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The Smoking PUCK: Obligatory Pin Hole Burns....

AKA July
July 10, 2014

There is nothing Hockey to talk, once again.  In July.
I mean, things have happened?
But did a Puck drop...

What else?
I got a New Tattoo!  I'm very proud of that.
I love it.  I'm in love with my new tattoo.  I'm so vain.

Hockey?  Uh, nope.  Rather think BBQ.

So, when Pre-Season arrives, I'll tune in.  Did you have a good time watching hockey last year?
I promise more to come this Year.

kriya shakti,
Rev Sully

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"Rocket Packs"

Tao of Sully

Tao of Sully
Revisiting "On Depression (July 2013)"

Almost One Year Ago, I wrote perhaps my most candid Blog to date.  

It was about Depression: my lifelong struggle with it and how I've come to cope with it.
A year later and I need to report that I feel emotionally the healthiest I've ever been in this life, so far.
I see my shrink once a month and I still take my Med everyday.  I tell her everything and if I can help it, will not skip a dosage.  I made up a maxim for the experience of the Modern American Couch Trip, "You Can Lie to Yourself, but You Really Shouldn't Lie to Your Shrink".
I've had two major breakthroughs:
1.  I grew up with Asthma as a child & younger adult.  I've been treating other people and stressful stimuli as an allergen.  To use a metaphor, Dust, Cats & Down Feathers get me really sick with Asthma.  I've been treating Stress the same way.  All this time.  Because it's the only way I knew how to cope with the "emotional allergy".  That I've been treating my stress, anxiety & depression like my Asthma, as an emergent, life-threatening event.  
2.  I am an Intense Person.  And that people interpret that as Hostility.  That was humbling.

I came to a tipping point about 18 months ago in the Stress & Anxiety department.  Since then...I've been better, overall.  I meet my challenges, daily.  I'm about 98% less "flappable" today than where I was when I started.  Oh, I still have my moments, sure!  That's being human.  But I feel...Taller.
I feel Taller.  It's a funny way to phrase the feeling but it's kinda hard to describe.  I'm still the same person.  I'm still capable of all the old anxiety & stress.  I'm still ready to lash out anything I feel needs a smiting.  Yet...being on top of my reactions (98% of the time ^_~) makes me feel "taller".
That means like holding myself higher, in terms of posture & potential.

And I still have times of Black Moods.  Yet, as Elton John kindly spoke, "I Guess That's Why They Call Them the Blues".
It's even harder to phrase this sentiment into something that does not sound Negative.
What happened to me with the 1-2 punch of great Talk Therapy and being on the right Medication...
I've lost that dwelling, ruminating, stomach-churning, day-ruining sense of Worry.
That's Huge!  Because that was Me.  My life, my suffering. Daily.  Worry, worry, worry...over-thinking everything.  Usually bad stuff, too.  Like an old LP vinyl record, skipping and you can't get up to pick up the needle (or even rest a nickel on the head)
YET...the flipside of this album called "Worry"...was Hope.
I don't Hope for things anymore.  And that is not Negative.
Listen: Hope & Worry are just two sides of the same Album.
Both are rooted in using Imagination to wish or predict some Imagined Result.  I've lost my attachment to the Imagined Result (as is pretty much suggested in the Bhagavad Gita).  It was unintended.  And to be clear, I still got plenty of Worry and I still have plenty of Hope, I simply don't engage it.  They really do both pop up all the time yet, I let go of that and embrace the Now.  This Now.  This Moment, free of anxiety because the only result is the Immediate Choice at Hand.  Moment to Moment.  Now to Now.  No more dwelling on Then.  No more painting the unknown Coming in either positive or negative hues.
This is what the Mystics simply call "Bliss"
A Neutral state.  The Middle Path of Buddha, one could say.

My Emotional State is now really inline with my Spiritual Freedom.  My behavior, especially where it mattered most At Work, is the best it's ever been, especially in the frame of those pesky emotional allergens I called my Co-Workers & Bosses.
And I've never felt so Good, not joyous but "Blissful".

I don't think there is a cure for this besides Death (and I believe in reincarnation so to me, suicide is a one-way ticket BACK to this friggin' place).  But there is a way out of the cycle of Birth & Rebirth.
And for the first time in all my lives, I think I could be nearing my state of Moksha & Nirvana.
Thank you.

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

PS I once again wish to give a nod to both geek/author Jenny Lawson (@TheBloggess) and actor/geek Wil Wheaton (@wilw) for their frank & candid stories about their own struggles.  You guys really hit home with me.  What you talk about, resonated with me.  And gave me the courage to get checked out.  I'm forever grateful to my therapist for lighting the way yet I am to you two for helping find the door.  Peace.

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TeeVee Guide!

YELLOW SUBMARINE REDUX, extra footage such as the fabled Lost Poppy Field Scene, the French Rubber Plantation and the "Oh No, Yoko" Alternate Ending, put back in the movie, at their correct places. 

TeeVee Guide!

JAWS by Quentin Tarantino, Rated ARRGH. 
Bruce, a misunderstood loner goes out for a midnight snack. Tragedy ensues. 

Much Ado About Nothing Long, Long Ago

Hey, Harrison Ford broke his 71-Year Old ankle as Han Solo was hopping out of the Millenium Falcon, during the filming of the next Star Wars movie.

That is All.  

The Smoking PUCK

Hey, big congratulation to the LA Kings for not only winning the Stanley Cup but beating the NY Rangers while doing it.
Cheers and see you Next Season!

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The Tao of Sully

One for me, for later...

Krishna’s Flute

Krishna’s flute is the symbol of freedom or pranava. He has preached prema, love, through his flute. He has created this world out of the sound of Omkara that emanates from his flute.
Once the gopis asked Murali, Krishna’s flute: “O Murali, tell us the truth. What merits does our Lord see in you that he holds you so lovingly and tenderly day and night that you might drink deep the nectar of his lovely lips and installs you as the most beloved queen among us all? Where lies the charm, the beauty, the grace and attractiveness in you? Will you not reveal that secret to us, the constant beggars of Krishna’s love? Though black and born of a wild bamboo family, you have bewitched our lord. When he plays upon you, the peacock madly dances to your tunes, and other birds stand dumb on the summit of the hills. Even the most dreadful cobra is humbled and becomes spellbound. We the gopis lose our normal consciousness and hurriedly wear our nose rings in the ears and earrings in the nose to meet him. The cows give up their grazing and the calves their sucking and stand like statues with ears erect and rapt attention. Ah! How alluring is the melody of your music! It seems you are not a flute, but a magic wand. Your music is like spiritual bliss materialized. It attracts and holds the jivas and their roaming vrittis in supreme and solemn peace of Brahman. Lulled by your melodies, they are lost in the supreme self devoid of all personality. It is as if anahata nada, the inner unceasing sound of yogis, is externalized. So tell us your secret.”
Murali replied: “My dear friends, I know neither magic nor any arts of attraction. I do not possess any merits also. Dead ignorant of them all, I am simply a forest reed, all hollow within and bereft of any beauty. Krishna, my lord, lover and bearer, calls this attitude of mine the greatest virtue and is extremely pleased with it. He over and over whispers into my ear-hole this excellent teaching: ‘Empty yourself and I will fill you.’ I have realized its truth, and I obey it to the very letter. This is magic, if magic you will call it. This is my strength. It is he who sings through me and enchants you all. My dear friends, if you too empty yourselves of all the arrogant airs of your beauty, excellence, family pride and possessions, he will fill every nerve and atom of your body with his love and life. Does the pervading air not fill a jar when it is emptied of other stuff? He will not leave you even for a moment, and will sing through you the sweet melodies of harmony and peace to the whole world.
As I understand, every creature here is his flute, the instrument of expressing his divine voice. You too are his Murali. He sings sweet melodies through your tongue, beauties through your eyes and fragrance through your nose. Every heart is madhuban, the seat of all his lilas, the rendezvous of all the gopis, the centre of all the vrittis. There the only Purusha is Krishna. All others have to make a passive surrender to him.”
This body is the flute of Krishna in the microcosm. If you can destroy your egoism and have total self-surrender, unreserved atma-nivedan to the Lord, he will play on the body flute and bring out melodious tunes. You will become merged in his will. He will work unhampered through your instruments – body, mind and senses. You can rest very peacefully then without care, worry or anxiety. You can watch the play of the universe as a sakshi, witness. Then your sadhana will go forward by leaps and bounds because the divine will and grace will work through you. In fact, you need not do any sadhana at all, only practise self-surrender from the very core of your heart, with all your being. Learn the lesson from the flute and follow its ways. If you have offered yourself at the feet of Krishna, you have already reached the goal, you have already attained the realm of peace, the kingdom of immortality. You have found the joy that never fades, a life that never dies. You have reached the other shore of fearlessness, which is beyond darkness, despair, doubt, grief, sorrow, pain and delusion.
Purify your mind. Destroy your negative tendencies and egoism. Hear once more the flute of the flute-bearer of Vrindavan, his immortal song of Bhagavad Gita and allow him to play in this body flute of yours.
All the sounds are his voice. Let his will be done. Be completely resigned to him, so that he may shine through your eyes, speak through your tongue and smell through your nostrils. Merge your little self into the Supreme Self. Give up all ideas of agency. Do not say, “I am the doer and enjoyer.” Say once more along with me, “O Lord, I am your flute, blow me as you will; a puppet in your hands, simply to act as you will.” Call him fervently with single-minded devotion. Sing this song of welcome and he will surely appear before you:
He Krishna aajaa bansi bajaa jaa.
He Krishna aajaa geeta sunaajaa.
He Krishna aajaa maakhan khaajaa.
He Krishna ajaa lilaa dikhaajaa.
O Krishna, come and play your flute.
O Krishna, come and sing your song.
O Krishna, come and taste the butter.
O Krishna, come and play before us.


"Morse Code"
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Not the Last Smoking PUCK!

May 17, 2014

And for my Playoff Beard...the time has come to trim.
Alas, the Bruins exit the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs in the 2nd round, in a Game 7 Home-Ice loss versus the rival Montreal Canadiens.
The Conference Finals start today.  With Les Habitants Montreal facing-off against my least-favorite ice hockey squad in the World: The Blueshirts of Manhattan...the New York Rangers.
Out West, the Chicago Blackhawks meet the L.A. Kings for what feels like the 4th straight year.
My sentiments for the Eastern Conference Finals can be summed up in a Tweet I made the other day...
I've never been married.  My father is not a billionaire.  In fact, I adore both bergs...I'm in love with both cities.  Montreal and NYC are my kind of places.
Yet, I don't mind the Habs as much as I do the Rangers.  I got that jones of the Masshole laying their SportsHate on our NY cousins.  My appreciation for the Habs come from witnessing first-hand their fans!  And nothing so brings bile to my mouth such as to see a Yankees cap-wearing Blueshirt fans, walking around in throngs in Beantown Faire, on a Saturday Afternoon matinee gameday.
How to quantify a SportsHate?  
How do I describe it?  Where to begin?
I used to spit on the ground at sight of a Yankees cap, years ago.  Back in the whole "Yankees Suck!" swoon that befell our Red Sox Nation in the waning daze of the 20th Century.  Like an Orwellian "2-Minutes Hate" lasting entire baseball seasons, spilling out onto football (see NY Jets) and cultured an unreasonable Mob Mentality.  I've been to so many nights at Fenway & the Garden, in the older days & cheaper seats, that "Balcony" or "Bleacher" Brain we all get.

For me, a few things happened.  The Path to Enlightenment, which calls for me to call such things like "SportsHate" pure folly, laugh at it and walk away.  And 9/11.  Wherein lax security in Beantown Faire led to the Twin Towers falling.  The 21st Century also ushered in a new paradigm of success to all the local Sports Teams.  Crying hate doesn't seem as fun once you've tasted Real Victory a few times.
This pic above actually happened.  On Game Day, of Game 7 versus the Habs.  I was walking through the MIT Campus on a gloriously sunny afternoon.  Where I could not help but notice this guy.  I walked right up to him.  I could just tell he was French-Canadian.  So in my useful knowledge of Languages, I say, "Mon Ami! Un Photo avec Moi, s'il vous plait?".  He smiled and we took this.  I gave him a fist pound and said "Merci!"
You know...Being a Good Fan is part of Good Sportsmanship.  In case you missed it...

So stay tuned.  And drop the SportsHate like a faceoff puck.
You can still "Booo!!!" the CooperAlls off of P.K. Subban all you want!  The focus should be your Love of the Game, not the relishing of bad feelings.
"SHOOT!  SKATE!!  HIT 'EM!!!  C'MON!!!"

love, love, love,

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

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The Smoking PUCK!

May 3, 2014

Hey all & Welcome to the Smoking PUCK!
It's kinda funny, considering myself a Blogger on Hockey and a Bruins Fan to boot, that I haven't had much to say seeing it's now Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!
What needs to be said besides "watch it!"
Yet, Congratulation to the Beantown Bee's on earning the President's Cup.  This award goes to First Place Overall in the Regular Season & bestows Home Ice Advantage for the Span of their Playoff Run.
I like the "architecture" of these 2014 NHL Playoffs...no not the new Playoff/Wildcard thingy.  I'm looking at the talent left after the first round and see a glorious opportunity for a Rematch, but also nothing but Original Six teams.  The Bruins beat the Detroit Red Wings in the First Round.  Now, they face-off against the rival Montreal Canadiens.  Winner of this will play the winner of the Pittsburgh Penguins/NY Rangers.
Over in the West, the Anaheim Ducks & L.A. Kings tilt while the Minnesota Wild find themselves versus defending Cup Champions, the Chicago Blackhawks.
So, Dear OCHO...
Do You See What I See?  
No, I'm not outright rooting for the NYC Rangers yet I am rooting for an All-Original Six Run to the Cup...and a rematch against the Blackhawks.
The Bruins are in their element, "the Second Season" as an Elite Team.
So let's go Bruins!