Saturday, June 28, 2003

Hey Pumpkinhead - is there some secret code that I missed out on here? I'm not sure what your little floating "O" dude is signifying....
It's Ok Sully - don't get too upset... I know it's been lonely on the Blog lately but we haven't forgotten about you....

Hey - isn't the new format of the editing page cool? I really like it.

Anyway - I have a DVD player now --- finally, and my goal before the end of the year is to see all the old Buffy seasons. It was very cool to see Faith back last episode... Sully I think you do have to fill me in on what happened on Angel, either that or I will have to read the transcripts. It will have to wait until I finish my placement in two weeks though - I can't wait for my holidays YAY. Even already have a ski weekend planned.

My birthday was cool, a little disappointing that I invited a bunch of friends and relatives into have drinks with me in the city and only three or four actually made it in to hang out. Typical with birthdays - they are wither far too messy or far too disappointing in that sense. Despite this I managed to get drunk and deboucherous... and all in all had lots of fun. Chris got me a chainsaw for my birthday to cut the wood in the yard, but he was afriad that I might try to take out my eye again like I had with the reflex hammer earlier in the week at the clinic, so I got a chainsaw that is appropriate for ages 3+. Pretty funny really. Chris also did a good job of unwrapping a present of his own for my benefit. Presently, the young Kiwi is a VERY smitten kitten, and purring like one too.

Anyhoo - hope all is well kids....

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

WAH!!! WAH!!! WAH!!! WAH!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2003

[6/20/2003 9:21:35 PM | Rev Kiwi]
Blah blah blah - Im getting very nervous about what Im seeing - someone comfort me!!!! Lie to me if you have to.

OK baby...put your feet in my lap..lemme get the rubbing oil. That's right baby...loosen up. Stretch those tooties. Awww...nuffin like a long, deep foot rub to comfort a girl in need. Here...drink this...it'll make you feel good. It's raspberry schnapps straight from the bottle...that's right...why don't you ease back and untuck your shirt...that's right...I'll respect you in the morning too hunny...and I'll buy you break'est.
^_~ ^_~ ^_~

Comfort and lies as requested!!! WAH!!!

Don't worry about Buffy. Worry about catching the integral three episodes of Angel that figure into BTVS about the time you're speaking of. Anything of note to report on...like how smashing Kennedy looks. WAH!!! Actually it all ties together well in The End. My least favorite season was 5 so season 7 is definitely post-shark jumping but not the worst. But it's ties all together nicely. Don'tcha worry...enjoy the ride...Birthday Girl.

Happy Birthday sweetheart. ^_~ MWAH!!! Make Chris tie your cherry stem for a something you can't return to a store. WAH!!! ^_~
Get anything good?

Saturday, June 21, 2003

There is mostly men on this site - it's been a whole day - aren't you people supposed to be good at lying to women???

Friday, June 20, 2003

OK - I'm not happy - I have watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer religiously all season.... But now, with just five episodes to go I'm not liking what I am seeing. She decided to forgo the 'old ones' offer of more power. Admittedly the loop hole sucked but hey, she aging a bit - it couldn't have been all that bad an option for a girl like her.... then again what is the result of a child like that - Wood seems pretty messed up - lots of anger in him, and I think that there is a lot more to his character yet. What's more disturding is Buffy outrightly defying Giles. I mean she's up for the fight of her life her and it just ain't looking good.... Spikes character has developed quite dramatically and kudos to James Marsters and his range - his done very well....

Blah blah blah - Im getting very nervous about what Im seeing - someone comfort me!!!! Lie to me if you have to.

That's what I get for getting LONG-WINDED again!! Well, I saw "Winged Migration" last night and all I can say is for a movie about birds that's not directed by Hitchcock, it's pretty fuckin' bad-assssss.....

hope you're all well!! Happy friday!!

I think all that Matrix talk burned everyone out!~! Next subject please.........how 'bout duckies and bunnies??? Everyone loves little woodland creatures, I know I do!~!~!

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Blog Blog Blog my Log.
Flog Flog Flog my Bog.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Monday, June 16, 2003

WAH!!! You got mail! WAH!!! ^_~

Green Jelly Boy was my tale of getting beaten up by girls when I was a kid. We wuz so po', besides using old bread bags for a SAMMICH bag occasionally my mom used mint jelly in mu PB & Js. Her mentallity...hey, the kids gotta eat.
Hardly - Amber has abandoned me... Chris is quitely cowering in the corner... it took a while longer than I thought to train him.

Actually I've been busy on placement. As I was telling Matt I am working in an outpatient clinic at the moment and have had pretty much nothing but people with back problems - of which we haven't actually studied at Uni yet, which means kiwi has had to spend spare time studying.

Kiwi's sick too boot. Which makes kiwi sad. If you really want to know I got sick, got my period and 3 new back patients in one day --- this equals a not very happy kiwi.

Hey - is that the high voltage video with the really weird phallic and mammary strobe lights? They've been thrashing that video out here... I think because the editing guy on TV 4 (Buffy's station - ps. 6 episodes to go!!) thinks the make out scene that lasts half the video is funny.

Anyhoo - nothing good on TV so I'm off to download Tenacious D. Can't get White Stripes at the moment. How many Cd's have they put out anyway?

Sullyvan - is there a sequal to Adventures in Pizza? And which one was Green Jelly Boy? The one posted last on here? Just curious.

Off to sleep kids - it's early but I have the flu to shack - oops I mean shake. C ya!

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Yeah!!! Too quiet! Where is that brat? C'mon! ^_~ ^_~ ^_~
Kiwi's dumped us for a Maori and a Dwarf. ^_~ Tee hee! Ever see Zoolander? Eu-goo-goo-lizer.
Go find "Danger! High Voltage!!!" by The Electric Six featuring Jack White (of the White Stripes).
Lovely day underwater today... a few really breathtaking views once I got deep enough. I wish I'd had my camera.

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Awfully quiet in here... I know we're distracting Kiwi from valuable Chris and Amber time. What's everyone else's excuse?

Thursday, June 12, 2003

"Yay and God said to Abraham, 'you will kill your son, Isaac', and Abraham said, 'I can't hear you, you'll have to speak into the microphone.' And God said, 'Oh I'm sorry, is this better? Check, check, check... Jerry, pull the high end out, I'm still getting some hiss back here.' " - Stewie Griffin
Hello all. So no Amber yet I see. Hey Kiwi. Been way too busy to write but I'll get down to it soon 'nuff. How y'all doing?

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Yesterday. Probably again soon, but not until the rain lets up. I usually decide to go about an hour before departure... sometimes as early as late the night before.
Preacher, when you going Disc Golfing again?

Monday, June 09, 2003

It has Mein Herr. The rest of this month is AWFUL!!! I got the Summer Program and last week we ran HLS Commencement. Yuk. We'll put something together. Interested in 10 game pack next season? We got more people. At least maybe 3 nore.
Sully, when we gonna hang out? It's been a long time.
WAH!!! Bitter Sully today. I'm under the weather today.
Don't care. Don't wanna care. Maybe if they made porn as vivid as this I'd care but you don't see me caring, do you? ^_~

Actually, the story of "Nemo" is really really tight and funny. They make clever use of the environment and the rules they define for it, there are tons of good one-off jokes and running gags, all the major characters have some kind of arc, things are set up earlier in the movie that have a great payoff or callback, there are lessons and themes aplenty, and voice actors are cast against type. It's as robust as a good ice tea.

I bet if it had anime girls in white cotton panties sully would like it sight unseen. :)

Tee hee!

No no no no!!! I can be as crabby as I wanna be about Disney films. Thhhhppppbbt!!! : ^ P

Hey kid...how about a Happy Meal!

I bet if it had anime girls in white cotton panties sully would like it sight unseen. :)

And you can leave Disney out of the equation because Pixar sure does! "Nemo" is the last movie under their distribution deal anyway. Disney only ships the boxes, not dictate what's in 'm.

No, the story isn't lacking... it's robust! ROBUST I tells ya!

On what do you base your "hit the wall" claim? You think they blew their load making Monsters Inc.? You should wait until you find one of their new works lacking before you decide.
That's what you always do Rev. Sully!~! Shit talkin' a movie goin' on and on how stupid you think it's gunna be then liking it or even Loving it!~! LOL.

What next Bruce Almighty???
Hooey brought me kicking and screaming to Monsters Inc and I LOVED that movie. I might wait for DVD for Nemo. This Pixar/Disney thing has hit the wall. I bet the story is so lacking. Is it?

Nemo is f'in BEAUTIFUL - every single frame. Everything shimmers with filtered undersea light, you can sense the reistance of the water when they swim, all the creatures have such a depth and weight to them. Such a better, more creative use of CG than the Matrix, if you ask me.
See it on a big bright screen - it really is lovely.


Saturday, June 07, 2003

I think I have to see it a couple more times to really take it in. Reloaded isn't even in the same league... Nemo has a better story, better characters, better acting, MUCH better effects (seeing as how the entire movie is brilliant CG), Frank Sinatra is on the soundtrack, and I like clownfish better than Keano any day.

Full Screen Preview

Friday, June 06, 2003

I saw Nemo a couple of days ago. Now THAT's a movie I like alot!
We got a copy of the Animatrix with 9 animated shorts including Flight of the Osiris (which was released before the Matrix Reloaded)

Ring, ring Neo.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Amen to that.

I'd actually go again just to see it all big and purdy-like in eardrum-shattering digital. I'm going to see Finding Nemo tonight - I LOVE PIXAR!!!

I'll see it again when I can see it for free.
I think I need to see the movie again now.... SHIT.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Quite a theory Hooey... I'm going to have to think on that one for a while.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

As a followup -


The abstract:

"This website features scholarly investigations into the idea that you might currently be literally living in a computer simulation, running on a computer built by some advanced civilization. Films like The Matrix and novels like Greg Egan's Permutation City have explored the idea that we might be living in virtual reality. But what evidence is there for or against this hypothesis? And what are its implications? The original paper featured here, "Are You Living in Computer Simulation?", presents a striking argument showing that we should take the simulation-hypothesis seriously indeed, and that if we deny it then we are committed to surprising predictions about the future possibilities for our species."

Double your matrix, double your fun!

Hey all -

I agree with Kiwi about the Matrix being a good chop-socky movie. Really, that's all it is, and all it should be. I also agree with you about it being ambiguous one moment and dull-headed the next, as if they get off so much on their pseduo-philosophical meanderings they don't feel the need to make their own created universe abide by them. Unfortunately, the script is kinda plagued with bad writing so no argument that I can think of can be air-tight. But since I like to think about this kind of thing, here I go anyway. If they're gonna put all this psycho-babble gunkiness in it, then they can't expect people to not react to it.


Ok, so to me the biggest question left hanging in the air is "so how the fuck did Neo make them sentinels hit the ground at the end of the movie if this is the REAL WORLD?? He can only control the machines in the matrix, right? So is Zion really just another matrix?" Many people I've talked to think this is the case. The architect's whole spiel about having to keep recreating the matrix would back this up - they had to create a backup for those non-believers who managed to escape from the Matrix's hold on their noodle. Also there's the old guy who talks to Neo on the balcony in Zion looking out at the gargantuan boiler room saying "nobody knows how this shit works, I sure don't". This to me could also be a hint that folks are taking Zion for granted, preferring instead to dance the grind to an Aphex Twin ripoff. The idea of Zion being a matrix would also neatly justify Neo's ability to restart Trinity's heart so sexy-like.

I don't actually ascribe to the double-matrix theory - other people have said that but I think it's too obvious - I think it's what they WANT you to think.

I say Neo can control the sentinels because he knows their technology so well. Our lovable band of Morpheus' heroes snag him in the first place cuz he's a rock star hacker, and by the end of the first film he's figured out the shit enough to actually see the lines of code coursing up and down the walls of dingy subway tunnels. He's a fucking geek to the extreme, and ostensibly really really knows the matrix. SO, the matrix is designed by the machines, using their technology. The machines are also, presumably, designed by other machines. I say Neo knows the machines' technology so well he can communicate with them thru the wires in his skull using their own tech - he's got a cerebral connection to the machines that they put in themselves. He's learned to control their technology in one arena, why not be able to control it in another?

So what about the architect? We know he's a machine, and he has a vested interest in preserving the machines' hold on humanity, so he, like the Oracle in the first film, is filling Neo's head full of confusing shit (along with the rest of us) in hope of discouraging him from continuing his journey. Also, I think the Arcitect is talking about upgrades, not layers of matrix-ness. Hence, the issue of choice comes up - Neo is not willing to give in and accept that his fate is sealed - he will choose to use his newly discovered control on the machines to stop the quarter million of them from destroying his beloved rave cavern. He will require a very long nap after this, apparently.

As for Trinity's heart - it's because Neo loves her so fucking much that he can restart her broken heart. Well, that and she wasn't entirely brain dead and he was sending her the right signals. That Keanu sure sends me the right signals.

Of course my theory doesn't explain things like the fact that even though the humans have escaped the machines and now have flying ships and have managed to dig a huge fucking cave miles beneath the earth, they still dress like they're in a community theater production of "Oliver Twist" - the double-matrix theory would better explain those kinds of egregious design inconsistencies and logical implausibilities. I argue this is simply indulgent sci-fi writing. But hey, it works for the most part so I forgive 'em. I still think those highway scenes were amazing.

My biggest complaint about the Matrix sequel was that even tho Neo supposedly has discovered the ability to transcend the corporeal rules of the matrix, he still solves his problems with his fists. Can't he just knock the heads of 100 agent Smiths together and make Trinity's motorcycle fly out of the way of the big rigs?

Anyway, the fight scenes were completely awesome and there were moments in there that really knocked me on my ass. I'm glad they left us with questions to answer and I'm looking forward to be proven wrong in december!!


Monday, June 02, 2003

Happy Queens birthday everyone!!!
To me it just seemed a shame that they would go out of their way about being ambiguous about some things, then so blantantly obvious about others. The consistency just wasn't there. I think the film maker was conscious that his young audience might not 'get' the religious or sexual conotations and so dumbed it down for them. Although, it was a great kung fu movie. Unfortunately there too I think the effects were too obvious escpecially in the Smiths scene and therefore the movie is dated.

Hey Hooey - what's your theory??

When I first saw The Matrix, the buzz and hubbub was all-prevailing at the time. I thought it was awful. But after watching it a few more times, I began to appreciate it for what it was. A dumb Kung-Fu movie.
It's all it is.

So I really loved Matrix Reloaded. I don't really care about the story...it was a feast for the eyes and for kung-fu fighting fans! The two scenes that rocked the most was Neo vs. the Oracle's Guardian and Neo vs. The Smiths in the basketball court.

Dr. Hooey has a Double Matrix theory. He should elaborate on it, it has merit.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Good luck on the exams!