Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hey, not only do I fit in out here, but LA has given me QUITE the tan, if I do say so myself. Of course, we're talking about a tan for me, which is like normal for most other people. But hey, at least I am not too too ghostly anymore. Of course, you can't blame me so much, since the buildings in Boston stop the sun from reaching all of us!

Sully, I am telling you, you need to come out here and visit sometime in the summer. I promise we'll avoid the HRC like the plague!
I really haven't bought MARVEL stuff in a while...I trimmed down on my titles and amazingly enough, the House of Ideas found themselves out of my Blessed Weekly Stax. I'm a DC fan, hardcore but I do like MARVEL as well...but the proof is in the FunnyBook Bodega receipt.

I did purchase MARVEL's CIVIL WAR issue #1...to check out the latest "Universe Changing" Crossover event. I picked up House of M #1 upon its initial release, thumbed through issue #4 on the shelves after that and completely still am confused on what happened, what it fixed or what went on (in a sense). I know HoM thinned down the number of mutants in the MU down from aeound 16 million to One Hundred & Ninety-Eight (a symbolic number...the population of the MU's mutants was reduced by above 90% to be sure).

CIVIL WAR starts great and with an excellent premise. If issue #2 holds up, I'll buy it and perhaps the whole 7 issue run. The writer Mark Millar is fabulous...he's penned the AUTHORITY, the ULTIMATES 1 & 2, ULTIMATE X-MEN and most recently a great year on WOLVERINE where Logan himself thinned out the MU's number of mutants himself in the "Enemy of the State/Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D" arcs. Brian Bendis, the head writer of HoM wrote DAREDEVIL for about 5 years...tremendous stuff but also his other highlites include ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and the indie powerhouse POWERS. I used to pick up Ult Spidey, DD & Powers every month but I got a case of being wickid broke.

The Last thing I bought from MARVEL before this was ULTIMATES 2 issues 9 & 10 (also penned by Mark Millar). I've purchased three MARVEL magazines in 2006 to be exact. Just my humble opinion but MARVEL is a mess, the House cluttered and I have no fun reading those adventures. I can't even touch the X-Men these days. Another Summers brother? I've looked up Rachel "Marvel Girl" Summers on Wikipedia and her origin barely makes sense...and I'm a smart, savvy comics reader with a HUGE history with the MU. There were great Chris Claremont stories with Rachel around Uncanny X-Men #200 but iDigress...

We just got back from seeing X-Men: The Last Stand...anyone here need to see it before I start ripping it apart? I liked it overall but there were a few key deaths that really didn't sit well with me.
Welcome to OCHO! ShiroiOji-Sama! ^_^ Nanda deska?

Kiwi...you'll remember the "White Prince" here as Husk when we were Hard Rock Farmers. He's currently living in California...LaLaLand. He fits in there I hear. ^_^

Geek on...

House of whaa?

So seeing X-Men: The Last Stand was enough to make me want to catch up on all of the X-Men stuff I have been missing out on. As it is, I am buying up graphic novels of Astonishing X-Men and continuing to read New X-Men for the younger generation of superheroes, which I have actually been enjoying a lot. One of my friends told me that to understand anything, really, I would have to read all of the graphic novels of House of M. Of course, this is a lot of
graphic novels. Eight for the story itself, plus Prelude, and then there's The Day After, so we've got a lot of money going into this. I figured, okay, okay, why not? Everyone is still talking about it, it was a big deal, I need to read it.

God, what crap. I really thought that Marvel had already overdone the alternate reality stuff; they've more than done the whole idea to death. Then we have to add in another one with an insane Scarlet Witch being prodded by a certain family member to make things idyllic for mutants everywhere, and yet the mutants are still not happy. So elt's all fight each other and make a mess of a paradise handed to us, all in the name of restoring what once was, although we've all been given exactly what we wanted. Uh, yeah. Makes sense.

Also, what they have done with some of our beloved characters? Crap. Making Soorya, aka Dust, into a vapid valley girl who ditched her burqa so that she can be friends with Jubilee? Making Elixer, a mutant healer, into a S.H.I.E.L.D. torturer? Only so many things can be stre
tched in a world that we've been given, and it seems as though tht efolks at Marvel simply said to themselves, "Hey, let's just do whatever we want and make as many characters suck as we possibly can! Wouldn't that be GREAT!?"

Don't get me wrong; there are things I love about the series in general as well, such as the storyline with Doom. There are a couple of small mistakes I couldn't help but notice, as I am a huge freakin' geek, such as Brian Braddock, aka Captain Briton, drinking alcohol. (It was the canon Capt., and he's a recovering alcoholic.)

All in all, I gotta say that the whole story can be understood in its entirety by reading the first and last graphic novels, and the rest can be ignored. This would have been a lot more fun had we not already had Days of Future Past, Age of Apocolypse, The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix, and the other numerous alternate universe Marvel stories.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Matt...as soon as I see numbers I daze off quicker than a talking to from my Mother.

^_~ Good luck finding the answer until its published in the Games Section of next week's OCHO. I bet you miss ya few. Nyah nyah...; P ^_~

Friday, May 26, 2006

Puzzle Time
Once upon a time, I was sitting through a boring botany lecture involving the role of Adenozine Diphosphate in the light dependant phase of photosynthesis, when my mind started to wander. Eventually my wandering mind found itself stumbling upon a strange pattern that allowed me to constuct an obnoxiously large mathematical curiosity with relative ease. Unfortunately, my mind hadn't been keeping very good track of how it had meandered into that particular cognitive neighborhood, and it took me nearly 15 years to successfully retrace my steps. I reproduced my work, then did it one better, at which point it occurred to me that a subset of the problem might make for an interesting puzzle. Here it is, submitted for your enjoyment.

Fill in the missing numbers in the following figure, each in it's correct location.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Compliments of Warren Elllis Dot Com...the Filthy Monkey Sees You Still.

For Joss’ Adoring Millions: BUFFY Season 8 Is Comics-Only
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— warrenellis @ 3:55 pm

Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon is writing a new six-issue Buffy mini-series for Dark Horse Comics. The first volume is due out in October. A Dark Horse spokesperson has confirmed to ICv2 that the new series chronicles events that happened to Buffy and her friends after the conclusion of their televised adventures and will function as a “Season 8? to the highly popular cult hit TV series that ran for seven seasons…

Friday, May 19, 2006

Hi Sully. You're lucky you've never been a GTA-type gamer. I am, and as a result I've found it VERY difficult to find new video games that can hold my attention. Forced storylines and platform fighting games don't really interest me much now that I've grown accustomed to several versions of games that offer the freedom to go wherever I want and interact with just about everyone and everything in the game. In the past couple of years, I've played GTA Vice City, started it again for the sake of "doing it better" and getting more interesting saves. Other than that and several one-offs like the occasional game of EA Sports World Cup Rugby, I've really only played two other games regularly. I thoroughly enjoyed Star Wars Battlefront II, and while I held out high hopes for RockStar Games' (the makers of GTA) Red Dead Revolver, it's too staged for my taste... I'd hoped for the same "open world" experience as GTA, but was disappointed to find it plays like a novel, the same way every time.
I love Gadgets...Welcome to the Future!

Heya Matt & Kiwi,

Hauzitgaun'? Well mebbe Kiwi will have to slow down a bit to let her knee catch up with 'er. At least it is a bonafide Sports-related injury. Not as cool as losing an eye in a failed "whacking" attempt. Or as powerful as having Superboy-Prime rip off a C-Lister's arm as a child would do to a insect's wing. ^_~ WAh!!! Just foolin'...
As well you now have a lot of PSP time on "your hands", so to speak, eh?

I was never a Grand Theft Auto-kinda gamer but I hear the PSP "Liberty City Stories" is the Number One seller. I have a number of DragonBall Z fighting games for the Game Boy Advance so I know how good it is to get into a great fighting game with easier combo buttons and awesome animations, familiarity and story interaction.
Teras Kasi, anyone?
But there is the new DragonBall Z fighting game "Shin Budokai" out for the PSP.

Well I'm not going for the PSP anytime soon. Perhaps the PS3 will get passed on until a second or third generation console comes out...with the abiding lower prices as well. If the PSP's display is anything like my iPod movie playback then you should get the occasional cool movie for it. Such as...American Pie Unrated, Clerks or Dude, Where's My Car? Complete List here.
Buffy Season One just was released on the iStore...Firefly as well by episode or season. I'm so interested in Buffy S:1 to watch on the bloody subway. I pray for the day JLU is available but iDigress...

These gadgets are extremely good time wasters especially when One is the Passenger.

I hope your knee gets better soon and keep us updated on when you get back out on the field...heaven help those poor fools on the other side. 'namaste...

Preacher Matt...I hope all is well in Newlywedland. Dude...it is (almost) Wiffle Ball Season. I say Silvias versus Team Miller Lite soon 'nuff. I heard the Barneseses might be around July 4th-ish.

I must return to my Mannish Acts....such as popping back zits with car keys but I've never owned an automobile. Would that be unhygenic to use somebody elses keys???

Thursday, May 18, 2006

iNfinite dIgression with the cOmics gNome

Although I liked the INFINITE CRISIS...some didn't and this ***SPOILER*** filled rant from Ain't It Cool Dot Com really hits the nail on the head. I'll agree with hope that the New Earth DCU...which is editorially now referred to as "Post Crisis"...I hope its a fun place to play.

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Phil Jimenez, George Perez, Ivan Reis, Joe Bennett, Andy Lanning, Jerry Ordway, Sean Parsons, Art Thibert
Publisher: DC Comics
Reviewer: Prof. Challenger

What was the point of all this crap anyway?

After all that, Batman takes off on a year-long vacation with Dick and Tim, Superman takes a year off to recharge his internal solar battery and regain his powers sapped away by Krypton's red sun, and Wonder Woman flies away to rediscover her "inner Diana." Talk about your anti-climax.

When this series started, that first issue wasn't perfect but it did a good job of setting up the potential for a worthy successor to the original CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. But with each successive issue, the pieces just kept falling apart and by this last issue it was a total mess. SECRET WARS II level mess. Not only are plot points just mysteriously dropped, but the storytelling became so convoluted that it was near impossible to find consistency and coherency from page to page much less issue to issue. The stench of "too many cooks" just makes this comic reek. I'll point out some details here in a minute. Right now I need to rant just a bit about the lack of any level of thought given to the ramifications of some of the events in this series.

You know, the original reason for the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS was to "simplify" the DC Universe because the vast multiverse was believed to be impenetrable to new readers. Fine. Like it or not, the state of the DC line right after COIE and MAN OF STEEL was just that - a less complicated world for the most part. Part of the reason for the lessened complications was simply that the characters themselves did not remember the multi-verse. I mean, truly, imagine if you suddenly found yourself in a world where everyone remembered you and your history but it was entirely different than your personal memories and you also knew that literally billions of your fellow alternate-Earth humans were now either dead or worse, never existed. It would drive even the strongest person insane. Yet, now, at the close of INFINITE CRISIS, we have all the pre-CRISIS characters now remembering their pre-CRISIS lives. Yeh. That's less complicated. Now we have Power Girl remembering that she's really the Earth-2 Supergirl and survived the destruction of Krypton and Earth and the pointless death of Kal-L, pummeled to death by a raving teenaged serial killer, and now she's paradoxically coexisting here on the current Earth with Supergirl and the rest of the world remembers an entirely different history about her. Head hurt yet? Mine does. Or how about the last JSA comic related to this where the ghost of the golden age Batman shows up which makes no sense given that even though some characters may "remember" their Earth-2 lives, the creation of the single universe means that the people they "remember" never existed so how is there a Batman ghost? And think once again of the implications here. If there are ghosts of lost characters like the golden age Batman, then does that mean there are ghosts of the golden age Capt. Marvel? How about the golden age Plastic Man? Aquaman? How about the billions and billions of non-super-powered souls roaming around the spirit world confused?

I'm also still confused about which Luthor is which and what happened to the Earth-2 that got recreated and how all the characters who got shuffled over there got shuffled back. As I said, confusing storytelling.

Again, I ask exactly what was the point to INFINITE CRISIS? Was it just to kill tons of worthless characters nobody really gave a crap about before? Was it to make the character of Superboy (whether Connor or Prime) unviable as a character as way of flipping the bird to the family of Jerry Siegel who just won the latest round in their attempt to negate the Transfer of Copyright for Superboy and his derivatives? Was it originally to restore at least a twin-Earth concept to the DC Universe and split the line back out into an Earth-1/Earth-2 continuity? I suspect it was a bit of all of that. But on the topic of the multiverse, it seems pretty obvious that for some reason orders from the top caused a mid-series shift to retain the single universe concept. This was stupid considering that the core comic-buying audience has demonstrated through the success of Marvel's ULTIMATE Line, simultaneously published alongside their mainline comics, that they are perfectly capable and able to support a multiversal publishing concept. But just as DC chickened out in 1986 by reversing their wheels and quashing the plan to restart everything from scratch post-CRISIS, DC pulled the same stunt here once again by chickening out on returning to a viable and limited form of a working multiverse.

But the conceptual problems are not where the idiocy ends. There is a scene in this comic book that is vomit-inducingly so wrong headed I'm just dumbfounded. I'm talking, of course, about the scene where Batman, in a fit of anger, puts a handgun between Alex Luthor's eyes. And it takes neck-snapper Wonder Woman stepping forward to tell Batman that it's not worth it to convince him not to pull the trigger? That is so egregiously wrong! Batman simply does not wield a gun. Even Bob Kane and Bill Finger figured that out and removed the gun from their Batman character very quickly. Just as we don't need a dumbass story preaching about natural law and how it justifies the last moral survivor of a planet executing three criminals to explain why Superman doesn't kill, we sure as hell don't need this story and Wonder Woman telling Batman "It's not worth it" to explain why Batman doesn't put a bullet into Luthor's brain. Batman and guns were settled when he confronted Joe Chill and turned him over to the police rather than exact personal justice.

Even pushed to his limits, Batman does not use a handgun. Period.

But beyond the existential problems and bringing the examination down to the four corners of the page, as a comic itself, the issue bombs. The artwork is all over the place. Over the course of the series, a noticeably silent in the press, Phil Jimenez saw his presence in this comic shrink and shrink. Was he pushed out? Was he too slow? Was he doing his work and having page after page yanked and redrawn by others as the "too many editorial cooks" kept intervening with "better" ideas than Johns and Jimenez had in their original vision for this miniseries? Who knows? DC Corporate does a good job of keeping the talent's mouths closed or at least in lockstep with the press release. Instead we get a disjointed round-robin art job by eight, count 'em, eight different artists! And the range on the art goes from slick and top notch to barely a notch above amateurish. The two-page spread of the villains tearing up Metropolis by Jimenez is nice (at least the characters in the foreground) but the final two-page spread by, I guess, Joe Bennett, is utter crap for a number of reasons beyond just badly drawn figures and faces, but also little things like showing: Hourman flying, when he doesn't fly; or J'onn J'onzz looking like a reject from the CONEHEADS movie; or Capt. Marvel with a pig nose and long hair.

And the writing's not much better sometimes. Get this: Green Lantern tells us all that "The Society has broken open every metahuman prison on the planet. They're declaring war on us. They say if Superman's city falls … the others will follow." Which leads to the two-page spread of gazillions of villains tearing up Metropolis while Aquaman flexes his neck muscles. And they didn't even bother to ink half the spread. Instead they did a color hold on the pencils and just doused it all in red. Time saver, sure, but looks like crap. But we're ready to see the hero vs. villain battle to end all battles, right? Nope. We get a nice shot of the two Supermen defeating Doomsday, but the action shifts into space before the villains are defeated. The defeat of the villains happens ENTIRELY off-camera. We only know it happens because at the end there's a newspaper with the headline: "HEROES SAVE EARTH."

All this crap with Superboy Prime just gets progressively more insane and insipid. At one point, the two Supermen fly Superboy right through the heart of Krypton's red sun. That makes a LOT of sense. The red sun removes Superman's powers, but somehow they all survive a trip through a red sun and crash land on to that weird planet-sized Green Lantern. This turns out to just be one more opportunity to show Superboy Prime spewing blood all over creation as he raves like a super-lunatic. This time the blood is that of the Earth-2 Superman. That's right, the guy strong enough to change and shatter reality just by punching his fists and who just survived flying through a sun! His face gets pulped by this skinny little creep. It's a death with less honor than Capt. Kirk getting killed by a "bridge" falling on him. Gee isn't it ironic? Superman killed by Superboy! The fans will love it!

By the end, there's a little literary callback to the original CRISIS with a scene where the adult Bart Allen passes on the tattered remains of Barry Allen's Flash costume to Jay Garrick, telling him that "You're the fastest man alive again." Basically a copycat of the scene where Wally accepted the mantle of Flash in the original CRISIS. The only scene I really liked in the whole comic was when the real Luthor introduces Joker to Alex Luthor and we watch Joker rather nastily and graphically kill Alex for not including Joker in his little Society game. Not that the scene is very positive, but I've come to so utterly loathe the Alex Luthor character over the course of this series that I was glad to see the Joker take him out. But I absolutely hated hated hated the last page with Superboy having gone from a frightened teenager unable to control his powers to a slobberingly evil villain who stands around supposedly depowered and carves a bloody "S" into his own chest with his own fingernails declaring that he'll get out one day. While slobber drips from his drooling mouth.

I ask once again, what was the point of this incomprehensible crap? If it was to entertain, it failed. If it was to tell a good adventure story, it failed. If it was to advance the characters, it failed. If it was to fix continuity, it failed. If it was to restore heroism as an ideal among the heroes, it failed. If it was to give the golden age Superman one last great adventure, it failed. If it was to further confuse continuity, further darken the heroes, set up plots and not follow through, glorify violence, kill arbitrarily, showcase inconsistent artwork, and generally demonstrate disrespect for 65 years of continuity, then I guess it succeeded at that.

What a waste of potential.
iDigress...a journey with all my tunes on iPod.

When I hit song #1668 on the iPod Known As Solaris the Tyrant Sun...I cleared my "Play List Count" for hopefully the last time. I can now quantify what my favorite songs are. I now have a small stack of random CDs waiting to be ripped. I started that pile after ripping the last of the discs borrowed from Dr. Hooey. Shuffle is now better than ever with a song not repeating for at least more than 4 days. It tells me since it is currently 15:09 Thursday, May 18, 2006 it is also 08:10 Friday, May 19, 2006 in Wellington, NZ. My recipes and calendar are an effort away so they can be accessed on the go...it is part PDA.
I can view pictures and recently Season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was added to the shows I can purchase from the iStore.

I have seen iFuture and iT is good.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Mother of a Smoking PUCK!...

courtesy of this week's The Onion:

Bruins Sign Future Flyers All-Star To Three-Year Deal

May 11, 2006 | Onion Sports

BOSTON—The Bruins agreed to terms Monday with 2005 second-round draft pick Petr Kalus, signing him to a three-year contract that NHL insiders predict will be just long enough for Kalus to evolve into an All-Star-caliber player before his inevitable trade to the perennial playoff contender Philadelphia Flyers. The Czech Republic native will follow former Bruin greats Sergei Samsonov and Joe Thornton in continuing the tradition of Boston players who were traded immediately before their breakout season. "We look forward to obstructing Petr's development during his three frustrating years in Boston, although we certainly dread watching his much better career after he blossoms into the Flyers' top point scorer," Bruins interim GM Jeff Gorton said. "I wouldn't be surprised to see him score 30 goals in a season, many of them against us." Over his three years in Boston, Kalus is expected to endure a brief stint in the minors, be called up by the cellar-dwelling Bruins, battle a series of avoidable minor injuries, get traded for two draft picks and a player to be named later to Philadelphia, and begin his run at being named MVP in 2009, 2010, and 2013.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sorry to hear about the ACL Leah. That's really crappy luck.

Best wishes for a fast and complete recovery whether you decide to go with the surgery or not.

And to answer your comics question, Kiwi...

What DCU Comics will I be reading in the wake of the INFINITE CRISIS?

I'm reading a few of the "One Year Later" (OYL) arcs. OYL picks up "In Medios Res", in the middle of the action one year later.


TT #34 OYL

I'm aboard on this title until it gets stale again or has too many tie-in crossover issues with the upcomimg "TEEN TITANS EAST". This title is written...and has been written by Geoff Johns, who penned the CRISIS.


#118 OYL

Batman's first Robin all grown up has had his own title for about 10 years now and has been Nightwing since the early 1980s. This title moves to NYC (spits on ground) and has Dick Grayson rediscovering his Superhero Schwerve...but there is another Nightwing prowling the streets of New York and this "hero" kills. Dick needs to clear his name and make the pretender retire while juggling a swinging single love life.


AC #838 OYL

"Up, Up & Away" is the 8-part bi-weekly Superman story by Geoff Johns & Kurt Busiak. I chose this over the Batman 8-parter "Face the Face" which is bi-weekly in BATMAN & DETECTIVE COMICS. Following the resolution of INFINITE CRISIS #7, Superman is powerless. Well, isn't it about time Superman came back. Clark's been busy lving life with Lois and as a reporter for the Daily Planet. This is one fun ride on this title.

ION (of 12)

ION #1

I love Green Lantern and Kyle Rayner became my favorite GL. This is Kyle's new story written by the man who introduced him to the DCU, Ron Marz. So far, so good and I'm looking forward to more. Disappointed that it's only 12 issues long but sales equal longevity in the world of serialized published fiction.

I tried the OUTSIDERS but it bored me. I flipped through FIRESTORM & JSA but I snoozed.

And this Wednesday starts, "52". A weekly publication chronicling the year inbetween the CRISIS and the OYL.

52 #1

Kiwi...check out the 6 page preview here. It's really great and I am in for all of them. In issues #2-12, there is the supplemental & definitive "History of the DCU" in the back of the funnybook and each issue of 52 will have a 2-page definitive origin of a character. I also heard from DC's Editor in Chief, Dan Didio that everyone remembers everything...except for one person (and that's fodder for later).

Infinite Crisis was a great read and my "copy" is 14 issues long. there were so many tie-ins, crossovers and specials that I had to pick up a few to make my "Sully Edit" of the IC the best way to read the CRISIS.
My copy goes in this order:
TEEN TITANS #32 (which is a longer "cut" of the Superboy/Superboy-Prime fight)
INFINITE CRISIS SECRET FILES & ORIGINS 2006 (this explains everything)

IC #7 Jim Lee cover. I bought the George Perez cover, go figure with my love of Green Lanterns, et al.

Now the Batman Annual #25 is not technically an IC Crossover or Special but IC's "Continuity Wave" or as the fanboyz call "Superboy Prime Punches" fixed the DCU's history. Batman Annual #25 brings us up to date with an old friend, once dead but who shouldn't have been killed. This person was reintroduced in BATMAN: HUSH and his mystery and presence in BATMAN has remained ever since. I file the Batman Annual #25 excatly there for grokking. Sorry but the OMAC PROJECT INFINITE CRISIS SPECIAL #1 did not make the cut. That was a little weak in my opinion but maybe you'll enjoy it. It's meant to be read between ICs #6 & 7.

Batman Annual #25 first printing. I got the second printing with an even cooler cover. it's worth the money. Check out the preview pages here.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kiwi...you've been reading the INFINITE CRISIS??? Awwwright! The Comics Gnome told me to tell you that you rawk hard!

Here's some food for thought then regarding issue #6...I posted this and started a really robust thread at DCU Comics Message Bored...

So Kiwi...did you catch point #7 here in your reading of IC #6? ^_~

Things I really liked about INFINITE CRISIS #6
Posted: Apr 6, 2006 9:32 AM
Click to reply to this topic Reply

Just what the big title says...and feel free to post what you liked BEST about INFINITE CRISIS #6...the accurately billed penultimate issue. Here are a few that got my blood going with satisfaction.

1. Conner Kent Turning Japanese. That's a loaded thing to say, huh? I mean that with complete respect though. I got a piece of Kanji tatooed on my body somewhere but iDigress ...I say turning Japanese because every cool Americanized anime series I've seen has some Japanese motion picture release or OVA with the young hero sacrificing himself (Star Blazers are to Yamato as Robotech is to Macross...hello?). 100% Kurosawa. Boo-yah.

2. Black Adam. Absolutlely.

3. Green Lanterns don't like Blue Beetles. Well I forsee trouble in the Crayola Box, eh? ^_~

4. "New Earth". Tee hee...giggle, giggle!!! I'm giddy, for Pete's Sake!!! ^_^ YEAH!!! A new Earth to play on!!! So far OYL is great and I am so into getting "52" at this point I might drop the Ben Franklin in order to save $30.

5. Earth-One. Stonehenge. Swamp Thing joing hands in order to summon the Spectre. Editorially speaking that's great because SWAMP THING is a Vertigo title and is that going to be OYL, 'cuz that volume of SWMAPY is a spin-off of HELLBLAZER. I looked up and down the Stonehenge scene and I couldn't find John Constantine, his Silk Cut cigarette butts on the ground or trademark trechcoat billowing in the wind anywhere. Last time I saw Constantine in the DCU was Hal Jordan's funeral way back in GL #81. Constantine was introduced in CoIE but editorially the DCU really can't touch Vertigo Hellblazer. That's a pickle huh? And did I not see Zatara II in the Titans Tower in TEEN TITANS #34 OYL. Zatara II's "old" origin included the fact that his father was John Constantine...hmmmm...food for thought.
And the Spectre's judgement of Star Sapphire. Awesome...

6. "You can never trust them again after all they have done", Brother Eye to Batman...a hole opens with Green Lantern Hal Jordan reaching to his estranged friend to save him with Batman answering to his creation, "I'll take my chances". And that sequential panel of Batman reaching for Hal. I also loved Green Arrow's questioning of Batman on why he was asked to join the Brother Eye Strike team, "Just to see if you'd show". Brave & the Bold indeed.

and lastly my favorite gimmick in the entire series to date is in this issue and it is...

7. Alex Luthor looking for Earth-Prime...looking right at the Fourth Wall and reaching for us. If anytime in the history of comics should a panel have been printed to be seen in 3-D.


Rev. Sully
BTW... to answer your previous question, yes Sully, we do have a PSP, and as far as gadgets go it's fairly cool. The quality of graphics is awesome and the games are fairly involved. I do have to say though that a lot of the graphic quality was lost on the lack of structure to most of the games that we have tried so far too date on the PSP. Well, other than "Tiger Woods - PGA tour" which is a very cool game. The Spiderman was trialled but both Chris and I gave up quickly as the scenarios were repetitive and frankly Spidey was quite difficult to control. We haven't picked up any of the mini DVD's for the PSP as yet. Mainly because there has been no need, and we haven't really played around too my with uploading music to it because we are too stingey to buy a bigger memory card.

Don't know if that answers your question or not. From a gaming POV I would stick with your gameboy advanced for now and save your pennies for the Playstation 3.

Sully , I've just finished the INFINITE CRISIS series *SOB*. Intense. Now I don't know what to do with myself.

Were to go... which arc to read next... so many to choose from...

Have you picked up any of the 52 series yet???
Heya boys...

Well, it's been a while and my excuses are, well, let me explain...

For the last few years I've been playing a bit of 'social' soccer. I had joined up with a few of Chris' friends for the odd mid-week game. As a result, I made a few good friends amongst some of the girls and we decided to build a winter league team. We managed to recruit just enough girls to enter into the 5th division grade and away we went. I admit, I was excited! Finally, a chance to work on both my fitness and my skills in a game I honestly enjoy (despite my over ambitious competitive nature). Now, I had been nursing a mild injury - one I had actually suffered in my last game of summer soccer. I was recieving weekly physio for it, and I was building up good strength. My physio was a little worried I had possibly torn my lateral meniscus (some of the cartilage within the knee) and so I went to see a specialist, who fully checked out my knee, but said that although my knee was lax, it was unfortunately just the way I was made and I'd have to take care, but live with it.

Taking this on board I was actually quite confident in my knee, my strength was good, I was performing well in practice and on the field, and I was having few problems with it. In fact, my other knee was giving me a bit of grief. On the day in question (the 16th of April to be exact) I made the decision to strap 'the sore knee' - not the one I had (now months ago) injured, as it was feeling just fine. We played the first half, it wasn't going so well. My knee was fine but as team we weren't pulling it together. In fact I was getting a bit 'frustrated' as one of our strikers was under the unfounded impression she was better than the rest of us, and was giving myself (left wing) and the other striker ongoing 'advice'. Advice, that neither of us wanted to hear. We each had 'words' with her and by half time the three of us were a bit worked up (she walked off the field, never to be seen again). I shook it off, we didn't need her, and frankly were playing a better game without her. The whistle blew for the second half, the ball was kicked out on my side. Throw in... Amber our center-mid took the pass, kicked it mid-field, it popped out and out again on my side. Throw in... similar scenario - but this time the ball popped out into my half of the field, no one around, and plently of time for my to keep the ball in and move it up the field into our half. I jogged over to the ball, turned my body to keep the ball in, touched it with my left boot, my right knee suddenly collapsed and threw itself out laterally, there was a 'POP' sound. Pain went seering through my body and I collapsed over myself, the ball, and the sideline. It wasn't until I hit that ground that I heard myself yelling out. My knee felt white hot and, there was no way I was gonna be able to straightn my knee anytime soon... I tore the brace off of my left knee and suddenly realised that that one felt pretty good now...

I went to the specialist again on Friday. Ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). Now the question is do I get sugery or not. I think I will, especially knowing that the rest of the structures in my knee are fairly lax, and frankly I would one day like to play soccer again, and even be able to comfortably run after my kids. Of course getting the surgery in no way ditactes how my knee will be in the future. I have a number of friends who have had reconstruction and a few who haven't. Some have come out wonderfully after surgery, others a year later still find their knee very troublesome. Of those who haven't had surgery similar stories have been told. But often their recovery time is much greater, at least two years. All for one ligament that is generally no longer than about a centimeter.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

NZ blames media for tsunami fracas

They failed to mention that the reason the NZ Civil Defence did nothing was because they were all still asleep!

Monday, May 01, 2006

He doesn't even look tired...

I wish we had a bigger one to see the veins bulging on his forehead.