Saturday, August 30, 2003

Good to hear from you Pumpkinhead! I've been at my parents' house without a charger for my phone, and just got you message whgen I made it home tonight. I'll give you a call.

I should be around some for the next couple of weeks, and I'll do what I can to help, but you're a naughty little monkey Kiwi. I think getting booted would be a bit extreme given the circumstances, so I wouldn't worry about that too much, but you gotta be careful with that.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Gemini? C'mon Sully.

I was off by a day!!!

Now now kids - play nice - easy mistake to make depending on the paper you are reading and escpecially when i do have the whole split personality thing going for me (sugar, sugar, there's got to be some around here somewhere...) but turns out that has more to do with the shell and the soft belly thing... I don't know.

So Pumpkinhead - how was the trip?
BTW - yay - Chris moves into a new apartment all his own this weekend! - YAY!
Yay - Garbage! More kiwi bands for fucking (huh - I could start up a website)

Yay - Pumpkinhead - oh how we've missed you.

Boo - plagerism --- I have to wait until Tuesday for the results of that one. Unfortuantely I am in the wrong but she is being a very petty old cow who was obviously picked on in high school and is now taking it out on Physiotherapy students as a whole. Hopefully it won't end up on the transcript though - that would suck. Hope your gonna be around Matt - I might need some help with digging my arse out of a hole over the next couple of weeks and you ability to reword and recontextualise could come in very handy. Im in the shit, but if she makes the wrong decision I won't be the only one going down... she's coming with me. It is a very petty APA issue re: paraphrasing material rather than quoting it and vice versa. I have referenced all the authors correctly and havent dishonestly represented my work in my opinion. Unfortuantely my paraphrasing ability in that assignment was quite weak. She has pulled up 4 or 5 of us on it and is basically running on a power trip of making us shit our daks. Not very nice. She is deciding wether or not to simply fail us on the criteria and make us resubmit the work (making the highest possible mark I can get on the paper a C - and tripling my already full workload over the next couple of weeks) or take us to the disciplinary board. --- I find out on Tuesday her decision. Haven't been eating or slepping much as a result but I don't see how she can get 5 students expelled for something that ALL students freely admit to doing escpecially on a paper that has little obvious relevance and whose workload is 10 times what it should be for the weight of the paper on our academic transcript (although it is a legal requirement of our registration).

blah blah blah... the whole thing has made me feel like a right twat... I had gotten very lazy on writing that paper and I did extensively use the authors words when I should have paraphrased and did not correctly identify it. Therfore - she has a valid point. However, it is a relatively petty issue for many of the above reasons. Unfortunately it could mean my arse, and could mean me out of the course and Physiotherapy forever. Hope not. But FUCK!!!!
WAH!!! He's back! The Great Pumpkinhead!!! Linus will be psyched!
Hi All!~!~! (-_-)
Oi, Matt how's it going???

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Yeah! More about the plagerism!!!
How's the new semester treating you Kiwi? Aside from the plagarism that is.
Huzzah for a hot date! I'm seeing Amy on Saturday for Dinner and a Movie...and hopefully kissing her pink parts. ^_^ MWAH!
I successfully changed the head gaskets, starter motor, water pump, timing belts and fluids, reconditioned the distributor rotor, valve rockers, valve cover seals, and hood (due to the sticking latch that allowed it to open at 35 mph and smash the windshield on the way back from Canada), and cleaned everything from the overhead cams to the intake manifold to the battery terminals.

After the third unsuccessful attempt at setting the timing, I decided to have AAA tow it to the dealership and let them fight with it. After over 40 hours, I had had enough greasemonkeying for one project, and figured they might even be able to solve my mysterious problem with the starter's intermittant refusal to crank the engine over dispite the electromagnetic switch appearing to function correctly. Either way, I'm done with it and hoping to get it back running like clockwork tomorrow afternoon.

I've got a hot date with a woman named Liz tomorrow evening too, and plans with her for the long weekend as well. We met saturday at my friend Ryan's sold out CD release party at the House of Blues. My brother and I both made it in on the guest list (he recorded and engineered the album), and later both went to the after-hours party at Ryan's place. As it turns out, he had just moved into a new apartment in Davis Sq., and Liz is one of his new housemates.

Small world. We totally hit it off though, and it looks like we'll be camping out on the beach in Wellfleet for the holiday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Yeah...that's why I remain mechanically declined. ^_~ WAH! How's it going?
Did I mention that I don't like timing belts? It's a good thing I'm smart enough to do this job, 'cuz I was dumb enough to start it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Rev. Sully's List of Songs About Fucking. (I copied this from a "craigslist" post I did)

Number One would have to be..
Songs About Fucking by Big Black. Steve Albini is an evil, evil man...and endorses the use of heroin (at the time the album was made).

Any AC/DC featuring the late lead singer Bon Scott. Now there are a few Brian Johnson AC/DC songs that will really get your hips rising (such as 'Sink the Pink' or even 'Thunderstruck') but to cut your juice loose, it's gotta be Bon. 74 Jailbreak, Whole Lotta Rosie, TNT, Touch Too Much...throw the goat!

Now...sometimes like the "D" said you got to Fuck Her Gently...it is not the tune to be listening to when you wanna...no...leave that to Led Zepellin's "Since I've Been Loving You". Led Zep is not just for stoners with velvet blacklight poster. Robert Plant IS the white James Brown.

Good stuff...early Stones. Very sexy. Liz Phair...VERY SEXY. Garbage...COMPLETELY SEXY!!!

But c'mon, children...Jazz and Fucking? Want a cigarette after that or some Geritol???
But can a Cancer have Scorpio rage? Nah...no fucking way. You Cancer are s'posed to be the level headed ones.
[ Tue Aug 26, 11:39:08 AM | Preacher Matt | edit ]
Gemini? C'mon Sully.

I was off by a day!!!
Gemini? C'mon Sully.
GTA3? Sweet... I've very nearly finished it myself.

No, you aren't automatically a fan of anything, much less of a team. Pats is the local default, but you're welcome to like whatever team you're willing to stick up for instead... you better know your shit though, as you can expect locals to confront you on it regularly. Well, you might be able to get away with Buffalo.

What's up with the plagarism thing Leah? One of my professors had a similar suspicion about one of my papers, but was quick to change it to an A when it became obvious it was original material. What's the story? Do I need to come down there and kick her ass for ya?
These are kind of gross but funny

Leonardo Dicaprio - You are getting head from a girl.
She is sitting in a chair, you are standing. Just when
you are about to cum, lean forward putting all your
wait against her mouth. Stretch out your arms and yell
"I'm the king of the world.

Louisville Slugger - Your girl is on her knees in
front of you servicing your pole. At some random point
in time during this act you pull out, twist your hips,
yell "BATTER UP!!!!" and smack her firmly in the cheek
with your baseball bat like cock.

And for the Ladies...
Baby Rodeo - When riding your partner who's about to
blow his load, give some good pounding strokes and
when he's at the point of no return scream out 'Let's
make a baby!'. See how long you can hold on, while he
tries to throw you off his erupting cock. One night
stands should only be considered for the more advanced
I thought you were a Gemini? Really...plagerism? Oh please go on and elaborate.

Good luck with the car, Matt. James & Laura are back too. We should all go over there and use the grill before their upstairs neighbors pack it in. ^_~ Tee hee! We need to hang out soon though. I have to work on my percentage...I'm broke and Saturday is off limits. But if you're up for something low key...say movie and mindless enjoyable couch activities...let's do it. Oh BTW: I started GTA 3...shuddup...you know I like it. ^_~
And football season is...afoot? Tee hee! I'm gonna watch football this year. Who's with me. MY new "squeeze" loves the Pats so if I'm going to be dating her (and I hope that we will be...I got no plans on going anywhere) then I'll be watching pigskin fly.

But should I be a Pats fan? Help me out here on the good side bruthas and sistahs. Just because I'm a local...does that make me an instant Pats fan? Should I? I mean they are a decent team. They won the Stoooper Bawl a few years back. They're not bad. They used to be bloody awful. But if I'm gonna like football...can't I take a "side piece"? A different team I can appreciate?
Being a hockey fan first, Bruins fan second helps. It gives me the lattitude to wear my Red Wings jersey. ^_~ But I like the Wings, I like the Flyers. I dunno...suggestions. What teams do you like and why?
F%*king hell - I think my lecturer is trying to get me for plagerism....
Fucking ethics my arse... she can eat me once I get my foot from her ass.

Can a Cancerian have Scorpio rage - cause Ill tell this emotion is pretty hard to contain when you feel like the alien is trying to explode from your chest to strangle the bitch!

Monday, August 25, 2003

Bible stories? Rock on with your bad self!

Looks like everything is back together, and I even put on a new starter motor so I can start the car without a hatchet. In the morning, I'll top off the fluids, cross my fingers, and hopefully start 'er up without hearing any shattering noises. Then a quick tune up, a patched tyre and I'll be ready to roll! Woo hoo!
Happy Snuff A Child Raping Priest Day!!!

Uggggh!!! I can't believe the news services ghoulish depiction of the details. YUK!!!
Happy Hangover Kiwi!!! ^_^

Saturday, August 23, 2003

HAA hAA - self inflicted! YAY!
I feel like a 25 year old! - oh wait.....
Hey hey hey----
I've had an 1 1/2 sleep in 48 hrs - Im fucked and far too old for this shit.
Went away with a couple of friends - up north. They got their men to watch the kids - we went out for drinks. Got home a 2 but talked til 6:30. Fucking women! Actually, I think I was the worst of the bunch... at one stage I was telling Bible stories... don't know what brought that up but - hey!

Fucking women!

I have to go to work now.

First day back at Uni tomorrow - up at 6 am.


Friday, August 22, 2003

Have a good weekend all!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Bummer. I got two of my first three tickets in the same place too. What's worse, I got them both from the same cop within a month of each other.
Army recuiter: You boys know what a quota is?

Butthead: Huh huh...huh...huh...ahhh...yeah. Isn't that like twenty-five cents?

SO I got my second ticket ever - on the same corner as the last... the last was for going 76kph in a 50 zone. This was for going through a yellow light ($150 - thank you very much!)

I think the cop had a quota to meet.
Guten Afternoonen! WAHZZUP!!! ^_~

I'm want to petition for National Women Under 40 Topless Day. Who's with me???

Dude - just come to Kiwiland - we have a National Nude Day EVERY year! (regrettably no web site has been set up to support it - bummer, at least not that I could find)

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I finally got my engine apart, and am pleased to have discovered after the first 15 hours of work that my best guess was right... my head gasket is blown. Fortunately it's a relatively cheap part. Doing it myself saved about $1500 in labor costs!

Here's the "before" shot of the untouched engine:

Here's the "after" shot of the engine stripped down to the block:

Here's the stupid little blown gasket that made me do all that bullshit work:

Tomorrow I get to put it back like I found it.
Frank Zappa Quote of the Day:

Now imagine a Moebius vortex inside a spherical constant, and you've got my cosmology.
Reported as Rumor on...
Thursday, November 21, 2002 :::

I hear there will be a Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon coming soon to the American Cartoon Network. I hear that the production company that gave us the Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack will be doing it.
I haven't seen anything on Star Wars dot com as of yet.

::: posted by Rev Sully! at 11:56 AM

Lucasfilm & Cartoon Network Announce: Star Wars: Clone Wars
February 20, 2003

Picking up where Episode II left off, the saga of the Clone Wars will continue through animated shorts premiering this year from the Cartoon Network and Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars: Clone Wars will be a series of 20 animated shorts that will air on the Cartoon Network in 2003-2004 between other programming.
Helming this new series is Genndy Tartakovsky (see Three-Minute Epics: A Look at Star Wars: Clone Wars), the acclaimed creator of "Samurai Jack" and "Dexter's Laboratory." The episodic shorts will be two- to three-minutes in length and will air exclusively on Cartoon Network at regularly scheduled times beginning this fall.

The epic Clone Wars dominated the final years of the Galactic Republic, as Jedi-led clone troopers battled against the evil forces of the Separatists. Joining already established Star Wars characters in the series will be several new and ruthless adversaries.

"We are incredibly excited to be working with Lucasfilm in creating an animated story that extends one of the world's most beloved entertainment properties," said Sam Register, senior vice president of development for Cartoon Network. "Cartoon Network's creative team will work hand-in-hand with Lucasfilm to make sure that our common vision for Clone Wars thrills Star Wars fans around the world."

"Genndy Tartakovsky and the team at Cartoon Network are tops in their field," said Howard Roffman, president of Lucas Licensing. "Their work on 'Samurai Jack' shows that they can tell an epic story in a unique way, lavishing equal attention on dramatic battle scenes as well as dramatic development of the characters."

Keep checking starwars.com for new developments on this exciting new series. For more information about the Cartoon Network, see their official site.

Guten Afternoonen! WAHZZUP!!! ^_~

I'm want to petition for National Women Under 40 Topless Day. Who's with me???

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Well my soapbox got a smile now...^_~ WAH!!!
>I'm getting off my soapbox now...

Yeah... sure you are.
From an email transmission from Dr. Hooey:


Apparently Rick McAllum is dishing some shit ...

Britain's Guardian newspaper, which published details of the McCallum and ITV stories in today's (Tuesday) editions, commented afterwards, "Watch this space to have the experience of watching the film even more comprehensively ruined over the coming 12 months."

This is regarding Star Wars Episode 3.

Remeber Ocho Viewers and Contributors...


I like it weird and sloppy. ^_~
Jubal Harshaw, on Jubal Harshaw:
"My dear, I used to think that I was serving humanity... and I pleasured in the thought. Then I discovered that humanity does not want to be served; on the contrary it resents any attempt to serve it. So now I do what pleases Jubal Harshaw."

Rev. Sully, on Rev. Sully:
"My dear, I used to think that I was serving humanity... and I pleasured in the thought. Then I discovered that humanity does not want to be served; on the contrary it resents any attempt to serve it. So now I do what pleases Rev. Sully".

Kiwi...Thou art God.

Apage, Philia, Storge.

The WWJD Thong!!! YAY!!!

Monday, August 18, 2003

YAY! Jonny Depp.... mmmmmm.
Once Upon A Time In Mexico is the newest El Mariachi movie (El Mariachi/Desparado). Johnny Depp, Willem DaFoe, Salma Hayek, Antonio Badass banderas...I loved Desperado. And El Mariachi.

Hot SHIT!!!

Opens in September...hey that's almost here!
Holy shit! Whazzup Ocho? How'z it goan. Whew!

Friday, August 15, 2003

Zappa Quote of the Day

Don't expect anything,don't expect fun, don't expect friends.. if you get something...it's a BONUS

I sat through "Just Married" for this POA...I won't be NetFlixing this one!!! I'll stick with DeeDee Mulligan and keep watching Summer Catch.
Happy Hat Kicking Day!!!

Remember: Today is August 15th! It is a special day for all Red Sox fans...it is HAT KICKING DAY!!! This is not to be confused with the recent influx of jokes by prominent Bostonian celebrites such as Denis Leary or Conan O'Brien. I came up with this a while ago...about this time every year is when the Sox start to let us down. So in celebration of our frustration, I dub today and every Aug. 15 from now until Kingdom Come as...HAT KICKING DAY!!!

make sure you tell someone! ^_~
I've been reading Stranger too. Leah and I unconciously joined a book club. I too forget how much it has influenced. Dr. Hooey gave me my first copy of this book for my birthday years ago and was adamant..."YOU MUST READ THIS!". This has to be my fifth time reading it.

I'm looking forward to unlocking "Nekkid Mode" and "Dyke Out Mode" on the Buffy Game. Faith and Buffy beat the shit out of eachother then fall into a passionate embrace. Actually...quite by accident I found the hidden lesbian kiss scene in Spider-Man: The Movie Video Game for the PS2. You need to put the code in to play as Mary Jane. You're still hearing Tobey Maguire's voice but the rendering now looks like Kirsten Dunst in the red Chinese dress. Then also you put the code in for the chapters to unlock. Play the last chapter which is the demise of the Green Goblin and Spidey saving MJ and you'll see MJ kissing MJ. I don't think it was put there on purpose but I kinda just happened upon it.

Word to my Momma??? Shit hunny...Haiku that shit to do it right...you is on OCHO!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

I really had forgotten how GOOD 'Stranger in a Strange Land' is. It is really refreshing to read it after such a long time, and I really had realized either what a tremendous influence it had over me for such a long time!


What's this about an elvis impersonator. Remember you lot haven't met Chris yet, you may actually be deadly precise in you taunting.

Somebody better find out when that game is released in kiwiland, cause I'll be down there waiting for the store to open... I hope you can unlock Willlow's bad witch!

Anyway I have an assignment on a really annoyingly little muscle in your arse that no one cares about to finish - so I must be off.

Word to yo' mama!
I also think that flys shouldn't marry bumblebees. No it's not racist...but it is CLASSIST!

Today's word is...MYRMIDION!!! Why not. I haven't seen it in a while and gersh-dern it I missed it.

I think it's daft to have angst against just timing belts. I mean what about other belts and sashes? Don't they deserve your scrutiny too??? ^_~
Frank Zappa Quote of the Day

Remember there's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over.

You Are What You Is.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

You know what I just found out I don't like?

Timing belts.
FYI Kiddos!

James and Laura will be in Seattle and catching hopefully 2 but probably 1 of the Sox games in Safeco Field against the Mariners. Last time James went to Seattle and went to a game, he brought a sign and all his Sox regallia and he was the "Citizen's Bank Not Your Typicial Fan"...close-up on TV and everything and he told me he was trying for that again. So keep an eye out maybe Friday but almost definitely Saturday for the Sox on the Eijit Box this weekend.

My AC shit the bed last night. Sounds like a '72 Pinto now starting up in a Blizzard.

Zappa Quote of the Day: 8/13/2003

You get nothing with your college degree

from Roxy & Elsewhere
Best compliment from a date in a long time... Amy sent me this...tee hee!

"Thanks, I try to be a trooper...I will give you an A for persistence - kept trying to make me stay...also, really liked how you just grabbed me and kissed me when you decided you wanted to. "

WAH!!! Hawt damn! ^_~
Never pop a zit before a date.

Really. I look like a tri-clops right now. I got a HUGE whitehead on level, right 'tween my eyes. Now if I were to pop this on today Wednesday...then by Sunday my date I'd have an oozing scab!!! What if it drips down my nose when I'm trying to kiss her? Ewwww!!! The HORROR!!! THE HORROR!!!

Also...never trust a monkey...by Brak.

One time I hired a monkey to take notes for me in class.
I would just sit there with my mind a complete blank while the monkey scribbled on little pieces of paper.
At the end of the week the teacher said, "Class, I want you to write a paper using your notes."
So I wrote a paper that said... " Hello! My name is Bingo! I like to climb on things. Can I have a banana? Eek! Eek!"

I got an "F".

When I told my mom about it she said, "I told you: never trust a monkey!"
The end.
My internet connection's been down since thursday. I'm just now getting online from my parents' house, where I've been working on changing my car's head gasket. Quite the learning experience, that.

First, I'm sorry to hear about Ben E. James. My deepest condolences.

Second, I'm glad to hear the date went well Sully.

Third, I'll respond to this:
>I dunno...I feel as though I'm a product of the New Western Enlightenment of equality. Cool and eager for equality...speaking as the Mighty White-y Man here I guess...but I really don't judge on race, gender or religion.

I try not to be prejudicial either, but I'm not sure I believe in equality on a personal level. That's not to say one demographic is better than another, but the variability of our individual attributes and talents place us all on unequal footing.

>Anyone get Kiwi's email with the 3 pics...Man of the Year?

Yeah... from her friend Jen Taylor. Apparently I'm not cool enough to get funny mass emails directly from Kiwi anymore. Maybe she's afraid I'll try to make her carry the heavy beer next time she's in town. ;)

>I'm trying to figure out if there is such thing as "good" karma versus "bad" karma.

I think you're right about the misuse of the term "karma". People throw it around as though it's some sort of account, as though you can save up good karma, or have bad karma put you "in the red". My understanding is that karma really means something very similar to the word "action", such that saying that something is someone's karma is meerly saying that it is their own doing; the result of their own actions. Your karma is what you have brought upon yourself through your own doing.

While one's actions can be good or bad, I'm not sure that karma can... I think it's inherently neutral. To me, karma being good or bad would be similar to (though not the same as) 'cause and effect' being labled the same way.

Good morning. How's everyone doing today? Not much doing to report on. Maybe I'll make something up. Nah...stick with the trooof! Kiwi got knocked up by an Elvis impersonator. We can tell by the sideburns on the sonogram.

OK...who could forget Willow. And this one time...at Band Camp...I stuck a crossbow...nevermind!!!

And yes...everyone's favorite 5'-3" super Slayer...BUFFY!!!

What the heck...Xander can get in on the action too.

or everybody's favorite bad girl gone good...Faith

Play as Spike!

Hot shit! About time!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Ben E.

Peace be with you buddy. God speed.

James, so sorry for your loss.

Love, Leah.

The White Stripes Lyrics
" Sugar Never Tasted So Good "

Sugar never tasted so good
Sugar never tasted so good
Sugar never tasted good to me

Until her eyes crossed over
Until her mind crossed over
Until her soul fell next to me

If the wrinkle that is in your brain
Has given you quite a steam
Your fingers have become a crane
Pulling on these puppet strings


What a feeling that's begun
What a feeling that's begun

What a feeling that's begun
What a feeling that's begun

I felt just like a baby
Until I held a baby
What a mood this boy can be


And her thougths like a daisy
How my mind gets lazy
I must've been crazy not to see


If the wrinkle that is in your brain
Has given you quite a steam
Your fingers have become a crane
Your fingers have become a crane
Your fingers have become a crane
Pulling on these puppet strings

Water never tasted so good
Water never tasted so good
Water never tasted good to me

The White Stripes Lyrics
" Apple Blossom "

Hey little apple blossom
what seems to be the problem
all the ones you tell your troubles to
they dont really care for you

Come and tell me what youre thinking
cause just when the boat is sinking
a little light is blinking
and i will come and rescue you

Lots of girls walk around in tears
but thats not for you
youve been looking all around for years
for someone to tell your troubles to

Come and sit with me and talk awhile
let me see your pretty little smile
put your troubles in a little pile
and i will sort them out for you
ill fall in love with you
i think ill marry you

The White Stripes Lyrics
" There's No Home For You Here "

There's no home for you here girl, go away
There's no home for you here

There's no home for you here girl, go away
There's no home for you here

I'd like to think that all of this constant interaction
Is just the kind to make you drive yourself away
Each simple gesture done by me is counteracted
And leaves me standing here with nothing else to say

Completely baffled by a backward indication
That an inspired word will come across your tongue
Hands moving upward to propel the situation
Have simply halted
And now the conversation's done

There's no home for you here girl, go away
There's no home for you here

There's no home for you here girl, go away
There's no home for you here

I'm only waiting for the proper time to tell you
That it's impossible to get along with you
It's hard to look you in the face when we are talking
So it helps to have a mirror in the room

I've not been really looking forward to the performance
But there's my cue and there's a question on your face
Fortunately I have come across an answer
Which is go away
And do not leave a trace

There's no home for you here girl, go away
There's no home for you here

There's no home for you here girl, go away
There's no home for you here

Waking up for breakfast
Burning matches
Talking creepy
Breaking goblets
Throwing garbage
Drinking soda
Looking happy
Taking pictures
So completely stupid
Just go away

There's no home for you here girl, go away
There's no home for you here

There's no home for you here girl, go away
There's no home for you here
yeah...I miss Ben E already. I'm so sorry James.
Ben E. Rest in peace little man 10-31-94 - 8-9-03

Monday, August 11, 2003

Just got my tickets in the mail this morning!!! YAY!

interest in the death of things
and the ideas in mind it brings
perform tricks in hand, and finger
left alone can only hone
the love of the art left to linger
true aim, and posterity
with the history of a family involved,
make one think of his
future, his work, and his
loved one to hold
tempting as it may be to forget
and destroy
all of the crafts, trades, and arts
that have brought us this far
it is just as tempting to uphold
and adore, and create with
history at our side
tools in hand, on wood, under car
attention to detail
love of the past
and positive outlooks
for tommorrow
are what should be embraced,
and shown,
in our words
in our hands
forward in love
in life,
in death,
and in sorrow

-jack white

The White Stripes

Picture of surgery on Jacks finger... it's gonna be OK!

For those with weak stomachs - here's the x-ray.

Karma. A simple definition.

I'm trying to figure out if there is such thing as "good" karma versus "bad" karma. It says here yes but I was under the understanding that all karma binds us to the world and separates us from "Nirvana".

Well...my Internet "Blind" date was a huge success. I hope we'll hang out again soon. We had dinner in the North End at an Eye-talian ressa-raunt. I ordered a bottle of red wine and said "don't worry...I'm a Professional Lush". Amy & I checked out the Feast on Hanover Street and the Frank Sinatra singer was great. I didn't get a chance to win her a Cupie Doll though. We then went to the Improv Asylum comedy club where Dringo was the Music Man. It was a fun night there...sponsored by Coors Light. We split two buckets of Silver Bullet bottles. We went to another Faniuel Hall bar...drank a little more. Took a cab back to my place, drank, smoked and hung out 'til 4AM-ish. I was a little drunk...she was too but we were cool and kept it real. Didn't jump into anything but she is an excellent kisser. ^_~ Making out is such a cool thing.
But mentioning "Rules" of Dating, I did break one by drinking too much. I didn't get sick or embarrassing but I was having such a good time with Amy that I wasn't really keeping track of how much alcohol I was imbibing. I held my liquor though. So hopefully she'll want to hang out again. She was cool & pretty and really easy to get along with.
Good morning all. Whazzup? Another beautiful day on Spaceship Earth. Slow 'round here. The Monkees were in my dreams last night. I got to tell Mike how much I love "What Am I Doing Hanging 'Round?" but I couldn't find the great & mighty Tork.

Who's around?

Friday, August 08, 2003


Fuck this...new subject.

Whatcha think about KARMA?

Do you even know what it is?

My opinion is that Westerners throw it around like "Impeachment" and "Irony"...they really do not know what the word means.

So what about Karma? ^_~
On Topic: Misogyny Versus Empowerment

Hmmmm...I was hoping the subject wouldn't die down too quickly but I hope it's taking a breather.

I have a question for the topic. Is my personal and documented view of the Western Feminist Paradigm coming from a place of misunderstanding or as a modern man do I fear the Empowerment of modern women? I'm trying to play The Devil's Advocate with myself. This is what one gets for growing up watching Phil Donahue.

I don't know...I don't think so. I think I'm relatively cool with Empowered females. I was reviewing what I wrote On Topic yesterday. I refer to Modern Feminism as "twisted and insecure". Pretty harsh words. I guess I'd have to justify that by being a fan of Camille Paglia and not of the Dworkin/McKinnon camp when it come to brands of Feminism to subscribe to.

I dunno...I feel as though I'm a product of the New Western Enlightenment of equality. Cool and eager for equality...speaking as the Mighty White-y Man here I guess...but I really don't judge on race, gender or religion.

Maybe this topics dead and I'm beating a dead horse. Anyone get Kiwi's email with the 3 pics...Man of the Year?

I think I'm just rambling now with too much coffee...eeek! Who's got a Mama Joke or a new subject! But I haven't heard Hooey yet on it...and where is Keith? Did he bring my rubber pants this time?
Hopefully I can change that to a 50% soon 'nuff. ^_~

How y'all dune today?

Where's Kiwi been? Oh...skiing? Or was that last week...I simply cannot keep up with that sprite and her social calendar.

So I got another Internet date tomorrow. I gotta say...it's interesting to say the least. This will be the fourth chick I've met this way. There was Regan from Salem. She was cool but no spark. Lauren...I liked Lauren but...we're both not in a place for a relationship. Lisa...ahhh...Lisa...5'-1", skater cool...I think about what went wrong there...too many email as Dr. Hooey would say. And now Amy. She's a local gal from Quincy. 5'-2" (meets height requirements), blonde. I hope she's cute. Lauren was originally from Dorchester but a punk rock kinda Betty so she pronounced her "R"s. I found her to be a kindred spirit...the kind that got out of the neighborhood and never quite fit in with the local ruffnecks. This one I think is True Blue Local from Quincy, MA. I have not dated a local chick since I was 19 years old. She was from Quincy too. She could not make an afternoon date (the Eric O'Sullivan often duplicated but nevr reproduced Best Pizza in Boston & Museum Date Extravaganza!!!) so we're still going to Regina'a in the North End but my PM Date template has us going to the Improv Asylum (compliments of Dr. Hooey! Thanks!). And then...invite her back to my place for a "schmoke & a pancake!". No, not really. But we'll now see if there is spark.
Heck...I even went out to the GAP yesterday and got clothes that fit my ass. Good fitting clothes to show off Sully Ver. 3.0. Back in a Medium fitting shirt and 32" pants. Almost under 170. Getting there. I've lost as much weight as I think I can without starvation or hitting a gym.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

No worries Sully, but for what's it's worth whenever I make plans with you (except hockey) I count on an 80% chance of you breaking them and make a point of having a backup plan. I now expect it from you so it's not really a disappointment anymore, but if there were a thing I could change about our friendship that would likely be it.

You're a short hop on the T away... stop by and hang out sometime!
Mama Joke Haiku!

On the bed and floor
Pete's mom she's begging for more
What a dirty whore

Mama Joke Haiku!

Mazel-tov, Boo-Boo
Dan, your mom makes my cock Ring
She makes my balls sing

Hopefully Dan Ring will check in to see this!!! ^_~ Tee hee!
Mama Joke Haiku!

Against the shag rug
Her hips rise and fall with me
Your mom by the fire...
Mama Joke Haiku!

Screwing through the night
Pete's mom is like a screw gun
plug her in and drill
[ Wed Aug 06, 08:09:40 PM | Preacher Matt | edit ]
>I can do nothing but tell him I’m sorry for being a bad friend.

Well... not that it's any of my business, but if you really feel you've been a bad friend, you could also try to be a better friend in the future.

Thanks Matt but it is 'tween me and James...but for you and me I will say the same thing that I don't feel as though I've been a very good or available friend to you either. First I let my fear of my then-girlfriend dictate my availability and now that I don't have to worry about that anymore I still am not the most available friend. I do worry about that. And I know you're cool and all but I need you to know that I am aware of it and as you said...just be a better friend in the future. It's all I can do with the exception of cutting checks again...^_~ But as I said...my friends are important to me and I need to be a better friend...
My White Stripes show for July 20th which got cancelled due to Jack's broken finger got rescheduled and reloacted to fucking Lowell, MA at the Tsingas Arena (nice place but Lowell???) on November 21.

GO SEE THEM KIWI!!! Shit, I'll buy you the fucking tickets...take Amber or Chris! Just go and be blown away by how much noise just two people can make (but isn't that the way it should be n'est pas? ^_~).

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

>We get off of I95 after breakfast about 9AM and then we hit the traffic line . No shit we did not drive into Loring AFB in Limestone, Maine until about 2AM.

That blows! You guys should have caravaned up with us. We stayed in Millinocket overnight, hit the road at 6am, and made it to the turn off I95 at 8:30am. We took a little known shortcut about a mile past the bridge, and shaved 10 traffic-free miles off in about 10 minutes. By 11am we were 1/2 mile from the base waiting for the traffic to start moving. By 2pm we were on site with our tents set up. Fuck waiting in traffic for 15 hours... life's too short for that shit.

>I can do nothing but tell him I’m sorry for being a bad friend.

Well... not that it's any of my business, but if you really feel you've been a bad friend, you could also try to be a better friend in the future.
AHHH!!!! White Stripes are coming to NZ!!!!
Public Apology to my Friend:

I have not been a good friend to James Barnes recently. I always think that I’m a good friend to all my friends but recently I do not think I’ve been very good to James. I blew him off last week for one of our super skate nights. And I can have a million justifiable excuses but what was inexcusable was my lame excuse I gave to him. Excuses in my own words have an effective range of Zero Meters. James, I am sorry for blowing you off. He was going to hook me up with much needed lamps for camping and I even blew that off. Friends shouldn’t act like that.
James is a proud man and a good friend. I know I’ve pissed him off by doing that and it fits in with a track record lately about not being able to come over and hang out like we used to. I just want my friend to know that I think about him a lot and I am really sorry for pissing him off. He’s a Scorpio too so I know he’s got that rage like I have and I know what I can do with it when I feel slighted. My rants are legendary in some circles. But his ire is justified. And I can do nothing but tell him I’m sorry for being a bad friend. Friendship means everything to me. Respect means everything to me. And I was not being respectful to James. And he’s got every right to be and stay pissed at me. But he deserves good friends too.

Without sounding completely “gay”, James, I love you very much and I miss you. And I feel as though I’ve hurt our friendship. I just wanted you to know this. I hope I haven’t ruined it for us.


Here's my chronicle of IT (an exerpt from an email to a friend):


I am back now. I was s'posed to return Monday and be back at work Tuesday. I'm here today though. I had to take yesterday off due to exhaustion. Not the Hollywood type of exhaustion where it's actually detox and a Swiss blood transplant (but I could use one of those too. ^_~).
It was an Odyssey. I really don't drive too much. Being from around these parts you know the wonderful, loving Mass Bay Transits Authority better know as the MBTA. I grew up with it literally in my backyard so I've never had the need of buying a car...therefore I had never got my driver's license either. Oh sure, I took Driver's Ed and I failed my first drivers test (in Quincy! BTW ^_~) when I was 16 but I didn't get my license until I was 28. I would not have been able to vacation in Canada if I hadn't…lots of kilometers (as the Canucks say) 'tween Old Quebec City and Toronto. But I digress...
I woke up a little before 6AM Thursday for work per usual. Got my fabulous rental car and worked all day. Following that, I go to Allston to pick up Keri. We then go to Somerville to pick up Peter and wait for the rest of our caravan. I got to sleep say 20 minutes there at Peter's. We left at Midnight. We get off of I95 after breakfast about 9AM and then we hit the traffic line . No shit we did not drive into Loring AFB in Limestone, Maine until about 2AM. With the exception of the 40 minutes sleep I got I had to been driving about 25 hours and up for 47 hours.
I saw a glorious sunrise with a huge, open sky. It was my second sunrise that day. Everyone else went to bed after pitching camp and hanging out for about an hour. I stayed up for a little while longer to enjoy myself and think about what just happened. I'm so used to being a passenger.
The Weekend was stellar though. Everything I hoped it would be. We had a great group of people all camping together. The shows were great. A little "jam"my but that's what they do. They sometimes do 30 and 40 minute long songs but also rock hard. Phish did 3 sets each day. Yummmm…brownies and cookies….yummmm…
Oh...the mud. The reason for the long-ass wait to get in was this: it had rained during the week. The campgrounds we were supposed to inhabit were a quagmire. They had to go to their rain plan. So originally each car was s’posed to have a 10’ X 40’ plot to camp. When I went to Phish’s “Lemonwheel” in 1998 at Loring AFB, we had an ample camp spot. This time with the rain plan we were crammed into what I refer to as a Refugee Camp. We were all top of each other and some poor folk were regulated to the asphalt! Those poor dears! That musta sucked! But we made good for what we had though. But the mud…our spot was dry…yes. But other parts of the Base including the walk road into where the concert itself was happening…it was like Woodstock, the original and ’94. So good thing we brought a tarp. We were supposed to have used it for shade with some 6’ poles. Due to the constraints on the campground we couldn’t use it. But thank goodness we brought that. We laid the tarp down and then an Indian blanket. Ever see the movie Creepshow…the original one and the two teens are stranded on that raft in the lake ‘cuz a oil-like, oozy monster is coming to get them. Our tarp was our raft. The mud was that creature.
Ahhh…cooking in the outdoors. Guitars at 3AM drunk and stoned. It was great and fun.
Getting home was another deal. We were all packed up and in the car by 9:30AM. We started out at 10AM. It took us 5 hours to get out of the AFB. Another 3-4 hours to get to I95 (well...we all stopped for lunch/dinner together and then another 9 hours or more on I95 to get home. Keri helped drive. Although I bemoaned it at that time for sharing the driving we could not have made it home without her help. After dropping off everybody I walked into my Flat at 7:10AM Tuesday morning. The car was due back at 8AM and then there was work. I called out to work. I found the remaining “ki” in me to drive the car back instead of being late. I got home and talked to my roommate for a spell and then I went to bed. About 10AM and I woke up a few times but I basically slept until 6AM this morning.
Yeah but fun! I drove so bloddy much man. I had a recharger for my phone for the car but my car's battery died! I got a jump from the nice frat boys next door though. ^_^

My idea for the tee-shirt is this:

White Tee. Black text. No pics.


(on back)
The Traffic.
The Mud.
The Flying Tortillas.
Mine died too, but I got lucky and found someone on the lot with a compatable charger, cold beer, and gold bond powder. Wet enough for ya?
MATT!!! My phone died! I couldn't find you! Sunday I tried looking between G and O btu to no avail...I had a great time..how 'bout chu? I'll be mega-posting my chonicle later.

Have fun skiing this weekend Kiwi!

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I especially liked the wooded area where they let us loose with 10,000 rolls of masking tape. It looked like the spiders' lair from the Hobbit.
Almost, but not quite caught up with you Sully... I was dragged away from the arch sooner than expected. Oh well. Hope you had a blast!

Sunday, August 03, 2003