Friday, December 30, 2005

I've had a Swahili song stuck in my head all morning. I guess that's what I get for learning enough of a language to be conversational on vacation.

Jambo bwana.
Habari gani?
Nzuri sana.
Wageni mwakaribishwa.
Kenya yetu, hakuna matata.
Kenya nchi nzuri, hakuna matata.
Nchi ya maajabu, hakuna matata.
Nchi yenye amani, hakuna matata.
Watu wote, hakuna matata.
Wakaribishwa, hakuna matata.

Which translates roughly as:
Hello sir.
How are things?
Very nice.
Welcome visitor.
In our Kenya, no problem.
Kenya is a nice country, no problem.
A beautiful country, no problem.
A country with peace, no problem.
Everybody, no problem.
Welcome y'all, no problem.

Thanks for bearing with me. I think typing it out got me sorted.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

R.I.P. Fred.

I had a donut this morning in your honor.
Fred ' the donut guy' dies aged 83. An icon of my youth. Happy travels Fred. RIP.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Holidays, OCHO!!!

The Comics Gnome inspires me to see life through the panels and by using this here InterPoop (the WWW, ya know), I can geek it up with Those Who Grok...

here's a Stool Sample freshly flung at a Window wall near you:

DC Dot Com's Message Board; Topic: INFINITE CRISIS. The time is now...I gotta run to work.

Remember kids...there are no bad thoughts...only bad actions. 'Namaste...


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Re: Dissecting the Art of Infinite Crisis
Posted: Dec 26, 2005 11:13 PM

Ok assuming you all arent biased against books by
> marvel because your idiotic "dc is better, always"
> fanboys, you should see phils (Jimenez) art in new x-men
> #146-150. It ruled.


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Re: Dissecting the Art of Infinite Crisis
Posted: Dec 27, 2005 7:31 AM

Not biased at all. Grant Morrison's entire run on "New" X-Men was fabulous; #114-154. Phil's work on that was awesome. He got to destroy NY (where were thr Avengers,huh? Bendis hadn't took a hammer to them yet...but I digress...). Igor Kordy's work and his inking was my least favorite on that New X-Men run but I understand what Morrison was trying to do with that "look". On the other hand, Phil did some work on UNCANNY X-MEN a little later on which did not blow me away...why? The story...it was terrible (who wrote those? Claremont,Austin???). I bet the art is sharp but I was so done with anything in X-Tights after the relaunch. The stories weren't good and MARVEL completely Poo-Poo'ed on what Morrison just achieved. The House of Ideas just in my opinion ran dry (which is proved on how I spend in a comics shop by which title...). I don't even buy Ult. Spidey and the Ultimates anymore monthly (I'm saving the Ultimates for TPB...no spoilers pleeeeze!). Mark Millar's run with J.R. Jr. and Klaus Jansen on Wolverine is over so I no more reason to get that. Wanna talk about how important your inker is??? Jansen's work on Romita Jr.'s Electra during the last run made her look & specifically "move" as she did when she premiered on Frank Miller's Daredevil .
I think Bendis is overworked and needs a break seeing I stoped getting NEW AVENGERS and suprisingly enough POWERS . Bendis' run on DAREDEVIL is coming to an end and that was a few great years of edgier crimefighting with the Marvel Knights Imprint. I'm finishing up Decalogue and the Murdock Papers on TPB. Same with POWERS although I miss the monthly mail bag...
To be painfully honest here, House of M and its results confuses me...I think I need a 10-year old to explain that to me like I explain the DVD player remote to my Mom. The Event Title didn't hold my interest and I don't understand how it effcted the Marvel Universe or Earth 616 yet...and personally found that having Peter Parker shave his head was gratuitous Bendis, who himself is shorn.

DC isn't always better...it's just consistently good. There have been DC stinkers too...speaking of Grant Morrison doing a great job but I'm reminded of the terrible " Invasion! " meta-title and the ANIMAL MAN issue that was the obligatory tie in featuring a great stand alone comic book tale. And I'll suggest to anyone within the sound of my voice to hustle down JLA/TITANS: The Technis Imperative if you love Jimenez' CRISIS art.
Best costume for Roy "Arsenal" Harper (when Ollie was dead though). Any fan of the Teen Titans will love this reunion of the Orignal not to mention all the other Titans from every incarantion of the team squaring off against the JLA...Jimenez proved he was worthy of drawing INFINITE CRISIS with this work.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Comics Gnome Likes an Old Friend's New Look(and outlook).

Robin #145

Robin #148

See what I see? What do you see?

In the three issues separating these covers, the INFINITE CRISIS resets the DC Universe once again making a brand-new playground. But what happens to Robin, Batman's sidekick & partner? I love to finding out by reading the funnybooks but this got my Spoil-O-Meter percolating...

This is the current Robin at Wikipedia.

Gone is bright Green. And the horrid stylized "R" and a return to a more traditional logo. Also is he younger??? He sure looks younger and the CRISIS promises to make many changes. This is called "One Year Later" and we will be filled in on that year's events in a weekly called simply "52". All the DCU comics pick up "One Year Later"...in medios res and Robin is very different. It's a great look for what is referred to in the Robin #148 "the Boy Wonder"...not the "Teen Wonder" or "Pubescent Detective". Heck...at this point I don't even know if it's the Tim Drake Robin or is something really wacky & heavy about to happen.

But what Teen Titans #34 due out March 2006...
Robin looks a little older than the previous look. Only after the CRISIS is over will we know for sure.

I recently re-read Robin: Year One

A "Retro" retelling of Robin I's first year and it made me miss the days of Pixie Boots and a Kid Sidekick. Robin in his Year One was very young and a very good addition to the Caped Crusader. Over the years he was slowly allowed to age and come into his own hero with Robin becoming a mantle passed on child to child. But along the way, it was cooler to have the sidekick not stay a child long and to be a teenager. The current Robin is about 16 years old and was introduced when the character was 13. The original Robin was a boy of about 10 to 12. And that's something very iconic of the character I wanted to see a return to...I wonder if that's the case.
I'll just have to keep reading, huh? I just love serialized entertainment and fantastic fiction.

Rev. Sully

December 22, 2005
By Rev. Sully

All the Bruins, All the Gawds...only for a Southie Sawbuck
Aka: I have an Excuse for not Calling but do the “B”s?

Ahem...my mother would call me a “Dirty Stay-Out” when I wouldn’t check-in within a respectable frame of time. Assuming that I was out having too good a time I didn’t have Two-Bits and Two Minutes for his Poor Ma. Maybe I was at a game, Ma. Like I ever call my Ma from the Bruins game. I’d bring her instead. Reminds me of this one time years ago in the Old Gahhden. It was my 20th birthday and my mother takes me to dinner and the idea comes up that we scalp some tickets off of Causeway and take in that night’s Bruins/Islanders game. She’s always had fun birthday ideas; for my 13th she got my ear pierced. We were in the Balcony Loge 99. Way up top in the corner but in the front row. You couldn’t see the center ice scoreboard because you were above it and looking down. Ma comes back from the concession stand with two Cokes and then pulls a bottle of Jaegermiester out of her Bag. Ma proceeds to spike our sodas and “cheers, big ears”. The Nigh-Infamous $10 seats in the New Gahhden were kinda like the Old Barn’s Balcony Loge. So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my Ma, first and foremost. And to the rest of you. See you in the New Year with more Smoking PUCK. God Bless, Salut, ‘Namaste, L’Chaim, Aloha, Was Alaikum Saalam, Slainte, Skoal and anything else I can toast to you this Holiday Season...

Here’s to the Black & Gold and God’s Good Game of Hockey! HUZZAH! Happy New Year.

The Ten Dollar tickets

This phrase flew from my mouth with the relative ease of a rock from a Palestinian child’s hand. I was a Gallery Gawd...sitting on High in the Balcony of the Gahhden. Section 305...Row FIFTEEN! There were napkin dispensers and latex gloves in well-lit locations in the event of Volcanic Nosebleeds.

The View from Section 305.

And these were the legendary Ten Dollar Tickets. The “New NHL” attempt at reconciliation with lowering their ticket prices. There are only 16 rows in the house that are Ten Dollar Seats but I digress...The only thing behind me was the big yellow concrete wall of the TD Banknorth Garden. I can stand on my feet all night long without pissing anyone off with the exception of the poor slobs in front of me getting beer spilled on them.

As soon as we got there, the big local guy in the vintage old San Jose Sharks jersey was revving up his A*Hole Engine buy welcoming our new center, “Hey Primeau, YOU SUCK!!!”. I usually get my dander up over this but this was special. It was after Labor Day and I was wearing white sneakers. I am a self-hating Yankee. Born & bred in Beantowne Faire. I had a T Pass before my Driver’s License. So I threw at the ice “Hey Stuart! Glen Feathahstone is lookin’ foah his numbah!”
The Big Guy, who was celebrating Cap’n Joe’s departure with the his fashion choice said, “Did you just make a Feathahstone joke???”
It was all-good. As Denis Leary said in this year’s “New NHL” season advertisement, we are a tribe...are we not? At least there was no reason to throw crap at the ice; I would not go there. Not as though one could hit the ice from up there.

The Bruins shoot twice in this end. The Bruins had it going all game against the first place Ottawa Senators. This was the first game after Cap’n Joe Thornton was traded to the San Jose Sharks. There is not a bad seat in the house. I had that same thought ten years ago when I came to the first Bruins regular season game in the new Barn, the building formerly known as the FleetCenter. I think they are the same seats...and they didn’t cost $10.00 back then. Ever.

On a personal note: what’s brewin’
I’m sorry the PUCK has not been out there every week, especially in the midst of Hockey Season. There is more to talk about than just the NHL. The Turin Olympics are afoot and no Bruins on Team USA, BTW. But there is a Bruin on the German team! I have no excuse for lack of recent PUCK. I once pledged a Fraternity (and quit right before Hell Week) and learned the phrase “excuses have the effective range of Zero Metres”. I got tired of playing stupid human tricks to impress strangers but the cliché stayed with me. That same Fraternity was asked to leave Mission Hill a few years later. Something scandalous I assure you besides the videotape out there with a certain Frat President in a porno but I digress... I do fondly remember one of the Brothers was a suburban Mass-Hole...the rest were mostly from Long Island for some odd reason. This Brother had the Greek Letters on his sweatshirt cut from what appeared to be Boston Bruins bedsheets or the such. His nickname was “Slif” and was an ex-Hockey player from one of those Academies; “ex” because of a knee injury. Hockey is Life in New England. I think I was the impetus for coining the esoteric Frat quote, “who quits before Hell Week?” though. The Bruins playing as they are isn’t the reason for my lack of letters and links. Sometimes you just gotta sit back and watch them play. I listen to Sports Radio at an alarmingly increasing rate. My secret addiction is the mindless babbling brook of WEEI’s Dale & Holley Show, 10AM to 2PM Monday to Friday. The call-ins kill me...making me appreciate the BSM a little more with reviewing voicemail instead of discourse with the listener. You know the old cliché about opinions and A*Holes, don’tcha? Dale Arnold is a Hockey man but there is only so much hockey one can talk. The Patriots playoff bound. Benedict Damon in Pinstripes. I even know Dickau has a Big Ow and how. So when it’s time for the Bruins Spotlight the only thing to talk about is still the Thornton trade. Sometimes hockey talk can be as boring as the product on the ice. Looking at My Yahoo!’s Bruins page, it’s good to know our traded Cap’n still leads the team with 33 points. As of this writing San Jose’s Jumbo Joe leads the NHL with 37 assists.

The Bruins have had a dismal December going into the end of the month. 3-for-7 with 5 games remaining. Two of those games are a classic “Home-And-Home” match-up of Original Six rivals. The Home-And-Home Games are “Old Time” Hockey at its best and especially against a division rival such as the Maple Leafs of Toronto. Game One tonight at the New Gahhden. Game Two tomorrow night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The Bruins are 2-1-1 going into Meetings #’s Five and Six of eight this season against the Leafs. The Leafs scored Nine Goals beating the NY Islanders in their last game and are a hungry team for division points. This Home-And-Home Series should deliver the goods for Entertaining Hockey.

A coming new Year for the Bruins in the “New NHL”. What we thought would work on paper before the season started...didn’t. How to build a good team in this new Age of Ice Hockey? Who has it right? Who are the players to look forward to? Who will be the first super stars of the 21st Century? The playoffs are coming sooner than you think and the Bruins could be on the outside looking in if they remain entirely consistent. Good thing Change is the Essence of the Cosmos or else We the Gallery Gawds would be screwed.


And Happy Holidays & a very Happy New Year,

Rev. Sully

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Drunk had twice the lethal alcohol level - Yahoo! News

Monday, December 19, 2005

Jill and I are back from our Honeymoon in Kenya. The safari was fantastic, and we got some amazing pictures.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Comics Gnome Reads the Writing on the Wall

Infinte Crisis #3 cover

Ok...this cover was done by Jim "Insert Angelic Choir Here" Lee.

The other cover is done by original Crisis on Infinite Earths penciller George Perez.

Infinite Crisis #3 cover

The dueling covers are an obvious way to get more of your money. DC instantly doubles the $3.99 price with offering two covers with the collector who wants them all. The Comics Gnome still advises rolling them up and inserting the funnybook into your back pocket to read at a whim. There's a Buddhist Koan in there somewhere butI digress...

I will be steadfast and not anal retentive. I will only purchasone and I will choose wisely. So far for issues #1 & 2, I've scored the Perez covers but this December 28th, I'll be getting the Lee.

Look at the covers carefully and ask yourself...just WHAT the H-E-Dubble Hockeysticks is going on with the Super Friends??? Finding out is part of the fun in serialized entertainment.

Rev. Sully

Thursday, December 01, 2005


December 1, 2005
By Rev. Sully

Koo-koo ka choo Mrs. Robinson, Jumbo Joe has left and gone away...hey hey hey
aka: spare some Change, brother?

One of the mantras of life I’ve taken along this Path is this: Change is the Nature of the Cosmos. Change is Elemental. Change just is.

I’m still going to the Bruins Game tonight against first place division rival the Ottawa Senators. I will continue to support my currently last place team with hopes of entertaining Hockey for a full 60 regulation minutes. I’m going to check out those $10.00 tickets I’ve heard so much about to boot. The TicketMaster Dot Com ticket surcharge was $7.00 each. Eddie Vedder was right but I digress...why did we continue with the online purchase? We wanted our $10 tickets, that’s why. This has been the “cheapest” seat in Beantowne Faire since I can remember $6.00 Bleacher tickets as a kid.
I will be wearing my Thornton jersey to the Bruins game tonight all the same.

Some people are steamed like a mussel over this Blockbuster trade. Some people are delighted as a child on X-Mas Morn. As a practitioner of an acute sense of humor, I personally know that you can’t please all the people all the time. But the Gallery Gawds of the Gahhden have been given the News: the face of the Franchise, three-time All Star, first overall Number One draft pick Cap’n Joe Thornton has been traded away and it’s set off a Nor’easter of reaction. One could smell the change of the season in the air or rather...on the ice. The Bruins need not suffer and strain against the gale force wind...the Bruins instead can change and adapt. Survive. Sports in their own way are like a Darwinian Ant Farm. Already the Bruins have made several changes for “This New NHL”, signing a plethora of free agents after the “Long Offseason” and struggling with their younger established talent to get them resigned. From trades for sealing cracks in the Defense wall to waiving obsolete players...but it just wasn’t enough. The Bruins in the month of October skated .500 going 7-for-14. A paltry 3-for-13 in November and a continual feeling of being buried alive under a mountain of talent in the Northeast Division.

It has come down to talent and team, or in otherwords...the talent and the team. The onus is on the anus of the players. The Coach and Management do not give up in the last minutes of the third period. Management’s blame for any bad season will never be suspect in Boston but the Players have responsibility of what they have control over. The Ice. Management is exercising what they have control over; The Personnel.

It is still the “New NHL”. It is a new world. And the world changes as it turns in the Cosmos. Joe Thornton is gone. It really is an end of an Era. Go West, young man...go West. San Jose is nice. Downtown San Jose is pretty & modern. It’s a drive away from San Francisco. Joe will love it there. Thornton’s laid-back and easy-going ways might be a perfect fit for Northern California. San Jose shied away from signing free agents in the “Long Offseason” and so far the Sharks have been as bad as the Bruins, inhabiting last place in their Pacific Division of the Western Conference. In addition to citizenship in the Bay Area, “Jumbo Joe” gets to skate once again with former Bruins defenseman Kyle McLaren and play alongside 1st cousin Scott Thornton. Built-in road roommates such as these will ease his transition, I assure you. Joe will be fine.

So too will the Bruins be fine. The Bruins will survive without Joe Thornton. The Bruins will adapt and they will adjust. The Bruins will continue to strive in this New NHL. Three new faces on the bench just waiting to listen to what the Coach tells them to do on the Ice. Joe Thornton by himself merited three players in exchange. A solid defenseman in Brad Stuart. A very speedy forward with good hands Marco Sturm. A big checking line center Wayne Primeau, younger brother of Philadelphia Flyers captain Keith Primeau. Patrice Bergeron returns to his natural position at Center with Thornton’s departure and is Heir Apparent for the Face of the Franchise & the Defining Player of the Next Bruins Era. I look forward to perhaps Marco Sturm playing High Speed Catch with flashy winger Sergei Samsonov. Speedy, good-passing forwards can open up the Offensive Zone like an electric can opener these days with restrictions on Obstruction.

In this Universe of Change, there tends to be symmetry and balance somewhere smuggled in the Chaos of the Cosmos. On the Microscopic level of life to the Macroscopic view of the Heavens, there are checks & balances...odd harmonies & even structures for some strange reason. So using this and trickling down to mundane life one can fairly say that there are good teams and then there are bad teams. When there are 30 teams, there are bound to be a few stinkers in the apple basket. There cannot be 30 first place or even 30 Elite teams. It just doesn’t work like that. Things will change for the Bruins, that much is assured.

“Look around you, all you see are sympathetic eyes”. Check out the Thornton trade fallout here with some of the Best Sports Minds in Beantown at Boston Dot Com’s Bruins page with Boston Globe’s Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Kevin Paul DuPont and Jackie MacMullen. And to the three new Bruins I’ll say welcome and “stroll around the grounds until you feel at home”. Hey hey hey.


Rev. Sully

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