Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sully, Don't forget to include Quando Quando Quando by the one and only Engelbert Humperdinck to that list!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Rock 'n' Roll Lives!!!

Sex Pistols DECLINE the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. How very rock 'n' roll, eh?

Compliments of http://www.thefilthandthefury.co.uk/

Friday, February 24, 2006

So I'll chime in I guess since I can't think of anything else better to type...

The Top 10 Most Played songs on my iPod for the Week of February 2X, 2006...in no enumerated order...

Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Bohemian Rhapsody

from my mix titled "Sully's Queen Baker's Dozen".
Listening to this mix on the iPod was the first thing I ever listened to after booting the little thing up. Another One Bites the Dust was the first thing since it was out of order and playing alphabetically. It was staight out of a commercial. Sunny day, loud tunes and me in my shades walking down the street with a big grin.

The next FIVE are Johnny Cash. 42 out of 124 songs on the iPod are Cash so it's a 1-in-3 chance I'll get a Cash tune playing even on "Shuffle".
Don't Take Your Guns To Town
Five Feet High and Rising
It Ain't Me, Babe
Rusty Cage

The last two of these songs are covers. One of his good friends, Bob Dylan did "It Ain't Me, Babe"...
from Wikipedia Dot Com:
"It Ain't Me, Babe" also reworks the same "Scarborough Fair" arrangement that was written into Dylan's earlier composition, "Boots of Spanish Leather." Johnny Cash would record his own hit version of this song soon after Another Side of Bob Dylan was released, while The Turtles' version would chart even higher...

...As Another Side of Bob Dylan was prepared for release, Dylan premiered his new songs at the Newport Folk Festival in July of 1964. The festival also marked Dylan's first meeting with country legend Johnny Cash; Dylan was already an admirer of Cash's music, and vice versa. The two spent a night jamming together in Joan Baez's room at the Viking Motor Inn. According to Cash, "we were so happy to [finally] meet each other that we were jumping on the beds like kids." The next day, Cash would perform Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" as part of his set, telling the audience that "we've been doing it on our shows all over the country, trying to tell the folks about Bob, that we think he's the best songwriter of the age...Sure do."

...and Cash made it a duet with June Carter, forever throwing a new spin on the song...
Rusty Cage is a cover of Soundgarden's "Rusty Cage" from Badmotorfinger. That flat out rocks...whoa...
and my personal fave
The One On The Right is On The Left
A great story told by a master storyteller. All these songs are great stories told.

Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie
from my mix "Sully's David Bowie Baker's Dozen". I fell for Bowie in junior high with ChangesOneBowie on vinyl. "I'm happy...hope you're happy too" 'Nuff Said.

And two by my favorite incarnation of a great Rock 'n' Roll band...
AC/DC with Squealer off of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and The Jack from the album High Voltage. These are Bon Scott songs. The current lead singer is Brian Johnson and he's the one that wears the Scally Cap.

That's 10 from me, for now...what about'chu, Kiwi? ^_~

No, I cannot, as I'd likely have a totally different set of favorites an hour from now. Nevertheless, here are 10 of my most favorite singles, as well as the albums they're from.

  1. Terrapin Station - Grateful Dead: Terrapin Station, 1977
  2. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) - AC/DC: Who Made Who, 1986
  3. I Will Survive - CAKE: Fashion Nugget, 1996
  4. The Mango Song - Phish: A Picture of Nectar, 1992
  5. Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden: The Number of the Beast, 1982
  6. Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin II, 1969
  7. Life by the Drop - Stevie Ray Vaughan: The Sky is Crying, 1991
  8. Fearless - Pink Floyd: Meddle, 1971
  9. The Old Diamondback Sturgeon - Primus: Sailing the Seas of Cheese, 1990
  10. Girl from the North Country - Sam Bush: Ice Caps (Peaks of Telluride), 2000
Can you name your TOP 10 fav singles/albums (include personal significance if you wish). It can be of the month, year, decade, or of your lifetime.

I used to say such stuff back in the "Daze" of utter severity & rudeness it would make even the elderly's eyes water...such as the nigh-famous "Dude, I wouldn't $&@# her with your (member)!"...

...and I usually let topics like this drown in a brown paper bag like an unwanted kitten in the River of the IntrePoop. But I actually thought about it for a second and if a good air-making tree had to die to publish "Rolling Stone"'s Mega Lists for Posterity, then I can certainly lend my opinion in a manner...

The first thought came to me in which I can quantify and give you the desired answer. But It would have to be in about three years. That's the amount of time I give myself to where my iPod would turn into "Solaris the Tyrant Sun" and I will...I mean would rule the Planet. But I only have 124 songs on a week-old iPod 30GB. I could actually give you my Top 10 all times, look at it and say, "damn, I do have terrible taste in music". I could give you 10 Johnny Cash songs that fill my heart and I sing word for word, pitch to pitch when they play. I have weaknesses for 50's Doo-Wop, 60's British BoyBands, 70's Glam Rock, 80's New Romantics & Wave, 90's rap/metal fusion...ewwww. If I were to play you my iShuffle, it would be a duel between the Man In Black and Bon Scott.
But looking in the "Most Played" folder over a span of time such as Three Years with a hefty & ideal collection to pull from then I'll be ready to answer. And I bet a few would surprise me as well...

But I'll answer the question soon 'nuff, gotta get going to work and today's cup o' Jamoke.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Right ~ quick survey... just out of curiosity... and this goes out to any one out there listening, though I know I'll get a couple of responses. Can you name your TOP 10 fav singles/albums (include personal significance if you wish). It can be of the month, year, decade, or of your lifetime. Lately I've been listening to our local 'rock' station who on a bi-annual basis do a top 1000 list and play it - voted by the public for the public. I get very frustrated listening to it, mostly because have the songs they play are actully pop or 'soft' rock songs that I would expect to hear on the more 'mature' radio stations if you get my drift. But I digress...

I've been working on my list (mainly because I know have a plathora of music that I am slowly sifting through) ~ I think I can pick my top 10 albums but have more trouble picking individual songs.

Respond at you leisure.

xo ~ K1W1

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You never know Kiwi... a lady at the vet the other day had a 24 year old cat with her!
Yay cats are cool! Brilliant friends, and as Sully said hours of endless entertainment. I like 'em cause they aren't as annoying attached as dogs are, yet can be more possessive of you and their territory.

It does suck when you're allergic though. It is possible to build up a resistance to cat/dog dander ~ as you likely did Sul to some degree when you and Milli-boy shared living spaces. However attacks happen none-the-less. Hell I love my lucy but my eyes itch and my nose runs if I haven't washed my hands after giving her some cuddlin' - sucks but it's true.

Lucy's getting a bit old. Slowing down. I went to visit her on the weekend (after moving my mother ~ again) she's looking pretty thin and tired. (However she did surprise us by being able to still climb a 6 foot wall and squeeze through the window, and just last week she brought home a bird for her dinner (obviously not satisfied with the $3 packet of 'casserole' ma got her)) She's 15 now. It kind of dawned on me she won't be around that much longer...
Ha ha!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's Wednesday so the Comics Gnome Poots...

Dashing through the snow-filled streets of Beantown Faire,
Wednesday holds the key to relieving my despair!
New Funnybook Day, New Funnybooks today, at last! huzzah! alas!!!
Come and read a funnybook and seemingly make your train ride dash.

So it is Wednesday and I plan on only 2 titles...both from DC. I say that now but what about when I walk into the actual FunnyBook Bodega and get an eye full of what I've been missing. Maybe a tee-shirt. Who knows.

One of the titles I'll get today deals with my favorite GREEN LANTERN and his changing future.

in the RANN/THANAGAR 48-PAGE: INFINITE CRISIS SPECIAL, Kyle Rayner's story changes in the wake of INFINITE CRISIS #4. The key pieces to the UberStory are smuggled everywhere in this defining DC Universe Meta-Title.

Cover art to the Rann/Thanagar 48-Page: IC Special.

So to Kyle Rayner's ride as Green Lantern and his future "One Year Later" as ION...

Cover to ION #1 (of 12).

...I say "Live Long and Prosper". I'll keep reading.

GREEN LANTERN 2nd series # 90
(August-September, 1976)
"Those Who Worship Evil's Might!"

Rev. Sully

Thursday, February 09, 2006


February 9, 2006
By Rev. Sully

The Shroud of Turin Descends on the NHL 2005-06 Season!
aka: Gimme a break...another break??? It’s OK, folks...it’s for a good cause.

Another break...ANOTHER BREAK!!! I just got over the last break...otherwise known as “the Long Offseason”. Actually, I’m thrilled. I can’t wait for the Winter Olympics this year. Not only do we get luge, biathlon and snowboarding, we get the world’s best Ice Hockey with the best players in the world. No longer are amateurs & college players the representatives for their countries...now the jobs been given to the Professionals. No more 1980 Team USA “Miracle” teams overcoming odds to wow the world but instead the on-ice product could be the finest Game we will see...perhaps even better than the NHL playoffs but I digress.

1980 “Miracle on Ice” Team USA Goalie Jim Craig

This year in Turin, Italy, the NHL takes a two-week break in order for their players to represent their countries for the 2006 Winter Olympics. The NHL will start back up on March 1. When we last left the huge Olympic Ice in Salt Lake City 2002, Canada won the Gold in the sport they invented for the first time in 50 years. Team USA won Silver and Russia won Bronze over Belarus. Before that, in the 1998 Nagano Japan Winter Games, it was the first time NHL players were allowed to participate in the Ice Hockey Medal Games with Czech Republic winning Gold over Russia and Finland (now an exporter of jaw-dropping goaltenders) getting Bronze over Canada. Also the Ladies were allowed to compete for Medals with the Women’s Team USA winning Gold over Canada’s Silver BTW. Nagano 1998 was also known for Team USA’s “Ugly Americans” who trashed their hotel rooms after their quarterfinal loss (they didn’t stay in the Olympic village) and left the country without apologizing. In the 2005 World Championship of Ice Hockey, the only professional hockey available last year, Czech Republic won Gold over Canada & Russia won Bronze over Sweden. Canada wowed the world with their Young Guns but was stopped cold by the “Czechmates”. Look in the Smoking PUCK Archive for more on this Tourney...it was better than talking about the Lockout, I tell ya.

There are differences between the NHL and the Olympic styles. Here’s a little primer I found out there on the InterPoop so all I had to do was cut & paste someone else’s work and avoid carpal tunnel:

The Shootout:
· The NHL has adopted the shootout for regular season games only. During the Stanley Cup Playoffs, teams play overtime until a tie-breaking goal is scored.
· In the Olympics, tied playoff games are followed by ten minutes of sudden death overtime. If the game remains tied, it is decided by a shootout. An Olympic hockey shootout uses five shooters from each team, as opposed to three each in the NHL.

The Ice Size:
· A standard NHL rink is 200 feet long and 85 feet wide, with goal lines 11 feet from the end boards.
· The international ice is 210 feet long and 98 feet wide. Goal lines are 13 feet from the end boards. The extra room means international games involve less checking than the NHL. Teams also tend to play a more passive "positional" defense, anticipating plays and forcing attackers away from the goal rather than pursuing the puck carrier.

Goalies with the Puck:
· Under new NHL rules, goaltenders cannot handle the puck behind the goal line, except in an area directly behind the net.
· Goaltenders can play the puck anywhere behind the net.

· If an NHL player shoots the puck down the ice from his own half of the center line, an opposing player must touch the puck first before icing is called.
· International hockey uses "no touch" icing. The play is whistled down as soon as the puck crosses the goal line.

Penalty Shots:
· In the NHL, the player who was the victim of a foul must take the penalty shot, unless he is injured.
· When a penalty shot is called during Olympic hockey, any player on the shooting team may be selected to take it.

Compliments of Pro Ice Hockey Dot Com...thanks!

There are only five Olympic games and then comes the quarterfinals. Every game matters and it looks that Team USA has a “easy” schedule for the first three games that resemble the Cold War and then for games #4 and 5, it’s time to tune in and hide the remote:

Feb 15 3-6 pm Men: USA vs. Latvia (live) USA, Universal HD
Feb 16 3-6 pm Men: USA vs. Kazakhstan (live) USA, Universal HD
Feb 18 Noon-6 pm Men: USA vs. Slovakia (live) NBC
Feb 19 10:30 am-1:30 pm Men: USA vs. Sweden (live) NBC
Feb 21 2-5 pm Men: USA vs. Russia (live) USA, Universal HD

Feb 23 10 am-6 pm Men's Quarterfinal (live), 4 games
Feb 24 10 am-1 pm Men's Semifinal (live) MSNBC, Universal HD
Feb 24 3-6 pm Men's Semifinal (live) USA, Universal HD
Feb 25 1-6 pm Men's Bronze Medal Game (live) NBC
Feb 26 8-11 am Men's Gold Medal Game (live) NBC

Complete TV Schedule for Olympic Ice Hockey

Want to know who’s playing for whom?
Complete Rosters for Olympic Teams as of February 8, 2006

Want an Olympic Hockey preview?
“2006 Olympic Ice Hockey preview compliments of NHL Dot Com”

Want to be entertained with some of the best hockey on the planet?
Tune in and watch...I’ll be.


Rev. Sully

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All Statistic used in this Smoking PUCK are courtesy of NHL Dot Com’s Statistics page. In the words of Intrepid Peter, “RTFM”.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Comics Gnome Still Isn't Going to Buy MARVEL Unless the Water's Safe to Swim In...

Yes...Spider-Man's got new threads. It's true. I kinda like them but I also loved the Black Outfit.

Even Humberto Ramos working on WOLVERINE won't get my $2.50. Well...maybe...

I wouldn't wear a cat for a hat but I know I don't sneeze when I eat Chinese...

When I wuz a wittle boy, I had one of those allergy tests with all the needles on your back. I hadda be about 5 or 6 and I had a dreaded fear of needles to begin with. Both the test and the fear of needles was a result of my asthma.


I remember the paint on the walls was dried and cracking and the old windows were cracked. It was cold in there and I had my shirt off. The test determined that I was allergic to pollen, dust, cat dander and some dog dander. In the times in my life when exposed to pets for long durations, I am prone to an asthma attack and a trip to the Emergency Room. I owned a cat for over seven years in my adult life and my trips to the hospital ceased when I had to leave my cat behind one cold, dark January Night. Who'd thunk it...it made so much sense that the cat was the culprit. Just like Preacher Matt's copy of Umberto Eco's "The Name Of the Rose"...the book was the weapon and Matt's copy had been dropped in a tub once in its life. The slight mold on those pages gave me an asthma attack and a hospital trip...uncanny but true.

I've taken two ambulance rides in this mortal coil due to my condition.

Wouldn't it be nice if kids got allergic to Happy Meals instead of PB&J?
Too much city livin' Sul. It makes people allergic to things. Mark my words.

20 years ago, no one had ever heard of a peanut allergy. Now that toys are made of polyvinyl acetate instead of our beloved die-cast metal, and potassium benzoate protects the flavor of all your favorite processed food-flavored snack items, you can't even send a kid off to kindergarten with a PBJ or half the class will have anaphalactic coniptions.

That shit ain't healthy. Go camping, get dirty, find something you aren't allergic to, kill it, eat it, and have a home brew... it'll clean you right out and you'll be like freakin' Dr. Doolittle again.
I USED to LIKE cats a LOT. Then I came to the realization that I am extremely allergic to them. So...now cats & me get along like Israelis and Palestinians. Sure the cats want to cuddle but only to make me die so they can eat my rotting corpse and drag me bit by bit the hard way to their litter box....uggggghhh...litter boxes...

Presently I roll with the "101 Uses For A Dead Cat" crowd.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hey, I LIKE cats. I just don't like spoiled-rotten fat indoor cats with superiority complexes. Besides, I have a laser pointer, so it's a lot like having a remote controlled pouncing machine... good for hours of entertainment. C'mon over sometime, and I'll put the dot on the back of your head. I promise you'll be kept too busy to snap your carrot.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Thursday, February 02, 2006


February 2, 2006
By Rev. Sully

Accentuate the Positive...and yoah “R”s when you speak.
aka I left my heart on Saint Catherine along with my wallet.

The Olympic Break is NIGH!!! If you thought February was a short month anyway...then now hear this. From February 13th to the 27th the NHL will be taking a break, a sabbatical for some. The Bruins play on February 11th against the Tampa Bay Lightning and then not again until March 1st against the Carolina Hurricanes. There will be no NHL All-Star Game this 2005-06 Season because the players want to represent their countries. This was a wise choice the Players Union made, in this humble opinion. Dallas, Texas was the predetermined location of the 2006 NHL All-Star Game this season but instead will feature the match next year. Phoenix, Arizona, which was supposed to host the game last year but was unable to due to “the Long Offseason”, should get it back in 2009 if there’s any justice in the Cosmos. San Jose got their make-up game in 1997 when their Sharks hosted after the ASG was cancelled in the wake of the 1994-95 NHL Lockout. Boston threw the Event in 1996 to open the new “bahhn” (although we couldn’t call it the Gahhden then); ugly uniforms but a close game with Papa Bear getting the MVP. I got more next week on the Olympic Break and what I’m looking forward to...including just who the heck is televising the Olympic ice hockey games???

Speaking of a new papa bear in the future...the Bruins have yet to name a captain after trading away Joe Thornton two months ago. At least as of two weeks ago Patrice Bergeron surpassed Trooper Thorn in Points and Assists on the team. The NHL trade deadline is March 9 at 3:00PM EST. I used to be militant about paying heed to trades. All trade; big ones, little ones, fat ones, short ones...even little sissy ones. If there was a blip on the NHL radar, I usually knew about it and could tell you what line he was on or which bus he’d be on tomorrow to which Minor League City. Ray Bourque was captain for 14 years in Black & Gold so what rush are we in to name a new Papa Bear. However with all the injuries lately, a Velcro “A” has been floating around the locker room and has looked best on P.J. Axelsson.

Kudos to legendary defenseman Scott Stevens who will be the first New Jersey Devil to have his number retired this Friday. His #4 will be raised to the rafters and it is the first such team honor since the team was founded in 1974. Wait a sec...1974??? Before the Devils came to be in 1982, they were the Colorado Rockies from 1976-1982 and from 1974-1976 they were known as the Kansas City Scouts. Scott Stevens was a fear inspiring opponent best known for his devastating clean check on a “head’s down” Eric Lindros in a 1999 playoff game to knock Lindros out of the game with another concussion and possibly Philadelphia as well. It would be if an opposing player was like a Trojan soldier in the epic “the Iliad” and saw Achilles running for them. Scott Stevens was their captain and won three Stanley Cups in NJ. He was the spiritual lynchpin for the teams that made the Devils elite and not just a lucky team. I’ll throw the goat at the Devil I guess.

I’ll be going to the Game tonight. The Bruins will be facing off against longtime rival the Montreal Canadians. See, I save my fan-on-fan/team-on-team hatred for the New York City Rangers. I grew up hating the Canadians from inculcated chants and attitudes, the same ones that make me explain I’m neither racist nor homophobe when I tell people I grew up In South Boston but I digress... My heart changed though. I matured. I refined my hockey ire to its rightful target: NYC. Presently, I use the Red Sox season and the Spankees rivalry to warm up for the Ice. Way back in February of 2001...as written by the Benjamin Franklin of Red Sox Nation Stephen King in the Gunslinger, “before the World moved on”...I was on a Valentine’s Holiday to the Metropolis of Quebec Province. I happened upon a Canadians game with the Habs playing the Florida Panthers and was just blown away by the experience as a hockey fan. The crowd. The feeling. The love for the game. It was a Saturday Night, Hockey Night in Canada. A packed house...Montreal has the biggest barn in the League with a capacity of 21,273 souls. The Bouncers at the strip club on Rue de Ste. Catherine were all wearing Referee & Linesmen shirts. There were painted faces in their Gallery at then-Centre Molson; we were up with their Gallery Gawds that night and it felt safe and good. If it was a Bruins game there it would have been different but it was a spur of the moment decision. We’d just blew into town and wanted some kicks for the evening. It was a good call; going to a Hockey game is always a good call.

After that, I refer to Les Habitants now as “our Respectful Rivals”. Because I’ll still spit at NYR fans if given the opportunity and motive. There is one thing exclusive to Bruins. Celtics fans know what I mean but only a bit. Here in Boston we get lots of transplants, lots of people that moved here after physically maturing to live life. You know...”TREE-mont” Street versus “TREM-mont” Street. Krispy Kreme or Dunkins (guess who won that one)? Red Sox Nation although Mighty and Loud is an immigrant State. Anyone can buy some Red Sox Blue for his or her Head and claim citizenship. The Gallery Gawds on the “othah” hand is primarily for Locals...although not out of exclusion like the schools & public housing up into near the end of the 20th Century were in Beantowne Faire. If you think Red Sox Nation is “bad”, you’d poop & die at a “B”s game when you hear & deal with the Gallery Gawds of the Gahhden. It is about growing up thigh-deep in snow and having the snot freeze to your upper lip in an outdoor hockey game, whether on foot or skates. It’s about knowing that the free skate at the MDC rink is a viable option on a Wednesday night for kicks. And it’s about a pair of tickets falling in your lap on a Thursday Night. I could speculate and assume that mostly all Gallery Gawds are part of Red Sox Nation but what of the converse? You think about it...I’ll be at the Game with the rest of the Gawds, sitting on high, being “wicked pissah”.


Rev. Sully

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...OCHO FYI...

The Featured Links are down right now...I was tinkering too much with the formatting and actually lost OCHO for a few minutes. Whew...that was scary so I'm going to re-do the Links tomorrow. Thanks.
I was poking around Friendster and found these...I mean what's more disturbing? That we're THIS serious about our Spirituality or that we share the same robe (aka Marrying Duds).

'Namaste and God Bless OCHO,
Rev. Sully

Preacher Matt

Rev. Sully