Friday, April 30, 2004

Not really James but Sully posting from the House of the Rising Punk.

Flyers lose. I'm too wasted to type.


THE Hockey Talk:

Give it up for the Cap'n!!! Jerome Igilna drops his gloves to support his team and squares off against Derian Hatcher the other night. It appears Mikka Kiprusoff is the real deal.

This series is tied 2-2.

Tonight the Leafs and Flyers and I'm with Juan Barnos!!! We will kick Jimi Thing up and down Meffa is the Fleagles lose. Just kidding laura. ^_~ Philly's up 2-1 on the series. Philly will face Tampa Bay WHEN they win this round. No easy task versus the #1 team in the East. No one thunk this one, kids.

Most notable: Tampa Bay sweeps Montreal. Grrrrr...and again I say...GRRRR!!!!

San Jose needs one win over the...here I go Paul...THE RANGERS OF THE ROCKIES!!! No really...the Av's need to step it up and have a little avoiding being swept but still down 3-1. Not looking good for this heavily armed team.

Would a Tampa/San Jose Cup be interesting. Nabokov v. Khabibulin? It'll look like the Russian mob out there. Ain't gonna happen but this is the playoffs...anything can happen and does. Look at the...sigh...Bruins. What did Joe Thornton say to Sergei Samsonov...FORE!!! ^_~
Squawking Comics:

Iliad the Movie is on its way!

Check out the backstory, the Judgement of Paris.


On-line comics! Scroll down to Age of Bronze #1. While you're there, check out the other On-Line Comics but the one that caught my eye the most was Age of Bronze. Dane's reading Rex Mundi and issue #0 is there for you to read.

Also try on for size Powers by Brian Michael Bendis, mega-scribe at Marvel of the Ultimate Universe.

What about the Ultimate Universe, huh? it's fresh great retelling of the Marvel-verse that's what. Featured on OCHO months ago, Marvel dot com has the Ultimate Universe on line.

Marvel Dot Comics

The panels are the best thing about these dot comics. How the comic itself is rendered into a screen format. Wonderful. The free section is great offering lots of Ultimate titles but check out The Punisher #16. can you say Ennis & Dillon? I can...actually #16 guest stars two greats!!! Wolverine and guest artist Darick Robertson of TRANSMETROPOLITAN. Check it out! To get more issues you might have to subscribe.

Check out Bendis & Maleev on Daredevil #26. Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly in New X-Men #135 "Riot at Xavier's".

New this week: best pick is Paul Dini and Bruce Timm's Batman: Harley & Ivy.
The Duo of Harley Quinn (Joker's gal pal) and Poison Ivy has been a great thing since Harley was imported from the Animated series. Taking the Animated style but keeping maturity, H & I is a fun title with two wild Gotham Girls. Cheeky and well done. 3 issue limited series.

I'm a huge JLA fan but does it need another "Extreme Team" or "Task Force" title. I say "nay". 12 issue limited run I might just wait for the TPB. But it is written by Joe Kelly and art by Doug Manhke, the team that did most of JLA: The Obsidian Age. I love Kelly's stories and Manhke's art so I might just be getting this title.

Ron Marz comes back to Green Lantern. This run hits a little close to home for me for personal reasons. I also hear that this is eventually bringing back Silver Age GL Hal Jordan back. From the dead? Who's now the Spectre? I love the Kyle Rayner GL and it took me forever to love him. He is the Green Lantern now and what good does it do to bring Jordan back. perhaps it'll be like "Circle of Fire" and a subconsious construct of Rayner and his projection of faliure after coming home to a mess. Ron Marx MADE Kyle Rayner. He comes back to the character he basically created with lots of changes to Kyle's life. 6 issue arc changing GL. My favorite title still.

As I said I love the JLA but this arc cannot be over quick enough. The Tenth Circle reunited old friends Chris Claremont and John Byrne with inks by Jerry Ordway and lettering by Tom Oreschowski. What's so special about them? This is the team that made the Uncanny X-Men GREAT with things likee Dark Phoenix, Days of Future Past. But it's not working here. I do give props to the "old fashioned" feel it seems to have but it's wordy and there's no good action. Dull and boring the Tenth Circle is spinning wheels on the Autobahn of my imagination.

Check this out: Brian Azzarello of 100 Bullets on Story. Jim "Insert Angelic Choir Here" Lee on Art. Great issue and there's 11 more where this came from. Retooling Superman in his three primary title, Adventures of, Action Comics and Superman. This will change Supes life forever and the story is great with Azzarello coming fresh off of Batman Broken City. Lee as always is acme.

Will you go figure? Warren Ellis' Two-Step is late? Could you have guessed?

Keep an eye out for the Ministry of Space write up. By Warren Ellis on Avatar this three issue run BLEW ME AWAY. Science Fiction storytelling on par with Arthur C. Clarke! What If...the Brits won the Space Race and got the missle technology from the Nazis after WWII? Superb!!! As Stan the Man says...EXCELSIOR! The collected Omnibus has #1 & #2 and #3 was just released. Drop what you're doing and get this title. it was my most anticipated title THIS WEEK!

Wildstorm brings us SLEEPER: Season 2. This was an actual "sleeper" hit. Steeped in tje Wildstorm Universe, SLEEPER is a great jump-on spot for this great Universe and makes all titles such as Wildcats, The Authority, Planetary and Stormwatch: Team Achilles accessible. Our Double Agent is out of the Cold and into the Fire. Has he gone Native? Will we get to see more of Miss Misery nekkid??? We can only hope.

This new Vertigo title is interesting. Bite Club. it's described as the Sopranos meets Buffy. A Vampire family in charge of a Florida Mob. Interesting and written by comics legend Howard Chaykin. 6 issues with covers by Frank Quietly.

Another Firestorm revamp? Sheeeeesh...

Michael Turner's art is AMAZING!!!
The Flash continues to impress in this new direction. Wally West is a great character and is being fulyl realized.

Speaking of Michael Turner's art...he's doing all of Superman/Batman. ^_~

Judd Winnick and Phil Hester continue to be consistantly good on Green Arrow.

DC's new imprint Focus starts off scratch in a new world with no established superheroes. This F*ed up title showcases a 17 year old guy...who just got sent to prison but his power is manifesting, and protecting him in the belly of the beast. Interesting and compelling so far. Not as "go for the throat" as Brian Azzarello's prison work (100 Bullets, Hellblazer) but it's graphic and up there.

Just got turned onto this Wildstorm "Eye of the Storm" title:
Stormwatch: Team Achilles. We aren't superheroes. We kill them. The UN Super Team in their latest incarnation. Light on the Superehumans, heavy on the arms and bloodshed. Who will defend us against the super-powered? Col. Ben Santini and his Team Achilles will.

See you at the Bodega!
Hey Leah,

Skip over the Sports then. ^_~ But it is Sox season and Hockey Playoffs. Some sporatic Comics reviews. Nothing too much going on these days Blog-wise. I don't have time to write Comics Reviews like I used to and conversation's tricked down to a dribble sometimes. There's only I think 4 of us out here most the time and Mario chimes in too here & there. Oh well.

Start a subject then. ^_~

>May is New Zealand music month

Sweet! I'll have to check it out.

I'm cutting down on the live music lately. This summer I'll probably just see the Dead, Jack Johnson/G-Love, and Bela Fleck.

44 Days and counting...sheeesh!


Thursday, April 29, 2004

May is New Zealand music month --- generally it kicks ass!

Channel Z is commited to playing 70% of kiwi music throughout the month.

DO you think the girls feel jipped???

There is far too much reading too catch up on here and most of it's on sports anyway - I see the "sucks" debate has been given to foul stench that is the breath of life again... oh goodie... Whether or not the Yankees choose to simultaneously drop to their knees in front of the Sox (god that would be funny!) I will outwardly pronounce that the YANKEES SUCK and chant it with pride! PS. I need one of those shirts!!! I will send money!

[ Wed Apr 28, 12:38:16 PM | Preacher Matt ]
I saw this cartoon on another blog, and it made me think of our discussion.

If it's about fellatio, why is the stuff on his face brown?

- cause he's been sucking ass! hee hee!
>BTW Matt...is that a pic that Pearce posted? ^_~

Of course.
Booooo! Someone shoot him now and put him outta my misery!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

BTW Matt...is that a pic that Pearce posted? ^_~
Because the dog is white? I dunno...
I saw this cartoon on another blog, and it made me think of our discussion.

If it's about fellatio, why is the stuff on his face brown?

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

This old debate sucks ass.


Monday, April 26, 2004

Ellis Burks needs surgery on his left knee and is headed to the disabled list for at least four weeks.

Burks will undergo arthroscopic surgery to repair torn cartilage, which was diagnosed last week.

The injury originally occurred on a baserunning play in spring training and Burks tried to play through it, using cortisone shots to reduce the swelling.

Burks is still recovering from elbow surgery last June, and hadn't been able to play in the field. In DH and pinch hitting duties, he compiled a .133 average (4-for-30) with 1 HR & 1 RBI.

Burks is expected to be replaced on the roster by Brian Daubach , who made his triumphant return to Boston earlier this season, but appeared in only two games before he was waived and reassigned to Pawtucket.

Daubach has piled up impressive stats in his brief stay at Triple-A. In 10 games, he hit .350 (14-for-40) with 5 HR & 11 RBI. He was 0-for-1 with a walk with the Red Sox before the demotion.


Moral of the Story...don't pick your Scabs??? WAH!!! That's bloody awful! I love Dauber!!!

Grevoius Head Wound from the Mind of Garth Ennis, drawn by Steve Dillon. From DC/Vertigo's PRECAHER. ^_~
This old debate sucks ass.
>And there you go again ignoring its obvious etymology.

I don't disagree that if "it sucks" meant sucking dick, it would have a homosexual related negative connotation. What I disagree with is that dick is what's getting sucked. I understand it to be a shit-eating reference, as I stand by the version I've heard most often... it sucks ass. That's the "long version" I've heard since I first heard the long version. I don't find it an "obvious" etymology at all... I think you made that up. I've heard "this sucks balls" more often than "this sucks dick", but I've heard "this sucks ass" more than twice the other two combined. "Sucks dick" is about as frequently used as "sucks wind" in my experience.

Maybe in your neighborhood it was different, but I find sucking ass to be both more poeticly vulgar, and definitively negative. Just ask the tossed salad man.

Told ya Donald was comin'! Two more days off....what a bunch of crap!

Manny ball completes sweep of Yanks for the first time cince 1999!

Hey look Brunis fans......someone in front of the net! heh
Flyers go up 2-0!!!

SOX sweep the Spankees!

Sorry Juan Barnos, no Sportsgasm yesterday but I did end up getting that hangover that I was so looking forward to. Yuk. If that's any consolodation. ^_^

Friday, April 23, 2004

There you go bringing sexuality into it again... sheesh.

And there you go again ignoring its obvious etymology. ^_~ Just ask a 12 year old "sucks what" when they say "That Sucks" and watch the light in their eyes before they fall back to a safe answer.
If anyone sucks it appears it's Manny in the Field. What's his new glove made outta Flubber? ^_~ Tee hee.
There you go bringing sexuality into it again... sheesh.

Yankees suck. The notion that they don't can only be explained by assuming the proponents of that position embrace the misconception that "sucking" is in some way tied to their performance record. Their wins and losses have nothing to do with it.
OK...this goes back to an old argument 'tween me an Matt but in a jocular (no pun) sense the Yankees do Suck. American Heritage College dictionary defintion #5 Vulgar Slang finds sucks as "to be disgustingly disagreeable or offensive". Also compounded with the homophobic overtones of "sucking" being "disgustingly disagreeable or offensive" we can find that the Yankees do indeed "suck" by making jests of homosexual behavior and by finding them "disgustingly disagreeable or offensive" (because in a tradiotional Judeo-Christian sense fellatio is sodomy and fellatio between two men is grounds for Brimstone).


I prefer to be a Yankee Hater. I do not prefer to join the rabble such as that idiot Mario ^_~ in the Yankees Suck chant. It is indeed the Hallmark of provincial boorishness, I agree but the Yankees do indeed "suck".

I need one of those hats.

How about some fun but False Logic!
Jeter's A Homo. Jeter's A Yankee. Therefore...Yankees Suck. Any question (excluded Preacher Matt ^_~ tee hee!!!).

Time to drop some bombs on New York all you Yankee haters! Round two starts tonight in the Bronx with D Lowe goin for the good guys and Contreras goin for the AL champion Stankys (Remember people the Yankees lost that world series but they do not suck). I'd like Red Sox nation to stop with that STUPID chant though I know they won't.
It just makes us sound stupid and we're the best and most educated fans in the game! Enough ranting....Go SOX Go!
Matt, that's actually a 2-D representation. ^_~ Tee hee!!! WAH!!!

Hmmm...seeing that the Scientific Revolution is relatively recent in terms of human existence and history, I think once a person can at least handle this model; accept and understand its "how" and "why" then they can move on to the "where" and more specifically the "when" of it all.
I for one think that the Universe, the Cosmos is infinite and endless. I think the Singularity that created the Matter in what we see as "Our Universe" that has a parameter at the "Big Bang" is limited. I mean, "Our Universe" is still expanding as Edwin Hubble showed with discovering Red and Blue shifts. If the Universe was contracting (whilst we would be unaware or not), would not Time be going "backwards"? And "Our Universe" seems to be speeding up in its expansion. Will time therefore speed up? Hmmmm.
When the Matter stops expanding in "Our Universe?" won"t Time stop as well? Time and Space are one and the same. Won't Time stretch out as its Space stretches too? Won't Time collapse when or if rather there is a Big Crunch or an Oscillating Universe?
I think the cone shape is a better 3-D (or 2-D ^_~) visualization than the Torus Shaped Universe.


I personally think it's turtles all the way down.

And it creates more questions than answers. Just like Religion. Hmmm...Goethe said God is in the Details.


This on wasn't even close! The ice was tilted tward Eddie all night long! The leafs know they can't beat the Flyers so they will try to play the ruff stuff from here on out and if that's the case look for Donald to step in! :::snickers to self:::

Thursday, April 22, 2004

I think it's interesting that people persist in trying to answer the "shape of the universe" question with three dimensional models. I don't see the point.

Compliments of Warren Ellis's Blog Die Puny Humans.
Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Kim Johnsson will miss Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals series against Toronto because of a broken bone in his right hand.


Happy double screw you day to all you Toronto fans! The Witchdoctor is comin' for you at 7pm and Mr. LeClair is gunna light you up at 7:30pm!

THE Hockey Talk:


Avalanche/San Jose!

Maple Leafs/Flyers!

les Habitants/Lightning!


With the dismissal of the Bruins, Canucks and Ottawa Senators, the Playoff picture gets clearer and at the same time reeking of great uncertainty. Wild Cards, great teams!
Flames/Wings is a pleaser! Meet the New Boss? Same as the Old Boss? Team Geritol will have their gloves full of Iginla & Co. Kiprusoff continues to shine in goal.

The Flyers will show the Make Believes what the real deal is. These two teams do not like eachother. Which makes for excellent hockey. Mats Sundin, Owen Nolen and ex-Flyer Mikael Renberg are all day-to-day with injuries. Kim Johnsson is listed as day-to-day with a brken hand but he'll play through the pain. That's Playoff Hockey...beards and owies...

Great series brewing on the Other Coast, Sharks versus Avalanche. This one will be a wild ride.
three games tonight!!!

And the Finalists for the Season Awards have been given:

Bruins goaltender Andrew Raycroft, Canadiens forward Michael Ryder and Islanders forward Trent Hunter are the finalists for the Calder Trophy, given to the top rookie. Ryder and Hunter finished 1-2 in rookie scoring.

As reported in OCHO, veracity in projection. ^_~

Other finalists:
Martin Brodeur NJ, Martin St. Louis TB and Jerome Igilna CAL for the Hart Trophy (League MVP)
Martin Brodeur NJ, Mikka Kiprusoff CAL and Roberto Luongo FLA for the Vezina (Best Goalie)
Zdeno Chara OTT, Scott Neidermayer NJ and Chris Pronger STL for the Norris Trophy (Best defenseman). No Sergei Gonchar BOS and league leader in defenseman points, no Nicklas Lidstrom DET, no clue why...

It's going to be a while before I can properly evaluate what went wrong with the Bruins besides a lack of offense. James hit the nail on the head by saying there were no Briuns in front of the net. Joe Thornton's "upper body injury of mystery" was torn rib cartilage. That makes it tough to breath, skate, move, check, stickhandle and stay in front of the net and the beating associated with staying there. The Samsonov-Bergeron-Nylander line continued to shine but couldn't seal the deal. Marty Lapointe should feel a little bad. Whatever with being over-paid and lackluster besides injury plagued, that stupid boarding call late in the 3rd period down by one goal was AWFUL! It's tough to say that it lost the game and series but it did make it tougher for the Bruins to win in that sitch. I bet he wishes he had that one back.

Sir Crush-A-lot get's it done north of the border! He he he Doug smashes 2 (count em two) home runs to lift the Sox to the 4-2 win in toronto!

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

By the way...

HAPPY 4/20!!! ALL DAY!!! ^_~

It's also Columbine Day too so take a moment to remember the "why" in that if you can wrap your head around it. ^_~
Reasons to go to the Funny Book Bodega:

Batman: HUSH by Jeph Loeb/Jim Lee

The Heroes

The Villians

Now available in 2 Hardcover TPBs. Why wait for the softcover...c'mon and splurge. This title should be required reading before the excellent Superman Batman new title reuniting the World's Finest team.
Coming Soon to a Bodega Near YOU!!!

Wildstorm brings us...MORE KEV!!!

The Authority: Kev was a funny ride written by Garth Ennis and art by Glenn Fabry in which a down on his luck British SAS soldier is given Wet Works order to go kill the Authority. Which he does! The Carrier being sentient (the Authority's HQ in Space) goes back in time to save its team.

Well...Kev is back for more in your face fun. Guaranteed to be a hit, MORE KEV in 4-issues coming this May.

Garth Ennis (PREACHER, The Punisher) and Glenn Fabry (PREACHER covers, Thor: Vikings) join forces for a 4-issue miniseries that takes aim at one of the most unique characters in the Wildstorm Univers: Corporal Kev Hawkins! An alien armada stands poised to assault the planet Earth, bent on destruction and genocide! The Authority are in shambles following an initial encouter with the invaders, leaving Kev alone to fight them off. Is the world doomed?


Zatanna. a JLAer. Daughter of the Golden Age Zatan, the Magician. She's one of the underrated stars of the DCU. Also I love this Bruce Timm inspired figure of her.

The real Catwoman Selina Kyle of the Batman funnybook. Figurine based upon Jim Lee's art in Batman "HUSH".

The Bruce Timm inspired version called the "Animated" Style. Definitely Selina Kyle

As opposed to the Halle Berry Catwoman movie coming out his summer. Yuk. She's not even Selina Kyle.

FYI: Sleeper's Ed Brubaker's BEEN writing the Catwoman DC comics for years now. Just catching up on some of this. ^_~
Is that what it is? A Yankee Haters hat? Got a link?

WAH!!! ^_^
Oh, I knew it's a Yankee Hater hat, but your thought was exactly mine - what's up with actually wearing it out.

OK after a very hard look at the hat it could be a H Y or a Y H and that could be a very understated Yankee Hater joke but to wear it out in public after playing the Yankees is just a little too risky in my opinion! Then again it could be an elaborate part of the witchdoctor's voo-doo!
What's up with the hat Kurt?
The Hockey SHOCK!!!

The Flames stun the Canucks in OT and advance.

The Habs rock Beantown with a late 3rd period goal to win the series and advance!!!

Two of the Best Teams in Hockey (Bruins and Canucks) are crestfallen and they can’t get up!!!

The East will be settled a little later tonight with Ottawa/Toronto game 7.

I’ll have a bigger season wrap up later and will continue to report on the playoffs but damn…

Let’s go Flyers? They got my support now. They have to wait until about 10PM tonight to see who they play in the next round.

The Thrill of Victory

The agony of Defeat.

Nice Pic!

Hate to say it but the Bruins did play like a bunch of push overs.

Was not the Razor’s Fault!!! He’s not responsible for scoring goals. And his “D” let him down something fearsome. Still Rookie of the Year candidate! HUZZAH!!! Thanks for the great year, Raycroft!!!

Every picture tells a story donut. And this is one sad donut. Shut out to end the Second Season!!! YUK!

The Witch Doctor and the Closer couldn’t save the Bruins either. Curt Schilling and Kevin Foulke of the Boston Red Sox take in the game last night.

My name is Kim Johnsson I’m not from Wisconsin and I’ll play even with a broken hand. Thursday starts Round 2 for the Flyers at HOME!!!

Monday, April 19, 2004

Well what can I tell ya I actually watched the entire game and the B's just NEVER had anyone in front of the net!
Flyers bandwagon now accepting applications! GO FLYERS GO!