASKS???

Can you name all the DC Heroes in this picture?

First person to correctly answer this receives a free copy of TRANSMETROPOLITAN trade paperback #1.

Fanboy bait, indeed!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Comics Gnome just LOVES YouTube!

Hey...catch the mind-blowing final episode of Justice League Unlimited on YouTube.
In Three Parts.

YouTube is the Future...but NOW!!!

if you thought seeing Saddam Hussein swing via a VideoPhone was hawt poop...then check out this educational wildlife film suggested to me by OCHO's very own Kiwi.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

iRawk...therefore iPod!
Loving Life with my Sidekick edition
aka: much better than a cell phone as my favorite gadget

I loved my cell phone when I had it. I took pictures with it, I SMS Texted as a new form of language, I pissed off friends by constantly checking my SMS Inbox or the such. It's a great tool for the selfish and the short-of-attention span. But I got rid of the cell phone...actually it got rid of me because I'm just lousy at paying bills on time but iDigress...
This device though...the iPod blows a cell phone out of the water until they can marry the two which has been in the mix since Sept. 2005 when Apple released plans for those nuptuals...

The Motorolla "Rokr"
News Source: BBC Dot Com, Sept 7, 2005

The other day at work, myself & three of the guys all had our iPods out...very much like the business card "fight" in the movie American Psycho. My 30GB 5th Gen(eration) iPod in Black, aka "Solaris the Tyrant Sun" I thought won although someone else had a newer 30GB in Black so it looked...newer. Another mate had the newest 80GB 5th Gen iPod also in Black. As Darth Vader would have said, "Impressive..." and the last was a 20GB 4th Gen iPod in white but it housed an amazing array of musics so it got proper props. Mine had the coolest case being rubber and looking like the Batman movie suit so...iRawk thererfore iWin. ^_~

Still one of my favorite things is the iTunes Music Store. Many artists such as Paul McCartney and AC/DC are still not available but that'll change over time. I haven't bought any videos or TV shows in a spell opting instead for music. So far I have a bit over 5,600 songs to Shuffle from, leaving me with the possibility of going over 14 days without hearing the same somg twice...unless it's a different version from a different album ya know. ^_~
I've published two iMix playlists on the iTunes Music Store. If you frequent the "iStore" look for me out there as...you guessed it "rev sully".

What I've picked up after recieving $30 in iTunes Gift Cards this past holiday season?

Well...the first is proof of the horrors of Beer Drinking. Yes, this is akin to drunk-dialing or drunk-emailing is...
Drunk Buying on the iTunes Store!!!...yes these occurances happen in the Small Hours of the day such as 3AM.
I had this on cassette as a teenager. I listened to it as a teenager a lot. But I now remember why it didn't move up the "food chain" at the Darwinian Escalator of Music that has stayed with me through the years...

The KLF's The White Room
Only three songs from this album come with me on the road...I coulda save $6 if I bought them as singles. Buying this album gave me the hesitation to not purchase Depeche Mode's Violator which didn't make Darwin's Ladder as well...

Although I did manage to pick up a few nuggets of absolute goodness!

Jim's Big Ego's single "The Ballad of Barry Allen"
for my Superhero Rawk! iMix now available at the iStore. It's a song about The Flash...c'mon. It's decent enough to merit spending $.99 on.

Joby Talbot's single "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish", the opening credits theme from the movie "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
This song is a hoot!!! I actually really liked the latest Hitchhiker's Guide for the Big Screen (although the ending was WAY TOO Hollywood) and this song from the Dolphins to the Humans regarding the Vogons demolition is a gem for any fan of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's "Trilogy".

Sir Elton John's Greatest Hits Vol. 2. This has Phildelphia Freedom, Tiny Dancer, Levon, Island Girl and other songs I'm embarrassed to admit I really enjoy. And it was only $7.99 for 12 songs...VALUE!

Neil Diamond's The Neil Diamond Colelction. 18 songs for $7.99. MORE VALUE!!! All great songs. Yes Red Sox fans...Sweet Caroline is on here. I actually sang Sweet Caroline in the mid 8th, drunkenly in the Jacobs Field stands watching the Sox get pantsed by the Indians...you wouldn't believe how many Sox fans were thre and they sang along with me. That was a Red Sox Moment for me.

For $1.95 I got the audiobook currently rated #1 on the iTunes Music Store for about 23 minutes of scathing political satire
The Colbert Report's Steven Colbert at the 2006 White House Correspondence Assoc. Dinner on April 29, 2006. I first heard about this on Wikipedia's home page last month. President Bush was in attendance! It was a hoot!!! Ah man...

And I think it's time for an olde fashioned Sully's Top Ten list...I Zero'ed Out the Play Count when I doubled the number of tracks to listen to. Let's see if I got any taste in music, OK? ^_~

10. Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division. This comes courtesy of a pair of CD's I bought in the early 1990's that made it onto Darwin's Escalator of Old Music. From the collection MTV's 120 Minutes "Never Mind the Mainstream" comes the granddaddies of Cool. I didn't listen to enough Joy Division growing up.

9. So Long and Thanks For All The Fish by Jody Talbot from the Hitchhiker's Guide Movie Soundtrack. Dolphins...they tried to warm us but we thought they were just playing in the water. Silly humans.

8. Stand Up and Shout by Dio from The Very Beast of Dio. Ronnie James Dio is the perfect metal singer. It's true. I'm not lying and it's not opinion either. Some might think Sebastian Bach or Geoff Tate of Queensryche but they are just wrong and mouthing selections from other Top Ten lists. At number one is Dio. You all know this. Throw the Goat.

7. Lady Stardust by David Bowie from Bowie At The Beeb: Best of the BBC Radio Sessions '68-'72. I love the BBC recordings so much I got a random folder for 'em. I got the White Stripes, Led Zep, Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles. I just need the Pixies and a few other for complete dominance!!! Muhhahahahahaha!

6. Wasted by Black Flag from Nervous Breakdown. This is one of THE hardcore punk bands that introduced the world to Henry Rollins when he became the lead singer in 1981. Only 51 seconds long but it makes me want to kick booty instead of shake it...know what I mean?

5. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me by U2 from the Batman Forever soundtrack. What do I gotta say? Superhero RAWK! Look for it as an iMix on the iTunes Music Store.

4. Milky Cereal by LL Cool J from Mama Said Knock You Out. Sassy, sexy song using cereal as sensual storytelling sounds. This is Old School now but it totally holds up...and people remember they love this song when they hear it...baby.

3. A Fine Romance by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong. This song evokes images of some romantic-comedy movie that has yet to be made. The Billy Crystal-type fumbles for the Meg Ryan-type and hillarity ensues...you know which movie I'm taking about! Not THAT one but the one in your head...well this song is for the opening credits in that imaginary movie.

2. Holy Diver by Dio from The Very Beast of Dio. Yes...this music should scare you and your children. Remember the video??? Ronnie doing his best Conan The Barbarian? Just look at the album cover...if I didn't already love this song I would be intimidated by it like a tough, older uncle from the bad part of town.

and finally...the most listened to song currently on WSUL Radio Mobile is!!!
1. Tales of Brave Ulysses by the Cream from Cream: The BBC Session. This song is part of the Superhero RAWK! iMix and part of the random BBC Generator SmartPlaylist. it comes up naturally on the shuffle a lot because it's highest rated with five-stars. Of course Odysseus was a Superhero...the Iliad & the Odyssey??? He invented the frickin' Trojan Horse, he got Achilles to come to Troy...he slaughtered all of his wife's inappropriate suitors. He's got lots of Tales to hear...this is one of them.

So OCHO...do you got iPod? What's your favorite music this minute because hopefully it'll be a little different everytime you think about it. Thanks and keep on rawkin'!