Monday, March 31, 2003

We play the Tampa Bay Lightning...it was so a blind date...stop ruin my stories, man!!! ^_~

My Onion Pic...compliments of the Flying Silvia Sibs.
sully, when you got those shelves down from my closet, there are more little boards up there. didn't realize there was anything else up there???

yes, i will get the BM's ready when you come for that!! i might have to get you to put my A/C in the next time you over as well!

and it wasn't a blind date. you saw her beforehand..big difference!! ;)
sully, who do we play 2nite?
Morning! great day isn't it?!

Donde estas Hooey...te amo!!!

Can't talk long but the blind date was good. More details later.

Friday, March 28, 2003

tipsy tipsy tipsy. tired of peeps lookin at my outfit. is it b/c they like it or i look slutty? hmmmmmmmmmmm...

okay, no activity here folks, have a great weekend, i see you later...if you're lucky! :):)
yeah. last night was great. Keith it was awesome to meet you, and those tequila shots were killer! i liked the burping too, i fit right in there!

Good Morning!!! Another beautiful day on God's Green Earth...last night was fun! I hope Keith checks in. Sorry for slagging on some of the songs if you check in K, yous guys ahh the profs...I am a simple egg happy to be in your prescence...I mean that too.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

you still there? call me!
I drank the last of that Jameson's last night...who knew I liked that stuff. Thanks shortcake for turning me on once again...to kewl stuf I mean ^_~ WAH!!!
you've been drinking again. i wish i had $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. i want to go drink now!!!!!!!
Easy-E's fucked up and got the 8-Ball rollin'! I wuz...cool kickin' sss...I was..streets of L.A....
we just gave a girl a $20K scholarship after being REJECTED the first time around. she cried on the phone with me!!! this is a perfect case of persistence paying off!
my favorite superhero i guess would have to be wonderwoman as she is a chick, and i modeled her underoos when i was little!!
then what is stopping him? you are making no sense! kinda like me when y'all help me stumble back to your place!!
Who's your favorite Superhero?
HA aha ha!!! Yes! The traffic is stopping him. funny.
OK...Speedos on the Charles it is BUT NOT AFTER SUNSET!!!
why scotty can't go to what game? traffic is stopping him? huh?

are we confuzed today or waht? you drinkin again?
if you wear speedos for one hour on the charles/esplanade, and let me take pictures, i'll go and get you drunk afterwards.

i am dyin just thinkin about it!!!!!!!!!1
read the news man! j/k. I93 to storrow or sumthin will be one lane from storrow exit to bunker hill comm. college or sumthing friday at 7pm to sunday night. sunday night the tunnel opens as well. i actually dunno and don't care since i don't drive and am getting all confuZed now so ask someone else or look it up! :)
The weekend...what's going on with the traffic? I know there's Big Dig shit doing...it's why Scotty can't go to the game. Preacher mentioned anti-war rallies.
You can wear a bikini 24/7...^_~ But that empowers me to bust out the leopard print Speedos...let's hear it for the BANANA HAMMOCK!!!
i just walk around in a bikini in this weather! hahaha
huh? oops, did u mention what???
Oh...I did mention that didn't I...ooops! What's up with Boston this weekend? War protests? Belly shirts in celebration of the Sprung Spring?
oh, cool about the wheels!
oh, we weren't talking about "IT" on here, so i got confused and thought you were talking about the traffic jam this weekend i posted here!

You shortcake! ^_~ Keith has wheels. You'll meet him to-nite. If not we'll find a way or should I say...the way will find us. Shit...we can always rent an SUV...
who you talkin to sully?
Huh...don't sweat the details...they'll all fall together as they should.


We got our IT TIX!!! Domo arigato, Petah-san, Zen Massa!!!
Did you get your It tix Irish?
Phish is on sale. Just got mine!
Related News Story

North Korea pulled out of the talks
With the south, and they're being war hawks
They're giving a gun
To each man and his son
So their army won't seem like such schlocks.

North Korea says that it ain't right
That our war games are within their sight
George says we won't attack
Like we did in Iraq
But the DPRK thinks we might.

In the north, the Koreans want nukes
In the south, they say that makes them kooks
Seems they only want chats
with U.S. diplomats
an idea that the region rebukes.
Why a wreck in Boston?
I hear driving is gonna be a mess this weekend in Boston!! Good luck to all y'all driving into and out of the trainwreck. :(
get back to work slacker! :)

just bustin the over-sized balls. ;)
Hey kids...bizzie bizzie bizzie today so...the inmates can take over! I'll try to check in but my balls are the size of mason jars right now they;ve been busted so hard for shirking.
Yo mama so fat, it took me three trains and 45+ minutes just to get on her good side!
good morning bloggers! or lack of bloggers. :)

it took me three trains and 45+ minutes to get into work today! here's hoping the day shapes up!

PETER!!! DON'T FORGET TO ORDER THE TICKETS AT NOON TODAY! EMAIL OR BLOG IF YOU CAN AFTERWARDS! i was just gonna email you with the email address i see here, but i wasn't sure if that was the main one you checked or anything?

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Rosh ambow? What is that, a new Jewish holiday?

Rochambeau might be what yer looking for. Named for the commander of the French forces during the American revolution. ...oh, wait Rosh ambow isn't like freedom fries or something, is it? Are you trying to make a statement?
ha ha---hooey!

ha ha---hooey!

ha ha---hooey!
I went to the Parish Cafe with Dane and Munchkin last Saturday. Please don't tell Scotty.

Here's a little story about the Parish and yours truly...I was telling this to Bergie, an old friend and Parish companion.

The Night Was Arid...
Wait a sec! That's not how it starts!!!

Well, actually, it is a short story. I was out with a some friends...we already had a few but it was wickid early and as my main man Robert Frost said, "And miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep...". Needless to say we were feeling good! But not drunk enough to not get into the Rattlesnake. One of my friends, my best friend from high school, Scott, was the culprit. He's always got that evil glow to his eyes...it wasn't the booze, yet! Nothing is more of a downer than a doorman with an attitude. The doorman at the Snake wouldn't let us in because he thought Scotty was drunk. No, Scotty wasn't drunk...he's just got an attitude problem. So we cross the street to go to the Parish...good old faithful Parish...where I personally contributed to the college tuitions and cocaine habits of many an employee...but I digress. And the doorman refused to let us in...because the Rattlesnake's doorman radioed over to him. I was appalled! Insulted! Dejected! Rejected! I was names dropping...wouldn't help. I was looking for dinner...wouldn't help. I HAVE A MUG!!! It wouldn't help.
So we ended up at Fire & Ice...Sheryl Vasquez and Dan McDaid took excellent care of us. But a seed of fire was planted in my brow that night...it was one thing for them to change the ingredients making their food sub-par, but it is a completely different story when a regular with a mug gets denied. So I did what had to be done...
I returned the next week with my sidekick Pedro (how do you know I'm not Peter's sidekick, huh?). The bartender was the one I couldn't remember...dark hair, nose ring, someone's sister, used to be a server there...we chatted. The same idiot doorman was there...and good too. Upon leaving, I bring my mug with me (which, by the way, I am completely in my rights to do)...the idiot doorman grabs my free arm at the door and says I can't take it out of there. Lemme tell you Bergie, I couldn't have planned this better because this was all going how I thought this should go. With a triumphant and barbaric YALP!!! I bring down my mug with all my might and shatter it on the Parish doorstep. Nobody disrespects my friends. And without missing a stride, I had one foot in a cab, turning my head back to see that idiot doorman grabbing a broom.
I'm not going back there. Maybe for the reunion special...but not for any other reason
fa fa---phooey...

fa fa----phlunkie...

fa fa---fooohye...

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Night kids!
Hold the Press! I don't work this Saturday... I work next Saturday. I'm going to the game Preacher. So who gets to go? Whisper or your sister? Should we Rock Paper Scissor for it? Rosh ambow (sp)?
WAH!!! I'm sew frickin' bizzie!!! And all I want is a nap!!!

Oh wow - they're doing all their "mail order" ordering on-line. Garsh! Good thing I got the phat internet connection over here at Hahvahd.

Irish, psyched you're coming by thursday - wanna just call us when you're on your way ovah - don't wanna post my phone # on the internet - paranoia self-destroya - so you can use Sully's cellio or i can get it to you another way.


See y'all up at It then! Knock on wood... my request for mail order has NEVER been turned down.

Sully, you gotta work Saturday? Any word on Scott yet? Where should we hook up for the ticket exchange?

Of course - you are invited, silly person. We can meet you at the T, s'all good. Will be fun to have you!!

I'll put in for mail order too - what the heck! And BRING ON THE HIPPIE CHICKS!!!!


Actually we'd meet ya at the T station...^_^
You would have to take the Red Line to Porter Square and walk...you are most welcome for Nero & Pedro. We're auditioning groupies and we want to see how well you can...how can I say...."multitask". ^_~ WAH!


Count me in on the Phish show. Sully and I will bring guitars and serenade munchkin all night long into between trips to the nitrous balloon line - I have a good tent too.

Funny Sully - I ran into your mom at one of them big Phish shows - she was so fucking stoned, confused and horny she thought that the Clifford Ball was her chance to fuck a big red dog.

And I'm all for Sully using personal ads - finding the right person is about putting yourself out there and trying to improve your luck. Nobody should just wait at home for the match.com'ers to e, but there's nothin' wrong with pimpin' on as many outlets as possible, aww yeah!

Munchkin - me 'n sully are doin' some playin' and tokin' and jokin' at my place on thursday so you should come hang with us and be our muse. We have to play serious for a little bit, but not for that long. And we certainly don't need to be sober to do it.


OK! Tell us about your midterm...hellacious?
Are you talking the Limestone 2 day show? Do I want to be tethered to a drugged out munchkin...of course! We'll hafta see though. Transport, $$$ et al.
[3/25/2003 1:28:13 PM | Irish Whisper]

Can't I do both? ^_~ ^_~ ^_~ WAH!!!
Yeah...Tuesday's Sooperskate Day with James. No rest for the wickid pissah, huh?
And shure let it happen naturally is nice and all BUT also there's something to be had when it comes to having gumption and going out there and seeing who's out there. I have been playing it natural too. This is new to me...Dane's actually made out on a few Internet dates and once Matty takes a really nice B/W candid showing my shy handsomeness and the eyes that make time stand still...I'll be a bigger Mac then Bernie and Big. Word is bond. Noooge!
I'm working Saturday here at the HLS. HLS Visiting Committee...big whigs with $$. Rich Alum we gotta sheperd. That's kewl. It's all OT which I need and I get to studt and start my next paper.
Sorry about the drunk dialing. It was about the hockey ticket but then I realized...I was too drunk to talk.

Sully!'s Onion Personal Ad. Talk about humorous! WAH! But I already got one response to it so...
So...HEY IRISH WHISPER!!! Wake the fuck up!!! You fuckin' fuck!!!
So I gotta work on Saturday as I thought, Munchkin. That means the tickets are going to Preacher if you don't speak up. He mentioned he wanted to take his sister so that's one out of two tickets taken. If you want to go I'd suggest starting some dialog if interested. If not both tix will go to Preacher. It's a 1:30PM matinee versus the "Fuck the" New York Rangers starring that Bug Dummeh...#88 Eric Lindros (used to be a Flyer).
Once I get my photo up there...they'll be lined up like planes into Logan...noooge. I'm sew frickin' tired...do I have to party tonight? I just wanna sleep!!!
Good luck!
Dane found his car. Complete stoner moment. 3 blocks up from where he thought it would be.
Lining up my first Onion personal date...wish me luck. ^_^
Dude...where's his car? It was there last night. Who the hell would want to steal a Standard? He's called the tow lot...not there. He's doing a systematic grid search and we're hoping we can chaulk this up to a stoner moment. But dude...where's Dane's car?
No... what happened to Dane's car?
Whisper...how was your midterm. I barely remember talking to you last night.
Hooey...yo mama sews socks that smell.
Preacher...have you seen Dane's car? ^_~
Kiwi...although she phoned the other day I will still say that she's decomposing in the trunk of a Mini Cooper until we're given Proof of Life.

Monday, March 24, 2003

G'Night Hooey...wish Whisper luck with her midterm tonight which she won't get until tomorrow 'cuz she's outta of da office today.
We'll make plans for Thursday and a practice session before I embarass the fuck out of myself with my breaking Peter Brady voice next Tuesday.
Well yo mama's so stupid, her idea of safe sex is locking the car doors.

Ninja's kill anyone they want.

The Official Ninja Homepage.

Yah!! Of course! That's why they're not very good. Such as...

Yo mama so fuckin' dumb and horny she ordered the Globe cuz they promised to give it to her every day
you making this shit up?


Yo mama's so fat, but I fucked her anyway.

YOUR mom so fat she took a nap outdoors in South Dakota and now she got the faces of four Presidents on her ass!
Oh yeah...Yo mama's so fat, after she got off the carousel, the horse limped for a week.

Ha! Awesome ...

Your mom so easy the only pickup line she needs is the one backed up for blocks outside her house!
Good Pickup Lines!
Hooey...yo fat-assed mama was sitting on my face and I says "woman! you must weigh 288 pounds...and dat's two gross!" WAH!!!
Rev. Sully!'s The Leek. 3/24/2003

The "Devil Docs" work on a wounded soldier. Unharmed vital organs pitch a pretty penny on the Black Market.

'Devil Docs' operate on friend and foe
In field operating room, wounds matter more than sides

SOUTHERN IRAQ (CNN) -- Early Monday, somewhere in the southern desert of Iraq, the "Devil Docs" of the U.S. Navy performed surgery on an Iraqi soldier's abdomen.
In this mobile operating room -- a tent that can be set up or torn down in less than an hour -- it's not unusual for these doctors -- Navy personnel who work for the Marines Corps -- to perform surgery on their enemy.
The most badly wounded fighters from the front lines are treated first, regardless of whether they are friend or foe.

The wounded Iraqi combatants are screened through rigorous standards for blood and organ quality. Then their organs are harvested for the Black Market. US Army and Navy surgeons credit these practices back to the Korean Conflict. "Where do you think Hawkeye and Trapper had enough money to run that Still?", asked Capt. Drew Pantango, Navy surgeon stationed at the mobile hospital. "These days we can harvest more than just the good old "heart, lung, kidney, liver" combo. Nowadays it seems that cornea are the sweetest piece of the pie and viable hair transplants with roots. Blood and whole eyes are good too". Pantango went on to say that the major market for organs has been recently saturated by the latest culling of political dissidents in China where the same practice is used on executed prisoner but expects a robust 3rd quarter and solid returns for his investors despite the Chinese influence on the market.
"Sure it sounds hideous but we're not called Devil Docs for no reason, huh?" Pantango said.

Rev. Sully!'s The Leek. 3/24/2003

Saddam appeared in military uniform and read from a prepared script.

Saddam goes on TV to rally troops

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Saddam Hussein appeared on his state-run television Monday to tell the nation that the United States and its allies are "trapped" as Iraq resists "heroically."
It was not immediately clear whether the speech was broadcast live or was taped. Saddam talked about current battles and referred to "setbacks" for his "enemies."
"Today you are standing in a position that would please the friend and would anger the enemy and all the infidels," he said. "You will be victorious against the enemies and you are causing them to suffer."

After giving the inspirational speech which Saddam lifted from the "Successories" web site, Saddam then went on to finish the regular broadcast schedule as VeeJay for Iraq's only Music Television station. Saddam changed from his military fatigues into lounging robes, fired up his houkah and the dancing girls came on. Hussien, who's #1 rated music program "Songs You Must Listen To" is the defining presence in Iraqi Pop Culture and music. Borrowing from Japan's Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ! to even the US's Solid Gold, the variety program showcases the latest pop artist talent, dance crazes and also the ever popular "Dancing to Allah", where prisoner's feet are shot at in order to make them hop into a giant vat of anthrax.
Currently #1 on Iraq's Pop Chart is Mohammed "MoMo" Hussein, 18th son of Saddam and his hit single, "Die Infidel Die". Litigation by rap group Public Enemy's Chuck D. Blackman and Flava Flav is so far unsuccessful over copyright infringment which Flav stating that "that punk mutha ripped our shiz-ite off, word...know what I'm sayin'?. He sings right over our Burn Hollywood Burn. Muthafuckah didn't even mix out our voices...he sings right over it. When I see that MoMo...I'm gonna be like bitch! Wheah's my money at??? And slap his ass".
Rev. Sully!'s The Leek. 3/24/2003

Nicole Kidman won best actress for "The Hours." Kidman referred to Oscar as her most favorite short guy now.

'Chicago' triumphs at Oscars
Musical wins six Oscars at night of surprises

(CNN) -- To paraphrase from a song not in the musical, "Chicago" was Oscar's kind of town Sunday night, winning six Academy Awards at a show full of upsets, emotion and some politics that couldn't be left at the door.
The musical of razzmatazz and "All That Jazz" became the first movie musical to win best picture since 1968's "Oliver!" It also took home Oscars for best supporting actress (Catherine Zeta-Jones), art direction, costume design, sound and film editing. "Chicago" had led all films with 13 nominations.
But even with "Chicago's" good feelings carrying the day, it was best actor Adrien Brody and best actress Nicole Kidman who brought the house down with their moving speeches.

Most Americans woke up Monday morning several hundreds of thousand of dollars poorer in regards to military spending but also surprised to find out that a movie nobody outside of New York, LA and Boston has seen has swept the 75th Academy Awards. Jasper McNulty, 54, of the Ozark Mountains was dismayed and dejected over the treatment most middle Americans recieve in regards to the Oscar voting. "I haven't been this miffed since 'Chariots of Fire'. No one but the critics saw that either," said McNulty as he widdled a piece of pine into smaller, several pieces of pine.
"It's a shame...a real shame that 'real' and 'genuine' movies such as Blue Crush and Attack of the Clones were passed over in favor of an anal-raping fugitive like Roman Polanski. I wish I could cornhole a 13 year old girl and still recieve critial accalim and accolades," McNulty mumbled as he looked over at his 14 year old niece, Sammy Jo.

Michael Moore's acceptance speech, however, earned applause from some -- but hoots of derision from others.
Accompanied on stage by his fellow documentary nominees, Moore, who won best documentary feature for "Bowling for Columbine," wasted no time in lighting into President Bush, the 2000 election and the war in Iraq.
"I've invited my fellow documentary nominees on stage with us here in solidarity with me," he said, "because we like non-fiction and we live in fictitious times. We live in the time where we have fictitious election results that elect a fictitious president. We live in a time where we have a man who's sending us to war for fictitious reasons, whether it's the fiction of duct tape or the fiction of orange alerts. ... We have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons. We are against this war, Mr. Bush. Shame on you, Mr. Bush, shame on you."

As reported in The Leek, as Moore was berrating the legitimacy of the Bush Administration the music came up 57 seconds into his acceptance speech cutting off the anit-Bush, anti-war rabble rousing. "We said we weren't accepting any anti-American activities up there and we meant it," said Julie Friedmann, 34, associate director of the ABC broadcast.

Friday, March 21, 2003


Your mama's like melted butter - spreads so easy ...


Dr. Feelgood = me making sure you can enjoy 4:20 tomorrow. Cuz I wuv you and want to curry favor so you don't hate me for bailing tomorrow!!


And yah, Norah does suck and I was high and forgot we brought it up. She's no MacKenzie and NEVER COULD BE!

HA HA HA!!! Yo mama like a Coke machine...put a dollar in her you get the Real Thing.

NICE! You're totally gonna win this volley, but fuck it ... umm, lessee ...

Your momma like a Chef Boy-Ar-Dee factory - someone always puttin' sausage in her can!
Yo mama so fat, gravy is an aphrodesiac!

HA - your momma so fat she scratch her back with a 747!

Norah should be on your list. Just out of sheer general principal. You know hte Grammys are about moving covers...not artistic talent.
WAH!!! You mamma so fat she use a VCR for a BEEPER!
Ha, great thanks! Add Alicia Keys and Vanessa Carlton to that list too!! Norah Jones is still undecided as she's the daugher of Ravi Shankar and quite the cutie pie...

I'll probably leave the house around 4 so I can dig the afternoon light.


Oh yeah? Well your mama so loose she went skydivin' and didn't need a parachute!

Oh...BTW: your momma so fat she jump up in the air she get STUCK!
I wish you nothing but Billy Joel, Elton John and Ben Folds requests!!! ^_~ Give a call when your on your way...that is if you have your cell phone on you. Or call when you're leaving your home. You a morning runner?

Is the convergence of events in the world driving anyone else over the bend?? I totally feel out of control!!

BTW - TUESDAY AT THE BURREN!! It's happenin'! Irish - you should try to come and cheer on our Sully!! Sully - don't worry, we'll get some more practice in - maybe tuesday night you come home from work with me, big boy?

I have another new handle that my friend Emily gave me yesterday - Captain Proton!

I leave you with a song:

Let's Make Love Tonight

It's getting pretty late
Another night as a dateless wonder
I wish I could sedate
This hangover I'm fallin' under
I've tipped more cups tonight
Than a china shop on a rollercoaster
You might look allright,
But tomorrow you may look like, a horror movie poster
What do you say?

I'm not much the kind
Who goes in for strong advances
But I just read the paper
And figured I'd just take my chances
I could treat you right
You'd never have to be afraid-a
At least come stay the night
And help me get my mind of the Al-Qaeda

And I'll go home with anyone I can
Since I heard about the Taliban
Now it's hit rock bottom,
Cuz Saddam's in their sights
We might blow up tomorrow, so let's make love

I should just go home
Before you punch me in the grill
But I just have to say it
This Iraq shit is such a buzzkill
Will I have a life or a future now that we're at war?
All the bets are off
So we might as well just do it on the floor!

I never had much appetite for sin
Since I started watchin' CNN
I got time for fuckin'
Cuz I don't sleep at night
We might blow up tomorrow so let's make love tonight

Gettin' hitched was never in my plan
But Bush's boys made me a marryin' man
Our boys out by the thousands
Waiting around to fight
We might blow up tomorrow, so let's make love tonight!


I have to reschedule fun tomorrow night, sadly. I had half-committed to a gig earlier in the week and it's kind of a cool one where I get to play piano so I'm gonna do it. It's with my ex so I'm a little nervous about it but I want to give it a shot. How about next thursday or saturday?

And in the meantime, Dr. Feelgood is planning on swinging by sometime during the afternoon to at least make sure you have the appropriate tools for fun ...

PLEASE LET's GET TOGETHER SOON! My next few weeks are much like Sully's mom - wikkid open.


With that kinda grammah...ahh you drunk now, chief?
i am yet to see as drunk as i get! we will get there!

This is me after every weekend I hang with Whisper
I like the belly dancer...
WAH!!! Party party party!!!

BJ smiley on website i lost.
this is best i can do:

yup, that's supposed to be you. AH SHIT! my boss was lookin at my smileys, and i didn't want her to see the joint guy! all she said was, party party party! i said, yup!

double d'oh!
this sums up sunday
Dude...like wheah's the blow job smiley? ^_~

Hey! The little bald one with the sunglasses and the guitar...that's me!!! I recognize me!
this pretty much sums up my weekend
Irish Whisper's Hometown after her first experience with PMS:

sully before he started shaving his back

The Poodle Bites...The Poodle Chews It. Arf, she said.

this is my dog back home! aww....

okay, my mom's dog...wasn't my choice!
Who wimped what? Don't chu worry munchkin...we'll get some lemons. I'll make up for it later...WAH!!! ^_~

sully it's orange!
whatever, you guys whimped out bigtime.
Shock & Awe! That's what was on the TV that I said I had two dicks! "Want me to shock & awe you, hunny...I have two penises...it's true. I can fill you out like an application".
We didn't chicken out of body shots until you mentioned hygene. Ms. "Ohhh I just took a shower" blah blah blah...SHUT THE FUCK UP, WENCH AND MAKE ME A STEAK!!! ^_~ WAH!
Oh...we didn't have any lemons...remember? You must have lemons for the body shot. Mabye later tonight...^_~
Did it have my eyes? ^_~
oh my god! i had a dream i had a baby last night!! oh no!!!
sure, just point me in the direction!

hey, did we kill that second bottle last night? why did everyone chicken out of body shots??
I insist. ^_~ Now have another drink you fuckin' lush.
okay, if you insist sullster!!! MWAH!!

you will NOT get me at manray! rack it is!!!!!!!!

j/k..i will go anywhere..anytime.

damn! i wish i could still fit into my vinyl pants!!!
I was too lazy to walk you to the station. I rather know you got home safe. I do not live in the nicest nor safest neighborhood.
You must realize this. You are a cute, short chick and walking around my neighborhood after midnight is literally asking for trouble. I will not allow you to leave my house unprotected or unsafe.
Saturday at MANRAY


Saturdays...in the cage...Chris New Wave Party
Party Out Of Bounds and dance to the best of the 80's. DJ Chris Ewen
spins at the Boston area's longest running evening of retro fun.
Picked by the Boston Phoenix Readers Poll as the best Saturday club
night for the last two years in a row. Expect to hear all of your
favorites, and some gems from Chris' extensive 80's archives that
will jog your memory, make you smile and move your feet in the
direction of the dancefloor.
haha! thanks doctor! you should see us play cranium if you liked our previous performances! :)
Okay. Morning guys. Steak was too good to describe with words. How Dane isn't married by now to some hot sweet chick is beyond me. Any woman would be lucky to have ANY of you guys.

I think I was more drunk that I thought last night. Don't really remember getting home all that well..blur..blur...blur...

Sully, thank you YET again for a wonderful everning, but you really need to stop giving me money! I can walk to the T by myself!! You are too kind. really are. Oh, and I'm not gonna go the gym today so that you don't have to wait around for me, but i have to get there tomorrow at some point. I don't see that happening for some reason. Sunday I have to study and do the gym, but I am free for saturday.

Hooey, I think the plan is that sully is gonna come to my place for a little tonight, then we're gonna head back to his place to watch SPINAL TAP (:):):)) AND THEN (:):)) you either come over saturday or we can go to your place and watch x-mas vacation and ab fab. sully!! we have to watch x-mas vacation today!!

Hooey, I'm so glad we get to hang out again!!

Sully, I was thinking maybe when you get here, just come up to my office, and maybe we can go on the web and look at prices and stuff for the trip? I need a ballpark of what to save, and how to start my savings for it. If we aren't up for it, that's cool too, but you should come here anyway to see my office!

so did "who you know" sleep over???? hahhaaha!

oh, and can i sing? let's see. you know what it might sound like if you accidentally stepped on clark's foot or tail?? well, that's about how my singing sounds. i wish i could sing and play, i know i'm a HUGE musician at heart, but that's about as far as it goes. :)

However, I do make an excellent groupie. :)

I'd just like to interject something -

Sully and Irish Whisper, you two together, either in person or virtually, is/are some of the funniest shit I've encountered in recent years, and I've worked at a fucking improv comedy theater for the last five. I was laughing out loud in my cube as I was getting caught up. Yeesh!! KEEP IT UP!

We started watching This Is Spinal Tap last night but Whisper had to go home...no she wasn't walking funny...why ask?
We could watch that. Ab Fab. The ceiling.
Hooey does have a video camera BTW. ^_~
Whisper...any suggetsions?
I also thought we could go over Hooey's place and we can drink beer and hang too...we like playing music. Whisper...can you sing? We're always looking for our friends to Ocho up with us.
Rev. Sully!'s The Leek. 3/21/2003

This leaflet dropped over southern Iraq by coalition aircraft warns Iraqi troops not to destroy oil wells.

UK: Iraq torches 30 oil refineries

AR RUMAYLAH, Iraq (CNN) -- Retreating Iraqi soldiers have torched up to 30 oil refineries in southern Iraq Friday, according to British Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon.
"Most of the oil infrastructure on the peninsula have been secured intact," he said. "I can confirm however that the Iraqi regime has set fire to a number of oil wells, our latest information is up to 30 oil wells are alight amongst hundreds in southern Iraq.
"The primary aim of our current operations is to prevent further opportunities of such deliberate destruction, and to enable remedial action to be taken as soon as is practical."

Vice President Dick Cheney was seen weeping over his daily bowl of Cheerios over the news of the fires. Condaleeza Rice described Cheney as "inconsolable" and "bereved". The weeping Cheney then threw his cereal bowl at the kitchen television striking the visage of Katie Couric as she desribed the burning refineries. President Bush hearing of the fires asked for prayers from Americans because as he said: "It's the only thing that'll keep gas prices down are your prayers".

I will bring the camera and the gumbo, but rest assured that my services as cameraman do not cum cheap. This thing has spell check, right?

And Mac'K - every side is YOUR good side, baby ...

Movie marathon sounds fab. I might bring the camera just in case, and we can make "Reverend Sully Repents", a weekly dialogue in which your host Reverend Sully confesses in full disclosure all of the disgusting thoughts he's had over the past week, and then provides his phone number for one-on-one follow-up discussions. Reverend Sully is a practicting Minister, but he so good at it he never has to practice. It just comes out his ass. Aww yeah ...

So what filmage shall there be?


Rev. Sully!'s The Leek. 3/21/2003

Even though outlawed in Islamic Shar'ia Law, captured Iraqis are offering "Blowjobs for Lives". "We are sure Allah will understand", said Iraqi POW Abba Bin Mohammed al Asqua as he wiped his chin, happy to be alive.

U.S. flag flies over Iraqi port

UMM QASR, Iraq (CNN) -- An American flag flew over the new Iraqi port of Umm Qasr Friday after U.S. Marines took control after light resistance from Iraqi troops, according to a Reuters correspondent.
Adrian Croft said the old port, about a mile away, was still in Iraqi hands. The British Royal Marines, who are working in tandem in the south of Iraq, had earlier established a beachhead on the Faw Peninsula, Iraq's only Persian Gulf coast.
The UK Defence Minister Geoff Hoon said he expected the whole of Umm Qasr to be shortly under allied control, with facilities to be set up for humanitarian operations.

The US Flag flew over the port of Umm Qasr making it the first American Colonial site for the 21st Century. "Sure the port will be beneficial for humanitarian aid but what other place would make a great colonial staging ground as this?", asked Gunnery Sgt. Murray Peters, 27 of Blue Bayou, MI. "We cannot wait to have indigoneous people resent us once again as an occupying force. I mean I've got dirty looks before but nothing compares to this besides the way Hawaiians looked at me when I was on shore leave in Kona a few years back".
Chief Mark Running Hare Stevens of the Muskoqueeganana Tribe gave advice to the Iraqis. "Just yes the White Man to death. I dunno why Bush is bitching about biological weapons...it's not like we bitch about all those blankets the Europeans gave us when y'all came over. But I say to the Iraqis, just start drinking and perhaps open a few casinos and the embarassment of your occupation will subside hopefully in fewer generations it took my people".

[3/20/2003 4:56:29 PM | Irish Whisper]
hahaha! wow! i've never ever had a guy to do that to me. do guys know how to be romantic anymore? damn. i bet i missed out on a lot of that stuff. like a guy washing your hair, etc...okay, back to the matter at hand...

Romance...passion...ahhh...the forgotten things that make the human's world go round and round...
Guys don't know how to be romantic. Men do.

Steaks were great, huh?

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Gotta go and snap the carot now before I see Whisper or I'll libel to end up humping her leg like Clark. ^_~
Have a good night y'all!!!
Well I was going to brush the tangles out of your hair too while I had you in the tub...^_~

Hooey needs a tripod or else it'll look like Die Hard 3 with the camera bopping up and down...
BTW: I'd gently untie your binds, take you into my arms, draw you a hot bath and sweetly undo the mess that I've done. ^_~ You don't mind if Hooey watches?

hahaha! wow! i've never ever had a guy to do that to me. do guys know how to be romantic anymore? damn. i bet i missed out on a lot of that stuff. like a guy washing your hair, etc...okay, back to the matter at hand...

of course Hooey can watch..that just makes it more fun. but he HAS to position the camera to get my "good" side.
I got homemade tapioca puddin' available upon request. Freshly whipped. ^_~
You're the chick among dudes once again and just how you like it. The only other chick who posts here is Kiwi and she's decomposing in the trunk of a Mini Cooper.

BTW: I'd gently untie your binds, take you into my arms, draw you a hot bath and sweetly undo the mess that I've done. ^_~ You don't mind if Hooey watches?

But then the idea of you pretending to be a waitress is pretty funny...
oh sully, i only like chocolate and tapioca pudding. :)
you must bring your camera. i've always wanted to see how i look on film! and i think sully's plan was to wrap me in bubble wrap and then snap the bubbles..one by one...
ahh...where have all the bambina's gone??
and then....

we get it on! yeah baby! yeah! dr. hooey. two posts from you in one day?? could this be true??? :) um, i am free like a bird saturday. well, after sully unties me and wipes all the shit off me. (dazed moment: i bet she's kinda cute once you clean all the shit off of her) let's get dressed up and go to rack! hahahaha. no, seriously. i want to make money! i would honestly do it too. go to the bar, get their beers, take it to them, then get tipped!!! then recycle the money for us to drink!!! how suhweet is that boys??

hooey...we can have our movie marathon!!!!!!!!!!!! (i'll wear the boots!) hahha
DUDE! I'll bring the pudding!

And then...

SWEET! I'll bring the videocamera, and MacKenzie can bring a nubile bambina for me!!

Actually...I'd use Astroglide. Millions of homos can't be wrong.
Saturday...I'm waking up...then I think I'm getting my Bloody Mary on with Munchkin. Then...I'm going to try to talk her into lewd acts. With enough persistance and KY Jelly, I think it'll work.

HAPPY STEAK and BJ DAY!! I'm sorry I can't come tonight (har har) - I've gotta go play a show for all the drunken khaki-wearin' yuppie set who would giggle nervously to their dates at the thought of meat swapping! They're my people though, even though half of them are HOT and on a date with some loozah (the other half)!

I hope you guys get your steak on!!! What are people doing saturday? I know Sully's free ... let us know love ...


>as long as a pic already has a web address that can be found, you can post pics.
>that still doesn't explain why i see them and you don't though.

Some hosts, especially those that have bandwidth limitations, will prevent redirects to image files on their server. You can post a link to it in that case, but not the image itself.
Of course, if the image has already been viewed on your machine, you have a cached copy of it and will be able to view the image normally until the image is bumped, cleared, or otherwise removed from your temporary internet files directory.
sully, i went ahead and deleted the posts, b/c when i logged on here today, they were red x's!! WEIRD!! it sure entertained me yesterday though!!
Irish Whisper. The images still are not showing so I'm thinking of converting them into links. Is that cool with you?
Rev. Sully!'s The Leek. 3/20/2003

Tatu -- Lena Katina, left, and Yulia Volkova -- have hit No. 1 in several countries with their song "I Lost My Mind," but the group's sexual antics have gotten critics upset.

Controversial Russian lesbian duo a hit
Tatu raising hackles, climbing charts

MOSCOW, Russia (AP) -- Clad in skimpy tank tops, teenage pop stars Lena and Yulia giggle and clasp hands on a Russian television talk show as their hit music video is played for a studio audience.
The camera pans over the audience, lingering on a Russian Orthodox priest who grimaces and crosses himself when the video shows the girls kissing.
The pop duo Tatu -- Russian slang for "This girl (loves) that girl" -- has long been causing a sensation at home.

Fuck war. Love instead. That's all the Leek for today. Go find some love to counter all this war.

That's the Leek today.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

i have cable too, so what's the haha about? towards me or no?

yes! thanks for the reminder! new SP!!

yeah, sully. at 6 on a friday , peeps will be working, uh NO!
Sure...any hot broads there. Some office chicks like it hot & hard you know.
Ha ha! I got cable (shitty satellite UNUSABLE SIGNAL!!!). What show. I GET BRAND NEW SOUTH PARK!
And stupid WB's Angel that I love to watch is on. Last one with Eliza "Rowr" Dushku.
sully, that sucks! if you want, i'll take you to my office friday and show you myself! wanna see my office friday?
No...can't see them at all...just little red x's like the ones on my eyes in the morning.
yes, i can. you STILL can't see all these pics?? they're great!!!!
You can see that pic right? Halley Joel Osmet
sully can't post what i can...nah nah nah nah nah
Maybe you see Dead People too. ^_~
that still doesn't explain why i see them and you don't though.
yes, they are those pics. all you do is click on the pic, it comes up, and there is a direct website for them. click on the web address, NOT properties, adn you're all set. as long as a pic already has a web address that can be found, you can post pics.

but i didn't need to tell you that being the moderator...now did i? :P)
If I came over your workmates would be like...this is the guy with the girl problems? He's too cute for that! ^_~
If they're the pics from the site I gave you the link earlier, know that I had problems posting the pics too. I cannot see the pics you're posting nor are they on the WWW site. Are they on yours? Did you download them and post them from your computer or are they direct links to the site. My Eddie didn't work earlier but I am perplexed that you are able to see them and I'm not. I'm not fucking with you.
i guess i got magical powers that even the moderator can't get! mwuhahahahahahahah
if you could come over to my computer you would see them........and laugh!
well i dunno what you're talking about, but all the pics are here. i'm starting at them right now. it's working fine. how can't you see them but i can??
What pics...they're not rendering on my text editor screen nor are they appearing on the Web Site.
fuckin eddy

you gotta leave blue leisure suit up though!
what? no one posts on this board!!! the pics are great!! you don't want em up? fine, go ahead. Rtard
Mind if I kill some of those?
huh? are you jokin with me? eddie's up! big ass picture! are you drinking already?
Watch what? ^_~
I dunno...Eddie didn't post for me either.

I'd like to see more posts from different peeps yeah. Especially Dringo...I MISS YOU THE MOST DRINGO!!!
sully, you need to get people on this board who have nothing better to do all day than write here! :)
actually i'm glad it's this way. i told you i'm more concentrated at work and that's most important to me. plus i can find many distractions on my own!! :)
Hooey's not tuned in methinks. He could be...watching us. Making faces at me...taunting me!!!
Dr. Hooey, you missed one hell of a game sunday!!
Yeah. Last I heard things were going well, but they're "still getting to know each other." She really seems happy about him though.

Call her dude. 10-10-719-011-64-9 and her number means it's only like 7 cents a minute. You probably can't call me for that little.If you don't get her, I'm sure Annette would tell you when she'll be around.
New boy? See, you got the 411...still that Chris guy we were busting her nuggets over.
At least you get actual correspondence...sheeesh. I miss my Kiwi...::sad Sully face:: :..^ (
...and on top of all that she's trying to squeeze in a scuba certification class soon.
Nah, I'm playing chess with Kiwi.

She's wicked busy though... a major research project, several papers, two jobs, an intern placement, and a new boy will do that to ya.
Or Irish Whisper scared her off...Queen Bee syndrome?
Kiwi has given up on us and the Blog. Sure she'll say she's bizzie. Sure she'll blame the 18 hour time difference. Sure she'll say she didn't have enough phone books to put under her chair to reach the computer. But there is no love from that part of the world. I'm sad to say that Kiwi is decomposing in the trunk of a Mini-Cooper.
where is KIWI?
Foxwoods is in the far down the path development office. Need to replenish the coffers with ducats you know. I can't put an ETA on that but I will TBA it though.
Well my bedroom's not an abbatoir. But you're correct...boudoir is incorrect.
i still can't believe there is a sink in every room of your house sully! that place is a keeper!
Oh... and you don't have a boudoir anymore... that's a lady's bedroom.
Too true... it's good to be able to give pointers. Hope you learn "porn style".
oh. darn. damn you for leading us on hooey face! :):)

Dood... foxwoods! We'll have to get our blackjack on for Vegas! Speaking of which, have they set a date? Booking the suite now wouldn't be a bad idea.
You never know...actually it's so when I got a naive Betty in my boudoir I can get my way everytime with a few hints and prompts. Like Snoop Dogg said "put my dick on your shoulder, I want it to be on your mind soon...now stick it in your mouth...oh shit the cops are coming...hide it behind yo head...".
He's got a gig Thursday I believe that's why he cannot attend.
That was the plan...for a smaht guy I can be slooooooow sometime kiddo.
Why do you want to know how to suck dick? :o
sully, with foxwoods, that is the plan!

when does dr. hooey have a gig? what are we talkin about here o'slobberman? ;)
Thursday's Steak & BJ Day. I'm teaching the Irish Whisper how to cook a Steak...she's gonna teach me how to suck a dick. ^_~

I've never been to Foxwoods. I think if we go we should make a night of it and stay there over night and get a civilized break'est in the morning.
Foxwoods could be fun... keep me posted!

What's up for thursday?
I still got The Ring. Dr. Hooey has a gig...maybe a date? (HA! Bustin' nuggets, Pedro...we have to get used to this shit especially on the road when the chicks will ask...which one are you?).
I tried to post a pic of Randy Quaid from that scene with the hat on and the cigar in his mouth but as you can see...red X.
sully! that is fuckin great! you get the gold star for today!!! i can't stop laughing! "i can't swim clark." "i know that eddie"

priceless! my boss doesn't find it as funny as we do! i have to go watch that movie tonight now!!

that website is getting bookmarked along with ab fab!

do we know if peter coming thursday? if so, i'll bring the movie.
Rev. Sully!'s The Leek. 3/19/2003

A worker takes down drapes from the red carpet area along Hollywood Boulevard on Tuesday.

Toned-down Oscars to go on as scheduled

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- The 75th Academy Awards will go on as scheduled Sunday despite the possibility of war with Iraq, organizers said Tuesday, though the show and glamorous red-carpet display will be toned down out of respect.
The Oscars have been postponed only three times in the show's 74-year history, and never because of war.
"We all understand that the country is on the brink of war and may be sending American men and women into harm's way almost as we speak," said Gil Cates, the producer of this year's show. "We must prepare for the show to be produced under these circumstances."

Producers and organizers think that the red carpet would invoke thoughts of the "Red Alert", the Homeland Security highest level of danger awareness. "We keep the subliminals down to a bare minimum these days and concentrate that on moving sodapop, concessions and crappy sequels. We wouldn't want this to work against us". A special bulletproof dome was being constructed for the occassion but scrapped at the last minute after noticing that the guest list included some East and West Coast rappers and that riccochets from gunfire could harm fellow celebrities. "It would be one thing if it was open air and just a papparazzi or a civilian got hit by a stray bullet but think about if it was someone like Tom Hanks, Martin Scorcese or Cate Blanchett. It would break Hollywood's heart if we have to mourn our peers AND protest a war", Bunny Hoover, 25 of Midland City, IN and former red carpet usher.

It was also noticed at the last minute the ailse was not wide enough for Ben Affleck, Affleck's ego, Jennifer Lopez, Lopez's ego and Lopez's super-fine heinie.
15 of the 30 nations with the US's Colatition for War against Iraq wish to remain anonymous.
BBC World News Report, 3/19/2003 9:30AM

Rev. Sully!'s The Leek. 3/19/2003

Paris: We may help in chemical war

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Despite French opposition to a war in Iraq, the French military could assist a U.S.-led coalition should Iraq use biological and chemical weapons against coalition forces, the French ambassador to the United States said Tuesday.
"If the war starts and if (President) Saddam Hussein uses chemical or biological weapons, it would change completely the situation for the French president and for the French government, and President (Jacques) Chirac will have to decide what we will do to help the American troops to confront this new situation.

President Chirac was forced to act on the pressure from the US seeing that French McDonald's employees finally had a reason to fight back against French farmers who usually protest the American icol establishment. "They changed the 'Grande Frites' to 'Super Sized Freedom Fries' and the Royale avec Frommage to the Quarter Pounder with Cheese. We are French! What do we know outside the Metric System???"
McDonald's employees, empowered by the current anti-French sentiment were seen heckling French farmers with "la voix de la poule" or chicken sounds. French farmers under duress by the taunts of the McDonald's employees stormed the capital and demanded satisfaction.
Rev. Sully!'s The Leek. 3/19/2003

Police link serial killings to recent slaying

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (AP) -- DNA evidence confirmed that the slaying of a graduate student this month is the work of the same serial killer who has killed four other women in the past year and a half, authorities said Tuesday.
Police chief Pat Englade made the announcement at a news conference with Gov. Mike Foster and FBI Special Agent Kenneth Kaiser.
Carrie Lynn Yoder, 26, a Louisiana State University graduate student from Tampa, Florida, was found dead of asphyxiation Thursday, more than a week after she was reported missing from her Baton Rouge home.

In an unsolicited remark about the case, comedian/actor Chris Rock said, "It just hadda be a muthafuckin' cracker that did this. You kiddin' me??? Name two black serial killers. Shit, man...name one!"

Due to sensitivity of the nature of this case any remarks to Count Chocula being the main suspect is uncalled for.