Wednesday, April 30, 2003

GILES is back yay!
Buffy just got the living shit kicked out of her and then declared war --- she's says she's gonna bring the apocolypse herself!

"Bring On the Night"
[4/30/2003 7:13:03 AM | Rev Kiwi]
Im off to bed after my weekly session of Buffy,

What episode are you on?
>Give me one GOOD reason and sure!

I got a good reason too. Staying at home in front of the TV all the time is fuckin' creepy. Lets plan on Monday morning... meet at my place and carpool? I'm on your way there... you aren't on mine.
Shit...Pumpkinhead. Sunday Bowling...hmmmm...I got the Walk for Hunger that day with Munchkin. Brooke's doing it too early enough. Think we can still bowl after that? Hmmm?
Good morning bloggerunies - wake up - time to make the donuts, time to make the coffee ---- Im off to bed after my weekly session of Buffy, yay, I feel like my head is turning square I've been in front of this computer so long.... Here's hoping Mr. Belevedere invades my dreams on this fine Autumn Equinox.

Mmm - beer - anybody but me tried Heinekens new Aud Bruin??? Interesting flavour - goes great with popcorn - makes it all taste just like cracker jacks! Damn - Im all out ---- oh well, good thing I have a mackers to substitute. In Sully's words: "ain't nothing like a brain granade"!

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I have a reason - the body's need for a regular supply of Vitamin D - (supplements a 100th the effectiveness when compared to old fashioned sunlight!)
Rev you really make too much out of that!~! Give me one GOOD reason and sure! So leave it alone Punk ass bitch!~!
[4/29/2003 2:19:47 PM | Preacher Matt]
Pumpkinhead, you up for some disc golf soon? Buffamville Dam has a great 27 hole course complete with free loaner discs.
How about the rest of you monkeys?

Don't forget about my man Chris Hoffman. He'd give his left nut to play...well I won't go that far I guess...
Tell me where and when and I'll pass it along. Kewl you chimpanzee? I might even go too since it's an excuse to see Pumpkinhead out of the house! ^_~ WAH!!!!
I'm in on the disc golf any time! Laura and I are going to the park today to throw the frisbee around anyway!
Pumpkinhead, you up for some disc golf soon? Buffamville Dam has a great 27 hole course complete with free loaner discs.
How about the rest of you monkeys?
Hey Cheer up you sad sack Rev. Sully! So you want a good joke eh? CNN late breaking news! It has been reported that Osama bin Laden was captured this morning at 4:22 am PST by U.S. special forces! The main suspect of the attack on the World Trade center in New York City,bin Laden was captured at gun point as he fled an under ground tunnel in a deserted mountainside of southern Afghanistan. Northern alliance troops,who witnessed the events unfold,explained that earlier U.S. war planes had sprayed liquid Viagra across Southern Afghanistan, and the little prick just popped up!~!~!~!
This Blog is boring. I need to concentrate on my work so please take me off the list.
Thanks Kiwi. I was a little weak yesterday.

To post an image: you need to make tags.
I'll send you an email on that subject though.

It was a funny article.

I'm clinically depressed today. Sigh...somebody got a joke? Not really depressed but...ah...you know...whatever. It's hard work being happy all the time. ^_~

Monday, April 28, 2003

Hey Sul - how do I link pictures onto this thing???
Yeah - but I figured the rest on this Blog aren't on Leila's list and it's a good article damn it. Well, made me laugh anyway...

Things are still on with Chris to answer your earlier question, right now Im keeping him to myself though...

Im taking the Sargeant Shultz approach on the Star Wars III thing too - better to leave it to premiere night. Same goes for X-men and Matrix II - I will post my reviews as soon as I see them, luckily I think our opening dates are the same as the US this time around, so hopefully within the week something should be posted. Hee hee... yay!

God bless Hugh Jackman!

PS the answer to your if question is no. Does that make your sense of sense feel better - probably not...
New Fox Reality TV show!
No Burren for me good sir. I'm drying out this week. No mas cervesa. No mas fumar. Not this week at least.

Kiwi...how's it going with Chris? Still an item? No word on my front in search of back. ^_~
So what's up for Tuesday? Burren action? Anyone? Bueller? Shakira?
Where's she going to be?

in your dreams..................SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Hey I needed a weekend off - working on those things all week tends to put you in a bad mood. And god knows Im already far too sensitive at the moment. God damn estrogen...
Maid in Manhattan? Damn... you're desperate to put off working on that assignment, huh?

Friday, April 25, 2003

You can take my name Irish - somehow I think I'm in need on getting my arse kicked in.

Who's Meg White? (sorry Im down here in a third world country remember- we only get Cosmo and Cleo)

Weird that that link didn't work: http://www.straightdope.com/columns/030425.html - It is on stairway to heaven, someone asked what the meaning of it was, Cecil tried to reply, great effort I thought.

Enjoy the weekend snooogins. Aviod anal probes!
God, I love her. Where's she going to be?
oy vey, oy vey. hot dog, what are your plans this weekend? shakira's in town.
Here's one for you then Hot Dog...a blow job will make your day...anal sex will make your hole weak. ^_~ Signing off!! See ya and have a good weekend!
I wanted to add something fun to today's blog, but I couldn't think of anything. I've decided not to post.

So, my girlfriend just started on the new contraceptive injection they have now, and she dumped me. I asked her why and she said "what do I need with you if I'm already being painfully pricked with a tiny needle?"

Thank you, god bless you, be here all week ...

Man, blogger.com ain't givin' me NO LOVE today!! Here I'm tryin' to be a better blog-junkie and I can't f'in log in to save my virtual ass. How is everyone today? What the hell is going on? Here's a little comfort reading for a HAPPY DNA DAY!!!



sully. aren't you supposed to be working?????????????????????? :)

i'm kickin ass and takin names today.......who's next?
Hey Pumpkinhead...
I went out and got the One Man Army CD. Nooooooge. Next Sooooperskate, ma brutha.
Who won the Ducks/Stars....I haven't looked yet and I went to bed in the 3rd OT.
FLYERS vs Senators tonight 7pm game 1
We all make mistakes but it's the good ones that know it and own up to them. ^_~ Nooooooooooge!
Kiwi, i'm sorry you had to go through that but you should have known what you were getting yourself into! That's an hour and a half of your life you will never get back! My advice to you is next time choose wisely! We all make mistakes! We all miss you!~!

Meg White is better though...uber-goddess.

Brittany Murphy is a goddess.
[4/25/2003 7:59:34 AM | Rev Kiwi]
Staiways true meaning You lot have any thoughts on this?!

Stairway to Heaven? The link doesn't work. I had a crappy copy of Led Zep 4 on one of those cheap cassete tapes you get three in a plastic bag at the checkout counter at Bradlee's. Remember those? Well...the tape musta twisted and so when it played, it played most of it backwards. It so happened that it was during "Stairway". You can hear, clearly "Here's to my sweet Satan". True story.
Rev. Kiwi...would you show up the esteemed Dr. Hooey, movie megalomaniac and give us a weekly review of movies or something?
Your assignments are X2: X-Men United and The Matrix Reloaded. How's that. I need an in-house movie critic that's not me or Hooey...we'd just end up fighting over the popcorn again. ^_~ Make your opinion law...Nooooge.
[4/25/2003 7:59:34 AM | Rev Kiwi]
fuckity fuck fuck - what's worse I just sat through a Jennifer Lopez movie "Maid in Manhattan" - someone please pitty me...

You have my pity. You really, really do...I don't know why you did that to yourself.
[4/24/2003 5:42:42 PM | Dr. Hooey]


Dirty stay-out! That's what my mom called me when I'd come home all disheveled at 7AM. ^_~

We must blow up the Moon.
Get up you fuckers get to work!
Staiways true meaning You lot have any thoughts on this?!

Oh - it's Friday night and Im not drunk - fuckity fuck fuck - what's worse I just sat through a Jennifer Lopez movie "Maid in Manhattan" - someone please pitty me... her ass looks bigger on the big screen - not too mention her puku. Has Benny boy knocked her up or is it just me? A class B movie - a must see for the next teen movie rip off series! Rent it today, on second thought spare yourself the torture - no good lines to rip off unless you are still in the service industry and I think most of us have finally escaped that.
Happy FRIDAY one and all - bring on the brain granades! - may as well celebrate war veterans the way the veterans do! It a KIWI public holiday - you should all take it off!

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Woke up to bagpipes today - Anzac Day is cool and no ads on TV just like for Easter. Plus we only had a three day working week last week. Yay - KIWILAND - you rule! It's starting to get cold though - I don't like that.

What did the moon do to us??? Don't hurt it!
Just booked a january dive trip to Roatan, Cozumel, Cancun, and Belize with my friend Ashley, her fiance, and their friend Margaret who I guess is going to be my roommate for the week.


I always knew that Mr. Show was ahead of their time, but this is SCARY!!


Nice to be back in blogland. Sorry I been out of touch.

i'm out, me sober up tommorw jsut to get drunk agin. :)
MT SCREEN SAVER ia fo the ocean and it's moving. me coomputer dsreeen is moving in waaaaaaavbese. it makein me seee sick. hahha.

oh my. i can't even make out my oewn wriuting anyamoe. put fork in keri, she's done.

sully! 2NITE! haha hehehe....
11.25+ drinks to see mr brownstone, and that's in ADVNCE. scccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll out on my own gnr show for less than that!q hiashahahahhaha.

free beers we're given out at me liquid lunch bar today can you tell>?????????
yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! my old skool fav stripper song is on he radio and i'm taping it!!!!!!!!!! sully you will hera it and see me dance friday!! i dunno what we doin yet, but we gonna have a greta time!!! me no type wheni durnk!!!!

come my lady, you're my lady, blah blah blah you gotta be gere!!!!

sully, what you doin tonigjt??? me raedy to rip it up after class! i would skip but i got test t end up class tonight. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo/

oh my, i apologie, i can't type when i tipsy but i get in god mood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just got back from 2 hour liquid lunch. buuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddd.

good thing i already studied for test tonight. :)

sully, get your straw ready...set......slurp!!!!

oh my, i almost "ate" my water and "drank" my crackers...
Answer to the three largest industries question: Oil, drugs, porn. in that order.

Wow... two out of three's not bad. I'm suprised porn is bigger than booze.

Cool about the four million Kiwis.

Sully, Anzac is (or was) a combined Australian and New Zealand combat group. Anzac day is kinda like veterans day or memorial day here I believe.
Good for you Kiwis!~! I say give him/her what ever they want! Within reason that is!
What's Aznac Day?

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Check this out!!
4 million Kiwis - finally

I wonder what he/she'll win - it has to be significant right. The least they could do is give him/her free public transport for life, or something.
No worries, O Sully One. The crowd was strangely unruly for a Tuesday; even the best of men would have caved.
Word up - too much Oestrogen, and spending far too much time together, I thik we've gotten sick of seeing each other. Really beautiful day at the beach though, nothing like black sand and complete lack of civilization. All is good - I think we are going out to get drunk on Sat night.

Answer to the three largest industries question: Oil, drugs, porn. in that order.
Hey Hottus Dawgus...I felt bad about blabbing about your ring but I was browbeated into as you can see. ^_~
Gee willakers! I guess I can't miss a day of the blog, else I miss out on all the cryptic messages pretaining to my rings, cock or otherwise.

Am I ready for the turn? Oh yeah. My heart's into it, my crotch is into it, and my oiled and glistening pectorals...ahem...yup, I'm ready.

Yup...pics work then.

funny sully. seems like he liked COCKS at an early age!

There he is again!!!
flyers.com does not block/protect their pics. i posted before`from there remember?

sully, so that's the boy you dated from lite bright! hahaha!
Pumpkinhead...your tags are correct but it seems to be a protected picture. Try a similar one from a different site. It may be that Fylers dot com protect their pics.

Where's Mario???
yo guys! i'll have two open rooms in sept. let peeps know if you find anyone looking!


can't wait to lower those credit card bills sully!! yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Clint Eastwood is my favorite actor...minimalist art at its finest. When did you body switch with Berto? ^_~
breadcrumb? Oh good... more cryptic minimalism from Sully.
[4/23/2003 1:44:35 PM | Preacher Matt]
What do you mean you lost Amber? What happened?

I think it had something to do with breadcrumb...^_~
What do you mean you lost Amber? What happened?
>PS can anyone name the three largest industries in the world in order of largest grossing??? Curious to see if you lot have different answers to me....

I'd guess medicine, petroleum, and alcohol.
thanks kiwi! GL with your studying too!


you hate coasters? damn. i was hoping road trip to 6 flags. get over your fear! coasters rock!
PS can anyone name the three largest industries in the world in order of largest grossing??? Curious to see if you lot have different answers to me.... Shell oil,Microsoft and Coca-Cola
O.K Let me throw this one at yall! I want to know your top five most hated T.V. moms! Merideth Baxter Bernie has to top my list!~!~! Yes the "Family Ties" mom!

PS can anyone name the three largest industries in the world in order of largest grossing??? Curious to see if you lot have different answers to me....

Coca-Cola, Marlboro and sumtin' else?

I lost Amber - she was supposed to be here by now, but there was an altercation at the beach. Bugger really, because it was such a nice day. She did slow the car down to a roll too before throwing from the car. I thought that was nice.

What the fuck happened...this is the place for details you know...blab kid blab!
Sully - re: gambling - you should come down here, then you will see the true nature of gambling. It is no more a skill than that of an Irish man ablilty to drink a beer in under ten seconds. In fact it is nothing but the disease of the money hungry revenue system to further deplete the poor man from the last of his silver. Skill my fucking arse.... I know gambling - I know that it's not a skill that I want to be assocaited with. I'm glad you were bored, and if you do decide to begin gambling I will not hesitate to make the broken legs very mucha reality in this lifetime.

Secondly - Irish - good luck with the study. I've been sitting here procrasting on the same too papers for four weeks now and I have but two weeks to get the fuckers done. My daks are slightly stained at this point... may yours stay crispy clean and fresh~! KICK SOME ARSE!

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Kiwi's as consistant as firm stool and the Elderly. You forget that I work in a hospital, I know more about a stools than you think, and realy I don't think you want to get me started.... Although the most interesting tend to be that of spinal patients - so very inconsistent, perhaps because of the variable innervation to the gut. I digress.

So, what the fuckity fuck fuck is going on fuckers???

I lost Amber - she was supposed to be here by now, but there was an altercation at the beach. Bugger really, because it was such a nice day. She did slow the car down to a roll too before throwing from the car. I thought that was nice.

Idea for a new game - "find that website" - like an easter egg hunt with clues spread around the net (or on one specific site - not unsimilar to this one) and participants must eventually work their way through the clues until they reach the chosen website and answer a series of questions. Make a brilliant 2-3 am TV show I am sure of it.

PS can anyone name the three largest industries in the world in order of largest grossing??? Curious to see if you lot have different answers to me....
I'm not good at gambling though. In the age of spell checkers, I guess writing is taken for granted. I mean the literacy rate of a culture must be really good if we can bust nuggets over this.
But gambling is a true skill. Luck only takes you so far. I have no aptitude for gambling. Only been to a casino once in my life...and I was bored. I noticed a sea of elderly...only reason you can't smell them is that the air is changed out so quickly. I think in a former life I musts had my legs broken or something. Hmmmm...
I also hate roller coasters. I do not think I was a failed test pilot though.

Can you say that you had fun today, kids. I hope you have answered yes. Your day is more binary than you realize. Tee hee...

[4/22/2003 5:21:48 PM | Irish Whisper]
If you guess it...why not say something!!!

did you mean, if i guessED it???

Dude..."Speak & Spell" is sew 1978. WAH!!! ^_~ ^_~ ^_~

If you guess it...why not say something!!!

did you mean, if i guessED it???

if so, i DID say something...as soon as I tuned in here again, sweetie. :)

good night all! keri got good news from rents. they paying me school bills. this means i gots people other than meself counting on me, so i gots to kick ass and really apply myself.
No you suck! My hints were balls on! ^_~ ^_~ ^_~ You fuckin' fuck!
If you guess it...why not say something!!!

Actually...gotta split now. Have a good night kids!!

Hot Dawg...is your heart ready to move on like a fucing Celene Dion song or whay ma brutha? ^_~ Time to go whoring, Mess. Alright NOW!!! Throw the Goat for Keith!!! Oi!!!!
and i guessed that by not reading any of these posts yet! it's about time! but sully, your hints SUCK!
oh!!!! he finally turned the claddagh ring around!!! yippie!!!! but that's only a ring. is his heart ready to move on?
Yeah... knowing Irish ring traditions would have helped.
[4/22/2003 4:01:58 PM | Preacher Matt]
Okay, I'll make a guess what your three words are supposed to mean. How about this... some Irish Catholic girl was freaked out by his studded cock ring, and he didn't get to take a turn.

Weakest riddle ever. Not enough to go on unless you already know the situation.

Close, close!

Weak riddle kinda but it was for those in the "know" methinks. A Claddah Ring is the answer. If it faces towards your hand, your heart is taken...if you switch the postition to face out...^_~

Okay, I'll make a guess what your three words are supposed to mean. How about this... some Irish Catholic girl was freaked out by his studded cock ring, and he didn't get to take a turn.

Weakest riddle ever. Not enough to go on unless you already know the situation.
[4/22/2003 3:28:02 PM | Preacher Matt]
I don't know Sully... I don't think your riddle makes any fucking sense at all.

La la la la...did you say something? I thought I heard and smelled a fart but it musta bean you talkin'.

Ring can be both verb and noun. Is there irony there? Or just my imagination. You tell me Joe College. Just us Project Boys hanging on the Street Kawnah waitin' foah an answah... ^_~
I don't know Sully... I don't think your riddle makes any fucking sense at all.

Oh, and I don't know what you think a gerund is, but as far as I know it already IS a noun, based on a verb with the -ing suffix as "fucking" in, "I could really go for some hot fucking." You can't turn a gerund into a noun anymore than you can turn an apple into a fruit.
[4/22/2003 1:12:28 PM | Pumpkinhead !]
This inane banter is hurting my eyes!

Yer face is hurtin' my eyes. ^_~ WAH!!!

Go Flyers!!! Go Wild!!! Go Canucks!!! GAMES SEVEN ROCK!!!
Nina Simone

Tell God I said hi and give Pa my love please, Nina. Good luck up there!
Irish, Ring, Turn.

The Heart the Hands ther Crown...now stop clownin' 'round and tell me what the answer to my riddle is.
Irish ringing turn? WTF?
This inane banter is hurting my eyes!
you fuckin fuck. go eat another banana!! :P)
sully, just fuckin tell me! i don't got time for this!
I'm having too much fun with this. ^_~ OK. Look at the initial post and take the three words in quotation marks that are the clues. Convert the gerund to a noun. And put them in reverse order too (part of the joke). What three words do you have? C'mon! This is fun! ^_~ MWAH!!!
And I gotta go do the stooopid registration desk now until f*in' 2PM...yuk!!!
Oh...the hankie trick is a bad coke joke. Ever have a buddy who can pass a hankie through a hole that develops in their septum because it was eaten away by too much coke use? You said you have a big night...I was chiming in with my usual wiseass retort. ^_~

Sumthing like that. I think Keith's now officially ready for Primetime. HOT DAWG!!! You are formally invited to partake of the (hiatus-impaired) WENCHING CLUB!!!

Yeah I started reading the interview too. I haven't got all the way through yet. It's really compelling.
no hints. finally done with the divorce or sumthing? if you put it on here, you must share with the rest of the class. :) where are ya hot dog? (i'm actually losing interest now!)

WTF is the hankie trick???

wow. just read the whole article. great. mindblowing. so now i feel better than his little girl was only a year old. it's not like she could really have feelings about him going like in the movie, and at least he only had a year to get attached to her, ya know?

good stuff. thanks sully. i would like to know his thoughts now on how he has to die in jail. scary.
Ahhh...George Jung! RTFM!!! ^_~

Interview with George Jung
George Jung?
Can you do the hankie trick yet, Whisper? ^_~
The "turn" is Hot Dog's thing to tell though...I think you should share with the class Hot Dawg so we can help usher you into the 21st Century of SINGLEHOOD!
(but really...I did leave enough hints in the initial post...if you figure it out...I'll say "yes" ^_~ Tee hee! Too many Batman funny books growing up...It's like Simpsons Clue!)
BTW: Simpson's Clue was fun! I was so off base on what I was guessing. I should take a Logic class next time.
again, what recent "turn" of events????

don't leave us hangin....:)

since when do you have to "sign" in front of a crowd?? :P)
No Burren gig next week. Nero & Pedro will perform when the time is right. That means when I learn to sign in front of a crowd without fear. ^_~
Rev. Sully!’s The Leek
April 22, 2003

Hasbro Dominates Toy Market With “Tickle Me Rumsfeld” Dolls

Coalition solders were seen in local Toys R’ Us, Kay Bee Toy Stores and other less notable toy chains to replace all toys with the “Tickle Me Rumsfeld” doll. The government mandated toy as prescribed in the Patriot Act would replace all toys such as the new Strawberry Shortcake line, Transformers, Lego, the ever-popular DragonBall Z action figures and Pokemon.
Sandra Smithee, 28 of Silver Springs, MD said, “I think this is a great idea for all Americans. When my baby Chester squeezes his “Tickle Me Rumsfeld” doll, he’s given sage advice like “say your prayers”, “nude statues are Satan’s handymen”, and “treason is punishable by death”...I think it’ll help Chester be an even more dutiful American citizen”.
“The effort from the Homeland Defense Department to change the hearts & minds of Americans through subliminal efforts have not worked due to the advent of the Remote Control in the 1960’s’ and the shorter attention span of the average US citizen”, said respected Harvard sociologist Alfred N. Bowman, “so a less radical method was adopted to indoctrinate the newest born generations of Americans”. Prof. Bowman sees complete conversion by 2014 for the Bush World Order especially after the BushStation Entertainment Gaming System is released for the Christmas shopping season.

simpson's did it! simpson's did it!
i've done more coke this weekend than george jung..a.k.a. "boston george"..time to clean out da nose and let it heal!

what recent "turn" of events?

happy tuesday all. another week of working out for my sinfulness over the weekend, more tests to take, homework, blah blah blah.

i'm going to the next tuesday night burren gig. when will it be??
Rev. Sully!'s The Leek
April 22, 2003

British Colonel Demands Vote Recount

Dejected and depressed Colonel Ashley Bitten-Tye is sore over his apparent loss to Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Jay Garner to run humanitarian and administrative aspects of the Post-War Iraq. "Is this the new American way, I say good chap! Another stolen election? I bet the boys at the Brookings Institute are behind this", Col. Bitten-Tye said at his Bagdad office over 3PM tea & crumpets. Col. Bitten-Tye accuses Gen. Garner of ballot-stuffing to get the 100% vote and alluded the General to Saddam Hussein's "election".
"This is quite mad. I beseech the Coalition to investigate this matter and I demand a recount". Col. Bitten-Tye was last seen with a batallion of elite British SAS troops canvassing the area with flyers trying to win the hearts and minds of Bagdad voters. "Bloody hell...try finding a Yank that can speak or read Arabic...I can!"

But even the prettiest of women can taste like pee. So just because the cover of the book looks good my Hottus Doggus, don't mean it has to taste good...

Congrats on your recent "turn" of events that left joyous noise "ringing" in my "Irish" ears.
[4/21/2003 3:19:32 PM | Hot Dog]
Shakira = Yummy Delicious

No prob! She's not a nacheral blonde you know...^_~
I always check my mail before I Blog, good sir. ^_~ Now check yours.
Rev. Sully check yer mail and respond!!!

Monday, April 21, 2003

Good night kids!!!
Hey Hot Dog:

The Goat
"thu gote"

Also known as the "devil horns", "Satan horns", or "heavy metal hand".
Index and pinky finger fully extended, thumb accross middle fingernail.

That punk ass poseur doesn't even know how to throw the goat.



American Sign Language for "I love you".

Shakira = Yummy Delicious

Thanks, Rev.!
Preacher...got yer ears on. I got your call when my ass started involuntarily twitching...phone in the back pocket you know but I was at work. Give a shout later. Me and Dane are going to the De Lux for the Monday Night Plate O' Brown with Nora, the world's sexiest Korean bartender.
Hello and happy Marathon Monday. Nobody remember's Phaedippas though...so now you do!

The Athenians had won at Marathon but they certainly had not destroyed the Persian army. They had made plans before the battle that if they won, they would get word back to Athens as soon as possible because they knew that the Persian fleet was sure to sail around Attica and attempt to take the city while it was undefended. The citizens were to man the walls and make it appear that Athens was strongly defended. Miltiades sent a young soldier, Phaedippas to take word back to Athens. He ran the entire distance, 42.192 kms, shouted "We have won!" and fell dead of exhaustion. In memory of this event the Marathon Run was included among the contests since the first contemporary Olympic Games.

Hey Hot Dawg...her name's Shakira. She's the Britney Spears of Columbia. Latina mama caliente!!!

Link to Hottie's Bio on MTV.com

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Anybody know who the blonde is in the latest Pepsi commercial? It's the ad with the convenient store guy dancing with the cardboard cutout that comes to life.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Have a good weekend all!
Hawkeye, receiving a needle: I want mine in my tushie.
Margaret: What?
Hawkeye: Derriere! The back of my front! The fleshy part! I can't take pain, I can only give it!
Margaret: All right, lower your trousers.
Hawkeye: I thought you'd never ask.

Tee hee!
I'm not drinking for a while. Not drinking means less than a six-pack. ^_~
Nah...I'm joinin' the club...I can't remember last Sunday night. Tee hee! Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?
Take it easy on the drinkin' this weekend bro! Remember last weekend, as if you need a reminder!!!
See you soon sweetie!
I don't get Monday off...I work in Cambridge no where near the race route.

bye bye y'all..have a great weekend!
Did Lumberg ask you to come in on Sat and Sun? Uhmmm yeaaah. Not a half day...mmmm!
A little late in the day~week for that isn't it? You can look foreward to ANOTHER three day weekend!~!
urge to kill rising again...do I feel Scorpio Rage again??? ^_~
LOL! Time for another iced coffee for me! Hell of a chess game we've got goin' Preacher!
>now sullyster and i have decided that we've partied a LOT in our day, and we need to cut back and concentrate more on oursleves rather than the booze and drugs, so you guys (friends) gotta help us out. PLEASE BE SUPPORTIVE. :):):)
>we need to comsume less alcohol and need you supportive peeps! more time at gym, less alcohol. got it??

Hey, how 'bout you skip the liquid lunch and hop on a fuckin' treadmill there kid?
god freakin damnit. we're not getting out early. stupid fuckin pole up their asses administration bastards.

yeah, b/c it's just sooooooooooo busy here. oy vey.

ahh, time to hit uno's for me liquid lunch.
Mmmm... fish taco time.
if they like to be beaten up, then scotty will have no problem. :):)

THERE IS *TALK* OF GETTING OUT EARLY!!!!!!!!!! i hope so, then i can go to our house!!!! i'm starving!

in the words of patsy stone: "darling..i haven't eaten anything since 1973."
Just found out the company that is doing the "BIG DIG" won a contract to help rebuild Iraq!~! Does this mean Scotty is going to Iraq??? I hear Iraqui chicks are easy!~!
Try www.cafepress.com to make tee-shirts
hey, anyone know where i can get a t-shirt made? do i need to buy the materials or do they supply? where are some printing places?

thanks! (i could look myself, and proally will, but busy now!)
It would be funnier if the bunnies were humping. Why can't you hear bunnies fuck?....THEY GOT COTTON BALLS!!! WAH!!!
Pumpkinhead...get yer Peeps yet? For next year to be properly stale I mean. ^_~
No duckies just bunnies this weekend!
I'll paint your boobs like Easter Eggs...how ya like thems apples. ^_~
me neither. i want to paint easter eggs.
Yea time to make some trinkets! Not much doing with Easter and all!
hahahahaha!!! true dat. :)

you gotta work all weekend james? what is everyone doing? thank GOD we got off monday! i got to study and hit gym!
English is hard enough for the boy!~!
FYI: never try and speak and write french with sully. he suxs just like the yankees.

he told me something about peter finishing himself off, something about "ca"???? him liking big boys???? oh my..the list goes on and on of nonsense rambling...

luv ya sully, but don't write me in french b/c you are way to cunfuZing!!! :)
Yea Laura and I each got the duffel bag! We went with people form work Rev, one of the managers knows Jim Rowe's wife (Sox trainer) so we had tix behind the plate near the freezing wives section 21! I knew you must have been in a smart assed mood to say i'd boo any of MY SOX!~!~! Never have Never will!
No...you got my confirmation first, munchkin. Pravda it is.
so you're not sure which one you're doing sully??

how did leo and stormin get tixs????????????/
PRAVDA!!! Damn...a choice between supporting friends & local music and coked-up white women & DJ music.
Pumpkinhead...it's always FREEZING in April at night games. I know you wouldn't make fun of Pedro...jus bean a jerk. Have fun? Who'd you go with? Dane and Norm went last night too. I wish I put 2 & 2 together I woulda told you to call Dane's cell and hook up for drinks. They were at Jillian's afterward scoping white women. I'd be scoping short Asian hunnies to plook starfish IMHO. ^_~ Nooooge.
i hope you don't plan on going to that JP thing sully!! ;)
pumpkin. did you get the promotional sox duffel bag they've been giving out all week? 6-0 WTG!!

I bet Kiwi arse needs more than a lick...I mean a kick...^_~...hey babe...come here often....what's yer sign...mine's Penis Rising...I got it...you're an Eye-talian...yer Jewish??? Love the nails...your place or mine?

Also Props go out to my homie Aimee Lynn Berger-Girvalo!!! What a mouthful!!! She needs one of those soccer...excuse me FUTBOL names like Ronaldo or Pele...actually she duz...BERGIE!!!! ^_~
For those who like hot broads who can sing, Aimee and her band (well, she's in the band...not WITH the band ^_~ ) Cool McCool will be playing the The Midway Cafe, 3496 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain. (Right near Doyle's). When? Friday May 2nd at 10pm. Click the hyperlink for map and contact info.
We went last time and it is a small, fun place. Single white women aboot too for those who like that shit.
I don't know about that... you probably need a good kick in the arse alot more often than I'm around. ;)

Thursday, April 17, 2003

It was FREEZING at Fenway tonight but the SOX and Pedro looked good! How dare you say i'd go to Fenway and boo my own team,this aint Philly!
Thanks for the support Matt - you always around to kick me in the arse when I need it.
Get back to work. :P
Yeah, but remember how much you enjoyed all that procrastination?
Wow... you used to request big boy books. I guess that's what fluff reading will do to you.
Yah know what stinks more than anything - being stuck inside writting an essay you've been procrastinating on for months on a beautiful day when you know everyone else is at the beach....
OH the abuse and slander.... feels like home...
Good Preacher...when you're done with "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish", kick it over to me.
You recommend fiction, and call me illiterate in the same breath?
I'll get around to your novel as soon as I'm done with the books I want to learn from.
now check your email you bastard.
listen you little bald bitch..my feet are cute as hell. cuter than yours. and when i reached over and accidentally touched your weewee..i asked myself....where is the rest of it? :)
Yeah! Dane's feet aren't as hairy as yours...I know the difference. ^_~
are you sure you weren't mistaking my feet for dane's AGAIN?
damn. i want to go to a game baaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddlllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Oh...good thing that was your foot because I wanted to tell you your many nipples tasted like toejam. ^_~
I hope you don't make fun of Pedro!
Who's a lazy bastard? Pumpkinhead is!!! Skippin' work to go to the SOX game tonight! Free Pedro tix, a no brainer! Enjoy work suckas.
that was my foot.
I did while you were passed out last time...it was nice. ^_~
i figured you'd like that pumpkinhead. and listen here you fuckin fuck, i told you a just read a book in like 2 days, so you can suck my left tit!
By the way, for you illiterate fucks...I highly suggest "Survivor" by Chuck Palaniuk, author of Fight Club.
NICE Whisper! NICE!!! I forsee that as a screen saver on Pumpkinhead's PC. ^_~
Tee hee...I got nuthin' to say until there's actually something to talk about. Tee hee. ^_^
He He He. Perfect!
>Preacher? Did you get lucky in FL?

Yeah... lucky I didn't sleep with her. The beach, margaritas, and my lesbian hostesses were all great, but the girl who invited me down there reminded me of a high school junior in a 30 year old body. All set with that.

What kind of info did Laura wake you up with Sully?
happy thursday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LONG weekend almost here!!!
Who's got a joke? And where's Hooey and Hot Dog been? Munchkin...we finally got our own talk show!!! ^_~
Preacher? Did you get lucky in FL? Kiss and tell, ya bastid.
Pumpkinhead...Laura called me last night and woke me up...since you've heard I didn't mind being woken up with that kinda info.
Kiwi, you suck as a marriage broker. Tell Amber I want my 20 camels back. And do you need me to reinvite her to the Blog because you had trubble signing her in?
Dringo...I miss you the most.
Good morning all.

How's it going?

Today's theme is...DIRTY JOKES!!!

A man walks into a Pharmacy and says to the beautiful female teller, "Umm... err, I've never purchased condoms before, and I don't know what size to buy."

"That's okay. You can test your size on the fence out in back."

So the man walks out back and he sees three holes. Just as he prepares to stick his penis in the first hole, the beautiful teller sneaks over to the other side of the fence. The man sticks his penis through the first hole where it is gently caressed by the teller. Then he pulls it it out and sticks it through the second hole where the teller begins to suck his penis and give him a blow job. Then, finally, he pulls it out and sticks it in the third hole. The teller takes her vagina, wraps it around his penis, and begins to hump it. She quickly pulls up her pants and scurries back inside where the man is begining to stumble back in.

She starts to giggle and says, "Have you decided on the appropriate size?"

"Screw the condoms! Just give me 3 yards of that fence!"
Night Sweetie!

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Night kiddo!
despite all my rage i am still just a rat in a cage
paper's done! load lifted! (until tomorrow anyway) :(
and lemme just add one more thing:


Lots of stupidity if you enter a Hall of Mirrors...WAH!!!
Yeah... there's a lot of stupidity out there. I know someone (not me thank god) who just spent hours trying to figure out why her new broadband modem wasn't working. She called Comcast, and the guy asked her how many lights were on. She said "none". Plugging it in seemed to do the trick.
round 2

"hi, i just wanted to make sure my file was complete?"

"yes, your file is complete, you're all set and we don't need anything else from you."

"so do you need anything else from me?"

and this is only TWO people out of HUNDREDS i tell you about. :)
killed, or culled?
[4/16/2003 12:02:33 PM | Irish Whisper]

I agree. Sometimes when I'm feeling nice I attribute it to them having too much on their minds to think about things but there is a lack of common sense that is pandemic in academia let alone BU. I mean how many BU students are killed by getting hit by an auto on Comm Ave. every year? I mean...HELLO??? ^_~
[4/16/2003 11:57:54 AM | Irish Whisper]
the cheesy?

The Cheesecake Factory. ^_^

so it's busy season, we repeat ourselves OVER and OVER again to these students, but do they EVER get it?? NOOOOOOOOOO. so this THIRD YEAR student just walked in, and asked if he needed to sign his tax forms (DUH) and then asked where to sign them?!?!?!?!? i told him "where you're supposed to sign them" i'm tired of coddling these IDIOTS, and the he stood in front of me for FIVE MINUTES flipping back and forth between the TWO pages he had, completely overlooking the sig part, and then finally said, "i have no idea where to sign" i showed him, the fuckin idiot, and he asked another dumb Q and then left.

I DO NOT WANT ANY BU GRAD LAWYERS REPRESENTING ME......................................EVER.

thank you
the cheesy?
I'm not glad to be here but it is necessary to be here. ^_~
Thanks for the Chickin' Noodle soup and SAMMICH! yesterday Pumpkinhead !. I ate the rest of the SAMMICH during the course of the evening. I actually ate the whole thing and one can never go wrong with turkey, huh?

Oh this is for you and pass this along to Laura but please no lobbying for me with BT at the Cheesy. You've done a lot already but introducing so your jobs are done. If it will happen it will happen on its own like any other good fire. Spark will either catch or not. It's out of my hands now too.
Glad to see you among the working class again! Welcome back!
Welcome back Preacher Lobster!!! ^_~ Hope you hadda good time. Did you bring me back a Cuban...no not a SAMMICH a real Cuban. I'm sick of my half Irish one. ^_~ (I am not...I love my Hooey!!! ^_^ ).
[4/11/2003 6:34:46 PM | Rev Kiwi]
Haa! Kiwi as a youth - The good Rev corrupted me it's true. Then again he wasn't a Rev then - just a slacker with the same penchant for women that didn't do him justice. Pinball wizard in my eyes though. He taught me how to abuse whipped cream cans too.

If I really corrupted you we wouldn't be having silly discussions of fear of dinkies now would we...^_~ tee hee! Still a slacker. Same penchant for women...but for women who don't do me justice? I don't get it. ^_~ Speaking of the pinball wizard...Jeff Church looks good and healthy. I was in the HRC with Whisper and Pumpkinhead last weekend. Kara Russo was there too. Next...I'll teach you how to abuse a Galapogous turtle. ^_~

"good girls from down under go go down under".

Huh? ^_~

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Welcome home bro! How was sunny Fla??? Pretty girls in bikinis I bet!~!
I spent the day waiting in airports, but at least it was nice when I got home.
Bad Luck KIWI and may the SARS be with you!!!
I'll play!!!!

Where is everyone?? - An entire day at work and you guys haven't been blogging - Oh wait - national sick day is it? Or perhaps national nude day (nah - too early in the year). Oh well, I'm off to go and try to contract the SARS flu. Wish me bad luck!

Monday, April 14, 2003

Sullster? Sully-kins!?

Hahahahaha... that's cute. If our little Sully-wully asks for help laying off the sauce, I'm all for it. I've been thinking about cutting back myself. I don't know about the gym, but anytime you want to come out and play we'll go get some exercise too.
Yeay Sully-kins!

Whisper - being supportive of less drinking/drugs etc is one thing, but more time at the gym... that is quite another.
alrighty, i'm skipping class and off to see the sullster. it's been a real hectic, crazy insane day, and it's so nice out that i don't feel like sitting thru 3 hours of boring lecture. so not right of me, but me don't care. :)

now sullyster and i have decided that we've partied a LOT in our day, and we need to cut back and concentrate more on oursleves rather than the booze and drugs, so you guys (friends) gotta help us out. PLEASE BE SUPPORTIVE. :):):)

tuesday get-togethers, weekend parties, etc, etc., we need to comsume less alcohol and need you supportive peeps! more time at gym, less alcohol. got it?? :):):)

i know i'm stealing sully's thunder here, (he can kill me tomorrow) but he had a nice time with brooke and looks like they will continue to date. (thanks to pumpkinhead). i think sully really deserves and needs this, so i wish him all the best. :):):)

looks like another single friend lost to love. love wins again.

we gotta do an intervention wit da boy soon....he's in a downward spiral since meeting the Jameson's. :)
sullyster is bein a loser. he decided to skip work today for the fuck of it. as usual since hangin wit da shortcake, he gots too drunk and decided not to work. he is enjoyin beautiful day at home playing games and drinking. (he says he's not drinkin, but i think we all know the real answer to that.) :P)

so, a big BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO goes out to him, and let's bless him with double the work load tomorrow! MWAHAHAHAHHA!

sully, i'm gonna call you poolside one day and tell you i'm with the swedish bikini team while you are stuck at a HELLISH day of work like i'm having. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S ONLY FREAKIN MONDAY.
Cool link Kiwi! I'll have to check it out in more depth when I get home.
haha. i know. i smoked for 9 years. i just wish cigs were never invented, ya know? bad bad habit. i'm just glad i finally kicked the habit, wish everyone would even though it'll never happen. just wishful thinkin over here.
Don't tell these happy smokers that!~!~!
that remark's getting old and certainly doesn't apply to quitting smoking.
Nobody likes a quitter!
sorry pumpkin, the smoking ban is gonna ROCK not suck. long time coming, you won't get any sympathy outta me. :P)


bailed for homework???? ahahahahahaha. who the hell said that?

bowling? you guys went bowling? haha

my weekend was GREAT..esp. yesterday.
BTW sully, by some random shot of luck, i found my ring yesterday that i thought was lost. yippie! shadow hasn't been out of my sight, and happy to have been reunited with his mommy. :)
Good morning Irish Whisper! How did yer weekend turn out? Sorry you had to bail out saturday but homework does come first! Yea I was there and we had a blast bowling and playing golden tee but the smoking issue is really going to SUCK when the ban goes into play!