Thursday, June 29, 2006


June 29, 2006
By Rev. Sully

Le Roi est Mort, Vive Le Roi!
aka: “And these children that you spit on as they try to change their world...”

So long, Sully. The Boston Bruins parted ways with coach Mike Sullivan a few days ago. And before the door hit Sully where the Good Lord split him, someone else was sitting in his chair in his office. And the seat was still warm. Here’s to you, Sully. May the cushion still be fart-warm for Dave Lewis. And I mean that. It’s a damn shame to treat a Sully like that. But really...anyone who’s tuned in will tell you that 15 years in the Red Wings organization, 9 years assisting Scotty Bowman and possessing three Stanley Cup rings was enough to take a chance on changing the team’s culture; the mission of the incoming General Manager Peter Chiarelli. I liked Sully’s style and will be sad to see him go.

And we bid fond farewell to Andrew Raycroft. The 2004 rookie of the year winner was dished to division rival the Toronto Maple Leafs in the latest round of housecleaning. A Yankee Swap of Goalies, the Bruins received in exchange Finnish goaltender Tuuka Rask...this guy’s name sounds like a Star Wars character. With Seventh Player Tim Thomas and another Finn Hannu Toivonen in between the Pipes, it might not be a bad thing to have another Finnish goalie on the Ranch. Finnish goalies are analogous to Dominican shortstops. Also Bruins defenseman Nick Boynton was sent to the Phoenix Coyotes for defenseman Paul Mara in a head-scratching move. Boynton and Raycroft were both dramatic holdouts in the early days of the “New Ice Order”, looking for a better payday. Mara in 78 games last season has the refreshing statistic of being a –12 on the Plus/Minus differential. 13 out of 30 players on the 05-06 Bruins had a Plus/Minus of Zero or above. Four players had Zero. The Leader Brad Boyes had a Plus/Minus of +11. What is in between...only a Mouth Breather can wonder. Plus/Minus is a team production statistic and is about on-ice contribution. Chew on that one a while.
Joe Thornton was awarded the Hart Trophy after being traded late November ’05 to the San Jose Sharks. The former Bruins captain made this Gallery Gawd proud. Go Joe!
Sheesh...training camp really is right around the corner. The Cup just finished up and knowing Wilmington is close makes Summer feel so short. Oh well. Grill on and get ready for the Free Agent Rodeo...coming soon to a Smoking PUCK near you. It’s time to watch the rest of the Red Sox on HD tonight.

But a special Smoking PUCK shot out to Patrick Roy who will be enshrined in Hockey's Hall of Fame. Cheers! Vive le Roy, indeed!


Rev. Sully

The Smoking Puck was featured at the Boston Sports Massacre. The “BSM” was a Boston-based weekly Sports PodCast & web site. We miss them very much.
The PUCK is also now available at Philly Keith Dot Com. Great, independent Hockey talk from the City of Brotherly Love now with a Beantown Boy chiming in.

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Intrepid Peter, “RTFM”.
The Comics Gnome Presents...The Fifth MARVEL Magazine Pooted Forth in 2006!!!

It hadda happen...something besides The Ultimates and CIVIL WAR has "made it MARVEL" to my coffeetable. And it's actually very, very cool. The Comics Gnome decreed that MARVEL is OK to go back to now its self-nuked radioactive half-life is almost gone. After the stinker "House of M" Event and the ripping down of Grant Morrison's brilliant four-year run on New X-Men, I was once again fed up with MARVEL and the Comics Gnome swore to buy Ray-Bans for the upcoming deluge of foil covers...
it had gotten bad again. I wasn't even interested in Joss Whedon/John Cassiday's Astonishing X-Men (Whedon is still helming that).


Welcome to the Wedding of Jessica Jones and the Power Man, Luke Cage. Previous Pootings revealed to OCHO of MARVEL MAX's brilliant series "Alias" from the mind of then-rising star Brian Michael Bendis. Alias toned it down with the last page revealing that Jessica and Luke were expecting...meaning Jessica had to stop chainsmoking and perhaps watch that pottymouth that MAX was allowed to indulge. Alias became THE PULSE which only lasted 14 issues. Nevertheless, Bendis had unleashed a popular super-couple in the form of free-wheelin', hip-talkin' Cage and the rapier-witted, shrot-tempered & often foulmouthed Jones. When Power Man was brought by Bendis to the NEW AVENGERS, he brought his family as well.
But there are a few things to really like about this New Avengers Annual #1 (2006). Firstly it ties up loose ends from the initial New Avengers Arc "Breakout". During the Big Fight, Iron Man uses several armors from over the years, showcased in a beautiful single panel, the Big Bad sees what they're up against when the Iron Men Cavalry come. Great Bendis Dialog coming from Spider-Man's voice bubbles, regardless is its Ultimate or not...BMB deserves a shot at ASM when JMS' tenure comes to a close but iDigress...
The final page is great because it shows a striking full page panel of the New Avengers at the Cage Wedding. One forgets that Wolverine in the MARVEL Universe is (and has always been) listed as 5'-3". Standing next to Spider-Woman Jessica Drew, Logan is dwarfed by the supermodel-tall herione. And that it is perhaps the last New Avengers story before the CIVIL WAR. Featuring Captain America and Iron Man for the last time as teammates and Steve and Tony as friends.
It's a great addition to anyone with the ALIAS collection and a nice breath of air before the smoke of the Civil War chokes the Heroes...the Comics Gnome got a little choked up due to all the smoke in the room. I thought it was because I know he's a sap at weddings. ^_~

Rev. Sully
Nice case. My friend made one very much like it out of clear duct tape and a scrap of clear vinyl acetate, but then he's always been more one for cost-effect function than cool-factor form.
iPod, youPod, we allPod for iPod!

Hey we all need to protect our iPods...the precious cargo they are. Precious...I feel like Gollum saying that referring to the iPod. But this was money well spent for a much needed iPod accessory. This rubber "skin" case for the iPod is what I bought. It's fairly thick, it has a clear plastic window that protects the 3.5 inch display from being sctratched...a bitter lesson iLearned from my Game Boy Advance but iDigress...
A little criticism here but it has a mediocre belt clip attachment that will demonstrate the case's usefullness when it occasionally flies from one's swaying hips. It's not very secure for that quick jog accross the street or you can end up as I did fetching it from the crosswalk three steps behind me! Once again proving the usefullness of the cover. This cover was suggested to me by the up-selling salesguy at Radio Shack who sold me Deedee's iPod Nano 2GB. He demonstrated by popping his encased 60GB iPod from his belt clip (which has a button release leaving the base on the belt and the docking peg on the back of the case...it makes one feel as a Jedi would be reaching for his lightsabre). He then threw his precious iPod on the ground. WHAP! A soft whap it was but it was enough to make me come back and get the very same demonstrated case. It was money well spent and my watershed thought was why don't They make these for cellphones...

The Speck Tough Skin. Available in Black and Clear.

The iPod itself is great for quantifying music tastes. I currently have 2,603 items on my iPod. 1 of these are filed as "Short Film" and the rest are available as audio. Music, spoken word, comedy, books on tape, sound effects, random movie source quotes all make up a grand Shuffle tapestry that makes up my personal radio station. The Shuffle only gets to about 200+ songs before the battery is pooped and that's on a good day. Once you plug it back into the computer to talk to iTunes, the current Shuffle playing is reset to zero. You can sustain your Shuffle with the second suggested item as a necessary accessory:
"The Wall Wart".
I'd suggest the proven and OCHO endorsed Apple brand USB Adaptor that coined the nickname for the external power. It uses the existing USB cord that came with your iPod.

The Wall Wart.

The Ability to get a sense of what are your favorite tunes just by looking at the Playlists and the default "Smart Playlist" 25 Most Played. I tweaked that down to a Top-10 and personalized it...which is what it's all about on iPod. It's All About You. You can edit Smart Playlists to give you great combinations. I have one I created called "The Bottom of the Barrel" which lists 25 of the least played songs. I give them a chance as well and recently added "deep cut" songs dwell there as well.

Creating Playlists are and easy thing to drop & drag or RightClick songs into a made playlist. iTunes is great to explore such as other related programs like MS Word or Excel. There is a great deal to it that has made it my preferred "jukebox" software, favoring Apple's corp to the Evil Empire's wimpy WMP. Gawd...I got a lotta Zappa.
I got a building playlist called "Superhero Rawk!". It's got all the Superheroed Themed and Referred songs such as "Flash's Theme" by Queen, Batmobile by Liz Phair, the Theme from TV's Batman as done by The Who, Sunshine Superman by Donovan, Ghost Rider covered by the Rollins Band and more. I got plans to make a Random 80's generator.

Also you should be afraid to use the Music Store on iTunes...very afraid. It asks for your Credit Card number. I for one care less for those things so instead I pay cash for my iTunes purchases. I purchase iTunes cards.

I usually get these in $25 amounts every month or so. It's akin to purchasing two or three CDs or a new DVD. Songs are 99 cents each. Videos are $1.99 each. And that's just the ground floor. Some whole albums can be purchased cheaper than at a used CD store. Another great Smart Playlist is the "Purchased" folder. I can tell you that I've purchased 56 items from the iTunes Music Store. Looking at the Purchased Smart Playlist also tells me I'm a sucker for 80's New Wave Music. ::blushes::

Enjoy your iPod, Leah. And give it a name. Mine is named Solaris the Tyrant Sun. Well ,he had to get his start somewhere on the evolutionary scale, eh? By the way...you might find out the hard way you can't share an iPod. Get him his own. Wait until you load all your Pictures on it...it's like having your photos in your wallet but ALL of them and you're not going to ruin them. I got pics of everybody; Deedee, family, all of you and all the baby pics of all my friends blooming families. It's great for that. And using the Photos "Shuffle" is a great way to power the battery down to Zero before you recharge. I cannot stress that enough; you will extend the life of your iPod by playing it until you recieve the "Low Battery" screen message. The iPod will play for more than 4 hours when you first see the battery icon change from Green to Red with Red sporting 1/4 charge.


Rev. Sully
The words "math" and "fun" rarely go into the same sentance in my inner monologue.
I figured out an "11" goes into one of those boxes somewhere...then I got distracted.
Wah! ^_~

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Major hint... the puzzle I posted a while ago is a magic square I created using all of the numbers from 1 to 121. No number is repeated, and all rows, columns, and corner-to-corner diagonals add up to the same number.

Here it is again:
I had originally created one with all of the numbers from 1 to 81, but I'm now pretty sure I could make it work for any set of numbers from 1 to (the square of any odd number).
Good luck with the recovery K1w1. Take care of that rebuilt knee!
I have an iPod too... a very tiny iPod shuffle that I won in a contest at work. It doesn't have a display, but it holds 120 songs. I'd find it quite adequate, except that iTunes has a nasty habit of crashing my computer. If I got a bigger one, I'm sure I'd enjoy all the music at my fingertips and so forth, but I'd rather spend the $300 on other things, given that I already have over 300 CDs, 150 cassette tapes, and over 3000 mp3 files I can listen to just fine from my computer. My iPod shuffle lets me listen to 8 hours worth of music in the car before I need to refill it.

I don't have much occasion to wear headphones anyhow... in the 18 months I've had the shuffle, I think I've used it outside of my car twice, and that includes trying it out. At home, I have lots of music options, in the car, I have nearly as many. On foot, I prefer conversation or ambient sounds. If I'd had my iPod in my ear the other day while hiking through the woods, I never would have heard the heron or loon calls, and probably would have walked right up on the moose that was snorting to warn me back.

No doubt it's a cool toy, but a very low priority cool toy for me. For about the same cost, I'd get a lot more enjoyment out of one of these:

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I have successfully joined the iPod delegates. I am now an owner of one 60GB Video iPod, though I have yet to figure out how to successfully create playlists the way I would like them displayed. (I will forever be faithful to the wonderful formatting of the Windows Media Player). Nonetheless, I curretly have downloading one episode of Invader Zim and his trusty sidekick Grr, all for the low, low price of $0.00 ~ Huzzah
WOW MATT... my most sincere congratulations to Amy and Dave. Sounds like she was pretty amzied by the proposal ~ I would have been.

They have an ad on TV over here in which a young man goes to great lengths to WOW his girlfriend with his proposal. They end up taking a balloon ride up over the Sydney Harbour bridge in view of the Opera House and all the rest... she says yes, and in the excitemtn of the moment they hug. The ring however goes flying over his shoulder into the depths of Sydney Harbour. The Ad is for an insurance company.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


June 21, 2006
By Rev. Sully

In My Mind I’m Goin’ to Carolina...
aka: Reality Check to the Gallery Gawds: The Whalers Just Won the Cup

I watched a great game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Monday night. Intense hockey action. Now if people say to you in this New & Improved NHL that there is less hitting, I’ll refer the non-believer to the 2006 Stanley Cup Final. Not even a true, blue Canadian can cry foul as there were echoes of this sentiment during the last Cup where Calgary played Tampa. This Finals round had all the charm of a good pinball game. I love Pinball almost as much as I love Hockey but iDigress...
To have a good pinball game you need to know what kind of restraint in which to use your hips or not, to bump the machine and what will end up in a four-letter word: TILT. As a Nation, I held my breath hoping a fight would not break out with 21 seconds remaining in Game 7’s 3rd period as players were scuffling in a gloveless scrum. Not after a great series such as this.

This was a great Stanley Cup. This was worth “the Long Offseason”. The Cinderella Man story in Hurricanes rookie goalie Cam Ward earning the Conn Smyth trophy. To witness Edmonton’s waning hope with a Game 1 season-ending injury to their starting goaltender only to come back from a 3-1 brink-of-elimination. Both teams made major adjustments in their line-ups right on until the trade deadline showcasing the ability for “teamcraft” in the New Ice Order NHL. For those of you just figuring “It” out, Carolina is the Real Deal. You can keep the raincoat but you need to trade that harpoon in for a strong umbrella. The Whalers are gone...they have been for a while. Growing up Bruin gave me an appreciation for them but now? A well-deserved respect and a complete separation from their former moniker. Of all things to be selfishly pleased is that former Bruin Glen Wesley lifted Lord Stanley’s Tupperware over his head. Wesley was paired defensively for the first 7 seasons of his career with Hall of Famer Ray Bourque in the back ice of the Gah-den until we traded him to the Hartford Whalers for the draft pick that became Sergei Samsonov. Glen Wesley is the only player left over from the Whaler Daze, FYI.

In Other News, the Salary Cap for NHL teams was raised to $44 Million dollars, overall a $5 million per team hike. The NHL Salary Cap rose reflecting healthy revenue League wide. The Salary Cap will continue to distribute talent evenly over the League; an obscure idea indeed but once with merit. Not only does the new NHL Salary Cap keep players from being “overpaid” but in addition, it is a tool to keep the best players not on an outdated concept such as the best city teams, but with the best teams period. Are there even 100 marquee players who lace ‘em up in the NHL today? Do the Math, mouthbreathers...that makes around 3 per team if so and that’s due to the natural economics of how the “best” players are paid in the New Ice Order.

The “Second Season” is finally over. Hallelujah. Huzzah! Slainte! Skoal! It is almost summer. It is almost the MLB All-Star Break. It’s time to put the skates away. Congrats to the Hurricanes. Heck, only one team can win the Cup each year. The NHL Awards are next week and after that it’s the Free Agent Rodeo! Yee-Haw!!! Whose getting roped into which corral? Will Sergei Samsonov sign with the Detroit Red Wings, a place where Sergei has owned his home? What do the Bruins need to be contenders? The culture of the team must change. The Gallery Gawds must demand a Captain and a competent team can be led to the promised land of the post-season. As proven in this year’s Cup, anyone can earn a ticket to the Dance.

Welcome back Hockey. And goodnight Hockey...see you next season. Thank you.


Rev. Sully

Come visit Channel Ocho for more PUCK.
The Smoking Puck is featured at the Boston Sports Massacre. The “BSM” was a Boston-based weekly Sports web site. Complain until we get it back...Power to the People. Oi!
The PUCK is also now available at Philly Keith Dot Com. Great, independent Hockey talk from the City of Brotherly Love now with a Beantown Boy occasionally chiming in.

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Intrepid Peter, “RTFM”.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My sister Amy got engaged over the weekend. Her fiancee Dave woke her up at 4am and took her for a mystery ride that ended up at the airport watching the sun rise. After a few minutes, a van pulled up trailering a balloon basket, and before long they were helping to set it up for a ride. While they were airborne, Dave proposed, and Amy said yes. As they landed in a tobacco field, the chase van arrived and both fathers jumped out to offer their congratulations. The mothers were not far behind, but didn't want it to look like anyone was obviously following the van, lest they spoil the suprise.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Smoking PUCK...Stanley Cup Moment of Zen...
June 15, 2006

Teen Queen Lindsay Lohan with Lord Stanley's Tupperware. If you look closely, you can actually see the trophy smiling...

The Second Season is still on after the Edmonton Oilers staved off elimination in OT last night. Yes...it is still hockey season and if you're good, I'll let you explain Icing and Offsides to Ms. Lohan here.


Rev. Sully

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Comics Gnome Asks AGAIN...Whose Side Are You ON???

After reading Mark Millar's spectacular Civil War #2...I must say I am 100% completely WOWED! The Marvel Universe represents in this piece and I will tune in until its bitter end. And especially the shocking ending in CIVIL WAR #2 that I warned about. I was slightly spoiled on it and wish I hadn't for the sheer emotional intensity that I was robbed of by cruising the fan sites at Newsarama.

Watch out in the News for SPOILERS!!! I read a headline on My Yahoo Newsfeed Thursday AM about the shocking ending of issue #2...the beans are spilled and if you ain't careful, you might trip over them. ^_~

And again I say...HAPPY BODEGA DAY!!!
I LOVE Shirly Phelps-Roper! She is one of the dumbest people I have ever seen on the telly. If Fox News was always this entertaining, I would definitely watch it like every day!
Yummy Brain Candy.

So I finally found an awesome DVD store, right down the street from me, I might add, that seels for great prices, both used and new DVDs. They have been carrying the ThunderCats boxed sets fopr $35.00 each, which is $20.00 cheaper than what they go for at Target, so I have the first two of the three that have been released thus far, and am about 3/4 of the way through the entire first season. I really missed this show, and I didn't realize how much there really was to it.

I know that I completely misremembered Cheetara. She was always my favouritse, (hello, big fag, after all!) but I somehow remembered her always being the one who was getting in trouble and needed rescuing. The show was actually fairly ahead of its time, since she was actually a real warrior woman who bailed Lion-O out of trouble more often than now. Okay, there were the episodes where she was the damsel in distress, but she was firey about it at least.

What I really didn't remember was how annoying a character Lion-O is. I understand that the creators were trying to make him youthful and spunky, and needed to get him into all sorts of misadventures so that they could force a message onto the youthful population, but this is one of those shows where you love the background characters while wanting to pummel the main dude.

I'd also forgotten characters like Mandora the Evil Chaser and Driller, and it's been so much fun re-living my childhood through all of these episodes. I am a freaking dork, I know, but I really look forward to getting the next boxed set and devouring it as I have been the episodes I have watched so far.

Also, Sully, that pic was in 2000, when Jen was still the manager in merch at the Hard Rock, when we went to see Grover perform on the Spirit of Boston. I often wonder what happened to her. That was one of the most dull, annoying nights of my HRC career, too, since I got stuck sitting at the "manager" table. I was SO freaking miserable that night! Luckily, I had weird, random nights, like when you and I went to see Power Rangers Turbo to make up for it!
The Comics Gnome Asks...WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON???

MARVEL's Civil War #2. This is your hint.

Happy Bodega Day! It's been a while since the Comics Gnome said that familiar phrase on a Wednesday Morn.

Here's a question for that pert lil nose of yours...ever had to take a side? I mean in a meaningful, real idealogical struggle that defines standing up for one's morals? Well then...welcome to a morality simulator known as the MARVEL UNIVERSE. This Event comic, spanning the entire MU asks us and the heroes...whose side are you on?

This is not about Good Versus Evil. It's not Supervillian verus Superhero. It's a divorce. It's loved ones pitted against the other over something greater than an uber-nukelon bomb at the Empire State Building, Galactus wanting to use the Earth as a stuffed mushroom appetizer or even Mutants Fighting Mutants. It's about choice and choosing. And what side are you on...

Civil War starts with an accident caused by a reckless superhero team. The result...a school being destroyed in the carange with 800-900 civilian casualites. Children dead. Superheroes dead. And a public backlash that could redefine superheroics and costumed adventuring in America.

The solution to this problem: Super Hero Reform. That all superheroes must register with the US Government with disclosure of secret identity. Accountablity. Training. Becoming in a sense...public employees. This is not a new idea in FunnyBooks. The defining line between the Golden and Silver Ages is the true window in the Real World History the Great Red Scare and McCarthyism in 1950's America. In RealLife, the DC's All-Star Comics went from Superheroes in tights to Cowboy Westerns adventure in 1951 when the decline of interest in the genre was apparent. In the FunnyBook World, the Justice Society of America (who's book was All-Star Comics...that changed to All-Star Westerns) refused to unmask in front of the House Un-American Activities Commitee and subsequentially disbanded. 1955 was the first appearance of the Silver Age FLASH ushering in the Age of the Super Friends. For the 4 in-between years, there were very little superhero funnybooks published; Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman. X-Men arcs over the years have been littered with ideas of Mutant Registration. Walking Weapons of Mass Destuction everywhere in the world must be inventoried and disclosed, don'tcha think?

But Whose Side Are You On? Following a Public tradgedy, knee-jerk reactions can take over regardless of how "good" or "evil" a person or government is. Look at RealLife with the USA Patriot Act post-9/11 for an example. The WWII internment of Japanese-Americans is another glaring example.

Getting back to CIVIL WAR #2 (of 7) released today and its shocking surprise ending which you'll just have to see to believe. It's about choosing to go public...or go rogue. Friends stand opposing the other. Wife Opposes Husband. Teammate Versus Teammate. One one side we have the Iron Man, billioniare industrialist superhero Tony Stark, founding member of the AVENGERS and his pleas to his peers to not conform but comply with a changing world and the Superhero's role in it. On the other side we have a Man refusing to bend a knee to Public Opinion, a suprising Leader and unintentional figurehead standing up for Freedom and What He Considers Right...the Right To Help People beyond the motivation of the Government...the Super Soldier and moralistic throwback to "The Greatest Generation" Steven Rogers, Captain America. As seen in the cover image...whose side is Spider-Man on? Peter Parker, one of the most tragic figures in the MARVEL universe whose secret identity has cost him the lives of his loved ones. An only child who rarely plays well in groups. A Man who knows with great power comes greater responsibility. A man of two suits...a lifelong vigilante often villified & shunned by the Public for his heroic actions but now...part of something greater being part of the NEW AVENGERS and also a protigee to Tony Stark. Whose side is Spidey on?

But also I have to ask you dear True Believer...whose side are YOU on?

As I say with all Universe-Shaping Event stories...I'll wait until its conclusion for judgement and just try to enjoy the ride there. The Comics Gnome says he's on his own side until he finds out whose side brings the most beer & Fig Newtons. Me...I'm bit of a Rebel so I'm with Cap until the beer runs out but iDigress...MARVEL CIVIL WAR #2 comes out today and will be just the fourth MARVEL magazine pooted forth by the Comics Gnome all 2006.

'Namaste and Happy Bodega Day,
Rev. Sully

Friday, June 09, 2006

Blast From The Past

ShiroiOji & Rev Sully...late 20th Century

Now Jason sent me this a while ago and I wish I knew when this was taken. I can only tell by the shirt I'm wearing & whatever hairstyle I attemped before I went permanently shorn. Was this a booze cruise from an HRC party? Remember...lots of self-abuse in the years inbetween, Husku-Chan.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


June 8, 2006
By Rev. Sully

How do they keep the Ice cold with all that Blazin’ Heat?
aka: It’s Cup Time...Finally.

This year’s Stanley Cup Finals resembles the old AVCO World Trophy. The Edmonton Oilers are playing the Carolina Hurricanes in the 2006 NHL Championship. Both these teams came over to the NHL after 1979 when the World Hockey Association folded and four teams were absorbed into the National Hockey League. Edmonton, Winnipeg (which moved to Phoenix, AZ), Quebec (which moved to Denver, CO) and Hartford (which moved to Raleigh, NC) all became NHL teams when their upstart competition became defunct. The New England Whalers won the first AVCO World Trophy in 1973 and the Edmonton Oilers won 5 NHL Stanley Cups (’84, ’85, ’87, ’88, ’90). The Whale became another Nautical force in 1997 when they moved from Hartford to North Carolina to become the Hurricanes. The ‘Canes were defeated in the 2002 Stanley Cup by the Detroit Red Wings. Two games deep into the Finals and 60 games deep into baseball season, the ice still hasn’t thawed. Monday, June 19* should be the ultimate date of NHL gameplay this year of the “New Ice Order”.
* If Necessary

Most new fans still can’t comprehend the true meaning of “the Second Season”. I hear grumbles still about how long the playoffs are and why they go so long into Spring. It’s the way the Game is played, folks. We Gallery Gawds are used to it. We haven’t seen fog since May 24, 1988 when the afore mentioned Edmonton Oilers swept the Boston Bruins for the Cup.
The 1988 Stanley Cup Final pitted the Oilers' offensive juggernaut against the Bruins' more balanced team. The Oilers showed their defensive prowess, surrendering just 9 goals in the four completed games. Game 4 is well known for fog that interfered with the game and a power outage that caused its cancellation before a face-off. This would allow the Oilers to win the Cup at home in the Northlands Coliseum and complete the sweep in a rescheduled Game 4.
Source: Wikipedia

The Bruins have a new General Manager in Pete Chiarelli. Apparently he wants to change the culture of the team. We in the Gallery vote for a Throat Culture first to see if we need antibiotics. Whipping Boy Emeritus Harry Sinden is still the Bruins President and the Target of the Unsatisfied nevertheless he will turn 74 years old in September...do the Math, mouth breathers. He can’t be the Bane of the Black & Gold much longer. Then...who will we blame? Sigh...

The PUCK from here out, if you haven’t already guessed, gets published intermittently. The only reason to fill the room with the smoke of Vulcanized Rubber is when there is something to talk about. The 2006 NHL Awards are coming June 22, 2006. Here’s a complete list of trophy finalists for this season. Bruins rookie phenom Brad Boyes was not nominated although he came in third in rookie scoring. Hopefully, San Jose’s Joe Thornton can net the Hart Trophy, the player Most Valuable to his team. The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC Canada will use the smaller North American ice size for Men’s & Women’s Ice Hockey, reducing from the larger International Ice Size. The NHL/North American size ice measures 200 feet by 85 feet while international ice measures 200 feet by 98 ½ feet. Find out more here at NHL Dot Com about the Ice Size changes. My favorite part of the article is the line about how 350-800 seats per game can be added to extend revenue.

Hey, here’s to Hockey anyhoo with the End being Nigh, and all. The Ice won’t melt for another week...well four more days if the Oilers can’t summon the Spirit of the Great One. The Forever .500 Whalers just might shake the Ghost of the first AVCO Trophy and the Winds of Change might blow the Championship below the Mason-Dixon Line for the 2nd consecutive Cup Final. And the 2005-06 Hockey Season will be over...Finally.


Rev. Sully

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Intrepid Peter, “RTFM”.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Throw The Goat OCHO!!! It's 6/6/06

Hey there, True Believers...I got a present for you on the Day Of The Beast. Come see the end of the world...be averted!
The Final Episode of Justice League Unlimited "Destroyer". For free with crappy resolution at You Tube Dot Com. The complete 20:03. Enjoy.
What started in 1992 with "Batman: The Animated Series" on FOX ends here in 2006 with the ultimate JLU episode.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sully gave me permission to start a "Why I Let This Mortal Survive" thing. However, I have not been ranting about the stupidity of people of last as much as I have in the past. However, I have been running across weirder and weirder people since moving out to Los Angeles. As a result, I have decided to start Jason's Freak of the Week.

This week's freak comes to us from the sunny and touristy area of LA, forever kept in our memory by the opening of season two of Three's Company, The Santa Monica Pier.

While taking out some of the patients for the day, we were doing some people watching in an area where every group, from wealthy tourist to homeless drifter, is represented. I got a lot of great pictures of random people, including a street singer who is worthy of thirty seconds of American Idol Auditions, but the gold lame down jacket takes the cake. We spoke briefly, and he agreed to let me take his picture. Everyone say hello to this week's freak!

I dunno Sully. Being the group's, oh, how did you put it? Oh, yes, "Magic Pink Kitten of Doom that makes the Phallus of the Mighty Dorkin' Power Suit OCHOZORD???" (I love that, by the way!) I have to say that I greatly prefer the ring pictured, available at Atlas Comics. However, being the poor white trash that I am destined to remain while I am trying to struggle my way through a doctorate program, I will not spend the $80 on a Wonder Woman ring. I'll have to be content with the two t-shirts I have.

And by the way, I took a page from your book and I wore one of said t-shirts to The Last Stand just to be an obnoxious twit. Come on, you know I am always up for pissing off the stupid fans that would get pissed about something so trivial. And I did get dirty looks for it, too! Huay! Huay!!!
What do you think about the newly media-released gospel according to Judas? If Jesus asked him to betray him so that he might be freed from his body, that changes things somewhat, eh?
-Preacher Matt, Channel OCHO, Friday, April 7, 2006

Now that all the hubbub has quieted and most Americans have forgotten about the existence of the Gospel of Judas, I feel this is the moment to address Preacher Matt's query.

Matt soundly arranges his sentance to read true...the newly media-released. The physical object in question surfaced the latest in in the early 1970s and the copy itself was carbon dated to the 3rd century with earlier reference in the 2nd century as a "heretical gospel" not to be included in the Canon of the closed book, the Holy Bible. The Gospel of Judas is just one of many Gnostic books. Breakdowns on 23 of these books are here at the tertiary source Wikipedia. Think it had anything to do with the upcoming release of the Da Vinci Code for quasi-related items in the News & other Media? National Geographic is the New York Times for people that use the Scientific Method and they do need to sell that print publication (with Scientific American as the Boston Globe for us "smahties pantses"). It is my humble opinion that Dan Brown's "the Da Vinci Code" was a terrible waste of time & eyesight. Those reflected photons were disappointing.

But do you think Judas sits at the right hand of Jesus in Heaven or is he Satan's Starburst Fruit Chew as Dante would have us believe in the lowest depth of Hell?

Free will versus fate? Are there no sins if we are all fated to do what we have no control over? Does karma apply or is that too "apples & oranges"? Was Judas reincarnated as my restauraunt immigrant dishwasher this lifetime? Was John 13:27 where Jesus said to Judas "Do quickly what you have to do" admission of this?

Does this let Judas off the hook? Read more about the Gospel of Judas here at Wikipedia and then follow it up with your own "RTFM".
In Brightest Day...

Green Lantern Ring available to purchase from Earth-2 Comics for $39.95.

Mine's cooler. I spoke to "Ranger" Dan real quickly at your wedding reception, Preacher Matt to congratulate him on his Best Man's Speech. I told him how I think of you every day...then handed him my GL ring and asked him if he knew what it was. He identified it correctly then I told him to look at the Maker's Mark on the inside where he again identified the initials "MFS".
I said to Dan that's about as cool as a 10-sided die, huh? We laughed.
X-tra! X-tra! Last X-Men Movie: X-Citement or X-crememt???

The Comics Gnome sent to me a box in the mail from The Road. He used to do this all the time when life was youthful & plenty but then he hit the road...the Gnome was reading old DC GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW from the early 1970's and got the Kerouac Bug. Compounded with all the reruns of Emmy winning original Kung Fu he was watching on the couch, it made complete sense for the Comics Gnome to beat his feet. The early 1970s was a special time for Creation I hear so using this latent Ki, the Gnome took the chance to recharge. The box the Gnome sent to me included the greatest comic book never written...it was hard-covered and each page was a mirror. It was said to contain the Secret of Life. But as a bookmark, the Gnome included two tickets to a Matinee showing of X-Men: The Last Stand. Were the two gifts somehow related?

The movie did excellent things one in particular in building its own continuity, showed the effects of Time's Arrow. Of the characters aging, truly living & dying. Something rarely done in the actual FunnyBooks where are heroes sometimes are trapped in amber; where "retcons", "issues #0" and Reboots hit the restart buttons on our beloved Dramatis Personae. The Children of the Atom were grown-up, especially the kids from the previous movies. And it showed how our heroes are people and how these old friends change, even for the worst.

I would call for a Spoiler Alert here but then I decided I'm not going into details on the movie actually...I think that's best for later. I'll say I liked the casting, the tempo & pace, Stan Lee's Cameo and most of all...Kelsey Grammer's Beast. And to be a cpmplete geek that Kitty Pryde beat Angel as best realized for the screen, smart & adorable the pink trim on her black leather X-Man uniform was remincent of a Pink Ranger. I tuned out the "Superman Returns" preview with PIXAR's "Boundin'" on my iPod and that made me happy...but the X-Men movie itself didn't leave me feeling happy because. Perhaps there's nothing happy about closure and only bittersweet feelings with review. And finally the Danger Room and a Sentinel...although that was what the Japanese call Fan Service.

The Comics Gnome's Greatest FunnyBook Never Written got me thinking about what always stuck us to the story beyond the action and problem solving in tights & capes and that is the humans inside of those uniforms. Even Professor Xavier comes off as making bad choices for very good reasons, as very human. Magneto's dichotomy. Wolverine and Storm's personal growth. Cyclops' grief. Rogue's choice. Everything that happened to our heroes in the Movie could be "fixed" in a FunnyBook but the adaptation to the screen humanizes these somewhat static characters. Although the Never-Ending Battle Between Good & Evil lives on in the X-Men's serialized publication, the movie world these movie X-Men inhabit is in essence a closed book...or is it an open page with a mirror. Hmmmmmm...there are spin-off movies. Gatorade, anyone?

Rev. Sully

PS...I missed the Stinger at the end of the Credits.