Thursday, April 27, 2006

Loaded Bases!

A Red Sox Roadtrip by Rev. Sully
April 27, 2006

We lost 7-1...so what. The best way to enjoy the fine art of Baseball is to have a good and sane grasp on the fundamental nature of the Game...and Red Sox Nation puts the emphasis on the Mental in that word as well. The Fundamentals being "you hit the ball, you catch the ball, you throw the ball...sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains". Meathead and I drove 11 hours to Cleveland, Ohio for the sole reason of seeing one Red Sox away game at Jacobs Field. We needed to nap between 1 and 3AM...we're only human. We left Boston about 6PM and after working all day to boot.
We got to Cleveland about 5AM-ish and crashed out in the Hotel lobby's couches since we couldn't check in early. With only an hour's worth of napping, we decided to walk around the city and see some sights. The Cuyahoga River was first on the list mostly due to a Randy Newman song "Burn On" in the movie "Major League". Meathead & I kept walking about the city...and found it to be a really nice and clean city contrary to the Buzz. We found a breakfast place and noshed on pancakes, eggs and strong coffee. We then found ourselves in a bar called Karl's Inn of Barristers, aptly named since it was across the street from the courthouse. Being not even 9AM, I ask the silly question if they serve beer at this hour...Karl Himself said "we are open aren't we?". After 6 beer a piece, 2 hours of AM TV shows and one of the most delicious Corned Beef Sammiches later, we stumble out to meet the day and view Lake Erie which was behind the Located-In-Downtown Cleveland Browns Football Stadium.
Next door to the Cleveland Browns Stadium was the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I really wanted to check it out but I also am only 14% Evil these days so I had a back-up plan if the Admission Price was too steep...which it was at $20/head so I made my Rock & Roll Fantasy a reality...I urinated on the Rock & Roll Hall. Seriously and truly. And it was very Rock & Roll of me to do...'sides I was very tipsy and needed relief after all those beer. Sid Vicious smiled up at me from Hell but iDigress...
We were then allowed to check into our hotel room where we slept it off for three hours. By then it was then time for the Pre-Game Beer & Sammiches Ritual. We saw a street cordoned off where some Hollywood types were filming a scene for a upcoming release of some movie called...what was it...oh yeah, Spider-Man 3. We didn't hang out to get in crowd shots...we had to find beer & sammiches.

The fans of Cleveland are in the words of my people, Wickid Pissah and my people were there as well. Red Sox Nation was there in full force. We hung out with a couple, Mike & Anna at the Winking Lizard for a spell. They were on their way to the game as well. Three seperate groups of people bought us beer...Cleveland is a wonderful place. Then it was time to go to the Game.
Jacobs Field was opened in 1994 so it's one of the Noveau Cathedrals of MLB. The place is what a baseball park should be. Modern and at the same time, classic. Meathead had the foresight of wanting better seats so he manipulated the print-out tickets and changed the Section & Seat numbers to be behind the plate. Where we sat for most of the game once we got our wanderlust out of the way. Yes...the beermen serve Miller Lite. We chatted up our neighbors all night, high-fived the Sox fans around us and I belted out Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" in the mid 8th inning...which all the Sox Fans around up sang back-up during the chorus. That was a freakin' moment. The Indians fans loved it that we were quoting the movie "Major League" all night long. We got major league props for that bit of geekness.
After the Game, more Beer and more making friendly with Sox & Indian fans. I retreated to the Hotel after shots were being bought for all...I can't abide with imbibing such as that anymore. I was "home" by Midnight-ish. Meathead ended up stumbling back close to 4AM.
The morning was full of sleep, big glasses of water and Advil. On the way out of the City, we had to stop back at Karl's Inn of Barristers for breakfast and watching "The View".

Cleveland is a great city and we're already looking for an excuse to return. That silly marketing idea called "Interleague Play" only allows the Red Sox one series in Cleveland per season to make room for meaningless games. Unfortunatley the Patriots don't play the Browns this coming season but as General Douglas MacArthur said, "I shall return"...but hopefully we'll be back next Red Sox season for maybe two games.

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*tap tap*

:: skweeeeeee ::

*is this on?*

Hey Sully 'n Company! I figured I'd dust the cobwebs off my password and log in to say thanks for posting the links to the 48 hour films, and for the shout out about the marathon. Last time I wrote in the ol' blog web pages were made out of burlap, but I'm glad to be back and appreciate the good word or five in my direction.

and now, this ...


- really thick syrupy gatorade is great for sore throats
- it's not the hills that get you, it's the repeated pounding of your body against the ground
- you really have to wait all day to get a BC student to tone down from his 'drunk voice'
- Running 20 miles feels about 'right' for the body. Miles 21 to 25 are like that scene in "the Right Stuff" where Chuck Yeager is blasting the X-1 into Mach 2 territory - pushing the envelope. 25 to the end is like Yentl.
- if you really have to pee, and you have nowhere nearby to go. Run 5 miles. By then your body just soaks it back into your system and sweats it out, and then you don't have to pee anymore
- Wellsely College is a wonderful institution that must be preserved at any cost. Seriously. Any cost.

Rock on, Chicago!
More 48-Hour Film Project Movies!!!

My very good friend Karen Mae Black has also produced her third entry into the annual 48-Film Project. This year, her entry is called "Room 17" and they drew Silent Film. Look for my little bro, Aaron "Posty" DeGraff as the guitar player in this very avant-garde short film. Bravo, Karen and your crew! This is your best yet.

What is The 48-Hour Film Project, you might be asking? Quite simply interested independent filmmakers have to Write, shoot and edit a short film in 48 hours. The filmakers are given their style of film at random draw (silent, comedy, musical, sci-fi, et al.). The films must share three things; a line of dialog, a character name and a prop. This year the character was "G. Goforth", the prop a bicycle pump and the line of dialog was "I can't trust her anymore"...that's a paraphrase at best.

Check out Peter Fernandez' brilliant "Team Summer Villa"'s entry from last year "They're At It Again". He drew musical two years in a row and were relieved to draw comedy this year.
Their previous year's Award Winning entry "Sweeter By Far" is great as well. Well worth the time but only if you like to be entertained...you are warned.

Once I get Karen's previous movies I'll post the links as well...if only to show the world even more Aaron acting.

April 20, 2006
By Rev. Sully

Still Burning Brightly although the Bruins’ Ash Urns are no Stanley Cup.
aka: Bowled Over by “Cheech & Thorn”!

What are the Smoking PUCK’s judgments of the 2005-06 Boston Bruins’ season? I can sum it up in one thought: 32 one-goal losses. Missing the Playoffs by 18 regular season points...hmmm. Do the Math and one will see that although the Bruins were a different team after the Big Trade, the results were the same at the end. For a team accused of giving up late in the game early in the Season, the B’s were 1-for-8 in April, 4-for-16 in March and 2-for-6 in the “abridged for the Olympics” February. Momentum was gaining in January when the Bruins went 8-for-14 with the two-week break squashing any developing magic. There were glimmers of extraordinary talent & game play but between injuries and roster mismanagement, the Bruins were a one-line team of Young Guns Patrice Bergeron and Brad Boyes at the final whistle. All in all, do you think people were glad to have NHL Hockey back after “the Long Offseason”? Indeed we must have been very happy to return to the Rink with record-setting attendance in the New Ice Age of the NHL. I had to read it for myself to believe people actually came out in droves to watch hockey in Nashville and Raleigh.

Close the Window...it’s Draft Day in Here.
The Bruins have an 8.1% chance of receiving the First Overall pick in the upcoming Rookie Lottery Draft later today. This is because the B’s ended up the Fifth Worst team in the NHL this year. Membership has its privileges, as the cliché goes. The best chance at 25% goes to the St. Louis Blues in the Bingo-inspired lottery that decides the Draft order since they were the Cellar Dwellers in the ’05-’06 Season. This Lottery is for the lucky teams that did not qualify for the Playoffs and decide the order 1 through 14 for the June 24th Prom.

Are you giving me the hassle, man...congrats to “Cheech & Thorn”.
Who would have thought that the Boston Bruins would have it in them to trade the best player in the League? Of course the Gallery Gawds always knew Joe Thornton had it in him to be a consummate All-Star and leader but it took a trade to the other side of the country to prove it. Jonathan Cheechoo was paired with the exiled Bruins captain from the first day and magic ensued...Northern Californian kind of magic. “Cheech” blossomed and a new force in the NHL crystallized. They were fast friends and now true buds. “Cheech & Thorn” have netted the Rocket Richard & Art Ross Trophies, respectively. Cheech beat the Blueshirted Jaromir Jagr for overall goals, beating the Czech with two hits 56 to 54 in goals and Trooper Thorn beat the same Ranger in season points, 125 against 123 to earn the League’s Most Valuable Player. So a hearty congratulations to Cheech & Thorn...smoke ‘em in the Playoffs, boys. You’re so good I’m seeing colors and I think I could wear Teal this Second Season.

Cheech & Thorn: Things Are Pucks All Over.

Sidenote: I’m not one for blaming the upper management & ownership over every on-ice woe & player performance such as “The Way It Is Done In Boston” in the Sports Media in radio & print. Nevertheless the Thornton deal really illuminates the fact that if Trooper Thorn had the right players with him, he could have succeeded in Beantown as he has in San Jose. Lots of “coulda, woulda, shoulda been”’s on this subject. It is food for thought. Joe Thornton was the X-Factor in stirring the last place Sharks into a feeding frenzy to make the Playoffs and end up in Second place in their Division while our chums on Causeway Street have already left the building. Even Sergei Samsonov, who was sent to the Gulag Edmonton Oiler has made the Second Season with his new team. Speaking of what the Boston Sports Illuminati have to say about our Hockey Club, read here to see what they have to say about the future of the Bruins’ coach Mike Sullivan. From one Sully to another...keep your head up and your elbows down and you’ll always be on your feet.


Rev. Sully

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The Smoking Puck is featured at the Boston Sports Massacre. The “BSM” is a Boston-based weekly Sports web site.
The PUCK is also now available at Philly Keith Dot Com. Great, independent Hockey talk from the City of Brotherly Love now with a Beantown Boy chiming in.

All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Intrepid Peter, “RTFM”.
Happy 4/20...all day long.

Heya Kiwi...I want to hear more about gadgets in particularly your PSP. You got one of those Bad Larrys, correct?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Speaking of Dr. Hooey's Going-On...

In addition to training for his first marathon, he found time to produce an entry at this year's "48-Hour Film Festival".
Check out "Getting Gary" here at You Tube Dot Com. Original music by past OCHO contributers Dr. Hooey and Hawt Dawg, Keith Messier.
Congratulations Dr. Hooey!!!

OCHO's very own abesentee Doctor of IntrePoop, Peter Fernandez ran the Boston Marathon in 4:38:48.


Peter ran for the American Liver Fondation.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Fri, Apr. 14, 2006

Purdy: New York media darling Jagr will steal Thornton's MVP

By Mark Purdy
Mercury News

Anyone who knows his ice from a hole in the ground knows I'm right. This season, Joe Thornton has been the best team player in hockey, a team sport where team players must think faster and be tougher than in any other team sport.

By all rights, that should make Thornton a lock to claim the NHL's most valuable player award, the Hart Memorial Trophy.

But the man has no chance. None. Zero. Nada. And while you're at it, you can throw in whatever the Canadian expression is for ``zilch.''

The reason has nothing to do with Thornton's skill, or his style, or the way he transformed a Sharks roster from a November washout into an April force of forechecking nature.

Nope. It has nothing to do with any of that. Know how come Thornton can't win the Hart Trophy?

It's his wardrobe.

When Thornton pulls on his uniform before each game, he is wearing a Sharks logo on his chest. He is not wearing a New York Rangers logo. And in the NHL, it makes all the difference.

The Rangers logo belongs to Jaromir Jagr, who is Thornton's only real competition in the MVP voting conducted by writers in each league city.

Jagr is having a terrific season, too. He is tied with Thornton for the NHL scoring lead at 122 points. But there is a stark difference between the two. Jagr makes great plays for himself. Thornton makes great plays that allow others to make great plays. For expert testimony, consult Thornton's No. 1 advocate, Sharks Coach Ron Wilson, who coached Jagr when both were with the Washington Capitals.

``If this is about the best player, that's one thing,'' Wilson said Thursday before the Sharks' 5-3 victory over Vancouver. ``But this is supposed to be about the guy most valuable to his team, who does the most for his team. I don't see how it's even close. Joe takes two-thirds of our faceoffs. He is one of our top penalty killers, our best defensive forward.''

The trouble is that no matter what business you're in, New York puts a bigger spotlight on your business.

Thus, Jagr.

He will win the MVP award because he plays in New York, for a team that commands the most attention in the country's largest city. That's just how it is.

I never used to believe the stuff about East Coast bias, in hockey or anything else.

But in October 1998, I traveled with the Sharks to Tokyo. They opened the NHL season with two games against Calgary.

The only American writers in Japan to cover the games were from the Bay Area. The NHL sent several people from the league office to run the operation. But every time you wanted to ask them a question, they seemed to be preoccupied with other matters.

``How are the Rangers doing?'' they kept asking one another. ``Have you talked to New York?''

After a while, it almost became laughable. So we surrendered. We began asking about the Rangers scores ourselves.

The trip taught me a lesson. New York matters. Always has. Always will. Nothing wrong with that. With the national television networks located in New York -- and ESPN a short drive away in Connecticut -- there will always be more attention paid to New York teams and other East Coast teams in general. And it helps Jagr that the Rangers missed the playoffs for seven consecutive seasons until recently clinching a postseason spot, making his work even more visible.

``I hate to say it,'' Wilson said, ``but having the Rangers be good and having Jagr there in New York is what the league needs. But that's a disservice to Joe and what he's done this season.''

Aye, that's the beef. And it's not simply a New York thing. Of the NHL's 30 franchises, 22 are in the Eastern or Central time zones. Those 22 teams -- and their players -- are always going to be seen by more people. By the time West Coast games conclude, their highlights can't appear on nightly sportscasts in the East.

How does that affect MVP voting? Just as you'd guess. Only once has a player from the Pacific time zone won the Hart Trophy -- Wayne Gretzky, as a Los Angeles King in 1989. And only twice in the past 15 years has anyone west of St. Louis been named MVP -- Colorado's Joe Sakic (2001) and Peter Forsberg (2003). Only the most demented hockey night owls back east stay up and watch West Coast games. The past few months, the non-owls have missed quite a show. When Thornton and Jonathan Cheechoo are on the ice together for the Sharks, anything can happen. They are the best sports theme-park ride in Northern California until further notice.

Jagr also feeds his friends in New York. But he has only 68 assists to Thornton's 94. Conversely, Jagr has 54 goals to Thornton's 28. At heart, this argument is an almost exact parallel to the NBA debate about whether Steve Nash (team player) deserves the MVP award more than Kobe Bryant (one-on-one master).

Me? I go with Nash. And his skating Canadian countryman.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


April 13, 2006
By Rev. Sully

Reaping what you sow...although So Close yet So Far Away...
aka: Don’t fear the Reaper, So Ends another So-So Season...So it Goes.


As my mom would say “so? Sew buttons” to that.

Kurt Vonnegut would say, “So it goes”.

And so does the Bruins Season. Tonight will be the final home game in a seesaw & so-so season that marked the return of NHL Hockey and a New World Order. Marred by mediocrity and marked by personnel changes, this Bruins season might be unfairly recorded as a failure. In the beginning of the Season, the Beantown faithful found out the hard way that veteran talent means slow hockey and lots of penalties. That the Bruins lost their steam late in games and although they played 2 periods of entertaining hockey, the 3rd period usually meant the B’s would blow the game late. The Bruins will finish the season in last place in the Northeast Division to the chagrin of the Gallery Gawds.

Shake-ups in line-ups. Plagued by injuries. Revolving door at Goalie. Trading away the current franchise with dishing Captain Joe Thornton to the struggling San Jose Sharks for three key players and then trading intermittently brilliant forward Sergei Samsonov to Edmonton for some pluggers. By the way, Trooper Thorn has made a huge impact on that struggling San Jose team by helping the Sharks reach the playoffs. They secured their playoff berth yesterday. High Hopes...and an injured reserve list that reads like the second and third line “line-ups”. It’s been a hard season for the fans to watch. From a 2-7 shootout record to losing 16 of the past 20 games. A last place & under .500 team does not deserve to be in the Playoffs and that’s the bitter truth. The Bruins will miss the playoffs by not being able to win 6 or 7 of those close games all over the schedule and being not able to win key games against their division rivals. Montreal themselves are 6-1 against the Bruins this year and goalie Tim Thomas is 1-4 against Les Habs. For the record though...I am still going to the game tonight, all in all. Tonight’s the last chance to smell the ice before it’s time to high-five Wally the Green Monster.

This year the 7th Player goes to...
Goalie Tim Thomas. Tim was called up on January 14, 2006 and has been the Bruins starting goalie ever since with injuries to rest of the Goalie Corps in Beantown Faire. Thomas was also awarded a three-year contract extension in addition to the Jeep Commander he won from the fans. I personally voted for rookie winger Brad Boyes who is second in Bruins scoring this year and has played in all 80 games, could be the dark horse 3rd selection for Rookie of the Year. Boyes has the snowball’s chance in Hades of receiving the Calder trophy. That honor will surely go to Washington’s Alexander Ovechkin. Brad Boyes is 3rd overall in rookie scoring this season.

I have enjoyed returning to the “Gahh-den” this year and taking my rightful place among the Gallery Gawds. I like the new rules and letting the players shoot the puck. I like the idea of the shootout resolution (although it’s burned the Bruins too many times this year). I’ll be back next year, for sure God willing. I guess after Saturday it’s time to look like Cameron Frye and root for a Western Conference team, huh? The Second Season starts next week and I’ll be tuned in.

This one’s for the Birds especially the Boo-Birds in the Gallery...Poo Tee Weet. Get it?


Rev. Sully

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All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Intrepid Peter, “RTFM”.
The Comics Gnome Busts Out the Kleenex for a Fallen Hero...

DC's INFINITE CRISIS will be over next month. The sequel to 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths happens to be one of the most rewarding experiences as a DC Comics fan I can remember. In issue #6, a brave, young hero sacrifices their life to save the Universe. The rest of the story is going to be a mop up by the Trinity; Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman but the theme of Geoff Johns masterpiece here is "what it takes to be a hero". And it takes intention and sacrifice. It takes overcoming fear and protecting people.

Infinite Crisis #6, George Perez cover. The Jim Lee cover gives too much away to post here. ^_~

Infinite Crisis #6 was literally a moving experience. I was moved to near-tears (again) by the fever pitch of all the stories along with Batman finally confronting his creation, Brother Eye. The OMAC Project Infinite Crisis Special has to be read after IC #6 to grok fully.

All of the DC title have re-started "In Medias Res" One Year Later. One Year after the events of IC #7. The Comics Gnome brought me Superman's Up Up & Away, the 8-part One Year Later (OYL) arc with part 3 to be received today. batman has Face the Face, another 8-parter with the Dynamic Duo, Batman & Robin returning to Gotham City after a year's sabbatical. Wonder Woman herself will get a new issue #1 in July. Green Lantern has now enraged the rest of the world because American heroes are no longer allowed to operate on foriegn soil. Green Arrow became the Mayor of Star City. The Teen Titans are split into Titans West, the "real" team and Titans East, a "renegade" team. It is a great time to be a DCU fan. I've been an active part of the DCU Infinite Crisis Message "Bored". Look for me there as "rev_sully". The Comics Gnome approves of this waste of time.

Go spoil it for yourself if you have to but if you can...read the story. It is that good but it really is only for the advanced fan. I dunno how a new or novice fan can fully enjoy it.

On the other side of the coin, the Comics Gnome actually pooted forth a MARVEL magazine on the Coffee Table. GASP!!! A new issue from the House of Ideas in my House??? The Ultimates 2, issues # 9 & 10 found their way home. Now the Comics Gnome hadn't pooted forth ANY thing MARVEL all year long so far. Nothing. All previous interest in Marvel mags waned to the point where the proof is in the pudding and DCU funnybooks were in the Gnome's little hands. But Mark Millar's the Ultimates is different than the rest and volume 2 is coming to a close with 2 issues remaining.
The Ultimates 2, issues 9 & 10 were tough to swallow post-9/11. You have to read them to understand what I'm taking about seeing foriegn troops mass around a burning NYC. But the story arc "Grand Theft America" never ceases in going for the throat and in the end, the Ultimate version of Marvel's Avengers will stand trimuphant. As Stan the Man is key on saying...'Nuff Said.

Issue #11, Ultimates 2. "Grand Theft America"

BTW: The Ultimates 3 will be penned by Jeph Loeb, who has signed an exclusive deal with MARVEL...
I'm in the mood for love...simply because I love my iPod.

This is the best toy any boy could ask for. I'm starting to fully realize the potential out of this gadget and will tell anyone within the sound of this "voice" to save your pennies and get yourself an iPod. This new, 5th generation of iPod got it "right" and they will only get better. I got an iTunes Gift card and have found the joy of shopping for songs online. And I got my first videos. An amazing display at 2.5 inches...crisp, clean resolution. For those who haven't enjoyed this piece, the first video I downloaded was PIXAR's "Boundin'". a 4:40 long, feel-good jaunt which was an Oscar nominated animated short that preceeded the theatrical release of "The Incredibles" and is available on the 2nd disc in the DVD. No way yet to rip my own DVDs to iTunes to view on the road but that is forseeable in the near future. I'd love to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Star Wars or Justice League Unlimited on the thing. My next video (for a whoppin' $1.99) will be the "Return of Chef" episode of South Park, the season 10 premiere where Chef turns into Anakin Skywalker as he's seduced by Scien...I mean the Dark Side of the Force. You have to see it to believe it after Issac Hayes left the show over matters of religious intolerance. BTW, the second video I bought was the addictive sugary pop song from the Black Eyed Peas "My Humps". Music Videos play as regular songs in "Shuffle" mode without the video itself which was a cool surprise. "Boundin'" is a short movie that doesn't play as a song.
Due to the constraints of my 6GB Dell laptop, I'll be lucky to cram 400 songs (out of about 7,000) on it but so far it's the best mix tape I've ever made. T. Rex's "Jeepster" followed by Harry Belafonte's "Mama Look a Boo Boo" then "Aces High" by Iron Maiden. I love the shuffle. WSUL Perosnal Radio is up and running.
I also got room for thousands of pictures. I raided Matt & Kiwi's Flicr accounts for old pics. Soon 'nuff I'll sync up MS Outlook to it as well and use the calendar, I have it set up to use its potential as a PDA. I can't wait to figure out how to get the "T" bus schedules on it.

For our 2nd Anniversary, I bought the "Missus" an iPod. A 2GB for 2 years. She thought I was daffy sinking time & attention into a bloody piece of technology but I knew she'd love it when she knew she could view pictures on it...and it worked. She was leaving for Texas for Easter the other day and I had to run by her apartment to pick up her iPod for the trip.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

In a nutshell, a bunch of ancient Coptic documents were found in the 1970s, among them the Gospel according to Judas, which had been presumed lost for 1,600 years. Somehow, it wound up in a safe deposit box in New York, and was there decomposing rapidly until some religious historians stepped in and rescued the thousands of fragments it had fallen into, pieced them back together, and began translating it.

Apparently they've gotten through 26 pages of it, and thanks to the attention National Geographic has given the story, it's gotten some attention in major media outlets and is causing some stir this Easter.
As I understand the history of it, the Gnostics believed the God of the Old Testament was a meaner, lesser god than the one who sent Jesus to save us from Him. They believed that redemption came through special knowledge posessed by Christ, and passed on to a select few, including his close friend and desciple Judas. They did not believe that salvation came as a result of faith or divine grace, and so were in conflict with the growing church mainstream.

Scholars knew about the existance of the Gospel of Judas because of it's mention in a text titled Against Heresy, a refutation of Gnosticism by St. Ireaneus of Lyon, one of the most influential religious thinkers of the 2nd Century. In it, he decries the Gospel of Judas as fiction created to sow confusion and draw the faithful from the truth.

Now, the contents of the lost apocryphal Gospel are known, and some of what it has to say casts Judas in an entirely new light. Apparently, Jesus told him,
''you will exceed all of them, for you will sacrifice the man that clothes me," and otherwise instructed Judas that, in order for the prophesy to be fulfilled and for him to be recognised as the Messiah, Judas would have to betray him. He tells him also that he will be cursed for generations for doing so, but that his reward will be the greatest of all. That is to say, Jesus told him to turn him over to the Romans, and he was doing The Almighty a personal favor. Jesus was not guessing or using any particular omniscience when He said at the last supper, "One of you will betray me."

There is a difference of characterization in the text, which mostly deals with conversations Jesus and Judas had during the two weeks leading up to Passover. In the cannonical gospels, Jesus is never said to laugh. In the Gospel of Judas, he laughs several times, usually (according to Charles Radin of the Boston Globe) at "the foibles and insecurities of apostles". Jesus also tells Judas that the other apostles believe in "a lesser God" and tells him the secrets of the universe.

Friday, April 07, 2006

This is my favorite room on the InterPoop...

but I got one for you here Star Wars junikes...
Dr. Hooey sent me this via eMail...

now we've seen a lot of these, haven't we? Atom Films Dot Com has a great collection of Star Wars Fan Films but this piece is simply an independent Jedi Lightsabre fight called "High Schoolers Lightsabre Duel". I hope you enjoy an intense lightsabre fight...now I want to make a Fan Film. I was telling Hooey the number of toy lightsabres we have between the two of us we could arm an AwayTeam. It looks much cooler in CamelCase...trust me as Han Solo says.

But about the Gospel of Judas...I've only seen a headline. "A". I'll go look some stuff up now but even before I submerse myself in data I will broker some wisdom on the subject...actually any subject.
The fictional firery dame that is called Lois Lane once said, "Believe none of what you hear, half of what you read and all of what you write...". I think that's how it goes unless you have a copy of Superman For All Seasons.

(edited 4/10/2006 with link to the coolest fan lightsabre duel EVER!...until I manke one...muhhahahahahahhahahahaha!!!)
All of you have another opportunity to celebrate again next month when the majoirty of earths population celebrate it at 01:02:03 on the 4/5/6 (that is the 4th of May 2006). Though personally I doubt I'm going to set my alarm to wake up at one in the morning.

Matt - could you elaborate on the Judas gospel you mentioned... I haven't heard anything about it.
Mine said 12:31:07 04/07/06. I guess it only worked if you looked at 01:02:03 04/05/06, not 12 hours later.

What do you think about the newly media-released gospel according to Judas? If Jesus asked him to betray him so that he might be freed from his body, that changes things somewhat, eh?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I didn't have the heart to tell him my clock said 13:02:03, 4/5/06...shoot. ^_~

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

For all you digital clock celebrants, get on your party hats... it's almost 01:02:03 04/05/06!