Monday, May 23, 2016

Tao of Sully

On Resilience...

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Star Wars...

"Chewie's Bowcaster"

I have a Theory.
It could be Bunnies...

Every use of Chewie's Bowcaster is Set-Up to Pay-Off.
The "Pay-off" being The Shooting of Kylo Ren.
Come with me.
I'd like to explore this notion.

I believe this starts when Han Solo starts using the Bowcaster.
I've had a long-running notion that Han Solo is "Me & You" in the Original Trilogy.  Han being the Most Human Touchstone in That Certain Galaxy Far, Far Away but iDigress...
So when Han uses Chewie's Bowcaster, cinematically therefore Storywise we're given the impression this is Han's 1st Time Ever using his old friend's iconic weapon.  And I do not care what comic or book or other canon you point at me.  We all agree that the Movies trump Everything.

Cui Bono: What does Kylo Ren really want?
Rey picks it out of his head during the Interrogation Scene.
Kylo Ren wishes to be As Strong/Stronger than Darth Vader.
Vader was an impressive Sith for being biologically a burnt head and torso; Kylo Ren is a young, handsome man in the prime of his life.
Will Kylo Ren have to literally shed some of his Humanity in order to achieve his Vision?
Is this the Archetypical Villain's Journey in Star Wars, a thematic opposition to Campbell's Hero's Quest?
Let's see...

What I'm looking at in terms of Set-Up and Pay-Off is This:
The Bowcaster's Sheer Power.
Chapter/Verse...based on the Blu-Ray chapter markings and time index.
Ch. 31 "First Order Invasion"
01:1:12 "I like this thing."  Range is several yards from my eyeball.
 01:15:02 Then Han dispatching "FN-TR8R"
 Ch. 39 "Base Infiltration", 01:37:29.  Chewie nails a Stormtrooper at point-blank range.
 There are a few more such as Ch. 42 "Into the Oscillator", 01:43:11 where Bowcaster is perforating Stormtroopers at the range of the hall's length.
Leading us to...
Ch. 43 "Father & Son", 01:49:47.  Chewie shoots Kylo Ren at the elevated vantage of several yards away and a story up
 This energized bolt, seeing what it's done to everything before must have grievously wounded Kylo Ren.  My thought is that he's literally had a chunk of his side blown away.
 In Ch. 44 "Dark Forest", Kylo Ren is beating his injured side and bleeding.  01:51:20.
 He continues to pound at his wound, mid-duel versus Finn at 01:52:06.
and now beaten by Rey in Ch. 46, 01:57:41.
Rey finished Kylo Ren off by breaking his lighsabre and in the follow through, opened up his chest and formerly handsome face.

Kylo Ren's Fall to Darkness is now Complete by now becoming the Monster he so wanted to become.

Only the next movie can answer my questions here.  I had the "feeling" in The Force Awakens novelization, Kylo Ren was using the Force to hold his innards within.  I'll look into that thought.

Finn was also nearly mortally wounded by Kylo Ren's lightsabre.  Could Finn be cybernetically-enhanced as well?
We can only see because I think Kylo Ren V.2 is has earned his Vader-ness and it will show in his costume and perhaps his own life-perpetuating apparatus*.

*Poe Dameron in the opening scene mocks Kylo Ren because of his use of "apparatus".
I so love movies....

Saturday, April 30, 2016

More LEGO Hijinks!
I made some creative adjustments to my Batman minifigure that I got in a Mighty Micros set.
Like the Flash.
And like Robin.

My joy out of these sets wasn't the Instructions.
But the Vision I had of "Something More" from them.

And I got them.  All three.  So happy to be a Geek.
And for "Why"?
The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh is something eye-catching.
And I appreciate the Modern Spin.
While forcibly injected with Weapons-Grade Heroin and set to the streets of Gotham, Batman enables a "Backup Personality"...just in case Bruce Wayne just happens to "shatter" psychologically.
To be added as "props" to the Batcave I'll put together...

Star Wars...

Cheers to the "Lattes With Leia" Ladies!

I like to "tag" my coffee cup.
Doing this ensures no-one throws it out if my back is turned.
So during one week, I went Star Wars-y!!!
I was thinking the Lattes Gals (or would you prefer Lattes Chix? ^_~) would get a kick out of my daily Cuppa Jawa Juice.
And having a rainbow of Sharpies only enable my inner-glee.

The Force Will Be With You Always.
Cheers! ^_~

Monday, April 25, 2016

Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.
-Darth Vader

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Laws of Physics
(click link above to embiggen and also Hovertext Punchline -not included here!)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Star Wars...

Finn's Panic Attack
(aka: The Bhagavad Gita According to Stormtrooper FN-2187)

With Story, we have something that starts It All.
It's called the Inciting Incident.  This applies to everything.
"What Happened?"
It's something asked in any workplace dispute or broken plate at home.
Basically in movies, Inciting Incidents are the Reason the Rest of the Movie Happens.

Such as 5 minutes and 51 seconds into "The Force Awakens" we're introduced to...
Stormtrooper FN-2187.  
And he's Under Great Stress.  
He's just been traumatized.  
He's witnessed his first Battlefront.
And he's lost a Friend.
This Blood-Streaked Stormtrooper Helmet is Now Iconic.  
It has Subtext now.
Stormtrooper FN-2187's "Programming" was Overrun.
Whatever measures the First Order has over their Army is speculative and hidden in backstory.  I for one will not invest in books or comics this time around.  I'll be getting what I need from the movies.  It should all be there anyhow.  
FN-2187 is now a Conscious Choice Maker.  
He gained Insight with the Horror of Death.  Of seeing his friend killed then by Not Firing on the Jakku Villagers.  
Spiritual Sidenote: The same thing kinda happened to Buddha.  Way before being known by that title, the young Prince Siddhartha was forbidden to leave the Palace yet as all children do, they need to experience on their own.  So Siddhartha sneaks out!  And into the town and he sees his first dead body.  It was of a wizened old man, who had lived life and passed away.  By Hindu tradition, he was being carried to the crematory by his eldest son.  This changed Siddhartha's Life.  He was kept from all forms of suffering, being the Prince of the Brahman Caste and never allowed to leave the Castle.  From then on, Siddhartha went on to find a Cure for Suffering in Enlightenment...but iDigress...

FN-2187's Panic Attack on the Battlefront, carries over back "Home" to where he chooses to Run Away from the Only Thing He's Every Known...
Because He has Resisted!  
Spiritual Sidenote 2:  In the Bhagavad Gita, we are given our hero Arjuna, the mighty archer on the eve his family's great civil war which will change the world as they all know it.  His inciting incident in this Story is his Panic Attack when he's beheld to the Enemy's Lines...he sees his Uncles, Cousins, Teachers, Mentors, Friends, Neighbors, Classmates, Nephews, In-Laws...and Mighty Arjuna breaks down weeping.  He slumps down in his war chariot, drops his bow and weeps. "I Will Not Fight..."
It is Arjuna's charioteer, the Lord Krishna who helps his friend in his time of need.  
And this is just the beginning of their adventure! 
Like Arjuna, FN-2187 needs a Chariot and a Charioteer.  
And like Krishna, Poe Dameron is cool under fire, got a wry sense of humor and helps his Friends find his True Path.  Poe flies as now "Finn" shoots the Arrows just as Krishna drives Arjuna.  

*Irony Alert! If it wasn't for Poe Dameron being such a crackshot with his rifle, going 3-for-3 taking out 3 First Order Stormtroopers, Finn would never have lost his friend and later find Poe as his friend.  We don't know who was under that armor yet the seeing the "Magic of..." documentary with my Bonus Material, I know lots of women are under there!  Also the obvious Captain Phasma was a woman too.  Gwendoline Christie's approach to this character is amazing!

So next time I draw this on my coffee lid, I gotta remember to get the streaks right!
The Force Will Be With You...Always.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Star Wars...

Awakening Bite By Bite...

On my lunch break, I watch The Force Awakens on my iPhone via my Amazon Streaming copy.
Picks up where I left off.
Gawd, I love the Future but iDigress...

Today at home, I pick up the old fashioned book & pen and when I hit "Resume Play", I'm greeted by a vista of Poe Dameron giving BB-8 a flash drive (a flash drive!!!) with orders to run away.

This opening scene is wonderful.  We're introduced to Legacy in Cinema.
Max Von Sydow as Lor San Tekka.
Von Sydow is a Sci-Fi Legend having played Ming the Merciless in 1980's cult classic "Flash Gordon" and Liet Kynes in David Lynch's "Dune" just to mention the Scope of his Work!
As previous Star Wars movies have gifted us is the presence of an Old School actor.
Complain about the Prequels all you want yet Christopher Lee as Count Dooku is still Flawless!
Peter Cushing had a great amount of screen time in A New Hope.
Max Von Sydow dies within the first seven minutes of The Force Awakens.

I don't know who Lor San Tekka is.
I don't care.
The intro to this character is so profound here just with casting and wardrobe.
This is Von Sydow in 1957's Ingmar Berman's "The Seventh Seal" in a literal & metaphoric struggle against Death, futility in its inevitability.  It's a great movie.   
Can you notice the similarities?
Is the opening of The Force Awakens a classic cinema homage scene?  
Look at Lor San Tekka's clothes?  Compare to the Knight in the Seventh Seal?
Compare relationship visual values of Death then Kylo Ren, in terms now of the Great Game of Light & Dark, of Life & Death.  
And of Movie References!  This is Nerd Context at its Finest.  Bravo, JJ!!!  

With great casting, I already know that Lor San Tekka is a "Great Warrior" without running time for exposition, back story or Info Dump.
He is Beyond Important.
It's one of this film's merits.