Monday, October 30, 2006

This Week in DCU History!!!

This week's 2-page origin from DC's 52 Dot Com is the Batman's grown-up first Robin...the hero known as Nightwing. Check out the great pencils by George Perez (who should be Wolfman's 12-issue battery partner on NIGHTWING but iDigress!).

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...a new set of clothes

Ain't this sweet. Eventually, Spidey got back his traditional duds. Even his classic costume got a few modernizations and reimaginings along the way in different stories...from 2099 to Unlimited but iDigress...

This is an $85.00 mini statue of the Black Spidey costume. Wow...I don't think I'd want to buy that but I caught sight of the image here and had to share with the Class.

Current "Amazing Spider-Man: scribe J. Michael Stryzinski has the sole command to bring back the original threads when the CIVIL WAR dust has settled.
Cool... I really like Paihia. That's the place I credit with getting me passionate about scuba diving again after a 7 or 8 year lapse.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) the house inspection didn't go so well. We're not going to buy the place, and will hopefully be able to save up a more substantial down payment as a result.

In a word, termites. Also, the roof leaks. In the future, I'll have to continue the practice of scheduling inspections on days with downpours and high winds. :)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

OMG... a couple of weeks away and this thing just explodes. Well, at least it seems Sully keeps this thing alive...

I will have to catch up on my reading another day however, as I have to pack to go up to Paihia for the rest of the weekend to spend with my friend Amber who is just back in town for the week (back from the UK for her brother wedding).

Just wanted to stop in and say to Matt CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Also, Sully send me you home address, got a little something for you that will keep your comic gnome from overpending for a while.

Talk to you all soon!

Friday, October 27, 2006

More disgraceful trash throwing at the Garden after a last second win by the Habs. Stay tuned for this and more in the next Smoking Puck...

Thursday, October 26, 2006


for the Giggles!

October 26, 2006

by Rev. Sully

"Shart" should be said on Network Television in SitComs. To confuse the Elderly. RTFM, Jones. But iDigress...

A full-on Smoking PUCK examination of the goalie sitch will come a little later on but for now, let's have a repeat of this show once again and say "Happy Birthday, Meathead!". It's that time of year...going to the games. Tonight...ten dollar tickets, Bill Jacobs & Meathead...if only Mario could be there. But check in for more PUCK shortly. Tonight's about revving up that imagination engine and maybe going to the Habs/Bruins game this PM.

Rev. Sully
The Comics Gnome POOTS quickly on the Day After New Release Day...

One title got into the Comics Gnome weekly stack that literally leapt from the shelf into the Gnome's chhubby fingers. "This is gonna be good", he sighs and exunt... to Enlighten at other Bodegas. I took his advice.

From the mind of Warren Ellis comes his WildStorm Universe masterpiece, Planetary. The newest issue #26 stared me down from the shelf and it came home with me. Perhaps the last "Classic WildStorm" story. This is brilliant. I've been tuned into this title on the Fringe. I haven't read a complete issue in almost 2 years. The WildStorm Universe is a tragic Reset Button Hitting mess.

Planetary stays far away from that mess as much as Alan Moore's SWAMP THING stayed away from the DC Universe in the 1980s. Read the first issue here.

Issue #26 though...

Rev. Sully
Awesome Matt! I can't wait for the hosewarming party...say an olde fashioned Matt Silvia Holiday Party (probably sans bands).

So Happy Hallowe'en Time of the Year...thanks to Aaron "Posty" DeGraff for this image.

By Your Command, Impunkinmus Leader...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The offer was accepted! If all goes well, we'll be in our new house (821 North St. in Randolph) by December.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Jill and I once again put in an offer on a house, this time a cool little place in Randolph. Hopefully, we'll hear back today, and know if the deal is going forward.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Comics Gnome Poots Forth...the New History of the DCU!

A lot has changed since the INFINITE CRISIS swept over the DC Universe. One Year Passed and is being documented in the weekly title "52". In the last few pages of 52 usually is a new origin story for a DCU character but between issues #2-11, we were treated to the History of the DCU. You can read the whole thing here at DC Dot Com's "52" Site and access the "Documentary". In the last page of the "History of the DCU" we find out that an old character rears his head and we find out that there is more than one this time...the Monitor returns. hero, villain, wild card...who knows. He's rearing his head in Marv Wolfman's current run on NIGHTWING...seeing that Dick Grayson was supossed to die in the INFINITE CRISIS...and so was Donna Troy???

But if you think the DC Universe gets more confusing with every reset, then look at the sparse two-page origin stories for our heroes...what is great is the elegant simplicity in the two page...the brass tacks. Future writers can fill in the blank without too much burdensome continuity.

Wonder Woman's "new" Origin story

Green Lantern's "new" Origin story

I'm off to the FunnyBook Bodega with the Comics Gnome to pick up this week's "52" and other funnies...what are you waiting for? Go to DC's 52 Dot Com and study your history!!! There will be a quiz later. ^_~


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Have I told you recently I just LOVE Battlestar Galactica?

Look...back in the day, we used to watch this in its first run. I hadda be around 7 or 8 years old. The continuation called "Galactica 1980" had one memorable episode but it really ruined what came before...

Until 2003 when the Sci-Fi channel reinvented the original pilot and took the ball running in its own direction. It's now entering its third season...I bought the 2 hr. premiere from the iTunes Music Store for $1.99. I just saw the last episode On Demand and new ones every Saturday until the season ends...

If you can, go out there and start anew with the Battlestar Galactica Miniseries and then run out and rent seasons 1 & 2. The season 3 premiere had me thinking about for days after finishing it. I watched it in ten minute increments on the "T" via iPod.


October 18, 2006
By Rev. Sully

The Doors of Perception are Open...I can't wait for the Door Prize!
aka: Break On Through the Thin Blue Line...

As that large mammal Jim Morrison used to say, "hold onto your depression" for in that thought laid a kernel of wisdom about seeding a fertile plain with creativity borne of suffering. I used to think he was brilliant...nevertheless I figured out Morrison was full o' crap as soon as I outlived him. But somethings are observed naturally as dharma in the same light one observes a rainstorm, sunset or a blossoming flower...and depression and suffering are part of that. With that unsinkable spirit I say to thee...Welcome to Bruins Season!!!

Tomorrow Night facing off against the Calgary Flames, the Bruins will open at Home and stay there for most of the remainder of the month after beginning the season on the road. The Barnum & Bailey Circus' annual week's worth of shows at the "Gahhden" has happened in fall for decades. As a result, the Bruins will have their "West Coast" road trip when the elephants are sleeping in the Crease, immovable as Cam Neely and the juggling bears are marking their territory in the corners...as ferocious bears ought do to their corners if you catch my drift. The Bruins come out of hibernation and back to home ice with a 1-3-1 record and start the season as they finished the previous season...in last place. For the Mouthbreathers that means the Bruins have one victory, three losses and one shootout loss for 3 standings points in the Northeast Division. New-look Buffalo is on top at 6-0-0, undefeated for 12 points.

Since the Free Preview cut off of the Pay Television service, I've been hockeyless since the Bruins last played on Sunday, a 4-1 loss on Long Island. The re-christened OLN Television Network Versus, the provider of Pro Hockey action is a great resource and offered 9 games in October, will offer 9 more in November and 55 total all season including All-Star Weekend in Dallas. But I keep missing those games. Darn!!! Last night was the Buffalo drubbing of Philly 9-1 on Versus HDTV but it was also Movie Night at Posty's. Heck, the bears in the Circus juggle better than me but iDigress...

If you have to ask what's wrong with the Bruins right now...it's everything but it is early in the season so it can be fixed in This New Ice Order with whatever room the salary cap allows. Another part of the "what & why" is that the team needs time to gel...the defensive corps, aka the Blue Liners are basically strangers to each other. Familiarity comes with playing together for long times and the Blue Liners are the most needing of coming together as a culture or clique within the team. So this week the Smoking PUCK Featured Player(s) of the Week is(are) and a little bit of info for each one:
The Thin Blue Line:
Let's start with at the top with the biggest free agent signing and newest Bruins captain Zdeno Chara: not much to say...refer to previous PUCK, he got his own spotlight before bestowed with the Captain's "C". Leads team with 5 points (0-5-5, -2).

Andrew Alberts: Played 73 games as a rookie in the Black & Gold last season. Has played in all 5 games this season and has a Plus/Minus differential of +2

Wade Brookbank: Free Agent signed away from Vancouver where he played 52 games over 2 seasons, currently has only laced the skated up once this season.

Milan Jurcina: Played 51 games last last season as a rookie for Boston and currently just got back on the ice for his first of the season. He likes to shoot the puck...64 of the "Soggy Numbers" last year for 6 goals & 5 assists...hey, he was a rookie defenseman then! Think about it! Wait for it! He also was an Olympian for his native Slovakia at Turino 2006 with countryman Zdeno Chara.

Nathan Dempsey: This 10-year NHL veteran comes as a free agent via Los Angeles, has played in 4 Bruins games so far but has the liability of being -5 on the +/-...

Jay Leach: Might be seeing a lot of the Commuter Rail to Providence.

Paul Mara: swapped from Phoenix for former badboy blueliner (also a contract holdout cast away) Nick Boynton. Local boy living the dream playing for the Black & Gold. Has played all five games this season with going 0-0-0, -3.

Brad Stuart: Reliable Sharks defenseman who came over last November in the Joe Thornton blockbuster deal that made Trooper Thorn the NHL MVP, an honor that might not have happened here in hallowed Beantowne Faire. Has played in all five games so far.

Mark Stuart: Out approximately 6 weeks with knee surgery. Bruins 2003 1st round draft pick played in the final weeks of the 2005-06 season with 17 games, going 1-1-2 on 9 shots, -2 on +/-. Hope he comes back all right for his first real rookie season.

Jason York: the "Old Man" of the team at 36 years old, playing in his 14th NHL season. Free agent signed away from Nashville and he's played all 5 games.

Next week we'll look at who are between the Pipes in Goal and why the Bruins don't as of yet have a Number One goalie in a key position that rivals a Pro Football quarterback in importance of "starter". If your football team had no number one QB...what would you think? How would that make you feel? Well, it's the same feeling let me assure you.

The Door Prize tomorrow night will be tee-shirts and magnets at the Bruins home opener. Last year the Opening Night Swag was Mini Stanley Cups...most which ended up on the Gahhden Ice from a last-minute one goal loss to the Montreal Canadians (therefore setting the tone to the entire season). A little "regifting" from the Gallery Gawds who sit on High and Judge. I guess the Guys in the Front Office figure something soft would hurt less...that is unless you don't tie a keychain to it for weight but I don't wanna give anyone any bad ideas from the Neighbahhoods. But like legendary punk frontman Henry Rollins said, "like that fat f*&k Jim Morrison once said...hold onto your depression...hold onto it because they can be some of the most intense moments of your life". Hank's still alive and officially the "Old Man" of Punk. The Bruins are still alive and the Season's just beginning. Stay tuned, kiddos.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Quick Comics Gnome Poot...Still Something After All This Time

Doonsbury, October 17, 2006

Doonesbury is still on the front page of the Boston Sunday Globe funnies...Garfield was dropped by the Globe and picked up the next day by the Herald by iDigress...

I read Doonsebury mostly everyday due to it being fed into My Yahoo! page. This strip of sequential art telling a serialized story is 36 years old now. Talk about continuity! Uncle Duke has outlived his pastiche's muse Hunter S. Thompson and is planning his next social atrocity and perhaps even "monstering" his recently-found adult son, Earl. The lead character Mike has sent his girl off to college in one of the on-going story arcs, weaving a wonderful dad character showing the proper proportions of concern & annoyance with his cell-phone enabled daughter.

Still a wonderful way to enjoy three panels a day...the Comics Gnome daily prescription. 'namaste...

Hey...speaking of kids...congrats to fellow Jedis Jeff & Aimee Berger-Girvalo...I hear the stork has doth pooted! More information as it becomes available...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Remember Rawking...

Keith used to post on OCHO when he had time for such things...his handle was "Hot Dog". Congrats to Hot Dog who got hitched recently (ministered by ULC ordained, the OCHO Emeritus Dr. Hooey). Via a Friendster update I was informed that he's posted new photos to his page. I looked and found his two weapons of rawk...shawk & awww...he played guitar for Nero & Pedro way back in the Daze at the Burren with this...Mjolnir.

he named his beautiful, black Gibson Les Paul after Norse Mythology and inparticular...Thor's hammer. I wear a Mjolnir around my neck on a string of butcher's twine. This is because I'd rather see an avatar as champion and not victim but iDigress...
but he also included an old friend of mine as well...the guitar I christened Loki

Loki was once called Arthur, after George Harrison's haircut in "A Hard Days Night". Keith was admiring it one night, I hadn't played it in a dog's age. He then asked me "The" question when it comes down to things..."how much"? As in how much do I want to sell it to him for. It was a Mexican Strat but a Fender all the same. I pondered for what seemed like a good eight whole seconds wherein I said "take him...he's yours. Aceept him in the same spirit of love & friendship in which it was given to me. Put it in your car now before I change my mind". I asked him if I could name it though knowing he named his other guitar so I kept the theme and renamed Arthur "Loki". I was essentially homeless at the time as well...I needed not another anchor to a PastLife or something else to move yet again. I had to let go...and I couldn't think of a better home.

I hope you get your Rickenbacher someday, Hot Dog to complete the collection. Maybe you'll name this one "Sif". ^_~


October 11, 2006
By Rev. Sully

Rapt Attention! I can't look away!!!
aka: Will I Need Glasses or a Visor...hmmmm?

I can't help but look! I can't look away...I'm mesmerized by the sounds. I'm hypnotized by the illuminated picture! It's like a perpetual Saturday Morning Cartoon...I'm getting rug-burned knees. I'M SITTING TOO DAMN CLOSE TO THE TELE!!! The ice, the whistles, the checks...it's back in all it's glory. Hockey Season...huzzah! I find myself using the free preview of the NHL Center Ice package to its fullest advantage on the local pay television system. I tune in for a few minutes...sometimes a period or two depending who're playing. For Sunday's only game I had to endure two periods of Vancouver at Denver. I'm not saying it was a bad game but I didn't finish to see the Avalanche take the game 3-2 in the 3rd period. Nothing like a vested interest to turn a mediocre game into an interesting one but iDigress...

I've watched chunks of two Flyers games hoping they'd beat the (patoooie!) NYC Rangers...the former going into a 13 round shootout loss to the Blueshirts and the latter a 4-2 victory for the Broadstreet Bullies. I peeked at Vancouver visiting the Twin Cities but tuned out & missed a Wild shootout win. I ran out of gas for the NYI at LaLaLand. I took Monday off entirely from television, even missing part 2 of a very special Dr. Phil. The Bruins try to cage the Thrashers tonight in Hot'lanta. I reflect on the nature of the previous city team's name and current Calgary moniker and genuflect to its cleverness after reading "Don't Know Much About The Civil War". Besides the Bruins game, the Habs play in Philly and I could have a nightcap of NYI at Anaheim. The Bruins play again tomorrow night in St. Louis. I think I'll need glasses by the end of the week...

ATTENDEZ-MOI: Here's the Smoking PUCK Bruins Player of the Week...

Marc Savard came to the Bruins after having a career 05-06 season in Atlanta with 97 points, 28 goals and 69 assists while playing in all 82 games. The 29 year-old forward gets about 20 minutes of ice time a night and about 20 shifts...imagine if you can ice-skating as hard as you can for one whole minute...the entire time you're skating you are hitting people and expected to deposit a 3" diameter circle of frozen vulcanized rubber behind a padded guardian. My abacus shows me Savard is out there on the ice a 1/3 of the time...and that's why we hired him. He wears the number #71 in the Black & Gold this year..."why" is for another day but he wore #17 in other sweaters. The Bruins have stocked up a younger team hedging their bets on fleetness. The French-Canadians call that "vitesse"...speed. It's been a hallmark of the "Flying Frenchmen" style often employed by rivals the Montreal Canadians for decades. For far too long the Bruins style of play lumbered like a sleepy bear. The B's help to invent the now-defunct offensive ruse called "Dump & Chase", where the puck is shot onside into the offensive zone and then hoped to be collected by an on-rushing forward or praying for a turnover. Change is the truth of the Universe and let's hope this Bruins change for speedy players who like to shoot the puck on net is the trend for the foreseeable future. Marc Savard fits this billing although The Gallery Gawds will have wait to see if he's Bruin Tough or not...until then at least we can expect him to produce and enjoy watching it.

In other news...more change in the Cosmos
The AHL, the American Hockey League and first tier of Profession "farm" teams has made another experiment in the petri dish of Professional Ice Hockey. The AHL regularly makes adjustments and experiments in their rules. From a failed fling with a bygone pre-season using a 4 quarter clock to the NHL-Adopted goalie trapezoid where the goaltender is penalized for handling the puck outside the area of the net, the AHL pushes the envelope in seeing what works and what is practical in the future of Hockey. The AHL has mandated visors for all players. This is watershed...this is a quantum leap in paradigm. This is going forward. U.S. College players should feel liberated from the cage they've been wearing since Pee Wee & Squirts while Canadian Junior & European players wear visors as part of their culture going on its second & third generations. The NHL will comply with this evolution eventually. Visors won't change the game but in this age of liability the notion of Original Six goalies not even wearing masks is as naive as a Golden Age FunnyBook.

If I can't look away from the eijit box long enough to sleep, just leave the teevee on reruns of Mr. Belvedere please...the resemblance to Dr. Phil is amazing. Just be sure to be sitting far enough away from the TV so that it doesn't hurt your eyes or else you too will be forced to wear a visor...for your protection. ^_~


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The DC INFINITE CRISIS goes Hardcover...

if I hadn't of already spent enough on the initial run, now comes a power-packed hardcover collection with great supplementals for only $24.99! Collects IC #s 1-7 in addition "This exhaustive volume also contains every cover and variant produced for the project, annotations, character designs, excerpts from scripts, unused scenes, and much more ".

New cover by Phil Jimenez
Might be an excuse to get inked...it's frugal to get it South of the Border. That Giant Squid fighting Whale? Just thinking about Mexico out loud. I think when I go back to Mexico and Nuevo Progreso that I'll look up Juanillo @ Azteka and get my right forearm's piece done. I'm really looking forward to that.
I'm heading down to the Sea of Cortez for a week on the "Mexican Riviera" with enough folks to fill 30-odd condos right on the beach.

Viva Baja! Adoro los tacos de pez. Soy los comeria cada dia! Tristemente, Jill es alérgico al marisco, pero no mi.

Monday, October 09, 2006

A torpedo ship, eh? That's cool. I think my warp nacelles kicked around the parts box for years... it was tough to make them look like anything other than warp nacelles after they had been assembled. The bottom half of the saucer section (with some old cool-whip and margarine containers and a lot of glued-on rectangular panels, antennas, and power cables cut from other models) became the first floor of a futuristic building in a spaceport diorama, and the hull section (with the addition of several parts from the navy carrier U.S.S. Enterprise, the Cygnus from Disney's "The Black Hole", R2-D2, a few discarded spice jars, and some HO scale train set bridge scaffolding) became a derelict space transport in "dry dock" at the same facility.

I've had an urge to get back into that recently, but I think I might get classic car kits instead and try chopping and sectioning them into custom hot-rod models. I need better workshop space though.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Thursday, October 05, 2006


October 5, 2006
By Rev. Sully

What I Saw on the Way to Bruins Season...
aka: Flashback!

I just saw Marty Lapointe score a goal for the Blackhawks. For real.
Flashback: Last night I had my age-old buddy Billy over for grillin' & chillin'. We planned on grilling burger and BBQ then watch opening night of hockey. Billy clued me in on the PPV Sports Package Channels. They're free essentially for the first month...to give you a taste, ya know. All good dealers do that but iDigress...
So I'm surrounded by hockey games and the Bruins start tomorrow. The Ottawa/Toronto home-and-home series. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Vancouver and Detroit. Colorado & Minnesota. Chicago & Nashville. Stars vs. Avalanche. Buffalo vs. Hurricanes. I've saturated myself in Opening Night Hockey. Best part is the CBC Broadcast.
I will miss this when it's gone. If all things were balanced in the world I'd actually do it all the time.

I just saw Bryan Smolinski wearing an "A" score a goal for the Blackhawks.
Flashback: when Bryan Smolinski broke into the NHL, he was a Bruin. So it goes.

ATTENDEZ-MOI: Here's the Bruin Player of the Week.
Phil Kessel #81 on your colour TeeVee Screens...but you'll only need a Black & Gold solid-state set. I hear he's a bit of a punk with an attitude. I hope so. I want him Bruin Tough. That goes a long way...being young, dumb and full of thumb. I saw a preseason game and although he committed a give-away that resulted in a NYR goal (patoooie!!!)... he looked great on a line with Patrice Bergeron and Brad Boyes. And Talk about wheels. The Bruins are a younger team this year...perhaps you'll have different reasons to yell at the team than running out of gas in the 3rd period. I feel bad though for P.J. Axelsson, being passed over for the assistant captaincy with the "A"'s worn by Bergeron and Glen Murray. As expected, Zdeno Chara was named the 18th Bruins captain three days ago and four days before his Boston debut. But Kessel...sheeeesh. We might see him in the BPD Blotter carousing with BU freshwomen, dodgin' Comm. Ave. traffic at 2AM...he dropped out of college to play in a college town. He might be hockey's answer to T.O. for all we know. This is the town that made The Turk famous...it could fare well for Kessel's Run. I had to make that obvious Star Wars reference somewhere, eh? I look forward to Kessel's rookie year. I'll be looking for #81 out on the ice this season and a little birdie tells me he won't be hard to miss. Maybe next week I'll tell you about #71, Marc Savard. I told you this was a new, young team. Get used to it.

During the CBC broadcast, the feed occasionally displays a "Be Right Back" logo where some Canadian image should be during the commercial breaks. I'm hoping its News, telling us how it really is and being blocked by Big Brother. 'Nooooge.


Rev. Sully

The Smoking Puck used to be featured at the Boston Sports Massacre. The “BSM” was a Boston-based weekly Sports web site and PodCast. We miss them very much.
The PUCK is also now available at Philly Keith Dot Com. Great, independent Hockey talk from the City of Brotherly Love now with a Beantown Boy chiming in.

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.
iRawk...therefore iPod!

I did Zero-Out my play counter. it is good to do a few times a year but that's just my opinion. I like to look at my Top-10 list and see what I would be my weekly radio show. Well here we are under the smog-berry trees like Dr. Demento for so many years...

10. Fearless (interpolating "You'll Never Walk Alone") by Pink Floyd from Meddle. Ahhhh...who doesn't like Floyd. Muslims? I bet there are a few British Muslims with a hidden copy of Meddle. I think of the current U.S. President when this song plays, 'fearlessly the idiot faces the crowd...smiling".

9. Kodachrome by Paul Simon from There Goes Rhymin' Simon. I just bought this and "Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard" from the iTunes Music Store. When this music comes on, I'm compelled to start cleaning my house. It never fails.

8. You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates from Hall & Oates Greatest Hits. See next...

7. She's Gone by Hall & Oates from Abandoned Luncheonette. I love Hall & Oates. What's wrong with them, eh? Nuffin'. These two songs I bought from the iTunes Store a while back and go figure...they get listened to. Often.

6. Tales of Brave Ulysses by the Cream from Cream: The BBC Sessions. Listen to a very young Eric Clapton in his pre-solo peak. Live from the BBC as well...I started a Random BBC Playlist and actively look for live BBC recordings. Next for the gullet...the Beatles at the BBC. Maybe even Ming Tea from Shits & Giggles.

5. Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees from Bee Gees Greatest Disc 1. This one's for Hooey...Strut.

4. Namaste by the Beastie Boys from Check Your Head. This sounds like the recording studio turned into a fishbowl. The name of the single has nothing to do with OCHO...it's a good song.

3. Squealer by AC/DC from Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. This came back to the Top 10. This is one of the best Bon Scott songs ever.

2. SexyBack by Justin Timberlake from FutureSex/LoveSounds. I am not embarrassed for buying this from the iTunes Music Store. This will be the single in dance clubs this season. "Hot" is cold. Sexy is Back. You'd do well to remember that. This is the Jam. The cover art is provocative from the man who bagged Britney Spears & Cameron Diaz...really, remember that.

and it's time for #1...there it is, here it comes NUMBER ONE!!!

1. Inside & Out by Feist from Let It Die. This is a Sexy Song. This is a really Sexy Song. It is a 2004 remake of the Bee Gee's song done by Canadian Leslie Feist. This was playing in a trendy Cambridge bistro bar I frequent and I hadda ask "who sings this". Guess why it's number one. Because "hot" is cold and Sexy is Back. Remember that. 'Noooooooge.


Rev. Sully
The Comics Gnome Poots a MARVELous Post

On any given Wednesday, the momentum can change. Ask an NFL Coach about the Lord's Day of Rest, how quickly momentum switches and it's up to you to adapt. Was MARVEL always counting on late quarter earnings because of me and what the Comics Gnome suggests to unsuspecting voyeurs of the IntrePoop? There was a time this year when I could have counted the amount of Marvel magazines pooted by the Comics Gnome on both hands once. It would now need perhaps 4 hands. And four of the six funnybooks pooted forth by the Comics Gnome this week were made mine by Marvel. Well...would you like to see my stack yet? Here we go...

DC did have a very light week... only 2 purchased titles out of 8 released. Marvel surprised me with a variety of titles from different corners from their hypercube of meta-fiction. 14 new titles to choose from and I picked 4 from a rainbow of sub-genres.

The Amazing Spider-Girl #0 for $1.99.
This isn't even a real funnybook. This is that flashback episode where it catches the fan up on all the events leading to this point. Wait a sec...Spider-GIRL???. Yes...a little thing known as MC2, an alternate future Marvel Universe. It's a "Next Generation" that's been around since 1998. It has survived a few cancellations...the proof in the pudding is the purchase. Spider-Girl herself ran 100 issues and recently ended its 8 year run this past July 2006 and will enjoy a new "#1" treatment as the Amazing Spider-Girl coming soon. Spider-Girl also has an interesting second life regarding republishing in the smaller, inexpensive digest format collecting 5 issues & now featuring 7 volumes.

From Marvel's ICON Imprint...Criminal #1 (of 5) by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips.
From the creative team of the WildStorm Universe SLEEPER comes a creator-owned title from two very good comicbook yarn spinners. I dunno if I'll get the rest but it was good to just pluck an untasted fruit from the vine, eh? ^_~ Slainte!

Fantastic Four #540: Civil War A MARVEL Comics Event by J. Michael Straczynski & Mike McKone.
This has a different cover than what I got at the Bodega...following the events of CIVIL WAR #4. I am buying key issues in the CIVIL WAR story, ain't I? I am. This is the third cross-over title to plug into the Marvel Comics spanning Event with Amazing Spider-Man & Black Panther and it doesn't help that I filed the New Avengers Annual #2 as the "prequel" to CIVIL WAR #1.

Ultimate Spider-Man #100...a milestone for $3.99 "Clone Saga Part 4". Still by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley after one hundred issues together.
Lemme tell you...there's so much filler in the magazine itself, it feels as though it should weigh like a funnybook worth $3.99. But it is the Ultimate retelling of Spidey's legendary "Clone Saga" with the twists one expects from Bendis. But at the end of the issue it still is only part 4 of what could be a 6 part passion play of Peter Parker.

DC Universe "52 Week Twenty-Two".
This week with the origin of the "Green Lantern"! The two-page supplemental origin stories are just great. They seem almost a "let down" until you really think about them. The origin stories are only two pages long. TWO BLEEPING PAGES! That's it...but there is so much to fill in the spaces. The origins give the brass tacks of the character and the rest is up to future writer. All the classic elements are kept and nothing regarding any Earth-One/Earth-Two mucky-muckying about either. The weekly story is good as well.

Nightwing #125 by Marv Wolfman and Dan Jurgens.
The man who christened this hero Nightwing raises the notch on Dick Grayson's continuing story. Wolfman Himself graduated Grayson from Robin to Nightwing in Tales of the New Teen Titans #44 in 1984. Now in 2006 after resurfacing to pen the INFINITE CRISIS SECRET FILES & ORIGINS and co-write TEEN TITANS #33 with Geoff Johns, he's ready to take on a character that Marv knows all too well...and it's not only Dick Grayson. It might be fanboy fodder at this point but Nightwing was rumored to have been on the chopping block during the INFINITE CRISIS and that his near-death in IC#7 may have an eleventh-hour call from the Governor. Also I've been tuned into Nightwing since the "One Year Later" following the INFINITE CRISIS. I've been tuned into mostly all the post-IC titles with the exception of Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis. Go ahead...quiz me. ^_~


Rev. Sully
Not the one with the lights but it was an early movie Enterprise. One of the warp nacelles may have ended up a torpedo ship alongside the Argo combatting the Gamelons though... ^_~
Happy Birthday OCHO!!! We're Four Years Old!

Happy Birthday, kids. I just read a part of "April 2003". Man we were chatty back then...and potty-mouthed to boot! It's like the Justice League almost with membership. Old posters on the wall...bit iDigress...

What a nice day out there. I have to get out and commute later so I'll be properly armed with FunnyBooks and iPod to ride the rails like the hobo I am. Hockey season started yesterday as well and the Comics Gnome rubs his hands anxiously as thoughts of fresh Smoking PUCK come through the mail slot.

So my birthday gift to OCHO is from the first pootings that nigh-infamous day in October 2002...maybe it speaks volumes or maybe it really is just dancing pixels momentarily crowding your mind. You let me know. I'll add an Italicized line just for posterity...OK?

Rev. Sully

Doctor Hooey, OCHO Emeritus had proffered a quiz for his new IntrePoop Panel. I had answered in the spirit of Truth, Justice and Journalism.
Friday, October 04, 2002

Q: What is the ugliest part of your body?
A: My mind...I thought we covered that.
I still agree on that one...

Q: How do you make love stay?
A: Chicken wire & 2 X 4s.
Feed it turkey...it'll nap and you can pen them as they sleep...

Q: Who is best fit to represent the human race to an alien society?
A: Traci Lords or Britney Spears
I'm glad this one didn't go into the Voyager II spacecraft as well...sheeesh. Perhaps the Dalai Llama...he's got a nice smile

Q: Why does gas cost less per gallon than water?
A: Because you can't drink gas in the desert?
"the only thing I know is how little I know" -Th. Jefferson.

Q: Who thought we'd WANT hot in-flight meals? What do you like to eat on an airplane?
A: Whatever the stewardess is wearing...rorw.
I'm still not part of the Mile-High Club...whenever will I correct that? Hmmmmm...

Q: What one sure-fire trick to pick up women do YOU KNOW PERSONALLY that you have NEVER seen described in Maxim Magazine? (Feel free to include more than one and BE SPECIFIC!!)
A: Treat them like crap. They'll come back for more.
Ignore them. They'll think you got mystique.
Go Big early. Avoid the "last-call" rush to the fat chicks.
Tie cherry stems with your tongue and make sure they know it was you that did it. That will get their attention.
Still all very true...I no longer practice this but it's also a bit like observing that farts smell...tee hee...fart

Q: What bit of your culture are you most excited to show to your kids? If not your kids, then somebody's kids? Whose kids?
A: Anything but pop culture. They can be culturally illiterate about TV, Radio, Media for all I care. It made me into a short attention spanned quasi-retard. I'd show them every culture except for American culture...they'll get enough of that on their own. But what would American Culture be beyond MultiMedia and Maya?...
posted by Rev Sully at 11:23 AM
Yeah but now I'd like to give my kids my FunnyBooks and my iPod...you need to possess a level of pop culture to grok Comics and popular music is simply the soundtrack of the zeitgeist. 'Nuff said..
Was that the model with lights? I built a light-up model Enterprise when I was a kid... it was a bitch to make, but really pretty cool. I think I later cut it up for some kit-bashing. Kit bashing rocks.