Sunday, February 29, 2004

Definately better than a moped... :)
Me and my boy looking exceptionally goofy before riding the huka jet on 20/2/04

Getting wet:

Friday, February 27, 2004

>we all know what mopeds are like, don't we?

Your mom? ;)
WAH! Hey Paulie! ^_~
the old adage

we all know what mopeds are like, don't we?
YANKEES SUCK!! (Even with Saddam at 3rd).

Saddam Hussien signed by Yankees. WMD needed at 3rd Base in wake of Boone being waved.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Man, I'm feeling fully ass-kicked after last night's diving class. We did our confined water (pool) timed skill tests, and I don't remember the last time I felt so sore. A few of the highlights included:

A 900 foot swim (12 laps) in full dive gear (double 95 cubic foot steel tanks) that had to be completed in under 7 minutes.

Remove all gear at the bottom of the pool, surface, dive back down and put it all on again, surface, remove it again, and put it back on in under 2 minutes.

Remove mask and air supply underwater and swim 50 feet to another diver. Share air with that diver while swimming a 250' course in under 2.5 minutes.

Class went from 6:30 to 10:00. I need a nap.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

WAH!!! Whaddup! ^_~

Aaron and Emily Degraff...my monkeys.
^_~ Tee hee! Aaron showed me his online joural description and this pic was there. Ugly bunch, ain't they. ^_~

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Couldn't find the damn moped's that was the problem.

No sad people??? ^_~ WAH!!!
Oh well... been there done that anyhow, eh?

Looks like a good adventure plan for me this year... skiing, white water rafting, island camping, deep wreck dives, a september trip to Amsterdam, and Key West for new years.
Couldn't find the damn moped's that was the problem. Also the weather was pretty shit for it - would have freezed my little fingers to the bone and I needed those for 'other things'.....
I got that...^_^




Monday, February 23, 2004

No man... the motor bicycles.
Moped Touring. Shit, I read "moped" as in to mope around like I've been doing for the past 13 months. ^_^ WAH!!!
No moped touring, or has it lost some charm now that you have a license? ;)
No worries about the pumice, but it'd be cool if you think of it!

I wish we had something like the luge here... that rocked!
Comics Interlude:

Not a full blown comics review...more of those coming but since Kiwi mentioned decompressing with Buffy...

Tales of the Vampire Issue #3.

Joss Whedon writes the narrative of a group of children..actually a type of Watcher "Padawan" and a chained vampire telling tales.

One great note for this one and not to spoil it but there's a current Buffy story that's worth the price of admission. Drucula, the Dracula after his Season 5 appearence goes back to Transylvania to a lonely solitary life...and he misses his assistant so somewhere along the way, Drac kidnaps Xander...eyepatch and all to return to his role as "monkey boy". Buffy comes herself with a Slayer Squad to break him out. Really funny.

On futher Buffy Geekdom, Aimee Berger and I were playing with ideas for a new spin-off in light of the demise of Angel and the Buffy television franchise. We came up with Los Tres Evil Amigos; Spike, Andrew and Lindsey...roaming the land Qui-Chi Cain style and helping people across the land.

Bergie Wrote:
Who would take them? WOuld UPN? That would be the only option, really. HBO, anyone? Nah. I wouldn't pay for Angel.
Well.. I would.

Sully wrote:
Mebbe if Lindsey got a spin-off with Spike and Andrew...los Tres Evil Amigos!

Bergie wrote:
Ooooh.... my wheels are turning... and they ALL think they are in charge, and every week each and every one of their schemes is foiled by a little guy in a bear costume, who's weekly catchphrase is something brilliant like, "What's with all the wanky, 'round 'ere?" Did I mention it was a Scottish bear? Kwa-li-T!!!! Good stuff!

Sully Wrote:
Tee hee!
That would be funny...
Tonight on a very special episode of "Los Tres Evil Amigos"...Spike gives Andrew his Boba Fett back. Linsdey learns to share. Andrew beds a Slayer.

Bergie wrote:
And next week, a special episode as old friends return... Giles and Xander come out and makeover Willow and Kennedy's love nest.

Sully wrote:
Giles: "No Xander...the poster for the Vagina Monologues should go in the kitchen...not the bedroom"
Xander: "Easy there, oh scary man of tweed jacket with leather elbow patches...there's always room for that kind of monologue in the bedroom...I can see that with one eye".
Giles: "After all we've been through...and I still very much hate you..."
Xander: "Sweet nothings will get you everywhere, big guy...now what's this thing with straps...oh...it goes "on"...nevermind..."

Bergie wrote:
Okay. THAT was amazing.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Sorry Matt didn't make it down to the beach for pumice... should be able to get you some easily enough though. The trip was great. Did all touristy stuff. The huka jet (photos to be posted later), the walk of the Craters of the Moon, played that golf challenge thing (I got it on the platform!) and other stuff. We spent a lot of time wandering around town and doing random shopping, they had lots of storms down south so it was pretty windy and chilly for most of the trip. The drive home took us to Rotorua and the luge - God that never gets old! - and some more wandering around in search of a 'geyser'.

Back to school today and if it hadn't been for the past weekend I don't think I could have walked away as easily as I did. The complete and utter disorganization is appalling. Many of our lectures have changed positions within the university and therefore many of our class lectures have not as yet been confirmed. Our groups haven't been listed which means we have no idea when we should be in our labs (which start Wednesday) and, to top it off, the research partner, who I agreed to work with last year (he approached me) just ditched me... Argh ... I think it's time to kill some time and relieve stress with Buffy!

Friday, February 20, 2004

You hear that Pumpkinhead !...wah!!! Tee hee!!! He does now...VIVA TEXTING!!! ^_^ I love texting.
Yeah... well, he knows how to use a phone. :)
^_~ Yeah...just the messenger here...^_^
Sorry... I didn't get the "shuttle James" message until just now. Next time call me if time's a factor!
Burke's helmet is wickid qweeah. ^_^

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Matt...any way you can taxi James who just got the night off and would like to watch the game with us but is somewhat stranded in Meffa?
Give him a call if you can. ^_^ Thanks.
Invite's open and so is my door! C'mon by...I'll be home after 6PM. Game starts at 8PM. James is working and Aaron's a sleepy monkey today. Dane's working so it just might be the 3 of us. You're on your own for viddles though...the cuppord is bare but I'll ensure a fridge stocked to the gills of PBR! So if that offends your tastebuds...BYOB. Cool? Call when you're on your way.
>Join me at my place for Beer and Bruins/Flyers tonight. 8PM

Jill and I might be able to make it too, if the invite's open.
[ Thu Feb 19, 03:07:35 AM | Pumpkinhead ! ]
Yea but who's the best team in hockey RIGHT NOW???

With just three regulation losses in 22 games (15-3-2-2) since the calendar turned to 2004, the Bruins have climbed within three points of the Flyers for the Eastern Conference's best record. Their solid play in the New Year, including a 7-0-1-2 mark in the last three weeks, has lifted Boston within one point of Ottawa and Toronto for the Northeast Division lead.

"I don't think we're surprising anyone anymore. The league knows we're playing well,'' said captain Joe Thornton, who had a goal in the Bruins' 5-2 win at Toronto on Tuesday.

Goalie Andrew Raycroft has done his part, going 6-0-1 with a 1.55 goals-against average in his last seven starts.

Burke, meanwhile, has been struggling in net since getting off to a good start for Philadelphia after being acquired from Phoenix. The 37-year-old netminder won his first two starts following the trade, allowing three goals, but has given up five goals in each of the last two.

Yahoo Sports Article, Thursday, February 19, 2004

Yahoo Sports News Link

Juan Barnos!!! VIVA LOS BARNOS!!!
Join me at my place for Beer and Bruins/Flyers tonight. 8PM. Whatcha say? Don't skip work on my account though but if Laura's working tonight you get a ride home. AND although I am too broke to front on Arthur, I can arrange for Aaron to come overand hang with us for a spell...you know...teach him the ins & outs of Hockey. It's the best I can currently do to relieve your dryness sitch.

Yea but who's the best team in hockey RIGHT NOW???

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Peter Bondra traded to Ottawa. Sheeeeesh!

Patrice Bereron...still in third place in rookie scoring!
Olde Tyme Hockey!!!

Original Six match-up!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Right. We have traditions to uphold.

If we won the series, we'd lose the curse and "Yankee's Suck" wouldn't be nearly as viscerally satisfying.

Besides, Hell would be able to field a great hockey team (the starting line of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers?), and we don't want to make things any harder for the Bruins.
True enough and somehow I think that deep down we are content in that role. Can anyone imagine the implications of the Sox winning a WS?! It would be like that scene in Forrest Gump, when Gump is running and then just decides to stop. We wouldn't be the Champions of Glorious Defeat anymore and they would be just another team.
>Doesn't that picture Sully put up make you sick?

Nah, it just helps to ensure our legacy as the Champions of Glorious Defeat.
If you think of it, grab me a big piece of pummice from Lake Taupo and pop it in the mail. It couldn't weigh much.
Doesn't that picture Sully put up make you sick?

Courtesy of Major Lee Fahktup from TOP Blog. ^_~
WAH!!! Hi Leah!!!
I'll be here til Sunday - catch you guys on the flip-side.
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds... I'm sorry but does 10 billion, trillion, trillion carats seem like a made up number to anyone else?
Jill just did a free intro scuba session at the YMCA with PG Dive in Newton last night. It's pretty kick ass, especially for free!
If anyone's interested, they're doing it every friday night in february. http://www.pgdive.com
Faggot in Pinstripes...

Kill Bill Vol. 2 has been pushed back to April. please no spoilers. ^_~

Monday, February 16, 2004

Hi all, just thought i'd pop in and tell you that the Red Sox STILL have a better team then the Yankees! That is all for now :)
I just saw Big Fish with Jill yesterday, and I thought it was good. Not great, but good.
I'm not really disappointed with the film itself, but rather with its failure to meet my expectations.

I was hoping for a fantastic adventure story, and I got a good story. I guess it sort of left me with the same slightly unsatisfied feeling I got after watching Edward Scissorhands. Lots of wierdness for it's own sake.

Friday, February 13, 2004

I just got a great review... or rather, my web site did. Tom Mount is the head guy at IANTD, the International Association of Nitrox and Trimix Divers, which is the agency I'm getting my new certification through. He posted this in a private forum his instructors use, and one of them forwarded it to me with his permission. I'm pretty psyched about it:

Wickid pissah!!! WTG
Fuck Valentine's Day!!!


Fuck Me

Your Candy Heart is "Fuck Me"

When people say V-day is romantic, they're not wrong.

It's just that you're idea of romance is doing it all night long.

So screw the dinner, the cards, and the roses.

You'll show love by doing it in many poses.

What Naughty Candy Heart Are You?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva


Ding! Fries are done...

WAH!!! That's awful.
I just got a great review... or rather, my web site did. Tom Mount is the head guy at IANTD, the International Association of Nitrox and Trimix Divers, which is the agency I'm getting my new certification through. He posted this in a private forum his instructors use, and one of them forwarded it to me with his permission. I'm pretty psyched about it:

From: "Tom Mount"
Subject: e-mail list recommendation

I do not normally recommend people to subscribe to various lists... however, www.thedecostop.com is an exception and I would like to encourage you to subscribe to it

It does not come directly into your email - you go on line to their website and open it to view messages

It is the best organized list I have seen each topic (and there are many) is listed by a heading that you click in to - once in the heading there is a selection of items under the heading being discussed at that time

There is no rudeness so it is actually an informative list with people eager to discuss and learn on it

Some of the topics include:
wreck everywhere in the world
caves everywhere in the world
deep diving
rebreather and other equipment

One discussion in particular that keeps coming up is deep diving and decompression, etc. for the extremes - some of you have a lot of experience in some or all of these areas. I think you would enjoy the list

Best regards,
I've heard Big Fish is fantastic... can't wait to see it Kiwi!
New Battlestar Galactica...HUZZAH!!! 13 episodes have been ordered!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Tell me a story... make it a tale tall...

This is the stuff movies were meant to be made of... a storyteller with enthusiasm and a cross-legged listener anticipating the conclusion but dreading the end. Those stories where you can't tell fact from fiction and it really doesn't matter, in the mind of the listener every word has such purity of heart that you can resist it about as much as a toddler can making a mess of chocolate ice cream.

I went to bed last night and wrote this astounding review of this movie in my head, but in the light of day those words don't seem to do it justice.

If you haven't already go see Big Fish, and remember to take your pure of heart toddler with the ice cream in hand with you...
They aren't interested in improving the game, they're interested in making more money from it.
"Four Point" game tonight in Ottawa. The second place Bruins are two points ahead of the Senators and one point behind the Maple Leaf (who skate against Columbus tonight). The Bruins are 7-2-1-0 in the last ten games.

Patrice Bergeron's still in 3rd place in rookie scoring while goalie Andrew Raycroft is ranked 8th overall in all goalies with a 1.92 GAA. Watch the Bruins Calder candidates!!! Whooo hoo!!!
NHL Commish Gary Bettman: Asshole Uber Alles.

Atlanta Thrashers goalie Pasi Nurminen, right, fights with Edmonton Oilers' goalie Ty Conklin during the third period NHL action in Edmonton on Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2004.


Ever see a Goalie fight? Me and Scotty did once. Bruins G Byron Dafoe versus Senators G Patrick Lalime a few years back.
Scotty was at a Red Wings game many moons ago and saw I think Chris Osgood get into a fight wth Pat Roy.



Red Wings lose G Curtis Joseph to ankle injury (ankle sprain).

WAH!!! Go figure!
Worried the game isn't fast paced enough? How about getting rid of the TV timeouts?

WAH!!! F*in' great!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

stupid league officials

they have noooo clue what they're doing. it doesn't matter if the score is 6-5 or 2-1, it's the style of play that turns people off. instead of fixating on the goaltenders, they should simply enforce the rules that already exist. if you interfere with a player who doesn't have the puck, penalty. if you put your stick on any player above the waist, penalty. that simple; the interference that's allowed is what takes the skill right out of the game. the only rule change(s) i would support (like the league is looking for my endorsement!) would be to make the rink a bit bigger and maybe make the nets a bit bigger. you have players these days well over 6'4" and weighing over 220 lbs., but they play on the same size rink that guys played on 20 years ago...seems to me that this would automatically create congestion. as for the nets; you can make roberto luongo's pads two inches smaller, but roberto luongo will still be 6'4" or whatever he is, and will still be able to drop into a butterfly and cover the upper part of the net. make the net a litter higher if you want to try to neutralize the butterfly. sometimes i wonder if league execs even watch hockey.
Worried the game isn't fast paced enough? How about getting rid of the TV timeouts?
Hey Sully...whord up yo!

"Ooooooo...I'm in the crease....Ooooooo I'm in the crease....."
Hockey is not a shoot the lights out scoring sensation that the GMs want it to be. Soccer is the same way. A transition sport with a reliance upon defence and goaltending. Crap...why not ban the goalie then huh? That would light the lamp. Assholes. Read the link...Brodeur is balls on correct.
Hey Mario! ^_~
Side note to the good Reverend; we couldv'e used you in Montreal. The way we tore that city apart, we were in dire need of a spiritual presence...

But cha hadda haul ass to get home for the Soooper Bawl, huh? ^_~
NHL GMs Propose Changes to Boost Scoring


Atmosphere at the Roxy last night. Slug is unbelievable. For anyone who has not heard of Atmosphere, I recommend grabbing their newest album, "Seven's Travels." All of their stuff is good, but you have the best chance of finding this one, as it's their first release on a major label. Side note to the good Reverend; we couldv'e used you in Montreal. The way we tore that city apart, we were in dire need of a spiritual presence...
Hockey News:

"Another solution will present itself." Qui-Gon Jinn, Star Wars Ep 1.

Domenik Hasek out for the remainder of the season.

Team Geritol's goalie sitch fixed itself. With Hasek now out for the rest of the season, thre is no more goalie controversy in Motor City.

Bruins are on a tear! Huzzah!

Flyers trade Mike Comrie to the Coyotes for Goalie Sean Burke. Flyers Goalie Jeff "Can't" Hackett retires with vertigo. Flyers goalie Robert Esche out 3 weeks. Flyers Rookie goalie called across the street from the AHL Phantoms Antero Niitymaki with 3 straight wins. Burke will have to start being a Class "A" and when Esche gets back...with the hot hand on the rook...where does it go from there with a trade deadline looming?

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

missed the 4:20 post...shit!


I know I must not think bad thoughts!!!
another great quote...

My wish is to ride the tempest, tame the waves, kill the sharks. I want to drive the enemy away to save our people. I will not resign myself to the usual lot of women who bow their heads and become concubines."
-- Trieu Thi Trinh, leader of Vietnamese peasant revolt in 248
“A venturesome minority will always be eager to get off on their own, and no obstacles should be placed in their path; let them take risks, for Godsake, let them get lost, sunburnt, stranded, drowned, eaten by bears, buried alive under avalanches – that is the right and privilege of any free American.”

From Judge Dolan's ruling in Gentile vs. NOAA
By the way, Kiwi...


Humberto Ramos rocks!!! Thanks for the Crimson suggestion Kiwi!!! Virgin Superstore got 50% off ALL COMICS AND TRADES!!!

Here's somehting quick to print for Chris then:

Sully's suggestions

Stormwatch by Wildstorm TPB's vols. 1-5
The Authority by Wildstorm TPB's vols. 1-4
Daredevil...anything by Bendis and Maleev...that means current. You shoulda seen what DD did to Kingpin. Sheeeesh.
Red on Homage Comics by Warren Ellis. a 3-issue run previously reviewed here on Ocho.
The Unfunnies #1 (of 6) by Mark Millar
Wanted by Mark Millar #1, 2 (of 4)...how a nice guy becomes a very, very, very bad guy.
The Ultimates by Marvel TPB #1
Hey Kiwi!!! Lots more later...but I'm on Crimson book #2 now. WICKID GOOD STUFF!!!

The kiwi references get better in Spider-Man. I missed the Kiwi ref in Transmet #2 though. Not intentional. The "Spider" angle too was accidental. I gave Spider-Man priority due to Ramos. Of course Chris is addicted to Transmet...it's one of the best comics ever written. ^_^ Wait until you get to the later ones and I start asking you to play Filthy Assistant to me again. It really does remind me of the Old Daze. Tee hee!!! Where was the Kiwi reference in Transmet? I assume Chris is off to the Gotham to get the rest of them? ^_~ I'll tell ya DO NOT GET Transmet: Filth of the City until yer done. It's supplemental and makes the best sense when it's completed.

Kerry for President...Bush for Emperor.

2 weeks off! Whoo hoo!!! Got any plans or letting your brain reform from its vegamite state, squirt? ^_~



Monday, February 09, 2004

Womb Raider was great though SICKO!

SO anyway... onto serious matters. Chris is addicted to Transmet... I was halfway through book 2 when he took it from me, saying I didn't have time to read it anyway and needed my sleep (admittedly I been working lots of early starts at the bank, but to deprive a girl of her comics - bah!) --- one good thing came of it though, he had the urge to buy book 3 yesterday! YAY!

Spidey kicked arse if I haven't said so already....

Interesting side-note, both TPB sent this time had quite harsh references to New Zealanders. I admit truth to both references - in fact laughed my arse off, but impressed that BOTH contained a reference. Was that intentional?

In other news I'm a bit concerned on the new canditates for presidency... can anyone give me a brief low down? We get no info on anything to do with the election unless it's about bagging Bush at the mo' so I feel a bit in the dark on the whole situation. I don't know much of their platforms or policies... Looks like Kerry is the main man though huh?

One more day of work --- then 13 off til school starts again... can't wait. I feel like I haven't slept in two weeks. Oh wait - I haven't. Starting at 4 am, going to bed at 10pm. I think I slept for about 13 hours Friday night, but even that seems like it was a month ago. I think that gives some reason as to why this post is such a tangled mess of 'bits & pieces'.

I've never seen the Tomb Raider series. Womb Raider was great though. Haw haw....^_~ nooooge

Saturday, February 07, 2004

James Bond should be so lucky. I hear Lara Croft has one though.

My mother wantd you both to know that Lara definately does have one! (Chris gave her Tomb Raider to watch last year - she's been obsessed ever since... ) the speeders were used in TR2.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Since Jill wanted to try diving, I figured I'd ask around and see when local shops were planning to let folks try it out. One shop in Newton will let us schedule it for free, so I thought I'd pass on the info. Let me know by email if any of you are interested.

Hi Matt,

we can certainly schedule a discover scuba for your friends at a location
that is convenient to you at no charge. We have scuba reviews scheduled at
the Newton YMCA off the Mass. Pike on Monday nights - I could set a side an
evening for you if you would like. Just let us know when.

We will provide all the gear - all they will need is a bathing suit and
towel. We will need to know height, weight and shoe size so we can plan to bring
the right size gear to the pool - this includes a light weight suit.

In the mean time have them review the medical statement form found at:
http://www.pgdive.com/formsanddirections.htm; they will need to complete it
prior to the water session. You may already be familiar with the form - if
they have a YES answer to ANY of the questions; they will need physician's
approval prior to jumping in the water.

We specialize in private instruction catering towards each diver's learning
style and pace, so your friends do not need to worry about being thrown into the
'deep end' when they are not ready.

Please don't hesitate to call or write if you have any questions or


Genevieve Stewart

212 Adams Street
Newton MA 02458
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri - 11AM to 7PM
Sat and Sun - 9AM to 6PM

I peeked at it, got bizzie and when I went back to read it I got an "error" message. I'll try again a little later or do a news search. I shoulda printed it.
Sully, Jill wants to make plans for us all to get together somewhere for the Stanley Cup.

We can make a month of it you know. ^_~ Hockey playoffs being so bloody long but I'm in for anything at anytime.
But I'm in.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Did you read the article about the creativity machine?
Sully, Jill wants to make plans for us all to get together somewhere for the Stanley Cup.
Good class last night. It's a refreshing change to be going for a diving certification that isn't a sure thing. The only way to fail a PADI class is to owe the shop more money. This class, if you can't perform the skills adequately, you don't get certified to do it. Probably because at this level of diving, failing to perform the skills well can get a person killed really easily.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

James Bond should be so lucky. I hear Lara Croft has one though.

8 knots! Man... you could chase down a dolphin in that thing.

Integrated breathing regulator too... aside from a mask, you could conceivably ride one with no dive gear.

It's also maneuverable enough to barrel-roll.
That's so James Bond! I thought I'd hook the link and the pic.
Quite possibly the coolest toys I've ever seen. Freakin' underwater speeder bikes!


That's it... I'm buying a few scratch tickets after work.

(edited by eo's 1:51PM)
Another week without comics...

Recharging my conversation out here and will hopefully have more to say next week. Those tuned in know it's been a tough few weeks for the writer, editor and producer of OCHO but let you know there are a lot of new titles to write about..."new" to me that is.

Also been wickid bizzie at work. If I had Internet at home I would be writing this right now. So Hockey Talking is a little behind.

Let's just say I scared the DeGraffs last night when I tuned into the game at 4-4 and saw Brian Rolston light the lamp with the Game Winning Goal. ^_^
Home misses you sweetheart. ^_~

AWESOME...ain't it? ^_^

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Man, I miss home...
No worries.

I'm starting my deco/trimix class tomorrow, and between work, writing a moderators guide for my new website, and meeting with my financial advisor tonight, I have no idea when I'm going to find the time to read and digest the required reading. I guess I'll have to put off writing the guide... again.
my bad...whoo hoo. ^_

Monday, February 02, 2004

Jingle Jam was in December.

The Jiggle Bowl was quite good... a beautiful day for football, and a 21-7 win for the Boxers, bringing our 8 year record to 5-2-1 over the Tightie Whiteys. Much drinking and feasting ensued, and in the resultant revelry Janet Jackson showed me her boob.

The Patriots won too, so it was a lovely all around.
Matt! How was Jingle Jam?
James...been thinking about it...could you please mention to Melinda my regards and apologies for being boorish. Use those exact words please. Thanks. ^_~
Thanks James for the good times! Sorry if a bean a slight punk. EEEEK! Yer Melinda friend was...well...cute? ^_^ Cute, short and snarky. Too bad I'm on my own for the ladies right now.
Plus I don't think she liked me too much. ^_~
ALSO --- Yay Laura - Good Luck - hope you are enjoying it!!!

huh? ^_~

Mebbe I meant to say gimme a call...not a clue. Hmmm...which I think you did. Was that you who called at 11:30ish. I dinna hear or feel it ring or I woulda talked to you...I was walking to the "T" from James and that in itself takes about 30-40 minutes. Awwww...I woulda welcomed the company. ^_^
I think I was drunk typing again, Sweetie. Nuffin' dune...canna remember what that was aboot. SORRY! ^_^

Sunday, February 01, 2004

ALSO --- Yay Laura - Good Luck - hope you are enjoying it!!!
"Aw, really boys - it's nothin...."

KIWI!!! Gimme a clue! ^_~ WAH!!!

I knew I wasn't seeing things!

Pop superstar Janet Jackson lost her chest plate during her Super Bowl XXXVIII half time performance, giving football fans an unexpected peep show. It appeared as though singer Justin Timberlake ripped it off as part of the show, revealing Jackson's right breast with a silver star on it. Did someone go too far?

X-rated half-time show!

Item #2 (in NZ they would have showed you)
KIWI!!! Gimme a clue! ^_~ WAH!!!