Saturday, December 30, 2006

Is it wrong of me to want to see him swing as in a Johnny Cash song?

Sunday, December 24, 2006

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

and I was hungover
Christmas cheer...too much beer.
Oh dear...

Merry Christmas, kids. I hope y'all figure the Google sign-in out so we can get back to business out here.

Have a great X-Mas and I hope you all get what you want.

Merry Christmas! From Channel OCHO & The Comics Gnome.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Smoking PUCK Update!

December 21, 2006
by Rev. Sully

It's the shortest day of the year. Happy Winter solstice. If Hockey is a winter's sport then it really is time to watch the Puck drop. Football's winding down and basketbrawl just doesn't do it...slap-fighting, what do they think they are...baseball players???

But with the Bruins doing well for a last-place (and rising) team...I think I'm gonna "chill out" and hang the Puck up for the year. I'll see you in 2007 for more Smoking PUCK grassroots hockey talk! Until then, have a Merry Christmas and a happy & safe New Year.

I'll requote something I quoted not too long ago how you can only really talk about hockey for 15 minutes. You shoot the puck, you pass the puck, you save the puck. Somewhere in between are line changes and lines for beer & the restroom. The rest is up to us to enjoy and watch. I'm gonna recharge my Hockey Talk and come back in 2007 with lots more PUCK.

Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA
The Comics Gnome POOTS out a stack of Funnies for the Holiday Week!

What a week for the FunnyBooks! I got a small stack spanning from 2 weeks back and I've been kept entertained by re-reading them a few times over...

Let's start with the House of Ideas and hopefully Santa won't get caught in this chimney, eh? The Comics Gnome promises to push ol' St. Nick out if that's the case...

Tony and Cap meet in secret one last time in the ruins of the old Avenger Mansion to try to talk it out...and duke it out a bit as well A really good addition to my CIVIL WAR collection. If you're tuned into the CIVIL WAR, this is a must-have. By the way did you know Robert Downey, Jr. will play the part of Tony Stark in the upcoming IRON MAN movie?

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #103 "The Clone Saga: Part 7 (of 8)"
In the FunnyBook Bodega last Wednesday, some of the guys who work there were bandying about the Bendis and how he's kinda "gone around the bend"...all pun. That Brian Michael Bendis isn't doing it like he used to. The Comics Gnome Himself stopped pooting forth "POWERS" and promise there will be trade paperbacks in my future but I also will abide my the Big Bad Bald Bendis...his work on Ultimate Spidey really is the best he's producing. This is a great funnybook and deserves your attention. The Ultimate Clone Saga got me back buying it monthly. It's that good because we speak with our ducats in the Bodega, dude...

NEW UNIVERSAL #1...from the mind of Warren Ellis.
20 years ago in 1986 for MARVEL's 25th anniversary, a new line of comics were commissioned outside of the continuity. It was called simply The New Universe" but it was discontinued in 1989...
Guess who's putting a new lining in this old coat...yes. The Jesus of the IntrePoop: Warren Ellis.
I picked this up on the shelf...the Comics Gnome winked at me saying, "you've chosen wisely, my boy". The Gnome was right. This is for new readers and great Ellis storytelling.

Across the Divide we come to the DC Universe...Fifty-Two is still going strong and a great excuse to go to the FunnyBook Bodega every week.

DC Universe "52" Week Thirty-Three
Happy Christmas from the DCU!

Justice Society of America #1 by Geoff Johns & Dale Eaglesham.
I didn't originally want to take the Gnome's suggestion on this but I had room under the Salary Cap last week. This is a great funnybook and I am going to buy it every month from now on. Extra thick at $3.99 and worth it.

Justice League of America #4 by Brad Meltzer & Ed Benes.
This is Acme stuff, kids. Don't wait for the Trade Paperback...it's THAT good. This is action movie good. It's so good I've read it four times.

Nightwing #127 by Marv Wolfman & Dan Jurgens.
This funnybook sat on the shelf for going on three weeks before I picked it up...I almost gave up on this title but here is where the story really kicks into high gear. I really liked the One Year Later arc "Blood Brothers" but when Wolfman took over, it didn't really gel correctly with me...until now.

Ion #9 (of 12) by Ron Marz.
I'm a Kyle Rayner fan...this is a Kyle Rayner story. And it's really good. It's taking elements from the "Tangent Comics" series, a reimagined DCU and weaving it into the DCU tapestry. In the INFINITE CRISIS, this "Earth-97" was recreated by Alex Luthor's attempt at finding the Perfect Earth and this Green Lantern was seen washed up on a beach where two boys find it. The Monitors have decided that Kyle is responsible for this and must be eliminated. The next issue "Bleed For Me"...I wonder if that will use elements of the WildStorm Universe's "The Bleed"...a nexus point in inter-dimensional space where all universes can be accessed (in the Authority and Planetary...WildStorm is owned by DC and the DCU Captian Atom crossed over...the WS Majestic crossed over the the DCU in Superman as well but iDigress...).

And the Comics Gnome Poots for Christmas...

dude...528 pages of the first Silver Age Green Lantern stories...in black & white, phonebook-sized for $9.99. This is going to Texas for my girlfriend's little cousin.

Happy Holidays from the Comics Gnome and Channel OCHO! Remember if Santa brings you coal, it'll be a diamond in a few million years...or you could do what we do and grill with it. Even in the winter!


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Smoking PUCK...Frozen Moment!

A save by Bruins goalie Tim Thomas in last night's 7-2 win in Ottawa...

By the way, Marco Sturm got a hat trick...do the Math, mouthbreather...he's a Bruin. Sheeesh.
OK...it's done and ready. The new Blogger version of Channel OCHO courtesy of Google.
Hey there OCHO...I'm currently doing the Google switch and it's annoying as all heck. Now apparently I got two sign-in names on Blogger. I already had a Google account courtesy of having Gmail so now how do I get them consolidated? Hmmm...it'll all work out fine I hope.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On December 4th 1993, Frank Zappa passed away after a long battle with cancer...
but 7 years before that in the heated mid-1980s American culture of Music Censorship, Frank stood up and spoke out for artists and rights. Check out Frank in his famous CNN CROSSFIRE appearance.

iRawk...therefore iPod
Phoenix Edition!

As the Phoenix rises from the ashes reborn, Solaris the Tyrant iPod will as well later this week...thanks to Mom's service plan and RadioShack fixing it. Let's see how "fixed" it is when I get it back but in the meantime, I've been loading up my iTunes with as much music as I can. Also ripping cover art from sources like Wikipedia and other dark corners of the IntrePoop. Thanks of extreme measures go out to OCHO Emeritus Dr. Hooey and Posty DeGraff for the donation of tunes...
Maybe today, maybe tomorrow...let's see how long it takes the USPS to get from Albany, NY to Cambridge, MA but iDigress...
Seeing there is close to double the amount of music I've been flirting with the idea of wiping the Play Counts out again to give the newer music a fighting chance for the "teat" of the Top 10 list. From 2,800 tracks to 4,500 and climbing...6,000 tunes seems so pedestrian in light of Dr. Hooey's 60GB iPod filled with almost 13,000 tracks...and I think I'm hawt poop, eh? The gloves are off with no more memory constraints now that I got "Murphy", a 160GB external harddrive. Murphy was the name of my first Mac, a hand-me-down Mac Color Classic II that I loved so much, I use the "sosumi" sound as an alert on my PowerBook G4. So now armed with Murphy as my second Zaphod head, I'm now in the process of ripping all the CDs I didn't get to the initial and secondary times along with hunting the cover art. I'll assume the iPod will come back blank so while it's loading overnight anyhoo...why not load it all.

I've also been hitting the iTunes Music Store like Sugar Ray Leonard hit Marvin Hagler...for my birthday I opted for the $50 iTunes Gift Card.

Adam Sandler's "They're All Gonna Laugh At You" from 1993...
This is a wickid funny comedy album from the Buffoon to Toll Booth Willie...a hidden classic. I had to get the whole thing.

Tenacious D's brand new The Pick of Destiny. Who needs to go see the movie when I got this "Mock Opera"'s story right here. Great album...they truly rock.

I picked up two Star Wars themes...from Episode I the Duel of the Fates and from Episode IV The Asteroid Field. Still gives me goosebumps.

Some LL Cool J from back in the day...round the way girl, Jinglin' Baby & Milkly Cereal....baby.

Steady as She Goes by the Racontuers...Jack White of the White Stripes sideband.

And "I Wanna Drive the Zamboni" by the Zambonis. What hockey fan wouldn't want this???

Odds & Ends of New Wave & New Romantics 1980s music for my ultimate Random 80s Generator. Like Space Age Love Song by Flock of Seagulls, Love of the Common People by Paul Young, Borderline & Holiday by Madonna, Fortress by Sting and even Big Log by Robert Plant (who was neither New Wave nor New Romantic but still for me an 80s tune). My Random 80s Generator spans 1980-1986. I personally feel the New Wave broke on the beach at the end of 86. 1987 started a new trend in music with George Michael's Faith, Introducing the Hardline According to Terrence Trent D'Arby, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany and New Kids on the Block were just a few years away as well...all technically still 80s music but to someone who grew up in the 80s, it's a different time than how the decade began.

I've spent more money on new music this year since I was a teenager. It's great...I'm buying singles and albums. I'm connected back into the great musicscape of the world once again with this Great Gadget.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

As adorable as the self-fellating monkey is, I can't take credit for it. That image is courtesy of Dan C.
Only because I was asked to...I joined "MySpace". I guess that makes me a person now, right? So I looked up my buddies here and I had to share one pic from Matt's page...thanks Matt. ^_~

Rev. Sully at MySpace.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Comics Gnome POOTS!!!...
between a Rock & a Hard Place

Coming next week to a FunnyBook Bodega near YOU!!!
Back in the Day before the Crises and before reboots and legacy characters there was the waning days of the DC Universe Silver Age. in 1980 the battery partners who will join forces to bring the first Modern Age "Crisis On Infinite Earths" brought the watershed and popular "New Teen Titans". This was the Teen Titan team the 2002-05 Cartoon Network animated show was based on and offered some of the most mature storylines for its day in the early 1980s.

For we the fan...DC offers us this!

The New Teen Titans: Terra Incognito...also the cover from New Teen Titans #30

Written by Marv Wolfman; Art and Cover by George Pérez and Romeo Tanghal

An amazing new volume collecting NEW TEEN TITANS #28-34 and NEW TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #2! Tara Markov is rescued from kidnappers by Changeling. Thus begins her quest to use her powers over earth and gravity for good, and join the team as Terra. Does this obnoxious young powerhouse have what it takes to be a team player?
DC Universe | 224pg. | Color | Softcover | $19.99 US
On Sale December 13, 2006

We have the classic heroes of the Silver Age; the first Robin, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl with a dynamic new team representing the upcoming change of Eras including new characters Cyborg, Changling (originally Beast Boy of the Doom Patrol), Raven and Starfire. They were a magnificent Seven! Robin and the alien princess Starfire fall in love (and fall out of bed in a few panels here & there!). Also Wolfman & Perez give us the seminal villian of the Teen Titans; Deathstroke the Terminator...the deadliest mercenary on the Planet. Not to mention they use this title to help introduce the behind the scenes arms dealer and information broker who is a lot more than he seems...The Monitor.

This leads up to the later story arc (and earlier trade paperback...)

New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Written by Marv Wolfman; Art by George Pérez, Dick Giordano, Mike DeCarlo, and Romeo Tanghal; Cover by Pérez

They were Earth's teenage defenders — unbeatable and unstoppable. Riding high, they took an eighth member — a young girl — into their ranks.
She was their downfall.

In the '80s, THE NEW TEEN TITANS was DC's most popular title and a huge sales success. The series reached a high point with the multi-part storyline now reprinted in this new edition featuring the epic that played on comics readers' expectations and offered shocking revelations and surprising twists at every turn. Included are THE NEW TEEN TITANS (Volume One) #39 and 40, TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #41-44 and ANNUAL #3.

THE JUDAS CONTRACT is by the fan-favorite team of writer Marv Wolfman (CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS) & penciller and cover artist George Pérez (Avengers, WONDER WOMAN), with inkers Dick Giordano, Mike DeCarlo and Romeo Tanghal.
From the retirement of Robin and Kid Flash, to the birth of Nightwing and the introduction of Jericho, to the ultimate betrayal of a Titan — "The Judas Contract" kept readers positively riveted during its initial run and still has fans talking today.
Discover for yourself one of the most exciting times in comics history!

DC Universe | 192pg. | Color | Softcover | $19.99 US | ISBN 093028934X

Yes...Robin and Kid Flash "retire". We'll see Kid Flash again (for the last time) in the Crisis on Infinite Earths but Robin becomes his own hero...

And then come the psychotic Lotita with superpowers...

The infamous scene revealing Terra as a traitor...and Deathstroke as a potential guest for Dr. Phil...

For the whole skinny on Terra & the Judas Contract, check out this NewsaramaBlog entry here. Thanks for the pirated images, arrrgh!!! ^_~

The Judas Contract will be released as an animated movie that'll be very true to the source and a complete departure from the "feel-good" latest Teen Titans Cartoon Network show, featuring a different animation style. Keep your eyes peeled for that...the Comics Gnome will. These were FunnyBooks that were out when I was a kid and that I grew up with...I've always loved the Teen Titans. Check this out for a good read.

'Namaste...& see you next new FunnyBook Day!
The Smoking PUCK!

by Rev. Sully
December 7, 2006

A Day That'll Live in Infancy!
aka: Don't Be a Baby...

Wah...wah, wah, wah!!! Here's a Hankie! Now dry your eyes and lace 'em up...we got a game to play. Who can count the tears in my beer? As many as the number of angels dancing on the head of a pin, I'd fathom. The Bruins are in last place...still? So what! 6 points seperate 2nd place from last place. That's it. Toronto & Ottawa are tied for 3rd with 31 points with Montreal in 2nd with 34 points...Buffalo still owns the NorthEast with 44 points and only 4 regulation losses against 27 games played. The Bruins are 7-3-0 in the past ten games and have won 4 out of the past 5. Every team in the NorthEast Division are over .500 at this point in the Great Windmill Tilt of '07. Just while we're on the subject...the Anaheim Ducks are in 1st Place of the Pacific Div. with 3 regulation losses in 30 games. Our Philadelphia Phrendly Flyers are the Pits right now with 20 points and 15th palce in the Eastern Conference.

Oh no...an hour-long My Name is Earl to compete with the second period!!! Sheeesh! The only way to avoid Earl is to go to the Gahh-den. No this isn't a repeat...we're playing the Toronto Maple Leafs again. The 5th of 8 meetings this year. Everytime the PUCK starts smoldering these days I feel as though dead foliage is the tinder but iDigress...
The Leafs are on a five-game losing skid. The last time they came to town the Leafs were on a five-game win streak to be broken by the Beantowne B's. The Bruins have since gone on to own the current season series 3-1. These Bay Street Babies might need a diaper changing if they keep messing themselves so often...as in new coach Paul Maurice. Hey...they can have skid marks about the Bruins all season for all I care.

Well...it's time for the pre-game warm-up. A big nap and maybe a bigger dinner...I call it a Beer Parachute so I'm not a whiney baby in the morning on the way to work.

Rev. Sully

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Learn to Swim?
That's a great! Waterproof up to 1 metre/3 feet. That would have helped...^_~ I might have to get Solaris Mk,II a new suit...
You're totally getting a new one. You can't fix "dead by water".

At least, you can't fix it professionally for less than the cost of replacement. If you'll be using it around the kitchen, might I suggest you teach it to swim?
Thanks Mom! When Ma got me the iPod last year, she also got me the 24-month repair plan. I dropped it off at RadioShack yesterday and they overnighted it to be "fixed"...hopefully it'll be ready by next week or maybe later. Or they'll have to give me a new one if they can't fix it. ^_^

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The damage has probably been done already, but if there's any hope left for solaris, it might be leaving it somewhere dry with the cover completely removed. Time is of the essence with these things.

Immersion in corrosive salt water is usually an incommutable death sentence for electronics, but if it's fresh water, there's a fair chance of saving the patient. It's a little late now, but for future reference I recommend immediate removal of the battery and cover (to protect sensitive components from short circuiting and subsequent electricity-related damage), and then rinsing with 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol or WD-40 (the WD stands for "Water Displacement") to accelerate drying and minimize corrosion. Put it back together an hour or more after it seems completely dry, and try to fire it up again.

Monday, December 04, 2006

iRawk...therefore iPod
Obituary Edition!

Solaris is Dead. Not only did Green Lantern & Superman-Prime defeat the Tyrant Sun in the 853rd Century...the iPod in the 21st Century that shares the name of the legendary Superman Legacy's greatest enemy is now dead as well. As the Wickid Witch of the West had the same weakness...water. Heck...the bloody thing was plugged in as well charging up at work and I accidently knocked it into the vessel containing my knives & tools full of sanitizer & water. It was partially submerged for only three seconds...I was quick to get it out you know but it might be fried. That was Saturday...today is Monday and all the water under the display is now all dried up but no signs of life as of yet. It might be time to "call it" as they say in the medical shows. I looked at Wikis on how to save wet gadgets...I wrapped it in a paper towel and put it in the fridge over night (the fridge will dehydrate) as one cellphone page suggested. I rested it upside-down to allow the few beads of water of drain out. I gave it CPR by blowing into its bottom port (hey...get yer heads outta the gutter!!!) to help dry it off. I left it in the window sill to evaporate in the sunlight...all which could have helped or hurt the Great Gadget, And to boot...I just added about 1,600 more songs the previous week jumping the number of songs from 2,800 to 4,400. SIGH!!! ARGHHH!!!

Oh well...when Mom bought it for my b-day last year, she got it at RadioShack and got a two-year protection plan. So Solaris Mark II is right around the corner...I wonder if I can play the difference and get an 80GB and upggrade. Oh well...the rocking will continue later this week I s'pose. You never know though...Solaris' display is flashing a little as I write. It might be safer just to get a new one just as well. ^_~

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Comics Gnome POOTS...a MARVEL-less Stack!

No Civil War! No Ultimates! No House of Ideas this week at all and five titles pooted forth by the Comics Gnome this week...let's get to it!!! I love the DC Universe and this new Post-Crisis Era is gaining steam...

Teen Titans #41
Titans Around The World wraps up and leads into the Deathstroke led "Titans East". The next Titans arc and the current run are bringing back an old favorite character of mine...Inertia. This speedster from the 31st Century is a clone of Bart Allen and was the "Reverse-Impulse" created for Mark Waid's Impulse monthly. Inertia actually replaced Bart for months and no one was the wiser until the Evil Twin couldn't stand playing "good" any longer. Also the new Batgirl has apparently gone bad...and will be on the Titans East. I guess she gets Robin in the big fight but iDigress...

Green Lantern #15
Another fine GL issue from Geoff Johns and Co. Not much but hey...a new Star Saphire and a little light shed on the blossoming "Sinestro Corps" and their yellow rings and lantern. Hal Jordan in trouble...AGAIN!!! That maverick! ^_~ Still a good read now two years into the newest volume.

DC Universe "52" Week Thirty
With a focus on the Batman. What does Bruce need done...he wants the Batman removed from him for good. Nightwing and Robin feel a little left out. And Batwoman and Nightwing team up??? With the origin of The Metal Men. 24 more issue to go and the "52" themselves are being resolved in Johns "Green Lantern" so this story is all over the DCU.

Ion #8 (of 12)
Classic Kyle Rayner story...yes it's about impressing the beautiful girl. Kyle's story is cosmic in scope now...his power is a bit different; still a Green Lantern, without a ring but now he possesses the StarHeart power given to him by Jade as she dies in the Infinite Crisis (metamorphising him back into Ion in the RANN/THANAGAR INFINITE CRISIS SPECIAL #1! -eo's). The StarHeart was the Guardians of the Universe's attempt to harness all the wild magic energies in the Cosmos millions of years ago...in the heart of a star nonetheless. It became sentient and now is a mystical power source in the DCU connected to Green Lanterns.

And finally...

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #6
The writers thankfully are bring replaced after not catching on with the reader. The opening 6-issue arc "Lightning In a Bottle" closes a mediocre story with the new Flash accepting his mantle and place among the heroes. But the best thing about this issue was the "filling-in-the-blanks" in some of the INFINITE CRISIS with showing a bit of the new Earth-Two. The new Earth-Two was completely foretold in Justice League of America #0, the new dialog in the INFINITE CRISIS collected trade paperback alludes to the Multiverse survivors of the CRISIS on INFINITE EARTHS knowing that it was out there as well and this issue of the Flash shows where Wally West, Barry & Bart Allen, Linda & the twins went. The Speed Force took them to an Earth a dimensional vibration away although under a Red Sun. There they team up with that Earth's Flash Jay Garrick (and noticably younger as well). Can we assume that this Earth-Two has no Superman??? We will find out in the unfolding stories ahead...
An "ALL FLASH/SUPERBOY-PRIME" story is in the works over at DC so we'll get the full story eventually. ^_~

Gotta fly! Go get some Funnybooks and find out what Earth you're on.

A Smoking PUCK "Frozen Moment"!

courtesy of NHL Dot Com...their new feature is called the "Frozen Moment" where a glimspe of thepic is seen on the top of the page. Click on the pic to see the full page and today's pic was from last night's 4-3 (SO) Bruins win...check it out!


Not Quite Ice-Nine...


Bizzie, bizzie, bizzie...this Post's for Paul and for Kurt.

News courtesy of "I HATE IT HERE".