Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Get in My Belly: Pro Version!

Ok ok ok.  So let me share with you the DIRTY BIRD!!!
The Dirty Bird is a Phenomenon of Brunch...unique to one location in Space/Time: Somerville's Highland Kitchen!
I'm a brunch linecook there on Sundays.  It keeps me "real".  But iDigress...
Instead of the common Benedict, we offer as the House Plate the Dirty Bird.  
Let's let the Menu speak for herself...
That just happened!  And we make it happen every Sunday 11AM-2:30PM.  
I'm proud of this dish because I cook the eggs to order and I made the Sausage Gravy.  My sausage gravy is the Best in the Multiverse.  
HK is an onslaught.  From the moment we open the doors until the end it's a flat seat then turn after turn after turn...Hungry Guests.  And we got a high approval rating.  I'm starting my 5th year and it's nice to run a line of grown-ups.  It's got it's ups and downs but overall, it's very fulfilling.  
Before we open, I go out to greet the line.
Then I pump my boys up with a little Tomfoolery.  We crank a song or two and get pumped up.  This is what a championship locker room must feel like before you step out onto the field.  
So in the Spirit of Doctor Demento and good parody music everywhere...I present the Dirty Bird Song as sung over Surfin' Bird.  
I do it every Sunday.  The boys have a good time and sing along mostly.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Smoking Puck!


Been a while since the last Smoking Puck yet as the Phoenix rises from its ashes, so the Puck Brightly Burns.

Happy New Year and MLK Day.  It's time for a Bruins Matinee against the New Yawk Islandahs.

There's nothing too much to talk about besides it's good to watch hockey.  I got a new TV system so last night I'm watching Minnesota at Chicago on NBCSports.  The day before and right now, I got NESN so I get Bruins Hockey at Home for the first time in about 5 seasons.  Tonight it's Washington at Pittsburgh.  I'm really happy with it so far.

Overall, my lifelong love affair with God's Game is still ready & steady.
What would I like to do?  Get out to Chicago and see the Hawks play at home.  That's doable.
What would you like as a hockey fan?
Finally Stop Fighting?
The Auto Icing?  Liking it?
Sick of the Shootout by Now?  Lots of folk are...lend your voice.
Growth to 31 teams in the Vegas Golden Knights?
My hope is that the NHL adopt the International Size ice surface.  It would help the game, tremendously.  More time to move, maneuver.  See who is coming atcha.  Perhaps injuries and fighting would both subside with more time to skate out of harms way?  But iDigress...

I kind of like this 2017 Bruins.  Hey, they're far from perfect.  They're barely mediocre.  But they're Our Home Team.  New Young Guns...with a veteran core.  There is a D20 at Goalie...you never know what it's gonna roll on any given day.  They skate, they shoot, they score, they miss.  We've missed the Playoffs for two years in a row.  Reality sez, something's gotta give.

Until then here are a few free lessons on how to celebrate a Bruins goal when enjoying the Boston Gahhden.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just a Little Sci-Fi Piece. Enjoy.

The Last of the TechnoArchons, the Man named Morrison stood at gunpoint.
Of course the Atomic Destabilizer Pistol was in the shaking fist of his ex-partner-turned-Nemesis Doctor Wilco Rajas.
"Where IS she?!?", demanded the tragic, brilliant scientist-now-World Conqueror with nothing but fire and rage in his grey eyes.
"Somewhere you can never harm her.  A one-way trip out of your fetid reach, my old friend.", Morrison wiped the sweat off his brow and sat, relaxing and grinning.
"With My Power there is Nowhere on the Planet your haughty shrew of a daughter can hide from ME!!!  You will bring me my Bride!"
"Heh...hahaha!!", Morrison can't contain his laughter.  "Not 'where', Rajas...'When'!!  I sent her into the Future.  This bird has flown!  With my Ultimate Experiment.  A last-ditch countermeasure against YOU.  I just threw it together but it works.  Heh!  She can't come back.  It doesn't work like that.  Yet you can't follow.  Or really...it's not likely you'll follow her.  I don't believe you'd sacrifice all this for her.  I thought you were full of shit then and I think doublely so now, Son."

10 Minutes Later, Doctor Wilco Rajas was willfully strapped into Morrison's Time Machine.
"Are you sure you want to go through with this, Wilco?  There is No Technology in the Far, Far Future when I sent Helen...your Dark Sciences might have no place in such a world!", asked the concerned Father-in-Law, through a microphone.
"I am nothing without my Queen.  My Empire is Worthless without Her By My Side.  Without My Claim through Her from You.  Send Me, Old Man and with the Forbidden Technologies I will forge, I shall return to spite you with my Bride & Brood!", hissed the petulant Young Alexander.
Morrison looked through the glass to the harnessed traveler and flicked the switch.
In a moment after, a few lights flickered and some pistons ceased rocking, a microwave emitter was activated and within seconds, Doctor Wilco Rajas exploded from within, covering the glass bulb in gore.

Helen and her Handmaiden stepped into her Father's Laboratory.
"I think I'll draw you a bath, Milady" and exeunt as the Bard spake.
Grimy & tired, the Lady thanks her servant.
Then Helen falls into Morrison's arms.
"Is he gone, Pappa?", she looks up to her Father.  For him, seeing her mother's eyes cry to him across the years.
"Yep.  Into the Future, alright.  Dumb sumbitch...I never knew what you saw in him."

Monday, January 09, 2017

Station Ident! Happy New Year! ^_~

Hello and Welcome to CHANNEL OCHO!
My Contribution to Helping Write the Internet.
Image above: The "SuperOm" aka The Supermantra, a stylized Om within the iconic Superman diamond & a variation on the classic color combo.  
I drew it...then I put it on a Cafe Press tee-shirt but iDigress...

What do I do here? I blog.  Along with the help of my friends who occasionally chime in.
Why?  I'm into writing, sharing stories & experiences and also want to turn you on to something cool or delicious whether it be Music, Fiction, Hockey, Spirituality or a Well-Made Dinner.
Channel OCHO is the Magazine on the Coffeetable of my Life.  The Coffeetable was where my friends & I would gather, share stories, good meals & company.  Time & Geography have split a lot of the corps up, yet we hold it together with the glue of our love & interest in all things cool & fun.

Come check out the Archive of Articles:
And much much more!
Joie De Vivre!  And write it down.  You'll never know who you could inspire next!
Namaste & Good Luck.

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA
@revsully on Twitter

Friday, December 30, 2016

LEGO Ghostbusters ECTO 1- & 2

Hello Dear OCHO!!

I gave myself a splendid addition to my LEGO Display in the form of the iconic car from the GHOSTBUSTERS, the ECTO-1.
I love the detail.  I love the engineering involved.  I'm the farthest thing in the world from that yet I love the process and the end result.  And the mistake-making which always seems to be from not slowing down & being precise.  And as much as I love the original movies and the cartoon, the Ladies Reboot was so fun.
Hey now my "Dimension" can pass the Bechdel Test, eh?

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Batman Story for Competition 2016

The Detective was Alone.
It was a Dark & Stormy Night.
Robin's curfew was hours ago yet Here He Was.  A Gargoyle in the Rain.  Waiting.
He'd got a good tip from Clark who heard it from Diana who got it from Barry.  Hal is Offworld.
Deathstroke was in Gotham...and He was On The Job.
The Assassin's Targets were in the hotel across the way although 56 stories up.
Who was in the luxury suites at this Gotham hi-rise was a mystery.  Why and How...Unimportant at this moment.
Deathstroke was on the move...
The Batman was on the Case.

The Man and the Woman lay in the darkness, enjoying their solitude, their respite, their embrace.
A feminine, squeaky-voice asks aloud, "Klaus, Klaus?? Is Mr. Hoohah home?"
The bubbling laughter ripples in the Darkness, as if made of it itself then replies, "Hum...I dunno. Lemme check!"
Then the World Came Crashing In.
Two New Bodies, equally sprawled, equally entwined, equally devoted were too at play, yet of a different kind.
The Darkness now penetrated by light from a newly-minted maw on the side of the room
The Batman and the Terminator: Deathstroke!  FIGHTING!!
"A Match fitting a God!!!", the Joker thought aloud with No Filter, bellowing out in sheer delight, wearing only his purple trousers and a smile.  All awhile, Harley Quinn in her nightie is bravely shouldering the duo away from her man muttering, "Don't touch me!" over & over again, rather coyly as well.
The Combatants Stopped for about 3 Seconds in bewilderment at the sight.
(PSST! This scene I ripped off a Cheech & Chong movie. I thought it worked so well here. Thanks!!

Round Two commenced back at street level mere seconds after this intrusion.  Two holes now punctured the pristine mirrored 56th floor of the Bilton Gotham Towers Hotel.
"Ahhh he'll getaway!!!", raged the one-eyed mercenary.
"He always does", countered the Dark Knight flatly.
"After what he's done to you, to the birdboy?"
"Not in My City, Slade.  Not on my watch.", says the Batman as he shifts his feet as boxers do.

As the Armored Prisoner Transport rolls away, Commissioner James Gordon asks his old friend, "Why?"
The Batman agrees..."Why."

3 Days Later and the Rain had finally ceased. Gordon and Montoya pull up to a modest 3-story dwelling common to these parts of Gotham.  The real neighborhoods outside busy Downtown or South Island or whatever hip name "They" come up with this year.  Gordon buzzes the 2nd floor.  A woman, in her late 30's comes to the door.
"Hello, Maggie".
"Hey, Ney!", Maggie waves.  The Lieutenant simply makes a head nod and stays with the Car.
Maggie Infantino was born Margaret Dunphy in this same neighborhood.  Her husband's Memorial picture & Shield on a plaque greet you as you enter their home.  He inherited it from his great-grandmother as Neil was reared there.  His widow inherited from him.
Maggie wasted no time, as real Gotham Girls are Notorious in such serious matters.
"Are ya gonna charge me, Jimmy?  Bring me in?"
"No...but I will give to the D.A. the evidence you embezzled from the Widow's Fund to hire Deathstroke.  He didn't talk but he didn't need to...Batman followed the money."
"I didn't embezzle, Jimmy. We all agreed.  I mean,  We're not just 'widows', we're husbands too.  Partners.  This was all of Us.  We're all in on it, Jim.  Please reconsider.  We were just trying to take this one off of "His" shoulders."
Gordon gets up, reflects on the plaque and leaves, in silence.

For the foreseeable time thereafter, there was no mention of any occurrence in the media until Now with this faithful recounting.

-The End

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

quasi-annual update...

Darnitall, I'm just not very good about visiting the ol' ocho.

Since I last poked my head in, I've landed a sweet job with Cray supercomputers, and now work (with a remote team in Bristol, UK) out of a basement office in my new home in Shelburne Vermont. Send me your updated address at msilvia7 at verizon.net, and I'll shoot you a Christmas card Sully.

Nice Batcave, by the way. My son would LOVE it.