Wednesday, March 31, 2004

>What does your ULC ordination mean to you?

In a word, it means freedom. Freedom to plot my own course through life's spiritual journey, and freedom from the tyranny of dogmatic thought. It means feeling that my dissatisfaction with what I was taught to believe is valid instead of sinful, so it means freedom from religious guilt as well. It also gives me the opportunity to give others a glimpse of that freedom, as accepting me in the role of "Preacher" makes them either redefine their assumptions or broaden their definitions... which I think is awfully neat.

Beyond that, it means being able to solemnize the love of friends for each other in the way that they see fit, which I find to be a very fulfilling undertaking.
So Nomaaah is a product of the Salesians huh? Interesting tidbit - I was not aware of that.

Next time we're all at the Park...we chant Fr. Domenick's old cheer...

We're from Bosco...and no one could be prouder...and if you cannot hear us...we'll shout a little LOUDER (hey!)...

repeat until THEIR ears bleed. Nooooge.
So Nomaaah is a product of the Salesians huh? Interesting tidbit - I was not aware of that.
Happy Anniversary to me, I guess...

March 31st, 1998 at 10 minutes until April Fool's Day, I became an Ordained Minister of the ULC the Universal Life Church of Modesto, CA. On Matt's advice. After seeing the "White Room" on Acid New Year's 1997/98, I became a lot more spiritually aware. So I followed Matt's advice and became a minister.

Since then I've done three weddings. And one separate naming ceremony for an infant. 2 of the 3 other weddings I've solemnized have included naming ceremonies for their babies (aka the raison d'etre for the yoking ^_~). The other wedding was special...cheeesy but really special.
I grew up in the Hard Rock Cafe basically. Met my best friends of my adult life there. I got friends from there going on a decade now, you know. But while I was workign the phone one day, I got a random (?) phone call from a couple looking to get married in the HRC Boston. They were already married and were actually goign for the Guinness Book of World's Records for the most marrige ceremonies by one couple. I was #33 and the record they were breaking was 43. They actually went to a few HRC's and got hitched there so I offered my services.
Well...I hadn't heard from them and it was my last day of work at the HRC Boston and they show up. I got to perform a wedding my last day working at the Hard Rock...right there on the stage with the microphone and everything. I thought it was sweet and fitting.

Peter and Leah followed suit. Peter did a wedding once for his excellent friends Ben & Amy Ware (who I hope will someday think I'm "normal"...nah!!! ^_^). Matt still has my robe (probably never getting that back...fits him better anyway but we'll see if I'll need that robe again ^_~). So we got 4 ministers in this circle.
But...happy anniversary to me then. God be with you how ever you envision what the Divine is. I take my dubious Internet ordination seriously. It allows me to make families happen. So...Kathleen & Sean Crane where ever you are...I hope you're still together and Eve Ashanti is growing up BIG & STRONG. It was a fun, homemade hippy wedding. All shot out to my Guinness couple. I wish I remembered their names. I've been looking on Guinness World Records dot com to no avail or they'd get props. Also to Aimee & Jeff Berger-Girvalo...part of my extended family and who let me perform a non-Christian naming ceremony for Gracie Snow for her first birthday. There we promised the world, friends and family that although we're not religious people, we are spiritual and will show Gracie that way (and she can make her own mind up when she's old enough). Aimee & Jeff are very Buddhists if not all the way. ^_~
Finally to Lisa & Chris McGee. Lisa being one of my best friends ever (from the HRC and she's a former wingman...Kiwi...you got HER old job ^_~)...Lisa and I promised each other we'd marry the other if we weren't married by the age of 30. I did marry her. I did give Lisa LaFerriere an Irish name. ^_~ Also we had a naming ceremony for their baby son Kai Christopher McGee after the wedding ceremony. Kai is Hawaiian for "ocean" so it was really fitting to do that on the beach. Lisa when we were younger and wilder always wanted a wedding on a beach at sunset. You couldn't possible know how thrilled I was when she asked me to marry them. We performed the ceremony at sunset on a beach in Jupiter, FL November 2001. It was right post-9/11 so flying in a plane couldn't have been safer (especially with all the M-16 and camo green in the airports).

Why the hell did I become an ordained minister? I believe in God. I have my own interpretation of what God is and what God does (or doesn't). I'm an amateur theologian. I read the Godstuff and history for kicks. I also think it will make a great career eventually. It's important to address the spirit. And to have people that will address the spirit. Too oft, we're lumped as kooks but to paraphrase Carl Sagan in "Contact", 90% of the wrold is not having a mass-halluicination. 9 out of 10 people (unconfirmed as of this writing) believes in God in one for or another.

What I know...is that I know shit. That I'll never understand what is on God's mind or why is it the way it is and why God does or doesn't do things. I feel that spirituality is for people. That it forsters and encourages morality and Right Action. That different cultures are not that different...there are kernels of a "human & world morality" in all cultures. The rest is provincial and subjective.

Being a minister hasn't changed who I am really for the exception that I now keep an ear on my tongue and try like the dickens to watch my language in regards to Profanity. It's different than Vulgarity. Being vulgar is just using common language. But Profanity means to slight God. I just remember my Mom saying to me everytime I said "Goddamn it!!!' or "Jay-zus Christ!!!"..."you bettah be, prayin' kid!!!". Where did I get the exclaimation "JEEKERS JACK!!!"...from my Catholic mother who doesn't like to take the Lord's name in vain.

So Matt, Leah...Peter if you're out here. What does your ULC ordination mean to you?

That's about all.

Agape, Philia, Storge to all you. ^_~
Diamond Mining...

Red Sox 2004 Schedule
For your convenience...

Nomar's out for the first three weeks with a Sore Achilles Tendon.
Did you know that Nomar is not only his father Ramon's name spelled backwards but...it is his middle name? His first name is Anthony. He graduated from St. John Bosco H.S. (Bellflower, CA) in 1991. WOW! How about 'dem apples, Mario? ^_~
Nomar's bio.

Did anyone stop to notice that Ellis Burks is back with the Red Sox? 1987-1992 he was a mainstay of the team and it broke our hearts to see him go.

As it was said about fictional All-Star catcher Jake Taylor...wish we had him 2 years ago...
"We did."
"Four years ago, then."

All my best to Amber and her dad too... they're really lucky to have you there for them.
Here you go Kiwi... I hope this does the trick for you.

Windows is designed to support control of the modem speaker and volume using the Modem Properties. (Control Panel-> Modems or Control Panel -> Phone and Modem Options). This control depends upon the proper installation of the modem - the modem's .inf file defines the commands available and to be used to control the modem speaker. You can override these settings by using appropriate initialization strings (see below).

go to ControlPanel->Modems and select your modem.

If you want to turn off the modem sounds: Adding m0 (m-zero) in extra settings will turn off the modem speaker.

The default setting for the speaker initialization is m1 (m-one). This setting turns the speaker on when the modem goes off-hook, and remains on while the modem handshakes with the remote modem. When the handshake completes, the speaker automatically turns off.

SPEAKER VOLUME: Some modem include a "Loudness" command which can be used to set the volume for the modem speaker when it is on. This command will be:

AT L# - where # is a number. Valid numbers are specific to the modem chipset/driver - usually 0,1,2 or 3 with higher numbers representing louder volumes.

Sully, I finished 'Y' - I have to admit I wan't too thrilled with the 2 issue tangent at the end there.. though the conclusion was done quite tastefully. I wsa hoping for a bit more on Hero, and the Mom.. the politcal side of things was quite interesting but not really adressed enough I think.

I'm hoping that is brought back also. Which 2-issue tangent do you refer to though...the newer issues or the end of Vol. 3? Catch me up to where you are. We haven't heard or seen from Hero or their mother since the start. We'll probably be seeing them soon enough though. It's left us HANGING, huh? The true power of serialized entertaiment. Anticipation!!! Cliffhanging!!! Did you think that Hero & Mom would be left out? Nah...I think Yorick's got a few surprises waiting for him by the time he gets to the West Coast.

You, Amber and her dad still get my "ki". Keep doing what you're doing. I know from personal experience that there's no one I'd rather got my back and I got their shoulder than you...and you were half a world away when I needed you most and you never failed to be a Rock for me and you barely let me know how annoying I could be even in my deepest, bitter grief. I'm a proud of you, Leah. Keep that going and we support you as much as you support Amber.
>Did you realize how long ago that was now???

Yeah... going on five years now.

When I get a minute, I'll look up the modem codes.... maybe during lunch.
THE Hockey Talk:

Well...how quickly things change. Change is the nature of the Cosmos. It's a Buddhist thing, you know. As water turns to ice, as 2nd place falls to 6th. The New Jersey Devils tying the Philly Flyers by beating the BluBalls (NYR) 5-0. By nature of having one more game played and a better Win-Loss-Tie-OTL record than the Flyers as both teams have 98 points, the Devils are now on top of the Atlantic Division and posses the 2nd seed in the East while the Flyers dropped to the 6th seed. Be ready to change...adapt or die. It's only Darwinian. Or is it Buddhist. I think it's Lord Stanley.

The Blues beat the Oilers out West. Nashville beat Chicago. Edmonton and Nashville are now tied with 87 points but by nature of Record, Nashville has the 8 seed out West. El OCHO??? ^_~ and St. Louis improves its post-season appearance with a win last night (1-0 over EDM) giving the Blues a 2-point breathing room. It appears LA was not a team to come out of the West being 7 points behind the 8 & 9 placed NSH and EDM. Defense or lack thereof will kill you regardless of how many "quality?" players one has. Top heavy on forward and having Roman Cechmanek 'tween the pipes, LA should have been better but while they were out getting the likes of Anson Carter and Martin Straka they should have been boning up their defensive corps. Has LA's defense ever gotten over Rob Blake's departure to Colorado a few seasons back? The Bruins losing Ray Bourque didn't kill the team as it did with the City of Angels. For me the only reason to root for the Edmonton Oilers to make the 'Off is for all 6 Canadian based teams to be in the Second Season...which would make everyone in Downtown Canada happy right? What was that slight all aboot...I love Canada. It's true. ^_~

The Sabres are still 3 points behind the NYI for the 8 seed in the East. The NYI face Les Habitants, the Montreal Canadians (hence...the "Habs" , get it yet? ^_~) tonight and the Surging Sabres face the Flatfooted BluBalls. By this time tomorrow, Buffalo might have a one-point lead over the Isles. Might, I said.

Good news for the Flyers...Captain Keith Primeau will return to the ice after missing 21 games after a February 21 concussion. Good to see you coming back, Big Guy.

The Calder Hunt:
Michael Ryder (78 GP, 24-36-60 +8) of the Canadians has 12 points over Trent Hunter (74 GP, 24-24-48 +19) of the NYI. They are 1 & 2 respectively. Patrice Bergeron (68 GP, 16-22-38 +5) is in 5th place and had a stellar rookie season. I watched the game against the Forever .500 'Canes last night and he's on a line with Sergei Samsonov and Michael Nylander. I call it the "Mercury Line" because the only thing quicker is a deadbeat dad out the door. But the Bruins will represent in the Calder with Andrew "The Razor" Raycroft and his stellar freshman year in goal and who will also (more than likely) be the Bruins starting goaltender for the Playoffs. The Razor, 10th place overall with all active NHL goalies this season boats a record of 54 GP, 28-17-8, 2.00 GAA. Safe bet is it coming down to between Ryder and Raycroft with 3-4 games left for the regular season.

Whatever happened to the 50-goal scorer? Rick Nash of the Columbus Blue Jackets leads the NHL with 40 goals. Ilya Kowalchuk of the Atlanta Thrashers and Jerome Iginla of the Calgary Flames both have 39. The 50-goal scorer used to be a benchmark of excellence but in a league where the goal scoring drought is blamed on everything from the size of the goalie pads to clutch & grab play and even the syzygy of the planets, one thing is obvious and it's rarely mentioned. There are too many teams. Watching the Nylander-Bergeron-Samsonov line last night made me realize something: let the talented players play with each other. The playoff are too long...why? There are so many teams...the NHL Playoffs are as fair as can be with so many teams and it's called endearingly the Second Season for a very good reason but with the talent spread too thin over too many teams, it's not hard to figure out why the League has had a goal-scoring drought. Rumors of the Nashville Predators folding is sad news but also it made me think would it be that terrible to lose a team or two? In the 92-93 season, Teemu Selanne with the Winnipeg Jets had a 76 goal season (in addition to being his rookie season).

Check this out:

92 - Wayne Gretzky, Edm., 1981-82, 80 game schedule.
87 - Wayne Gretzky, Edm., 1983-84, 80 game schedule.
86 - Brett Hull, St.L., 1990-91, 80 game schedule.
85 - Mario Lemieux, Pit., 1988-89, 80 game schedule.
76 - Phil Esposito, Bos., 1970-71, 78 game schedule.
- Alexander Mogilny, Buf., 1992-93, 84 game schedule.
- Teemu Selanne, Win., 1992-93, 84 game schedule.
73 - Wayne Gretzky, Edm., 1984-85, 80 game schedule.
72 - Brett Hull, St.L., 1989-90, 80 game schedule.
71 - Jari Kurri, Edm., 1984-85, 80 game schedule.
- Wayne Gretzky, Edm., 1982-83, 80 game schedule.
70 - Mario Lemieux, Pit., 1987-88, 80 game schedule.
- Bernie Nicholls, L.A., 1988-89, 80 game schedule.
- Brett Hull, St.L., 1991-92, 80 game schedule.

If the players are faster, stronger, smarter and better than ever before, why the lack of scoring?

This scrawny man who only had 3 fights in his NHL career is "The Best" and that was 20 years ago.

The Bruins season winds down with three games remaining. Tomorrow night against the Washington Crapitals and then the B's finish the season with a true test of grit, mettle and a possible 3rd round preview. A home-at-home against the NJ Devils. Philly has three games remaining also versus the Canadians, the Senators and wrapping up the season versus the NYI. In my opinion, the Flyers can help the Sabres prove that the NE Division is the BEST in hockey by putting away the Isles on April 4. But the Sabres got to do their part and win three straight. Buffalo might have the BluBalls next but then face Les Habs and then finally their cross lake/Falls rivals the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Every picture tells a story donut!

Ahhhh...what a sight. A BluBall on his back letting up a goal. Nice!!!

Although Ryan Malone (3rd in rookie scoring) can look forward to a good career, this game between the Penguins and the Capitals was televised only for the benefit of the player's families.

The Weight has been lifted! Doug Weight breaks a goal-less streak (17 games) to win the game 1-0 over the Edmonton Oilers.

Who said seats on the glass stink? Well, I do that's only because I'm a Gallery God.
Diamond Mining...

Hey Leah...remember your first Fenway moment? I've been thinking about it and it still hasn't come back to me. I think I'm gonna go through all those old ticket stubs and find the OLDEST and research the game. Baseball geeks a-plenty out there I bet every game has been documented.

I was there on a bright Labor Day though...it was a few years after the strike and I refused to go to anymore games. I didn't want MLB to get my precious ducats after selfishly cancelling a World's Series. Perdo got lit up by the Toronto Blue Jays and I remember Jose Canseco crushing one over the Monster. We scalped tickets and got left field box seats...I missed the Park so much.

Speaking of Jose Canseco...I was at this game May 26, 1993 when the Texas Rangers came to town one afternoon and Canseco begged his manager if he could go pitch for a spell...

Three days later, Canseco convinced manager Kevin Kennedy to let him pitch the eighth inning of a blowout to the Red Sox. He did retire the side, despite allowing three earned runs on three walks and a pair of singles, but a month later felt the repercussions. His bulky, muscle-bound body wasn't used to the pitching motions, and Canseco had to undergo ligament surgery in his right elbow, ending his season prematurely.

Some of my favorite Bleacher moments involve being so damn close to the visiting Right Fielder you can actually piss him off and hurt his feelings. Also being there right before a game too rocks...I remember seeing Pedro running around the outfield, warming up the legs with 'Berto Colon when he ws playing for the Indians and they were chattign away and smiling as old friends are wont to do.

Love the hair, Petey! ^_~ I really do...being follically challenged, I do appreciate good and creative "do's".

Cap'n Carl...

He won the Triple Crown by hitting .326 with 44 HR and 121 RBI and also led the AL in hits (189), runs (112), total bases (360), and slugging average (.622). In 1968, the "Year of the Pitcher," his .301 batting average was the lowest ever to lead the league, though relative to the league average it is as impressive as Bill Terry's .401 in 1930.

"I think about baseball when I wake up in the morning. I think about it all day and I dream about it at night. The only time I don't think about it is when I'm playing it."
- Carl Yastrzemski

"There can be little doubt that Carl Yastrzemski was the master of Wall-ball defense ... He was among the
American League?s outfield assist leaders annually until baserunners learned to stop going for two when they clanged one off the Wall. Yaz could decoy better than any outfielder and routinely pretended he was ready to catch a ball that he knew was going to carom off the Wall."
- Dan Shaughnessy in Fenway (2000)

"Yaz did it all the time. We'd be on the road and he'd call, 'C'mon, we're going to the ballpark.' I'd say, 'Christ, it's only one o'clock. The game's at seven.' He lived, breathed, ate, and slept baseball. If he went 0-for-4, he couldn't live with it. He could live with himself if he went 1-for-3. He was happy if he went 2-for-4. That's the way the man suffered."
- Outfielder Joe Lahoud


I was young enough...or old enough now...to remember seeing the Old Cap'n Carl in the Ballpark as a kid. Dewey Evans, Jim Rice, Freddy Lynn when he came over, Oil Can Boyd, CALVIN SCHILARDI!!! My favorite Red Sox player of all time (and it IS wickid qweeh to say Red Sock as opposed to Red Sox player) was the original Crash Davis, #27 Carlton Fisk. He was my player as a kid and I remember how odd it was to see him in a White Sox uniform..I hadn't quite grasped the concept of his playing for a different team.

I do remember about that time being that young and making sense of things, me and my bosom buddy Bryan getting into an agrument over the 1977 Boston Globe team picture. Bruins, Pats, Clets, Sox...every year the Boston Herald American or the Boston Globe would put a team picture in a Sunday edition once a year. Team color photo. Bryan and I were in a heated debate over the "new" red hats. Bryan swore up and down that they were aliens replacing our Sox hence the Red hats. We were kids you know...
Speaking of WoMD (yeah - sorry that was a few days ago...) - did I tell you guys that when we ordered Chris's computer through Dell online we actually had to answer the question "would the computer be used for the purpose of developing WoMD?" - WEIRD!
Hey Kiwi!!! Still want that "Yankees Suck" tee-shirt?Hell YES! I had ordered it on line but do you know how much it costs to get those guys to send a t-shirt into the south pacific??? @$%#@^* heaps! Was going to send it to one of you guys to send over but I think I got interrupted.

BTW Matt - it was to turn off themodem noise. I remembered you were in some website that did the step by step thing on-line when you came out to visit down here. (Did you realize how long ago that was now??? - Bugga)

All is well with your dear kiwi - but regret to inform you that I may be in and out of touch for a few more weeks yet. Amber's Dad is still holding onto what little life he has left and when I'm not there I am at school or attempting to study or do research. Amber-leigh is soing OK - better than I would be doing at this stage I think... Got to give her credit, though I am afraid that she might break any second now... wish there was more to do...

Sully, I finished 'Y' - I have to admit I wan't too thrilled with the 2 issue tangent at the end there.. though the conclusion was done quite tastefully. I wsa hoping for a bit more on Hero, and the Mom.. the politcal side of things was quite interesting but not really adressed enough I think.

Go the SOX! - Don't care what happens just so long as the beat the Yankees to a bloody pulp this year.. finish what Pedro so rightfully started.

"Coffee is for... wankers in overcoats"

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

>Oooooh...visit scenic Britan for its DIVING!

Yeah... diving in New England should be good preparation for that. Cold... dark... choppy. Mmmmm.

As for Fenway, the cost and the pussification have ruined it for me. My fondest memories will always be of the Bleachers in the late 70s and early 80s... I was there for Yaz's last game, and while the baseball was great, it was the spectacle created by the drunken enthusiasm of the fans that really did it for me.

I remember a bare chested fatso with a foam "#1" glove on his head, hucking peanuts at the vendors and insisting they send more beer guys. I remember the smells of cigarette and ganja smoke mingling with spilled beer, fenway franks, and the freshly cut grass. I remember a 12x12 seat section of the bleachers all taking turns making fun of the Yankees, just to get up the hackles of the one guy in pinstripes. I remember dozens of people chanting "Looos-ah!" at the one dude who wouldn't participate in the wave. I remember when going to a game was a party punctuated by the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd... and roaring right along with them. It was a primal bostonian rite.

The last time I sat in the bleachers, it was a great game of baseball, and it made me sad to watch the masses of people just sit and watch. They hardly even shouted, let alone threw anything at each other. We live in a kinder, gentler, duller nation, and while I might catch a game or two this year, the Fenway I love was dead years ago. I don't much care what they do with the body.

Then again, I'm not much of a baseball fan.
Piss on Religion Today!!!

Compliments of Warren Ellis' Blog and perverse sense of humor.
And from Warren to our very own Preacher Matt...

Warship to be sunk in Cornish bay

A decommissioned warship is to be sunk off the coast of Cornwall to create Europe's first artificial diving reef.
The former Royal Navy frigate, which weighs 2,500 tonnes, will be scuttled in Whitsand Bay near Plymouth on Saturday using a series of explosions.

Oooooh...visit scenic Britan for its DIVING! ^_^
Compliments of Warren "Whore hopping" Ellis and his Blog Die Puny Humans.

Methane on Mars could signal life

Methane has been found in the Martian atmosphere which scientists say could be a sign that life exists today on Mars.
It was detected by telescopes on Earth and has recently been confirmed by instruments onboard the European Space Agency's orbiting Mars Express craft.

Methane lives for a short time in the Martian atmosphere so it must be being constantly replenished.

There are two possible sources: either active volcanoes, none of which have been found yet on Mars, or microbes.


Unearthing Hungary husband murders

Twenty six women from the village were put on trial

She said that when they complained about their drunken or violent husbands, Mrs Fazekas told them: "If there's a problem with him, I have a simple solution".

That solution was arsenic, distilled by the midwife by soaking flypaper in water.

Who loves Warren? I do...^_~
I have great memories of Fenway Park. I got to see a 3 home run night by Nomar Garciaparra...2 grand slams and a 2 run shot against the Seattle Mariners a few years back...well, I was late for the game so I did miss the first Grand Slam. I had a good reason for missing the first couple of innings.

I made the BEST first impression of Mario's father-in-law and brother-in-law. How was I s'posed to know Jaime's brother was a turn coat? And easily frightened...oh...that was Mario's brother Paul who we found out retracts into the SAME fetal position Mario does.

Last year with Dane & Munchkin yelling out "JEFF!!!" at John Burkett. I had called him Jeff in error one day and like all nicknames it just stuck. He was Jeff Burkett all last year to me and mine.

James and I at the KC game several years ago and I'll remember it as stark as yesterday James standing up to my left, his #13 home jersey on and looking out at 3rd base to #13 John Valentin clutching his leg...never to paly again for the Sox after that last injury (he went on to the Mets). We later smuggled ourselves down to the first row where we saw how bloody huge Jermaine Dye was.

As a teenager in High School, getting cheap bleacher seats with Scotty & Billy. I missed the legendary game when Billy put his thumb in someone's eye.

My cousin Mary Sullivan. Beautiful redhead, tall...used to take me to the ballgame all the time. She got the tickets from where she worked and for about 3 years from 10-13, she took me several times a year. Box seats too. I still have all my ticket stubs. I tried to write on them if I remember to the score and something about the game. I run across them here & there and get Proustian nostalgia.

Can I remember my first game? No...I don't think I can. I remember my first Bruins game but not the first time I stepped into the cathedral at Lansdowne St. It's still a charming place...I just hate going to games there now. I gave up so many tickets last year. I find it to be comparable to a Morroccan bazzar. Sights, smells, food, too many people. Not enough room. I should never have gone to those games outside Boston...I wouldn't have known any better.
See...denizen...^_~ Tee hee!
So Sully, I will start the chant. I am not over it yet and am forever a Bleacher Creature.


(Whew...my 3PM Stress relief)
Awesome! Fuck Mike Mussina!!! 5 innings pitched. 10 hits. 5 runs. 5 earned runs. 1 HR. YANKEES WHAT???

I ain't gonna start the chant...I'm so over that. That's for the denizens of the Bleachers. Hopefully...I can go to ONE game this year. Yeah, I'm really ALL SET with Fenway Park. As much as I love it and I love going to games, I'd rather watch a game on television if I'm watching a game. Buying a Sox ticket is an expensive excuse to drink & overpriced shitty beer. I have not enjoyed a ball game at Fenway in a long time. People just don't respect other patrons. Up and down and up and down...I have more fun on the new Yawkey Way plaza having a sausage than inside the Ball park.
Fenway's gotta go! It's sad but true. Sure...say something. Appeal to my sense of history...nothing. It doesn't appeal to my sense of dignity and my sense of cents as a consumer. I value the NESN broadcast over partaking a day at the park. If I wanna get blotto...I can stay home. Going to the Ball Park is fun. But it's the only reason to go...to have fun. To get drunk & belligerant.

What's your thoughts of heading to the Ball Park in Beantown, Ocho?
Hey Baseball Fans!

FYI: The Red Sox start their Season on Sunday, April 4th in Baltimore. Home opener against Toronto Friday, April 9th!

Hey Kiwi!!! Still want that "Yankees Suck" tee-shirt?

The Yankees got beat 8-3 this AM by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays who opened the MLB 2004 Baseball season in Tokyo, Japan. WAH HOO!!! ^_^

The Isles and the Sabres both have three games left. There are three points separating 8th place from 9th place.

The NY Islanders currently owning the 8 seed have 3 games left against 2 Major Opponents: Montreal, the forever .500 Hurricanes and the Flyers.
The Sabres play the BluBalls (NYR), the Maple Leafs and the Canadians.

2 wins will settle this!!! Who will get the 8 seed at the wire in the East???

In the West, 5 out of 8 teams have secured their playoff spots. St. Louis and Edmonton are tied at 87 points for 7th and 8th place with the Nashville Predators 2 points behind in 9th place with 85 points. I counted the Oilers as out but that was "my bad". This will come down to the wire also. St. Louis has 4 games remaining and 2 of them are against the Oilers and the Preds. The Oilers face an up-ice skate with three tough games left facing the Blues tonight and then Dallas and wrapping up the season against Vancouver. Nashville has 4 games left including one against the Oilers and upcoming a "home-at-home" against the Chicago Blackhawks (who are last place in the Central Division and 2-5-2-1 in their last 10 games).
Nashville could be the Dark Horse for the 8 seed in the East with perhaps the Oilers barely not making it. If the Blues balk...then I'll be shocked.

Every picture tells a story donut!

Steve Moore of the Colorado Avalance really wanted to give Vancouver's Todd Bertuzzi the "finger" for breaking his neck but showed a stiff upper neck...I mean lip! News Link.

#89 Mike Comrie...Philly barely knew yee...I bet the Philly Pro-Shop is regretting all those Orange #89's. ^_~

Scary Moment for Team Geritol. Last thing Detroit needs is losing goalie Manny Legace who just might be starting the playoffs. Who knew the Goalie Debacle in mMtor City would figure itself out like a Zen koan? Hasek is out for the season and CuJo is on the Injured List (day-to-day, aggrivated sore right ankle, placed on DL 3/23/2004)

The 'Bullin Wall. One of the many reasons for Tampa Bay's incredible season this year along side his backup John Grahme, forwards Martin St. Louis, Cory Stillman, Vince Lacavialler and the wily veteran Dave Andreychuk. This team is the sole contribution to the 'Offs from the Southern Division but they also are leading the Eastern Conference with 104 points (1 point behind Team Geritol for the President's Cup).

This picture tells a story donut...or a biscuit. Damn...what a great pic. Goalie's worst feeling in the world (outsdie of the feeling of your Achilles Tendon rolling up your calf like Dan Marino). Brett Johnson's eyes says it all.

And I went to the Fights Sunday afternoon and a Hockey Game broke out! Who can't get enough of that old joke.

Does Vancouver's goalie Dan Cloutier have the clout to make it far in the 'Offs?

And finally all props to Bruins' Sergei Samsonov for the game-tying and OT Game Wining goal the Saturday night against the Montreal Canadians. Funny note...Didi, the "Tiny Texan" came over my Flat to hang out and I got the Game on. I'm talking to her and keeping an eye on the game. Sammy scored the GTG in "hands of gold" fashion and I let out a HOOT & HOLLER!!! And then I go on to tell her that was tame compared to how I usually watch it. It didn't scare her off. We ended up watching the movie "Glengarry Glen Ross". And Leah knows this one about how I feel who play on the Power Play lines because I got it from Alec Baldwin in this movie...
"Coffee is for..."
Kiwi...take it away...

Monday, March 29, 2004

I'm ready.
Patirck Lalime out with a knee injury. 2 games with a sprain. Awww…c’mon. He really needs a ‘scope and an MRI! Tee hee! ^_~

Congrats to the San Jose Sharks for their first 100 point NHL season. They are a great team and have been steadily getting there for a few years now. Way to go!

The Maple Leafs are starting to be the Make Believes. Owen Nolan out for three weeks. How long is it going to be until Belfour’s back becomes a problem? You’d be Kidd’in yourself to think the Leafs can make it without Eddie the Eagle.

Only a few games left until he Second Season…are you ready???
Baseball Talk???

Hmmm...like I wanna talk baseball but to think Barry Bonds doesn't take steriods is like believing the current US Government is altruistic in its foriegn policy.

Sheeeesh! He'll never get caught you know...the poor guy who broke the story is probably with all those HR balls in McCovey Bay. ^_~

While we're sharing recipes...

here's one I came up with. I wanted a side dish for my legendary Pan Fried Chicken. I use Alton Brown's recipe and have now for years. There's nuthin' like it and I won't eat fried chicken at KFC anymore. The only deviation I have...and it's not really a deviation more like a personal touch is my Sully Spice which is easy 'nuff but gives my cooking its distinctive flavor. It's a simple spice mix with a base of equal parts kosher salt and course ground black pepper with 1/4 proportions of the spices of your choosing...now go do what you want with that. Alton Brown says to always keep your Spice in a tin or the such...I do.

But I needed a proper side dish. This came to me in a flash and I've made it twice now. Like Nero & Pedro's "SAMMICH!", it's a real and true crowd pleaser.

BBQ Bacon Basmati Rice..
An American interpretation of the old Chinese Food Classic Pork Fried Rice.

2 cups prepared Basmati rice (cooked normally to its instructions)
1 smaller package of Slab or Thick cut bacon (thick cut means you care and you yield the 2nd most important ingredient here...the bacon grease...more on that later).
A bunch of fresh scallions from the Produce aisle. Chop these up but keep a few Sprigs for presentation later.
1 bottle of your favorite NORMAL BBQ sauce. I usually use KC Masterpiece but found a really nice organic on at Whole Foods that used Maine Maple Syrup in it...but I digress...
1 stick of Unsalted Butter (all your ingredients are salted enough...you just want the creaminess that butter lends...not its salinity). You won't use the whole stick.

Does your food season itself? I didn't think so. Basmati rice also gives the dish a pleasant flavor and smell.

Cook rice. (Best method: 2 cups of rice, 2 cups of water, tight cover, bring to a boil and let simmer for 20 minutes and then take off heat for an additional 10 minutes still firmly covered?when done fluff with fork). While the rice is cooking/sitting you have all the time you need to prep the rest.

Lay out some plastic wrap (I use wax paper so I can shake what's leftover over the product I'm spicing) and place the strips of bacon on it. Preheat a skillet or pan to medium. The secret to bacon is seasoning and cooking it. With your pepper mill (Assuming you have one), sprinkle an ample but not overbearing amount of course ground black pepper over the bacon. I also put the tiniest dash of my Sully Spice but you really never want to salt bacon...ewww...just for the unifying flavor.
Fry the bacon over the low-medium heat. This way the bacon does not shrivel and it's both crispy and not overdone. When you're done frying the bacon put aside about 6-7 slices for your Rice and the rest are for yourself to snack & the vultures (aka your mates). Also you'll want to pour the contents of your pan into a glass or ceramic bowl...the bacon drippings and grease.

Chop the saved bacon right away (I learned this the hard way...friends and bacon don't mix when you need it as an ingredient ^_~) into tiny pieces and add to the cooked rice and mix it all together (while it's still warm too...it allows the bacon flavor to leech all over the rice and). Also sprinkle your Spice mix over the rice. Add a pat or two of the Unsalted butter to the rice at this time and mix it all up.

Heat a skillet or pan over medium-high heat and spoon a few tablespoons of the bacon grease in the pan and cover the surface. Add about half the rice, a few more tablespoons of the bacon grease to the rice at this time and a sprinkling of your Spice mix. Add a generous amount of the BBQ sauce with a handful of the chopped scallions. Don't go "nuts" with the scallions. You'll want to add more of the scallions to the dish upon completion so they get hot but not over-cooked (and it adds a vibrant green to it). Add the other half and repeat. Unless you have a Mother Lovin' huge ass Wok...split your order.

Add BBQ sauce as you go on but you'll notice the sauce will start to thicken. Cook for only about 5 minutes, all the time making sure you're moving the rice about the pan as to not burn or stick.

Sprinkle some scallions over the rice and serve with a sprig of scallion as a garnish. Drizzle a little BBQ Sauce over rice for garnish. Serve hot.

Prep Time: 30 minutes (mostly rice cooking time)
Cooking Time: 5 minutes
>Hey Matt - do you remember that thing that you sent me to turn down the sound on the computer when it dials up... looking to do the same on Chris's new computer...

Uh... no. Refresh my memory, and I'll try to help. Do you want to turn off the modem speaker?

>YAY you!!!! You rock --- can I have some shipped out?

I don't know how good it would be by the time it arrived, but I'll give you the recipe and you can have a go at it.

Frijoles del Diablo

1.5 lbs ground sirloin beef
1.5 lbs. ground chorizo (hot portuguese sausage)
1 large onion, chopped
1 red bell pepper (capsicum), chopped
1 yellow bell pepper (capsicum), chopped
2 habanero peppers, dried & chopped
2 scotch bonnet peppers, chopped
4 serrano chili peppers, dried & chopped
10 oz. green chili peppers, chopped
2 jalapeno peppers, sliced thin with seeds
1 20 oz can peeled tomatos
1 12oz can beer (lager)
1 shot tequilla blanco
2 oz baker's chocolate
1 Tbsp cumin
1 Tbsp paprika
1 Tbsp oregano
1 Tbsp sea salt
1 tsp ground black pepper
1/3 cup chili powder
2 cans black beans
1 can red beans
1 can red kidney beans
1 can pinto beans
2 tbsp masa flour
10-15 cherry tomatos, halved

Reconstitute the dried peppers, and soak overnight covered in the tequilla.
Brown the meat in a skillet and put it, along with everything but the beans, masa flour, and cherry tomatos into a crock pot. Simmer for at least 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Stir flour into 1/4 cup of water, and add it to the pot along with the beans. Continue to simmer for 30 minutes, stir occasionally. Add the halved cherry tomatos shortly before serving, so that they have time to warm up, but not time to get mushy. Serve with shredded cheese and corn bread.
This a bio-hazard team might get to it first.

Or the dogs at Customs will have a great feast.
We'd have to freeze it and overnight it? Would it be a Weapon of Ass Destruction though? This a bio-hazard team might get to it first.


Saturday, March 27, 2004

I just took "Best Hot Chili" in the 2004 Lakeview Chili Cookoff with my "Frijoles del Diablo". Yay me!

YAY you!!!! You rock --- can I have some shipped out?
Hey Matt - do you remember that thing that you sent me to turn down the sound on the computer when it dials up... looking to do the same on Chris's new computer...

Friday, March 26, 2004

It's not as bad as it sounds... the chocolate keeps the capsiacin at bay, so it's actually quite edible. The heat grows on you though...
scotch bonnets, habaneros

Sadist. ^_~
scotch bonnets, habaneros

Sadist. ^_~

It has red and yellow bell peppers, scotch bonnets, habaneros, jalapeno, seranno, and green chili peppers, black, red, kidney, and pinto beans, ground sirloin, chorizo sausage, garlic, onion, peeled tomatos, an assortment of seasonings, tequilla, beer, and a little chocolate just to take the edge off.

Yes, I have more in the fridge at home. Feel free to come on by and I'll heat some up for ya!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Really??? Congrats!!! Got any in the freezer? I want some. I have a renewed love of all things hot & spicy. You know...like my projected love life. Tee hee...& bwah! But really. What type of peppers did you use? Beef or Veggie? DETAILS!!! ^_^ Way to go, Matt.
I just took "Best Hot Chili" in the 2004 Lakeview Chili Cookoff with my "Frijoles del Diablo". Yay me!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Calder Hunt!

Well...it looks as though Trent Hunter of the NYI has pulled back into 2nd place in Rookie scoring trailing Michael Ryder of the Montreal Canadians by 12 points and pulled ahead of his closest competition Ryan Malone of the Pittsburgh Penguins by 5 points in a flip-flop from last week. Bruins rookie Patrice Bergeron is still in 5th place but returned to the ice last night in the Bruins 4-2 win over Ottawa.
Tampa Bay helped the Bruins out by CREAMING Toronto 7-2 and the Flyers helped themselves bu beating the Forever .500 'Canes 4-2.
The Bruins face the Toronto "Make Believes" tomorrow night at the BOA. It's not the BOA yet...I know...just getting ready.

Congrats to NJ's Martin Brodeur on becoming hte youngest NHL goalie to achieve the Hall of Fame milestone of 400 wins. WTG!!!

Rope n' Ride like a Wild Branco! Philadelphia Flyers' Branko Radivojevic that is.

Andrew "Razor" Raycroft still my pick for the Calder!!!

Alexander Mogilny got a Silver Stick for his milestone 1,000th career point...he also got a steak dinner I hope. ^_~

Glen "Muzz" Murray was named Muzz by former NHL tough guy Chris Nilan when Murray was a rookie with the Bruins (then went to Pitt & LA before coming home).

Happy Saint Cho-Cho’s Day!

As I write this my houseboy, Cho-Cho is not cleaning the kitchen. He’s insolently reading a funny book. Fresh from the Bodega. Do not disturb. It’s in the Union contract. It’s true. The Ocho Legal Eagle Crack-Ho Kiai! Team tells me it is his day off. He’s got nothing to do and nowhere to be. It is Eleven Thirty Ante Meridian on a Saturday. He’s actually started on his 2nd beer and the TV is still idling. He’s knee deep in the shit. He wants to be left alone. He’s completely locked into someone else’s world. This world is uncharted territory. It’s new to him. So…he leaves a breadcrumb trail and hopes for the best. He’s in for the ride. Few things will access his attention right now. Properly motivate him and he will respond. Food, drink, smoke, the works, candy-gram, happy endings…not my territory there. But try and distract him. See what happens.

Happy Saint Cho-Cho’s Day!

Getting completely sucked into a story is the best thing about it all. It’s all-new if you’ve never read it before. It sounds almost silly to say but I’ve seen two acute cases of it in the past week. Two different people and watching them sucked into whatever title they’re reading. Other people seeking their attention only to gain their silence. HELLO!!! Oh…sorry…I was reading. There are worse things to do than get lost in a story. They need to use their cell phone alarms if cooking. One must come up for air on their commute. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come wickid close to missing my stop.

Happy Saint Cho-Cho’s Day!

Never use a vanquished arch nemesis for a houseboy. Famous character actor Henry Silva taught me this in the movie The Manchurian Candidate. Was it right for The Atomic Ass to kill Midget With Belt? Was it right for Jim Gordon to spare The Joker? The World Moved on the Day Magog killed the Joker but did that really happen…yet?
I Marvel at how Kingdom Come and X are globular messes of the Continuity and celebrated. Cho-Cho eats another bon bon. Don’t get any Chocolate on those pages…the Comics Gnome will have your hide.

Happy St. Cho-Cho’s Day!

He needs a Novena mass and a Hallmark holiday. But instead of going to mass, Cho –Cho has a nap. Tired from his hard day of bloodshot eye strain, he rests…downloading his read material into his long-term memory for future enjoyment and the delight of fellow geeks. He stirs on the futon…almost a ray of sunlight through the venitian blinds flitters on his turgid head of stories.

A Haiku for you:

The Video Game
A true Zen Experience
The Reset Button

I find weird things like thing written in Biro on the toilet paper.

Happy St. Cho-Cho’s Day!!!

See you at the Funny Book Bodega!
Mark Millar’s The Unfunnies:

Sick. Perverted. Awful. Tasteless. And I like it.

I read a tee shirt at an outdoor show recently and it said, “I like it weird and sloppy”. It must have been Mark Millar and I didn’t even notice.

I was afraid to read The Unfunnies on the bus due to its cover. Available at the funny book bodega is the “obscene” version I bought. Well…the obscene cover version. It’s a bit tough to read. Like eating crow. Eating crow. What a fine thing to talk about. Crows are also the harbingers of doom. If free-range penguins were harbingers of doom then I’d be shitting myself. It shows the fate of all American men seduced by the Big Dream. The Buddha called this Maya…illusion. Believe the Lie…think that porno is the real idea of what sex is…but I never did. I’m one of the lucky few to actually do most of the shit I see but that’s bragging. Finding passion is for the bold and the lucky. Remember that. Next time you’re bitching about your sex life, don’t. It’s one of the few things in your life you have complete control over. Choice guides Right Action. But when you choose Wrongly…what happens.

I am an advocate of Porn without Meanness. I love naked ladies. I’ve seen everything and I mean that…well not everything but surely enough. The things you can rent at the local video store will astound you. There is a lot of meanness in porn. Let’s be honest, it’s not necessary but we all know it exists and perhaps can be attributed to humanity’s basest meanness. The Internet is a blessing and a curse. There are pop-up ads hotter than some relationships. AO-Hell, although purporting to be a paragon of wholesome and responsible Internet access, was the den of iniquity that allowed me the window into real sickness. I’ve seen it all I tell you and it was because of AOL chat rooms; private rooms of porn image trade. Just get on the list…that’s all. Like downloading music, you don’t have to upload or share. You can sit back and just watch the smut accumulate. You’d get stuff after a while that would blow you mind. People begging and threatening to be taken off of the lists because none us asked for this. Someone would think it was funny to stick the sickest things you can think of. If you buy me a drink at the Public House I might be persuaded to tell you what I saw but let’s just say…even a porn hound like me was turned off. But I am also a big fan of the White Stripes proving that two people with Right Action can make great noise and sweat together. Right Action matters. But I’ve touched that madness…seen that frontier of Internet sickness. People are right to be scared and want to regulate the hell out of it but I digress…

I remember the first time my mom busted me with porn. I had a righteous collection…under my comics!!! Could the Great Comic Culling have to do with my secret stash of porno??? Holy Sheep Dip! It might. I had my stash of comics in the drawer of a one-drawer nightstand…underneath the drawer, was the smut. On top a Hustler with two fiery Lesbos going at it on the cover. I saw my mother’s face when she opened the drawer. Ands when it fell…when she knew I was an American Man in waiting. Hardcore right…just like the comics I currently read. The comics I read now I think are in a way worst than the images offered by Larry Flynt. Especially this particular one that Millar busts over our heads. My mother was DIS-GUST-TED!!! Three syllables! It’s true. NO! NOT THE COMICS. For real…come to think of it…the cover on that infamous issue of Hustler is only 180 deg away from what Britney & Madonna did in 2003. That will end up in the next Bible under repent.

The Unfunnies is really bad taste. But there is a time and place for bad place movies and comics. And the time is now and at your local bodega. Mark Millar’s The Unfunnies is a cruel, sad twist on life. It could only be made sadder using a family of clowns instead of crows like a Heckle & Jeckle cartoon. It’s about an American Tragedy. Or a Western one. About too many options and too many taboos. It speaks of Western sex culture and mentality, its immaturity and its sickness, its contradictions, projections and expectations. And it’s only the first of 4 issues. There’s more to it. It reads like Leave It To Beaver raped the Family Guy and ended up in HBO’s Oz. It would be too disturbing if the characters were drawn as humans.

I finally found it funny, at the end. And it leads to a few more issues too. I got the joke I got the joke! I hope…don’t get caught up in the fantasy that is also not your sex life. It’s not real. Believing the lie will hurt you. Enjoy your now and whom you’re with. Imagination is great but misguided fantasy will hurt you. Especially when rooted in wrongness. Right Action can only lead to good consequences. Does wrongness ultimately lead to Cosmic Justice…to accrual of karma? Hey…what did one accountant say to the other…you’re so “accrual”…you don’t “depreciate” me any more. Wink. That’s a bad joke. And The Unfunnies are a bad joke too just funnier. There is an appeal to my sense of irony in the title.

If you cannot find mercy when you appeal to your own sense of love then do not look for salvation. This thought came to me one night…drunkenly crying in a hot shower. The Buddha’s dying words were “struggle earnestly for your own salvation”. Namaste, children. So the Unfunnies is a good read. It’s made me very reflective of our sex culture. This title will and should disturb you. That’s the point. Mark Millar is a master of making people uncomfortable. His body of work is impressive even his more “tame” stuff with Marvel’s Ultimate Universe and Wildstorm’s the Authority (Vol. 1). Millar dissects the Maya of Western sex culture. Maya was based upon the Hindu love “god” Kama (as in Kama Sutra) so there is something funny about passion being illusion.

Millar offers this title as one of four different titles on different presses. The others are just as twisted. Chosen, a three-issue run “what if”-ing the Second Coming of Christ and what if it were you. Wanted, this incredible take on a regular guy and his genetic destiny…to be a Superhero Bad Guy by being a bastard son and an unwitting heir. Run has yet to be released and is pushed back more than Vanna White’s face.

Only available at the Funny Book bodega, The Unfunnies is a trip and a hoot. You’ll need to get up on your tippy-toes. This belongs on the top shelf or behind the counter…you might have to ask. And don’t worry. This comes with a discrete plain brown paper bag.

The Second issue was also available with the Obscene wrapper and it was the only obscene thing about it. On the back cover was a litany of praise for the Unfunnies but its content was far behind. Expectation killed issue #2. Only a three point shot at the buzzer can save this title. If #3 & #4 are as bad, do I have the right to return the entire run to the bodega? I’ll have to ask. I’d settle for an even exchange you know. $3.95 an issue, I could get a JLA trade for that. Grant Morrison. Mark Millar over-promised…or was it the hype. The other titles are great. I hope Wanted #3 doesn’t shit the bed as badly as this.

The first issue is worth it but the second tells me I’d rather buy this as a trade paperback eventually.

Monday, March 22, 2004

The B's looked good at practice today. I was particularly impressed by Raycroft's (or was it Potvin? ...damn practice jerseys) quick hands, and his quips "Oh!", "Yoink", "HA!" etc... as he grabbed quick short-range shots out of the air made me smile. The post practice strategy discussion was totally weak though. Mostly just a lip-service "We acquired some new talent, we're trying to overcome our first period issues, and you guys are great... thanks for supporting the team" pretty much sums up the talk.

Unfortunately, Jill and I have already made dinner reservations for her parents' anniversary on thursday, but thanks for the invite. We'll definately take a raincheck!
Looking Hockey…every picture tells a story doughnut. What’s a Story Doughnut? ^_~

Owch!!! Right on the BUTTON!!!

Even the Penguins can beat the BlueBalls…HUZZAH!!!

The NYI stay alive for the playoffs!!! Beat the Lighting (therefore helping the Bruins and the Flyers).

Showdown at the Arrowhead Corral. Ducks win over Team Geritol 8-6 last night.

Because who can’t get enough of a Goalie fight? Flames coach Daryl Sutter (of the Infamous Sutter Bros.) and Krystoff Oliwa (a Bruin for 5 minutes last year) both suspended for their role in the Flames/Predators brawl.

Contrary to popular belief, long time NHL goalie Arurs Irbe is still alive and apparently can still hold a goalie stick. The Forever .500 ‘Canes won in OT 3-2 against the Senators that night.
Where the hell is everybody? Oh well...good thing I'm used to playing with myself, huh? WAH!

Kiwi! How was the move?
Matt! How're things? Bruins tix available for Thursday night versus the Toronto Make Believes if you and Jill want in. $27/ticket. That goes for James & Laura too if you want in...but I know yer all busy. Paul Truland too if you got yer ears on...tell Jesse too if he's around. I dunno how many tickets I can lay claim to but I think it's more than 6. And I want to ask Didi if she'd like to go take in some classic NE Culture.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Coming soon to a Funny Book Bodega near you...

Written by Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fray)
Pencils by John Cassaday (Planetary)

For at least the first 12 issues this power house team will bring in the New. That's a bad pun you know. The X-Universe is getting a much needed "Reload" after New X-Men's Flagship status switches to Astonishing X-Men. Formerly known as X-Men then rechristened New X-Men by Grant Morrison...the title will be dropping the "New" and be just known as X-Men once again. The Uncanny X-Men will stay the same. X-Treme X-Men is wrapping up and say bu-bye to uberScribe Chris Claremont. Astonishing replaces "X-Treme" and the New Mutants will be known as "New X-Men: Academy X" in its relaunch.

What's back? Costumes. I hear they're bringing back costumes. I guess it's about time to sell action figures then, right? I liked the aestetic of the Morrison run but he's gone. Emma Frost's outfit had nothing wrong with it in the first place. ^_~

Cover of Issue #1

Hmmmm...I dunno...the hand pegs are back. And it's more "realistic" in hte "movie style" with Wolverine's claws coming out between his knuckles and not the top of his hand.

In other comics news, one of my favorite titles gets one of my favorite writers. This is like Chocolate and Peanut butter for me...
Warren Ellis is taking over the Ultimate Fantastic Four at Issue #7. I dunno if I said that before out here but DAMN! Ain't that something. Ellis returns to Marvel...no word on a penciller though.
I barely look at the West.

Western Conference
Team GP Pts
1. y-Detroit 74 99
2. * Colorado 75 93
3. * San Jose 74 92
4. Dallas 75 89
5. Vancouver 75 89
6. Calgary 75 86
7. Nashville 75 82
8. St. Louis 75 81

9. Los Angeles 74 79
10. Edmonton 74 78

11. Minnesota 74 72
12. Anaheim 75 70
13. Phoenix 74 63
14. Chicago 73 55
15. Columbus 74 52

At 9 & 10 are LA and Edmonton. Edmonton made some huge deals like trusting Ty Conklin as their starter Goalie and dishing Tommy Salo to the Avalanche to backup David Aebisher. The Oilers are 4 points out.

LA with Roman Cechmanek and a decent team sporting Luc Robitalle, Anson Carter and Martin Straka are 3 points away from that coveted "8 Spot". Still not featured Jason Allison and Adam Deadmarsh. Ziggy Palffy is injured too. The LA Kings are an unimpressive team IMHO.

As I said previous, do not let the stats fool you. The Canucks are a 5th seed with 89 points but they might be the breakout team in the 'Offs. Team Geritol as the 1 seed with 99 points have little to worry about in securing the Western Conference regular season champ. Their competition comes from the East in regards to the Presidents Trophy (Best Regular season team/most points) with Tampa Bay 97 pts, Philly 96 pts and Boston 95 pts. All three of these Eastern Conf. teams are making a go for their Conference and possible the Home Ice Advantage until the end of the Cup.

But in closing out talking abouthte West, I think Nashville's going to play spoiler and shock a lot of people with their decent team of pluggers and Tomas Vokoun's solid goaltending. The Stars are bright in Texas...Dalls unbeaten 17 home games. But come the playoffs I think they'll find that resting all their hopes on Marty Turco will bite them in their behnds. Turco has been a workhorse this year and the reason Dallas was able to stick it out with a miserable start of the season. Turco at 69 gp 33 wins 21 losses 13 ties 2.01 GAA .911 saves percentage really should be a Vezina fianlist along side...David Aebisher and Andrew Raycroft!!!...no that'll be Broduer and Montreal's Jose Theodore. who are 2 and 3 respectively behind Turco's #1. Aebisher is currently #6 and Raycroft #8.
Does Marty Turco have a big enough gas tank for the Second Season?

Who will emerge from the West? San Jose? Vancouver?
The only thing better than a goalie fight…

Is a cripple fight.

Robert Esche shuts out the BlueBalls 3-0

The Bruins win a KEY game against the Eastern Conference leaders the Tampa Bay Lightning 5-4. One point separates the Flyers from first, 2 points for the Bruins. The East is where it’s at!

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Embrace an Indie today. CrossGen is a nice little Indie press up there with other notable small presses like Top Cow and Archangel. Comics fans know that there is more out there than the Big Two and their subsidiaries. DC and Marvel although dominate the scene as McDonald’s and Burger King do the Fast Food market, CrossGen could be the comics equivalent of the In-And-Out Burger or even Carl’s Jr. GrossGen also produced the sleeper smash hit “El Cazador”, the pirate comic that’s left readers scrambling for the second printing and collected first few issues.

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” in itself is a reference to James Bond and Mr. “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” is a reference to Ian Fleming. The writer of the James Bond movies and also a man of notoriety being an OSS agent in World War II for the British. He was his own inspiration.

Ian Fleming himself at work.

The British Super Spy and over sexed bastard Sir Charles Basilton and his American counter part, the sexy and Mrs. Peel-esque Agent Stephanie Shelly bring a fun feel to the Cold War. Mixing elements of Bond and the Avengers, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” is one riotous title. The sexual tension between the two rival Dave & Maddie from “Moonlighting”.

Action, suspence, tension, tight outfits? It’s got it all. Great action sequences. Funny dialog. Great art. It’s sexy, funny, a bit bawdy and crude but all around really enjoyable. I rally won’t say anything more. A hit and run review. It’s not complex enough to breakdown. Simply a good read and well worth it.

Cover Issue #3.

CrossGen being an Indie, look for this at the Bodega. And good luck!

Friday, March 19, 2004

And on the Eighth Day, God created the Ice and made skates...and also called the first two line pass whistle...

The rookie of the Year race in the NHL is official.

Boston Bruins Andrew "The Razor" Raycroft

versus Montreal Canadian's Michael Ryder.

Michael Ryder has to this date 73 games played and has netted 22 with 35 helpers for 57 points.

Andrew Raycroft among ALL NHL Goalies is ranked 10th overall. 50 games played. 25 wins. 16 losses. 8 ties. The closest rookie goaltender is Phillipe Sauve of the Rangers of the Rockies...the Colorado Avalanche. David Aebischer's backup. Not bad for a back up, mind you. Check out his numbers on that well-balanced and over-paid all-star team. 17 games played. 7 wins. 7 losses. 3 ties. A 3.04 Goals Against Average.

Among all active goaltenders, Andrew Raycroft sports a 1.97 GAA.

You do the math.

So. Is Trent Hunter of the NYI anymore a threat. No.

Is my boy...literally, the 18 year old wunderkind Partice Bergeron? No. I've been talking about him all year too.

Hunter is 10 points behind Ryder with 69 GP, 24 goals, 23 assists, 47 points but also with a great +18 for Plus/Minus and is in second in overall rookie scoring. Bergeron being injured with a bum shoulder since February 26 has slipped to 5th place in rookie scoring overall with 64 GP, 16 goals, 20 assists for 26 points. Bergeron's Plus/Minus stands at +3. Both rookies (and apparantly Hunter lends a lot more) give production to their lines. Plus/Minus is a great production stat. It's a great tool for jusging defensemen and also identifying the "one-way forwards".

Ryan Malone of the Penguins and Tuomo Ruutu of the Blackhawks crept in at 3rd and 4th respectively as of today/Sat 3-20-04. Malone: 72 GP, 22 goals, 20 assists, for 42 points but a horrible -23 for Plus/Minus and Ruutu has 73 GP 18 G, 20 A, for 38 Pts. with a pitiful -28 Plus/Minus.

Both Bergeron and Hunter deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as our other two "unofficial" Calder finalists, Raycroft and Ryder. But only three will be mentioned. Two of these play for the Boston Bruins. And one of them will be Rookie of the Year.

And I don't know who that will be. It's a coin toss.

Last rookie goalie of the year was Evgeni Nabokov in 2001 for the San Jose Sharks. And before that was 1994 Martin Brodeur.

2001 : Evgeni Nabokov (San Jose Sharks)
1994 : Martin Brodeur (New Jersey Devils)
1991 : Ed Belfour (Chicago Blackhawks)
1984 : Tom Barrasso (Buffalo Sabres)
1972 : Ken Dryden (Montreal Canadiens)
1970 : Tony Esposito (Chicago Blackhawks)
1965 : Roger Crozier (Detroit Red Wings)
1956 : Glenn Hall (Detroit Red Wings)
1953 : Lorne Worsley (New York Rangers)
1951 : Terry Sawchuk (Detroit Red Wings)
1950 : Jack Gelineau (Boston Bruins)
1945 : Frank McCool (Toronto Maple Leafs)
1939 : Frank Brimsek (Boston Bruins)
1936 : Mike Karakas (Chicago Blackhawks)

Well...lookie that...Ed Belfour was rookie of the Year. Out of the East, can we say that a Rookie of the Year will win the Cup for their team (Belfour, Broduer and...Raycroft??? ^_~)? 4 of the 5 most "recent" rookies of the year who have been goalies (starting in '72 with Dryden) have won Cups (except Nabokov).

That's REALLY stretching it...by mentioning Raycroft like that. But remember in 1986, rookie goaltender Patrick Roy won the Cup for the Habs (but was not rookie of the year, Gary Suter was the Calder recipient and played for the Calgary Falmes, who got beat ny hte Habs in the '86 Cup...but I digress...).

But there are few games left this year. Check out a few. If you can get the Bruins then I highly advocate taking in a few. Joe Thornton patrols the ice like a nightwatch man. Sergei Samsonov is back. Pat Bergeron will be too also Michael Grosek. Will Doull go? He's the muscle, I say no. Teddy Donato? This part of the season's like Days of out Friggin' Lives. I think Andy Hilbert and Craig MacDonald will be the odd men out but it is good to have a deep bench come the 'Offs. The weak drop like flies. People will get injured. Can Sammie stay healthy for the Playoffs? It's one of the reasons he got a 1-year deal at the start of the season (compounded obviously with the new CBA and a high profile contract, et al.). He's a great player with super hands and fleet feet but he's perpetually on the IR it seems.

The Second Season starts soon.

but more important than that is...

tommorow starts today. It'll be my first bumper sticker unless it's previously trademarked. Why not...think about it.