Wednesday, March 29, 2006

An Opinionated PUCK!
a smoking puck op-ed piece

March 29. 2006
By Rev. Sully

Like Veruca at the Chocolate Factory...
aka: Mother’s Don’t Letcha Babies Grow Up To be Beat Writers.

”And the circle -- the great circle of strife -- around the spoked-B officially is under repair.”
Kevin Paul Dupont, the Boston Globe, March 27, 2006.

I think that Dupont is always so super-negative. Sheeesh. I'd hate to be negative about him right now. I'm done with being negative. I've had enough. It's like the Enlightenment at the end of the Streets album but iDigress...
Kevin Paul Dupont is a bit of a hero for me. He is the Boston Globe's beat writer for the Boston Bruins Hockey Club of the NHL. He's got the "Black & Golden Ticket". His access is astounding and the reach of his words cast far but the opinion that fuels his Gonzo tangents can be downright mean. Joe Thornton still a whipping boy almost 4 months after being traded. Esoteric mean taunts of players long gone by. Sinden, Jacobs and the other oompaloops running the show. But I want a Stanley Cup NOW, Daddy! Owch...saying that is kinda mean because I know that deep down inside, Kevin knows that only one team can hoist Lord Stanley’s Tupperware but we both want the B’s to be a successful & competitive team. Dupont is great when analyzing the Game but when the Bruins are doing bad, he's as fickle as a fair-weather fan. As judgmental as an Irish-Catholic mother. And as mean as a drunken Gallery Gawd.

My favorite analogy in times like this I hope can be more positive than my hero here. I remember being the size of an oompaloomp myself...being a kid down at Nastasket Beach in Hull, MA on Summer Days with my Mother. We didn't have a car, and it was just her & me so we'd take the "T" to Quincy Center and take the bus to the beach. Losing action figure accessories in the sand, sun burnt shoulders, cans of Coke in tinfoil and swimming in the sea all day long. Paragon Park was still there too at the time and I witnessed the Birth of Video Games on the Boardwalk. But to swim all day long. I recall being washed up onto the beach...I was so tired that land came up on me like sea's own wave. I looked up and I didn't recognize where I was. I tried to orient myself with something but it was a bit alien. Where's my mom's blanket & towel? Where am I? It takes a few minutes but then you realize darn...I gotta walk all that way down the beach to get back.

So with the nice weather approaching, daylight getting longer and the Playoffs approaching do not be surprised if the Bruins don't make it to the Playoffs. Getting in at this point with 8 games left in the season after tonight could take outside intervention. 13 points are needed for the "8-Spot" and 18 points can be earned if the Bruins go on a 9-0 streak starting this PM in Buffalo. However there are 3 other teams jousting around the "8-Spot" giving Hope a precious and mathematically possible glimmer. Hey, I'll be watching. And I'll keep reading the Sunday Globe Hockey column too...hopefully Dupont can someday play better with others; it is a team sport we're talking about here. Let’s just hope the squirrels don’t carry him away. Nooooge.


Rev. Sully

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All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Intrepid Peter, “RTFM”.

Monday, March 27, 2006

It's about time O'Connell was canned! He was at best a mediocre player and was an even worse manager.

Jacobs doesn't buy O'Connell's excuse

By Kevin Paul Dupont | March 27, 2006

Bruins president Harry Sinden, supporting a theory espoused for months by Mike O'Connell, noted in Saturday night's news conference that O'Connell lost his job as the club's general manager, in part, because of the failed business plan the club designed in the years leading up to the 2004-05 lockout.

Sinden, in fact, spoke with some sympathy on the matter, saying that O'Connell had been ''dealt the nine of hearts," an unmanageable hand -- specifically in the form a new collective bargaining agreement that was nearly the polar opposite of the schematic anticipated by Messrs. Sinden and O'Connell.

Not even three hours after Sinden rolled out his former GM's plight, and lent his credence, support, and sympathy, owner Jeremy Jacobs labeled that reasoning for the club's failures as a ''load of [expletive]."

''That's what I think of that," added Jacobs, whose ire over his all-but-dysfunctional NHL product finally has come to a head in recent days and weeks. ''I really do."

Jacobs, while acknowledging he agreed with the pre-lockout business plan, one he said was structured by Sinden and O'Connell, made it clear he held the two accountable for not making the plan work.

''No one had a cleaner platter to build the team they wanted," said Jacobs, reached by telephone at his Florida home. ''A lot of the performances [of the players signed] fell far short of what was expected of them. So I don't share that belief. Who is [O'Connell] kidding?"

By Jacobs's eye, his management team should have been able to make far better use of the millions of dollars in cap room that it cleared out in anticipation of the new CBA being finalized last July. O'Connell used nearly $11 million of the $39 million cap to bring back free agents Joe Thornton and Glen Murray, and then failed to land Peter Forsberg and Mike Modano. The 'A' list of free agents quickly gone in a heated seller's market, O'Connell then signed the 'B'-list likes of forward Alexei Zhamnov ($12 million over three years), and defenseman Brian Leetch ($4 million for one year).

Not even two weeks into the season, it was evident it was going to be a long and challenging campaign, because of a lack of talent. By mid-November, O'Connell began to tear apart the roster, the biggest of the moves coming at the end of the month when he jettisoned Thornton, drafted in '97 as the franchise centerpiece, to San Jose. The trade led to a dramatic improvement, beginning in mid-January, but the run was short-lived, and by early last week Jacobs had made up his mind O'Connell would have to go.

''Harry likes to say that, too," said Jacobs, referring again to O'Connell's belief that the failed business plan turned the season upside down. ''But I don't believe it. [O'Connell] could have done what he wanted. They made their decisions . . . "

And the results were ugly. Jacobs's contention: better spending would have brought in better players and netted better results. The ''bad plan," in his mind, became a copout.

''I look at Buffalo right now, and they got rid of some of their stars, and I'd have to say they are the better for it," said Jacobs, who last saw his club play in Boston Tuesday. ''That business plan was constructed by [O'Connell and Sinden]. They felt strategically that it was the right way to go. I wouldn't disagree. If that's their excuse, then they misread what would happen, and I did, too."

O'Connell, reached last night by telephone, respectfully disputed any notion he and Sinden were the sole architects of the club's failed business plan.

''That was definitely the game plan, and it came from all of us," said O'Connell, noting that Jeremy Jacobs and his son Charlie were part of the plan's design and, in part, its execution. ''I'm not going to lie about that. Were there mistakes made off that plan? Of course. But I'm not going to lie about it -- everyone was aware of it. It was all of us."

The Bruins' plan, which led to the free agent walkaways of key players Brian Rolston, Mike Knuble, and Michael Nylander, among others, was put in place long before Boston management knew the Players' Association would suggest, and later ratify, a 24 percent pay cut on existing contracts.

It also was designed with the belief that other clubs, if well over the cap figure, would face stiff penalties for not heeding the words of Commissioner Gary Bettman in the months leading up to the lockout -- warnings that suggested those clubs would be severely handicapped in building rosters once the CBA was settled. As it turned out, there was very little, if any, penalty for not following Bettman's guidance.

O'Connell sounded relaxed, if not relieved, one day after being taken off the job. It was Sinden who delivered the bad news Saturday night. As of last night, said O'Connell, he had not heard from Jeremy Jacobs.

''When you don't have success," said O'Connell, ''you have to expect something like this could happen. So, I guess I'm a little surprised, but to a degree, I understand it."

For the moment, and perhaps for the long-term, the cleanup has been left to assistant GM Jeff Gorton, who was promoted to GM on an interim basis. He will be aided by Sinden, still the club president, and by Charlie Jacobs, the executive vice president. Sinden's contract has at least another season remaining, and perhaps two.

The senior Jacobs, when asked what kind of person he was looking for to fill the GM role permanently, said he preferred someone who could form a firm bond with the Jacobs family -- similar to Sinden's existence dating back to the mid-'70s -- for years to come.

Gorton is 37, which puts him in strong position, age-wise, and the younger Jacobs in recent days has made it clear he's fond of Gorton and has been impressed with his performance in the front office. Gorton, who started out in the public relations department (similar to Theo Epstein's Baltimore days), in more recent years has coordinated the scouting department and watched over the club's prospects at the amateur and minor-pro level.

''Our turning to Jeff," said the junior Jacobs, ''is based on his impressive performance."

Without a doubt, Charlie Jacobs is becoming more of a force in the entire family-owned product, including the team and the building (TD Banknorth Garden) on Causeway Street. He was very much behind the ouster of Rich Krezwick, the building's popular and capable former president, who was sacked in December. Saturday, he quickly and firmly threw his support behind Gorton, and made it clear the interim is very much in contention to remain on the job, while at the same time contending there will be a broad search for potential new blood.

Jeremy Jacobs, in an interview with the Globe Tuesday, for the first time distanced himself from the 73-year-old Sinden, initially saying changes would have to be made -- and that he would make them ''with" or ''around" Sinden.

Saturday night, very matter-of-factly, the senior Jacobs said Sinden's time was coming to an end, and almost cavalierly painted the inevitable end as a function of lifespan.

''Statistics tell me that men over 70 don't live as long as men over 40," he said. ''I'm not looking for him to go anywhere, but he's looking at the clock -- same as everyone. He can tell time, like everyone."

It is possible, given Jacobs's tone and candor, Sinden already has told his boss he plans to leave, perhaps once the GM hire is finalized. If he hasn't decided to retire, then his boss's words could be enough for Sinden to seek asylum at the closest AARP boccie-and-punch social. Hardly a cheerful career ending, to have your life expectancy tacked up for all to read in the sports pages.

Short though he may be on sympathy and social pleasantries, Jeremy Jacobs is nothing if not blunt about his business. His days of saying he wants a better hockey product are over. He's now demanding it, and that's something, as noted here recently, he should have sought much earlier in what has been a systematic, excruciating meltdown the last 12-14 years.

Jacobs finally is acting like an owner, a vested owner, something the Hub now takes for granted from its Krafts (Patriots) and Henrys (Red Sox). For nearly four years, Jacobs has had his own flesh and blood on site, reporting back to Buffalo headquarters with the good, the bad, and the ugly on Causeway Street.

Now the fix-up is underway. O'Connell is gone. Sinden, according to the elder Jacobs, is going.

And the circle -- the great circle of strife -- around the spoked-B officially is under repair.

Friday, March 24, 2006


By Rev. Sully


Forget the White Hats...get Elevated and Wear Red!
aka Black & Gold looking Black & Blue...

"Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this son of PUCK!"
Sons of Boston, listen up. We have a potential team on our hands. Let not the fact that we've been in last place pert-near all season make one sour on the fact that hockey has been back and no one seems to care about the Long Offseason much right now. The Cardinal Rule of Red Sox Nation has been "never give up hope". Then what commandments do the Gallery Gawds live by, do you think?

Standing on the precipice of a last place season and missing the playoffs, the Bruins come into the final strectch of the season 10 points out of the "8-Sopt" with 12 games remaining on the schedule. All in all, we've learned that hockey is better when we let the players shoot the puck. We have traded away the past and embraced the future with Patrice Bergeron and Brad Boyes, who is 3rd overall in rookie scoring. In a year sporting the monster Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Crapitals and Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Boyes can only be awarded at home for his outstanding contribution this year. I did; I voted him for Seventh Player. More on that next week but I did this awhile ago so these bones aren't making the bandwagon's shocks creak...but iDigress...

The Bruins can't have someone like the Pope elevate them such as he did to the Archbishop of Beantown Faire. Nope, we live in a secular society but congrats to Sean O'Malley anyway. Ever think of stitching a big blue Sox "B" on the pointy red hat...c'mon, this is Boston.
In all seriousness, the Bruins need one part hard nosed skill & work to keep winning games but also they'll need your prayers for other teams to lose. The Bruins can't make it to the Playoffs without our help...and including them in our novena & meditations. But mixing religion & sports for a second more we of Boston are not above asking the Lord for help...comiedian Fr. Guido Sarducci once tried to excorcise the "Curse" from Fenway. At least there will always be Sandy Koufax but this is a hockey collumn.

So far, hockey has been wonderful to watch with the new rules and young talent. Selfishly I only wish the Bruins did better earlier in the season or can manage to win more shootouts (currently the Black & Gold are 1-7 in shootouts this season...do the math, mouth-breather...The Bruins could be 3 points out of the last playoff spot if they won their shootouts). Mike "Sully" Sullivan is a "No Excuses" type of coach. The Bruins are listening to him but perhaps not enough. There is no excuse...we all know why the Bruins will or will not make the Playoffs. But there are 12 more games left...and there are 6 home games remaining. So what are you waiting for...the Post Season? Go to the Game and have a nice night out...but take the T because even the Cardinal would have to pay for parking, povery vows or not.


Rev. Sully

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

But then again...I didn't even have a bottle to serve with dinner so what was I worrying'bout anyway. ^_~
OK...when it comes to drinking and Lent I think it's about resepcting other people's cultures and also helping myself.

Hmmm...check this out. Tonight I'm gonna watch the Soprano's Season 6, Episodes 1 & 2 with My Gal & Posty & Meathead. I'm gonna make a nice'a meatball n'a pasta. But the thought came to me I should serve dinner with a nice Dago Red. I followed that with Easter & Lent are all about Jesus and Jesus was all about wine...I think it's OK to have a glass with dinner. And that I think the "giving up drinking for Lent" was actually giving up the intention of libertine libation, not a complimentary gastronomique beverage. So I think I'll have a glass with dinner then and not feel bad about breaking a covenant with I 'n' I.

It's spiritual...dedicating a fasting time to your sense of deity, and your sense of self. I wish I was doing more all the time.

Friday, March 17, 2006

happy St. Patrick's Day!

from Sully...more later.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Comics Gnome Poots...

It really happened. Wanna know more?
Sully, I could give a horse's patoot what you gave up for Lent. Beer's as good as the next thing. What I'm curious about is why you're observing Lent at all. What gives?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Beer...I like beer a lot. A lot! So on a few levels giving up beer for Lent is alright in my book. ^_~

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Smoking PUCK!!!

March 9, 2005...5:15PM.

Trade deadline Today means New Bruins Brewing! EXTRA!!!

Check the news yerself! Bruins winger Sergei Samsonov gets traded to the Edmonton Oilers for center Marty Reasoner, former Bruins draft pick Yan Stastny and a 2nd round draft pick.

Former Bruins Mariusz Czerkaswki who played 84 games over three seasons in the early Nineties returns to the team where he started as the Bruins pluck him off of the waiver wire via Toronto. Things went pear-shaped in Toronto this year; the Leafs crossing swords with the Bruins in the urinal of last place. Both teams currently vie in the standings coming into the Home Stretch to the playoffs, both teams just a few games out of that Eight Spot.
Sergei Samsonov was drafted the same year and same first round as dearly departed old cap'n Joe Thornton; Trooper Thorn went #1 overall and Sammy went #8 in 1997 NHL rookie draft. This era of Bruins Hockey is over. Sammy although flashy & entertaining was injury prone and comes into next season an Unrestricted Free Agent. But we get two young players...the kind that listen to their coach. The defense and goaltenders were not tweaked although the forward position needed a recharge. With so many Bruins forwards out to injury (Alexei Zhamnov, Brad Isbister on the IR) and P.J. Axelsson & Marco Sturm skating hurt, the offensive lines need the most relief at this point in the season.
Yan Stastny comes from great stock, his father is Peter Stastny and his uncles are Anton and Marian. All three brothers were a line for the Quebec Nordiques but iDigress...but he's only played 3 games this season. Marty Reasoner is the more plug & play player for coach Mike "Sully" Sullivan. Reasoner played for the Boston College Eagles so I hope he remembers how to take the Green Line. Beantowne Faire has changed a bit over the years.

It's Trade Deadline day...come and take a look if an old friend is wearing new glad rags. Here's a list, so far...
Mark Recchi goes to the league leading Carolina Hurricanes.
Montreal & Colorado swap goalies Jose Theodore & David Aebischer.

Rev. Sully
That's all well and good my friend, but it still doesn't explain what posessed you to give up beer.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You got me curious Sully. If you aren't a practicing Catholic, what's with celebrating Lent...Larry the Lent Leprechaun will not be leaving ferns in your shorts... What's the deal?

It's actually Pasqual the Paschal Opossum who is the anthropomorphic mascot for the Lenten Pre-Easter holiday. What ever happened to Hugh Manatee? I know, I know but licensing rights, Hallmark and all...the whole kit & kaboodle. Hugh's agent wouldn't go for it.

And it's not ferns...it's Palms for the following Ash Wednesday. Sheeesh. But palms are kinda sharp on the sides so finding them in your shorts would be better than finding them in my shorts.
HEY SUL' Keep the cheap computer and do what Chris and I did - got an external hard drive. It plugs into the computer with a simple USB port. It is also lightweight ad can go with you at a moments notice. Including to friends houses where you can 'appropriate' all their music within minutes.

Chris and I got a 250GB Hard drive for $250 and have approx 30,000 songs. Approx. 50% are of the highest quality and the rest is of average or better than average quality. In addition because you can view it in your normal media player, and transfer files easily to MP3 players (drag and drop) you can easily make 'playlists' and more easily select music your into on that day. I don't have an iPod, I just got me a small pen sized MP3 player. But I can upload 50 songs and that will keep me go while I'm going for a walk/run or out and about. If I get sick of a song - plug it in.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

You got me curious Sully. If you aren't a practicing Catholic, what's with celebrating Lent... it's not like there's a secularized version as there is with the holidays co-opted by Santa and the Easter bunny. Larry the Lent Leprechaun will not be leaving ferns in your shorts to celebrate Christ's 40 days in the wilderness, and presumably a non-practicing Catholic doesn't need to rededicate himself to the faith in preparation for Easter. What's the deal?

Personally, I stopped considering myself a Christian during lent years ago... the timing was a coincidence, but that was the only thing I recall ever giving up during it.

Liver Me Timbers!!! Edition
aka: Reflections During Lent by a Recovering Irish-Catholic Bostonian

March 7, 2006

by Rev. Sully

It's neither Writer's Block nor lack or time that prevents regularly scheduled PUCK but as Vonnegut so rightfully stated, the time needs to be RIPE!
Pregnant pauses, one could say. It's all the rage in the Dakotas I hear...but as we say in the 21st Century...iDigress.

To be current with the Currents in the Stream is one Thing but when the stream freezes over, it's time to lack 'em up and drop the puck. What better way to fill up screen space than with images of hockey being played. What better way to enjoy a night at the Game than to have good seats. It's all about how we see it and enjoy what we're watching.

The Boston Bruins are no longer the team they were at the beginning of the season...thank the Ghost of Mr. Belvedere for that. If the Black & Gold were this team from the start, odds are they would not be 7 points out of the playoffs with a little over 20 games left in the season. They perhaps could already be in the Elite OCHO, the Eight who make the Playoffs on this side of North America.

Bruins Hockey is entertaining and thrilling. I know. I've had the best seat the entire season...the edge of the one I'm sitting on whether it be in Home or in Garden. I once said that the Toronto Maple Leafs could give us the most trouble in the Northeast Division but it ended up being mostly the Bruins Themselves who was the greatest obstacle. That problem has been fixed. I saw a 20 shot on goal 3rd Period against the 2nd place Buffalo Sabres the other night in a one goal loss for the Beantowne Bears...the Bruins do not give up at the end of the game anymore.

We found out the hard way that the Bruins have true depth in goal, surprising most in the Hub of Hockey. I also hear the boo-bees blaming the holes in the defense squarely on Hal Gill which ain't right. I heard this a few times up in the Gallery with the rest of the Gawds. I defend Hal Gill out loud...I'm really good at being "out loud" at a B's game.

And with halfway in the season to go the most shocking thing I've thought about is that when at the Game, what is better than the free beer in the SkyBox...is the box's private restroom.

Speaking of all that Glorious, Free, Delicious, Ice-Cold 12 oz cans of Miller Lite in the fridge of the Luxury Box, I gave up beer for Lent...I'm not even a practicing Catholic, more of a Recovering One. But I went to the Game...a Game Without Beer...cue the Tiny Music, Intrepid Producer Peter. It's not as scary as one thinks but the greatest thing I learned is that my urge to SMASH! other people was very, very quiet. I mean I didn't say ANYTHING rude to the guy next to me who was eating his nachos during the singing of the National Anthem. That is SO not me...or was it the beer talking. Or maybe it was because Meathead was on the other side of the Rink and I couldn't get him punched in the head, therefore making it no fun. iDunno, as 21 Century Intrepid Peter would say...iDunno...

Personal Note and Shot Out:

While in the same breath as mentioning his Exalted Name, Intrepid Peter will be running in the Boston Marathon this year. Please use the Featured Link to check him out (and perhaps donate to his cause, the American Liver Foundation). Papa Bear Ray Bourque used to say after he retired he wanted to run the Boston Marathon. I wonder if he's doing it this year. If you are, Papa...good luck. And good luck to Intrepid Peter who is training in this cold weather along with his faithful sidekick, Zee the Wonder Grrrl (her 3rd Boston Marathon). Buzz is it takes a week to recover after the first time, Pete. Just like my First Hangover. I still can’t smell The Jack without getting Goosebumps. Cheers!

Rev. Sully

Monday, March 06, 2006

Nah...no more of that. IntrePoop Porn is bad for the soul. If you can think it...somebody got a page for it. The Dell is an eight-year old machine that just got XP pasted over what was exising in Win98. so I'll find things here and there to delete so hopefully I can bump the iPod up to 320 songs until I max out the harddrive again...
The solution is a new computer. iTunes is a great "jukebox" software. I was impressed by Dr. Hooey's PowerBook and the ability to make a playlist...and then hit the "Burn" button to make a CD.

I just got 12 hours out of my iPod battery...that made my day in more ways than one. I listened to my iShuffle all day long at work.
"I've almost maxed out the Dell's harddrive space just with the usuals alone so there's little room to export a volume of songs from iTunes."

You mean porn, Sully? That is what the usuals refers there to correct?
I posed the question nearly three weeks ago and in the moment of posting it I regretted it.

Nah...it's an interesting subject. The homogenization of modern music has been crushed by the IntrePoop. Like the new Onion AV Club article (see the Featured Link on the Right), what are the first five songs on your iPod shuffle. Humorist David Cross's iShuffle on page 5 is amazing. iAlso believe that iLanguage will one day replace McWords...but iDigress...

What would be more regretful if I shared with the Class...the State of the iPod Address!!!

OK...here's the sitch. My iPod is 5X smarter than "my" laptop. I say 5X because the 8-year old Dell has a harddrive space of 6GB and the iPod possesses 30GB. I say "my" because it's Meathead's old laptop that could be confiscated at any moment by Himself under the newly reaffrimed and mostly now permanent USA Patriot Act.

I've almost maxed out the Dell's harddrive space just with the usuals alone so there's little room to export a volume of songs from iTunes. The solution to this is a new computer of course but until then...I will suffer along with the rabble and my new found ability to drown them out.

On my sleek black 30BG iPod Video...with no videos but that's another part of the story...I have a whopping 208 songs with a high percentage of them unlistenable because the source medium wasn't too good...aka the CDs were scratched, dirty or just over-used. Clean & newer discs kept in their cases will download properly. That's another problem with a solution. A newer computer will read those better...they play fine (most of them). Also a disc buffer for my present CD collection...that could help too. I go back to iTunes after a week and delete corrupted tracks and replace them with newer & different music so although I have a glass ceiling of about 230 songs, the shuffle is still darn entertaining.

iPod on "shuffle songs" is one of the best things to fall into my life since Cartoon Network started showing new episodes of Justice League Unlimited again. When a new computer is earned, then I look forward to something "old"...the reinvention of the "mixed tape" with folder mixes. I have a personal theme of "Best of..." called "Sully's Bakers Dozen" in which I'll collect 13 tracks from one artist from whatever source material I have available to me. I do have a Beatles Bakers Dozen and with iTunes...I will be able to share that with you. It includes an outtake of the boys singing "Get Back" in pidgin German, a studio acoustic version of "Hide Your Love Away" with a shatter in the background and John counting off the song with the improvised "Paul's broken a glass, broken a glass, a glass-a glass 'e's broke today" and my personal favorite, the unreleased "Besame Mucho" from the Decca Session. Cha-cha-BOOM!
In 2010 the Winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver, Cananda...but in 2014...

The Winter Olympics should be on HOTH!!!
Hoth...yes the snow world once used by the Rebellion as a base of operations after the demise of their Dantooine installation...
Ther perfect place for sagging viewership.

Brought to you by the Hoth for 2004 Counsel, Channel OCHO and Aimee Lynn Berger-Girvalo.
Top 10 Greatest songs of all time…

I posed the question nearly three weeks ago and in the moment of posting it I regretted it.

Like Matt my top 10 works on an hourly basis. Recently the Green Day live album: Bullet in a Bible has received more airtime at home than I prefer to admit. Thinking back on my high school days, or even further back when ‘New Kids of the Block’ may have reached my list, I shudder to think how my top 10 list will develop in future years, or looking back in the future how I will consider my choices now. That’s why I guess this could be interesting. Maybe I'll do it annually then compare as I grow.

Now, being slightly younger, and female, I have had to make a couple of lists. Favourite songs ‘of all time’ and favourite ‘rock songs’. Admittedly having a more secluded upbringing I dare suggest that my list is slightly more mainstream than yours. Hey, it’s my prerogative (no intended reference to the Bobby Brown song there) Nuff’ said.

My criteria for inclusion was simply songs that I DON’T get sick off if they come on the radio, or if I’m out at the pub I could always sing along to happily, or dance to if the mood struck me. Anyway here goes… (in no particular order)

Favourite Songs

‘Forever’ Ben Harper
‘Pleasantly Blue’ 4 Non- Blondes
‘Badlands’ Bruce Springsteen (‘cause of my big bro’)
‘Romeo & Juliet’ Dire Straights
‘Welcome Home’ Dave Dobbyn
‘We’re Going to be Friends’ The White Stripes ;0)
‘Wish You Were Here’ Pink Floyd
‘Everything’s Not Lost’ Coldplay
‘God Only Knows’ The Beach Boys
‘Here Comes the Sun’ The Beatles

OK Now a second list… Rock Songs…

‘Helter Skelter’ The Beatles
‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ Charlie Daniels Band
‘Jesus of Suburbia’ Green Day
‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Queen
‘Centerfold’ J. Geils Band
‘Born to Run’ Bruce Springsteen
‘Cowboy’ Kid Rock
‘Black Betty’ Spiderbait version
‘Dirty Water’ The Standells
‘American Music' Violent Femmes

It’s not perfect…, far from it in fact, and as I said I’ll change my mind a million more times within the next ten minutes, but for this moment I am satisfied. Enjoy!