Thursday, September 22, 2016


Saturday, September 17, 2016

LEGO Batcave '66

Kit Bag One: The Batmobile.
Mini-Figures include BATMAN and JOKER.
Happy Batman Day! ^_^

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My Elevator Pitch for the Ben Affleck BATMAN Movie.

Already we know Deathstroke will be in it.

How to include Joker & Harley and not even use them until End of Act 2?
Have Deathstroke be on a paid assignment to...
Kill Joker.  Batman will have to protect Joker from Deathstroke.  In order to bring him to Justice all the while while not killing the villain himself for murdering Robin.
Act 3 resolution: Batman susses out Who Hired Deathstroke?
The GCPD Widows' Fund.  The Wives of the Cops killed by Joker.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Star Wars

I'm almost done with S2 of Star Wars The Clone Wars.

I am looking forward (spoiler-free) to ROGUE-ONE.

I noticed something...
It's "Canon".
It's in the Show.

Well Jango Fett's armor and painting of the Slave-1 respect the colors of the planet Mandalore...
Boba Fett's respects the colony of Concordia.  And in the previous "canon", Boba Fett was supposed to have come from a Mandalorian colony called Concord Dawn, right?
Just throwing that out there.

I've Moved!

So I hadda leave my home of 4 1/2 years.
That's a Story for Another Day...but iDigress.

My mom & stepdad came by with random stuff, including a microwave & a really nice toaster oven.
She also brough slow-roasted chi thighs with crispy skin.

I've been bowled over with my friends and family these past 2 days.

My new sitch.  Is really cool.
I got the Sundance Channel on our Cable and last night was a Law & Order marathon.  Original.
Saturdays are for Hitchcock.  I watched Vertigo and Rear Window as I folded my clothes.  The Birds come on next.

I'm reporting to you from my usual Saturday Blogging Place: My Local Pub.
I moved an 8 minute walk away from my Local.
a 21-minute walk away from my beloved Sunday gig, Highland Kitchen.
and a 25-minute walk (mind you, in sandals!) from Davis Square.

I kept my Neighborhood.
Thank you, Magoun Square.
This is what it feels to be an immigrant. I'm from a Place...
Yet I came here & stayed here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Star Wars

I've just started watching the Clone Wars.

I'm almost done with season 2.  And I am very impressed.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Star Wars

Hey Space Cowboys and Girls!

I just finished the amazing monthly edition "Lattes With Leia", 2 savvy ladies talking about Star Wars for an hour.  My cup of Jawa Juice.
This Edition: "Best of..."  I played along at home.  Maybe you can as well.  I'd love to hear your Lattes' -Inspired Best of List.
So do what I do, give the Lattes Ladies a Spin and Play Along at Home!
The Force will be with you.  Always.  ^_^

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Suicide Squad


Suicide Squad was a great accompaniment to the eventual over-story of the new DC Live-Action Movies.
A PG-13 attempt at matching Marvel's Deadpool with some pottymouthed fan service.
In the end, it was a simple movie, told in three acts with relatable characters.  I think it better use of the action figures in this Movie Universe's Toybox.
MoS, BvS and the introduction of "metahumans" is the familiar backdrop and this story tells itself.  The stakes are in the backstory.  The exposition is seamless.  The Big Bad is Believable if you know your DCU.  The threat was a CGI-Frakfest yet the strength was in the roles & their actors.  The Story was Color-By-Numbers in 3 Acts.  You know...a movie.
Will Smith I knew was gonna steal this show.  He was Lawton, the Deadshot.  Really filled the role with depth & humanity.  As this movie went, I was most interested in seeing him.  He's a good actor.
Margot Robbie really was Harley Quinn.  Nailed it...POW!
I'm sorry if you were disappointed with it...really.  I don't know what you're expecting.  It's one of the reasons I go into movies Spoiler-Free.  I don't prejudge.  I like movies.  And as dumb action movies go, this is good.  Act 2 is a mini-remake of "Escape From New York".  Hey, I liked Jared Leto's Joker and his apparent devotion to his moll.  Harley's Origin Story is Important to Me as a Fan....a Bat-Fan.  And they did it right, or close enough.  Harley was never a victim of Joker like the New 52 Version.  In the original source Batman: The Animated Series, Arkham Asylum psychologist Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a Conscious Choicemaker and fell in love with Her Puddin.
Their screentime together is actually quite charming.
Amanda Waller, Captain Boomerang, Katana. They were spot on.  Killer Croc was really cool.

It's just a Summer action movie.  Go, Enjoy.  Get some popcorn.  Stay for the Stinger.  I dunno how Infinitely Rewatchable it is yet I'll give it a second spin, it's only 'when"?