Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Letters to a Ghost
I finally figured it out. I feel a bit freer. I can finally forgive because I understand that You Never Loved Me. I know you thought you did.
And I thought you did.
And I know I really did because of the hate I still harbor. Yet love is forgiveness and acceptance. I accept you were always a mean jerk and I forgive you because you never loved me. Just the idea of me.
My flaws were unacceptable and irreconcilable, because you never loved me.
Wow. How freeing.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

What's Cooler Than making a Real Statement?

Do you have something on your mind?
Ever wish you could make your own bumper sticker?  Or coffee mug...or dare I say Tee-Shirt???
Well...it's 2014 and such thoughts are now as easy as pointing your smartphone at the right thing or opening a window and finding something to save.  
I love making my own tee-shirts.  I think if you're gonna spend up to $30 for a Hipster-rific or Athletic Brand tee, then I think you can make your shirt as interesting as You are.

Yet instead of making simple movie references, my ideas took hold of me in a way I'd only imagined:
I can make a Statement.
With a stirring combination of words & image.
So...tell me what you think?
Are you horrified?  Are you asking questions?  Is it Art?
What is it?  What does it mean?
Last year I gave lots of details about this very photo.  
If you need a clue...ahem.  ^_~
And finding the picture on my harddrive as I'm looking for tee-shirt inspiration, well let me tell you.
I didn't know I was going to do it.
My only regret is that I forgot to toggle the font from the sci-fi lettering I used on my previous Big Idea (see below).

So Love It, Hate It.
Just make your own
(and be tasteful!  Or perhaps we can see how Kiwi & Matt feel 11 Years Later on the Pizza Slut tee)
We never did Establish the Ideal Mate Theory, did we?  Oh...Me?  I never figured out the Ideal Mate Theory...until I met Krishna but iDigress!)

Kriya Shakti, 
Rev. Sully
Hub of the Multiverse

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Even More Pizza Rolls...

Fresh from the Ugnauts at CafePress!
(PS if you're gonna spend up to $30 on a tee-shirt, why not be as original as you can?)

Sunday, September 07, 2014

ReTweet, also file under: Pizza Rolls: The Only Thing left to Say About the Star Wars...

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Playing Old-Tyme Viddy Games with the Dog... 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

In a recent Online debate about "what is consent?" regarding sending Naked Pictures of One's Self to Others in the new era of Social Media, Dr. Langley chimes in with astute clinical clarity.  What is the Social Norm regarding this?  
A great emphasis is the "who"?  I mean, are people my age doing that?  I do admit to sticking cameras down my pants in my early 20s as a goof.  But I was pranking, wasting someone's precious film & developing with a blurry pic of my pale Irish boy bits but iDigress...
Did I invent the Dick Pic?  Gawd, No!  Those have been around since Daguerre!  
Yet would I do that now, 20 Years Later...as a goof?  No thanks.  
Below in Italics is an excerpt from Dr. Langley's article.  
The DSM-5 establishes criteria for exhibitionistic disorder (formerly called sexual exhibitionism), a clinical syndrome in which the person feels the need to display his or her genitals to others in other to achieve sexual satisfaction, part of the larger group of paraphilic disorders regarding habitual sexual behavior that others find disturbing and that causes distress.
Sexting has become a common thing. I know many individuals who have had trouble getting adolescents to understand what's wrong with sending sexually explicit photos of themselves, the potential repercussions, and the fact that the photos can last forever. Time after time, those sharing the photos have been dismayed when other people also share those same photos or when others judge them for doing that. People can send these at any age, of course. In trying to understand this behavior, we may have more questions than answers.
  • What's the protocol for sharing nude photos? What norms have developed?
  • When's the right time to send such photos? 
  • Is there ever a right time?
  • Is it right to tell others?
  • Is it right to show others?
  • Is it ever right to share other people's sexts?
  • Who sends these photos?
  • Why send these photos?
  • Why send these photos to people who don't want them?
  • How can you know people want them?
  • How explicitly must you ask before sending explicit photos?
  • How do you respond when you received unwanted photos?
  • How explicitly must you indicate if you do or do not welcome explicit photos?
  • Is silence consent?
  • Is unwanted sexting a form of sexual aggression?
  • Is sexting ever a good idea?
  • Do you really need to opt out instead of "don't send nude pics" being the default?
  • What are the legal issues involved?
  • What can or should anybody do about it?
  • What needs to happen to the people involved?
  • Does safe sext exist?
Do you have answers?


"Thesis Defense"