Friday, June 08, 2018

Now Hear This...or whatever passes in the 21st!


random quote for contextual continuity...

"revisiting opinions formed at a time when you viewed the world in unconditional terms can be illuminating."

source: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/montreal-canadiens-stanley-cup-1993-oral-history/

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Dear God,

Please take good care of my Auntie Jo-Jo.  Give Grandma & Pa hugs & kisses from all of us.  We miss you so much...

Your Precious Pup

Sunday, May 27, 2018

the last jedi...

it wasn't the movie I wanted

it was the movie I deserved

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Star Wars: More Last Jedi.

A Selection of Recent Thoughts about The Last Jedi.
Got Yours? Cheers! ^_^

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Am I ready to talk about The Last Jedi?


Not really.

I would.  I'd probably talk your ear off too.

But face it, I know jack.  Yet I have questions.  Such as...

Is this a Four Act movie?  I think so.
Being a Hinge to Episodes VII and IX?

That's something I'd like to know.

The rest is all...details?

I love it as a movie.  I'm always watching it in 20 minute bursts on my iPod during lunch or the HereAnThere.  I showed a workbuddy who wasn't interested the Snoke/Rey/Kylo Throne Room Scene and he loved it. 
I'm trying to figure out visual homages to previous Star Wars movies such as these two so far.  Got any more?

  • Kylo Ren spinning his TIE silencer as his grandfather did as a child in Episode I
  • When Poe was holed-up on the Bridge, the door explodes and Leia in White emerges and stuns Poe.  Compare to Episode IV Opening Vader Introduction on Blockade Runner.
I really like the whole thing.
Especially Luke On Crait.  He used Non-Violence.  Think About That One.  Wait for It.  Ahimsa.  Confronting his nephew whom he let down.  Sure it was a mean trick...and one hell of a Jedi Mind Trick but even Threepio thought he was there but iDigress...

Also been watching the Deleted Scenes and the documentary "The Director and the Jedi".  Not finished that yet but it's really cool and Behind The Scenes.  Yoda was a Frank Oz puppet!!  Maybe that's why that scene worked so well...

May the Force Be With You Always...

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Comics Gnome Retires...

The Comics Gnome has Retired.
He sends his wishes from the South Pole where he's gonna spend his Golden Years among Santa's Elves.
Read the Previous Post in this series of articles for a better "Why".
It's been a great 18/19-year run coming back to Funnybooks as an Adult after taking most of the 1990's off.  I came back to comics with Judd Winick's GREEN LANTERN and Grant Morrison's NEW X-MEN and didn't look back until recently.
It's fun but it's over.  Besides Spoiler Culture erasing my Money's True Worth (the Value of Fun and Revelation!)...the movie's impact of hyper-realism has sapped all the Joy & Fun away from Superhero Comics.
There are so many fun things going on in comics too such as DOOMSDAY CLOCK, a DC Universe sequel to WATCHMEN.  There's Sean Gordon Murphy's BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT which I just may finish, I'm only a few behind and Batman is a bit more "sacred" overall but iDigress.....  GRANT MORRISON's 18 DAYS which is a great idea yet badly executed with horrible art decisions, the eighteen days of the Battle at Kurushekra, where the Bhagavad Gita was taken.
I was current on THE WALKING DEAD on trade paperback and only 2 behind.  It's so much better than the show and less spoiled!

So I leave you with Hope.  Especially the Kryptonian symbol for hope in the Super-Sigil of the "S".
Guys & Gals & Non-Binaries...
'Nuff Said.
And let's help Stan Lee!

Hello From the Smoking Puck!

Hi There.

I used to talk quite a deal about my favorite Professional Sport.
NHL Hockey.

In the past 15 years of this blog, I've spent a lot of time writing love letters in the hopes someone else falls upon them and experiences the Greatest Game Ever.

Being a Spiritual Dude, I call Ice Hockey the Yin & Yang of Sports, of Sheer Grace and Utter Brutality.
That on the 8th Day, God was bored so She created Canadians.

Hey my team the Boston Bruins had a great season and we made the Playoff after missing the Second Seasons a few years in a row.  They seem to have all the pieces.

I put the word "RETIRED" on the Articles listing to be fair.  Yet I reserve the right to write and Smoke the Puck with you when the occasion arises.


iRawk...Therefore iPod

I still rock an iPod.
Currently Driving: iPod Touch 128GB.
Name: Dynames Gundam GN-002
Pilot: Lockon Stratos.

Rock 'n' Roll isn't Quite Dead Yet.
I've heard Its Pulse.
I felt its Heartbeat.
And it sounds everything like this...

in 2017, Queens of the Stone Age drop "Villains".
From it's perfect cover art to its perfect opening track and it never quits...
to Josh Homme's deft clever lyrics,
to old sounds in new directions

QotSA's previous "...Like Clockwork" from 2013 has been in Heavy Rotation for a while...yet here comes this.  In "Villains", Homme continues his maturation as a Storyteller and Songwriter.  This is very produced, very orchestrated.  I described it to a friend as "Homme's Score to His Imaginary 80's Movie" as a break from their previous 70s Saturated Sound.
There's a Complete Story in here somewhere, I think.
Very much contextually like Frank Zappa's "Joe's Garage Acts 1, 2 & 3".  A Story of Rock 'n' Roll and Lifestyles Involved in Choosing a Life of Rock.

At Track 3, "Domesticated Animals" I swear it's a song to, about and from Homme's housecat.  That's just my interpretation.  There are "Feline Musical Cliches" up and down the song.  Then the "Dialog Scene" whomever is overhead is demanding the whereabouts of the "Gold" from the song's protagonist.

"Fortress" is just a damn good song.  "Every Fortress falls.  It is not the end.  It ain't if you fall.  But how you rise that says.  Who you really are.  So get up and go through.  If ever your fortress caves.  You're always safe in mine."  Again, Josh Homme's passion is proven in his delivery.  Great stuff.  Very sensitive.  Very deep.  I connect to this one.

Then even deeper in this album comes this oddball that I'm in love with.  "Un-Reborn Again".  Starts like Journey and ends with violin strings, which to this sci-fi nerd evokes the Utopians of "Zardoz", drowning in the Fountain of Youth screaming, Do do do do do do do do deedoo..."  Pining for Youth?  As Rock Ages, and Rockers Age...this song is interesting.  Besides the Fuzz-Wah on the Guitar that drives the Chorus, this song grabs you by the balls/eggs, brother/sister...

"Hideaway".  It's a good song and my least fave on the album.  For what that's worth.  I don't skip over it.  I tend to listen to "Villains" whole and not in singles.

"The Evil Has Landed".  Zapped with Synth.  Just listen to that great outro.

Cleverness never ends.  I love the title of this.  Wrapping up with the sorta-title track "Villains of Circumstance".  "What's done is done until you do it again..."  Great "Liner Notes" in the Hyperlink from Homme about how he wrote this one, how it came together and how he's seen people cry when performed which moved him.  More Musical Cliches this time the Bad Guy Theme in the Outro!  Is this to suggest the overall protagonist of Homme's 80's Movie is now a Villain?  Who knows.  Give it another spin and you tell me!

Need some reasons to rock?  How about a New Pair of Blue Suede Shoes and Let's Kick It. ^_~

See You, Space Cowboy...

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Get in My Belly

This is a Public Service Announcement!

I got a knife roll.
and I filled it.
with a collection of very sharp knives.
all with a different unique function.
Starting with the notion of Simplicity then got inspired to Indulge.
A competent 10" Chef's knife identical to the ones I use at work and easily to replace if need be.
And a Sharpening Iron.
A paring knife.
All from the Store with the Kitchen Stuff.
then came the idea for a Knife Roll, something I always wanted.
It's brown leather and every time I add a knife, I give it a shine with the shoe polish sponge so it stretches gently and it's easy to open & close...and it's full!!
Now comes:
a fish turner: a great metal spatula that is great overall especially needed for its intended use of cooking fish. It does burgers & other things fine.
a Flat Scraper. Wide, handheld. Wickid useful.
a small yet heavy cleaver.
Some blade covers.
then remembered hey, you need a bread knife so I got a nice 10" fancy one.* They're great for Bread...and tomatoes and skinning fish.
A Tasting Spoon. Also good for Saucing plates or serving.
then remembered after a week of doing prep at HK and using one, I really needed a boning knife.
then a shucking knife which came with 2 really good quality cutting gloves (like I ever shuck shellfish yet you never know but iDigress...)
A microplane. I swore I'd never get one but hey this one's got an orange handle.
Tongs! Chef's tongs I use every 2 seconds during brunch service.
A high heat, longer handle about 8" "rubber" spatula, endlessly useful to Me, Professionally.
The tiniest chef tongs one can find. Like chef's tweezers in case I ever get a nice fresh side of fish to butcher. For pin bones, you know? *the Bread Knife too for fish primarily. Grab the tail and pull the fish towards you keeping the bread knife still and between the skin fat and the protein. This takes lots of practice.
a 10" breaking scimitar. Exactly what that means, "breaking" down bigger (less expensive!) cuts into steaks, chops and other entree-appropriate items...
I'm done...
I think! I'm sure something else will come across my mind I simply must have!
It's like Pokemon for Professionals!  Gotta Have 'Em All!

I got a chef-sized plastic cutting board.
I got a nesting set of mixing bowls.
a 12" diameter China cap.

I also got a toolbox for bake shop tools such as new measuring spoons & cups, silpads, silicone piping bags & tips also odds & ends that just can't fit in the knife roll such as my flat cheese grater, my almost one-dimensional Japanese mandolin, peeler, tomato corer, zester, can opener (you never know...), offset spatula. two whisks, a set of 3 "rubber" spatulas of different size & "blade". A small pedestal rotating lazy susan for decorating cakes, a folding compact digital scale, digital probe thermometer. And room for more.

That's just the New Stuff!!!

I think I'm almost ready to open my own restaurant! ^_^

In short...
I'm making a commitment to cooking at home more often.
And yes, I'll share that here on OCHO.