Friday, May 30, 2003

Good for you Matt - Good luck....
I saw the Matrix - reloaded last night and have MANY many thoughts, allof which will have to wait 'cause I am running late to meet my study group. Argh! Exam time again....

#1 Anime Chick. Faye Valentine. Cowboy Bebop.
> > > Female Prayer:
Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray for a man, who's not a creep,Onewho's handsome, smart and strong, One who loves to listen long, Onewho thinks before he
speaks. When he says he'll call, he won't wait weeks. I pray that is gainfully employed and when I spend his cash, won't be annoyed.
Pullsout my chair and opens my door. Massages my back and begs to do more. Oh! Send me a
man who'll make love to my mind, knows what to answer to "How big is mybehind?" I pray that this man will love me to no end, and never attempt to hit on my friend.Amen.

> > > Male Prayer:
I pray for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with huge boobs who owns aliquor store.
> > > Amen
> > >
> >

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Kiwi, have you heard Jack Johnson's cover of Jimmy Buffet's "Pirate Looks at 40"? It kicks ass!
WTG: Matt! Awesome. Aqualung my friend...^_~
Just got the forms I need to fill out to become a NOAA certified observer diver. With that done, I'll be able to tag along on the Stellwagen Bank shipwreck survey, and may be eligible for the more desireable NOAA Science Diver position. Cool stuff.
Yeah, I remember that place. It certainly wasn't as good as the place in Whitianga, although the bars were better.
Final post before I go --- look up Channel Z (Auckland 93.8) Its NZ music month and they are playing nothing but 100% Kiwi music til the end of this month... it's VERY cool.
Indeed - do you remember the hostel place we stayed in there??? & was it any good????
Gotta go - almost 7 and the motorway is calling! I guy was walking on the motorway/highway/expressway call it what you will... and got hit and killed. I drove past (very slowly) about 5 hours later and they still hadn't cleared the body - although they had put up a nice see through green protective screen.

CSI in action!!!
Nice! I hope it flies!
Cool, but oh so stinky.
Oh - PS Sully can u send Amber out her blog invite again?
About a meter across - in the shape of a slightly malproportioned butterfly
Yep, I find out today if I have the opportunity to go to Rotorua instead of Henderson... which would be cool. Smaller hospital a little more responsibility, and all that. Only two of us @ Rotovegas rather than six @ Henderson.
How big is the kite?
Make a flag!!! It's your project for the week. Go to the nearest fabric shop, and have a good 'old fashioned chat' with the oldest woman you can find... you'd be surprised the entertainment it can bring... set THIS as your task for the week.

Amber's kite is finished, she even got full marks for it... we still don't know if it flies though.
Hang in there kid... another week and you'll be on placement, right?
Oh - Im sooo tired... these blocks kill me! I've been up at 5:30-6 every morning for school and not in bed til 10:30-11 if not later... It's starting to take a toll on these old bones.
Good idea... those will stand right out in a field of dirty hippies.
I'm gonna use Hooey's skidmarked tighty whities as a flag. ^_~

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Sweet... not sure what we'll have for a "flag" yet, but I'll keep you posted so we can hook up.
We had a BLAST!~!~!
I got tix to It. Me, Munchkin, Peter (Dr. Hooey) and Keith (Hot Dog). Their friends are bringing an RV too. I'm going for the tent though...right Pumpkinhead? ^_~ Oh yeah...him and Laura are across over at the Berkshires.
Tee hee...gonna be fun, Mein Herr...gonna be fun.
You got tickets to It Sully? I'm going with my housemate Tracey and our friend Julie.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

They need an all weather kinda cell phone. You know...for Matt. I wonder if Verizon's got me covered in Limestone, ME...hmmmmmmmm...
Kiwi....come to the States and lets go see Phish.
I got both screwed and saved by the coast guard on friday... I was canoeing out to one of the harbor islands in light chop, which was no problem. A USCG cutter came up to ask if we were okay, and we told them we were fine. they then proceeded to gun the engines as they started to turn around, totally swamping and flipping the canoe with huge prop wash that swept over the gunwales. I need a new cell phone.

Monday, May 26, 2003

Caption: "Nomar - happy to tickle an Indians feathers"

What exactly is Nomar doing with his hands in this picture???

Saturday, May 24, 2003

I lost it a LONG time ago! Can't remember when exactly........holy socks......horse hockey......monkey muffins......buffalo biscuits.

Friday, May 23, 2003

FISH - aka Tessio - now Im with you.... christ you people expect me to know everything!

Weird Sully, I was down at the store yesterday and they had season four and five on DVD. I would be surprised if NZ was ahead of the times for a change.

I think Pumpkinhead has lost it a bit.... is he OK or does he just stop by to make random, non-specific comments now?
WAH!!! Good long weekend all!!!


You people are too funny!
Big Eye thing? The Oracle that can see the future that Giles and Anya consult? It gets better. It is a little weak here and there. Good news though BTVS: Season 4 is coming to DVD soon. The most underrated season.

Abe Vigoda.

Who's Abe Vigoda?
That's it!!!!!!!!!! I'm not coming here til it's over! See ya!!!
So yea, then Buffy walks around the corner and who's standing there but Abe Vigoda her long lost Vampire killin' grandfather!~! Sorry I know you said no spoilers but I just couldn't help it!~!

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Nevermind.... found it!

Henson's take back the family company!
Yeah - no spoilers, I still have about another 2 months to go too, bugger it... I'm looking forward to it though, although the shows have been a little weak lately the writing and story line have still been on form I think, it's more a matter of the directing. And where did they get that huge eye thing from... weird....

Anybody heard that the Henson family have bought back the Muppets? Somebody said something about it too me the other day but couldn't confirim where the story had come from. Maybe we are in for a new series of the Muppet show? Yaaaayyyyyy!
No Buffy Spoilers for Kiwi Please! But it rocked!!!
Kiwi, did you hear the last episode of Buffy ran this week here?

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Nope haven't seen the eco-challenge yet, normally they throw that on TV when the regular series finishes and right now they are too busy overloading us with three version of the Bachelor and American Idol... what fucking stupid shows. Really who cares?? And for the poor women on the those shows - what a demoralizing experience. Really, I don't think I would be too happy, if it weren't for the nations entertainmnet purposes, about one guy making out with 11 other women and then stopping by my place for a snog as well. BTJMHO. Nothing I can do about it, except boycott the four TV stations we get around here (actually it's 5 now, but the reception is still fuzzy on Prime...)
>Just like I should beat you every time we play chess, except for those stupid mistakes I make at the end !~! YEA RIGHT!~! BRING IT ON!~! Poor Rev. Sully has strep from makin out with a strip of Canadian bacon.....or does he really have Mad Cow?? The truth will come out eventually!

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

>What the Munchies are all about

Fun stuff... anandamides were a brand new discovery when I was teaching my first psych 101 classes at Texas Tech, so I got to go over that with my students as part of the units on behavioral physiology and drugs.

>Team GoLite should have won the Eco-Challenge but they made a navagational mistake

Just like I should beat you every time we play chess, except for those stupid mistakes I make at the end.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Well Rev. Kiwi you didn't say if you saw it or not but Team GoLite should have won the Eco-Challenge but they made a navagational mistake in their final hours that cost them the race!~! Not to take anything away from the Kiwis, they are a great team and fine Champions!~! We'll see how this rivalry shakes out next year!

Friday, May 16, 2003

Thanks for the tips Sully, Im hoping to make class again on Monday. I don't know if the guys thought I wasa burden or not, but by the end they seemed pretty comfortable with me. I'm hoping I will get a better reception this week. It may be better for me to get in on the tuesday class which is a little bigger but that depends more on my classes.

I haven't seen the Matrix yet, likewise might be going on Sunday and will try to post before Monday. (kiwi time)

Eco-Challenge Fiji aired here last week, congrats to the Kiwi's on a hard fought race, they beat out the Americans of team GOLITE! Last years champs! Those Kiwi's are tough as nails man...300 miles in six days with some of the toughest navagation ever seen in an Eco-Challenge! What did you expect? However I am worried cause you made it sound like they didn't win... I'm telling you dude, these people down here are crazy. Tough as nails is an understatement, Ive worked in the hospital for a while now, you should see what these people tend to let go and leave before they feel it is necassary to get help.... some of its downright sick but hey. Hopefully you kids will experience it for yourself one day.
What the Munchies are all about
WAH!!! WAH!!! WAH!!!

Where in the good name of Muenster cheese is everybody? ^_~

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I'm going Sunday afternoon! NO FRICKIN' SPOILERS PLEASE!!!
BTW: The game was fabu! Excellent...I loved it. It was great to go to a game, get my new New Era 50/50 7 1/8 to replace my beloved and broken in Sox cap and to stay SOBER at a game with Dane and Munchkin. They got drunk later on...I went to bed. ^_~
OMG! Get the leeches! He's gone round the bend again!!!! ^_~
Level 7 elf ranger looking for group!
Hey, anyone wanna help me take out an Ork village? I've got bat meat......Lots of bat meat!~?
Yo yo yo yo...good morning. ^_~

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

[5/13/2003 4:33:14 AM | Preacher Matt I wound up trading up for a woman who left marks. She was a great partner... cute too! Now that's a good trade! As many of you may or may not have noticed I haven't been bloggin' here for the last week or so! I've been on the Red Sox blogg so to speak. Yankee bashing, Player analysis, opinoins and so forth not unlike this forum...but it gets boring after a while! Hey Rev. KIWI Eco-Challenge Fiji aired here last week, congrats to the Kiwi's on a hard fought race, they beat out the Americans of team GOLITE! Last years champs! Those Kiwi's are tough as nails man...300 miles in six days with some of the toughest navagation ever seen in an Eco-Challenge! Well anothr Survivor has come and gone bummer! Can't wait till the fall 2003 season in Panama!
Congrats on the Aikido class... I hope you stick with it!

There was a woman who just didn't seem to get it in my chung moo doe class too. It was hard to practice with her, as I had to do everything softly and slowly, or she'd get hurt. It wasn't helping either of us, and I wound up trading up for a woman who left marks. She was a great partner... cute too!

Monday, May 12, 2003

[5/12/2003 6:42:31 AM | Rev Kiwi]
Sully - word up --- went to my first Aikido class, me and four other very advanced guys, I was a little intimidated, but they were impressed with my Ki and flexibility! One question, does every class have one of those guys that just does't seem to get the concept, and seems more interested in hurting himself than the learning? He was very entertaining but a little annoying. I enjoyed it! Might try and make the weapons class on Thursday.

Yeah...but that guy sounded like me. I took three months of the beginner's classes and had the worst trouble with the front rolls. Back rolls were OK. Front rolls make me dizzy. The one's you do in succession over and over again across the mat and into position. Even if they're wearing hakama (the black "skirts" denoting "dan" status...black belt as opposed to "ryu" white belt: some dojo use hakama for all aikidoka and not just Dan ranks) they are still students as much as you...they just got more time on you…sometimes lots more time. I wish I'd go back but I'd prefer to attack a gym before I do that again. But I miss it. It was really tough but I miss it. The guy "hurting" himself like me probably hasn't "got" a few things yet. In my dojo, the emphasis was on observation, imitation and repetition. Simple things to you like how to stretch with your uke/nage (partner) was difficult for me. I took one mixed class and my uke/nage I could tell he felt "stuck" with a nooobie and I felt not ready for it…I was a little humbled. Also learning to fall correctly on that crowed mat...sheeesh! Ground work is pretty fun. Learning to fall is more important than learning to throw! If you’re paired with someone that obviously cannot tolerate a nooobie, go practice with Sempei.

Terminology is key too. Respect and bowing. Remember to say (phoenetically here):
“O-Nay-guy Shee-mass”. Say this when you bow to your uke/nage (partner), you are requesting them to help you train with respect. When you’re done…say “Domo Ari-gato Go-Zai-Mah-Shee-tah” when bowing. You will want to call any partner in a hakama “Sempei” (Semm-pie: pronounced)…meaning trainer or “cap’n”. Sensei should be reserved for the Dojo’s teacher. But every dojo has their own way too so it’s not unnatural or wrong to call a Dan trainer sensei. At New England Aikiki, Kanai Sensei is the only Sensei in dojo while all other regardless of Dan are sempei. Kanai Sensei was an original student of “O-Sensei” Morihei Ueshiba. I’d ask about this on in your dojo about the Sempei/Sensei thing…every Dojo is different.
“O-“ is pronounced more like “Ooh” and means “Great” so it means Great Sensei/Teacher. Ueshiba “created” Aikido but some could say it was there all that time and it was Ueshiba’s Dharma/Heiho/Tao/Way to find it. Here’s a good one for you: at least learn to count to 10 in Japanese.
Ichi, Ni, San, Yo, Go, Roku, Nana, Hachi, Kyu, Ju (wow! From memory!)

Check out AikiWeb. Fascinating resource and a great message bored too. You have a natural advantage in Aikido with your height. Let them come to you and...
It will really help you with the terminology and the message board is a wonderful place to wax the philospohical aspects of Aikido one really can't discuss on the mat or in the changing room.
Very proud of you Kiwi. WTG!!!
Does your Dojo have a website I can visit? Can you post the URL?
If you have any question, please ask I might know the answer (I’ve read a lot more than I’ve practiced). But I still like to think of myself as a Cerebral Aikidoka (practitioner of Aikido) even though I’m an out-of-practice Martial Aikidoka. Aikido study helped me to find that my “ki” is real. Although I heard of it I never “felt” it before then in a “real” way. It was always aloof and superfluous in life now it’s tangible.

Oh…don’t listen to anyone else on this and remember it well: it’s COLD water for blood stains on the mat. Stop what you are doing, bow off the mat and there should be a bottle of peroxide/scrub brush within reach of the mat always. Never use hot water. Sure you might know this but I’ll always assume that the person next to you will not. ^_~
Always bow when entering/leaving the mat. And be the one to sweep…it means you care. If you’re late for class, kneel on the side of the mat until Sempei/Sensei motions for you to join in.
KIWI'S Recommendation of the week: Jack Johnson, On and On - get it today! Go on, you won't regret it!
Sully - word up --- went to my first Aikido class, me and four other very advanced guys, I was a little intimidated, but they were impressed with my Ki and flexibility! One question, does every class have one of those guys that just does't seem to get the concept, and seems more interested in hurting himself than the learning? He was very entertaining but a little annoying. I enjoyed it! Might try and make the weapons class on Thursday.


Friday, May 09, 2003

Kiwi's mom is great
I got nothing bad to say
Leah would kill me

Damn Straight!!! I'd come up there and kick your arse!!!

22/4 and an 8?

Very interesting, mostly had to do with numerolgy and the concept that every child chooses the day on which they will be born, thusly the reason why so few children are born on their due date. the numbers are based on that date that you are born, 1-9 and then 11, 22 and another I can't remember - the latter three signify master numbers. (not sure what that means, Ill have to listen to the tape agian and see if it clarifies) In my case 22/6/1978 or rather 6/22/1978 for you dyslexic Americans - 22 and the 6 equate to my 22/4 split. the 8 is all of those numbers added up into it simplest form. It number has specific personality traits, and also signifies the momentum of your life. I my life my cycle began new beginnings at age 4/8/12 - I was 11 the year I moved to NZ, 16 - the year I met Alan and 'found' out that I didn't have to be in a church to be a whole person, 20 - the year I moved back from the States, again. 24 - here we go! Basically because of my 4/8 relationship, my life moves in 4 yearly cycles, but the significant ones are at the 8 year point. I can't remember much of when I was 16 (I was too busy 'finding' myself) but this year looks to be an action packed one, with some significant changes.... frankly cant wait, I was beginning to feel like I was stuck in a rut anyway.

She also read my aura, lots of purples of all differents hues and blues, with some silver and yellow (signifying the new beginning).

She spoke a lot about my family, which was not at all what I was expecting, and quite a bit about Chris. In fact the first 'spirit' that came in the room, was for him, not me. Weird. My grandfather who dies just before I moved out to the states came in, he spoke a lot about my mother and my Nan, even sang my Ma happy birthday - WEIRD. So much happened, but the end of it I was exhausted just listening to her. I am not convinced of the purity of the messages she as recieving or if any of it will come to fruition. Strange thing though, she managed to get out all my family members names, including some cousins I barely see, with me barely speaking throughout the whole session. My brother Gavin's name popped out of her mouth like it had a heat seacking missile attached. I was not spooked by the experience, but rather, felt as though there really wa a lot of things going on in the world that we are so unaware of. The thing too was that it was all REAL stuff, not mystical mumbo jumbo. My grandfather told me things through her that were of significance to HIM, rather than to me, but mostly things that were relevant to me.

Crazy really - not sure if Ill go again, or wait it out for a bit an see if any of what she told me pans out. I was really surprised that nothing came up about Amber, because she had been at the forfront of my mind all week, with all the bullshit we've been putting each other through. Friends do that, and it was VERY pertinent to me, but not one mention was made of my friends, just family....

All very weird. But interesting. Also, she did the numbers for all members of my immediate family, and of the 6 of us I am the only one who has not previously shared a life with at least one other member in my family, while they all have. Weird.
Mama Joke Haiku

I saw your Mama
On the street corner at work
Ten bucks gets you in
Mama Joke Haiku

Prostitute Mama
Afterschool delight for me
In your daddy's bed
Mama Joke Haiku

If Dringo showed up
I hope he'd bring his mother
I do miss her so...
Massachusetts may sell naming rights to parks, forests

Whoo hoo! Think about it, man!!!
Hey we're heading to Sealtest Castle Island. Or we're camping out at Raytheon Berkshire Appalachian Reservation.
Yeah, what's a 22/4 and an 8?

I never went to a medium, but once had a philosophy professor who swore we used to be friends in the Roman army. She was a funny old lady, but really cool.
[5/5/2003 7:41:18 AM | Rev Kiwi]
I went to a spirit medium tonight... what a bizarre experience. A whole bunch of people who I don't know showed up. And my Pop. He was giggling like an idiot and blowing kisses to everyone. Turns out though I'm a 22/4 and an 8 - that apparently means a lot of things but also that my first life was in Babylon/Persia. Cool eh? Wish I could remember it....

22/4 and an 8? Huh? Try to elaborate. Sounds interesting.
Went went to a spiritual medium once and sent them back...I said Medium Rare! ^_~
I don't really recall anything from last week let alone a few lives ago but I do ascribe my success with chopsticks to be from an earlier life.
Rev. Sully's The Leek
May 9, 2003

U.S. soldiers patrol Thursday near one of the palaces of ousted President Saddam Hussein in Baghdad.

U.S., Britain seek to run Iraq for at least a year
New resolution would lift most U.N. sanctions against country

UNITED NATIONS (CNN) -- The U.S.-supported resolution that would lift almost all U.N. sanctions on Iraq also calls for the United States and Britain to run the country for at least a year, according to a copy of the draft resolution that CNN obtained.
Under the draft resolution, which the United States, Britain and Spain co-sponsored, all sanctions would be lifted except for the ban on arms sales to Iraq.

Legislation has begun in the House of Representatives to give Iraq U.S. Commonwealth status and eventually Statehood. "We intend to pick up where Puerto Rico was dropped when it comes to Statehood. Think of all the electoral votes and the thought of Nationalizing the Iraqi oil becomes moot", said Rep. John Kerry (D-MA) at a local public house Thursday.

The U.S. expects firm resistance from the United Kingdom who envision Iraq as a new stepping stone to the New British Empire. Tony Blair was quoted as saying, "The British people want their former glory as the world's premiere Super Power reestablished and by the time Prince Charles becomes King we can be a British Empire again". Friction between the allies could result in the first war since the War of 1812 and promise a magnificent spectacle for the 200th anniversary of that war.

The Iraqi people were not asked about how they felt in this matter.
Mama Joke Haiku

Pumpkinhead's mother
Is so good she gets a gold
Star fore her great head
Mama Joke Haiku

Fernandez's mom
Is so fat you need four hands
To open her bra
Mama Joke Haiku

I have a good friend
She likes to sniff my pickle
I call her Pete's mom
Mama Joke Haiku

Kiwi's mom is great
I got nothing bad to say
Leah would kill me
Mama Joke Haiku

Keith has a mother
I am a motherfucker
We get along well
Mama Joke Haiku

Hooey's mom's a slut
In her ass and in her face
She likes it in deep
Rev. Sully!’s The Leek
Friday, May 9, 2003

James Kopp, right, and his attorney Bruce A. Barket, listen in court during the one-day trial in March.

Anti-abortion extremist faces Friday sentencing
Kopp faces maximum of 25 years to life in prison
BUFFALO, New York (CNN) -- The anti-abortion extremist who shot and killed a Buffalo-area physician in his suburban home nearly five years ago will be sentenced Friday.
James Kopp faces a maximum 25 years to life in prison for shooting abortion provider Barnett Slepian in October 1998. Kopp eluded authorities for two-and-a-half years until being arrested in France in March 2001.

Kopp expects to be given a hug by St. Peter and Jesus as soon as he reaches the Golden Gates and expects to be forgiven by God. "God was all about killin. Murder was wrong but killin, pah! Hello? Sodom & Gommorah? Anyone? Work with me people".
Authorities expect Kopp to be yelled at by protesters holding signs of Urban youth who were not aborted and ended up in gangs and/or on welfare.
Rev. Sully!’s The Leek
Friday, May 9, 2003

Starbucks plans Abell 1698 locations to saturate newly found galaxies with fresh Sumatra.

Rev. Sully!’s The Leek
Friday, May 9, 2003

Georgia's third flag in two years is based on a Confederate flag, but not the battle flag.

Georgia flies new state flag

ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- A new state flag without the Confederate emblem was raised over the Capitol on Thursday after a redesign aimed at laying to rest a dispute that inflamed race relations and roiled Georgia politics.
As the old flag came down, drivers slowed their cars to watch and there were scattered cheers and boos from a crowd on the Capitol lawn.

Ronnie Rasier, 48, self-employed Independent truck driver came from Macon County to witness the historic occasion and said "Gawddamn nigras gettin’ their way again…I dot there wuz gonna be a picture of Martin Loofer Coon on that damn thing. At least it’s red, white nnn blue". Raiser was disappointed that his idea for the State Flag, a simple white sheet with a burning cross was not used.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is now on the target for Political Correctness due to their State Flag which features the loincloth wearing Native American Mattapoiset. The Foundation for PC Awareness co-chair Monica Spaulding, 43 of Pueblo, CO said, "we have no real opposition to the Massachusetts flag but will fan the media fires until there is proper attention given to that Flag and our organization and our voice is heard".

Rev. Sully!’s The Leek
Friday, May 9, 2003

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, right, here with U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, will meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders about the "road map" for peace.

Powell heading to Mideast for talks

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell is leaving Friday for Israel and the West Bank, where he will discuss the newly released "road map" for peace with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, the U.S. State Department said.
Powell is scheduled to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, popularly known as Abu Mazen.

Powell pointed out all the places on the Road Map in which drive thru McDonalds and other American eateries also strip malls and outlet stores will be placed in the Israel/Palestine area. "Palestinians will be less apt to bomb people if you can’t get them off the couch," said Ari Fleisher, White House Press Secretary said at the Press Conference, "with fatty foods and creature comforts, Palestinian children will be less likely to strap on explosives if they’re obese. Look at the great job we’ve done of sating the American urban malcontents. We’ve now brought this paradigm to the suburbs and boy is it working. The US Road Map to peace includes reservations for Palestinians and to encourage them to open casinos like our subjugated, native people do".
Rev. Sully!’s The Leek
Friday, May 9, 2003

Dozens die in Congo plane horror

KINSHASA, Congo (Reuters) -- Passengers were sucked out of a Russian-made plane over the Democratic Republic of Congo late on Thursday after a door opened accidentally during the flight, a military official said on Friday.
"The doors opened including the ramp as the pressure system broke down. Everybody was sucked out and is presumed dead," the official in the capital Kinshasa said.

American Christian Evangelists were seen booking flights to the Congo earlier this morning all holding copies of the "Left Behind" book series claiming the Rapture is upon us, these people have been taken into heaven and to start saying your prayers.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

The best laid plans of mice and men aft gang aglee...

Yeah, what happened to quitting drinking and hitting the gym?
Yeah and I thought that last night too...Wednesday night with Brooke and sobriety is not an option. Uggggggghhhhhh. Two nights in a row. Ugggggggggh!

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

And I thought you weren't drinking during the week...?
Uggggh...uuuggggggggggghhhhhhhhh.....I turned SuperSkate into StoooperSkate. Good thing I didn't puke in the car...

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Joe's an old friend of me and James form the Hard Rock Daze. Wild Irish man. Should have been born earlier so he could be in the 70s now. But we're lucky to have him with us. I think I'm going to invite him just me and him and do an open mic night at the Burren. Don't mind, Pedro?
Who's Joe Waldron?
This is from Joe Waldron....... Hello all,

Will be in Boston on the 17th of may for 10 days, so if you could forward your recent phone numbers. The Border Cafe with its killer margaritas are calling me.
I'll be staying in Somerville. Phone (617) 627 9356.

See yall soon.

Monday, May 05, 2003


I don't think it was a hologram device, or he wouldn't have needed the disguise, eh? Maybe the first room he pops into was a wash room?
Also Matt, I got Star Blazers Season 3 Disc 1 the Bolar Wars on DVD. RAWK!!!
The Nightcrawler assasination scene kicked ass, but when he begins the tour he seems to be wearing fleshtone makeup. When does he take it off? There's no trace of it at the end of the scene.

I think it was a hologram wrist device a la The X-Men:Evolution Cartoon. You see something get knocked off of him & hit the floor and then he looks blue but yes before that he was flesh toned.
[5/5/2003 2:57:30 PM | Preacher Matt]
Sully, you're being missed at TOP.

I miss Chip, Pirece and the rest of the gang too. I've had no time to Blog lately at work and I can't do it from home. I'll stop in soon and rear me ugly head. ^_~
Sully, you're being missed at TOP.
Glad I could help Kiwi. Hopefully, I'll have more ideas to contribute for ethics.
If you haven't seen it, don't read the post.

I just saw it again yesterday, and overall was impressed. I don't have much bad to say about it, and only noticed one possible inconsistancy.

The Nightcrawler assasination scene kicked ass, but when he begins the tour he seems to be wearing fleshtone makeup. When does he take it off? There's no trace of it at the end of the scene.

I loved Magneto's escape!

I wonder with how much depth they'll treat the whole Phoenix thing in the next movie.
I liked X2 - when can we talk about it for real?

I WOULD like to take a mo' and talk about an amazing movie I saw last night that nobody else will probably get to see so I'm writing it down here so that it gets indexed by search engines and so that somebody else will know about the f'ing great movie MELVIN GOES TO DINNER.

This movie may be marginally familiar to those who dig Mr. Show - it was directed by none other than Bob Odenkirk, and even includes cameos by David Cross and Jack Black. But no matter if you don't know his truly funny shit, Bob is a confident and creative director. He exerts subtle, tasteful creative control over the film, allowing the characters to take focus and blast their way through a truly amazing piece of writing by Michael Blieden, who also edited the thing and starred as Melvin.

The centerpiece and bulk of MELVIN is a conversation between 4 characters over dinner, some of whom know each other and some who have just met. They are all at different points in their lives and approach the dinner with their own agendas, personalities and points of view, which are revealed slowly and carefully throughout the course of the movie through the familiar, natural dialogue. This extended conversation, fueled by wine, false confidence and mutual curiosity, is intercut with vignettes that either depict a story being told at dinner, or serves to fill out the backstory of the characters.

We learn the truths of Melvin and his dinner companions not only through what they confess to each other, but also through those things they fail to communicate. They are slowly revealed as deeper, more conflicted and more confused people than they would ever want for themselves, and their desire to break out of their hypocritical life choices leads to some tremendous surprises, both for the characters and the viewer. There are many things to think about, piece together and decide for yourself once the lights come up, and the telling itself is done so artfully and naturally you will feel like you've just spent some time with people who really know their shit, who've been gettin' drunk telling stories about people on the verge of losing their shit This is totally not xXx, so if you're into the kiss kiss bang bang then stay very far away.

I saw this movie at the Boston Independent Film Festival, and it was followed by a Q&A by Odenkirk and Blieden. After seeing the staged version of MELVIN, Odenkirk was so adamant about filming it that his original intent was to simply document the performance. His directing style definitely works in this spirit, as the dinner conversation flows with such a natural rhythm that if it weren't for all the clever intercut scenes, this film could easily be misinterpreted as a documentary. They did all the convo photography in 1 day with 5 steadicams. And that's 80% of this film, folks. These actors had been performing this exact piece on stage for 5 months, and their affection and knowledge of their characters, and their intimacy with each other, comes across in every frame. And they just got in character and rocked throught it, so what you're seeing is a single, continuous performance. Not the chopped together shreds of conversation of most films. And the thing is, you can REALLY tell the difference.

This movie still lacks distribution - it doesn't even remotely fall into the typical Hollywood (even indie) formula, so sadly has to be appreciated on its own terms, which is something that Marketing departments just can't stand. How do you tell people "see it cuz it's good!" You should be able to!! Odenkirk said this would be released on home video, so keep an eye on it in your Netflix and SEE IT CUZ IT'S GOOD!

This long-winded pretentious film reivew is the first in a sporadic series by Doctor Hooey for Channel MUTHAFUCKIN' OCHO! Thanks for your irreplaceable free time! And if you read this at work - GOOD FOR YOU! :)


X2: No Spoilers but there will be some reference to characters.

I liked the movie all over. But my sole problem was Lady Deathstrike.

Real name: Yuriko Oyama
AKA: Lady Dee (as the Reavers liked to call her)
First appearance: As Yuriko Oyama, DareDevil 197. As Lady Deathstrike, Alpha Flight 33. As Lady Deathstrike with...er, enhancements, Uncanny X-Men 205.
Favorite quote: "I always give better than I get." (Uncanny X-Men 252, to Donald Pierce, financier and leader of the Reavers, and one-time member of the Hellfire Club)
Abilities: Yuriko was skilled with a katana, a weapon she discarded when she underwent the alien metamorphic process that turned her into a cybernetic organism. Her transformation gave her unbreakable, possibly adamantium claws that slash through most substances and cybernetic implants that enhance her natural senses.
Team Affiliation: Long time field leader of the Reavers before they were destroyed by Sentinels, Yuriko first appeared in the Marvel Universe when she teamed up with DareDevil to fight her father, Japanese crime lord Dark Wind (Kenji Oyama). Yuriko killed her father to free her lover Kiro from Oyama's servitude; the devoted Kiro, however, chose suicide over a life without Dark Wind. Distraught, Yuriko belatedly embraced her father's ideals and determined to track down whomever dishonored him, starting with the person who absconded with Dark Wind's adamantium-to-bone bonding process. Expecting to be led to the assassin Bullseye, Yuriko instead found herself confronted with Wolverine. When Vindicator shattered Yuriko's sword in her first outing as Lady Deathstrike (Alpha Flight 33-34), Yuriko gave herself over to the ministrations of Spiral's Body Shop (Uncanny X-Men 205) to obtain unbreakable claws and bones so that she would be more able to face Wolvie on his own terms. Since then, numerous confrontations with Wolverine, with and without the Reavers, have ended in some out-and-out defeats and many draws. She has become re-dedicated to her late father's nationalistic fervor.
Favorite Storyline: Her original, pre-Deathstrike appearances in DareDevil 197-199.
Least Favorite Storyline: Uncanny X-Men 205. Incoherent plot, murky motivations, and a narrative that starts in the middle of the story. (Although I gotta say: Wolverine 35-37 runs a close second, for most of the same reasons!)
Future For the Character: With Wolverine's skeleton now composed of calcite rather than adamantium, Deathstrike no longer has an arch-enemy. One wonders if she'll hunt down Bullseye, her original target before she got side-tracked...

Update: Last I looked, Lady Dee was still slashing her way around the MU (battling Captain America at one point), and Wolverine got his adamantium back. -Unbreakable Sean
I went to a spirit medium tonight... what a bizarre experience. A whole bunch of people who I don't know showed up. And my Pop. He was giggling like an idiot and blowing kisses to everyone. Turns out though I'm a 22/4 and an 8 - that apparently means a lot of things but also that my first life was in Babylon/Persia. Cool eh? Wish I could remember it....

PS thanks for the read through on the essay Matt, I still ended up changing a lot of things on it even after your edit. Not too happy with it even now, but I think thats because I actually didn't draw any 'real' conclusions in the assignment. Just analysed the mass of material and left it at that. Now... Ethics.

Nah, Im sleeping in tomorrow, might go to the beach, it's supposed to be a nice day. Might go pay my respect to Possum Bourne. Don't know, just not studying....

PPS - Sully whadcha think huh? huh? come-on!!!! I liked it when her hand went through his trachea. I little gruesome but cool. Can't wait to see the unedited version of that scene, apparently they edited about three minutes of it, because it was too graphic. Have already mentioned this? too tired... time for bed.

G'night one and all, have fun working!

Friday, May 02, 2003

Oh - the Yoda one is sew cool man! Only 24.95 too. Be in quick only 10,000 of the little bastards made. How come no R2D2 is my question?
OK. We're X2ing it at 12:30PM!!! ^_~ Good luck Diver Down!
All else has failed. The guy at the dive shop was able to replace the entire LP inflator assembly while I waited for about $18. Planning to dive tomorrow.
This is hockey boys...not CURLING!!! WTG: FLYERS!!!

Series tied 2-2!!!
Pumpkinhead...where you been? I think he started his own Blog. ^_~

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Possibility, but I might be diving.... depends on BC status, as I blew the deflator mechanism on my old jacket while in the rinse, and my new Transpac II harness and wing hasn't arrived yet. I'll try to get the defective one in the shop today, but it all depends on how busy they are.

If all else fails, I'll catch a matinee tomorrow.
Thanks for the great review Kiwi. And I don't feel spoiled by anything. I don't even know what the story's about and I want to keep it that way until I see it Saturday.

Who's up for X2 on Saturday??? Preacher, Pumpkinhead, Hooey, Hot Dawg?
Right my fellow blogerinnis! *****NO SPOILERS***** I hope!

X2 - What can I say --- other than HOLY SH*%!!!

Yes that's right my fellow friends, my recommendation, is run, DON"T WALK, to your local movie theatre and see that F&*%ing movie!!!

Don't believe everthing you see.... Have faith that it will all work out and..... whatever you do don't blink!

This film was not only successful in doing the comic books complete and total justice I dare say that if they can contract the actors and the film industry to it, they should seriously consider making this a long term series project. The development of the characters is unparrelled in any movie I have seen in quite some time. So much is revealed about so many of them, that I found it difficult to not feel overwhelmed at times. My only complaint is the weakness of young NZer, Anna Paquin's portrayal of Rogue. I would have thought she would have gained much more confidence and poise as a character in this movie, especially when you compare the progression of the other characters.

The opening sequence... make sure you are well settled in, with popcorn in hand and all toilet necessities attended to prior, you will not want to get up. Frankly too, the big fight sequence with Wolverine may cause some of you to wet yourself if you haven't previously catered to nature.

Jean Gray... what can I say/that won't give anything away - not even gonna try!
Cyclops... thankfully not a major in this film, he never really was one of my favorite characters anyway.
Storm... damn she's good!
Wolvie... everything your thinking and are hoping for is true, and sooo much more! God bless Hugh Jackman for getting that role.
Mystique... for those of you who complained of not seeing enough of her the last time around, you will certainly be satisfied.
Prof. X... Patrick Stewart yet again, completely annihalates the character and takes it to a whole 'nother dimension; as does young Ian McKellen, keep an eye on him - I get the feeling I'm going to get a whole lot more from his character the second time I see the movie (hopefully tomorrow night!)
The enmass of new characters... I don't want this post to contain any spoilers, so for those of you who haven't seen the posters all over town I won't get into it, like I said though - you don't want to miss the opening sequence.

I look forward to hearing your responses.

Singing off rev_kiwi - for movie reviews and absolution

Oh - one more thing - Matt - we gotta get one of those tents!