Thursday, August 31, 2006


August 31, 2006
By Rev. Sully

Another Trip In The Way-Back Machine! Another Summer without Suiting Up...
aka: The Rules of Beer League Pick-Up Hockey (in case we actually get out there and play...)

Here we are...on the precipice of the 2006-07 NHL Hockey season. And once again, I wince with wistful recollection at the fact that I have let yet another summer gone by when I haven't even touched my street hockey equipment. Oh well...at least street hockey can be played year-round. With about 6 weeks remaining until the first puck of the new season starts, I find myself with few words to write about the upcoming Windmill tilt and wanting still to strap on the old armor like Don Quixote Himself for another go at it.

With Hat Kicking Day now passed by in Beantowne Faire, the taste of upcoming Autumn's crispness in the air, the droves of students clogging the streets with moving vans and leaves already turning into shades other than green...there's no better way to get in the mood to want to watch hockey than to play it. And this is the part where I try to inspire myself to get out there by reading other people's advice.

Well...this part of the PUCK is where I bust out the Nigh-Infamous OCHO Way-Back Machine and share something with the class I've been saving literally for years. In the daze before the Great & Mighty IntrePoop ruled the dissemination of Sports Media, hockey fans needed to get their dose of news from traditional sources. Besides the weekly pages in the Sunday Globe, I had the Hockey News. This weekly print publication was the Bible of North American hockey culture. I read about the NHL, AHL, ECHL, NCAA and the Canadian Major Junior every week. I'd read it over and over again on the commute to wherever I was going on Boston's subways & busses. I'd read about opinions, facts, rumors, complete speculation and sometimes just down-right awful filler. Ever see a print version of The Onion? I've read better stuff in the copy the print Onion use to justify the pages...but iDigress. But I read the whole thing...every week. And it was just great. So I bring you the best thing I ever read in the Hockey News and I saved it...
It's yellowing & frayed and from the January 22, 1993 issue I bring you Ken Campbell's column from "Way Back"...and speaking as a goalie and for my dust-collection goalie equipment, I'll tell you the same thing and...

"Don't Pull the Goalie, It Never Works"

I'm the worst hockey player who ever lived. Even worse than Fran Huck. I made this realization a long time ago and confirmed it in a pick-up game just this morning.
I'm like one of those journeymen defensemen who surface in the Colonial League from time to time. I won't stop playing until I'm cut by every team in the universe. Next season looks a little dicey at this point, but I think there are a few teams that haven't heard of me.
It's the kind of keen insight that has served me well in a long and unfruitful career. Few people are more qualified to write the official Pick-Up Game and Beer League code of ethics as I am. This is required reading for anyone over the age of 25 who takes his (or her) hockey seriously and shouldn't:
• No matter how late you are for your game, never --and I mean never- show up at the rink with your equipment on. You really look like a Gumby and besides, I can spot any Zamboni driver in the world three laps of the rink and still be dressed before he's finished.
• It's bad form to ride your stick after scoring a goal when your team is winning a pick-up game 13-2, even if it's the first goal you've scored in a hundred years.
• Clothes make the man. Always wear the best equipment and make sure everything matches. This is especially important for lousy players since it makes the glaring weaknesses less conspicuous.
• If you borrow tape like I do, spread around your sources. Don't hit the same guy every time. Nobody likes a freeloader.
• Unless they are close, personal friends, never learn the last names or anything about the players on your team. This isn't a hard-and-fast rule, things just usually turn out that way.
• Never try to jump into the arms of a teammate after a goal the way NHLers do. You'll both fall down and look stupid. People will probably talk, too.
• When your goalie gives up a couple of bad goals, don't go out of your way to hit his pads. They know when you're patronizing them.
• Don't pull the goalie in the last minute. It may work occasionally in the NHL, but it's a useless endevour in a beer league.
• Anyone who actually coaches a beer league team should take a long look at his life.
• If you're looking for ice time, become a defenceman. Nobody ever wants to play there so mist teams go with two pairs on the blueline. Besides, you don't get as tired.
• After a goal is scored against your line, come off the ice breathing heavy. That way it looks like you were working really hard and the goal wasn't your fault.
• Under no circumstances should you pass the puck if you have a chance to shoot.
• Don't take stupid penalties. It screws up everybody else's ice time.
• Never pour beer over a guy's head if you win a championship. That stuff's expensive, eh?
• Either wear contact lenses or ditch the glasses and take your chances. Look at this picture of Al Arbour. You don't want to look like that, do you?

• If the other team's goalie doesn't show up, don't take slapshots from the hashmarks.
• Don't fight. Few things look more ridiculous than two guys flailing at eachother's face shields with hockey gloves on.
• When the whole bench is yelling at you to come off, don't keep playing and pretend you can't hear them.
• Take a shower after the game. Your friends will appreciate it.
• While you're shaking hands with the other team, show come respect and take your gloves off.
• Show up at the rink no earlier than 15 minutes before game time. Any earlier than that and it looks like you have no life.
• When it's your turn to buy a round after the game, don't try to sneak out of the bar via the washroom.

If I could add one to the list it would be...watch the beer in the parking lot before the game. Playing 'tween the pipes ain't that fun when the stick feels like it weighs 40 lbs.


Rev. Sully

The Smoking Puck used to be featured at the Boston Sports Massacre. The “BSM” was a Boston-based weekly Sports web site and PodCast. We miss them very much.
The PUCK is also now available at Philly Keith Dot Com. Great, independent Hockey talk from the City of Brotherly Love now with a Beantown Boy chiming in.

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Doctor Hooey, “RTFM”.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

August 15th they were still in it. Since it was before that 5 game ass whooping that NY placed upon the Sox. Can we have August 21st (Monday, Game 5 of that aweful series) be the "Observed" day for the Hat Kicking Holiday?
Loased Bases! A Morning of Mourning for the Nation! From the OCHO Way-Back Machine!

Is it time for Red Sox Nation to once again reinstitute the day of Observance that I coined here on OCHO way back on August 15, 2003? I had this notion for the Nation way before the Established date and like Thanksgiving, perhaps it should be on the second Thursday of September instead of so early in the year such as August...but since mid-August old habits such as wanting to kick my Sox cap has come back with an insane jones! Losing 5 straight at home to division rival the Spankees, being swept by the Mariners in Seattle last weekend and as of last night losing 5 in a row going 7.5 games behind NYC...it might be time for Restoration of this "holiday".
I happily submit to you, dear OCHO that the hat we use this year is the "Pink Lady" version that I think I'm absolutely sick of...

August 15, 2003
Happy Hat Kicking Day!!!

Remember: Today is August 15th! It is a special day for all Red Sox fans...it is HAT KICKING DAY!!! This is not to be confused with the recent influx of jokes by prominent Bostonian celebrites such as Denis Leary or Conan O'Brien. I came up with this a while ago...about this time every year is when the Sox start to let us down. So in celebration of our frustration, I dub today and every Aug. 15 from now until Kingdom Come as...HAT KICKING DAY!!!

make sure you tell someone! ^_~
Heya Preacher Matt...

How's the job hunt going? Good luck! ^_^
Where's The Comics Gnome???

The Comics Gnome wanted me to post this to see if you can catch the differences...

here is the preview image of last week's DC release "Justice League of America" #1 from the wewbsite...

Here is the full cover of the "teaser" cover which has a few misleading candidates for JLofA memebership since I know at lease one of them just died in the pages of "DC:52" Week 15 and another might be not be coming back to Earth from the pages of "52" as well. but iDigress...

Preview "full" cover

and here is the actual cover...

Covers A & B

I bought the "left" side because it had more Green Lanterns. ^_^

Who will be selected for the new team??? Can you spot the differences between the preview covers and the actual covers? It's pretty much fanboy fodder but it's great to geek out over.

but the selection of the team...well that might have been a little "spoiled" due to the Michael Turner variant cover...

I appreciate DC's sense of secrecy...it fosters wonder in what they're trying to build. So far the building of the new JLofA team is a great read. Go get Justice League of America #1 from your local funnybook bodega TODAY.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006


On January 3, 2006, two very sad & depressed sports fans take to the "PodWaves" to show their love...

Okay, my home-brewed hockey article The Smoking PUCK used to be reprinted on the wickid-awesome local Sports PodCast site "The Boston Sports Massacre". Tim & Brian during the recording of PodCast #39 had an artistic falling-out therefore breaking up the band. The following week, Dr. Hooey Peter Fernandez who produced the BSM PodCast from the holy ground of Studio OCHO and myself taped a 35 minute long episode of BSM...the lost, unreleased tapes of Episode #40. Now...we can share it with the world.

So click here for BSM Episode #40! Listen to the "Sports Orphans" edition.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Cheerios. The breakfast cereal (not the small red incased sausage) have FINALLY made it to New Zealand!!! They even sent me a free trial box in my mail box and it WAS GOOD! I'm so FRIGGIN' EXCITED about a breakfast cereal I can't help it. Now all I need is Doritos (Cooler Rancher flavour preferably) and Swiss Cake Rolls and I'm all set!

Monday, August 21, 2006

18th Season of the Simpsons starts in September...

And Jack & Meg...the White Stripes will appear!

The Simpsons won the Best Animated Emmy this year beating out South Park and Family Guy. Simpsons executive producer Al Jean joked about receiving the award in his acceptance speech saying "This is what happens when you don't mock Scientology."

At this point...I may have missed more Simpsons episodes than I can quote & remember. D'oh!

Friday, August 18, 2006

iRawk...therefore iPod!

Hello again and welcome to another self-seving edition of my new favorite thing to do on the Subway besides piss other people off by trimming my fingernails...hey, I'm a cook. Do you really want me handling your food with anything but trimmed fingernails? Think about it. ^_~ There are three things in the world; hygene, low-gene and no-gene but iDigress...
My new favorite thing to do is to be a Nothinghead with my trusty iPod "Solaris the Tyrant Sun" plugged into my head like the good "Coppertop" I is. It keeps me sane while drowning the rabble out who would otherwise ruin my commute.

Let's get to it!

10. Moonage Daydream by David Bowie from Sully's David Bowie Bakers Dozen (originally from The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust). Why pigeonhole one's self with a "favorite song"...I have a documented 13 favorite Bowie songs with others I didn't have room under the Bakers Dozen constraint. This song rocks and is one I'll eventually get caught singing to myself outloud by someone walking into a room...

9. The Cuppy Cake Song by a very young girl from Sully Tunes No. 4. In a random email I recieved from Peter "Dr. Hooey" Fernandez, this MP3 was attached. Apparently the 20 second long "Cuppy Cake Song" just elated him and made his day. I too had my heart melted from this little ditty and it's survived the Darwinian Evolution to brighten my day still today.

8. My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas listed on Sully Tunes No. 0. I am a sucker for a catchy pop song especially when including a babe like former "Kids Incorperated" member Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson. Such an addictive "jam". The first video I purchased from the iTunes Music Store to flex the power of Solaris. It's got a hook and a chick...'nuff said.

7. Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees from the Bee Gees Greatest Disc 1. The perfect song to strut to like Travolta. This is a great pop song. Chicks dig 'em. The Brothers Gibb are still adored by women everywhere.

6. Deadweight by Beck originally from the "A Life Less Ordinary" soundtrack. I didn't like the movie...and I loved Shallow Grave and Trainspotting. But this Beck Hansen song comes from a random Modern Music for 1997 disc I swiped from the Hard Rock Cafe back in the Daze. I never got into Beck then but I was given his 2002 "Sea Change" which made me think twice about this "Loser".

5. Cry Baby Cry by the Beatles from The Beatles (White Album). Why ruin the moment by talking about this song. I friggin' love it. Get the joke at the end of the last verse, anyone?

4. Honey Don't by the Beatles from For Sale. This is a Ringo song. I got absolutely no solo Ringo Starr so I make up with this, Octopus' Garden and Don't Pass Me By played often.

3. Baby's In Black by the Beatles from For Sale. This song kinda reminds me of...me in High School. Always pining after a chick who was pining over someone else. It is good to grow up. ^_~

2. Eleanor Rigby by Aretha Franklin from Sully Tunes No. 0. Another Beatles tune??? Wait...this Aretha cover is an all-out soul tune sung from Ms. Ribgy's point-of-view. I forget where I recently picked this up but I can't get enough of it.

and this month the top of the "charts" goes to...

1. Love at First Feel by AC/DC from Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. A little smuty...a whole lotta rockin'. Lightning bolts at my fingertips POW! Great tune.

Sorry to hear that, Matt.
As good friend of mine told me once about living off the Dole...it'll be the most time off you'll have in your adult life. ^_~ Enjoy it. But really...you're probably already got a few things on the horizon like planes over Southie coming into Logan once the initial shock & sting wears off. Sorry that "Jill's House" will have to wait as a result.
I lost my job yesterday, and therefore my opportunity to sign a purchace & sale agreement on the house. Oh well... I sort of saw that coming, and going through the process once will only make it easier next time. Hopefully, a better paying job will help too.

I already have interviews set up for today and monday, so it shouldn't take long. :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hey Sul. Very COOL! I like the size of it too. Means you meant it!

I don't think my next one will be until after having kids. No matter where you get it a girls skin just plane stretches with preganacy and frankly I don't want a deformed symbol or image when all is said and done. Plus ~ I want to mean it!

I did recently catch up with the 'Lizard King' (a DJ I used to work with at Copper Joes) who I used to spend hours on end with discussing star wars mythology. Below are the results of his passion. I have to say it is an impressive sight in real life.
Members only - The Boston Globe

Matt ~ you'll like this!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thanks, Matt! ^_^

I just watched the coolest documentary on giant squid and the hunt for them 600 south of Japan on one of the Nature Channels. They were looking where Sperm Whales tend to swim & feed and tell-tale signs of giant squid were obvious scars on the whales themselves. Photographic evidence was finally taken though...and a still moving tentacle which was caught on the lure/camera!

But here's a Moment of Zen...a very bad tattoo from my Cruel Site of the Day NewsFeed:

Source: Tattoos Gone Wrong 1 from Mudpiglet Dot Com. See more here.

Sweet ink sully. I'm almost sure my next one will be a giant squid fighting a whale.

Monday, August 14, 2006

'Warrior' gene claimed to fuel violence in New Zealand Maori
A New Zealand scientist has stirred controversy with his claim that the country's indigenous Maori people have a "warrior" gene which makes them more prone to violent and criminal behaviour.

Thank the Holy Swollen brain of Warren Ellis for this NewsFeed. I thought being collonized and introduced to Western culture & alcohol was enough to make a Man go mad!

Apparently Western Values are the cause in Japan's current cultural & Mental Health woes...

Source: Times Online via Warren Ellis Dot Com.
The Ballad of...Fluffy, El Alacran

Welcome my left hand man...Fluffy. So after arriving Wednesday in South Texas, we headed to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico on Thursday. Nuevo Progreso is a border town fit for a tourist. I got some generic Viagra, some Vitacilina (a miracle ungent containing Retinol...gets rid of a zit in a day or two and works like a charm on cuts) and we were informed of a tattoo artist across the street who was very good. I dismissed it and wandered on. After going to a street vendor for some tacos and tortas (small Mexican sammiches con carne y avocado) I stopped in front of said tattoo parlor and checked out the specs. Ramon, one of the guys who worked there succeeded in getting my foot in the door of "Tattoo Azteca". I said I already knew exactly what I wanted and where. Ramon quoted a price: Fifty Dollars. And my ass was in that seat, drinking a bottle of Miller Lite and as synchronicity would have it...Black Out by the Scorpions came on the rock & roll station as I was getting inked.

Yes...Juanillo used fresh, sterile needles. Thanks! ^_~ So...I introduce you to my new lifelong friend, Fluffy. Disclaimer: Fluffy's name stems from Irony and not from a character from that horrible Harry Potter series.


A little blurry but the bald guy in the pink shirt...yeah that's me. ^_~

Blurry part II

For those of you without Ink, a stencil is drawn of the design first then pressed upon the area to be inked...to guide the artist.

It barely hurt...only by the elbow did I start to tense up a bit. My first one hurt a lot more...being under my belly button but iDigress...

Almost done...under 30 minutes. Juanillo didn't speak a word of English so it seemed. ^_~

Compared to the original "Don Clemente" Loteria card I brought with me...we needed to enlarge the art a little so what's on my arm is about the size of the card itself.

Freshly inked. One cuff turned up on a long-sleeved buttondown shirt still hides it as well. I am so pleased and tickled pink.

I never intended to get Inked in Mexico but the price was what sealed the deal in addition to seeing Juanillo's work. The artist's craft & quality matters more than the price so it was the moment to get it done. The stars were alligned one could say. It was my window to open or close...

Yes, I already know what's going on my right forearm and it too has a border since it is a single panel from Alan Moore & Dave Gibbon's WATCHMEN. That might wait until my next trip to South Texas. I'd rather pay for great art instead of a place's rent & license.

Three Cheers for Fluffy OCHO! HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!

Rev. Sully
but first...


Harry Sinden is gone. Alright?

No more Sinden.

Who will the Gallery Gawds blame now?

More Puck next week since I'm vacationing on the Gulf of Mexico in Texas...

Rev. Sully

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Looks like another sea change in my lifestyle... while buying a new house, my job is imploding. Our biggest customer just opted not to renew the contract after 15 years.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thanks Leah... I think it helped! Our offer was accepted, so provided the inspection goes well and we can afford the financing, we'll be living at 42°15'1.25"N 70°59'18.78"W as of November.

I just got Google Earth... what a fun little programme that is. Broadband is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Only problem is I keep download a great deal more than my monthly allowance! oops! oh well, I pay that bill, so chris can't get mad at me yet... :)

When you know where your gonna be let me know - I'll put in your co-ordinates. Of course I can vouch for Alton road. Loved it there. Everything within walking distance and I loved being next to the park there.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jill and I just put in an offer to buy a house in Quincy. Wish us luck, and hopefully we'll see you at the housewarming in late October.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Season 2. of iBuffy now available at iTunes

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

iRawk...therefore iPod

When I migrated from a PC to a Mac PowerBook, I was lucky enough to have the Esteemed Dr. Hooey as my IT department. He was able to duplicate my iTunes but the only drawback is that I didn't wait for a proper extractor. I lost all my Smart Playlists and my Play Counts. So I have recreated all my playlists and I used the "Star Ratings" for my "Top Rated" Folder to make the ultimate party list. Not necessarily my total Top Rated but now I can manipulate it now to change that into an Ultimate Sully Party Music...and then recreate the Top Rated and add all that stupid Heavy Metal music I love so dearly.

I've also recreated the "Sully's Top 10" list. This month is a bit different from the last time we checked this folder since the slate was wiped clean...as Willow said Tabula Rasa but iDigress...let's get to the music!

10. Squealer by AC/DC from Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. One of my favorite AC/DC songs from the Bon Scott Era. This also leads into...

9. Love At First Feel by AC/DC from Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Another of my favorite Bon Scott songs. I've got so many favorite Bon Scott songs that I should make a Baker's Dozen. I can actually remember AC/DC before their current lead singer Brian Johnson, Bon's replacement. My uncle Eddie had all the AC/DC cassettes and I listened to them in his bedroom on Sunday afternoons. You know, Sunday Dinners and Eddie had a stack of FunnyBooks and music in his room. Issues of G.I. Combat, Haunted Tank & Unknown Soldier to go with High Voltage and Dirty Deeds...along with early Steve Martin stand-up. Does the Pope shit in the woods? I still need to know.

8. You're No Good by Van Halen from Sully's Van Halen Baker's Dozen: David Lee Roth. originally from the album Van Halen II and also a cover of a then-recent Linda Ronstadt hit. One of my favorite Van Halen tunes...ever.

7. Jackson (with June Carter) -Live by Johnny Cash from At Folsom Prison. See the movie yet? June went to Folsom Prison with Johnny as it appeared in the opening and ending. This might be seminal Cash/Carter jam. Their sense of humor before the song in trading quips and the live rawness of the performance. June didn't have the prettiest voice but try telling Johnny that. Reese Witherspoon althought she won an Oscar for her portrayal of June Carter-Cash never nailed that "voice".

6. Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz from View From the Birdhouse (THPS Mix #2). What does that mean...THPS means Tony Hawk Pro Skater and this was my second mix. My old friend James "Pumpkinhead !" Barnes got me turned onto Gorillaz and I got him turned onto the PlayStation. We spent countless hours over three releases of the Tony Hawk skateboarding game series on two game platforms. I created 5 different mixes to listen to while we "SuperSkated".

5. I'll Follow the Sun by the Beatles from Sully's Beatles Bakers Dozen. originally from the album For Sale. This was the first song I learned how to play on the guitar.

4. Never Trust a Monkey by Brak from Sully Tunes No. 3. My reliance upon my "Random Sully Tunes Generator" shows here with the 33 second sound clip from Brak, made famous from the Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast show on cartoon Netowrk and then later his own show The Brak Show. I love Brak as much as I love Gir from Invader ZIM...they are unintentional soulmates. Brak also had his own album. Brak needs a shower and to brush his teeth as well.

3. P.S. I Love You by the Beatles from Sully's Beatles Bakers Dozen. Originally from Please Please Me. Ahhhh...treasure these few words until we're together. I love Love Songs. This is a great one.

2. In The Ghetto by Elvis Presely from Sully Tunes: Best of...Vols 1-5. I made a mix for my girlfriend and kept a copy for myself. Guess what the source material was. Well...I wanted to give her a slice of me via my music tastes. This is also my karaoke song. Flawless. I knock 'em dead with this one. I heard on an episode of the Howard Stern Show is also one of Lisa Marie Presley's favorite Elvis songs.

and currently the number one "song" on Sully's iPod is...

1. Maybe It's The Beer Talkin', Marge by Homer Simpson from the Simpsons 8F16 "Bart the Lover". Homer sends Marge a postcard...while he's very drunk. As she's reading it, we can hear Homer "write" it...very drunkenly.

Got yer own Top 10? Let us know...

Rev. Sully