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IIf I have any balls...this will come home from Texas with me on my left forearm. Monochromatic.
Did a real-life Crisis destroy a real-life Multiverse?

From Physics Web Dot Com compliments of Warren Ellis

From the present to the past
30 June 2006

Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking and his CERN colleague Thomas Hertog have proposed a radical new approach to understanding the universe that studies it from the "top down" rather than the "bottom up" as in traditional models. The approach acknowledges that the universe did not have just one unique beginning and history but a multitude of different beginnings and histories, and that it has experienced them all. But because most of these other alternative histories disappeared very early after the Big Bang to leave behind the universe we observe today, the best way to understand the past, they say, is to trace our knowledge back from the present (Phys. Rev. D 73 123527).

Most models of the universe are bottom-up, that is, you start from the well-defined initial conditions of the Big Bang and work forward. However, Hawking and Hertog say that this method is flawed because we do not and cannot know the initial conditions present at the beginning of the universe and that we only know the final state -- the one we are in now. Their idea is therefore to start with the conditions we observe today -- like the universe is 3D, nearly flat and expanding at an accelerating rate -- and work backwards in time to determine what the initial conditions might have looked like.

The new theory aims to get round a fundamental problem of string theory -- the most popular candidate for a "theory of everything" -- which is that it allows the existence of a multitude of different types of universes as well as our own. Each possible universe in this "landscape" has its own fundamental constants and even different numbers of space-time dimensions. Moreover, string theory does not favour any particular universe over another, which is not a good state of affairs as we clearly live in a universe with a particular set of physical properties.

To address this, Hawking and Hertog say that all these alternative universes of string theory may have actually existed together in the first few instants after the Big Bang. At this time, the universe was in a "superposition" of all these possible worlds. However, most of these universes then quickly faded away to leave behind our present-day universe. By tracing our universe back from the present to the past, we can ignore most of other branches that the universe took because they are too different from the current universe.

While this idea sounds fantastic, it is based on Richard Feynman’s "sum over paths" formulation in quantum theory, which says that the probability that a photon, say, arrives at a particular place can be calculated by summing up over all the different possible trajectories of the photon. Although the photon could follow lots of different paths, the straight-line path dominates over all the others so this is the one we see. In the same way, Hawking and Hertog say that the universe did not take just one path through time to arrive in its present state, but took a multitude of paths, or histories. The "sum over all histories" is therefore the universe we observe today.

The new top-down theory could also explain why some constants of nature seem to have finely tuned values that have allowed life to evolve in our universe. For example, the cosmological constant, ? -- the force that appears to be causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate, or the density of dark energy -- has a small positive value; if it were any smaller or bigger then life would not exist. According to the new theory, the current universe must have "chosen" those histories that led to the "correct" value of ? otherwise we would simply not be here to experience it -- a theory also known as the "anthropic principle".

Hawking and Hertog also say their model could be tested by comparing observations of the patterns of minute intensity variations in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation with those calculated by their theory when it is more developed. The CMB is the radiation left over from the Big Bang and should contain "imprints" of some of the very early alternative histories within it.

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The Comics Gnome Orders You to Get Your Daily POWERS on!!! BOOO YAH!!!

Check this shizzle out, maties...

This is free...a new page everyday. Written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Michael Avon Oeming the Comics Gnome wished me to inform you about...POWERS!

This used to be published by Image then went over to the MARVEL creator/owner imprint ICON. Also there is David Mack's KABUKI in a free daily...which the Comics Gnome never pooted forth on my coffeetable. But to my surprise seeing what the Comics Gnome pooted forth on Fiona's Desktop! Free Daily POWERS!

POWERS is set in its own world...its own Universe in a dystopian place where superheroes are commonplace but it's more like the "Real World" we inhabit. Detective Christian Walker might be a little more than he says he is...he has a past and a secret that his new partner Deena Pilgrim is itching to find out. POWERS swears, gouges and bleeds through the panels into your world. It's delicious fun for the FunnyBook Fan.

I've personally fallen off the wagon so to speak on this title not having picked it up at the local bodega this 2006 in a time of cutbacks but it's one that I've been craving a re-read seeing that my little bro Posty got 5 trade paperbacks to sate me while I catch up on POWERS Vol. 2. I'm only about 6 issues behind but it was a a very pivotal point in the story where a good guy might go bad...

But check it out here at Newsarama! Free Daily POWERS! Check it out from page one of POWERS Vol. 1's first Trade Paperback "Who Killed Retro Girl".

This is a Rated R FunnyBook, kids...you are warned.

Rev. Sully
A luxuriously close old-school shave for less!

Once upon a time, getting a good shave meant a hot towel, the rich lather of shaving soap applied with a badger hair brush, and a straight razor. It was a clean and luxuriant shave, but mistakes were made, and the safety razor was invented. Most folks who owned one would have a set of blades that they'd use until it got dull, then replace it in the razor with a fresh one, take it to be sharpened, and put it back in rotation. People still got a good shave, fathers passed on techniques to their sons, and fewer people had to go to work with toilet paper stuck to their faces.

A man named Gillette realized there was money to be made. He was a bottle cap salesman, and knew that you could make a lot more money selling cheap one-time-use things than you could by selling something of high quality that would last forever. Enter the disposable double edged razor blade, and the new safety razors that he all but gave away to encourage the use of (and dependance upon) the blades. They still gave a good shave, but the only real improvement over reusable blade safety razors was that Gillette could make a ton of money on the idea, now known as a "loss leader".

The Gillette company had to begin selling a variety of razors once competitors started producing compatable blades, and eventually we began to see more cheapo disposable cartridge razors, with blades that were so cheaply made that they were useless after just a few shaves. We also began to see aerosol gels and foams that don't do nearly as good a job of lubricating the face as a traditional wet shave with brushed lather.

I recently noticed that a pack of 10 double edged razors (100 good shaves) was $3.50, and a pack of 10 Sensor3 blades (30 acceptable shaves) was $20.00. Of course, Gillette stopped making safety razors in the late 1990s, so it was off to eBay to find myself some wet shaving tools. The razor, brush, and mug soap cost me less than a pack of my old blades, and I rushed home to toss a hot towel on my face and get started.

It more than paid off. I'm now getting a closer, more comfortable shave for a fraction of the cost, and it's a much more enjoyable process. If you're a face/head shaver, I can't recommend wet shaving highly enough. If you're a leg shaver, I have no idea if it's as good, but may definately be worth a try.

For more info, see http://www.classicshaving.com

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Matt will be invaluable in the New Order of the Ages after the Solar Flares...this we knew.

My story of the week is my new love...my new used computer compliments of Dr. Hooey. Fiona. My Apple Powerbook G4.

It is with a hardy thanks I give to the Good Doctor...who in his own news recently got engaged to his Lady Love, Danger Grrl (aka Eliza). Doctor Hooey's old laptop had a big blue streak of discoloration on its display. So he got a newer Apple LapDancer...he gave his Dad this older one. His dad had the display replaced and never used it again for over a year. Pete got the G4 back and thought of the one person who he knew needed it more than him...ME! ^_^ Dr. Hooey cloned my beloved iPod to its iTunes and now I have all those deleted songs back. All that music is hogging 10GB out of an available 17GB or so...after Applications, et al I got 3 free GB left so I gotta get one of those nifty FireWire external drives for the music. I slapped a Jolly Roger sticker on Fiona as my first act of ownership, the second was to make sure the transition from Windows to Mac was seamless with Solaris the Tyrant Sun...my iPod.

People now ask how I deal with going from a PC to a Mac...no biggie at all. I used to have a Mac about 10 years ago. It was a Mac Color Classic II named Murphy, another inherited computer (thanks, Tink wherever you are...). I got this as a spoil of war (aka: a breakup) along with Millie Grace, the cat I ended up being literally deathly allergic to. Murphy had the best "After Dark" Simpson's Screen Saver including a Bart Blackboard writing several random punishments, trivia and Homer eating the Desktop...but iDigress. The Mac is slick and easy to navigate especially now that I got the "Right Click" on the mouse down pat (there is no right click button on the mouse trak...it's a funtion key chain starter). I found the Chess game. Sigh... ^_^ The DVD player is great. I lost all my iTunes/iPod Playlists and the Top 10 list...I had to recreate those which wasn't any skin off the old teeth. And it's cute to boot. Now I must find a passcode cracker to get wireless IntrePoop ANYWHERE! Muhahahahahahhaha!!!

And I find the default fonts very soothing...I also made the "alert sound" the classic Mac "Sosumi" sound which I just get giddy over. ^_^

Will I become a Mac Zealot like I did over my iPod? Only tomorrow knows...I might change my name again to "oSullivan" this time. ^_~

Rev. Sully
Yeah, I've noticed.
I think it happens because, as a result of being able to fix cars, I'm inclined to get high mileage cars with an increased chance of breaking down for a fraction of the cost. With the exception of the Pathfinder SE, I've paid cash for every car I've ever owned, and I've never leased or bought from a dealership.

Yeah, I might occasionally have to replace a fried alternator or what have you, but never making a monthly payment, and being able to resell when I'm sick of a car makes it worthwhile for me.

Of course, for longer road trips I'll just rent. When I took a trip to Buffalo recently, I made the trip in a brand new Dodge Charger with 600 miles on it. For the $250 Enterprise charged for a week, it was worth it for three of us to split the cost. Incidentally, the Charger's a sweet ride. It goes like a bat out of hell too.

Monday, July 24, 2006

You know Preacher. It's a damn good thing you grew up tinkering on cars and what-not cause you seem to be a magnet for have cars break down on you at one time or another... have you noticed???
Glad you guys were safe though. XOXO
Jill and I went up to Vermont on Saturday for some camping/live music/party thing at a friend's family land. About halfway there, the "battery" idiot light went on on Jill's Blazer, and I noticed (thanks to the light) that the battery was down to about 11 volts of charge. It slowly dropped as we quickly drove, and shortly after crossing the Vermont border on I-91, the power steering went on the fritz, followed closely by the power brakes, headlights, computer-controlled speedometer, wipers, and digital clock. As the car went dead, we coasted to the shoulder (sans hazard lights... they apparently like electricity) and were greeted by a combination of sudden downpour and no cellular service. I was able to flag down another driver for a jump, but that only got us a few thousand feet. A longer jump got us several miles up the road and into cell service, so I called my brother who was planning to join us at the party. As luck had it, he was a mile behind us when he got the message, so he relieved the very nice man with the Volvo who had been helping us limp along, and we were able to make it to exit 1 in Brattleboro and literally coast to a stop (no power brakes) in a parking spot at the first gas station we came to at 4:50pm.

Dan used his phone to Google some local parts stores, and we found one a few miles away that was open until 9pm. Jill and Dan's housemate (also named Dan) went to fetch us a new alternator while my brother and I removed the old one. The change went smoothly except that we had no way to adjust the belt tension, so I made a trip back to the parts store for a 18" breaker bar and 1/2" drive 16mm socket. It worked like a charm, and the idler/tensioner pulley slackened as if it had only been waiting for us to stop molesting it with vice grips and tire irons and just ask nicely.

By 7:10 pm we were back on the road. We missed all but the last couple of songs by the Ryan Montbleau band (as seen at my wedding), but still had hours of music to go. Quite a soggy adventure, but strangely satisfying regardless. Looking back on it, I guess a roadside alternator change in the pouring rain isn't something most folks would take on.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

But the good things about the DC Universe...LEGOs.
The only way this will hurt your head, Kiwi is if you ate them...again.

Batman Lego at the 2006 San Diego Comics Convention...aka the "NerdProm".

Thanks Prof. Tipton for the pirated image.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Argh, my head hurts. Following whatever is happening in the minds of the innumerable number of DCU writers is slowly becoming beyond me.

BTW: my brother rocks huh? that pic is cool, and flatters me in ways I never thought possible. I should put it up as a background for all my web pages.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Read here about Donna Troy.

Donna Troy is one of the most unfortunate casualties of the Crisis Stories. The link here at Wikipedia does her justice. Yes Leah, you misses her ressurection but you can catch the news here with the Death & Return of Donna Troy TPB.

The first half of this tale I own in another collection titled Titans/Young Justice Graduation Day where Donna Troy loses her life against a rogue Superman Robot. This also called the end of the Titans, who were the grown-up 1st Teen Titans and the Young Justice team. The Titans begat the Outsiders and Young Justice became the new Teen Titans. It's a really good tale but the second half is the return of Donna Troy which...well it's convoluted but it is a funnybook.

After the first 1985 CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Donna Troy's origin had to be retconned. That's a fanboy term. Look it up here. Since Wonder Woman didn't appear until after the Crisis...then where the heck did Wonder Girl fit in??? Think about it a second. Wonder Woman was replaced in the "history" by Black Canary as a founding member of the JLA (that was "fixed" in the INFINITE CRISIS' resolution of 'New Earth'). So, it was one of the many problems created by retroactively adjusting continuity and history...but one cool thing was the new history of the alternate Donna Troy of Earth-7 being "Harbinger" for the Anti-Monitor. See...all the Donna Troys over the old DCU Multiverse were composited into this new Donna Troy. So when she was reborn and her memories awakened by her Titans teammates, her memories not only of her DCU past arose but ALL her pasts...in every Infinite Earth that was snuffed out by the Anti-Monitor's Anti-Matter Wave.

So...Donna Troy as of the new Wonder Woman #1 assumed the mantle of her "sister" Diana but I think it seems that Diana will get her tiara back and once again throw the Golden Lasso and fly the Invisible Jet after reading Justice League of America #0 (2006). In the end of "52" issues #2-11, the History of the DCU supplemental story is Donna Troy's now being in possession of Harbinger's Orb...a collection of all the histories of all the worlds in the destroyed Multiverse. And Donna asked the orb to show her the history of this New Earth. It's a great part of the story..."52" is quite good so far. I buy it every week.
because I love you all...

Compliments of Kiwi's MySpace. ^_~
BTW ~ I thought Donna Troy was still dead? Or did they resurrect her too and I just missed it...

I'm waiting for 52 weeks to come out in TPB form. Esp. with the dropping US dollar comics are getting pricey out here. Gotta save me pennies. Might have to stop in for a couple of the JLA though... Looks good ~ thanks for the heads up Sul.
My Space... where I can interpoop all I wish... shame my time off is quickly comeing to an end *sigh*

Check it out...
K1W1's page ~ huzzah

If anyone wants to stop in on my brother I'll pass his along as well.

Adriano's page

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the Comics Gnome finds that Membership has its privilages...

One of the best memories of the Gnome & myself was when I first met him. It was when I was knee-high to grasshopper and I was holed up under the coffeetable of my grandfather's living room. I had all the necessary items for survival; a blanket, pillow and a box of Grandma's imported British jelly cookies with the cream filling. It was a Saturday's morning and my Pa and I had probably just polished off a 1/2 pound of bacon...with or without the eggs & toast so now was my time to idle while he did his weekend thing around the house. The Gnome...I bumped into him on the porch. He was next to the umbrella caddy for as long as I could remember but now he was speaking to me...telling me to get ready because my favorite show was about to come on and I'd better get to the TV room quick.

The Super Friends.

The original 1973 Superfriends Team. The show lasted until 1985.

The Superfriends were THE reason to watch Saturday Morning cartoons when I was old enough to be getting rug burned knees...and not in some tawdry innuendo as well. I worshipped that show. It's where I met the Green Lantern. In 1973, Superfriends creator Alex Toth drew a supplemental comic to correspond with the premiere.

This could be the original Issue #0 of the JLA if you wanna get all Silver Age Sappy but it nails the team on the head and introduces the reader to what is going on with whom...the purpose and job of the Issue #0. But now in 2006, the casual reader needs almost encyclopedic gnosis in which to grok the current DC Universe. So which brings us to the first Post-Crisis Issue Zero on "New Earth"...

Justice League of America #0...out tomorrow!

The last incarnation of the Justice League of America was wrapped up in the INFINITE CRISIS with the drama of Batman basically breaking up the band...due to the events of IDENTITY CRISIS. Now...it's time to gather together the greatest heroes together to save the world from threats that they simply cannot handle alone.

Justice League of America #1, August 16th

The roster of the new Justice League of America??? Who knows but wasn't Red Tornado killed in the INFINITE CRISIS? Isn't Donna Troy the new Wonder Woman or is this a clever way to maintain a secret ID? Batman & Zatanna in the same room? The full line-up won't be released until issue #2

Issue #2, September 20th.

The JLA are one of my favorite all-time titles and the Comic Gnome knows this well. Since he was there at the beggining and so were the JLA...
So join up! See where this new direction leads the World's Greatest Superhero Team and the return of the DCU's Trinity to the frontlines of the Never-Ending Battle.

Rev. Sully

Post Script:
All shout out to Professor Scott Tipton and his weekly article "Comic 101" featured in the OCHO Links. I hope he doesn't mind that I raided the images from his wonderful memorial article "Goodbye, Mr. Toth". Check it out for a great story of life between the Panels of one of funnbook's greatest contributors, the creator of Space Ghost and the Superfriends, Alex Toth who passed away in May.

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Top Gear - The fastest stupid car ever

Brilliant... what to do when you have FAR too much time on your hands.
Lo...And Observe! THE SMOKING PUCK!

July 13, 2006
By Rev. Sully

The Ins and Outs of Playing the Game...Change ‘Em Up!
aka: Scheduling Now Produced By Shaking Names in Jar pulled by 5 year old.

Change is the nature of the Cosmos, a hallmark of the chaos that is the background noise of our daily lives. On the Ice, change is not only noted by rotating shifts but also the new sweaters worn by players every year in the revolving door of the Free Agent. The Free Agent rodeo chute was released and as of July 1st the Bruins have already taken advantage of what steer are out there. A full-make over was called for with the trading of defensemen with Nick Boynton to Phoenix swapped for Paul Mara, Big Hal Gill signing as a free agent with Toronto and also sending goalie Andrew Raycroft to the Maple Leafs as well. Travis Green and Shawn McEachern both had their contracts bought-out. Joe & Sammy last year’s sacrifice at Aulisfor good winds to Troy. Ottawa giant 6’-9” defenseman Zdeno Chara now wears the Black & Gold. Also Marc Savard who scored 97 points in all 82 game played last season in Hot’lanta. Right wing Mark Mowers comes to the Bruins from the Red Wings and is excited to play for coach Dave Lewis again. Shean Donovan comes to Beantown via Calgary where the rugged winger tied for 420th in Player Ranking last year with 11 assists (for 20 points in 80 games). Wanna keep track of your favorite faces on new teams? Try this site here. Bill Guerin in St. Louis. Patrick Lalime in Chicago. Brendan Shanahan in NYC...not the Rangers, Shanny!!! Sergei Samsonov in Montreal??? C’mon, Sammy not the Habs! The NHL Free Agent Rodeo is on. Yee-haw! Opening night is October 6th and it ain’t that far away.

Speaking of keeping dates in mind...The Boston Bruins 2006-07 season schedule is now upon us...and it reads like a Sunday Globe crossword done by an 8 year old in crayon. The Bruins start the year with the first five games on the road. Also this year the Northeast Division will not play the Pacific Division of the Western Conference meaning no reunion with Joe Thornton this year. October 6 in Miami starts the Bruins 06-07 Campaign although the home opener isn’t until game 6 against Calgary on October 19th. In November, the Bruins play division rival the Toronto Maple Leafs a head scratching four times. One bright light in the division rivals format is that there are “Home at Home” games against all four division rivals and three of those series are in January, even if the series versus the Senators is only technically a “Home at Home” but in reality 6 calendar days apart. The Bruins will end the season at home April 7, 2007 against Ottawa.

And as the second half of the baseball season starts, the Bruins have their new Coach and a new General Manager. More potential than absolute doubt at this stage and that is a good thing. The old way was not working. Cam Neelydoesn’t have another comeback in him...it’s mathematically impossible. The Bruins have not been to the Stanley Cup Finals since 1990. These past decade’s playoff performances, if earned were at best a great way to end a season...in the post-season. A few extra games seemed to be all the playoff excitement Bruins fans get. Slainte! Here’s to hope in the future...because if the Whalers win the Cup, that means someday, someway we’ll get our chance again. .500 hockey, playoffs, and entertaining hockey...all things in reach again. At least with all this “new”, the Bruins are not sticking to a losing formula while planning ahead. Let’s hope Change doesn’t mean More Of The Same Thing for the upcoming years of Bruins Hockey. Change is the essence of the Cosmos and change can only be good for the Black & Gold.


Rev. Sully

The Smoking Puck used to be featured at the Boston Sports Massacre. The “BSM” was a Boston-based weekly Sports web site and PodCast. We miss them very much.
The PUCK is also now available at Philly Keith Dot Com. Great, independent Hockey talk from the City of Brotherly Love now with a Beantown Boy chiming in.

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Intrepid Peter, “RTFM”.

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The Comics Gnome Fires the Starting Pistol! BANG! And They're OFF...

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #2.

The Race is about to start again. The Runners are at their starting kneel like greyhounds straining at the slips. We have a whole new marathon to watch here, kiddos. The FLASH! DCU's Premiere speedster franchise is getting a reset button hit at a new issue One and volume. The previous volume ended at issue #227 and the one before that ended at #350 and took a five year hiatus at issue #104 in the first volume as well. The Speedster was too good an archetype to let go for too long. They are part of the overall pantheon of what th Comics Gnome lovingly refers to as the "UberVolk". The Comics Gnome loves making up new words in CamelCase...but iDigress...
The UberVolk means the "Over Folk". Both German words. Uber or Uper comes to English as Super and/or Over. Volk means people but more closely to "folk" including a shared culture. The Ubermensch has the human comedy of getting over one's self. The UberVolk help us get over ourselves as well by staging fantastic feats in spectale wearing garish costumes. All that's missing for the UberVolk is an oath akin to Hippocrates or Isamov's Three Laws of Robotics. A Hero's Standard.
The UberVolk are also a pantheon. A cast of characters like the Norse, Egyptian and Hindu religions not to mention Kaballah's Sefirot, Islam's Angels or the Old Testament's Nephilim. Also fictional epic with Greece's Akilleus or Babylon's Gilgamesh, they themselves belonged to a cadre of heroic mates to share adventure. So to say the Flash is the Speedster of the the DCU UberVolk pantheon is pretty much spot on. And those are some mighty shoes to fill, indeed.
The Fastest Man Alive has been a great run, so to speak. The Last Acts of the Silver Age involve both the Flash taking a life and himself passing the baton to the next runner. The Last Acts of the Modern Age was Wonder Woman taking a life and the Flash once again passes the baton to another runner.
It's a new Flash. Is it who you assume it will be? Is it the Flash from the waning pages of the INFINITE CRISIS? In less than two years, the issue numbering could revert to the original to repect the fact in a little more than 20 issues we'll be coming up to issue #600 if all the mouth-breathers can keep up with the Math. To see what the future of the Flash holds is what the Comics Gnome intends but he only promises to poot if it gets great. Or if Geoff Johns takes over again.
One Year Later on New Earth, the Flash laces up...ahhhh...those are boots, CG. They don't have laces. Anyhoo, the first six-issues of any series is not the litmus test of how it will be by issue #23 and beyond. Because DC really does have until Issue #23 to make it #600, ya know. The Flash title is about legacy and we'll see who crosses this finish line just yet. Now put away that Starting Pistol, Comics Gnome...a superhero might melt your hand to it thinking you're trying to rob this poor reader.

Rev. Sully

Monday, July 10, 2006

one red paperclip

Check out this website... I think I may have blogged it previously.

One Red Paperclip, successfully traded for a house over one year!!!


Sunday, July 09, 2006

That musta been a morning game for the Kiwis to watch.

I just watched a good portion of 19 innings of Red Sox baseball. And people wonder why the World Cup is settled in penalty kicks. But I do think it should take a cue from base ball...the American Pastime and stategic innovation. That you should really play until there is a true victor.
I kinda think that a full intermission (half time length) should preceed another full 45 minutes of Futbol for the first extra time. Maybe even a second extra time. The first extra time goal however would be a "Golden Goal", aka Sudden Death. Silver means the entire extra half is played with a team in the lead...if the extra time ends, the leading team wins. But still under current Golden Goal rules, penalty kicks still determine deadlocked games after extra time.
Check out the terminology with "Silver Goal" and "Golden Goal"

Golden Goals were used at the previous two World Cups
in 1998 and 2002 in France and South Korea, respectively.

But the Penalty Kicks, although a necessary evil...can we recall the movie Dogma when Matt Damon's Loki says that genocide is the most exhausting activity besides playing soccer? Seeing exhausted players is awful. Even a professional gets tired after 19 innings. 6 hours and 19 minutes, today's clash of Sox took to finish. Think about having to play soccer for 6 hours. So somewhere down the line, the penalty kicks make sense. But maybe when all play is exhausted...

Maybe I need a history on Futbol's Extra Time...was it always 30 minutes split into 2 equal periods? Do you think longer overtime periods (with an appropriate rest period for the players akin to the NHL Playoff format) would be more satifying than Penalty Kicks? The thing about Futbol penalty kicks...the keeper stands avery bad chance of stopping the ball. Maybe move the penalty marker back about 10 feet...for pariety. I dunno...I did watch a lot of World Cup this time. Especially the elimination rounds. Team USA looked like it didn't belong out there. They belonged out there but the Czechs were overrated. I loved the Korean fans...they were AWESOME. Togo...Ghana...how about Argentina...whew. Brazil, I admit I was pleased to see get knocked out. But Italia winning...wow. I got to see the blue jerseys walking towards the Subway station, walking towards the rally point at City Hall, near the North End. How I would have loved to been in the North End but I was stuck in Cambridge...around an alarming number of French fans. Ewwww...I'm glad they got their just desserts. Maybe that's a culinary joke but I dunno yet. ^_~

But just imagine if Game 7 of the World Series went 19 innings...


Rev. Sully
(edited 7/10, 9AM)


Friday, July 07, 2006

For the RECORD...


Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm Bearing My Soul Out Here...WAH!

Meanwhile over at Warren Ellis Dot Com...regarding Special Bear's demise...

Rev. Sully Says:
July 6th, 2006 at 8:28 pm

OMG…this is SO FUNNY, -W! Just those two sequential panels are like a Perry Bible Fellowship of the week. Gawsh…OK this is a true story. This happened a while back when I worked in a major chain restaurant’s tee shirt store and it was in the peak of the Beanie Bears PopCult frenzy. My buddy ShiroiOji & I hated our supervisor. Our supervisor looked like Frankenberry but was a big Beanie Babies collector. So one day we arranged all the fake (insert theme restaurant here) Beanie Babies in execution style all around the office. I mean plastic bags taped over the heads with their paws bound behind their backs. Nooses such as Special Bear’s. Laying on the wood floor with a tape outline. We made a lot of effort. As Batman said, the scream alone was worth it. ^_~ This is the same ShiroiOji who got IntrePoop fame for his LiveJournal when Warren here told me he F*in hates me…her name was Shay and he was finding her poop in his apartment?
Tahoe bear swills beer with pizza snack - Boston.com

My kind of Bruin
This One's For ShiroiOji-sama...

Compliments of Warren Ellis and his Holy Mighty Dot Com.
The Comics Gnome Needs Crisis Counselling...that or an Event Manager

This is the cover to MARVEL compulsory crossover September release of FANTASTIC FOUR #541

The Comics Gnome is scared and facing the corner. He feels the narcotic pull of huge event crossover arcs on flagship titles. He broke down and pooted forth the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #533 with its spoiler-referential cover (not shown on OCHO! to protect & serve! ^_~). I mean I had to get it read when it landed on my coffeetable under a plump DC UNIVERSE trade paperback and the shameless, self-promoting DCU "BRAVE NEW WORLD" 80-Page $1.00 Giant.

Brave New World 80-Page Special

A Bodega Day of impulse purchases on a New Release-less post 4th of July Holiday Wednesday. The trash collection in my neighborhood is a day late as well, I shoulda know better to let him out of the house after celebrating the 4th the day before...he clearly was in no condition to make judgements at the FunnyBook Bodega.
The Spider-Man issue though was illuminating in Spider-Man's corner of the OverStory. Each major player's title will spotlight their role on whose side their on. What got the Comics Gnome was the 50% of all funnybooks due to the day lag in shipping. So ASM #533 gets filed after CIVIL WAR #2 in the story. I'm a real big fan of The Amzing Spider-Man as proven in past Comics Gnome Pooting about owning 501 issues of ASM on 11 CD-ROMs but iDigress...if FANTASTIC FOUR #541 shows up then we're getting him help.

Even the wise old Gnome needs a fix and ASM #533 is proof-positive that there must be nicotine in these 'dar pages. Osmosis, ya know.

Rev. Sully

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hey there kids, well the recovery is going a lot slower than I had originally anticipated, mainly as a result of the pain... But, hey that's what builds character right???


The Comics Gnome Starts this July off with a BANG! POW! KAZOWIE!!! Fireworks...SPARKING!

July is a big month for fireworks and explosive action in America. The Comics Gnome gets patriotic by rubbing his anxious hands together in anticipation for a Scot. This July 26...Batman #655 is released. Take a peek who is scribing Batman for a few arcs.

Written by Grant Morrison; Art and Cover by Andy Kubert; Variant Cover by Adam Kubert

Comic legends Grant Morrison (ALL STAR SUPERMAN, SEVEN SOLDIERS) and Andy Kubert (Ultimate X-Men, 1602) come together for Part 1 of "Batman and Son." After a harrowing battle with the Joker high atop Police Headquarters, Batman decides to let Bruce Wayne step into the light. But just who is watching billionaire Bruce Wayne? And what does their plan have to do with Man-Bat?

Batman | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US

On Sale July 26, 2006

Monday, July 03, 2006


So hitting the "fast forward" button to skip ahead a song or five is alright on shuffle. My Random 80's generator rawks but the bugs need ironing out. The Doors Greatest Hits was issued in the early 80s therefore Solaris thinks Morrison's a New Romantic. Also there is a LOT of 80s era Zappa...not my favorite. It's really a party tool to plug in and play at random functions outside the earphone's selfishness. People love 80s tunes. I got under 6 hours worth of Random ones. Sure...plug mhy iPod in for a spell. The only thing is I have to manually choose the "shuffle" the deck, so to speak. I need to go to the menu and select "Shuffle" awhile I'm jacked into the iTunes. I hit it a few times to get a good random or if I catch a peek. I like the surprise.

I now have 2,603 songs to entertain my shuffle. About 9 days worth of play without repeat. That would be great for any radio station. I know its easy to rip music off the IntrePoop but I'm not doing it. Dr. Hooey's VAST CD collection has been raided. he paid for those discs...there is fair use here. Well...not really but whenever it crosses my mind to buy a song from the IntrePoop I will purchase it from the iTunes Music Store and not "steal music" from the Internet. Hooey has 13,000 on a 60GB iPod Photo. That's a lot, huh. I hear Kiwi has tens of thousands of songs. Preacher Matt...what is your jukebox softwares' total number of songs. I use iTunes and I have 2,604. Kiwi prefers WMP and has possibly tens of thousands. Can you use WMP as your primary interface software for the iPod??? I'm personally not going to switch but for Kiwi's sake. ^_~

I also have another great Random song generator and that's the Sully Tunes SmartPlaylist I created. I have a few, complete mixed CDs from the past few years all from the series I made called "Sully Tunes"...and yes they were done in the window of IntrePoop irresponsibility called the early Dubble Aughts of the 21st Century. Thanks & R.I.P, Napster. Wink, wink. But I have Volumes 1 though 6 with a "greatest hits 1-5". Now, I'm a bit of a retard when it comes to catagorizing my music. I guess the default is its original source album. When I purchase singles from the iTunes Music Store, I prefer to get the original album version or closest to it for the cover art which is viewable on the iPod as the song plays. The way to tell the purchased music from the ripped music is the album art...but iDigress...
So if something is on a greatest hits CD, it gets bumped off when the album comes over. I don't like doubles of the same version of a single hogging the iPod. But occasionally, sentimentality outweighs all and singles remain in order as featured on my personal mixes. And I have also "Sully's Baker's Dozens" for a few artists and those are thrown In The Mix because of the search criterion: "Sully". This too I have to manually shuffle but so what...I have to manually eject it as well because I have it formatted for disc space. I'm currently working on a Sully Tunes No. 0. It'll be a triple LP akin to the Clash's Sandinista!. And No. 0 will be "iPod only" and maybe the last Sully Tunes "album". I dunno...but I do have my "Highest Rated" set up with a shuffle as well. That's fun...any song I flag with stars.

My Top Ten List actually looks accurate now that I've set it up to its nominal operating specs. Deedee's actually maxed out her 2GB Nano. That took 4 months. I don't think I've broken 9GB out of 28 (yeah..."30" just rounding it up). 8 out of the 10 are purchased tunes.

So drum roll please...I'm doing this with a strait face.

1. Next To You -The Police, Outlandos d'Amour.
I bought this whole ablum from the iTunes Music Store just to justify buying this song.
2. Jeepster -T. Rex, Electric Warrior.
Currently the only T. Rex song on Solaris and currently still the "perfect" pop rock song. I'd sing this song for my girlfriend in a club if I had a band to back me up...seriously.
3. Easy Skanking -Bob Marley & the Wailers, Kaya.
Excuse me while I light my spliff...SPLIFF! Listening to reggae during the busiest brunch rush has a soothing effect on the cooks.
4. Kaya -Bob Marley & the Wailers, Kaya.
Got to have kaya now...where were we?
5. Words -Missing Persons, Best of...
I was captivated by this single and its video. I was part of the first MTV Generation. I remember the voice and New Wave look of Dale Bozio, the hair and the lights. I had this on a cassette I taped off of Casey Casem's Sunday syndacated show, American Top 40...dubbed and played on a ghetto blaster, indeed. I only found out in the early 90s about the Zappa angle.
6. My Humps -Black Eyed Peas, Sully Tunes No. 0
I love this song. I bought it as a video and I think I groove to it more when it pops up as a single. This is a reward for liking Kids Incorporated when it was on the air. I got in trouble with my woman for getting that video. Sheeesh! ^_^ I am a sucker for a catchy pop song.
7. Superlungs, My Supergirl -Donovan, Barabjagal.
I scoured the Music Store for Sueprhero Themed music to star in my first custon regular playlist "Superhero Rawk". This fit the bill along with Donovan Leitch's other superhero song "Sunshine Superman" where Superman or Green Lantern ain't got nothing on him. Interesting song...slightly Nabokovian like the Police's "Don't Stand So Close To Me" but not as disturbing.
8. The Chauffeur -Duran Duran, Rio.
One of the first albums is played on my "first very own stereo with turntable" and it was my 12th birthday party. We played "Hold Back the Rain" as few times in a row. The whole little clique of friends there really liked Duran Duran after that. We even stayed up late one sleepover night to watch "Sing Blue Silver", the concert movie on Cable TV. Cable was big then.
9. Hash Pipe -Weezer, Weezer (Green Album).
Pretentious over-rawk. I adore this song. You got your problems, I got my ass wiped...you got your big cheese, I got my hash pipe.
10. If I Were a Carpenter -Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash, 16 Biggest Hits.
I hope this our wedding song. If I Were to Bend a Knee. How to dance to this is not impossible. Matt & Jill had the Police's "Walking on the Moon"...I mean how cool is that. Giant steps are what you take, indeed. They took this song and made it a duet. Slam dunk. They had a baby the same year they did this song as well.

Go plug in...listen to your music as often as you can.
Rev. Sully

PS: The most embarrassing fact is that I do sing out loud along with my iPod when I think I'm all alone...^_~ The dog must hate me.