Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Use this link. Does a day start at midnight or at 12:01AM? It matters with years...why not minutes to days. Any thoughts?

On the Edge of a Brand New Year...

Where to begin
At the start you'd think
Maybe in the middle
Not too late I think

G'day Ochies. Or is it Ochieros? I can never keep that straight. On this another day when the Sun did not rise on the West and the Axis of Evil keeps spinning round, can you say that you have not had fun today?
Have you told your housepet that you love them. Like plants, housepets respond well to singing. Especially when you ad lib their name into every possible nook & crannie in the lyrics.
Take stock! Heck...make stock! I felt bad because I butchered a whole chicken to make Fried Chick'n and I never bothered to put my scraps in the freezer for stock. On the same note, I would have been executed in severvely drastic and inhumane ways by the Fremen for the way I wash my dishes.

Moor madness! It's all the rage in Spain. Well...it used to be if you open to page 87 of your World History textbooks. The Teacher's Edition cannot help you as well as you assume it will. More madness please. Perhaps some madcap behaviour. Why are retard joke still funny? This is a cruel world we live in...make no bones about it. When someone complains that this is an unfair world you say "yer dern tootin'!" and tell 'em why. Never change your perspective...just open it. You're probably not looking in a wide enough scope but I can only speak for myself. And do...at every opportunity.

* ^ ) I'm keeping an eye out for you. Nobody said that.

When you ask someone "How are you?" I hope you're always prepared for the worst. You never know what'll happen when you open your mouth. I mean...you asked, right?

Does the day of the highest amount of spousal abuse in countries other than the USA correspond with major Sporting events such as Championships, et al. It's around the corner so if you're really looking for something nice to do, you could donate something to a Woman's Shelter. Super Bowl Sunday is upon us.

See you next year, Ochieros. A Whole New Year...a Whole New Bag O'Shennanigans! ^_~

Still thinking impure thoughts of rolling donuts,

Rev. Sully!

Monday, December 30, 2002


Here's something only Ocho fans can enjoy.

(_|_) My ass.
Isn't lovely. Isn't it wonderful.

8====> (____|____) This is a fucking HUGE ASS!!! Get it! WAH!!!

Wait...there's more. I'd like to know what does North Korea really want. And I've figured it out. M*A*S*H re-runs. No really. It's true.
Then there is the lack of courtesy for the elderly. I mean it's a reflex when I laugh when the elderly fall down...it's downright mean and nasty and rude when other people do it. Can we just get along. Someday we'll be that old.
I saw an old lady fall once. And I had to laugh. I mean it was like slow motion. WHAP! Felled like a tree. Fell on her face. I think I stopped laughing when I saw the blood. Out loud that is.

We're starting a campaign (we mean the Royal Rev. Sully!) to get Chris Rock cannonized as the Saint of Common Sense.
We're passing the hat later and having a benefit luncheon with a guest speaker. I'm thinking the homeless guy in Harvard Square who didn't realize that he already sold me a copy of Spare Change yesterday.

Now in the world of Sport, the Patriots are Patsies. There I said it. Argue if you want but it won't change the fact if they only won one bloody more game there would be none of this bleeding heart crap from the Foxboro Faithful. It was a fluke that throws a monkey wrench into the unhappiness of being a New England Sports fan. Regardless of what you read on that bathroom wall in the Esso in North Pigfuckbridge, MON, New Zealand, the Bruins are the real deal. Hockey is God's Sport. He told me so in a vivid vision at the Public House last Tuesday. On the 8th day He was bored and made the ice. All those objecting to the masculine thrid person "He" in the God-talk need to get in line with the Romance Language Unions first. One your form has been made in triplicate, we will then send your complaint via pnumatic tube to the local Town Dump.

I knew I recognized those Raelian freaks from the cloned baby story. Little Eve shoud have a shelf life of 8 days but we'll never trully know because they've already replaced her with Manny Lewis, TV's Webster. No one will know the difference. It worked for the government covering up the disappearence of Valentine Michael Smith. Wait...that was a book. Why didn't the aliens from "V" just get genetic samples and clone themselves some food? I mean..."V" couldn't fly today under this type of media scrutiny.

I was at a Target in Everett, MA, USA last week wherein the checkout counter girl had more hair on her arms than I do on my body. Who decides what is fashionable in body hair??? Let me know then let her know.

Is it really New Years? I mean that for real with all the calendar changes in the past 2,000 years...how do we know for sure? And then there's all the competition. You heard it here first...control the calendar...control the world. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Has anyone seen my houseboy, Cho-Cho? He needs to get his ass home and clean up this mess.

Ciao my fellow Ochos!

Rev. Sully!

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Any New Year's Resolutions? Or can you think of the stupidest New Years Res you've heard out of somone's mouth.

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Christmas feces....hidey ho!

Monday, December 23, 2002

Thanks Sully... glad you could make it! Happy holidays everyone. Hope you get what you're wishing for... major downfall or otherwise!

Monday, December 16, 2002

Here's to Matt for being a congenital...I mean congenial host! HUZZAH! Good party!
And it is the second major downfall of men is that we accept that attitude.


Friday, December 13, 2002

Yes - we ladies of leisure are rarely home. Instead we spend our time frollicking on beaches and what not.

From a female perspective - you are right blow jobs win over all as the major downfall of the Male species.

If you were home when I called, you wouldn't miss these things. ;)

If I have to pick, I'd go with the blow jobs downfall myself. Not gossiping doesn't get us in nearly as much trouble as that does.
I think the major downfall of the Male species is our need for blow jobs.

Long Duk Dong: MALLIED!

Jake Ryan: Married?

Long Duk Dong: Yah! Sam get married. To oily beau-hunk.

I'm very happy for them and proud of them.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Wait - ENGAGED??? Did I miss something.
Well, I certainly didn't see that coming!
You guys really need to start doing a better job of keeping me up to date on the IMPORTANT gossip happening on that side of the world. I think that is one of the major downfalling of the Male species.
Well...I just might.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Cool... let me know if you need any assistance.
I get to plan the Bachelor Party!!!
Congrats to James and Laura... they just got engaged! Woo hoo!

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

And the world keeps turning...

Thursday, December 05, 2002

>Size matters not.

Size? No. Mass and density? Yes... most definately.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

>Based on what? as far as I know, orbital/gravitational calculations are based on the actual position of massive bodies, not on where they appear to be. (I may be wrong about that)

Based on the Ask Jeeves query. That's it. I'm an eijit on these things regurgitating what I read like a good Christian at Sunday School.

The larger the density of an object, the larger the gravitational pull (as a black hole, very small but truly dense and gravitationally attractive). Size matters not.
I think I should have a greater gravitational attraction than most due to my being dense. It's why chicks dig me.

>A gravitron (if they exist) is assumed to have the same velocity as the speed of light.

Based on what? as far as I know, orbital/gravitational calculations are based on the actual position of massive bodies, not on where they appear to be. (I may be wrong about that)

I like Einstien's model, which is analogous to the following illustration, but in an additional dimension. (ie. 4th dimensional warping of 3 dimensional space as opposed to 3rd dimensional warping of 2 dimensional space):
If you have an unbelieveably large piece of fabric stretched tight, and place a marble on it, it will distort the surface of the fabric, but stay put assuming the "plane" is level. If you also put a large ball on the fabric, it and the marble will roll toward each other as a result of the distortions they cause, at a rate and direction (in a thoretically perfect scenario) similar to what you would expect from bodies of similar scale in a vacuum.

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

More Gravity reference.


Funny about the dog though.

Well having a large mass in an area of space/time sure helps things stick (WAH!) but what caused all this coalesion in the first palce. Attractive forces, repulsive forces...hmmm. I guess that's the spirit of the question.

Also I'd ask the aliens how to MacGuyver a laser pointer into a Lightsaber. OK...that's sounds silly now but wait until I'm Jedi Massa Mack-Daddy.

What is the Speed of Gravity? Can gravity be even measured in speed? A gravitron (if they exist) is assumed to have the same velocity as the speed of light.
Very interesting indeed. Would it depend on the mass versus attraction? All in a vacuum of course. Acceleration.
Hmmm...makes me wish I wasn't an eijit when it comes to this kind of stuff.
Maybe we should ask the Rent-A-Geniuses. They exist in Somerville. "Knowlwdge for Hire".

If Alpha Centauri blew up then would it take a little over 4 years to have a grave effect on our solar system? Well...besides the big flash in the sky.

I think I would ask an alien if they believe in God. And to elaborate. Perhaps a "Babel Fish" type thing exists in their knowledge that can really help in the "kiss my ass and disprove the Big Kahuna finally" argument.
I think gravity being a byproduct of mass warping space is a more elegant and plausable solution, don't you? If gravity is the result of a "graviton" particle interaction, then wouldn't it stand to reason that there would be a delay in gravitational effect? If Alpha Centauri were to collapse into a red dwarf, would our system feel the effects instantaneously, or would we have to wait for the gravitons to travel here? If the latter, what is the speed of gravity?

Sunday, December 01, 2002

>Dogs and cats (although I believe they have souls) seem not to take any joy and/or humor in their flatulence.

You haven't met Clark dog, have you? He clearly thinks farts are a riot... he'll go out of his way to get up, go into Jon's room, climb up on the bed, fart on his head, then run back into the other room and pretend he's sleeping (with tail wagging and one eye open). He also gets that, "What? It wasn't me!" expression everytime he farts audibly. Fart humor may well be beneath the dignity of house cats.

Quantum gravity (which I tend to doubt the existance of in favor of Einstien's model) isn't the same thing at all. UFT is a single theorem that would simultaneously and elegantly explain the existance and interaction of gravitation, electromagnetics, and the weak and strong nuclear forces.