Friday, October 29, 2004

Episode III Teaser Poster released. Don't worry, it gives nothing away...

Thursday, October 28, 2004

More TAWKIN' COMICS: 2 ACME WildStorm Universe Offerings

The Authority: Revolution #1 (of 12)

Written by Ed Brubaker; Art and cover by Dustin Nguyen & Richard Friend; Cover by Nguyen; Edited by Ben Abernathy

They've saved Earth from annihilation over and over again. Now they want to rule the world... Four-time Eisner-nominated writer Ed Brubaker (SLEEPER, GOTHAM CENTRAL) and fan-favorite artists Dustin Nguyen and Richard Friend (BATMAN, WILDCATS VERSION 3.0) bring their unique vision to one of comics' most controversial titles: THE AUTHORITY! "Come the Revolution" is the first part of a massive 12-issue arc that will shake the team to its very core and send shock waves through the WildStorm Universe. Following the dramatic events of COUP D'√ČTAT, the Authority has settled into its role as governing body of the United States. The other major world powers have adjusted to the regime change and are slowly coming to terms with the meaning it has for the future. But many Americans are unhappy to lose their inalienable rights. Can a second American Revolution be far behind?

Wildstorm Universe | 32pg. | Color | $2.95 US | Mature Readers

On Sale October 27, 2004

Source: DC Comics Dot Com

Well, well...my favorite Superhero Team with an Attitude Problem has run its course, methinks. After Robbie Morrison almost ran the Carrier into the ground (figuratively) in the Authority Vol. 2, the Authority Revolution limited run is penned and penciled by two greats and is getting me revved up for something fierce and entertaining. This is an all-star team for an all-star title with Bru and Dustin. Guaranteed to shake things up in the WildStorm Universe. A hint...my theory is this: what would the Authority be without their orbital headquarters, the Carrier. 'Nuff said! I don't know too much and I don't wanna know either. I hope it's a great run and entertains!!!


...on the other side of the WildStorm Universe, the co-dependent organism known as Continuity, we have an example of harmony in collaboration. The 21st issue of the acclaimed series "Planetary" came with the Comics Gnome this Wednesday past...

Cover art: Planetary #21

Written by Warren Ellis; art and covers by John Cassaday

The acclaimed series continues! Greenwich Village, New York City; the hub of the world. Elijah Snow has come here to take a trip through inner universes, looking for the invisible forces that hold us all together, for a way to defeat the three remaining members of the Four.

Wildstorm Universe | 32pg. | Color | $2.95 US

On Sale October 27, 2004
Source: DC Comics Dot Com

This team of Archeologist of the Unknown have marked their own little indelible wall-paintings on the cave of the WildStorm U. This issue might be marked by previous events but it is the Trip that matters. Leader Elijah Snow takes a psychadellic trip into the Sub-Atomic facets of the Cosmos. Being concerned with the Bleed and the Multiverse is one thing but this softly shifts focus to a metaphysical discussion on the nature of what lies below us instead of above. About death and souls and Feynmann. About that bar in Kazakstan that comes up again & again in Ellis' work (here, StormWatch, Global Frequency). Planetary I wouldn't suggest to the Novice. It's a reward for paying attention in the WildStorm Universe but if you don't know who Jenny Sparks is to begin with then you're already behind the 8-Ball and need to do lots of homework (not to mention the 20 preceeding issues of Planetary..all avail on TPB ^_~).
Ellis is all over the place especially in Marvel where he's doing Ultimate mini-series and the upcoming relaunch of Iron Man along with no less than SIX owner/creator titles from different sources.
TAWKIN' Comics! Not Russian Dressing (which can be made with pickles, ketchup & mayo).


Written by Geoff Johns; Art and cover by Ethan Van Sciver

A turning point in the history of the Green Lanterns begins here, in a 6-issue miniseries written by fan-favorite Geoff Johns (TEEN TITANS, THE FLASH) with art by Ethan Van Sciver (New X-Men, THE FLASH: IRON HEIGHTS)! Hal Jordan was one of the greatest heroes in the DCU until tragedy turned him into one of its greatest villains. Today, his soul searches for redemption as the Spectre. But redemption may not be what Jordan himself needs...or wants. The fates of Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and the rest of the Green Lantern mythology unfold in this colossal tale of heroism involving the entire DCU!

DC Universe | 40pg. | Color | $2.95 US

On Sale October 27, 2004

Source: DC Comics Dot Com

I had something big planned for Green Lantern but I shelved it for the time being. Somebody hit the reset button on the Green Lantern mythology and I'm gonna see how it pans out. As GL #181...

Cover Art #181

...wrapped up the Kyle Rayner years.

...the new direction was plotted by the Powers that Be at DC and...well...Hal Jordan is coming back. Currently finding redeption as DC's The Spectre, changes are on the horizon for Hal Jordan, the Spectre and the entire Green Lantern story. Hal's back (as if he ever really left) but will he find the peace and redemption he's looking for? Will he be a Lantern? What will happen? Hal hinted somethihng to Oliver "Green Arrow" Queen in Identity Crisis #2 about coming back that Hal was "working on something".

The art and story soar in this new limited run, catching the reader up on years of esoteric knowledge with Guy Gardener,

John Stewart

and even the JLA in the background with a taciturn Batman scowling from the shadows (until that is the Green Lantern's Light shines upon him).

Art by Jim "Insert Angelic Choir Here" Lee from HUSH

It begins as Julie Schwartz' did in 1960...with a big spaceship falling from the sky with a Green Lantern in dire need! From there on it's about catching the reader up while also eluding to the big picture. 6 issues in all and there will be more Green Lantern after this but "Rebirth" decides what Green Lantern will be all about for the early 21st Century.

Great issue. Pick it up and enjoy.

Until next Bodega Day...'Namaste.

Buffy Season 7 coming soon!!!

KIWI!!! Did you finish watching Buffy and Angel yet? What opinion do you have of the "Spike Question"?

Here is my review posted on NetFlix:

BTVS S7 was excellent on many levels but also fraught with low lights which leaves Rev Sully to give it 4 stars. Buffy being one of the best series ever made for television closes its doors on seven great seasons with this last edition. Cult status, hip writing, horror, make up, blood, vampires, demons, apocalypses, pop culture, mythologies, magicks and Growing Up Buffy. Remarkable ensemble of the core Scoobies and their "hired help" they gather along the way. Spike returns from his quest a changed man leaving the debate open still: did he ask for his soul back or was he "jipped". The clues all over S6 that magic has consequences and Spike's request wasn't very literal. The First Evil is the Big Bad this time (returning from the Files and It's "first" appearance in S3) and It brings a grudge against the Slayer along with some very deadly helpers such as the UberVamp. This final chapter of Buffy has its clumsiness here and there (like wasn't Buffy mortally wounded in the Finale??? or the ham-handed introduction of Caleb, Angel's intervention with an amulet (explained in Angel S5), the Slayer Scythe, et al). The Finale itself leaves more questions than answers and addresses the now-human possibilities of having an actual life that await the Slayer now that her mission is essentially done with a reflective final long shot of Buffy before the last Fade to Black & Credits. The reintroduction and retribution of Faith the Vampire Slayer. Spike’s love for Buffy and his decisions at the end. The introduction of the Potentials and Robin Wood. The Trio’s Andrew…’nuff said. Tune in and have a blast with Buffy’s Last Ride. Hopefully there will be the Animated Series to sate us Scoobies now that Angel is complete also.

When after the Game ended and the news annoucer stated "the Red Sox have won the World Series"...I started giggling. The Eclipse was nice too. ^_^
As the moon eclipsed into red and white as if to celebrate, the Boston Red Sox capped their perfect sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals in the 100th World Series, breaking the dreaded Curse of the Bambino with their first world championship win since 1918!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Barnos, nevermind about the call... I figured out it was a difference in rules between the AL and NL. For the rest of you, I was suprised to see Pedro in the batting lineup, and called James to find out WTF. Naturally, his phone was off.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Anger! How about...St. Anger. The New Metallica album? ^_~

Haven't heard it. Any good?
Wouldn'tcha think if you pissed someone off, you'd ask them why?

Only if I genuinely cared. There have been occasions when I've made someone angry without knowing how or why (while driving for example), and I genuinely had no interest in it. The anger was not my concern.
To achieve "suchness" or as the C'huan Buddists of China (Zen in Japanese) refer to as "Wu Wei"..."no being". Although absolute Buddisht precepts are for the Monk to live, it is for the potential Bodhisvatta in us all to attain.

If an absolute precept cannot be lived, I fail to see how it does you any good. That notwithstanding, my understanding of Wu Wei comes from the Taoist rather than Buddhist interpretation, and is not so much "no being" as it is "acting without forcing action"
Shaking off anger is hard...I know my legendary anger and I know where it comes from and what it takes for me to deal with it.

I don't doubt it, but if you understand that your anger is based on illusion, it gets easier. If you see that it is funny, and genuinely laugh at it, and it will go away.
Anger propbably comes mostly from the inability to shape the world in the image that the One would like it to be and the frustration when the World doesn't yield. You must yield to the World as the reed doth the wind.

I take it that by "the One" you mean "yourself" as opposed to "the divine unity that encompasses us all", as you seem to be frustrated by struggling against the latter. This feeling that the world can be bent to your will is the illusion I refered to, and Wu Wei as I understand it is the way to achieve your desires in harmony with the direction the World is taking. Insisting on struggling against the flow will only wear you out as you cover little ground. Flow with it, and there's no end to the places it can take you. Like the reed, you may no choice but to be blown upon, but being angry that you cannot will the wind to stop is strange to me. You ought to know what the Buddah says about desiring things you cannot have, and how that relates to suffering.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Anger! How about...St. Anger. The New Metallica album? ^_~

The Boys are in town this weekend, Sunday & Monday. Might try to get some cheap seats. Tryign to win Tickets from WBCN also.

Anger...as reflex. Tough not to get pissed off. The way one reacts to anger though is what's the key. The nature of the annoyance, its severity, et al.

Anger...as a gift. This is actually a quote from legendary angry man Zach De La Rosha of Rage Against The Machine. Can anger be a gift? Ask Pedro Martinez pitching one inning in Game 7 against the Yankees to the backdrop of "Who's Your Daddy?" and making them shut up.

Anger...as choice. Do we choose to be angry? We can. We do. We should only if the perception of misdeed is unacknowledged, unatoned, igored or even reagitated...perception becomes reality. This part of anger takes up the most "hard drive" on the soul and is the most taxing. But also there is perception as reality when it comes to anger as choice when it boils down to topical things such as religion, sports and politics.

Anger...as Status Quo. Wouldn'tcha think if you pissed someone off, you'd ask them why? This is esoteric cryptic for me and doesn't need examination but for topic and musing's sake. I take my self-created problems with people and play Rubik's Cube with them. Try and figure it out, I guess. I guess anger as Status Quo can only be held in relationships with other people. Does feeling justified make being angry any more meaningful...no. It is still as taxing on the soul but it is probably the quickest way to enter the Buddhist Hell State of Mind; Maya. Wrestle with something than cannot easily be fixed and the misery that ensues.

For the cessation of Duhka, that misery must be identified and come to terms with. To achieve "suchness" or as the C'huan Buddists of China (Zen in Japanese) refer to as "Wu Wei"..."no being". Although absolute Buddisht precepts are for the Monk to live, it is for the potential Bodhisvatta in us all to attain.

Shaking off anger is hard...I know my legendary anger and I know where it comes from and what it takes for me to deal with it. Also external factors make it hard to shake off anger. Sometimes I'll whack an inanimate object such as an umbrella against a lightpost if a bus is missed. It feels a little relieving until you find the umbrella in disrepair.

For normal people though...anger comes naturally and all too easy in cases. It depends on the natrue and reaction. If it's a petty annoyance one takes too seriously or is it a grave offense that the offender takes too lightly...the offended's reaction to anger is what keeps jails full and therapist couches warm. My Buddhist Feelings and Thoughts are always mindful though when I face dilemmas although I may act, feel, behave and say things contrary to finding the "Middle Path" that Buddha advises us to seek and travel.

Anger propbably comes mostly from the inability to shape the world in the image that the One would like it to be and the frustration when the World doesn't yield. You must yield to the World as the reed doth the wind. Will any of this help when you get cut off on I93 in Rush Hour...when a professor accuses one of plagerism...when a broken heart is further humiliated by meanness...when the dive boat doesn't have the proper and safe apparati...when a spouse abandons for another taking your child and turning your life into Hell...when one is cut down by a close friend in front of pretty girls even in jest...when a picture is seen of an unfortunate circumstance that is truly upsetting...

Used to be the Image of the controvertial Boston Herald Front page of the girl killed in the Red Sox ALCS revels

...when a friend man-handles you in public and thinks it's funny...when a poor defenseless Switch Box gets beaten by an umbrella in the pouring rain after missing a bus & late for work getting soggy...when what One could percieve as an Unjust War makes their National Idenity look bad to the World Community...and I digress...

But all are examples of anger I have had and seen. All those deal with being unable to cope with things out of the One's control.

Anger...is natural though. It's the balance of joy. It is needed to remind us that we are human and live in an ever changing world. Anger is the emotional sensation analogous to physical pain...cause & effect. We know about Hands and Stove Tops, don't we? If we are quick to anger...then are we slow to change? If we hold on to anger...then we also hold onto the past and we embrace Duhkha (misery). If we can't get rid of anger...then we must examine the "why" & "what" of that reaction and hope to either resolve it or bend with the wind.

But without anger we wouldn't have Metallica would we? ^_~ Tee hee!!! Gimme fuel gimme fire...KI-YA!!!

'Namaste, children,
Rev. Sully

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ahh... the sweet taste of Yankee tears. The Red Sox took the ALCS pennant last night in game 7, with an unprescedented comeback from a 3-0 defecit. One of the greatest wins in baseball history, and conversely one of the greatest defeats. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Thanks for posting the pics Sully, and no worries regarding your phone call.

As for anger, I have certainly been angry, but I don't hold on to it, and don't see much sense in doing so. My anger coping strategy, if you can call it that, is rooted in my belief that the things that happen in life are essentially neutral, and that it is our own bias, perspective, and desires that colour these events with values like "good" or "bad". As I see it, we cannot know the repurcussions of the things that happen, and even when they seem hurtful they may be opening the door to a greater good if we are willing to look for it rather than cling to the things we percieve as having wronged us.

Naturally, it's a good idea to learn from the things that bring us pain, but take the lesson from these things and let the pain go. IMHO, the pain can only serve to cloud our judgement, isolate us, and steal the enjoyment from life.

There's an old Taoist story that comes to mind, perhaps because I really like and relate to old Taoist stories, about two men who lived on adjoining farms. One was quite envious of the other - always thinking that his land was better, his house was bigger, his crops were healthier, etc. One day, however, he noticed that his neighbor's prize horse had gotten loose and run away, and his envy changed to pity. But the neighbor said: "How do you know if I should be sad or happy because of this?" The next day, the man's horse returned from the mountains, leading fifty other wild horses back to his farm, and once again the neighbor's pity turned to envy. But the wise farmer said: "How do you know if I should be envied or pitied because of this?" Soon thereafter, the farmer's only son tried to ride one of the new horses. It threw him, and he broke his leg. The neighbor's envy again turned to pity. But once again the wise farmer said: "How do you know that this is a bad thing, and not good?" The very next day, a general came to his farm to draft his son into the army to fight in a battle from which no one returned. Because of his broken leg, the young man was spared. Instead, the neighbor's son was drafted and taken away. Again, while it's easy to see the worst when we are disappointed, you never know what might come of the it in the future. Sometimes the ugliest trees bear the sweetest fruit.

Thanks Mary Beth Ott for the pics and link!

Here comes the Groom! Van the Best Man and Rev. Sully.

The Bride escorted by her uncles Tommy (right) and Sal(left) Busacca

Vows at the Wishing Well.

How long is this??? Well actually it came in under 10 minutes. ^_~

James...you may kiss your bride!!!

Mr & Mrs. James Barnes!!!

At Last by Etta James

Saucer of milk...table for two...rowr!

And the Bride feeds the Groom...

JUSR MARRIED!!! Guess who that is? ^_~

Heya all! Whaddup?

Question of Topic: ANGER.

How that kids? Ever been angry? What use is it? Et al, blah blah blah but really...

What do you do about anger and do you think you deal with it constructively.
"If a man is considered guilty for what goes on in his mind then give me the electric chair for all my future crimes". -Prince

What's with anger children? Got any?

Happy OCHO to you. ^_^

Friday, October 08, 2004

Sully, Check out vBulletin... It's a good versatile discussion board, and it loads a hell of a lot faster than the "new, improved" blogger. It might be a good format for 2.0, and I think I can kick you some space for it if need be.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


A little belated but OCHO is two tears old. Back in the day of October 4, 2002, Channel Ocho began as well...my first Blog. Since then it's become my online e-zine and a place we can hang our hats. A Coffee Table in a Digital Flat. Like we used to do in the Old Daze. OCHO is a great place for me to publish in a sense older things, new pieces and to keep writing.

Since my departure from Harvard, OCHO's puiblishing has been erratic and inconsistant. I no longer have access to daily email and Blogging as I once did so OCHO in turn suffers.

I love having this on-line place to write about the things I like. Hockey, Theology and Funny Books. More to come. I might change the appearence of the WWW Page and link the sides to past Big Articles and also other pages such as Warren Ellis' acme Blog Die Puny Humans, the Onion, Peter Fernandez Dot Net, Slahdot, FARK, Matt's Diving Page and more. Our contributors have dwindled too. Hopefully with what I'm thinking as OCHO 2.0 (in another pike dream) that we can get old favorites such as Hot Dog, Dr. Hooey, Pumpkinhead and other back eventually.

Until there's a hockey season I see no reason to bore anyone with CBA details. Check out NHL dot com for that. ^_~

Comics...as I said...been recharging. Reading titles. I found I could keep up a weekly pace on new releases. It was easier doing that with in between moments at work. You'd figure with all this time on my hands I'd be a modern-day Proust.

Happy Birthday OCHO!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Holy Crap! ALUMNI!!! It's a Post-It on Peter's Desk.

Happy to say the Wedding is days away!!! YEAH!!! ^_^

Kiwi...I hope to have the ceremony posted on OCHO shortly thereafter.

NO HOCKEY...NO SMOKING PUCK! I'm relaxed over the whole shindig. I mean it's interesting to have no hockey but concentrate solely on football and playoff baseball.

Well the bachelor party is tonight and there will be no record of this event. Tee hee!!!

Comics Talk...hmmm...I been more interested in reading them than just write about them rigth now. There's a Certain Magic involved when writing the Comics Talk that's just not met without home Internet access. Lemme tell you why...I got to DC and Marvel dots com and I rifle through the cover images. It's really fun and cool but when I look at three weeks worth of text and no images...it loses it's charm. Also rereading a few major titles. I recently read the ENTIRE DC/VERTIGO "Animal Man" run. All of 89 issues, it went from dynamic intropection of the late 1980s as Brittania was culled of its talent post-Alan Moore. Grant Morrison's tremendous 26 issue beginning was a fan-boy's wet dream of DC refernece and introspection. A true deconstrucion of an odd second-tier character. It was later helmed by "Hellblazer" scribe Jamie Delano and lost lots of steam...later...

Animal Man TBP #1

Gotta run!